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Full Moon in Capricorn- 20 July 2016

July Full moon will take place at 00:56:31 am of 20 July, 2016, at the 27th degree of Capricorn (some people perhaps work quite strange and unconventionally repeating thei same mistakes) in Capricorn -Cancer axis. It will affect the signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. It will be held on the 9th house of the solar horoscope, which is the axis of communication and foreign poltics (3/9th house).

The events have been observed in the previous period will be extended and many discussions will begin concerning political and social issues which rather seem to obscure rather than to be clarified their root causes. However, there will be  irritability in our personal and our romantic relationships as well as theft and accidents will be increased. Finally, it will be expressed a sudden, and new reality that most of us is not ready to accept or see.

99jhghgThe full moon has the positive energy and courage of Mars to Uranus that promote change and freedom. This full moon requires unorthodox and innovative approaches to address personal challenges. The integration can be found by those who seek to improve the world self, even through political activism.
As in all the full moon the view dominates the Moon-Sun opposition. The full moon is related to the new moon, projects initiated by the new moon of July 4 can now be perfected or completed, is the harvest season. Emotions and instincts climax.

The Full Moon at 27 ° 40 ‘Capricorn has a strong influence from the positive energy of Mars plus a fixed star is Mercury nature and Mars. The challenging aspects to Uranus require patience to convert someone this difficult action in a unique and unorthodox solutions for personal challenges.

Uranus also represents the technological developments such as the Internet that can help in our personal development. By contrast the Sun-Moon are likely to encounter conflicts or crisis developed by the new moon of July 4th.
That may be experiencing failure or inability feelings, anxiety, guilt and fear. The others may try to make you a mess to be attacked and to mix in your personal life, or you may need to juggle as much as regards a polarity developed within the home and work, or as much respect your needs and responsibilities over others. In your personal life can increase the tension between you and the family members, with additional emotional burdens placed upon you.

You should draw strength from your instincts and your heart to overcome these challenges. The key is to balance the emotions and the conscious intention. <span title=”Παρά αυτές τις προκλήσεις, μπορείτε να επιτύχετε πραγματικά πολλά ή την πρόοδο στην προσωπική και επαγγελματική σας ζωή μέσα στις επόμενες δύο εβδομάδες.

“>Despite these challenges, you can achieve a lot or really progress in your personal and professional life in the next two weeks.

The fixed star Procyon in 26 ♋ 00 Cancer conjuncts the Sun is the main stellar influence without the influence of other stars on the full moon. While this gives wealth and fame, Procyon also brings intense activity, lack of composure and violence. It is related to the rise and success followed by a fall from a high position can be avoided if connected to planets and aspects that show a patient and conservative approach and a political level, since the Sun represents the highest authority of a State, the President <span title=”η τον πρωθυπουργό.

“>the Prime Minister.

<span title=”Ο Ήλιος ιδίως με αυτό το αστέρι δίνει βοήθεια από φίλους, δωρεές και κληροδοτήματα, αν δεν έχουν προσβληθεί, θάρρος και τη στρατιωτική ή την εξέλιξη-ανάπτυξη μιας επιχείρησης μετά από μεγάλους αγώνες και έξοδα.

“>The Sun in particular with this star gives help from friends, donations and bequests, if not affected, courage and military or the evolution and development of an enterprise after great struggles and costs.

The aspects of Mars and Uranus stress the need to act with prudence and foresight to prevent a possible economic collapse that we see our profits to evaporate. However, the large shape faces shown on the map increases your energy and confidence to succeed.
The formation of Huber formation, gives inner ambivalence, which is hidden from combative attitude. The self-development comes from the skillful use of natural talents and experience to turn difficult situations into opportunities for success. The self-development comes from the skillful use of natural talents and experience to transform difficult situations into opportunities for success.

The positive aspects of Mars represent introverted periods of rest and recreation, where you can let yourself go where your heart says. Mars manifested here as talent and experience.
The Sun-Mars triangle brings highlights many talents and skills developed and can be used at work. He brings confidence and enthusiasm, initiative and courage to make the right choice and the right actions. Furthermore the charisma and charm that will help you succeed, but it is also handy when looking for enjoyable activities. You can enjoy the benefits of a relationship and the sex appeal is sufficiently increased.

The Moon -Mars sextile increases passion, your desire for intimacy and makes finding a new partner a real possibility. The sense of adventure allows a wider range of more pleasant pursuits. Increased initiative, competitive nature and good instincts can be applied to achieve your goals when it comes to work.
Uranus manifests as targeted effort and achievement.

The square of Sun/Uranus requires openness and flexibility as you enter into a phase of uncertainty. Changes in your personal appearance and self-esteem can lead to a brave new path. This is a good time to address any bad habits or addictions, as such a step would satisfy your craving to rid yourself of limiting and show the world how strong you really are.
The Moon-Uranus square, can cause rapid mood swings and impulsive reactions. This is not the time for boring routine or important tasks. Your natural instinct says to escape from any emotionally demanding situations. A tendency to attack yourself could escalate any creating dramas. <span title=”Αν και πολύ ανατρεπτική οψη, η ατμόσφαιρα θα καθαρίσει και θα επιστρέψετε πολύ γρήγορα στην κατάσταση που ήσασταν και πριν.

“>Although very subversive aspect, the atmosphere will clean and will return very quickly to the situation you were before.

The aspect between Mars and Uranus will need to decide if you need to hold the doubt and feelings of insecurity. This aspect will affect work, relationships and communication. This facilitates the choice between a bad choice and ignored the good option used.

Mars quincunx Uranus brings forward and increase the intensive time when things do not happen as fast as you want. You have your own goals and how to reach them, but others will push you to comply in accordance with social standards. Further increase of tension leads to a critical point where you can get a split decision and take action. This rapid release tension calms the situation then the whole cycle begins again. <span title=”Το κλειδί για την επιτυχή έκβαση είναι να αποφευχθεί η επανάσταση η προσωπική ανταρσία του καθενός, που θα μπορούσε να προκαλέσει σάλο.

“>The key to success is to avoid personal revolution or mutiny of each one of you, which could cause a stir.

However, the full moon also brings courage and sense of adventure to both work but also in the erotic game.Skills and confidence acquired during the period of enjoyment can be converted to personal achievement, conflict resolution and reduce stress.
Too much fun and relaxation can bring feelings of guilt, but will carry too much stress by working very hard. Finding the right balance between work and pleasure as our personal life in general may be easier to achieve to avoid mixing the two.

Yet, we have the Sun-Uranus square that  will create situations of tension and unrest, will increase accidents and disasters and the known square of Saturn-Neptune will continue to influence any hard situation in the world, creating new conditions and circumstances. With the full moon in Capricorn that is associated with hierarchy and leaders, there will be calumnies, while Venus at the midpoint of Mars-Uranus is likely to bring sudden interventions and sudden events or developments.

1 2 3

Mars at the midpoint of Mercury-Neptune, and Venus/Neptune, urges us to think in a more mature of our plans and our purposes and we may have and the discovery of a new invention. At the second one,perversion be will increased and will be somewhat difficult to fulfill our dreams and even issues of peace.

Saturn conjunct stable star Antares, and will emphasize any bizarre circumstances created by the environment, it is about religious hypocrisy, the loss through quarrels and lawsuits, is detrimental to domestic issues, and is also connected to illness and grief from children .

Saturn also fall at the midpoint of  Sun -Uranus showing rebellion and revolution against any restriction of freedom, a sudden loss, a sudden separation, while weakness and stupidity and frustration is evident. Moon-Pluto conjunction as I have explained before is connected to explosions of any kind and unusual changes, sudden changes and conflicts that will play an important role.

555Compared with the chart of Greece the full moon affects the 9th house, which is connected to foreign policy, laws and religion, our relations to EU will keep us busy, tourism, immigration issues and the revision of constitution. We possibly question ourselves what dawns concerning our future in the European Union and developments will cause strange feelings to people. The point is that with all that is happening and will happen will further open up the debate on the benefits of our stay or not in Eurozone and the European Union.Regarding the issue of the electoral law, it is likely to be reactions in the government coalition.

In this process, the New Democratic party will keep the distances and will not deal with it. Pressure from abroad also will continue concerning our obligations and our country will be affected by external events now. Moon-Pluto conjunction ,connected to explosions of any kind and unusual changes, sudden changes and conflicts will play now an important role.

Uranus and Pluto influence once again England, France (Bordeaux and Lyon) and Spain, Belgium, where there will be twists on a political level and the full moon seems to affect central Europe, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bosnia also with their decisions. Mars will affect our country, our relations with other member-states, as well as Central Europe.

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New Moon in Gemini-5 June 2016

On June 5, the New Moon will be held in the sign of Gemini at 4:59:31 am, 14th degree of Gemini, at the first house of the solar horoscope. Saturn will participate, Neptune and Venus with negative aspects where it will burden with their energy the zodiac signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgos and Sagittarius.

new moon

This time of period will be very hard and generally the whole June, about emotional life of the zodiac signs are affected, with a very high probability of illusions, unrealistic sexual relations and uneconomic choices but also for the economy. Any potential economic and emotional opportunities should not rely on promises. We will see increasing accidents and smuggling. The chart of New Moon, we see a small alignment again, where the Moon, the Sun and Venus at the 1st house is aligned at the sign of Gemini, the 14th degree ( confusion). The Ascendant of the new moon is also in Gemini in the 12th degree (gluttony and selfishness) and is expected to affect our country especially since Greece has its moon in this sign. As Nostradamus and I’ve reported again concerning alignments, our years refers to unusual planetary alignments and other astronomical formula that spark massive upheavals on earth and changes, of course that include major earthquakes or tsunamis too.

The first house is the most important because every cosmic chart represents the people, the general situation of a country, public affairs, societies of a country and public health. The first house is the ordinary people, the way of expression, their own characteristics. It is also the interior ministry. A favorable planet, with many fundamental strengths and positive aspects to the ascendant, will show that the country’s situation will improve and people will be pleased. But if affected badly or some malefic planets, the opposite will happen.

Gemini is a sign related to communications, but also the freedom of speech, spoken or written, television, radio, post offices, computers, phones and all media, all national communication and information networks and transport because Mercury is their ruler, agreements, trade. Note that when Gemini displayed a variety or a mixture of factors are joined together by creating changes, and there is a need to adjust them. However, the new moon reveals many tests and challenges in efforts that everyone does about love and money, issues which are represented by Venus.

Greed, fear and delusion are matters formed by Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in formation T-Square where refers to the obstacles that stand between you and true love. A number of difficult planetary aspects enable us to give up and sink more in self-pity. However, we should understand that these difficult aspects is providing opportunities to improve our love life and our finances so that we can appreciate what we have. This moon phase lasts from June 4 until June 20 which is the next full moon.

The New Moon at 14 ° 53 ‘of Gemini is located right next to Venus also at 14 ° 24’ of Gemini. This very close alignment of the Sun, Moon and Venus is undoubtedly the primary influence of this new moon actually. Clearly, of course, is something much more than the sign of Gemini, the constellation of Orion (Orion) adds more influence on this phenomenon and on Venus is together with the fixed star Rigel in the 17 ° 03 ‘Twin. This bright blue star gives happiness, wealth, honor and glory.

Given this initial brilliance that emits the map of the new moon, you will discover, unfortunately, that this is a real shock as you begin to unfurl the interpretation of the new moon in Gemini. All promise to give this shining star for love, riches and glory become shivers, the influence of the Grand Cross that you form the map of the new moon. The innocence of youth emitting Gemini, plagued by greed, fear and illusion of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune forming the T-Square on the map.

Imagine then, the New Moon conjunct Venus as ideal, with everything you would like to have, namely money and love. Could there be a great and companion in your life, real happiness, healthy children, faithful friends, fame or wealth. This new moon, Venus glow to the fore (first house) represents all those who love and want each of us and all the values that he carries the planet. To share the love is really something very important now and your loved ones will play a central role in your life in the next four weeks. Your happiness and prosperity may depend on them, and vice versa.

If you are alone is free, you may feel a stronger need for companionship and intimacy, and will want to do something to improve your chances of creating a romance. Or you could look for something different that would cause the release of sexual chemicals in your brain like a creative job or hobby where you like to immerse yourself in it.
By literally hang over your ideal for your love life and luxury is positive but there is a T-square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This basically means that for karmic reasons (with retrograde Saturn), any delay or disappointment that will affect your love life or your finances is a lesson to teach you that you need to keep in touch with reality. Many of the worries and concerns due to greed, deception, excessive behavior or unrealistic expectations.
There are many tests and challenges that stand between you and your perfect love. All these aspects of the map of the new moon, for example, have the ability to turn you into a lover loose, unkempt, indolent and with plenty of fat. In reality, however effort to stop what is happening to you, that is!
The aspects under the T-square, the planets are forming to Venus represent the hard facts and relationships that must be experienced in order to improve your life in the field of love and your finances. The aspects listed below offer some clues on how to at least pass the exam.

The square of Sun/ Jupiter can make you feel very confident, proud, lucky and optimistic for the slightest reason. The best way to handle this expectation is to show respect, moderation and discipline. Focus your energy on a single pair-group tasks. Try to be conservative with your finances, as there is a tendency to accumulate things you do not really need. Moderation is needed in all areas, with your behavior and your morals.

In cosmic level associated with the tough requirements conflict with the law, the bad food, the arrogance, the physical and natural abundance, epideiktikotita, frequent negligence, conflict of ideas.
The Sun-Saturn opposition puts caveats in your life and this is due to the actions of other people or due to circumstances prevailing. These restrictions may seem too difficult to overcome, because you find it difficult to express yourself. Your low energy and resistance around you means that it is not the time to force you by others or trying to promote yourself and abilities to your feelings. The accumulation of disappointments can best be dealt with in a plodding your personal goal, where the help of others is needed.

On a cosmic level, the opposition is associated with the suppression of the system, the fragile health, the vitality containment, isolation in a simple way of life, a serious illness, a complete change because of migration flows, the change of environment but also affects leaders but also linked the fires.

The Sun / Neptune square has a strong impact on your vitality, making it difficult to get motivated or to be excited so simply with nothing, especially when it comes to hard work. Events or other people can cause confusion and frustration that will force you to give battle against the odds. To address this misleading influence should have full knowledge about become. This is not the best time for hard and high competition, such as commercial transactions or negotiations, and that it have a higher risk to your advantage some predators.
In cosmic level expresses the scandals, cheating, the chaos, the chemical fire and perhaps nuclear power, as we have seen recently and chemical explosions in factories in Europe, one in England and one in Sweden somewhere if I remember.

The square of Jupiter-Venus is generally a good time to socialize and make new friends. Care must be taken, however, not lower your standards, you say you go out on a date, as this could lead to wrong choices or embarrassing situations. You may be more willing to have a relationship at this time that will eventually fail, leading to stress in a marriage. Dieters may have difficulty to avoid overeating at this time. There will be a tendency to exceed the budget for luxury goods, fashion, cosmetics, holidays and fun, something you can really do unless money is quite limited.

Our Venus / Saturn opposition says it is not a good time for socializing so you should prepare for some time to be alone. Try to work out to do some work on your self-development. This is a good time to prepare any work. Try to pay off any debts and if you can not, then at least get organized to know where you stand. If you are subject to depression try to realize this is probably a bad phase of life.

The Venus / Neptune square can lead to feelings of insecurity about yourself and how you see one. There is a tendency to over-idealization of romantic interest at the moment, ignoring the obvious mistakes that are easy for others to see. It would be wiser to wait until they pass the crossing this before you commit to someone else to trust a person. The tendency towards depression, alcohol use and substance will now be easier than ever. Regular users should pay attention to overdose and speak for those who make a drug therapy potentially, infections, or cheating by traders is very likely.
A cosmic level Venus aspects associated with large landslides and other infections.

Globally, this drama unfolds at peace talks and exchanges. There must be great efforts to maintain the cease-fires, to maintain peace, to prevent new clashes between Member. As regards the great migration crisis we will see increased efforts to solve through treaties signed among nations. However, as become and personal relationships, you need the continuous efforts for peace be maintained and increased since these aspects are completely negative aspiring the very opposite, unfortunately, those who have not realized the world peace and economy hanging from a string literally.

With the New Moon in Gemini will be serious developments in global stock markets while Venus rules the money, Jupiter rules the wealth, and Saturn governing banks, investment houses and the vaults. Neptune is associated with a large-scale deception and deception of the masses by the few who threatens to expose the underground nature of Pluto (quincunx with new moon).
1 2 3 4
Compared with the chart of our country, we see that the new moon in Gemini affects first house of  Greece (the people, the general situation of the country, state cases, a country societies and public health) and the 7th to Mars / Saturn conjunction (house overt enemies, contracts or wars, civil partnerships, conditions have been signed) where between these two companies create a tremendous polarity as the full moon of May. The moon trines the Sun and Saturn seextiles which means that there are some who try to do their best to overcome difficulties and obstacles but there are those who are indifferent and looking to simply go well the better. But also the moon is in opposition to Mars in the 7th house of the country showing reactions, violence against limitations the restrictions. Anyway alignments such as the sign that is affecting matters where connected.

The Sun is in opposition to Mars, do list for hasty decisions, irritability, disagreements, inconvenience, stress. the Sun zextiles Saturn, Mercury trines Neptune, Venus trines Sun, Venus is opposed to Mars, Venus sextiles Saturn. These are positive aspects that affect our country outside of opposition Venus / Mars. As an overview with stellium affect the first economic but is not at all positive where you create a huge polarization between people and government decisions, certainly expected dramatic developments, as have other and September as we will write later is extremely negative, if you read the Solar return to Greece for 2016. the new moon clearly affects the map of the prime minister, while sitting on the ascendant as of our country. So we see the Gemini stellioum sitting on the right, maybe this is going to face. The moon is also conjunct Mars in Scorpio, Neptune trines Saturn, but his position challenged by opoosition of Jupiter / Neptune.

seeing the following equations,

Problems- lack – Run demanding tasks – isolation – barriers associated with co – Alteration / withdrawal.
Surprising or unexpected announcements associated with partners – Sudden variations on ideas – Adventurous thinking – News about the events in the environment – reports on the events – troubled communications involving others – reports about tensions – arguments or disputes
Starting on teamwork – Started on active partnerships – hard living – – Attempts to stochous- Start fires or ignition – Work or operations involving weapons – Mandatory decisions – anxiety – Restriction.
Official influence – Civil – dictators / Actions involving confusion or chaos – loss – Intense uncertainty or deceit
Unrecognized force concerning populations or nations – Efforts related uncertainty or instability – Intense frustration – unsuccessful efforts, despite the power or influence – Showers – Hours blackouts
Significant costs – High impact on economic problems – Legal problems relating to policy or power
Delays – Difficult times- infection or contamination
Dissemination of culture – something I take for granted-resistance or obstacles related -freezing attractions emotions – Restrictions on physical pleasure –
religious conversions
Restrictions on physical pleasure – News related to cooperatives and peaceful governments – Exceptional artistic ideas – Talk about prominent artists



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Full Moon in Sagittarius & cosmological phenomenon of Mars-Saturn Opposition-21 May,2016

The full moon of May, will be held on May 21, 2016, at 11:14:21 pm, the 10th house of the solar horoscope, at the 1st degree of Sagittarius, at  the axis of Gemini / Sagittarius, that Neptune, Saturn and Mars with form negative aspects and will ill burden the zodiac signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. This influence will borne personal and social interests. Disharmony of Saturn / Neptune is an aspect of fanaticism, but conspiracies and false assessments. These properties will saturate the behavior of those who manage the fate of nations and systems. You have to take great initiative and make decisions. Well, it is a very important full moon that a lot are going to happen and we will see why.


The 10th house, where the full moon will take place, is very important house, and angular,  and affects the head of state, the president of the republic, the prime minister, public figures, high society. For countries that have reign shows the king. Generally, is the highest authority and persons who have a strong position in a state. Dominates and the honor and reputation of the country. It is the ruling party, the government, the highest state office, the position and the state power on the international diplomatic scene. The heads of state. The nobles, the entities claiming. The price of the product. The mother. Managers. Popularity. The sense of duty, the relationship with senior people. The acceptance or rejection of hierarchy. Our possibilities to become known in a wider context. Our position in society. This house is connected with the sign of Capricorn and determines our capacity for social recognition and development. Rules also, the Judges, administrators, presidents, governors, rulers and prime ministers. Rules also the profession or trade.

full moon sagittarius

The 4th house, opposite the 10th, is the structure of power, natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, fires- and agricultural production. The opposition party. The buildings and land, crop land, farming, subsoil, mines, earthquakes and weather. They proceed from land areas, public buildings. It represents our roots, family and homeland. It is very important house. Traditionally, it is associated with the sign of Cancer. He is one of the most metaphysical houses. Our property. Fields, gardens, houses, Hidden Treasures on the ground. Municipalities, cities, mines, Graves. The end of all things. The ground.


The full moon will be held at the 1st degree of Sagittarius. From 0 -1 degree in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces = what has started can be changed. In mutable signs always it means anxiety, nervousness and change. Shows indecision and weakness. In predictive astrology, what has begun may now change. Considered a leading degree. The person wants to have precedence (it is very uncertain how it will succeed) but some “strange” and mysteriously manages to exercise power. The first degree can be seen in charts of the “self-motivated” leaders who have the correct timing and to know how and who must act. Here, gives a disproportionate selfishness that can work as an inexhaustible motive force. People with the presence of the first degree may manifest stubbornness but also have the guts to succeed. Here, the first degree of Sagittarius, shows deprivation and injuries and has a military character. Authoritarian, defiant and stubborn character on a cosmic level. It is the physical aggression that requires a lot of energy and strength.


Important is also the fact that the full moon in Sagittarius has the ascendant at the 22nd degree of Capricorn. Here, things are quite strange and deserve special mention and attention since the 22nd degree, is connected to murder (either figuratively or literally). Confidently, the person aims to go higher on hierarchy and, when this cannot be done, then it becomes ruthless and bloodthirsty. There, at this point that is because this degree is unfolding the issue of murder. Besides the “cosmic” theater of the universe pretty much all of us we have the role of a sidekick. Thus the protagonists are few, murderers and murdered a lot. The 22nd of Capricorn, has a weak character, inability to dominate over our passions, this degree describes a death, a havoc, and a possible assassination important of a person in politics, as we had seen in equations of recent articles of April and May.

Before I begin the analysis we have two significant astronomical phenomena that will affect developments on this planet. The first one is that we have a seasonal Blue Moon. Of course, we had a Blue Moon at 31 July 2015, we had also analyzed then, and you will see the reason why we have the seasonal one, now. You may also see more information here

I will remind you what I had written then about Blue Moon:

By astrological point of view, a Blue Moon is preparing many surprises on a cosmic level! In 2007, for example, we had the deadly fires that burned throughout Greece, while also launched national elections. In 2009, we had again a “blue moon”, and again proclaimed elections, which took place in 2012. This phenomenon brings all kinds of twists. It is considered important fact and causes serious events depending on which sign occurs and Sagittarius sign is about war particularly when there are so many important aspects that we will describe later in the article. So we are talking about a very powerful full moon that will change the world. On a social level the Blue Moon will bring exaltation of crime and migration, as was done respectively in the years 1961, 1999, 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2015. At the same time triggers extreme weather phenomena earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions and tidals. You may also search these years in Wikipedia and see the events that took place around the world.

Particularly in Europe, it will create as already we see threats, such as terrorist attacks which will thrill many countries as we mentioned in the previous months, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Russia, America, England etc. Economic instability will create major problems. America will experience, like it is also now experiencing extremism and criminality, and economic impasse. There will be earthquakes in Los Angeles, Chile and Brazil, Turkey, Japan as well as civil conflicts, social riots, intense twists and new violence and conflict outbreaks will also will experience the people of the Middle East, South America and there will be twists in economy of China, something that I said in last year’s Blue Moon. A few days later, China’s stock market began to collapse. Some of them have already happened or are underway.

Important was also the Blue Moon in the year 1999: On January 1, was created the European currency. On 13 June elections were conducted, and on August 17 earthquake struck the Kocaeli Province of northwestern Turkey with over 15,000 dead. On September 7th we had in Athens earthquake 5.9 on the Richter scale with a total of around 145 dead. Under Blue moon influence we had the arrest of Abdullah Ocalan, while on 24 March the NATO launched air strikes against Serbia. So it is very important, especially in the houses it takes place. This may also contribute to the possible split of Europe.

The other astronomical phenomenon is that Mars will approach the Earth on 22 may, 2016 as also Saturn will approach earth by the 2-3 June 2016.

In 2016, the planet Mars will appear brightest from May 18 to June 3.Mars Close Approach is May 30, 2016. That is the point in Mars’ orbit when it comes closest to Earth. Mars will be at a distance of 46.8 million miles (75.3 million kilometers). Mars reaches its highest point around midnight — about 35 degrees above the southern horizon, or one third of the distance between the horizon and overhead. Mars will be visible for much of the night.

By mid-June, Mars will become fainter as Mars and Earth travel farther away from each other in their orbits around the Sun. Saturn will shine in close vicinity of ruddy Antares, the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius the Scorpion.


You may also read more here

And here

This phenomenon is called Mars and Saturn opposition. Concerning Mars opposition phenomenon, important was the year 2003 where Mars was at the closest distance of earth. You may see important events there where we will almost experience the same and much worst this time

Mars-Sky-Viewing-May2016-sm Mars-Sky-Viewing-May2016-sm 2016-june-2-mars-saturn-antares-scorpius

From the astrological point of view, both planets do not give a positive interpretation. With Mars: Harmful habits force affecting the life, quarrels with friends and relatives, quite favorable for profit.

With Saturn: materialistic, dishonest through circumstances caused by the environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and lawsuits, the problem through enemies, many failures, bad for domestic issues, much illness and grief children [Robson *, p.138.]

Back in May full moon. In the Full Moon of May intense and particularly aggressive Mars is, that dominates the at the chart of the full moon, also at the first degree of Sagittarius, where together create serious aggression and major tension issues in all sort of relationships, whether those are relations personal, professional, between states and leaders and nations . So we have the Mars / Moon conjunction at the 1st degree of Sagittarius at the 10th house, and, both of them are opposed to the Sun and Venus in the 4th House, as you observe at the chart of the full moon.

It is true that till now have occurred significant and rare alignments across the sky and most of them are stemming from the red blood moon, the 2015 blue moon. The planet will change, much will happen to all these phenomena that we have described in recent months. The Moon / Mars conjunction is opposite to the Sun and Venus which is a quite an uncomfortable and unstable polarity that requires a little bit of patience and understanding at least in our personal lives, because in political level usually things are extremely difficult. Also with this full moon, notorious fixed stars activated indicating a high risk on a cosmic level, when we act impulsively. Depression and misfortune will become quite obvious by many, but because of this situation will certainly there will be people that will show sympathy and offer comfort and support. The universe literally is full of omens, months now.

The Moon / Mars conjunction is the strongest feature in the illustration of the full moon. This is a particular strong combination, because both are to the same degree. But there are also positive features given in this conjunction, such as passion, strength, bravery and strong sex appeal, overstimulation, vivid emotion, spontaneity, the emotions, the intellectual activity, courage, is the perception of openness, honesty, strong will and it matches a Sagittarius. The conjunction itself seems to be quite good, however, because of the opposition to the Sun and Venus in Taurus and Gemini respectively, tells us that this full moon will lead to more fights, battles and will open war fronts.

Opposition of the Sun / Moon is similar to the Venus / Mars opposition, but also of higher intensity, due to strong polarity that is being created between male energy (Mars) and female energy (Venus). The Moon and Venus are both conciliatory and passive, while the Sun and Mars is dominant and energetic. This kind of polarity, I such houses simply does not sit well at all.

Any hope of peace and harmony because of the Sun / Venus conjunction in the 4th house, will neutralize the aggression of Mars and disharmony of the oppositions. Venus opposite Mars puts excessive pressure on relationships and adds for example, sexual tension between partners, but mainly creates enormous tensions between associates, leaders and nations. The polarity between those two is particularly highlighted. Concerning, your personal relationships, roles and responsibilities of each partner is likely to arise through the conflict. Traditional sexual stereotypes have no meaning in this full moon. There will be a kind of struggle for supremacy between partners that will be reflected by an internal conflict between male and female and the weakest should decide to stand alone.


Mars retrograde, do not forget that, until the end of June, reinforcing the need to think twice before assert or act impulsively, either in personal or on a cosmic level. It is better, of course, on a personal level, to continue the hard work and avoid arguments or conflicts. We should be able to talk about what is bothering us in connection with a close associate as well as our friends. You should be very careful with all the others, however. Some people will not go well with this energy and will be particularly irritable and aggressive. It is an aspect of high risk.

The Moon / Venus opposition shows the miscalculation that we have about a situation, the inability to estimate things and also indicates the direction and manipulation by others, timidity, reticence. It also shows disorder, irritability, sadness, conflict. The conjunction of Moon / Mars shows strong tensions, the rush, early action but also the fighting spirit, strife, trouble, intolerance demonstration / intolerance and problems. The opposition of Sun / Mars, is showing tenacity, stubbornness, restlessness, recklessness in the decisions, but also on a cosmic level shows terrorists, violent people, the military, the stress, disruption, failure from excessive demands, symbolizing the fires. And the houses where these aspects take place are quite important. The 10th house are the governments, the 4th, the territory of a country, the country, and the inhabitants of a country. This aspect is also connected depending on the situations, and the call for military service if there will be an outbreak of a war, for example. Many states will accept a terrorist attack or new war conflicts will open up.

The Venus / Mars opposition in a cosmic level shows the explosion, the sudden outbreak, and disruption of diplomatic relations since both planets affect war and peace, economy, violence which will grow and we will be witnesses of important developments. It also symbolizes the looting or vulnerable victims eg. during a disaster. With such aspects indeed I do not hope for peace, negotiations concerning the improvement of economy or any other improvement, in angular houses.

Undoubtedly, aspects are not missing from the chart of the full moon is the square of Jupiter / Saturn (restriction, forced change, fear, resentment) between 8 / 11th house, where it is not at all positive for the political and economic situation and the conditions in which we live, the opposition of Jupiter / Neptune (feasibility, political conflicts, losses, scandals, instability, speculation, poverty, economic tsunami or because of an earthquake) with the north Node between 2 / 8th, repeated, at the economic axis and death, as seen from solar eclipse articles.


The latter also applies to large earthquakes, tsunamis and disasters with massive losses and where we will have. Saturn also squares the North Node (forced separation and dissolution, group isolation, difficulties in collaboration with others, lack of adaptability, oppression, restrictions, massive losses) but also Neptune (dark, epidemics, undermining situations, loss of firmness, decay, rot , prejudice, insecurity, alternating moods).


Further aspects that being formed is the square of the Sun / Jupiter, (high heat, fires, arrogance, showdown, the conflict with the law, bad diet), the Sun / Saturn opposition (persistent long fires, serious illness, loss of life) the square of the Sun / Neptune (chemical fire, chaos, tangling in scandal, deception, the self-deception and concern leaders where you see the sun is involved), the square of the Moon / Neptune (bizarre circumstances, holding) the Venus opposition / Saturn (obstacles in the economy and in peace, suffering, isolation, prevention, landslides, ground subsidence), the square of Venus / Neptune (infection, difficult realization of ideas, madness, mania, delusion, absurdity) square of Mars / Jupiter, (large fires, early action, clearing through confrontation, rebellion, dissolution and determination) known in the past two months articles as the conjunction of Mars-Saturn that has lit fires at the Aegean Sea, and since this aspect forms an opposition to Venus and other aspects not are not positive we should expect he war game to be developed there, waiting a lot to happen, that is also is triggering long time now the square of Mars- Neptune (weakness, paralysis, impotence, epidemics axis, lack of purpose, failure, misfortune, lack of planning, crime increase).


Fixed stars, are placed to the chart of May full Moon are several and very significant. The stable star Dschubba on 02 ♐ 48 Sagittarius, is within the tolerance of both the Moon and Mars. According to Robson produces sudden attacks, malice, the immorality and shamelessness. Ebertin says that causes difficulties, obstacles and losses, and of course in secular maps, there is an indication of mass disasters when Mars involved, Saturn or Uranus, and indeed is the first degrees of Sagittarius. The cosmic map, is reflecting the planets in universe means world events and this star, just mentioned, is not the only indicator of a tragedy and war in the full moon of May, 21, 2016. Mars particularly with Dschubba is famed for violence, harm and crime, violent and sudden deaths.


The stable star Alcyone in 00 ♊ 12 Gemini, conjuncts the Sun. This star brings optimism and love, when the aspects are favorable, but deep sadness and tragedies due to the completely negative aspects are being formed. Alcyone, has also been associated with homosexuality, especially in men. I would not be surprised if this full moon, as shows the nature of the planets, to encourage people to come out to protest or incur significant events relating to human rights and equality but also peace and war. Alcyone conjunct the Sun and according to Robson, is connected to diseases of the throat, chronic catarrh, blindness, the bad eyesight, injuries to the face, illness, shame, the bad mood (on homosexuality), the killer or those who were killed, imprisonment, death from plague, the blows, the stabbing, shooting, beheading or shipwreck (either into the sea or a political shipwreck).


And finally, to emphasize the significance of the events that will evolve, we have the appearance of the notorious fixed star Algol (everybody know and have heard) on 26 ♉ 23 Taurus, there is no good omen for world peace and economy when possibly conjuncts Venus. The Algol and Alcyone when activated, and so many fixed stars together, indicate extreme misery and events that will bring sorrow. Due to the strong polarity that exists in this chart, do not forget that man will show and the best properties during a disaster or a tragic event. Marks also the decapitation or a murderer or someone who meets a violent death. With such combinations, as we know in the past, many leaders are threatened with assassination attempts, that mainly have on their chart the Jupiter / Saturn square, opposition or conjunction. Algol was also, at the Second World War broke out when and at other important moments of world history. During the Second World War, Uranus crossed over Algol. It was there when September 1, London accept an airstrike. However, you may read on last year Moons on June,2015 but Algol, appeared also in Taurus New Moon,2015, as also a lot take place in the world.


Nevertheless … there is always another ray of hope in my personal opinion, whether the politicians do not give much room for it, and that comes from the Great trine of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto. It brings people together to build a better future based on optimism and faith. Do not forget that. The full moon of May 6 has shown us that there will be some limited situation to be overcome in order to rise to a personal, professional and spiritual development. But the May 21 marks a boundary condition, a tragedy in the world leading to an outpouring of compassion and humanity. After, all Saturn in Sagittarius, is testing our faith.


Let’s see how it will affect our country and other countries too. For Greece, the full moon will affect the 1st and 7th angular house which are important houses.

1 2 3

We have the square of Sun-Mercury, which creates problems concerning communication, lack of targets, tensions and problems, the square of Saturn/Mercury, which means rupture, a break –down that is very dangerous for negotiations, highway blockades * (i.e. strikes), the square of Sun-MC to points out the mistakes made and that the difficulties to achieve the aims set, but also Saturn-MC associated with obstacles and difficulties of the government meets. The disharmony of Saturn-Neptune, will continue to affect the country’s parliament and political parties. The full moon conjuncts to Mars and Saturn affects the 7th house of the country, symbolizes the opposing country in time of war, is the house of overt enemies, whether it is about parties split, contracts or wars, diplomatic relations of the state and the popular reaction to the decisions of a government. The first house is more important because in the chart represents the people, the general situation of the country, government affairs and public health. It is also the interior ministry. So there, we see a huge bias to be created, regarding the decisions and agreements (memorandums), the people’s reaction but also the issue regarding the Aegean Sea, where it has become the focus of developments, as I have reported, is very likely to see there another type of Imia episode to be developed and something more than this.


Aspects that affect our country for long time is the disharmony of Sun-Uranus , associated with critical situations, explosions at several levels and twists, in our relations with other countries and leaders, where it makes the management of things even more difficult. Disharmony of Mars-Uranus (violence, pressure, tension, struggle for survival, suddenly events, surgery), the quincunx of Jupiter/Uranus (instability, lack of good diplomacy, waste fine opportunities, perhaps and prepare a revolt of religion as a general flare ), the Uranus/ Mercury square (tangle, conflicts, peculiar effects, eccentricities, unrest, and no good for the media affected) the square of Uranus-Saturn (challenging behavior, conflict, rebellion, unpleasant interventions, conflicts, limiting freedom), the opposition of Jupiter-Pluto (a waste, exploitation of the masses, abusers of power, serious problems with the authorities of the place).

Also at the chart of Metapolitefsi, affects the 11th and 5th houses of the country associated with fun, children, young, speculation, diplomats, ambassadors and schools and education boards.

At the chart of the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, we see the full moon affecting his 6th house. Maybe try to make an attempt to respond to all have been imposed, as he did last year but he will have to face also intense reactions within the country both political and on a pop level.


We have also the Moon –Mars square (coercion, boldness, troubles, problems, against restrictions, impulsive actions, recklessness), the Square of Sun -Mars (recklessness in decisions, stubbornness and obstinacy, hurry, upset, tension, stress, overwork, failures), the Opposition of Moon/Venus, the Moon-Saturn square (melancholy, conflicts, erroneous assessment of a situation, weakness).The opposition of Sun -Saturn (bound to lead to isolation from the circumstances, fragility, dealing a severe situation, requires discipline).Of course there are also positive aspects between planets where he could perform much better things but the axis is worrying me is of Saturn -Pluto (catalyzing power, dictatorship, collective limitation) .The opposition of Mercury over our country shows lack of purpose, appreciation, and changes. We need to be more specific on many issues and change policy and diplomacy, and surely the design of our objectives while the communication with the outside will become more critical.


europe turkey 2algolfrance

The full moon will however affect Russia-Turkey relations to the extremes. The Uranus in opposition to he ascendant of the full moon affects France, where there are happening and will continue to happen sudden and subversive events, France shows that will accept another terroristic blow while bloody turbulence will continue now, in fact is interpreted as a team- shock that this people suffered. Particular challenges will face also the Middle East, while the US will have to deal with a major earthquakes and other extreme phenomena, something that I have analyzed in previous months.

Why California and in general the Western States? The state of California is Virgo (on September 9, 1850). While Pluto is trine Sun California this sign of the fact that this state is moving toward a new phase. With natal Saturn, Pluto and Uranus in Aries .All starts with Saturn. All this time, we see fires, droughts, earthquakes and even a tsunami is likely, California will be reborn in some way. Moreover, compared with the chart of the full moon, on 21 May, 2016, we see that Algol and Alcyone, there. Pluto trines the Sun, mainly at February 13, but also on June 26 and on December 18, it may be dangerous dates. Uranus and Saturn are going to shake for good. Finally, the full moon particularly affects South America, Brazil that is hosting the Olympics and Northern Europe.


I also would like to make a small reference to Cyprus … The Pluto transit from the natal Saturn of Cyprus in the 8th house will still affect, as I had said until 2014, creating a new economic regime, but nevertheless always this planet allows an optimistic thought of an active regeneration. Furthermore, the transit of Jupiter through the 1st and the 2nd house of Cyprus can put the country on a growth path. Many of course depend on the policy that the government will follow, as if succumbing to constant blackmail without maneuver, then the future for the next seven years appears to be dark. Jupiter is quite strong in the horoscope of Cyprus (in Sagittarius and the 7th house), where can – contribute to “openings” and outside of Eurozone in each case. It is expected, however, a triumphant recovery of the country, in 2023, though, Cyprus is facing even more serious issues, and it is none other than the territory issue. Of course, the influence of Saturn, in 2020 (Venus, Mars and the Moon Cyprus), will put the island and its inhabitants in serious tests.


Within the dramatic change of course includes the exit from the Eurozone, not necessarily with the responsibility of Cyprus but because of general developments. But it is expected to be significant geopolitical developments and no one can make plans counting on the maintaining of the island. From this point of view any obsession for solutions within the Eurozone and within the existing framework of alliances, perhaps that is futile. Then, after the economic issues and since Cyprus exit the memorandum-economical crisis, there will be military issues. Besides, as I saw in yesterday’s interview, with the President of the Cypric Republic, the common astrological sensitivity between Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, certainly marks parallel and interlinked developments in all three countries.


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New Moon in Aries-April 2016

The April New Moon in Aries will be held on 7 April, 2016, at 1:23:35 pm in the sign of Aries, at the second decan, and will give an opportunity for reconstruction for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These signs must be more diligent in terms of personal and professional life but also in health issues too. In general the existing difficulties may be the reason to start their reorganization. However, it would be better harsh policy to be avoided at local level but also worldwide. The New Moon, at the the 18th degree Aries (degree of possession), will give a new turn to geopolitical plans of those who dominate the world. We have a micro stellioum, a small alignment in Aries between Uranus, Sun, Venus and the Moon at the 9th house.

new moon 7 april 2016

The new moon is being centered in Uranus planet, which is the planet of change, revolution, the sudden, independence, reform, originality, represents anyything new and modern, stimulation, is technology, is the planet of subversion. The New Moon of April, is being aligned to Uranus in order to create a link between the past and the future. The past is represented by the mess and chaos because of the square between Uranus -Pluto. The future brings smoother and structured changes because of the trine  between Uranus and Saturn,at least on a personal level nevertheless none of those two planets are in favorable degree.

Other features concerning the chart of the New Moon, shows that caution is required when we address matters of change, this is going to be a kind of transitional period, especially if the change affects your personal life or  finances. The influence of the new moon lasts for four weeks until the next new moon, until May 7 2016. The New Moon at 18 ° 04 ‘Aries conuncts  Uranus at the 20 ° 18’ degrees of Aries.
Change, enthusiasm and awareness are the main themes of this new moon. There are two other aspects in this new moon that are important, such as the trine with Saturn and the square to Pluto. The square of Uranus-Pluto- starts now to be weakened after years of chaos and unrest,however, now we see the results of this cycle. Saturn /Uranus trine may now gradually bring new and more structured or corrected changes on a personal level.

Any change may have to be done in a careful way because it is the axis of sudden restrictions, and the sudden intensity. Harsh conditions, violence by the power that rules a country. Violent people. The aspect shows the inability to adjust ourselves to difficult situations. The power to help someone to overtake the problems, will and determination, unusual emotional intensity, toughness. Action and reaction against restrictions of freedom. Conflicts.

Saturn represents the forces of the past and the future by Uranus. The encounter of those two planets has brought serious disturbances in universe in past times. In mythology, Saturn who did not like changes, castrated Uranus. The conjunction of 1942,for instance brought the Second World War, and in 1988, the end of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. This combination shows up in how far they can reach reforms in society depending on the aspects are being formed in the sky. Generally, however, there is a strong polarization between adults and young people during this intense phases of this cycle; for example when an aspect of opposition was formed in 1965, the youth left the traditional society. This aspect is also marks a milestone in the practical application of modern technology.

The New Moon of April, represents a period of transition ,from the chaotic and unexpected changes in planned and structured change. Saturn retrogrades in 2016 shows that this change should  be done slowly and carefully at first. The conjunction between the Sun/Uranus , marks a moment of excitement, the unexpected change, but freedom and rebellion too. We should feel a strong desire to break free from everyday life, to do something completely different from our usual activities. To reduce anxiety , it is better to be more active and to try to make something out of the ordinary, instead of waiting for change to happen.

The square of Sun/Pluto  increases the need to control, but can also lead to conflicts with other powerful people or authorities but also to extreme or destructive behavior. Such challenges may force you to isolation, where you either have to defend your position or make a significant change.

The Sun-Saturn trine brings success and recognition for previous attempts. Focus on achieving your long-term goals, but it is also important to keep your balance reasonably well. The stabilizing effect of the Sun/Saturn trine will dominate the manipulation of the square of Sun/Pluto, because the Uranus/Pluto square declines now and it will be easier for you to deal with.However,Saturn during its retrograde mode will focus on addressing some previous or current frustrations regarding your personal life or your financial situation. 

The square of Jupiter/Saturn creates internal tensions and you will have to face criticism or limit any circumstances in your life. You may encounter financial difficulties where you should limit expenditure on luxuries or entertainment. A relationship that does not lead anywhere for any reason can lead to separation or to give you a great shaking in your personal life. Events may cause you to reassess the powerful beliefs you have.

The square of Mars/Neptune can bring frustration, weakness and feelings of inadequacy. Self-deception and the deception of others is more likely to happen now. This is not the time to be take any risks or chasing rainbows. Your desire for all imaginative things do not match the reality at the moment. Your career aspirations and your sex life may lose touch with reality.The changes now and in the coming months will be more permanent than before, but will be less extreme. This reflects to a change that becomes from the square of Uranus/Pluto in a positive aspect to Saturn. It could be a change, a radical change,a trasitional period of time but definetely a  more determined one.

But in world politics is likely to see a political of social revolution;The 9th house affects the legal issues, the courts, judges, clergy, the religion, morality, science, university faculties and general and higher education. It is the religious attitude of the people. Is shipping (not war), foreign policy, trade and transactions of the state with distant countries, religious figures, the international diplomacy, contracts with foreign legislation, higher education institutions and the functioning of justice .

The Sun-Moon conunction, the Sun-Uranus conjunction (explosion), the Moon -Uranus do list for social revolution and social or political explosion but is usually associated with sudden twists in matters concerning the 9th house. Uranus and the position of the planets in the 9th house are having a kind of awakening role, linked to tensions and violent reactions and explosions worldwide, which will mainly affect Europe and America.

Venus squares Pluto and shows frustrations, delays and scandals in economy, religion and perhaps that includes an environmental disaster. Of course, Venus trines Saturn and Mars is showing some restraint and the prejudice and self/control giving a chance to improve things or to express something else, which will be made through hard efforts mainly on peace issues.

Jupiter,of course in the 2nd house,concerning economy,forms an opposition to Neptune, where it continues to warn us that we should not fool ourselves, the reality is very different regading economy, where there will be speculation, scandals, losses, instability and political conflicts but also marks major disasters related to water, seas and lakes, the rivers even large earthquakes.

We also see the square of Jupiter-Saturn, Saturn in 5th house conjuncts the fixed star Merak, giving Prudence, moderation, but also distrust, self-control, while other long thymus when there is uprising, is the love to give orders to tohers but also the potential for success. Neptune at the 8th house, conjuncts the fixed star of Agena associated with disillusionment, sharp words, stubbornness, poor implementation capacity, loss through law and speculation, barriers to success, many false friends and enemies, responsible for accidents, death by colds or fever. The conjunction of  Marfic – South Node is associated with deception but also the blind passion.

Compared with the chart of Greece, we see the new moon affect the 11th house that (Symbolizes but also affects our partisan beliefs, goals, hopes, Companies, the parliament, long-term planning finances and civilian targets and public law, friendly relations of the state with other states, the accession of the country to other organizations such as NATO, Europe, etc., and other organizations.


Jupiter squares Mars, between 5-6th house, where it is associated with large fires and high flames, the reaction, the resistance against disposal rules and regulations, the rush, the exaggeration. This refers to a period of gradual cleansing. Problems and conflicts, quarrels and fights of artistic and cultural nature and generally will affect the ambassadors, the relations of the youth to the state. (Already we have a serious issues that is quite big challenge for our culture), we have also the square of Uranus-Neptune that is related to the lack of control and balance, one-sided views and erroneous ideas, tangled and bizarre situations, losses.

The North Node squares the moon that contributes to the alienation of the country, to break relations and is opposed to Venus is not a favorable aspect for all that is happening regarding cooperation policies the artistic themes and even peace issues in our country, the conjunction of Mars-Saturn (war but also this aspects affects the borders.Saturn in Sagittarius is conncted to borders of a nation and that might be changed something here) is quite challenging aspect that still affects the 6th houseof the country and the 7th house too, is the army,the law enforcement, welfare, labor, public health, but also international treaties, political cooperation, and of course our relationship with neighboring hostile countries. The square of Neptune/Venus, is connected to economic losses, vulgarity, promiscuity, the illegitimacy, rape, crime, the degeneration. The New Moon will affect at a large percentage Europe, especially Germany and central Europe in general, as seen on the map,also Italy and Sweden.

mar 1mar 2

Uranian equations …

Discussions with partners – announcements about partnerships – Appeal – reports the discussions on culture -synergates – Rich families – Social privilege – Comfortable homes – Economic associations – isolated surroundings – Sacrifices other related disadvantages – health issues – environmental shortcomings, water or air pollution – Refusal or reset a disease and partners – cheating – exposure to fraud – corruption or degradation

Enlargement intellectual horizons – mental or spiritual freedom – Cultural studies – under pressure – pushed or forced to do things- Important katastaseis- Nerve state-intensity on men, Links about the past or history – barriers associated with consolidation
Making plans for action – instructions or orders – speeches – companies – traders- – mistakes – Inadequate governments- dissapointment- manipulation – cheating

Confusion- Rejection between contacts or synergaton- damage or loss in connection with the partner colleagues
Strong jams or opposition of the world Dealing with the past or historical themes- Work on creation -the resistance to illness or inability of a disease; Attempts to stabilize
Continuous electricity shortages – Uncertainty, insecurity or instability related to surveillance; inadequate protection or defense;
Intense uncertainty, confusion, or frustrations related departures – Actions contributing to continued uncertainty, insecurity, and instability – Fuzzy restrictions – hidden pressure isolation –

Propaganda– Aprovlepsimotita – Sudden insecurity or instability – endings on controversial reforms – – Ineffective resistance to tension
Ignition objects – Entities or objects at risk of fire – Mandatory actions or -fotia activities, ignition, or arms – armed nations – diatages- Limitations- Actions contributing to stress– Explosions
Government power – Influence of states – Political action – Domination on influential persons
Nations and their battles – Public unrest – Fires – Shots
Sudden actions – actions that contribute to tensions – Initiation of public unrest – Starting popular uprisings – Explosions
Increasing apoxenosis- Departures or detachment associated with partners
Actions which arouse the world- coercion on the peoples or nations
Ruptures or breaks related deaths
Principles on freedom outside world
Mars-.. Unethical behavior – Actions related to the ideological damage or slur – character assassination (America)
Deaths associated with important personalities – Resistance on official reforms – Rebellion on demarcations
Cultural restrictions on deliveries
Successful efforts related to peace – Battles on freedom and justice



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Full Moon In Virgo/Thor’s Hammer-22 February 2016

The Full Moon of February will be held in the Virgo zodiac sign at 8:19:48 in the evening, at the axis of Pisces -Virgo, and it will be important for the signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. In this phenomenon, we will have the participation of Jupiter, Mars and Neptune. The Full Moon will have a revisionist character, but there will be a strong influence of illusion, and will mainly affect weak people or weaker social groups are involved in various addictions. Globally, it will bring unrest because Neptune here will appear to be very sensitive and will be responsible of political conspiracy, and Mars from Scorpio will become more violent, aggressive even particularly deadly.
The Full Moon will be held at the 3rd degree (quite critical one) of Virgo, at the first decan, at the 11th house of the solar horoscope shows the peak of tension and conflict which has been already escalated in the previous period. This full moon is the final phase of the moon of the eclipse cycle which began in September 2015.

So, on February 22 the full moon creates extreme tensions through the square of Uranus- Pluto but also a rare pattern of formation which is called the “fist of God,” or the “Hammer of Thor”, this formation releases more anger in order to resolve any crisis. This cycle will be completed in March by the solar eclipse. Outstanding issues should be completed so that we can start a new journey with less emotional luggage. So you need, to put things in order, not to let everything being done at the last minute, because that will cause great stress for you in your life. Delaying things, can lead only to the escalation of a critical situation, as we approach the eclipse, on 8 March, 2016.
The main question that arises is a combination of effects, from eclipses of September 2015, the solar and lunar one, and that is connected to the “healing wounds” even on a political level. It may also involve a relationship of love, friendship or parent-child relation, or a relationship that was the source of your inner pain. Whether it is a separation or continuation of a morbid relationship, expectations and treatment of these wounds will be the focus of problems. The full moon on February 22 will have to praise the subject that was in the new moon on February 8 involving the crisis management. Over the past two weeks after the new moon, two separate crises and a new direction, may have risen in your life. These seizures associated with the initial issue of the eclipse, the wound healing but also to address any existing imbalances in the dynamics of a relationship or partnership.
Each generation, even once, is experiencing a chaotic global turmoil in the world that affects everyone. The Uranus-Pluto square already bear enough in the last five years and this full moon, will complete any process. The issue of integration fits perfectly with this moon phase.


The full moon in the 3rd degree of Virgo, is in the midpoint of Uranus- Pluto square and this represents the radical and extreme change that causes our rapid adaptation to the events. With the Sun and the Moon at each end of the axis, a comprehensive review is required which includes your ego and emotions, your lifestyle and your habits, work and home, etc. The full moon chart shows that the full moon intersects the square of Uranus-Pluto forming a symmetrical pattern resembling which is similar to the kite pattern in astrology, though it is not the classic kite pattern we know in astrology. This formation includes the Sun-Moon opposition and the Uranus-Pluto square. The internal pressure and intensity appear and being expressed as external events. These aspects are showing stiffness and prevent our adjusting to changes are coming.
The semi-squares, are causing less tension, which is usually insignificant and usually we simply tend to ignore. However, those result to upsetting events at the outside world that require conscious action to address them. The semi-square of Sun-Uranus (45 degrees), require openness and flexibility as we enter a phase of uncertainty. The accumulation of nervous tension can lead to unpredictable behavior from your side, which can lead to sudden, rapid direction changes and accidents even globally. Without safe and conscious release of this impulsive and revolutionary energy, the “ego clashes” which is very possible. Arguments and disagreements, at this time would result in losses and unforeseen consequences, particularly if it includes your superiors at work but also on a war level too globally.
The semi- Sun-Pluto square at the chart of the full moon also increases the need for control, but can also lead to conflicts with other powerful people or authority figures. A crisis or conflict with someone creates an intense experience that can lead to extreme or destructive behavior. These challenges may force you to defend your position or make a significant change. Smaller square aspects, like the Moon –Uranus one, can cause rapid mood swings and impulsive reactions. You may feel irritable, have little patience for anything that requires commitment and your focus on something specific. You need extra stimulation and enthusiasm and it is likely to rebel against anyone who tries to cripple you or force you to do something. The smallest aspects of square between the Moon and Pluto can lead to compulsive and destructive behavior and deep feelings that you had buried, and now come to the surface and exposed. It is difficult to control intense emotions and reactions. Power games on an emotional level with your family or partner can become quite unscrupulous and concerns us at any level. Therefore, these aspects are not so neutral.
If we ignore the Sun at the chart of the full moon, then we have the pattern “the Hammer of Thor” drawn between the Moon, Uranus and Pluto. This pattern is called “Thor’s Hammer, or else the” Fist of God “. This may indicate a high danger for the planet that activates our powerful survival instinct that manifests as external events. Additional information that we have is that some people with this astrology pattern are usually witness violent events or violent acts, imprisonment or even war actions.
So, let’s say a few things about that legend of Thor is hiding behind this patter so we can understand more.
The Son of Odin and Jord (Goddess of the Earth) .Thor was the strongest in Aesir, the principal name of the Leadership race of Nordic Gods, who lived in Asgrad and the All Father Odin ruled the lives of mortals. Known as the god of thunder, is staying in Bilskirnir, situated in the locality of Thrundheim (place of strength) .He married the golden/haired Sif, goddess of fertility. He kept also a mistress named Jarnsaxa (the iron Cutlass) with whom he had two sons, Mangni Modi and his daughter Thrud. The Thor is usually depicted as a Great and powerful man with red beard, who loved food and drink, while his eyes are shiny.
Despite his ferocious appearance is revealed as the protector of the gods and the people, against the forces of evil. In popularity even surpassed his father Odin, because unlike him, Thor did not require human sacrifices. At his Temple, in Uppsala, appears with his father Odin, while he sits at his right. In the 11th century the Christian missionary, Adam of Bremen, locating the great temple of God in Uppsala (Sweden), wrote … “It is said that Thor s presides in the air, rules thunder and lightning, wind and rain if plague and famine threaten protects, and the good weather and crop protection. A libation (wine) is poured onto the Thor image. The temple was replaced by a Christian church in 1080m.Ch. The Norse believed that during a thunderstorm, Thor is leading his chariot, which was pulled by two Capricorns, Tanngrisni and Tanngnost, and that the hour of lightning throws his hammer Mjollnir.
The Mjollnir (what crushes) was made for him by the dwarfs Brok and Eitri, who had manufactured many magical objects for the gods. Thor wore a belt (Megingjard) which doubled his already considerable power. The greatest enemy of Thor is Jormugand (the serpent of the Middle Earth). On the day of Ragnarok (Final showdown of the Gods) the Thor will kill the serpent but will die from his poison. His sons are those who will inherit the “Hammer”. The Ragnarok also is being called Gotterdammerung, which means the end of the world, in Norse mythology.

Thor was well known for his speed and passion. We see that in the battles with the Giants (the main enemies of the Gods). Will smash their heads with the powerful hammer. To handle this weapon, Thor should wear the belt of strength and a pair of iron gloves. The Thor’s hammer always turns in his hand after a throw. Also throwing the hammer symbolizes the lightning. Thor was the first of the gods, that common man would be invoked to ensure fertility and widely worshiped. Charms in hammers shape (as this was the weapon of Thor) worn around the neck for protection, in the years of the Christianization in Scandinavia. There are molds of that time which together contain and shape of the cross and the hammer next to one another. His name has been given in many places and the statue was the one that stood in the center of the great Temple of Uppsala. It connected by the Romanians with the planet Jupiter. In an earlier version Thor was Donar for Germans .The Anglo-Saxons also worshiped the God of Thunder who called Thunor. Thor lived, not as part of any religion but in our daily diary and the day Thursday came from him. Thursday = Thor’s Day.


Back to the analysis of the full moon, the sun creates a more intricate design of aspects, with stronger energy, which is similar to Yod. In a normal Yod, the action point is the point where the energy is expressed. On the chart of the full moon, this point is the Moon while the reaction point is the Sun, where the energy is focused like a laser. This is called “Arc” because it looks like that but also is acting as one. The aspects of opposition and a square, compose the frame of the gun, to deal with the conflict or a crisis. The remaining aspects represent of high intensity. Of course what makes it quite possible, and allows great accumulation of tension comes from the Uranus-Pluto square, culminating in the full moon, and then releases the collision energy by the Sun. The moon (arch) pushes the Sun to launch (arrow) to a remoted target.
The Crossbow (arc), essentially is releasing tension that has been created long time now. Although this pattern is a complexed long-termed challenge or conflict, also gives the necessary weapons to defuse the tension and tackle the problem. This is a dangerous weapon and should not be directed in our personal life or even on a global level. It is a matter of survival. The Uranus- Pluto square is connected to extinction matters and rapid changes.
The February full moon, doesn’t give an easy way out but has gives motivation and toughness are necessary to strengthen the ego, to protect ourselves, and those we love because we need to survive. This is the final step in a long journey that has started long ago, concerning to global threats and extreme changes occurred in recent years.


The fixed star Fomalhaut at the 04 ♓ 04 degrees of Pisces, conjunct the Sun at the chart of the full moon, it is ideal for the completion of this stage of spiritual development. It is very lucky and powerful star, but it can be very destructive too. According to Ptolemy, is of the nature of Venus and Mercury by mixing the influence of Neptune. According to tradition, this star is quite variable, and brings results depending on the total cosmic structure. Here, it is particularly powerful with the Sun and means dissolution, blind fanaticism, malicious actions, contextual plots, strong and resolute enemies, blurred distinction, crime, danger bites of poisonous creatures.
What we experience now are the results of Uranus /Pluto square. These things represented by the Moon eliminated from the Sun. The moon represents the woman, the Sun is the submissive partner or someone who is dominant. It is connected to the world, an uprising which is suppressed by the authorities. The Sun is associated with the leaders of a country, the government, men who occupy a prominent place in society, while the moon is associated with the people, especially women, national security, the role of the family in a nation but also affects the sea, the water and economy.
Now, the frustration and anger of the Moon will release this destructive energy back to Sun to correct the wrongs and to balance things. Abused and victims will have the tools to regain their dignity and human rights. A mundane example of this could be the parliamentary elections in Iran, on February 26, 2016. The radical conservative patriarchy controlled the world for 30 years. The Iranian people have suffered more from the Uranus- Pluto square have suffered a lot through extreme changes, sanctions and isolation. The outcome of the wars in Iraq and Syria, the fight against the Islamic state, and the crisis of migration depend more than in Iran than in any other country. After all these challenges, the Iranian people will have the opportunity to resolve despite many both for themselves but also for the world. The silent majority can release the frustration and anger that has accumulated from extremist religious patriarchy, voting against them from power. This really would be an important evolutionary leap for humanity.
Also, at the chart of the full moon we notice the following.
* Sun-Regulus conjunction: ambition, alertness, great power, leadership, sudden fall, accidents, violence
The Sun in the 5th house and the Moon in the 11th house. The Moon in Virgo at this house has great power as it is connected with mass mobilization, the international organizations, the law, the parliament, and the neighboring states.
Mercury at the midpoint of Sun-Pluto, is associated with a crisis breaking out, tension, pride, arrogance, violence, and overestimation. Mercury in the 5th House, rules the 12th house too, and warns of grief, loss and speculation, but it refers to delicate health, suffering, distress, tribulation, danger, linked to dictators and those who express such characteristics, passion for power. Venus in 5th house, in Aquarius, especially loves freedom, * conjunct to Talitha but with Mercury in the same sign, associated to suspicion, mistrust, and uprising with great fury.


The position of Mars at the 2nd house is linked to economic collapse and ruins, and losses. Mars at the midpoint of Mercury-Jupiter is associated to coordination, recommends the use of reason is necessary, a successful conference discussion, success in negotiations, the sacrifice, but the determination and bravery. Associated with a group of scientists the successful orators, otherwise it could bring adverse effects such as deception, sham, fraud, slander, negligence. Mars rules also the 7th and 8th one, and points to the form of a unity government perhaps is just around the corner perhaps could be a solution, for some countries of this planet or at least altogether will succeed more. The square of Jupiter/ Saturn creates additional difficulties, depression, conflicts and lack of discipline, losses and problems in the economy, stock markets, public, health, religion, changes, raging, instability, poverty.


Equally very important is the influence of the Uranus-Pluto square between two angle houses, the 7th and 4th house, associated with revolution, collapse, explosive situations, violence, fanaticism, changes, reversals but also concerns also the appropriate decisions.
*** Pluto conjunct Canopus- violence, scandal.
Pluto at the midpoint of Sun/ Mars is connected to fanaticism, one-sided attitude, ruthless, violence, war, alarmed, firing rockets, satellites and spacecraft, mischief, failure, desire to realize a feat para many things, overcharging, the experience of violence , war.


Comparing the full moon chart to the Greek Independence chart, we notice for one more time this, Saturn conjunct Mars at the 15th degree this time, a fairly critical one as I explained before in new moon chart, of February, by one degree difference, but now Mars off Greece in Sagittarius and Saturn at the same time exactly meet each other, and that produces, according to political astrology of riots and critical events, war incidents, like the incident at the Aegean sea a few days ago with the helicopter, and generally has the meaning of an ignition.
Venus conjunct Uranus at the 6th degree of Aquarius means love of freedom but also a state which is out of control or has broken out, everyone is against the government, Saturn in opposition to the Ascendant, indicate that the situation will continue to be quite uncomfortable and it’s time to say for them to say goodbye.
The North Node squares the moon reminds that everyone should be united, the Saturn-Uranus square will continue to affect the Greek Independence Chart, creating tensions and reactions against any restriction, bringing violent incidents , the square of Mars -Uranus loads additionally the atmosphere because this axis is linked to revolt, the uprising but also interventions, sudden events associated with accidents and airplanes accidents, the struggle for survival, Mars also is opposed to the ascendant but the Moon-Pluto opposition marks the violent explosion of the population of this country.The full moon will affect Turkey, Russia, China, in Asia in general and America, and the coast of Turkey to the side of our country.

1 2 3 5 6

Equations to Greece coordinates…
Meeting on governmental issues – important collaborations
Civil servants – Contacts on the principles – Important hours – surprise authoritarian actions of partners – collaborative work – adventures on their partners – tension or stress -Create turmoil – Injuries – Start fires or ignition – actions involving weapons – Mandatory decisions
Withdrawal – departures-divisions –obvious problems – resignation -deserted
Evening hours- serious or critical concerns – concerns or fears – Sadness or depression – problems specific to women – Problems with the public
Links about the past or history – resistance or obstacles related compounds – Withdrawal of associations – large enterprises – Important discussions – Extraordinary meeting – important dialogues – announcements on senior -dissolution
Surprise successes – Many sports –extended reforms – tension Volume Up
Initiatives related trade – efforts for peace – Liberal action – scientists – Success with technology – Extended ignition – Fire Propagation
Sudden insecurity or instability related acts – related disorders indecision swing – Acute infections – outbreak of many storms
Startups on the influence of partnerships – epidemics

Disorders related to injuries, damages or injuries – Damages related faults or burglary
Losses related to acts of war
News on the withdrawal or suspension of operations – Eviction or persecution
Battles over information about finances



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New Moon in Capricorn-January 2016

The first New Moon of the year 2016 will be held on January 10, 2016 at 3:30:28 am, at the 19th degree (manipulation, instability, unreliability) of Capricorn (affects large enterprises, power, government, politics , employers, manufacturers, engineers, mining industry, hierarchy, rules and protocols), and with other planets in a conjunction focused on the 2nd house ( that represents the National budget, revenue sources, national wealth, national economy, currency circulation, monetary value fluctuations, value of natural resources; The purchasing power of a nation; National productivity and living standards; Stock and bonds (but not speculation, that is a matter of the 5th house, but as a resource; national self-esteem) of the solar horoscope and will affect the sign of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.




This period will help people to rebuild their forces. In this lunar phenomenon involving Pluto from the 2nd economic house and Uranus from the 5th house with known disharmony that exists between them in recent years, through the renowned square, will create an explosive and hard atmosphere enough, it will give focus on existing problems on economic level, in all levels of life, there will be an increase of aggression and exacerbation of some diseases too. The world situation now will enter a new phase. The Ascendant of New Moon at the 22nd degree of Scorpio (Dispersion, failed attempts, a fairly critical degree) has a special significance.
So the New Moon falls just into the second decan of Capricorn. The first new moon of the new year seems to be intense and chaotic with the appearance of the square Uranus / Pluto, between 2 / 5th house. This uncertainty about the future is fueling violence and arguments caused by retrograde Mercury throughout this phase of the moon.
Our personal relationships will be subject to sorrow and in our personal life there will be an intense, strange atmosphere. But for those who have an open mind and heart, there is a chance to bring something better for the future. The retrograde Mercury has a strong influence on the new moon. Mercury will begin its retrograde on January 5, where it will form a very “tight” square to Mars, and this creates an aggressive and explosive atmosphere, at the 29th degree of Capricorn which is an aneretic degree.
The Sun/Pluto conjunction and the moon also indicate extreme power struggles, on economic level. This aspect is the most important of the new moon phase, because of the square Uranus / Pluto, shows a very impulsive outbreak. A battle of wills, fighting through a battle of words.
The fixed star Dheneb in 20 ♑ 00 is the closest star conjunct to the New Moon. It gives a strong directional energy and combative drive to succeed. There is a tendency to take control and exacerbates the authoritarian nature of Pluto.
The conjunction of Sun / Pluto in Capricorn gives a surge of strength and urges to control. The most sinister face of Pluto will prevail and this because of the provocative side of Uranus. We can expect ruthless behavior and actions that includes threats, intimidation, stalking and spying. Competitors and Enemies will reach the ends in order to dominate and win. They will use every dirty trick to treat things in their favor. The square of Sun / Uranus adds extra nervous tension and anxiety because of the uncertainty and the upcoming changes that will occur. Everyone will act impulsively, but this brings increased risks. With Mercury retrograde at the same time be cautious when you travel. Accidents, delays and trouble are most likely. With our nerves already stretched, we will be extra sensitive to any shocks or surprises. The impersonal and angry side of Uranus will escalate now on a straight direction.

The conjunction of Moon -Pluto shows eruptions, unusual changes, internal conflicts, sudden changes, upheavals in economy and inflated new plans. Indicates, dramatic twists to wealth and property issues.
The square of Uranus / Pluto will continue to be a source of unrest and chaos that will bring dramatic and profound changes. The new moon on Pluto will make us more narrow-minded where we will continue to resist to changes even though the square with Uranus, urges us to be more flexible and open-minded. Such a strong side will try to block development of the soul where it is necessary in order to overcome chaos. Uranus in the 5th house indicates changes affecting speculation, speculative interests, arts, entertainment, colonies, youth, social life, embassies and ambassadors.

The trine of Sun / Jupiter on the other hand, shows good luck, happiness and development and this is quite a positive omen, though of course, it is being pushed from the square of Uranus / Pluto and other planets and hard aspects. By this data, Jupiter in fact, acts and exaggerates and inflates the ego, makes us more indifferent as to egomaniacs trying to control everyone and everything. The conjunction of Venus / Saturn, is still a very difficult aspect is being formed at the chart of the new moon.

On a global level, the conjunction of Venus / Saturn at the 1st house indicates important things, such as the collapse of peace settlements conditions but economic conditions too. Besides, do not forget that summer passed, we experienced the square of Venus / Saturn that brought the Capitals control in Greece. On a personal level, the beneficial energy of Venus is limited by severe Saturn and creates sadness, frustration and separations. Besides love, Venus symbolizes economy too. This will then create coolness in relations and generally cracks and secondly there will be a distance where it will be difficult to give love and tenderness but also to express our feelings easily.

The aspect of Venus / Saturn could also be expressed as violence, given by the energy all the other adverse aspects formed by Pluto and Mercury. Though, the conjunction between these two planets could bring engagement and wedding on a personal level with a duration between two soulmates. The trine of Venus / Uranus is less powerful but offer a happier alternative for those who can mitigate their ego. New and exciting love is a feature that this aspect gives. If you really try, definitely the negativity and fear of Saturn will be overcomed. The trine of Uranus / Saturn is the future and the square of Uranus / Pluto is the past. The future is far away from the past, but future-oriented for people that are able to make an evolutionary leap.

The Sun (from the 2nd house) at the midpoint of Mars / Uranus where is the axis of interventions, surgery, absolute freedom, revolution, represents the struggle for independence and sudden events, shows rapid and sudden but also odd efforts, a person who acts quickly, sudden adjustment to new circumstances, injuries, accidents.
Moon in the 2nd house and in Capricorn shows fluctuations in economics and also is in a weak position. The Moon at the midpoint of Sun / Pluto shows irritability, belligerence, hard clashes, violent repression, stress and frustration but also disorders in female body, trials, suffering, torture, risk, excessive requirements, imposition of power, arrogance, conceit.
The position of Mercury at the 29th degree of Capricorn in retrogression is urging us to review progress on the 3rd house but is not indicated for both scheduled trips, distant or nearby, because these are easily frustrated or prevented. Although it sextiles the ascendant of the new moon, indicates more travel but closed to spiritual activity, where you can earn more from it.


Mercury conjunct Pleiades, showing accidents, blindness, violence, and homosexuality, feminine power and it has an unfortunate energy. Mercury in this sign indicates change of plans, procrastination, but also states a change in prices, change treatment if there is a health problem, melancholy but also re-assessment, in a sextile Ascendant each delay or change could be positive for our interest. Use your intuition, do self-criticism, look within yourself in order to find equilibrium. Mercury gives thoughtful mind, there is a strong focus on our inner world, which leads to a strong bond between the conscious and unconscious. On the 3rd house also Ceres with Alnilam shows a scandal that will erupt.

Venus is united, and her values are beauty, peace, balance, harmony and compassion to others. It focuses on comfort, personal achievements in romantic relationships, marriage, sex, professional relations, the arts, fashion and our social life. It also affects diplomacy, protocols, peace, and war with hard aspects, changes in the balance of forces and negotiations also will be affected the income sources of a state, finance, bankers, financial institutions, young women, the bronze , copper, textiles, garments, artists and music industry. In terms of weather conditions we have landslides, avalanches.
The 1st house is associated with the nation and its people, the national characteristics of a people, the inner affairs of a State, the urban population, internal and general conditions, the psychology of the masses. With Venus in Sagittarius we have to do with honesty, love for freedom and independence, warmth and idealism. But the conjunction of Venus/Saturn restricts all that and states delays, problems, financial loss, showing limitation, suspension of sex life, restraint, reticence, obstacles, sense of duty, loneliness, relationships with older individuals, self-sacrifice, difficulties, scenes of jealousy, dissolving and suffering in each case.

Mars in Scorpio, at the 12th house, is an indicator of great concern and shows hostile action. As a planet of Aries, Mars here is connected with the outbreak of primitive animalistic energy, militancy and war mood, will and instinctive action and enforcement, the strength to survive through adversity and external conditions. Mars symbolizes courage, chivalry, pride, altruism and self-sacrifice. Mars is the opinion of Heraclitus that “war is the father of all things.” Mars here is revenge, provides an increased risk, but also intense challenges, initiatives and lobbying. Mars squares Mercury confirming underhanded actions and challenges from neighboring states.
Mars at the midpoint of Jupiter/Saturn shows instability and erratic will, blackmail, a change in living conditions, discomfort, irritation, scrapping. Jupiter in Virgo at the 10th House, squares Saturn in the 1st house shows lack of initiative, missed opportunities, avoid responsibility, economic difficulties and battles, economic risks, wrong moves. Difficulties in discipline. Power conflicts, unplanned movements, and lack of organization make the situation more painful.

‘Under the influence of the square Jupiter / Saturn, what we have here is a prolonged difficult period for businesses, but also professional and domestic difficulties. The problems of 2007-2008 will have now deteriorated and will continue to grow. The trend and atmosphere of these middle years show a wavering between two extremes, between optimism and pessimism. This period will not be good to initiate changes in business and professional affairs. There will be difficulties to get support from official bodies will already be in recession, from 2015 to 2016. Jupiter in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius, also show that there is a moral crisis in the production of cultural, moral and religious decisions. The distribution and reduction was apparent in the 2000s quickly accelerated by this time. These long-term cyclical movements of these interpersonal planets directly related to the role of history in the present and in the future.

The current world transits, and those who will come up, show me that those in positions of power will come to an end. However, during 2015 and 2016, the overall trend will be the neglect of important responsibilities / or compromise with principles for expediency. We’ve seen this happen too often in human history before and now.
As you can see, the mutable years of 2015, 2016 and 2017 will be difficult to say the least. From September 2015 – May 2017, it will be difficult for many people to survive. Under the ominous influence of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in mutable signs you can simply make changes just to adjust yourselves. The Saturn-Jupiter cycle has also been associated with the presidential assassinations. ”

Neptune will continue to square Saturn, and in opposition to the MC shows losses and errors with the migration to affect in a intolerable manner the situation, imprisonment, loss of position change, problems, fraud and deception, unhappiness and distrust, strange problems and many changes, extreme poverty will affect government relations –opposition political parties. The square also will affect agriculture, crops, land, houses, real estate, mining, mining, the weather, the party of opposition to the government. Housing and living conditions.
The MC at the midpoint of Uranus / Pluto shows innovation and reform, direct perception and exploit every situation, anxiety and nervousness, transforming the government reshuffle and as I wrote earlier in autumn it is likely to have a short-lived collective government but elections again in short time (For Greece that made elections in September under the influence of eclipses and other countries, there will be instability and elections again, overthrow of the government, dissolve and cracks between government and IMF).

The New Moon and its aspects are mentioned combined with Greek Horoscope will affect the 9th house, its open seas, migration, issues of religion, justice and education, the church, the higher education, foreign relations at a diplomatic level, foreign missions, progress and development, relationships with lenders, agreements and government, welfare, labor, public health, law enforcement bodies. The New Moon will affect the Central Europe, China, Australia, and the USA too much.

22 world




Let’s take a look at the equations on a topic level

Withdrawal – Loneliness – To display different – Troubleshooting documents – Villages – Locations – – Departures or detachment associated with partners – Problems in performing demanding tasks – Isolation – Barriers with others or partnerships – Alienation-loss-lack – Important situations .
Weakness- hypersensitivity – confusion – confusion – hallucination – secrecy – fraud.
* – Sacrifices other concerning problems – Refusal to respect their partners – cheating on deficiencies – cheating – Corruption
Combinations with people on from the past and history
Uncertainty, insecurity, instability- Lack of true enjoyment – Impaired harmony – disappointment about love – Wrong emotions – * Spontaneous actions – Actions contributing to adventures – Implementation of reforms – sudden action – tension or unrest – desire to achieve things Quickly – recklessness.
Putting goals – Professional leadership – commands to act – Adoption of command – Work pressure – Actions associated with fire, weapons, or machines.
* Limited successes – Profit or stability related revenue -capital control- Limited luck – Increased depression – Restriction assets – Reductions on income.
* Detachment from cheating – problems with the protection of personal data; continuous anxiety or uncertainty or instability – Problems associated with deception – unrecognized barriers – insufficient stability and security related departures or distancing – Disease.
* – Initiatives related to trade – Creating Harmony – efforts for peace – Liberal actions – Applied Science – successful technology-related and sports – Extended ignition – fire spreading
* Strong words – speech influence – difficult negotiations – Heated discussions – Discussions relating to power – arguments – Bullying – Threats – Blackmail


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Full Moon in Cancer-25th December 2015

December full moon, will be the last for the year 2015 and will be held at the 3rd degree of Cancer (family, homeland, national security) in the 3rd house of the solar horoscope at 1:11:26 PM.
That testifies Christmas Day and generally the festive atmosphere around the family table that runs in many countries and houses of this world and the atmosphere that will prevail against the milieu of sad memories of events that have occurred up to now, which is not pleasant at all. In this full moon will participate Mercury in Capricorn in the 22nd degree (fatal sad events, suicides, nuisance, and chaos), Pluto also in Capricorn, and Mars at the 24th of Libra and Uranus from Aries.



It is important to note that a few hours later, on 12.26.2015 in the morning, at 4:26, Uranus from Aries will return on a straight direction, after a long time at the 16th degree, meaning that now the events will gathering pace, will run faster, so the world will begin to change rapidly, there will be more turmoil, chaos, developments, unrest and conflicts. By this influence it will be difficult to say that any changes would be beneficial, in the turbulent years that we spend through.

Thus, the full moon in Cancer, a little after the start of the winter solstice where will expose us to many risks and would particularly affect signs cardinal cross, Cancers, Aries, Libra and Capricorn. On the occasion there will be conflicts, divisions and changes in significant zones. More generally, there will be observed an intense atmosphere of disagreements, episodic events, claims and belligerent mood. The participation of Mars through Libra will accelerate and accentuate particularly spirits and developments. So, in this way we will pass in 2016 that will give a new perspective concerning the destination of many nations of the planet, social groups and individuals.


However there is also something more to mention. The Full Moon on 25 December 1977 held in the sign of Cancer in the 10th house of the solar horoscopes pointing at the death of a famous comedian Charlie Chaplin, but also a test of nuclear bomb in Soviet Union. The same full moon will be repeated again in the same sign, on 25 December 2015 affecting the axis of foreign policy … with a small difference that this time will be worse than the first time, in 1977.The first was accompanied by Vulcan and the second by hypothetical Saturn and Hades. This will be suddenly erupted, and besides of activating explosive astrological aspects, Uranus on a straight direction. Such a phenomenon will be repeated again in 2034.


Let me start at the personal level, the full moon on holiday gives an emphasis to the Christmas spirit, love and friendship. This full moon is ideal for strengthening relationships to an existing connection or finding a new partner. Socialization is being favored in general, and this is a particularly good phase of the moon for peaceful negotiations to resolve differences and to find common ground in business or legal matters.
The light of the full moon will place greater emphasis on close relationships and partnerships. Both the fixed star on the moon and the faces express the need for proximity and friendly communication. The stable star Propus, to 3 ° 39 ‘ of Cancer is aligned closely with the full moon. Although it is in the sign of Cancer, the star belongs in the constellation of Gemini. Since the Greeks set slowly moving constellations in 0 ° of Aries in the Zodiac 2000 years before, stars and constellations have moved by 30 °, or an entire star forward in relation to the West, or the tropical zodiac.
This process is called precession, and we use the fixed stars for the interpretation of a horoscope, along with other information found on the chart. Stars, namely make the interpretation more accurate addition to basic translation of signs and aspects in a horoscope. The stars and planets emit energy, while the signs are not doing something like that.

The star Propus born of the nature of Mercury and Venus, and so the December full moon promotes love and kindness. This star is located between the shoulders of Gemini, highlighting the issue of closeness and togetherness. In addition to the general characteristics of Gemini, which is the decency, intelligence and finesse, the star Propus gives strength, excellence and success.

This full moon is excellent for associative thinking, a necessary skill in astrology. The stellar influence reveals the artistic skills, so that you can find creative outlet and poetry and painting the other productive and creative workshop during the two weeks of the current phase of the moon. But this positive influence favors mostly friendly communication. Socially, this full moon is excellent to make new friends or favors closer relations. If this full moon forms positive aspects in your horoscope, you care more about how much elegant you may look and you will enjoy the increased popularity. This is an ideal time for writing, give speeches or presentations, exchange ideas but also for teaching. This full moon showing success in legal issues and indicates the right time for peace negotiations.

Moreover, we see Venus is equidistant with Mercury and Jupiter, forming a symmetrical Grand Triangle which this is very expressive and dynamic but indicates talent and the ability to express and achieve love, understanding and kindness. Smaller aspects are associated with it, mean that we must fight for love and harmony.
The trine of Mercury / Jupiter is the fuel that triggers Venus. This aspect ultimately expressed through the sextile of Mercury / Venus. Brings optimism and good news. Being socializing is favored, as also to make plans if you have good intuition about it, future-oriented and positive thinking. This is also the ideal time to clean and organize everything in your office up and your life, get rid of unnecessary stuff and that you believe that just only a burden but is not needed.

The sextile Venus / Jupiter is positive for parties, friendly gatherings and love. You should feel warm and happy inside and you will want to share these warm feelings with other people. This is a sign of good luck and may receive gifts, money or compliments. You will also have a generous mood and there will be no greed. The sextile of Mercury / Venus is right to have fun with friends, relax and time out. Socialization should be more enjoyable now because of reduced stress and greater harmony in your relationships. There will be more opportunity to express your love to significant personal relationships where you will instantly appreciate a narrower binding.

The fixed star Agena at the 24 ° 00 degrees of Scorpio has great influence on Venus and indeed it is a beautiful star of Venus-Jupiter nature that quite matches to issues associated with love and friendship, for this full moon. It gives enough energy and enthusiasm to couples without hurting yourself or any other situation. Through Venus in particular, Agena gives intense sensuality with strong passions, and the tendency to form good friendships with women.

Although there is no astrological aspect, linking the moon with Venus, because of the similarities with the fixed stars, it is fair to say that much of the energy of this full moon will be expressed through Venus, with love and a compassionate way. On December 11th, the new moon in Sagittarius, proposed a final evolutionary leap is being required for our adaptation ability to change and the massive upheaval of recent years. By placing the full moon of December 25th into this dynamic, allows to bridge the gap, to repair the wrongs and find yourself in a completely different harmonious state. Though relations have gotten an end then this full moon is perfect to make new friends or find a new romantic partner.

O a political level, the Sun in Capricorn relates to leaders, leadership, governments who is located at the 9th house and forms an opposition to the Moon in Cancer at the axis of 3 / 9th which is the house of communication and refers to tension, problems and trends for secessions of some nations in foreign policy and so much we mentioned before. The Sun in the 9th house squares Jupiter in the 6th house and is associated with errors, waste of time and loss, difficulties with other leaders and nations but also stubbornness and strong disagreements. This square is pointing to oppression in society, escape trends, excesses that do evil.

The Sun at the midpoint of Mars / Neptune, is associated with new projects, changes, lack of willpower, dissatisfaction, weakness. Risk of contamination events. Moon also squares Jupiter and falls on the same midpoint of Mars / Neptune, indicating high sensitivity, associated with crooks, high risk for infections, indecision, go off course. The Moon here rules the 9th and 4th house and the Sun in the 3rd, 5th and 8th which are significant houses.

Mercury in Capricorn is in the 10th house, and although that has positive aspects shows a stretch critical situation in the 22nd degree but also conjunct Athena Pallas, but together with the Sun and Pluto shows the same picture that we had in December 2014, just remember the events that happened.

The square of Mars / Pluto between 10-7th house, with Mars squaring the 10th house and the ascendant causes general ignition problems, anger, enforcement, ultimatums, risky actions and atrocities. (Small leading to a mass effect, such as lighting a match that may cause fire or explosion) .This aspects between these two planets we saw them again during summer 2015 and creates prolonged tension, extremely critical situations, ignition, attacks, violence, sabotage by enemies, explosions, outbursts, hostility and dissolution. The conjunction in Capricorn is associated with political turmoil and falling empires but as I mentioned a few months ago, in another article.

Mars in opposition to the ascendant of the full moon, warns of possible accidents, risk of loss, quarrels, hostility .Mars squares the 10th house and it shows pressure on government, fall of the government, losses, conflicts, hostility, and further splits of political parties. The whole thing requires a complete dismantling situation and re-assembly, as you may comprehend.
Saturn in the 8th house with Zuben Elgenubi shows a loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, venereal diseases, poisoning, drowning, anguish, revenge, crime. The square of Uranus / Pluto between 12-10th house is an additional factor which confirms the above on a political level. It warns of risk, accidents, and domestic conflicts, triggers the police army or uniformed personnel of the government, military personnel, underground characters and enemies as also terroristic attacks too.
Violent situations. (Sudden massive explosion, deaths from winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks. Deadly attack by insurgents or a terrorist group.) Jupiter in Virgo, at the 6th House conjuncting the North Node indicates a significant disaster, fatal accident or tragedy.

The ascendant of the full moon at the 24th degree of Aries, triggers a relentless attitude, serious trials and problems. Pluto and the aspects that forms will particularly affect Greece and Europe that will accept a terrorist attack. France actually will accept a second blow and might be not in public places, as it happened on the first. It could also mention a strong earthquake in the area of Mediterranean.

Compared to the chart of Greece we have the disharmony of Sun / Uranus are highly disruptive and create serious problems that bring explosions and fires, the disharmony of Mars / Mercury have disagreement index and shows interference. Be also very careful with public transportation and your health. Disharmony of Moon / Uranus / Saturn shows fairly strong contextual in political developments of the country and dissections. Compared to the chart of Metapolitefsi, the square of Uranus / Pluto severely is affecting the Greek government and Mars in Libra at the 4th house, in order. So, we have to wait for further developments, splits and resignations.

*** Agena conjunct Venus- Poetic atmosphere, strong passions, easy friendships with women.
*** Arcturus conjunct Mars- popularity, many friends.

*** Spica conjunct Mars- Popular social success, good judgment and quick decisions, stiffness, and almost or completely nonsense.

*** Antares conjunct Saturn- Materialism, dishonesty with conditions created by the environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and legal issues, problems through enemies, many failures, prevention, adverse domestic issues, many illnesses and grief from children.

***** Algorab conjunct Juno -Cleanse, destructiveness, ugliness, wickedness, hellish lies, suicide, greed, injuries.

*** Pluto-Vega conjunction- this conjunction is a little bit strange, Vega is charming and charismatic. Various sources report that Vega is connected to the creative arts. Vega or Wega, the Alpha Lyrae, according to Ptolemy, is of the nature of Venus and Mercury. People who have such influence have a strong inclination for music, spiritual pleasures, and make significant charitable work. It gives finesse, mobility, and debauchery and indecency.
When positive aspects, Vega can bring wealth or unexpected riches. It is a beneficial star, but when forming negative aspects, especially with Mars, can cause death with Saturn or Pluto, however can result in disaster, and where it affects our country area.


Let’s look at the equations

  • Fulfilling desires – love relationships start – giving love – fun – Defend harmony – Sexual desire – Partnership for artistic work – efforts to beautify the environment – Art activities
    Austerity- health issues specific to women – Need to improve personal relationships – nations that need improvement – disbelief – sadness or grief associated with partner – sad hours – days of losses; Uncertainty, insecurity, instability – disappointment in the crowds – Extended uncertainty or instability – Extensive losses-
    Rise specific to women in government – – Famous artists.

-Analysis on leadership – impotence associated with the leadership – Increases related to government corruption – Significant drops
Extensive disappointments – Many losses- restriction of liberty
Sports events – sudden bursts – Actions contributing to tension and stress
Triggering events and facts – Official missions – News concerning the situation of reform – discussions on large intensities -Suddenly suffering and damage – high risk – Unexpected disaster

Unexpected power cuts – Insecurity and instability associated with the reforms or revolution – Actions related to sudden insecurity or instability – big impact -Technical fraud – Typhoons or strong storms- Increased losses related to freedom – insecurity and instability associated with widespread fraud – Extended dissolution- Activities restricted by law –

Minimization of birth – Expulsion – Arid harvests actions contribute to hide the problems – Problems due to errors – Uncertainties regarding deaths – Mysterious Deaths – gaining freedom by force – mandatory changes that bring insecurity or instability- transition Transformations – changes- reversals-

Problems associated with the lack of money – Stormy developments – sudden reversal- denial regarding other significant changes – losses on corporate relations; Staged or contingent departures, resignations- exposure risks in implementing substantial changes – Significant changes – Insufficiently


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Full Moon in Pisces,29 August 2015

First of all,I would love to thank deeply those who share these articles.The analysis of the Lunar phenomena affect globally and not one country .Each astrologer,of course, may compare it with its own country.

The August full moon will take place at the 6th (foresight) degree of Pisces on August 29, 2015, at 9:35:09 in the evening and at this lunar phenomenon involving Neptune retrograde at the 12th house, Jupiter now from Virgo at the 6th house and Saturn by Scorpio on straight motion, from the 8th House.

πανσεληνος στους ιχθυες 29 αυγουστου
It will affect the mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and you are going to put your sentimental life in order but also mainly your business too. The atmosphere that prevail will be quite bizarre, there will be ambiguity, many will be revealed and will disappoint us, and there will be ample propaganda but will bring significant and rapid changes in political and social level globally.
Vesta and Uranus will affect Greece, the Balkans, and Central Europe. Pluto in Turkey, Istanbul and Ukraine. The Full Moon will affect France, Spain, India, the Northern part of Africa.
The main features of the full moon is the conjunction of Jupiter- Sun in Virgo and the conjunction of Moon-Neptune in Pisces. The Ascendant of the full moon is the 16th degrees of Aries (attachment). The full moon is important because that conjuncts the Solar eclipse of 20th March, which was at the 29th degree of Pisces, and forms an opposition to the blood moon of April 4, in Libra. The Moon also conjuncts the Deneb Adige, where it will bring revelations, but let us examine them one by one…
We have the opposition of the Sun-Moon, the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter, the square of Sun-Saturn, the opposition of Sun-Neptune, the trine of Sun-Pluto.
The opposition is being formed between the Sun-Moon at the 6-12th house (hospitalization, operation of government, bureaucracy, all public services and trade unions, welfare, workers, public health, the army, –prisons, asylums , hospitals, hidden processes and subsoil, migrants, hidden enemies, secret services, secret agents, the subconscious) refers to internal tensions and problems. However, the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter is a positive factor for the settlement of outstanding issues in relation to the public and court cases and shows some protection at first sight, and I say this because this aspect is not as simple as it seems. Although the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter brings happiness, growth and good fortune, the extravagance and waste of Jupiter creates imbalance or polarizes the whole mix of good actions. The Sun-Pluto trine shows events that will surprise, is imposing some conditions.
The square of Sun-Saturn between 6-8th house (the 8th shows the funds of the state, the saving system, mortality and suicides, pensions, insurance system, insurance institutions, stock, debts of the state to the other Member nations ) shows sacrifices, delays, restrictions, upsets, problems and interventions.
The opposition of Sun-Neptune refers to confusion and a blurred period of time with major problems between 6-12th house. Computerized, betrayals, paranoid scenarios and reckless compounds the agreements but also migration. Promises that will not be met, wrong objectives and decisions that are not objective. We lose the boundaries between reality and dream or illusion. The Sun will put things in their place, even if we get hurt by sudden revelations. This aspect is very dangerous because the sudden revelation of truth given by the Sun offers an immense feeling of futility and makes us too pessimistic. It looks like life loses its interest, as if we can do many things to endure. We must be very cautious when it becomes in mutable signs. With the square of the Sun-Saturn and the opposition of Neptune fires is possible to continue with the same intensity and the second meaning is an indication to chemical fire.
The Moon in the 12th house at the 6th degree of Pisces hides problems and setbacks but also a situation quite fragile. In Pisces, focuses more on the secret enemies, in enclosed spaces, in emigration and crime but also the suffering of people in general but also to the subconscious and the data stored there.
The Moon forms an opposition to Jupiter and a conjunction to Neptune. There will be problems, disagreements in our personal relationships particularly associated with the female sex. There will be problems on a domestic level and the element of exaggeration is pronounced as we will have a tendency to judge others intensely. Losses may occur but there should be and great attention to health issues, particularly nutrition and alcohol use, the substances and problems with traffic and other disturbances. It will be hard to get decisions on a professional level but if you are on vacation you will want to isolate more and relax. Support from others is limited. The conjunction of Moon-Neptune will increase sensitivity, inspiration, all those involved in Art. The willingness to travel through water element will grow but also the need to be close to it. On the other hand, migrants will increase and that connect with the 12th house as also criminality too. Moon and Neptune will conjunct Chiron at the 19th degree and this will cause instability and serious problems. Mercury additionally, at the 6th house at the 3rd degree ( enslavement) of Libra is afflicted and in opposition with the Nodes of the Moon, creates more problems in partnerships, indecision and difficulties in diplomatic level but also on issues that need to be solved.
Venus retrograde in Leo will form conjunct to Mars in the 5th house (fun, creativity, luck, gambling, casinos, theaters, taverns. Also represent the ambassadors and representatives in other countries. The relations of the state with the children) will trine Uranus in the 1st house, the Ascendant and will sextile the Part of fortune. The Venus-Mars indicates jealousy, infidelity, emotional problems, and loss of friends or false friends. Favored the new relations, art, and profit but will also create many problems and aggression in relationships of all kinds in general. More about the phenomenon of the year here
Jupiter squares Saturn in the 8th house and forms an opposition to Neptune .The square of Jupiter/ Saturn causes upheavals and regulations, as the past is connected to the future. It creates problems in the structure, there are difficulties in discipline issues related to the 8th house, i.e. pensions, stock markets, security, mortality, the capital.
The opposition of Jupiter/Neptune brings disappointment and there is a sudden hard landing to reality. There is a difficulty to be practical, there will be financial troubles, losses, deception and betrayal .This associated with major floods, tsunamis and other disasters related to water and oceans and attack by fanatic extremists.
Saturn in the 8th house will constantly pushing hard of the economy. Uranus in the 1st house is expected to create more problems and make the atmosphere more explosive, in opposition to Part of fortune in the 7th house and presages a sudden unforeseeable events and developments, conflicts and problems with allies and partners. Neptune at the midpoint of Mercury /Venus is associated to delusions, lack of tact, undermining the relationships or cooperation’s but also at the midpoint of Mercury-Mars associated with intrigue, Whims, cheating, some things we do not say or reveal and hide.
The sextile of Neptune/Pluto (mass vision) associated with a deep transformation process affecting all human consciousness. Neptune is catching up to Pluto every 492 years and is something that can be seen as a global mental fertilization period. New collective ideas emerge at the start of this cycle caused by sudden developments in technology and discoveries of the time. It also means toxic chemical that cause deaths, extreme levels of pollution. (We also have seen this aspect in Roswell)
Pluto squares Uranus (1-10th house) Endoscopy state, struggle, conflict, cruelty and important changes also warns of hazards, accidents, domestic conflict, coercion and power. Pluto conjuncts the MC suggests struggle, conflict, coercion, intrigue, blackmail, and risk adjustment, suspicious and ruthless, violent or arrogant actions and behavior.
The full moon on August 29, 2015 will be held in the first decan of Pisces. The full moon will be at best spiritual, mystical and apocalyptic. The full moon is aligned with a spiritual star and planet of spirituality, Neptune. However, the full moon is opposite Jupiter, also, in the worst case could bring massive deceit, slander and scandals worldwide. The full moon brings to the surface and increases the influence of Jupiter-Neptune opposition on 17th September. This will lead to more tension, especially in our relations as we experience diametrically opposite extreme behaviors and beliefs. So this opposition is expected to peak at 17/9, the full moon will activate the potential and strengthen its influence in the first weeks of September. This aspect is expected to bring major upheavals in the economy and losses, so we are talking about absolute chaos.
On the other hand, the conjunction of Moon/Neptune will not work normally, under the influence of the spiritual stable star Deneb Adige being involved because this is only half degree from the full moon, at the 5 and 33, in the tail of the Swan, and that will bring revelations.
The Deneb (Deneb) is the brightest star (i.e. with the smallest effect size) in the constellation Cygnus, the alpha (a) Cygni, which marks the tail of the constellation. Easily visible summer evenings until November, passes through the zenith in Northern Greece and is the northeastern tip of the so-called “Summer Triangle”. The Deneb name comes from the Arabic phrase ذنب الدجاجة, Al Dhanab al Dajajah, which means “The Tail of the Hen,” from his post in the form of the constellation, which Arabs do not usually depicted swan, but hen. The phrase is found in the historical astronomical works as corrupt Denebadigege, Denebedigege, Deneb Adige, etc. Similar names brought up to 7 other stars, and even kept Deneb Katy (= “tail Ceti”) for b Ceti, Deneb Altzenti for d Capricorn Denebola for Leo b. However, the simple ‘Deneb’ evokes today almost always a star in Cygnus (there is also the e Dauphin).
Certainly, circumstances would be much better without this stable star sitting at the conjunction of Moon-Neptune. Vivid dreams, telepathy and psychic ideas would disclose accurate information. Increased emotional sensitivity and empathy would bring harmony in relationships and peace where it is most needed. The Moon will put great emphasis on the subconscious in this position and this makes the opposition of Jupiter/Neptune sharper, since Jupiter also rules Pisces too. Furthermore, it will reduce the strength of our will when it comes to addictions and other bad habits. There will be paranoid reactions, sneaky tactics and extreme behavior where it will yield more drama in our personal relationships. Jupiter will increase the desire for easy money and comfort, under pressure creates blind faith and exaggeration.

To understand more on this full moon will have to understand the opposition of Jupiter/Neptune in detail.
Jupiter permeates with exaggeration every negative attribute of Neptune. Hypersensitivity, deceit, lack of practical spirit are the key elements of this disharmony. So often we become exaggerated and quite naive thus fall victims of scams due to excessive confidence in the subjects who do not know well. Many times we create in our minds ideal situations that are essentially unrealistic. This aspect leaves unfulfilled promises, fanaticism and religious involvement in secret organizations that bring disastrous results .There is also, lack of moral measure and torque to harmful abuses. Neptune when afflicted may be subject to trance, fainting, hysteria, or psychic storms.

11 33
Compared with the chart of Greece, we have the Venus-Saturn conjunction, showing a “cold awakening” (BUT ALSO THAT WILL AFFECT US GLOBALLY TOO) tendency towards separation, division, isolation, politically, the opposition of Sun-Mars showing conflicts with authorities, panic and accidents, fall of the government and this aspect is very important because it marks aggression and conflict to Presidents, Prime Ministers and governments as needed boldness and courage to overcome losses and problems. The square of Moon-Mars, show anger, difficult situations, revolutionary tendencies. The opposition of Sun-Venus, is showing frustration and difficulties, the square-Moon/Jupiter is showing losses, excesses and arrogance but also the Moon -Pluto conjunction brings sudden outbreaks and changes. The conjunction of Moon-Neptune will straight affect the government, in the 10th House. Pluto will continue to push for hard tax and issues are connected to the 8th house but also our relations with abroad and other countries. Saturn affects partnerships, international treaties, and overt enemies of the state, trade with foreign countries in the 7th House.

Of course, the full moon compared to the chart of the Greek prime minister does not have much difference. Shows willingness to rebel movements from one side, trying to cope with the pressure and psychological ups and downs. There is a blockage of support, however the trine of Moon/Uranus will channel the energy trying to find solutions and ways. That gives him more confidence and meeting with groups, large firms, companies, partners, including IMF of course etc. The Moon-Mars opposition shows hostility from others, drop of his popularity and attacks, lack of direction, haste, impulsiveness. The square Sun-Neptune is pointing to, disappointments, plans without possibility to succeed, leaning on alcohol, nicotine, etc., Delusion, deceit, enmities. His Moon in positive aspects to the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter as also with Mercury-Sun, show efforts to successfully negotiating level changes and challenges.

Let’s take a look at the equations in topic level but globally too.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Locally expansive harmonic compounds; severe or critical concern- need Help- Natural hazards or calling for discrimination in relation to others-Physical exhaustion or exhaustion – Days or chronic problems or losses, injuries or damage associated with men partners- Public injuries, damages or injuries – Mysticism – the need for correction or replacement unsanitary conditions – Sadness or depression – loss with the audience – the poor people or nations – Heavy hours.

Efforts for peace in the region; Creating balance – arbitrariness, violence or coercion affecting pleasure- Pleasure associated with strong partners – Effect on sympathy others – Power on the cooperative work; force-fields, among colleagues – Principles concerning the influence of partnerships – arrangements in large-scale work – Intensification or rapid action – Restrictive measures – Significant financial partnerships – Good relations with employees or managers – privileged positions; Authority in economic matters – Public economy- The future in relation to flaws– water or air pollution; Refusal or revocation – cheating – Corruption or degeneration
The start things – action – move on dynamically- Extensive reforms- Surprise successes-increasing intensity.
MC-Psychological tension – conflict out in public – disturbances in public places; I start things together with other ignition construction or excitement – Making choices – Compulsory associations – Pressures on partners- Movement on discussions – I put the plans into action – Recording ideas- Administration instructions or commands – Speeches – Working in business –instability- Regression
Moon- – Uncertainty, insecurity, instability or on the economic situation – Speculation – Failures by the public – Financial losses associated with the people – Injustice on populations or nations
Neptune- Discussions on mistakes – cheating – Breaking promises – Words without action – plans without prospects – endless chatter – malice – Attenuation – Ignore ignoring events – Uncertainty concerning inadequate information – Losses related to misunderstandings – Uncertainty and instability because of cheating – Severe confusion – misplaced convictions- fight unemployment – Massive hydropower – Secret moves to power – power cuts – Actions related to the loss of influence – the job losses – Hidden influences relating to manipulation – fruitless attempts – malicious actions – Hurricanes and storms
Saturn- Strong inhibitions outside world – Intensity on public problems – barriers to public activity – Forced departures out in public – barricades or lockout – State of emergency or martial law having being broken Surprises related problems – Unexpected obstacles – Continuous intensity – Rebellion – Conflicts – Rejection of stimuli – propaganda- Rebuilding boundaries; Official crisis – Major crisis-Continuous mandatory changes
Uranus-Propaganda- surprise or excitement related to sports – high-strength events – Strong tensions – Sudden forced actions- Political events – major electrical energy – Sudden extraordinary power – excitations on emergency measures – Unexpectedly official measures – Great tension on official themes – Storms
Pluto- Reorganization – Renewal – Development – Transformations – Resolutions or conversions – Substantive mandatory changes – Reversals
Mars- Problems associated with the efforts for freedom – Extensive deaths

Hypothetical Zeus-pressures associated with economic problems – Compulsory austerity-risk discrimination in sports – manipulation – Losses on the forces of nature – Challenge high impact damage – violent crimes
Admetos– Deep disruptive or disturbing fact – Unexpected disaster constant tension – Rebellion on official demarcations – Unexpected fall

We will be on vacation,we wish you all a very Happy Summer!Come back in September with Eclipses and analysis of developments! Have a good time all of you!


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