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Full Moon in Pisces,29 August 2015

First of all,I would love to thank deeply those who share these articles.The analysis of the Lunar phenomena affect globally and not one country .Each astrologer,of course, may compare it with its own country.

The August full moon will take place at the 6th (foresight) degree of Pisces on August 29, 2015, at 9:35:09 in the evening and at this lunar phenomenon involving Neptune retrograde at the 12th house, Jupiter now from Virgo at the 6th house and Saturn by Scorpio on straight motion, from the 8th House.

πανσεληνος στους ιχθυες 29 αυγουστου
It will affect the mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and you are going to put your sentimental life in order but also mainly your business too. The atmosphere that prevail will be quite bizarre, there will be ambiguity, many will be revealed and will disappoint us, and there will be ample propaganda but will bring significant and rapid changes in political and social level globally.
Vesta and Uranus will affect Greece, the Balkans, and Central Europe. Pluto in Turkey, Istanbul and Ukraine. The Full Moon will affect France, Spain, India, the Northern part of Africa.
The main features of the full moon is the conjunction of Jupiter- Sun in Virgo and the conjunction of Moon-Neptune in Pisces. The Ascendant of the full moon is the 16th degrees of Aries (attachment). The full moon is important because that conjuncts the Solar eclipse of 20th March, which was at the 29th degree of Pisces, and forms an opposition to the blood moon of April 4, in Libra. The Moon also conjuncts the Deneb Adige, where it will bring revelations, but let us examine them one by one…
We have the opposition of the Sun-Moon, the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter, the square of Sun-Saturn, the opposition of Sun-Neptune, the trine of Sun-Pluto.
The opposition is being formed between the Sun-Moon at the 6-12th house (hospitalization, operation of government, bureaucracy, all public services and trade unions, welfare, workers, public health, the army, –prisons, asylums , hospitals, hidden processes and subsoil, migrants, hidden enemies, secret services, secret agents, the subconscious) refers to internal tensions and problems. However, the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter is a positive factor for the settlement of outstanding issues in relation to the public and court cases and shows some protection at first sight, and I say this because this aspect is not as simple as it seems. Although the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter brings happiness, growth and good fortune, the extravagance and waste of Jupiter creates imbalance or polarizes the whole mix of good actions. The Sun-Pluto trine shows events that will surprise, is imposing some conditions.
The square of Sun-Saturn between 6-8th house (the 8th shows the funds of the state, the saving system, mortality and suicides, pensions, insurance system, insurance institutions, stock, debts of the state to the other Member nations ) shows sacrifices, delays, restrictions, upsets, problems and interventions.
The opposition of Sun-Neptune refers to confusion and a blurred period of time with major problems between 6-12th house. Computerized, betrayals, paranoid scenarios and reckless compounds the agreements but also migration. Promises that will not be met, wrong objectives and decisions that are not objective. We lose the boundaries between reality and dream or illusion. The Sun will put things in their place, even if we get hurt by sudden revelations. This aspect is very dangerous because the sudden revelation of truth given by the Sun offers an immense feeling of futility and makes us too pessimistic. It looks like life loses its interest, as if we can do many things to endure. We must be very cautious when it becomes in mutable signs. With the square of the Sun-Saturn and the opposition of Neptune fires is possible to continue with the same intensity and the second meaning is an indication to chemical fire.
The Moon in the 12th house at the 6th degree of Pisces hides problems and setbacks but also a situation quite fragile. In Pisces, focuses more on the secret enemies, in enclosed spaces, in emigration and crime but also the suffering of people in general but also to the subconscious and the data stored there.
The Moon forms an opposition to Jupiter and a conjunction to Neptune. There will be problems, disagreements in our personal relationships particularly associated with the female sex. There will be problems on a domestic level and the element of exaggeration is pronounced as we will have a tendency to judge others intensely. Losses may occur but there should be and great attention to health issues, particularly nutrition and alcohol use, the substances and problems with traffic and other disturbances. It will be hard to get decisions on a professional level but if you are on vacation you will want to isolate more and relax. Support from others is limited. The conjunction of Moon-Neptune will increase sensitivity, inspiration, all those involved in Art. The willingness to travel through water element will grow but also the need to be close to it. On the other hand, migrants will increase and that connect with the 12th house as also criminality too. Moon and Neptune will conjunct Chiron at the 19th degree and this will cause instability and serious problems. Mercury additionally, at the 6th house at the 3rd degree ( enslavement) of Libra is afflicted and in opposition with the Nodes of the Moon, creates more problems in partnerships, indecision and difficulties in diplomatic level but also on issues that need to be solved.
Venus retrograde in Leo will form conjunct to Mars in the 5th house (fun, creativity, luck, gambling, casinos, theaters, taverns. Also represent the ambassadors and representatives in other countries. The relations of the state with the children) will trine Uranus in the 1st house, the Ascendant and will sextile the Part of fortune. The Venus-Mars indicates jealousy, infidelity, emotional problems, and loss of friends or false friends. Favored the new relations, art, and profit but will also create many problems and aggression in relationships of all kinds in general. More about the phenomenon of the year here
Jupiter squares Saturn in the 8th house and forms an opposition to Neptune .The square of Jupiter/ Saturn causes upheavals and regulations, as the past is connected to the future. It creates problems in the structure, there are difficulties in discipline issues related to the 8th house, i.e. pensions, stock markets, security, mortality, the capital.
The opposition of Jupiter/Neptune brings disappointment and there is a sudden hard landing to reality. There is a difficulty to be practical, there will be financial troubles, losses, deception and betrayal .This associated with major floods, tsunamis and other disasters related to water and oceans and attack by fanatic extremists.
Saturn in the 8th house will constantly pushing hard of the economy. Uranus in the 1st house is expected to create more problems and make the atmosphere more explosive, in opposition to Part of fortune in the 7th house and presages a sudden unforeseeable events and developments, conflicts and problems with allies and partners. Neptune at the midpoint of Mercury /Venus is associated to delusions, lack of tact, undermining the relationships or cooperation’s but also at the midpoint of Mercury-Mars associated with intrigue, Whims, cheating, some things we do not say or reveal and hide.
The sextile of Neptune/Pluto (mass vision) associated with a deep transformation process affecting all human consciousness. Neptune is catching up to Pluto every 492 years and is something that can be seen as a global mental fertilization period. New collective ideas emerge at the start of this cycle caused by sudden developments in technology and discoveries of the time. It also means toxic chemical that cause deaths, extreme levels of pollution. (We also have seen this aspect in Roswell)
Pluto squares Uranus (1-10th house) Endoscopy state, struggle, conflict, cruelty and important changes also warns of hazards, accidents, domestic conflict, coercion and power. Pluto conjuncts the MC suggests struggle, conflict, coercion, intrigue, blackmail, and risk adjustment, suspicious and ruthless, violent or arrogant actions and behavior.
The full moon on August 29, 2015 will be held in the first decan of Pisces. The full moon will be at best spiritual, mystical and apocalyptic. The full moon is aligned with a spiritual star and planet of spirituality, Neptune. However, the full moon is opposite Jupiter, also, in the worst case could bring massive deceit, slander and scandals worldwide. The full moon brings to the surface and increases the influence of Jupiter-Neptune opposition on 17th September. This will lead to more tension, especially in our relations as we experience diametrically opposite extreme behaviors and beliefs. So this opposition is expected to peak at 17/9, the full moon will activate the potential and strengthen its influence in the first weeks of September. This aspect is expected to bring major upheavals in the economy and losses, so we are talking about absolute chaos.
On the other hand, the conjunction of Moon/Neptune will not work normally, under the influence of the spiritual stable star Deneb Adige being involved because this is only half degree from the full moon, at the 5 and 33, in the tail of the Swan, and that will bring revelations.
The Deneb (Deneb) is the brightest star (i.e. with the smallest effect size) in the constellation Cygnus, the alpha (a) Cygni, which marks the tail of the constellation. Easily visible summer evenings until November, passes through the zenith in Northern Greece and is the northeastern tip of the so-called “Summer Triangle”. The Deneb name comes from the Arabic phrase ذنب الدجاجة, Al Dhanab al Dajajah, which means “The Tail of the Hen,” from his post in the form of the constellation, which Arabs do not usually depicted swan, but hen. The phrase is found in the historical astronomical works as corrupt Denebadigege, Denebedigege, Deneb Adige, etc. Similar names brought up to 7 other stars, and even kept Deneb Katy (= “tail Ceti”) for b Ceti, Deneb Altzenti for d Capricorn Denebola for Leo b. However, the simple ‘Deneb’ evokes today almost always a star in Cygnus (there is also the e Dauphin).
Certainly, circumstances would be much better without this stable star sitting at the conjunction of Moon-Neptune. Vivid dreams, telepathy and psychic ideas would disclose accurate information. Increased emotional sensitivity and empathy would bring harmony in relationships and peace where it is most needed. The Moon will put great emphasis on the subconscious in this position and this makes the opposition of Jupiter/Neptune sharper, since Jupiter also rules Pisces too. Furthermore, it will reduce the strength of our will when it comes to addictions and other bad habits. There will be paranoid reactions, sneaky tactics and extreme behavior where it will yield more drama in our personal relationships. Jupiter will increase the desire for easy money and comfort, under pressure creates blind faith and exaggeration.

To understand more on this full moon will have to understand the opposition of Jupiter/Neptune in detail.
Jupiter permeates with exaggeration every negative attribute of Neptune. Hypersensitivity, deceit, lack of practical spirit are the key elements of this disharmony. So often we become exaggerated and quite naive thus fall victims of scams due to excessive confidence in the subjects who do not know well. Many times we create in our minds ideal situations that are essentially unrealistic. This aspect leaves unfulfilled promises, fanaticism and religious involvement in secret organizations that bring disastrous results .There is also, lack of moral measure and torque to harmful abuses. Neptune when afflicted may be subject to trance, fainting, hysteria, or psychic storms.

11 33
Compared with the chart of Greece, we have the Venus-Saturn conjunction, showing a “cold awakening” (BUT ALSO THAT WILL AFFECT US GLOBALLY TOO) tendency towards separation, division, isolation, politically, the opposition of Sun-Mars showing conflicts with authorities, panic and accidents, fall of the government and this aspect is very important because it marks aggression and conflict to Presidents, Prime Ministers and governments as needed boldness and courage to overcome losses and problems. The square of Moon-Mars, show anger, difficult situations, revolutionary tendencies. The opposition of Sun-Venus, is showing frustration and difficulties, the square-Moon/Jupiter is showing losses, excesses and arrogance but also the Moon -Pluto conjunction brings sudden outbreaks and changes. The conjunction of Moon-Neptune will straight affect the government, in the 10th House. Pluto will continue to push for hard tax and issues are connected to the 8th house but also our relations with abroad and other countries. Saturn affects partnerships, international treaties, and overt enemies of the state, trade with foreign countries in the 7th House.

Of course, the full moon compared to the chart of the Greek prime minister does not have much difference. Shows willingness to rebel movements from one side, trying to cope with the pressure and psychological ups and downs. There is a blockage of support, however the trine of Moon/Uranus will channel the energy trying to find solutions and ways. That gives him more confidence and meeting with groups, large firms, companies, partners, including IMF of course etc. The Moon-Mars opposition shows hostility from others, drop of his popularity and attacks, lack of direction, haste, impulsiveness. The square Sun-Neptune is pointing to, disappointments, plans without possibility to succeed, leaning on alcohol, nicotine, etc., Delusion, deceit, enmities. His Moon in positive aspects to the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter as also with Mercury-Sun, show efforts to successfully negotiating level changes and challenges.

Let’s take a look at the equations in topic level but globally too.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Locally expansive harmonic compounds; severe or critical concern- need Help- Natural hazards or calling for discrimination in relation to others-Physical exhaustion or exhaustion – Days or chronic problems or losses, injuries or damage associated with men partners- Public injuries, damages or injuries – Mysticism – the need for correction or replacement unsanitary conditions – Sadness or depression – loss with the audience – the poor people or nations – Heavy hours.

Efforts for peace in the region; Creating balance – arbitrariness, violence or coercion affecting pleasure- Pleasure associated with strong partners – Effect on sympathy others – Power on the cooperative work; force-fields, among colleagues – Principles concerning the influence of partnerships – arrangements in large-scale work – Intensification or rapid action – Restrictive measures – Significant financial partnerships – Good relations with employees or managers – privileged positions; Authority in economic matters – Public economy- The future in relation to flaws– water or air pollution; Refusal or revocation – cheating – Corruption or degeneration
The start things – action – move on dynamically- Extensive reforms- Surprise successes-increasing intensity.
MC-Psychological tension – conflict out in public – disturbances in public places; I start things together with other ignition construction or excitement – Making choices – Compulsory associations – Pressures on partners- Movement on discussions – I put the plans into action – Recording ideas- Administration instructions or commands – Speeches – Working in business –instability- Regression
Moon- – Uncertainty, insecurity, instability or on the economic situation – Speculation – Failures by the public – Financial losses associated with the people – Injustice on populations or nations
Neptune- Discussions on mistakes – cheating – Breaking promises – Words without action – plans without prospects – endless chatter – malice – Attenuation – Ignore ignoring events – Uncertainty concerning inadequate information – Losses related to misunderstandings – Uncertainty and instability because of cheating – Severe confusion – misplaced convictions- fight unemployment – Massive hydropower – Secret moves to power – power cuts – Actions related to the loss of influence – the job losses – Hidden influences relating to manipulation – fruitless attempts – malicious actions – Hurricanes and storms
Saturn- Strong inhibitions outside world – Intensity on public problems – barriers to public activity – Forced departures out in public – barricades or lockout – State of emergency or martial law having being broken Surprises related problems – Unexpected obstacles – Continuous intensity – Rebellion – Conflicts – Rejection of stimuli – propaganda- Rebuilding boundaries; Official crisis – Major crisis-Continuous mandatory changes
Uranus-Propaganda- surprise or excitement related to sports – high-strength events – Strong tensions – Sudden forced actions- Political events – major electrical energy – Sudden extraordinary power – excitations on emergency measures – Unexpectedly official measures – Great tension on official themes – Storms
Pluto- Reorganization – Renewal – Development – Transformations – Resolutions or conversions – Substantive mandatory changes – Reversals
Mars- Problems associated with the efforts for freedom – Extensive deaths

Hypothetical Zeus-pressures associated with economic problems – Compulsory austerity-risk discrimination in sports – manipulation – Losses on the forces of nature – Challenge high impact damage – violent crimes
Admetos– Deep disruptive or disturbing fact – Unexpected disaster constant tension – Rebellion on official demarcations – Unexpected fall

We will be on vacation,we wish you all a very Happy Summer!Come back in September with Eclipses and analysis of developments! Have a good time all of you!


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Humanity in the Eye of Total Solar Eclipse & The Last Square of Uranus/Pluto

I mentioned the last time I wrote about Facebook activity however  since I quit from that, I started receive likes almost every day.Anyway,the page is open for you anytime you want to visit or follow us.I had a lot of work to do as the events running in Greece,on a political level,with elections and so on.I had no time to write on this blog.February Lunar Phenomena,and particularly the New Moon at the 29th degree of Aquarius,which is the zodiac sign of this country,close to her birthday ατ 3-2-2015,a classical Aquarius, all the astrological events  since December,lead to elections and will lead to elections again for once more.First of all,I am going to say a few things about these elections,where the astrological phenomena of 2014,the Autumn eclipses of 2014 brought important events,such as the weakness of the Parliament to elect the President, under the influence of Capricorn, lead to the fall of Samaras government and then into National elections.

Greece,substantially, is at a serious crossroad,I published in papers,two months ago,but this is the last year of recession for this country and then after the second term of of 2015,when Jupiter will enter Virgo,development will start to be accelerated particularly in 2016 and after, economy for Greece will be stabilized.However,this is a year that significant and tremendous events will take place not only in Greece but globally too.Also,two months ago I had mentioned in public,my results about Greek elections.This government actually was elected and take an oath under the worst astrological indications and omen.

I had write, that elections will not be smooth and not easy at all,there will be problems such as abstinence, extreme weather phenomena that would prevent voters from reaching the ballot box, Mercury retrograded in the sign of Aquarius ( which is the natal Mercury of Greece in this sign, as much concerning the movements,Mercury was the 1st house that day, in 15 degrees of Aquarius,which is  a critical one,but additionally this is an indication of altering election results.In fact,Mercury rules this country in the sign of Aquarius), we had also the form of a large Tsquare, the eclipses and Red Blood Moon that have preceded since Autumn of 2014.By Mercury retrogression and all the rest, any government that would be elected till the period of March/April would not survive,Mercury retrogression also is showing that this government would be short-lived.I mentioned the fact,that Mercury retrogression brings lots of mistakes,delays,breaking of promises,unable to stabilize co-operations between teams,unacceptable for signing contracts and making deals and so many other important things.

Of course,the conjunction of Mars/Neptune were squaring the Neptune of Greece, and that means that the results of the elections would have been altered or the results will be really strange or create much surprise.This square also speaks for sly movements, sometimes treacherous and risky actions that may lead the government to errors.Moon in Aries on that day in conjunction with Uranus brought also unpredictable events,since Greek Pluto is in Aries,it was certain who would rise in power,however the Greek vote was hiding ,anger, expressed dynamically, even though there was great abstention,so this government cannot really speak about “popular mandate” with only the 30% voting and the rest of the population sit at home or even unable to travel.Elections occurred the next day after the New Moon in Aquarius,at the 29th degree.The Moon also formed an opposition with the North Node that show fatal changes, twists, sudden meetings and separations but also intense discussions and concerns with rigid characters.Of course,developments will be very important since this government will have to meet the 7th last square between Uranus/Pluto,the solar eclipse in Pisces and the Red Blood Moons.

The whole general astrological picture that had been formed since December 2014 in the 10th house of the country was extremely pressing by Mars at the MC and will continue to be quite pushy and tough until this spring,that provides an indicator of instability and overthrow. I mentioned last Autumn,that will come now,during this period of time will not stay.In these elections there will be not self-reliance as it happened already ,the astrology results was pointing at a double result.Elections occurred at the 23rd degree of Capricorn,which is a very difficult zodiac sign.The axis Taurus/Scorpio was showing failure to elect Prime Minister, difficulty for self-reliance,spoke about chimeric, ambition for vain things, fatigue and extreme risks.

In any case,it will be hard for PM to rule.If someone would go back in history of the country,before the World War Two,would observe what had happened with elections,in January periods again,and what sort of results we got by such elections.If someone would only history,would have already understand too much.Mentioned also that Tsipras seems to ascend the stairs of  Parliament….which means not totally…but not alone too.I had mentioned the destruction of the two great political parties in Greece, and the rise of the Golden Dawn,on the second place alter this summer.Golden dawn also could be the next government in any case,answering to someones questions.There will be problems in this government to co-operate and that Tsipras was in great danger to fail by the inner of his political party,as already happens.The promises that this government will give will not be achieved.I has also warned,that the new elected PM should count his words and not say big things.There will be vital changes this year and it will be not  a surprise if Greece would exit the Eurozone .I also had mentioned that it is extremely possible to go in elections again in spring or this autumn again .

Concerning Greece/Russia future,Tsipras,on the day of elections I wrote,that Alexis Tsipras Jupiter falls over Russia.Mr Antonis Samaras however, should not hope to win the next elections,after all he will have to face up many problems with his health and Saturn in Sagittarius would worsen his position later this summertime.On the other hand I am expecting Mr.karamanlis total return, in politics,in some strange way, when Jupiter will enter Virgo and after,but it seems that he will be called urgently to undertake and rule a “burned country”. However,we will see in future what that means.

100 b. $ for the new economic giant BRICS adopted by the Russian Duma as the first act to activate the new development bank of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa in return IMF based in the US. From this bank can receive funding and Greece if he wishes and therefore this very important development in the global financial sector.
In Russia progressed chart appears that the period 2016-2018 Greece,will make a turn of 180o to Russia, both through Jupiter (material and moral support) and through Pluto (obsession) will meet Pluto and the Moon of Greece. Transiting Saturn and Neptune respectively will go through the US Uranus (8th and 55 ‘Gemini) who sees sharp cleavage and parallel lies in the midpoint of Poseidon / Kronos of Greece that is pointing diplomatic secession, and recede.

As reported by Russian media, the bank is going to begin operations in late 2015. It will be the first time in the financial year by the end of WW II and after a development bank that does not belong to the Western sphere of influence can finance developing countries and not only that otherwise would fall on the economic domination of the IMF and therefore the West. After this decision is typically the legal framework for the immediate start lending in Greece as in other countries.

From astrological point of view, the expansionary trend of Russia seen from the entrance of transiting Uranus (reversals) in the 8th house (loans, money through others) in Russia’s horoscope and ιτσ involvement in the birth midpoint of Apollo / Vulcan marking the beginning of an economic progress new era with tremendous pace.Regarding, V.Putin, if everything will go well, apparently his horoscope shows to win the next elections and stay in power of Russia for many years more and this is something that can explained through the analysis of the two horoscopes,I wrote about two years,if you search on this website.

Now I am going to a write a few things about the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces.On 20 March 2015, Friday, will be the first total solar eclipse with the Sun in the sign of Pisces, at the 29th degree, at 11:36:08 am. with Athens coordinates. In this very important phenomenon the participating planets will be Uranus from Aries, Pluto from Capricorn, Mars from the position of Aries and Venus from the position of Taurus. The signs that will be influenced are those of the of Cardinal Cross, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and the sign of Gemini,those are born during the first days and those with ascendant or planets in the ultimate degree of cardinal signs.eclipse

The solar eclipses as you know are two every year, and this phenomenon will influence the world for many months and years where we will see the results,till 2017. The Solar and Lunar eclipses consist one of the most tremendous events in astrology  because those bring devastating impact on societies at the sign that will take place. Astronomically speaking,we know that an eclipse is at the time where the Earth, the Sun and Moon are aligned with the Nodes of the Moon. Participation of the Nodes are absolutely necessary since without them we simply have just another new moon or a full moon.

In 2015,there will be four eclipses. Two solar and two lunar ones ( Red Blood Moons), which will be completed in February of 2017. However ,the important event for this year’s eclipses is that those are being moved now at the axis of Virgo / Pisces, which is related to health, work, supply and service. In this solar eclipse will be observed much sputtering of energy, zoom in of the difficulties and there will be losses. The solar eclipse will take place together with the input of the Spring Equinox and this is a very important signal of danger concerning the safety of societies and humanity in general. Any errors in politics, and in our lives, will take place will have unpleasant and long-termed consequences globally and it would be good to avoid conflicts. In general, there will be expected unrest among peoplesocieties and states.

This eclipse will make us generally somewhat moody, hypersensitive and through some internal processes some will change their way of thinking and there will be many sweeping changes in your life as the eclipse will affect issues related to the 10 / 4th house of the solar horoscope.Because the two houses will keep us busy throughout the text just remind that the 4th house indicates what is related to buildings and land, crop lands, agriculture, subsoil, mines, earthquakes and weather phenomena. It is also connected to public buildings and foundations. It is the political opposition party ( while the 10th is the government in power). This house also is being connected to our roots, our first impressions about the meaning of family and home. It is very important house and these are called angle houses (10th -4th -7th -1st house).

Traditionally associated with the mother since is receiving influences from the sign of Cancer. It is the ability we have to maintain ties with family or our country, our upbringing, relationships with our parents and our country. This is one of the most metaphysical houses. Our real estate .The Father, fields, gardens, houses, real estate, real estate agents, lost and hold objects in the house. Hidden treasures in the ground. Municipalities, towns, mines, Graves, The end of all things.

The 10th house is very important, shows the head of state, the President, Prime Minister, public figures, high society. For countries that have reign shows the king. Generally, is the highest authority and persons who have a strong position in one state. Dominates and the honor and reputation of the country. It is our position in society. It is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn and this determines our capacity for social recognition and development. It is the culmination of the person after release from the influences of the 4th house. The sense of duty,the relationship with senior people. Acceptance or non-hierarchical. Our potential to become known in a wider context. The kingdoms, power, heads of State, nobles, the titled. The price of the product. Mother. Managers. Popularity.

So we will have to deal with issues associated with these agencies, as well as issues are linked to the zodiac sign of Pisces. It will also employ your alternative therapies, psychoanalysis or metaphysical issues. We will disclose information you did not know about your personality or actions of some people in personal or professional level.Professional or emotional cycles will be closed and you have to reformat your life with new data. There will be mental shifts concerning your mood and if necessary you can ask for the support of people who understand you.Pisces symbolizing oceans, sacrifice, mysticism, art, contemplation of the divine, the underworld, the occult sciences. Planet of Pisces is Neptune that rules utopia, imagination, inspiration, idealism but also emotionality and visualization are their main characteristics.By forming negative aspects leading to confusion and abuse, is linked to fraud, illusion, instability, wandering and fleeing.By the way,in public,I had mentioned in previous lunar phenomena,that on the planet there will be serious trouble and lack of water,while Neptune will form a negative aspect with Saturn for long time.

SE2015Mar20TThe solar eclipse will have a magnitude of 1.045. The longest duration of totality will be 2 minutes 47 seconds off the coast of the Faroe Islands. It is the last total solar eclipse visible in Europe until the eclipse of August 12, 2026.At the end of its path, the shadow of the Moon rises from Earth’s surface to space at the north pole. As March 20 is the Northward equinox, the eclipse occurs as the Sun rises at the north pole for the first time in six months.The only populated places where the totality can be seen, reachable by public travel, are the Faroe Islands and Svalbard.

The European Union has about 90 Gigawatts of solar power and production may temporarily decrease by up to 34 GW of that if the sky is clear. This is the first time that an eclipse has a significant impact on the power system, and the electricity sector is taking measures to mitigate the impact. The power gradient (change in power) may be −400 MW/minute and +700 MW/minute. Places in Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark may be 80% obscured. Temperature may decrease by 3°C, and wind power may decrease as winds are reduced by 0.7 m/s.It is the last total eclipse will be visible in Europe until the next eclipse of 12 August 2026.

It is part of Saros cycle 120, which repeat every 18 years, 11 days, and contains 71 events. The series began with a partial solar eclipse on May 27, 933 AD, and reached an annular eclipse on August 11, 1059. It was a hybrid event for three dates: May 8, 1510, May 29, 1546, and for total eclipses June 8, 1564, until March 30, 2033. The series ends in member 71 as a partial eclipse on July 7, 2195. The longest duration of totality was 2 minutes, 16 seconds on August 12, 1654. eclipse March will cover 90% of our country and Europe and South 40%.

There was the same eclipse in Pisces,at the 29th degree,If you go very back in time and take a look at the most important events of the 16th century you will see the movement of the Protestant Reformation in Europe where the consequences affected all aspects of life of people of that time and focus on  religious wars, the Catholic Reformation, changes in taxation and the courts, the reform of family law, the promotion of individualism, in opposition to the authoritarian power in breaking the unity of Europe and to strengthen entrepreneurship.The 16th century marks the beginning of what we now call “early modern period”. However, it was the century of great discoveries and overseas expansion of Europe, starting to cross the oceans in search of gold and spices and leading to the creation of a network of colonies.The Ottoman Empire controlled a significant portion of the seas, particularly in the Indian Ocean and the eastern Mediterranean. For this reason there was an immediate need to loosen the Ottoman domination of the sea. Even though there was the ideologicalreligious background of ChristianityIslam confrontation should be invented” in order to justify the controversy that followed and marked by fierce battles.

path720Back to eclipse now, it is important to mention the regions / nations that will be visible and will be affected on the upcoming months and this is Iceland, all nations across Europe, particularly France,England,all countries of the North,also North Africa, North Asia, North Atlantic and the Faroe Islands and concepts will be visible and of course will influence Greece.

The special feature of this eclipse, although is not forming any particular aspects, is being performed at the 29th degree of the mutables, which is anaretic. This means that something ends to start something new if we consider that the eclipse occurs at the 10th house of the chart, what will be changed will be on social and political level, particularly since the 10th house in cosmic astrology symbolizes both the Prime Minister and the government of a country.So this period what until now we were accustomed to know and see on a political level, finally comes to an end.The 29th degree certainly explained as follows: “Beware of Danae and bearing gifts.” This degree gives a sharp mind to someone,probably connected to rule and often shows a bland look that just is not that appears. This degree has the gift of prophecy and the ability of deception, and the latter is quite important with all the things we see happening.A planet in the 29th degree, almost enters a new sign, a new location or environment and may indicate a perilous event which will appear before the situation get solved. It’s a climactic moment. A planet in the 29th degree shows that a person is about creating a definite change.” This may show also desperation, rush, misfortune and isolation. Usually this degree in this sign indicates that appearances are deceptive.”

The eclipse is significant and also quite strong not only because is total but because the 29th of Pisces carries the full weight of the zodiac, since Pisces is the last sign, but is close to the very malicious fixed star SHEAT, which is associated with all forms of shipwrecks, moreover on the vernal equinox where we will have the total rising of the sun.

What you should notice is that this first emerges as eclipse phenomenon because in the past was simply just a new moon. Those who are watching the lunar events, we recently had two new moons in the sign of Aquarius, one in January in the 0 degrees and the second one in the 29th degree in February,and these brought rapid changes on political scene of Greece. Nineteen years ago, we should have an eclipse in the same position of the zodiac but we had a new moon in the same position and in the same sign before 38 years. Such an eclipse first emerged as also the eclipse at the 9th degree of Leo in 2008, opening thus the Pandora‘s box with Liman Brothers and brought the global financial crisis. Let’s do a little historical research that such new moons were associated with very significant facts in the history of Greece and worldwide.You may read here one by one.





So it seems at first sight that the activation of this degree will bring major changes in our country’s political life and the world at the places we mentioned above since the total eclipse will be visible and that definitely will erase old political forces and promote new ones in a background of confusion, moreover we are under the influence of Pisces.

Pisces is important to mention that it is a water sign, water is important accounting for 70.9% of our planet is the 55-78% of the human body but do not forget the water present in the form of ice. It is essential to all known forms of life on our planet. Humans and animals have in their body 55-78% water (by weight), and reaches up to 90% of that cell.More specifically, 96.5% of the Earth’s water is ocean (and seas), 1.7% in the remaining surface water (lakes, rivers, marshes, etc.), 1.7% in Ice cap and on the icy caves of Antarctica and Greenland, 0.001% just humidity and clouds.Much of the water in the universe is produced as a byproduct of star formation and most importantly, according to the latest research the water has consciousness and memory and so is the case with water signs and scans everything.So,think of the problems that may rise in our bodies and the planet.

199Let’s say a few things about SHEAT, mythology says Scheat is connected with misery, water and air. I will focus only on events related to storms,water and air (especially airplanes, but not spacecrafts, but if that happens in any case we will see). Also connected with conflicts in industry, imprisonments, murders, suicides, drownings, and extreme misery but also to break with conventional thinking or philosophy.

Water and storms The last time Uranus was in Scheat, the deadliest hurricane in history hit America. On September 18, 1926 the Great Miami Hurricane killed more than 370 people and left 50,000 homeless. Uranus was conjunct Scheat 45 . The last time Saturn was in Scheat, a ship sunk by Haiti on April 1, 1996, killing over 200 people. On 08 June 1996 an F5 tornado killed 16 people and caused $ 100 million in damages in the Topeka, Kansas.

Air Accidents – The last time Uranus was in Scheat: The Bessie Coleman died after falling 2,000 feet from the airplane on 30 April 1926. On May 10, 1926 two pilots parachuted safe after having their planes collided in the air in Langley Feild, Virginia. The last time Saturn was in the Scheat: 3 Απρίλη, 1996, a USAF CT-43 crashed in Croatia, killing 35 people on board, including the Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown US. On June 8, 1996, an XB-70 Valkyrie and an F-104 Starfighter collided in the air killing two pilots in Barstow, California. On July 28, 1996, the US announced that a Lockheed U-2 spy had disappeared over Cuba. On August 6, 1996, the Braniff Airlines Flight 250 crashed in Fall City, Nebraska, killing all 42 on board.

Strikes – The last time Uranus was in Scheat: May 3, 1926, launched the British general strike in support of the miners. Over 1.5 million workers left who led the government to declare martial law. On February 19, 1927, another general strike, this time in Shanghai, protesting the presence of British troops. The last time Saturn was in the Scheat 17 June 1996, the employees of Air France went on strike. On June 29, 1996, we had the strike seafarers in the UK.

So we conclude at least so far that Scheat directly is associated with the element of air and water but also with massive mobilizations,possibly because of such events.Fixed stars evolve through time. Like us and our planet, the basic nature remains the same, but are constantly changing. As we evolve, the energy of the fixed stars, and even planets find new ways of expression.

Scheat was not involved in aircraft dropping two centuries ago, neither spacecraft during the early last century. But as technology advances, so does our consciousness. We certainly have a lot to observe even as much as regards the manner manifested the most dreaded fixed stars, including Scheat and Algol.Another star we will come across during the total solar eclipse is BATEN KAITOS, linked to isolation, depression, accidents, immigration, shipwrecks.(negotiations on political and social level also may “shipwrecked” too and finally fail).

There are also a few other hard aspects formed as the last 7th and strongest square between Uranus / Pluto will be formed between the 10th and 7th house (the house referred to the diplomatic relations of the state, alliances, the obvious enemies and popular reaction to the decisions of a government, international treaties, trade with foreign countries, partnerships.), the conjunction of Mars / Uranus / South Node / Vulkan and Eris in Aries,at the 10th house is pointing that the atmosphere will be particularly charged, electrifying and stressful between leaders -states.

Ruler of the eclipse is Neptune in Pisces, from the 9th house conjunct Mercury in the same sign. The chart shows a leap that is vital for the future and should be done. A cycle comes to an end with the closure of the square, illustrating from the conjunction of Mercury / Neptune, and Neptune as we said ruler of the eclipse and Mercury ruler of the 4th and the 12th house (the 12th is the limited spaces, exile, migration, crowding,prisons,institutions .It is also the crime, murder, criminals but also charitable organizations). The Ascendant of the eclipse is at the the 4th degree of Cancer, degree of betrayal, disappointment,is pointing risk by water, weakness, separation and loss in mesh with Saturn at the 4th degree of Sagittarius from the 6th house.Neptune, rules the wide open seas, the left-wing parties, that is related to gases and drugs, plots, intrigues, forgeries, fraud, treachery, that secret and illegal. Even social and feminist movements.

Let’s go and see what we find at the chart of the eclipse. The Moon will abstain 0-12 from the Sun, and this means that the eclipse will be crucial, where the main feature is the sudden, unexpected and will put the world on adventures, there will be impatience and will not listen to what others say and what they think will be a period that everything will come everything upside down.The Sun at the midpoint of Sun / Moon shows reaffirmation of the desire of some to create partnerships and is not excluded the possibility of breakthroughs and the revelations but also the midpoint of Mars / Neptune shows new projects are illuminated, there will be several changes or perhaps some plots will come to light. Lack of willpower, dissatisfaction, weakness, some funk. The risk of infection is particularly increased.


solar eclipse asia

solar eclipse europeThe square of Moon / Pluto between the 10 / 7th house shows explosive situations and a constant tension but also reduced support for the work is carried out. The midpoint of Mars / Neptune on affairs abroad is talking about crooks, for a fragile situation, indecisiveness, off course and diseases.The whole conjunction in Aries at the top of the horoscope of the eclipse indicates threat and complete overthrow of governments and regimes decline or fall but at the same time there will be new achievements, innovative projects and a new beginning.(I also wanted to mention that in previous lunar events,I had mentioned in public, that the trine of Fire, predicts the arrival of a new technology for humanity, that is not necessarily or totally positive, since that combined with microchips technology,RFID,in my country. Observing the facts,when RFID passed on Sweden population last year for the first time,I had predicted that the new Greek government would brought that delayed  stuff in Greece,next year,as immediately happened after the elections)The trine of Jupiter / Uranus on signs of fire contribute to the advancement of technology and a sense of independence and is also preserving the hope alive,protecting us from something worst at least at the moment.

The North Node shows limitations there will be obstacles and in a conjunction with Castor, sudden loss, discrimination, acid spirit prevails, violence and disruption. In the midpoint of Sun / Mars and Moon / Mars there will be desire for teamwork, new partnerships, there will be some women that will play an important role, on a personal level, social / professional and political. Zeus with Procyon shows violence, sudden success then disaster, politics, an abduction or escape, paralysis and dissolution of the 4th house (opposition). Pallas with Seginus is pointing at deception but perhaps loss through friends. The conjunction with Sharatan – Isis shows accidents, loss, danger, violence, defeat. The conjunction with Facies – Beishizhang is pointing a violent death, leadership, war, coldness, large earthquakes.

The Conjunction of Scheat -with Arabic Arab point of Friends,is pointing imprisonment, murder, suicide, drowning, extreme misery. Again we find the the conjunction of Mars / Uranus, we saw last year (associated with drops of airplanes) is showing increasing concern,nervousness, stubbornness, brutality, intolerance, risk of accidents, injury, or separation, damage through machinery, fires, explosions, tumultuous changes in people’s lives, Coercion, errors due to rush.If possible, avoid air-traveling! This transit concerns mainly air travel accidents and falling cases of them. There will be increase of suicides, crises and disasters and sudden events will be triggered but there will be dramatic climate upheavals, transformation of the earth environment and the climate generally.

Neptune transit in an unfavorable aspect with Mercury reveals Incorrect thinking, poor judgment, confusion of ideas, hypersensitivity, overactive imagination, dishonesty, lies and hypocrisy, uncontrolled emotional life, nervous disorders, undermines reputation, defamation, fraud and serious risks.Pay attention to contracts and documents and this applies at all levels. Attention to legal issues, courts, judges, this house is also concerning the clergy, religion, morality, science, and higher education. It is the religious attitude of the people. Is also shipping (not war), relations, trade and transactions of the state with distant countries.

Conjunction of Pluto (R) (0,0 ° C) -The symbol of the Phoenix means complete combustion and rebirth or transformation. The Nodes of the Moon in an unfavorable aspect with Uranus. (175,2 °) indicates sudden incidents, disruption, conflict.Uranus is at the midpoint of Moon / Venus and turns the attention to unwanted pregnancies. At the final precise square between the two planets Uranus / Pluto we will have the participation of Mars where the total eclipse will be in conjunction with Uranus.This is clearly a fairly violent aspect to separatist tendencies and crises influence that will shake the world structures and specifically European continent enough.Under these astrological circumstances Europe will break that is reinforced by Eclipse, and because of the previous lunar phenomena in anaretic degree.The alignment (stellium) of planets also in Pisces (Chiron, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune,) is showing what the solar eclipse will bring to the world.

The fixed star of Sheat and the general picture shows that the planet will be totally shaken by the total solar eclipse, literally, from all kinds of shipwrecks ( Sheat was also there when the Titanic sank), tsunamis, disasters, huge and strong earthquakes and there will generally be an undue risk to water, the economy will be shaken that will bring a total collapse of the Dow Jones but also tremendous ups and downs of the markets ,there will be extreme weather phenomena (perhaps the least I can say floods), there will generally misfortune and overthrow of governments and regimes, leaders and there will be coups together with Saturn in Sagittarius.

We will see tremendous upheavals on political level, dissolved political parties and increased armed attacks, terrorist attacks that Europe will accept from Islam.I have to say that the president of France,Francois Hollande,will be at high risk ,probably also will quit because of the alarmed situation, as also Erdogan of Turkey and many others.The planet scenery is connected with revolutions, a second Arab Spring and European Spring uprisings that we will mourn many victims, and is also a bad indicator for stock market / economy that shows extreme volatility and swings within this total chaos that will exist .I warn the people to avoid crowds and underground mainly places and transportation as well.

Also there will be ideological conflict between the Church, the Justice and state worldwide. The opposition of Mars / Zeus on a critical degree (21st degrees) marks major volcanic eruptions, fascist regimes, tyrannies, and deadly storms and also earthquakes too,perhaps USA will be hit by land,which means probably a major earthquake may take place,something that I have write since last year, as the square will affect the country particularly,creating a chaotic situation that will be hard to be controlled.The truth is that humanity will experience momentous changes especially with the square Saturn / Neptune until 2016, and that is an aspect that will bring rebirth through death, there will be significant changes, delusions, new ideas at all levels.

The eclipse is in two dangerous axis, Cancer / Capricorn at the 4th degree and the axis of Aries / Libra at the 18th degree, and that is quite dangerous ,the degree of administration and occupation.Zeus at the 7th degree of Cancer indicates abandonment, affects also the economic axis indicating a risk being caught up in dangerous situations, constant ups and downs and changes, and we must be prudent. Large gatherings and discussions will take place at political level.The 4th house indicates isolation and madness, irritability and tension but also vigilance.

Saturn at the 4th degree of Sagittarius, from the 6th house (daily living, workers, public health.Is also the army forces ,Army, Navy, law enforcement) shows destruction, sorrow and separation pending of issues associated with it. The 5th house shows difficulties to complete their plans concerning perhaps matters such as (gambling, speculation, entertainment, creativity, luck, gambling, casinos, are the ambassadors and representatives in other places.)The 8th house (capital of the state, the saving system. It is the highest cabinet, the State Council. It is the mortality and suicide in a State, as pensions, insurance system, insurance institutions. It is still the stock market, the debts of the state to the other states and the revenues of other states) will chaos, instability and decay, collapse, at parliamentary level in the 11th house (parliaments, laws, relations with friendly countries). The whole picture is pointing again a chaotic situation concerning these houses.

Uranian equations describes these days, as Days or years of ultimatums or tyranny

solar eclipse south asia

solar eclipse usa

solar eclipseMars shows * covert activities – exploring the unknown – – ambiguities and uncertainties – Secret Aid – Anonymous acts – Infections – errors – Damage – uncertainty or instability on the job – strikes – manipulation – cheating – Extermination. Fanaticism / despotism. Electrical storms – related disorders drastic action – accidents / Assassination of a significant person (or some leaders may be in danger, perhaps from Europe) / Violent deaths- discussions about power – Hot arguments – Bullying – Threats – Blackmail. Lightning – Sudden fires – Surprises on weapons. Unrest outside world – tension everywhere. Anxiety about reforms – life rhythm disorders. Religious events-major accidents / Suddenly deadlocks – Riot on obstacles or resistance – sudden deaths / high risk / unexpected disaster -Large fires. Reversals outside world. Develop secret or evil plans – Religious transformations or conversions.

Planning of Government Substantial changes concerning actions of policeKey nations at warlegally binding measures – measures Justice rulings Coup – Great intensity outside world dictatorships (this includes US countries, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland , Nigeria, Cuba)

Dirty tricks Manipulationpersonal risks or risks relating to liquids – damages or injuries in relation to water; Underground leadersdeprivation affecting reputable people or nations or lack of dignity Important discomfort – Risks from above (air) – Operation rude acts – viceSignificant financial shortages – Important injustices – Important bad luck- Anarchydiscussions about faith – News about religious problems and religionssecret or covert operation -say goodbye to partnersChaos

Chronic insomnia – bad dreams – Hours moments of danger or damage to impoverished peoples or nations – Air pollution – water shortages – losses though floods- Medical problems undermine income – Increase damage related to freedom – hurricanes or severe storms-Mutual problems associated with freedom-Suffixes related cooperative efforts -Snow – instability – Frustration about the past or historical changes – Extensive government problems -Material disaster – high strength twists

SFPageConcerning Greece, the activation of 29 degree of Pisces will bring major changes, by deleting old political forces and promote new ones. The conjunction of the Sun / Moon in Pisces on the 29th from the 10th house affects the 11th house of  the country  by bringing major changes at parliamentary level, that it is over the death axis, of Mars / Saturn by forming hard aspects with the Sun and Saturn of Greece.

Bear in mind also there that a full moon on the same axis 3 years ago was linked to the murder of Paul Fyssas and the persecution of the Golden Dawn. The specific astrological combination reveals a kind of a loss that will bring perhaps a chain of events in respect of these mentioned .(However,concerning the Full Moon in Virgo earlier this month I mentioned that an important person is in prison would reveal socking truths and will come to the front ).This causes inhibitions and aloofness of course this eclipse will affect worldwide and will bring major changes on religious level but also the death of a leader (including of a religious leader?perhaps..but think that the eclipse will last for long time)

The MC at the 14th of Pisces square to Mars of Greece is evidence of sweeping changes on leadership level but also display of quarrels, squabbles, and is generally an indication of mobility but also naivety too. Mars of course is very strong in degrees related to shipwrecks, weakness and instability and on the fixed star BATEN KAITOS in a square with Neptune of Greece declares failure due to lack of planning, programming, operation, damages, injuries, lack of determination, hesitation something is in progress.

Mercury of the eclipse in Pisces from the 11th degree (degree of the decline and cutting), from the 9th house conjunct with Neptune (fraud, treason etc.), on the MC is in weak position and is pointing delusion, confusion and agitation, one which deceives and has mistaken discrimination.Venus at the 3rd degree of Taurus although very positive that means robustness however Saturn limits its positive energy, but also Demeter in a square from the axis of finances means an abnormal landing to reality, difficulties in cooperation and is not the best indication for finances and other issues relating to 11th and 12/10th house. (However,in previous weeks, through Uranian,I had predicted that a sudden economical blockage would be possible in the country,something like Cyprus events).

uranus pluto square2The square of Uranus / Pluto associated with explosive and radical changes, collapse of old ideas, fanaticism, violence and destruction means that something new will be born through disruption and subversive changes as has been done after the Second World War, certainly preparing something new in the future but of course with some cost.The square of Uranus/Pluto just remind is linked to natural disasters, bankruptcies and economic deadlock and has violent character. Uranus here is ruling the 10th and 9th house and Pluto in the 7th, 10th and 6th house.I would like also to mention that probably a major earthquake may take place also in the area of Mediterranean.

Jupiter at the 13th degree (without purpose,) from the 2nd house, that rule over the chart of the eclipse in the 10th / 9th house affects the 4th house of Greece and activates the opposition of Sun / Saturn of Greece reinforcing a lucky separation, a consensual kind of divorce.Mention here that in the Full Moon of Virgo earlier ,we had already predict elections for the country but also a possible goodby when the full moon fall on the axis of Saturn/Pluto,which is the absolute zero time.

The Nodes of the Moon at the 9th Aries / Libra activate the Part of fortune but also with the Black Moon and in connection with the fixed star Vendimiatrix, is linked to orphanage and widowhood, falsehood, madness, shame, theft, depression the witch hunt, mysticism and the occult.In previous years we saw that the squares resulted ιn many conflicts between communities and the power and highlighted unreliability of policies that of course there will be many terrorist attacks.The solar eclipse on the borderline of Aries / Pisces on the 20th of March,coincides with the Spring equinox promises no favorable start-ups but the total solar eclipse, will continue to create problems and will affect UK, USA, Russia,but also all the countries that will totally see the solar phenomenon, that terrorist attacks will affect tourism.

Finally, while Europe will have significant problems to deal with and the world will be shaken from terrorist attacks, being in the spiral of the solar eclipse,that there will be uprisings, earthquakes, volcanic explosions, assassinations, coups, plane crashes, floods, tsunami, wrecks and government leaders at high risk,particularly in London, Italy, France and Central Europe but also through Greece we will see the Hypothetical Kronos and Hades pass over ,astrochartografically,but also Mercury as seen on the chart.

Hypothetical Kronos is connected through Uranian equations with Settings High technology – Coup – high intensity outside world – dictatorships-Change management affecting the world -Significant public fires – Forcing on superiors – Official conflict – Wars-intensity on principles – Huge tension – Stress-Management Changes – – adjustment, restructuring, or resolutions – conversions, or transitions-Official Measures – Working for the state – Official conflict – compulsion on authorities – large fires-off events – official events – populations Reforms or nations – Technology between the elite – great inner turmoil – Extraordinary intensity – Nervousness about their superiors-Public pressure or coercion on formal issues – big nations at war-Tension concerning the public money-off problems in groups – Official socially problems – Understanding related to official restrictions – Modest clearly on the rise or ownership – limited events affecting the self-reliance and independence-Great sadness frustration-ideological battles-Fear and anxiety everywhere– Long serious or critical concerns – Deep sadness – alienation – serious illnesses-Sadness or depression – Distributions, damages or injuries related to fraud – Losses on risk-risk or risks relating to liquids – damages or injuries in the water. Physical exhaustion or depletion – Days encountered problems or losses.

Sacrifices – Public damages, losses or injuries – the need for correction or compensation – unsanitary conditions -sadness and depression – losses to the public – the poor people or nations – Heavy-hours Bad news – announcements concerning a complaint or disgust-Unexpected lack of harmony – Sudden denials concerning agreements danger than snow-frozen capital – Beneficial endings – Limited luck – Increases associated with sadness or depression – Restricted assets – Reductions related to money or income-depth perception – Truth or events related to the past or causal factors – Serious meditation – spiritual profundity – Clarity on obstacles or resistance – ideological distinctions or demarcations.

Endings related associates or partners Resistance on departures or detachment from others – Interactions in confined spaces or individual settings faults associated with relationship problems Continuous departures or detachment from the place or partners Repeated or persistent problems outskirts Heavy childbirth or trapping.

Instability – restrictive environments – Changes in lifestyle – concealing inferiority or depressive feelings – faults related partnerships – Obstacles Continuous frustration about their partners – Undermining partnerships – drug problems

Minimizing physical movement – Awareness of restrictions – Restrictions on youth – days or years minimization activity – Block thoughts – Obstacles opposition related discussions, especially with men – faults concerning communications – related deaths youth.
Influence associated with land and real estate – Establishment of physical barriers – Days minimize work – Reductions related to power – Significant physical barriers – strong or violent obstruction – brute force – violent deaths
Communications on “resistance or opposition – debates on public demarcations – Heavy vehicles – blocking communications Limited mobility among the crowd – depressive thoughts-Sudden ruptures associated with Contact – disturbances over mutual restraint – Constant intensities Revolutionary or disruptive events

Severe turbulence in our personal relationships.Collective resistance from groups of people.Continuous beneficial discussions – endings related to financial transactions – philosophical dialogues – Restrictions concerning business profits – reducing Enterprises – financial insolvency – Commercial stagnation – News related to the breaking of laws

Resist malicious actions – struggles against poverty – demanding working conditions – gaps – reducing labor – Continued unemployment – Actions related to the allowances and coldness – Cooling – Mistreatment related deaths
Continuous profitable work – Work towards economic stability and security – Environment of economic borders – stewardship – Securities investment activity – Lucky escape from fatal setbacks – Work involving the treasures of the earth – objections to certain laws – Significant expenditure – endings associated with profitable occupations – major limitation on income – Obstacles related to legal action – annihilation of good fortune

endings on occasional delays – self-reliance despite continued reductions – Important issues relating to the history or over obstacles – Significance associated with continued opposition – Problems up and down – Flight detachment associated with falls – continuous problems related to power.
Dissolution of ongoing losses or injuries – Chemicals – Obscure deep waters – Deep Mysteries – Dissolution ongoing shortages – endings associated with misfortune – Uncertainty, insecurity, instability -damages, injuries or damages associated with unknown obstacles or opposition – chronic medical problems – constant discomfort – Diseases associated with cold and damp – Death on deprivation – Risks associated with freezing
success in education – Deepening extensive knowledge – Extensive studies – Enlargement of expertise – Satisfaction over the educational stance – great understanding about the past – Study on old cultures – a little freedom for divergent views-Difficult rise.
Concentration; Compression – Consolidation – Concentrated material – Past – Restriction – Isolation – Departures or distancing – endings – Abiogenesis – Land or Land – Raw materials – Old age – Resistance – Suspension – Shrink – Obstacle – Rifts – immobilization.

Full Moon in Pisces 9/9/2014

The full moon of September will be held on 09.09.2014 at 4:38 in the sign of Pisces to VirgoPisces axis and into this phenomenon we have the participation of Venus, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune and also will affect the signs of the Mutable Cross, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.The full moon will illuminate employment issues and problems of unemployment. Matters of communication expected to be jammed , but it would be wise not final decisions to be made without thinking, because there will be aggression and anger or tension. However will generally favor the working activities and economic settlement pending.

The full moon will be on 16 and 19 degrees of Pisces and will affect the 8th house of the solar horoscope, and will hit the axis of finances the 2nd-8th, which is the axis of economy and and will co-exist with Chiron in the same house, at the 15th degree of Pisces.The degree itself remind us that the danger bankruptcy is still here and hover in the atmosphere but Chiron has the ability to heal the wounds properties of as also properties of rebirth.O The feeling of fear will exist in the air and that suggests restraint and composure.On a personal level there will be possessive tendencies that will aim at the emotional security.

pisces full moon full moon september SFPage

Gains and losses of financial nature may occur with dramatic or dangerous manner. Maybe you become too dependent on money from others or a lot of what you earn goes to strengthen others. You may tend to accept the values ​​of others (family, group or society) very easily and definitely come into contact with power structures or have yourself a position of authority.The full moon will be on 16 and 19 degrees of Pisces and will affect the 8th house of the solar horoscope , and will hit the axis of finances 2nd-8th, which is the axis of economy and and will co-exist with Chiron in the same house, at the 15th degree of Pisces.The degree itself remind us that the danger bankruptcy is still here and hover in the atmosphere but Chiron has the ability to heal the wounds properties of as also properties of rebirth..O The feeling of fear will exist in the air and that suggests restraint and composure.

On a personal level there will be possessive tendencies that will aim at the emotional security.Gains and losses of financial nature may occur with dramatic or dangerous manner. Maybe you become too dependent on money from others or a lot of what you earn goes to strengthen others. You may tend to accept the values ​​of others (family, group or society) very easily and definitely come into contact with power structures or have yourself a position of authority.

The Sun in Virgo in 16th degree and forming an opposition with the Moon highlights the efforts made ​​for success to ameliorate living conditions but also our thoughts the in the future. Concerning matters of collecting taxes will fail by the governments or at least that will not work out in a positive way. .Whatever is related to debts and taxes and they should be in a fair state of balance at first On the other hand, the ascendant of the full moon in 16th degree of Leo stresses that Fall begins with good expectations and perspectives.To MC in the 8th degree of Taurus, which is a significant degree shows that our interest will be turned to the public and education.The full moon will affect very strongly the countries of South American, Argentina and Brazil but also the relations between the East and the West will be particularly intense.Concerning Greece, the full moon will affect the 11th house on  a parliamentary level, long-term planning and economic policy objectives and all public bodies as well.However for Amphipolis discovery tomb I had already mentioned from the beginning of the year that ” disclosures for descendants or ancestors or prominent historical persons will surprise or shock globally “.

New Moon in Pisces Uranian Blurbs




*  Stable associations – Steadfast husbands – Small families – Real estate agents – Days of serious entertainment – Minimized socializing – Antiquarians – Hermitages – Restraint/s affecting associations – Decreases relating to membership – Days or years of joint minimization or decrease — Organic blockages – Obstruction/s relating to association/s – Deadlocks relating to social or organizational matters – Ruptures relating to organizations – Endings relating to family relationships – Deaths in the family.

*  Understanding about the assets of humanity – Truth or facts relating to individuals’s finances – Clarity relating to one’s rights – Gains or income or earnings from intellectual or spiritual matters – Beneficial ideas – Positive outlook relating especially to men – Wise opinions – The spiritual aspects or value of material things – Benefits relating to openness – Good health relating to intuitions or insights – Physical well-being relating to spiritual awareness – Cultural possessions – Days or years of legal facts or gains or income through knowledge.


*  Interaction with private or reclusive women – Maturing or aging women – Serious or critical concerns relating especially to women and others – Sacrifices with the public – Solicitous hours or times – Public breakdowns, damages, or injuries – Mysticism — Experience with need for correction or reparation – Handicaps relating to female partners – Unhygienic or unhealthy conditions relating especially to women in the environs – Fluidic or gynecological dysfunctions – Stomach disorders – Sadness or depressions – Losses with the public – Impoverished populations or nations – Grievous hours or times

*  Wealth of wise women – Good luck relating to understanding of women – Profits relating to insights – Gains or income relating to public awareness – Hours of financial clarification – Cultural gains or income involving the public – Clarified legal status in relation to populations or nations

*  Reputable families all around – Significance of public communion – Publicly outstanding groups – Important associates – Authorities on art or aesthetics – Outstanding personages – Famous individuals – Social importance out in the world – Official public associations – State offices – Federations – United Nations  – Organizational leadership in public settings – Major world companies

*  Sudden notions – Sudden realizations relating to someone – Unexpected clarity relating especially to men – Surprising truths or facts relating to individuals – Manifestation relating to individual genius – Enlightenment – Spiritual or intellectual stimuli – Clarity relating to physical tension – Stimuli relating to insights about the body or objects – Light-bearers – Days or years of sudden realizations or surprising facts – Advertising — Ideas which create tension – Disruptions or upsets relating to truth or facts – Propaganda

*  mentally alert – intellectually agile – encounters new concepts with open mind – quick to size up situations – attentive – insightful – sensible – enlightened – unprejudiced – ethically-conscious – understands tensions – future or futuristic – progressive; innnovative — fanatical – rebellious
*  Stimuli relating to wise women – Clarification or facts relating to inner tensions – Sudden or surprising knowledge relating to emotions – Progressive popular ideologies – Technical awareness with the public – Technology and culture of populations or nations – Progressive, innovative, or revolutionary ideas with the public – Advertising — Facts relating to temperamental women – Public propaganda

LM=ME/HA  (Ukraine/Greece,Argentina/USA.Venezuela/Romania/Polska/Belarus/Romania/Lithuania/Latvia/Congo)

*  Me and private thoughts – Discussion of obscurities or secrets – Communication relating to inadequacies – Discussions relating to need for correction or reparation – Discussions relating to sacrifices – Thoughts relating to health issues — Handicaps to communication – To conceal thoughts – Deficient thinking – Inadequacy in/of ideas – Discussions relating to losses – Reports relating to breakdowns, damages, or injuries – Negative thinking – Proneness to anxiety
*  Unexpected facts relating to me – Excitement relating to clarification – Surprising knowledge – Spiritual or intellectual stimuli – Sudden enlightenment – Unexpected insights or realizations – Surprising concepts – Technical ideas – Advertising — Propaganda

*  sentimental – humane – eager to make contact – amiable – lovable – friendly – attractive – congenial – appealing – even-tempered – peace-loving – accommodating – giving – nurturing – warm-hearted – affectionate – loving – people-oriented – goes with the flow – aesthetics-conscious – sensual – charming — emotionally biased – moody
*  Love relating especially to women and partnerships – Harmony in the environs relating especially to women – Loving relationships – To attract – Experience with  affection – Pleasurable interactions with women – Sympathy relating to other women – Feminine acquaintances – Pleasures relating to public interactions – Hours of gratification – Public art or aesthetics

*  transforms from the ground up – persevering – persistent – steadfast – self-disciplined – restrained – pragmatic — contrary – lagging in technical development of potential – slow – vacillating – temperamental – subversive about reforms
*  Surprising deep-reaching restructuring, conversions, or transitions – Sudden stabilization – Long-lasting or continual technical readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions – Excitement relating to lasting or continual development of potential – New materials for the future – Gradual endings relating to reforms – Increases related to resistance to tension — Disruptions relating to technical continuity or limitations – Destruction

*  gets to the bottom relating to things – capable at important special assignments – capable of repetition or copying – persistent in ascent to the top – pragmatic – fulfills specialized official orders — contrary – goes from one extreme to the other – unyielding or inflexible – disobedient – stubborn
*  Important specialist work – Ongoing independent profession – Setting of precedents – To actively resist domination – Making of distinctions – Work on important past or causal issues – Competition among few – Self-reliance despite difficult beginnings – Slow ascent – Putting up resistance – Restraint/s relating to authorities – Demand for official restraint/s — Difficult ascent – Momentary official reductions – Obstruction relating to official orders – Endings relating to prestigious work

*  Unrecognized privacy among contacts – Private or secret historical connections – Casual contacts with matters or people needing refinement – Dissolution of negativity in bonds – Mutual need for correction or reparation relating to deceit — Elusive discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s relating to connections – Secret prejudices affecting associations – Insecurity or instability relating to shared damages or losses – Invisible risks relating to others – Inadequacies relating to water or air – Air or water pollution – Damages, hazards, or breakdowns involving fluids or air

*  works with obscure matters – deals with questions or mysteries or secrets – concealed or hidden away – daydreams – confronts aquatic risks or hazards – needs to attend to errors, defects, or deficiencies – needs refinement — low on energy – tires easily – confused or confusing – easily misled – endangered by addictions – contrary – negative in attitude – needs to forgive – evasive – sneaky – deceitful

*  Private or reclusive work relating to the future – Aquatic or aerobic sports in later years – Sacrifices in undertakings – Future or futuristic work dealing with dirt – Work with uncertainties relating to health issues – Struggles or fights against polluted water or air – Work with toxic substances – Efforts relating to obscure losses or defects — Insecurity or instability relating to inadequate energy – Uncertainties relating to work and illness or handicaps – Uncertainty, insecurity, or instability relating to inactivity or unemployment – Ambiguities or secrecy relating to deceitful actions – Risks, hazards, or breakdowns relating to aquatic or aerobic sports – Fruitless efforts – Discomfort relating to extermination or destruction – Infliction of unrecognized damages – Deterioration or destruction involving fluids – Epidemics – Manipulation – Intrigue


*  Private or obscure success relating to historical or causal factors – Sciences of fluid or nonphysical or unseen factors – Obscure or unfamiliar expanses – Medical experience – Sacrifices relating to widespread insecurity or instability – Increases relating to need for correction or reparation in the future – Ambiguities relating to extensive handicaps or disadvantage/s — Extensive uncertainty, insecurity, or instability relating to losses – Increase of losses relating to maturing or aging or deterioration – Hazards or breakdowns relating to bodies of water – Widespread water pollution – Toxic drainage – Noxious vapors – Extensive illness – Spread of infectious diseases – Malaria

*  PSY:  private – concealed or hidden away – retrospective – interested in historical or causal factors – interested in the unknown – interested in non-solid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – seriously concerned – needs to attend to errors, defects, or deficiencies – needs timing and historical/causal perspective – deals with health issues – needs to overcome the past — stuck in the past – misunderstood – neglectful – unhygienic or unhealthy – negative in attitude – passive – evasive – envious – not always reliable – abuses trust or dependency if unevolved – needs to forgive – may need help

*  PHYS:  Obscure, private, or concealed matters – Unfamiliar matters or situations – Non-solid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – Matters of the past – Old or long-past things, people, or situations – Dealings with defects or deficiencies – Frugality – Renunciation – Sacrifices – Serious or critical concerns – Health issues – Humility – Ordinary common matters or people – Dealings with dirt – By-products – Need for correction or reparation – Discrimination — Disadvantage/s or handicaps – Unrefined matters or situations – Lack of comfort – Deficiencies or defects – Damages – Worries or fears – Regrets or sadness – Risks, hazards, or breakdowns – Illness – Vulgarity – Secrecy – Negation – Neglect

*  alluring – exceptionally congenial – has good taste – deals with objects relating to beauty – passionate – high-spirited – powerful – has yearnings – epicurean – even-tempered – helpful – likes power and strength – artistically productive — passive-aggressive – driven by desires – self-indulgent – drawn to violence – flirtatious – vain – overbearing
*  Intensity in love – Powerful attractions – Acts of sympathy or congeniality – Passion – Power relating to love – Enjoyment relating to influence – Peacemaking – Major assistance – Enormous beauty – Pleasurable work – Creation of beauty – Artistic work – Struggles relating to freedom or equality – Submission to power

*  alluring – exceptionally congenial – has good taste – deals with objects relating to beauty – passionate – high-spirited – powerful – has yearnings – epicurean – even-tempered – helpful – likes power and strength – artistically productive — passive-aggressive – driven by desires – self-indulgent – drawn to violence – flirtatious – vain – overbearing
*  Intensity in love – Powerful attractions – Acts of sympathy or congeniality – Passion – Power relating to love – Enjoyment relating to influence – Peacemaking – Major assistance – Enormous beauty – Pleasurable work – Creation of beauty – Artistic work – Struggles relating to freedom or equality – Submission to power

LA=MO/HA (Ukraine/Greece,Argentina/USA.Venezuela/Romania/Polska/Belarus/Romania/Lithuania/Latvia/Congo/

*  Interaction with private or reclusive women – Maturing or aging women – Serious or critical concerns relating especially to women and others – Sacrifices with the public – Solicitous hours or times – Public breakdowns, damages, or injuries – Mysticism — Experience with need for correction or reparation – Handicaps relating to female partners – Unhygienic or unhealthy conditions relating especially to women in the environs – Fluidic or gynecological dysfunctions – Stomach disorders – Sadness or depressions – Losses with the public – Impoverished populations or nations – Grievous hours or times

*  Beginnings relating to lasting or continual partnerships – Beginnings relating to partner’s persistence or continuity – Specialized teamwork – Work on the past relating to others – Work involving others and repetition, hard materials, or land or Earth – New obstacles in the environment – Overcoming of opposition — Initial obstinacy relating to partners – Actions relating to others’ limitations – Setting of limits relating to partnerships – Others’ restraints or restricted ability to perform – Obstruction/s relating to activities in the environs – Retaliation – Compulsory breaks relating to the partner – Destruction at/of a place


*  Spirited maturing persons – Vitality after maturation or maturity – Persistent workers – Labor-intensive work – Setting of physical limits – Requested delays – Compulsory departures or distancing – Days or years of serious effort or work on problems – Ancestors; forefathers – Demanding assignments – Restrained or restricted physical activities — Inhibited actions – Mandatory delays or separations – Obstacles relating to work – Problems relating to productivity – Interruptions relating to work – Beginnings relating to problematic times Problems relating to fire or ignition – Obstruction/s relating to weaponry


*  To actively resist insecurity or instability – Softening relating to beginnings – Endings relating to unproductive activities – Specialized work involving secret, private, or nonphysical matters – Making substantial basic changes of conditions or lifestyle – Activities involving ice or frozen liquids – Difficult future or futuristic assignments – Beginnings relating to problematic uncertainties or insecurity — Denials relating to ongoing work – Withdrawals relating to problems at work – Obstruction/s relating to alcohol – Chronic alcoholism – Drug abuse – Continually deceitful actions – Standstills relating to gas explosions


*  Major beginnings relating to work – Immense increase in productivity – Ascent or promotion relating to intensive efforts – Pursuit of major goals – Work for updated prestige – Authority relating to outstanding accomplishments – Great influence or power relating to work – Beginnings relating to athletic excellence – Putting major stress on something – Political work – Government power or force – Oustanding athletes or marksmen — Major powers in conflict – Intensive force or coercion – Beginnings relating to major fires

*  mentally alert – intellectually agile – honorable – civil – chivalrous – honest – conscious of fairness – has practicable ideals – convincing – inventive; resourceful – resourceful – spontaneous – intellectually stimulated or stimulating – genuine – trustworthy – insightful – sensible – discerning – competent to judge – strives for knowledge – advocates for truth – adheres to ideological discipline – driven by beliefs or ideology
*  Joint intellectual activities – Initiation of honest associations – Work for truth in/about relationships – Striving for genuine contacts – Knowledge of cooperative work – Initiation of intellectual friendships – Contact in the spirit of the times – Contemporary cultural connections — Ideological conflicts – Mutual ideological fanaticism

*  mentally alert – intellectually agile – honorable – civil – chivalrous – honest – conscious of fairness – has practicable ideals – convincing – inventive; resourceful – resourceful – spontaneous – intellectually stimulated or stimulating – genuine – trustworthy – insightful – sensible – discerning – competent to judge – strives for knowledge – advocates for truth – adheres to ideological discipline – driven by beliefs or ideology
*  Joint intellectual activities – Initiation of honest associations – Work for truth in/about relationships – Striving for genuine contacts – Knowledge of cooperative work – Initiation of intellectual friendships – Contact in the spirit of the times – Contemporary cultural connections — Ideological conflicts – Mutual ideological fanaticism

*  mentally quick – intellectually agile – intelligent – prudent – wise – sensible – insightful – trustworthy – honest – intuitive – has new ideas – innovative – capable of distinction – truth-loving – highly knowledgeable – ideologically or culturally adaptable – open to changing viewpoints – spontaneous — impressionable – abuses trust or dependency if unevolved
*  Substantial changes relating to wise women – To develop ideas – Spiritual restructuring, conversions, or transitions relating especially to women – Cultivation of knowledge – Ideological restructuring, conversions, or transitions – Actions contributing to truth – Adaptatable intelligent women – Hours of clarification relating to interchanges – Cultural development of potential relating to the populace – Increases relating to enlightenment of populations or nations – Substantial ideological changes relating to populations or nations – Compulsory changes relating to public views

*  capable of concentration – philosophically endowed – circumspect – discreet – level-headed – highly pragmatic – has good memory – educational abstractions – intellectually methodical – has profound comprehensive knowledge – experienced with restraint/s on candor – interested in historical or causal factors – needs to overcome the past — conserves; maintains – learns slowly – dull or boring
*  Success relating to education – Facts relating to training – Knowledge of pedagogy – Openness in instruction – Experience with problems dealing with facts – Knowledge relating to many problems – Harmony despite ideological differences – The humanities in the past – History; historical facts or data — Spread of cultural problems

*  harnesses originality – continually stimulated and stimulating – self-controlled – progressive; innnovative – breaks with convention or the past – needs to release the past – needs patience with technical matters — loses patience easily – contrary – rigid – cramped – has difficulty making decisions – unyielding or inflexible – touchy – short-tempered – argumentative – rebellious or disruptive
*  Continual stimuli relating to self-reliance – Ongoing technical ascent or mastery – Major excitement relating to past or causal factors – Unexpected ascent due to/after maturation or maturity – Important future or futuristic problems – High-level excitement relating to departures or distancing — Unexpected obstacles relating to self-reliance – Postponements relating to official events – Tension among established authorities – Ongoing tensions relating to official matters – Serious conflicts with authorities – Official crises – Major crises


*  Lasting or continual work with or chemical or non-solid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – Serious investigative or research work – Sacrifice relating to work on problems – Difficult assignments relating to past or causal factors – Rejection relating to current, updated, or momentary limitations — Congenital medical problems – Problems relating to lack of goals – Discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s relating to labor-intensive work – Problems relating to losses at work – Continual lack of energy – Beginnings relating to chronic illness – Problematic antagonistic actions – Years of mechanical breakdowns or weapons injuries

*  Personal adventures relating to partners – Events relating to profession – Our adventures — Me and tensions in the environs – Upsetting or shocking situations
*  Me and multiple associations – Agreeable contacts – Successful relationships – Encounters with many – Expansion of/through one’s contacts – Personal experience relating to contacts – Connections through open spaces – Scientific or academic contacts – Customers – Me and commercial connections
– Conversations relating to adjustments or conversions – Thoughts relating to interchanges – Talk relating to development of potential – Development of potential relating to ideas – Interchanges relating to topics – Substantial changes of opinion or perspective – Alternation of thoughts or language — Me and compulsory changes of viewpoint
Me and future or futuristic marriages – Sacrifices relating to associates – Members of private clubs or associations – Uncertainty or instability of or about family or community – Ambiguity in associations – Dissolution relating to associations — Confusion affecting associations – Disillusionment relating to communal matters – Losses relating to associates – Marriage swindles – Con-artistry
*  enjoys social contact – entertaining – sociable – socially conscious – quick to perceive the whole picture – capable of quick responses – skilled at synthesizes – quick to size up situations – innovative – skilled in art, mathematics, or technology – reformist – Singers – Dancers
*  Suddenness relating to thoughts of marriages – Stimulating discussions relating to family – Surprising conversations relating to groups – Unexpected social dialogues – Talk relating to company stimuli or mechanics – Innovative thinking in groups – Discussions relating to social reforms – Extensive discussions relating to technology – Prosody or song – Progressive, innovative, or revolutionary artistic ideas

*  intuitive – responds to semiconscious impulses – intellectually original – inventive; resourceful – imaginative – daydreams – mediumistic – invisible – interested in obscurities or nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – future-oriented – needs alertness — tires easily – contrary – prone to refuse or reject – confused or confusing – easily misled
*  Me and dissolution of tensions, or relaxation – Me and double intuitions – Contacts relating to furture matters – Me and the subconscious – Dilemmas – Stimuli relating to deceit – Pointless excitement or disruptions or upsets – Withdrawal or denial relating to me and adventures – Unexpected uncertainty or instability – Sudden confusion – Sudden personal rejections – Me and unconsciousness – Inner chaos

*  Instinctive transformative actions – Development of potential in private – Future or futuristic work planning – Development of potential relating to activities involving fluids or aquatics – Meteorology – Substantial invisible or subtle changes at work – Current, updated, or momentary work relating to fluid or nonphysical realities – Increases in/of activities relating to air or climate – Readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions relating to mistakes – Planning in private – Increases relating to sacrifices at work — Increasing losses of energy, or at work – Stormy weather

*  receptive – eager for knowledge – inspired – private – low-profile – interested in unseen or unclarified factors – experienced in matters relating to nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – mediumistic – highly imaginative – daydreams – future-oriented – needs practical experience – needs pragmatism – needs self-restraint — impressionable – unrealistic – illusory – extravagant; wasteful – secretive – may need stability
*  Easily acquired sums of money – Unrecognized income – Future financial success – Good fortune despite loss offreedom – Extensive sacrifices relating to finances – Experience with or despite bad luck – Success relating to sciences of fluid or nonphysical or unseen factors – Profits relating to quantities of fluids or aquatics – Mild and beneficial climates — Experience relating to misfortune – Extensive uncertainty, insecurity, or instability relating to money – Great uncertainty, insecurity, or instability relating to success – Extensive financial losses – Extensive injustice

New Moon in Pisces-A Swim to Neverland

peter pan2

The New Moon will occur on the 1st of March ta 10:00 am, at the zodiac sign of Pisces and in this New Moon the planets that will participate is Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune and Mercury and will affect the zodiac signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Circumstances may give current solutions or alternatives into problems or complications for a while. You have to avoid taking risks concerning issues are connected to partnerships or plans. There will be resolution to problems in the inner administration and the handling of credit issues are in the air. Secret communications will prepare the ground for new social developments on the upcoming spring. The New Moon in Pisces will occur at the 11th house at the 11th degree.

According to the ancient Roman calendar March was the first month that named Primus. After the 46 BC was named March, and became the third month of the year and was dedicated to the god Mars who was initially the god of fertility and fields but later he was identified with Mars, the god of war. He was the father of Remus and Romulus and founder of Romans. March is the first month of spring while on the 21st of March we have the spring equinox. Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign of the zodiac cycle the Alpha and the omega of this spiritual journey, the one that everything is coming from and returns. At the end of the zodiac cycle we return at the Garden of Eden and we realize that we never had been expelled from that place. We are at the hands of the god, which reached at the darkest and remoted point, bringing light, knowledge and works.

The greatest part of the universe is invisible and we can only see just a few parts of this electromagnetic spectrum that contains x-rays gamma, rays-x, microwaves, and radio waves and such tings are much above from our abilities of vision. The 12th and the last zodiac sign is calling us to listen and increase our sixth sense, our intuition, at which we can approach dimensions and realities beyond of this physical world. Like an antenna or radio tuner we can be tuned with other millions of channels and frequencies. In reality, we know that there are other realities, dimensions and other levels of consciousness. In Pisces, logic and reason are being dissolved. There is no real past or future, there is no separation, wrong or right, with Pisces we are at the land of unity. Pisces are symbolizing the invisible, beyond the words, conceptions and convictions. The New Moon at this zodiac sign is calling us to surrender our mind and swim into our hearts.

With the Sun, the Moon, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, we swim into liquidity, ambiguity and the ambiguous. Yes, we do not care about the reality but only imagination is what really matters here. “We do not tell the truth but we tell what it should be the truth”, Blanche Dubois says at the “Streetcar the Desire”. We want to be united fro something greater than us, to escape at the Never land and believe even if that will disappoint us on the way. To abandon ourselves at the sea of emotions. There is no past, no future, no fear, guilty, limits or realism. Through pain and sacrifice we understand of what we are made of. We discover what we want the most when we lose it or after we realize that we never had it. We fall into a sea without life-jackets in order to get on the surface later clear.

Three planets are changing direction around the New Moon, and Mars is the first that will turn into a retrogression motion at the 1st of March at the 27o 32o and will return into a direct motion on the 20th of May. Mars retrogrades every two years (every 26 months). Mars is in Libra since the 7/12/2013 and will stay there till the 26//7/2014.Anyway Mars in Libra is feeling uncomfortable, a fighter is trapped into a saloon that everyone speaks about peace, justice, balance and beauty. Mars is describing somebody the way is fighting and gives battles and promotes himself. Libra is about relationships. He speaks about peace, justice and balance into relationships with can be attained through logic and not emotions. He says that” I give you that, so you have to give me back this ”With Mars retrogression there is danger to become paranoiacs concerning our demands in our relationships ,to our companion, partner and everyone who is affecting our lives. To feel that we give much more than we take in return or being us that we give less than others want and desire. Mars retrogression in Libra prefers to withdraw from a relationship and silent than creating density or disagreement. It would be better not to start blame others or feel guilty even if others are not right or are unfair. But if you do not speak how the others will know that there is a problem here?


On the 2nd of March Saturn starts his retrogression motion too at the 23o19o degrees of Scorpio and will return in its direct motion on the 20/7/2014.Saturn’s retrogression marks a period of time that we pose and we pause in order to value and stabilize our commitments and plans, in our professional obligations and responsibilities we have undertaken. It is the time that somebody may get rid of a toxic relationship or to get rid of debts, taxes and etc. and close accounts with the past. On the 6/3/2014 Jupiter will return in his direct motion at the 10o26o degrees of Cancer and will complete his course to this zodiac sign at the 16/7/2014.Our great expectations will be focused on the emotional security, family or whatever each one of us is calling security, home, the world and nature. Jupiter in Cancer is understood, is the love for higher values, for targets, to care about your destination and perspectives, it is like a big avenue that leads into the change of consciousness. At his darkest side Jupiter in Cancer says “my country, my family, my people, deserve protection and every foreigner is an enemy” but of course such a thought is undesirable and perverse. With the New Moon in Pisces we have to remember that we are one piece that is contained by many other different pieces. How we would live if we remember that everything is being connected?

September 2013 Charismatic Moons Influence

The New Moon will occur at the zodiac sign of Virgo at the 13th degree, on the 5th of September and will turn our attention at the earth reality of Virgo from the creative Moon flames of Leo. The last Full Moon in Aquarius urged us to open up ourselves to others and altogether to create a new world of equality, justice and solidarity. This New Moon will call us to use our mind and hands. Virgo is the zodiac sign that is interesting to analysis, progress and service. To serve honestly and effectively you need to overtake your arrogance and disapproval that consist the two options of the coin. Being humble and conscious are two things that Virgo is trying to do and that means to be yourself, nothing more and nothing less. The opposition of the New Moon with Chiron will remind us the power of sympathy, the meaning to support to others or to those who are not equal to us and with understanding and tolerance to ourselves we will be able to forgive others easier and understand more and also respect.


Asteroid Chiron is the hurtled healer in astrology and he was born half human and half horse and a fact that he forget his mother and then she abandoned him in turn. Chiron mythologically as you know everyone is the immortal son of Kronos and the sea-nymph Fylira. Apollo undertake his upbringing, who was the god of music and the light. Apollo taught Chiron to overtake his torture and pain through the arts and how to turn his inner unrest and the darkness into a light. Chiron then became an adult, he became a teacher of the mythical heroes Achilles and Jason as also Hercules too, and who also hit him accidentally with a poisonous dart at his thigh. Since Chiron was immortal, he could not die so his wound causing him a constant pain. Chiron offered himself to take Prometheus position while he was chained on the rocks and punished by Zeus because he had steal the fire from the gods that he would give to the people, and by this way bringing the human civilization into a advancement. By taking his place, Chiron surrendered his immortality and now he could die and get rid of his pain. Chiron is symbolizing someone who grew up through pain but also someone who chose to help others obtain self-knowledge, even if he could heal his own trauma. The current transit of Chiron in Pisces (2010-219) will strengthen intuition but also our desire to be united under a common vision and will press us to realize that there are realities are crossing the limits. Chiron was in Pisces between the years of 1960-1969 and co-worked with the conjunction of Uranus-Pluto. While Uranus will square Pluto between the years 2012-2015, Chiron for one more time will call us to find anew vision that will unite us all. There will be a new ideology that will activate all the societies. Though, we should not forget that Chiron in Pisces is declining, and that will have as a result to be witnesses many of negative incidents that will bring the characteristics of this zodiac sign and these are the massive chaos, war, the need for saviors, drugs addiction or other harmful substances. However, under the influence of the last Chiron transit we show the apogee actions of the Martin Luther King (intense Pisces in his chart that activated the American emotions of guilt) while also President Kennedy inspired people with a Piscean way through idealism and the need for a charismatic leader.


Chiron is also forming five triangles with Saturn in Scorpio that begin in November of 2012 and will continue to be activated till the August of 2014.That also is forming three triangles (positive aspects) with Jupiter in Cancer between the August of 2013 and May of 2014.That means probably that wisdom will be achieved through discipline and dignity having first fight hard in the darkness and joy with desperation and hope.

Mercury who is the traditional ruler of Virgo between the 14 and 19 of September will be united with the square between Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto creating by this way a dynamic square and a Cross in Cardinal Signs but also here at this point we will be called to realize what is really going on around us and inside us. I have to remind you all that the square is pressing madly for getting into action and is a result of great efforts and worry. Family, Career, relationships, society and politics, institutions and organizations definitely need to be changed. These changes are gong to be accelerated on a personal and social level and the one will affect the other. Uranus in Aries in a quincunx aspect (150 degrees) with the New Moon, will empower the message to liberate ourselves by the negative traits of Virgo and these are stress, guilt and self-doubt. Instead of pretending being small gods on others we better seek inside us for peace, the teacher and let ourselves in its guidance.

The Full Moon will occur at the zodiac sign of Pisces at the 26th degree and 41 of Pisces. That could be reason and sensitivity, distinguish, effort and faith too. The Full Moons always are shedding light in both opposite and complementary actions, that being connected together. Virgo is symbolizing independence and autonomy, is the archetype of a great goddess that is “whole and complete inside her”. Pisces which is the last zodiac sign of the zodiac circle is symbolizing the return to the fount. The Full Moon is showing that the earth and its population are being contained into this universal experiment, by helping the birth and the evolution of a new kind of humanity that will come out through the change of our consciousness. In fact, lost in our daily routine we always forget that we are objects of constant change, that we are currently being transformed and that the cells of the body and our skin are being replaced every seven years. In a few words, our DNA, is the genetic material which directs our development and functioning and is also being affected by the beams of the Sun, which supply us with the right energy. According to the Mayan predictions and other sources, humanity is that the stage of development after Homo sapiens. David Hawking is calling the new kind human kind Homo Spiritus, who is the awakening man and is bridging the developing saltation from the natural to the spiritual.


The power of this Full Moon will be empowered significantly since already from the previous day Saturn and Venus will conjunct the North Node of the Moon in Scorpio, centered our attention into the way we are behaving to others-what we take, what we give daily and emotionally. Negativity, greedy and power are the traits we have to get rid of. The North Node in Scorpio is calling us to bring on the surface what is hidden from the light in order to heal ourselves and being reinvigorated. That is not an easy path because during this process we need to face up our stress, worries, obsessions, sexuality, economical difficulties, passions and our original instincts that do exist every day in our relationships and other occasions. During this course also we should not forget the trap of the South Node in Taurus which is telling us that “when I will have enough money, I will be totally secure, then I will be able to take my risks, my passions, a deep change and realize of my emotions”. That is not the way that things are working out. Such concepts are just delaying the developments and find us not prepared when something is happening when it is time to materialize. Yes, the power of love will triumph but before that we need the knowledge and effort. Saturn is also forming one of the three triangles with Pluto on the 20th of September. We are in a relationship, in a particular job for instance because of fear. And what about love and creativity? When we will face up these fears we will discover the power we are hiding inside us and that we never knew we had.


On the 22nd of September, we get into the second equinox and then the day and the night will be equal. The Air equinox will sign the increase of the light and will turn our attention outwardly. The autumn equinox, where the dark is growing is calling us to look inside us. Equinoxes and solstices are the stations into the time we experience out and inside of the material and spirit. Libra, is not simply the beginning of the autumn but it is a fact that the night starts to swallow the day as also it is the period of the Sun Fall. The autumn equinox is also a sacrifice day. It is the day of the year when the god of the light is being niked by his twin alter ego, the god of the darkness.In old times, in agricultural societies, people used to celebrate the harvest with sacrifices and ceremonies to cast away the evil spirits of the past year. But if you love someone because of his beautiful eyes, or because he is successful, capable of everything, or because he speaks nicely, his charisma, talents or anything then your love is suspicious. We never love someone because….

Neptunian Affairs,Fairy Tales & Dragons

I had a lot of such relationships in my life and another one recently so I decided to write out this article,it is good to express your disappointment after you all read to learn…

Neptune in Pisces are adjusting the invisible side of our lives. Neptune’s transits with the planets of the astrological chart, particularly regarding zodiac signs of Pisces, Virgos, Sagittarius of the first ten days of the zodiac sign. Illustrating the sensation of confusion, in a few words that means that nothing is satisfying you anymore and that everything is not enough.We had already write an article about Neptune Pisces global influence now we will write something more in particular.

So, Neptune as we had already write is crossing the limits, and in transits blurs or make invisible the lines are diving us from the others. When for instance, Neptune transits our Sun this could be a period of time that we lose ourselves in our relationships with other people or we have experiences that make us realize that we are a part of the whole life. It is really then about a confusing period full of doubts, questions and balloons are blowing up. Neptune is also catalyzing the inner limits between the conscious and subconscious, so we can identify ourselves with the possible, be full of confidence and dynamism under the influence of the Sun-Neptune transit and discover the weak and confusing side of our personality. External factors or incidents may also activate such emotions, for instance if someone else is getting the promotion we should take in his position, or when we lose our job or a relationship is ending up that meant  a lot for us.

Neptunian aspects may conjunct with liquidity times that nothing is stable but also may experience times of great inspiration. During these periods that may last for about two years we learn that life is not only about materialism, whatever we catch or acquire, but perhaps we may want the impossible, the unreal and something non practical but the reality is much far away…Usually we are getting mad, we frustrate ourselves or being discouraged under the influence of such transits when we do not accept to adjust ourselves with an ideal and the spiritual dimension of life.

A few examples of such transits so in order to realize and understand of course the influence of Neptune was when a 34 year old woman passed through  a period of intense personal changes when Neptune squared her natal Sun more than one and a half year. During that period of time, this woman, for about 12 years her husband abandoned her but without nay commitment that he would return or asking for a divorce. She was just experiencing that everything was in the air, without knowing if she had to continue her life or waiting for his final choices. At the same time this woman started to show an intense interest for astrology, reincarnation and such other different matters that helped her to see life from a different prism for the first time. All that substantially helped her to take her own decisions and move on instead of waiting forever.

Neptunian transits with the natal Venus are also very significant for the understanding and the deeper content of love and relationships. Usually we are being attracted by people who have failed into their own life or victims or people that cannot cope with their own lives and look for someone to support them financially or even emotionally. A woman also who had a Neptune opposition with her Venus meet one man under very bizarre circumstances. Their relationship at the beginnings was like a fairy tale and it was about to become a very important one on the way. This affair was very charming with full of pink clouds, in a few words it was a unique love story that proved to be disappointing later on, a total  illusion, deception.

The male person was Pisces with spiritual worries and through this he knew many people of this nature(to note that Venus contains all sort of relationships and not only love affairs)her interest anyway for spirituality was increased and it was a matter of glamor (glamor also belongs to Neptune) and not  a matter of s serious study. Under the influence of this man, this woman spend  a very significant amount of money for Mind Control, confused totally and without being certain for the motives that she was led in there(Neptune)however the lessons of Mind Control proved her that she had excellent abilities. But at the end of this transit she realized with huge disappointment the cool and cruel manners of the man she was in love with, because she had more fall in love his outward image and not his real personality. Even though she feels deceived up to a point emotionally and materialistically, she is not keeping hostile emotions for him because she felt that she took an important lesson of maturity and understanding.

Another person that Neptune was conjunct Venus he found himself in a dissolved relationship. The ideal picture of the woman he loved start to fall apart and being sapped, and let’s say it more elegantly he found her sleep with his best friend. Before this scene take part, he used to consider his girlfriend as his personal property and now through great pain her felt, he had to face up the jealously and intense possessiveness because he always had an important position in his relationship with male friends or women.

Through this pain not he only obtained significant distance from his emotions but he saw love with different aspect and he discovered that his emotions were too open at a point he started to connect himself with another women.In Neptune transits imagination obtains a huge power, creating illusion and cheating, you do not see the person in reality, you see what you want to see or what you wanted someone to be. Frequently there is a weakness of concentration, luck of energy ,uncertainly regarding the direction, indecisiveness, illusion, deception and there is also a mood to play with others and trick and there is also a luck of deficiency  usually when transits the natal Saturn and Mars.

Neptune increases sympathy and compassion towards other people and that means that we become more sensitive towards others emotions and needs. That is the good side of Neptune that is making us help others, those who have less luck and give a helping hand where there is need without expecting a reward. The other side is about being a victim, the witness and the savior. The person who is self-destructive or being disappointed. Even through the most difficult transits, we discover the depth of our emotions, the ability to understand and forgive, that we never knew if we could really do that… and yes, every fairy tale has its own dragons. It is just the price to maturity.

we will survive…

First I would like to add a few things more about Jupiter in Cancer. Since 2010 till today we usually observe the presence of the celestial bodies in cardinal zodiac signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).On the other hand what is the most impressive astrologically is that every time a big planet is entering one of the previous zodiac sign we mentioned above is always being escorted by Mars. This time, by the end of June, Jupiter is leaning Gemini and will be settled down at the zodiac sign of Cancer and will stay there till the 16th July 2014.And while Jupiter has already entered Cancer on the 26th of June 2013, on the 13th of July of 2013, Mars will enter the same zodiac space and will maintain his close approach with him for about two weeks time. It is like announcing the beginning of the annual stay of Jupiter in Cancer that is being consider a position of exaltation for his abilities. And so will have the chance to take advantage of his important qualifications. By this position into this zodiac sign will strengthen luck and the ability to survive opposite to the global phenomenon of economical and political crisis, will highlight activity and despite the fact that the first month will maintain his disharmony with Uranus and Pluto, will favor the impulsive behavior and expression, with more positive than negative results. Also, will inspire new tactics of survival, will contribute into the inner evolution and mainly will strengthen the mental strength and self-confidence, no matter in which zodiac sign you belong. After all, we all know that our mental state, the activation of our intuition and the optimistic mood will consist a guarantee to survive.

Regarding history, Jupiter in Cancer will open a new era for the future of many countries in the world. Till 2015, the influence of the celestial bodies in the cardinal cross, will be catalytic and reforming since this moment, for many nations, regimes, people, systems and treaties but also for conditions of life and the way of living. This influence however it is being considered “recovering” for the people, societies and nations too.


Now, lets go back in July 2013, which is enough a very composite month while there will be a constant change of harmonic and disharmonic aspects, at its greatest part. The events are being predicted to be variant, while the influence of the New Moon and the Full Moon and the planet aspects will be enough dynamic and sensibly negative in short periods of time. During the first twenty days, problems in human relations will be intense and perhaps a bit more from time to time. So, in this way there will be intense problems in the family and professional environment for most of us. These problems may rise unexpectedly by the negative influence of some events. Generally speaking, there will be a constant change regarding our spirits and moods and sometimes there will be an extremely intense pugnacity too. Everything may rise, need to be faced up cautiously and it will be good not to act rapidly which will be very possible to affect any situation in a negative manner.If some of you get ready for your summer vacation you have to be particularly cautious with the sea. It is also necessary to mention that there will be serious issues of general character between the nations relations and is being predicted an explosive atmosphere at the area of the Middle East for one more time. Jupiter and Mars in Cancer and the disharmony of this conjunction with Pluto and Uranus will bring on the surface again matters of territorial claims in different parts of the planet and will affect seriously marine and trading concerns, topically but internationally too.


Despite of Jupiter’s harmony with Saturn and Neptune, that will last only for awhile, Mars in cancer involvement but also Jupiter’s conjunction will be the cause of many political events that will lad into many unpredictable developments and will demand now new communications and dynamic decisions for the maintain of the political balance in the European area, in the Middle east but also into the Central Asia too. During the last ten days there will be observed also an increase of accidents and death rates.In Greece, any discussions regarding the inner administration and economy will bring the current government into a difficult position. There will be new problems in the area of the foreign affairs while measures will be proved insufficient for the society. At the same time there will be difficult developments in global issues, riots, violent actions, climate and geological agitations, conflagrations and accidents too. The space research is going to developed too and this time anew and dangerous weapon is going to be perfect and being completed. And while most of us will get prepared for vacation into an exotic and quiet destinations, conspiracies and scenarios are going to build in order to make our conditions of live harder after this summer. Finally, the Greek government is going to take some emergency decisions.


I will also have the chance to say a few things about zodiac signs before you start reading the July horoscopes on the next article. Aries this month will have the chance to improve your home and family. And anything is being related with it. Jupiter in cancer will give you many chances to change your domestic issues, to make small changes and improve the environment, give solutions into problems, resolute matters of health and become closer with your own people. You will also reconstruct your mental situation and Jupiter will contribute into the improvement of your affairs but will reduce conflicts too.Leos, Jupiter in cancer will lift up you’re your spirits, there will be a stronger desire for new dreams and most of them will be possible to be accomplished. Some light will be shed into the background and most of you will have the chance to throw out and destroy anything is threatening your life. You will be generous and most of you will take advantage of your skills and talents. Just be cautious not to confuse reality with plasmatic reality which will happen through technology.Sagittarius, Jupiter in cancer is promising peace for you and definitely will strengthen your optimism and give you a greater sense of security, throwing away whatever upset you in the past. You will become stronger, so you will be able to continue fighting, make communication easier and open the way for arranging inheritance issues, to decrease your economical obligations and get away from the danger of a loss but also detach yourselves from people that turmoil you psychologically the last three years. Worry about the future will be limited but also you have to limit your expenses too. Finally secure your property if you have.


Regarding the Earth Signs, Taurus, and Jupiter in Cancer for a whole year will make you feel more comfortable and arrange any matters are hanging in the air for you. Jupiter in the third house of your horoscope will give you the chance to improve your relations with others, to have more success in your studies, business or career matters generally and freelancers make more money. It will be easier for you to be adjusted with any new data but also take advantage of any new acquaintances.Virgos, Jupiter in Cancer is going to open up new horizons for you on a social and spiritual level. Jupiter now will help you complete your expectations and take advantage of any opportunities for a whole year. Your friendships will be increased, new allies will be on your side on a practical and ethical level. It is very possible to exploit an old idea or plans in order to improve your living. This is an excellent omen for your career while it will support professionally mainly new peoples ambitions.Capricorns, Jupiter in Cancer will improve your personal life and despite the fact that mars will create for a whole month opposition with Pluto, you will be challenged and you will be called to maintain the balances in your affairs generally. Jupiter is a guarantee that circumstances will be easier for you with people of your closer environment in case there are misunderstandings so you will have the chance to replace any losses. The lucky planet will improve the image that others have for you, sweeten your expression and make you more flexible regarding your attitude and behavior.


The Air Signs, Gemini people, the transit of Jupiter in cancer will affect the axis of the second and the eighth house of your horoscope and this is very significant for you. In a few words, Jupiter will help you improve your economical state, make work conditions easier for you but also rely on your intuition too. Your life will be improved from a sentimental and materialistic aspect. Generally, you will be able to cover your needs and feel more secure, make your living more comfortable but also give you what you had missed the last few years.Libra people, progress is the only way for you, Jupiter in Cancer will highlight your good luck and will bring professional progress. Good mod and social progress, despite the bad times will be support by Jupiter in Cancer and will improve your living, professional life and career. In hard moments, Jupiter in cancer will be the deus ex machina that will remove you from the thorough. This influence will also strengthen your efforts for personal evolution and will remove from your environment any useless factors and bad habits. Socially and spiritually your life will be progressed significantly.Aquarius, Jupiter in Cancer will improve your living conditions but the working conditions too, will resolve any health issues but also will strengthen your mental and physical condition. You will get more mature, your social life will be enriched but also will open the way to accept easier of what is not changing. Jupiter in cancer will secure your current work, you will have the chance to win, show off your talents and skills and maintain your personal business if you have much easier than the past.


Water Signs, Cancers, well everything will become easier for you now since Jupiter is visiting your zodiac sign and replacing substantially any damages have been occurred and turmoil you organically or mentally. Many problems will be overtaken and you will more pleasant regarding your relations with others. Sincerity will be enhanced and you r good mood will help you express your emotions with the right people. The planet of optimism at your zodiac sign will strengthen your social life and will improve any kind of affairs but also will decrease conflicts and differences regarding your efforts and expectations.Scorpios, Jupiter in Cancer will help you improve your personal relationships and adopt new perceptions. Avoid adventures, try to resolve any legal issues and project excuses that will be based on rationality. Except that Jupiter in cancer will turn your attention in metaphysics, will affect your religious convictions but generally will improve your public relations, obtain more knowledge, improve your conditions of living and remove obstacles that till now prevented your progress course.Finally, Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer will highlight your creativity, fertility, your life will be happier but also it is very possible to bring a stormy love affair into your life. Furthermore you will accomplish more of your ambitions and desires, you will enjoy others love, you will get away from pressure and depression of unemployment or inactivity and your creative abilities or talents will be recognized. Jupiter will give you the green light in order to obtain what you wish, perhaps an off-spring, to be loved, to accept others support regarding your efforts and finally become better parents but business people too.

R.Hubbard & Scientology

This time I decided to search in astrology about Scientology and its creator Ron.L Hubbard. Perhaps you should think that I am a fan of this religion or whatever but of course I am not. You should not be something in particular to start searching for it. But an old friend of mine had a strange experience with Scientology and she is still receives mail at her home. In fact we do not know why since she never belonged there. I will definitely will not open a new column regarding different religions or wisdom’s. The reason I decided to look further into this matter is b because I find ads of Scientology everywhere, in the streets, on internet, tube videos and etc. There is probably a kind of brain-war they have declared not even if that is happening through the TV, newspapers, internet or religion organizations. Anyway, wherever you go you see that “Scientology” and that would not escape my curiosity.

ron hubbard

I will start by analyzing a little bit the natal chart of Hubbard and I can confess that this person is a very talented personality and charismatic, capable of convincing others about his beliefs. His talent is very obvious by the trine of Neptune-Jupiter-Sun and Mercury in zodiac signs of water. The involvement of these three celestial bodies are connoting that this person will talk about a religion in  a confusing language, because those planets appeared through houses that belong in airy zodiac signs.(3rd,7th and 11th)The effect that would being produced would be  a religion that through a metaphysical deep worship scientifically. On the other hand definitely Mercury in Pisces would manage such, to deliver something absolutely confusing and is in a weak position in Pisces. Jupiter is the ruler of the ascendant and the 12th house but also Neptune at the 3-7th house is obvious that this person would try to mock huge social groups. The truth with Scientology is that there is something behind all that that is not clear at all but hides many traps.

The truth is many years ago, while still go to university I used to visit this place for a few months but when I realizes what was going on I stopped to go. It was all about IQ tests, selling books of philosophical content but religion was always the cause to approach more and more people. I never understand the name of “Scientology indeed. Then later I learned that they worship of a god named Xenu, I suppose which was not clear from the start either. So you understand what is going on here. Anyway I will leave my experience and proceed with the astrological analysis.

So, back to astrology I also notice the position of the Moon and Pluto, the first at the zodiac sign of Virgo and the second one in the zodiac sign of Gemini. And these positions are showing someone’s need to show off his abilities, his imagination and of course to win money. After all the axis Jupiter-Neptune is being called the axis of speculation.

However, there is also another trine is being shaped on his chart between the North Node-Mercury and Jupiter and that is very suspicious and put me into doubts. It really doesn’t shows anything in particular, but there is a density into this person regarding his ideas and philosophies is expressing. This person is being troubled mentally for karmic reasons, because of the Node participation, he has no idea how things are going to be developed into the future or definitely his ideas are in conflict with other group’s opinions or religions.

sientology church
The next aspect is Jupiter-Neptune-Mercury and Venus. This aspect is telling us that this person will support a philosophical idea or politics. The person is powerfully convicted and confident that he will represent an ideology through any means, no matter the cost. But also this aspect is giving him the power to change easily others point of view. Most of the people would see this person calm and peaceful enough, but also the philosophies he spoke about are being connected to emotional wounds of his past and definitely drive him into an inspired philosophical thinking.In his chart, Mercury at the zodiac signs of Pisces, at the 15th degree (Strong adhesion, strong dedication, defense reaches the atrocity.) is the most significant influence as also the Black Moon at the 10th degree of Sagittarius. At this point we see that Hubbard is exactly on a disastrous degree, which is showing a cunning mind and machination and reality is being defined by Neptune. That means that he has a false reality of the truth and with human relations, by Neptune in the 7th house.

Moon in Virgo is also being ruled by Neptune and the 8th house is showing us a  sick personality with science that is not capable to feel in depth his own psychological problems but also the rest of the people too, so he constantly is ending up into hyper-analysis of his moods and emotions and that has  as a result not to let himself express his pain, despite the fact that he is spending much time in self-psychoanalysis and finally he is pressing his nervous system so much that this state really creates him a variant of neurological nature. Unfortunately for Ron Hubbard emotions are for healing and being cured through our friction with people and not become fears into our own mind, be object of study and finally a sick religion for many sick godless people.

Of course according to his horoscope with the Sun in the 3rd house, he would spread his own beliefs, but the Moon in the 8th house demands an emotional clearing up. The Moon-Saturn trine is showing self-sufficiency. Jupiter in Scorpio at the 11th house retrograded is also showing a social influence but also is talking about a kind of white magic is being used in order to bring success into his personal life. The truth is that I was expecting to find something into the 9th house but with planets in the 11th I clearly get the conclusion that Scientology is mostly  apolitical party, an organization perhaps but not som4ething really spiritual or religious …whatever.Generally,the chart of Scientology has not a  particular religion background but I would characterized it like something ridiculous or just an eccentric idea.

Saturn-Pluto Mutual Reception

Before we start with the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto it would be better to try to comprehend its substantial meaning as simply as we can.The simultaneous movement of two planets where one moves in the sign of the sovereignty of another is being called”mutual reception” in astrology.In this case Saturn(ruler of Capricorn) is at the zodiac sign of Scorpio while at the same time Pluto is at the zodiac sign of Capricorn (ruler of Scorpio).These planets co-operate each other in a very intense way which is similar to the conjunction energy aspect.And that is happening because the principles of the zodiac signs and the planets, in a sense, merge acting in concert.

It is also very important to refer to the abilities of these planets because of their heavy and perhaps misunderstanding nature that many times provokes fear to the public and amateur astrologers. I am sure that most of you have read these things many times before but I think it is time again to read again some of them with new meanings and examples so we can understand them better. The meanings of them it could a great list but I will choose only those are important and are necessary of course in order to understand the energy of the mutual reception.

Pluto,Scorpio and the 8th house indeed are being connected to the physical death,birth and rebirth,psychological strength,courage and powerful emotions.However whatever it is hidden and everything is buried and is valuable,but also whatever is underground and is also being connected to drainage too. With raw materials, natural resources such as oil and gold. The stock markets, banking and financial transactions of any kind, security and the tax system, the plutocracy. The property and possessions arising from the cooperation, partnership, marriage. The fear of loss and the need for manipulation. The underground activity and power management. The ruthless underworld, speculation. The cellular structure, genetic diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. The kind of lovemaking, orgasm, proximity and deep emotional commitment. Scientific research, genetics and chemistry.What really Pluto could provoke on the 10th house,at the zodiac sign of Capricorn?

A satisfactory outcome of a safe first approach could arise from simple correlations of these concepts, so that the combination led to an understanding of how to operate the mutual reception Saturn \ Pluto. But the best way to understand such a rare planetary event is to look back in time and to look for the last time what had happened.Thus, the search for ancillary data of recorded history takes us to 1777 and running until 1778, the years when these two planets were there again in mutual reception.

Before I continue wandering in this review, you must have at the corner of your mind that history, like time, are moving in circles and spirals. Events may be similar to that discussed under the (cyclic), but also delete a progressive course (spiral). So, for example, concepts such as democracy were historically negotiated strongly that period of mutual reception, but today is not respectable for democracy to be negotiated. What is currently under renegotiation (Uranus in Aries), is how this democracy is properly applied by government functionaries of (Pluto in Capricorn). If that is being experienced by the Western world is indeed a democracy or if we falter at its theoretical appearance, bending under one unspoken evils of fascism (Uranus square Pluto) that defines the quality of life (Saturn in Scorpio). We are now confident that what we experience, is not actually what we wanted. It is not what we wish, but spurred by the bitterness of frustration, hurry to invest in new beliefs (Neptune in Pisces).

Another aspect that I would like to remember is that any planetary event is called to be expressed according to the environment that dictates the current planetary backdrop. So, in 1777 the two planets were in mutual reception, but Neptune in Virgo was weak, exactly opposite the current position on the sovereignty of Pisces. Then, it was square Neptune in Virgo, with Uranus in the sign of Gemini which had formed the background of that mutual reception like today as the square of Uranus to Pluto, forms our special conditions.

September 1777-January 1778.

As can easily be seen by everyone, the last time Saturn \ Pluto found in mutual reception, not only lasted just five months. But when talking about the influence of slow moving planets, space of five months is not a completely safe time-frame to select a series of significant events (which was not missed at all!) And to ascribe to this few months mutual reception. I think the understanding of political, economic and social context of the time is worth more than the record of some historical events.

That decade of the 18th century, of 70 ‘ had roll with Pluto in Capricorn. The story captures the highlight of the American Revolution. At the same time as England and France were strong. The hostile relations had resulted in a series of wars several times in the 17th century, and it continued into the 18th century. England had to solve the problem of lost colonies in North America and constantly was under a war state.

France, apart from its own colonial issues, it supported one of the toughest in the history of feudal systems of absolute monarchy of the western world. At that time the French people began to be spontaneously organized into small pockets of resistance. Just 11 years later, it would be enough to destroy a crop to bring famine to 2 \ 3 of the population of France. The natural consequence was the revolution. In such wild revolutions in human history, is always involved starvation too. The misery of the people make him react. However, awareness of this gross authoritarian mania they had the system of absolute monarchy that time (Pluto in Capricorn) and led the revolution was the work of Saturn in Scorpio few years earlier. Since the tax system was ruthlessness and greed of the nobility, were brought as a result of the dissatisfaction of the people-really-was miserable. They did not care how people will survive. Does this remind you of something? The same tax system some time ago, led England to break with her own builds in America and brought the American Revolution.

French Revolution : People killing Aristocrats - 18th century

The personal costs of Marie Antoinette made her famous in history for her greed and vanity. And of course for that version says that when people complained about the bread that had nothing to eat, she thought that there was no reason to fuss. So they could eat cake for instance, so what?! I do not know if it is a real fact, if Marie Antoinette had very bad humor or if her enemies had construct it, to give the final blow to her hated profile. However, the time that Saturn was in Scorpio and being in mutual reception with Pluto in the pockets of angry French people, reached the outrageous reputation, of her monthly spending regarding her personal expenses. The news circulated quickly because chasing them (Uranus in Gemini, the third natural house of communication and transport). Information had been leaked of official costing probably the reactive energy power of the bourgeoisie, who had an interest to abolish the monopoly of the nobility in politics. Any attempt to tax reform, facilitating trade and the improvement of living conditions of the hungry people who pay unreasonable taxes (Saturn in Scorpio),was in  contrary to the interests of the nobles and landowners in that 2% of the plutocracy  that had imposed taxes of extermination

With the help of Uranus in Gemini, the Enlightenment introduced concepts such as equality, individual freedom and justice. Concepts that are based on their top our ideological orientations, as Western civilization. At the mouth of the people entering new phrases containing these concepts and supporting the law feeling of their anger.

Developments in the field of printing, brought a more massive access to the new ideology of good stature in the printed word. The scientific approach and the correctness of logical thought was  the check of that time. Until the French Revolution, the nobles did not trade at all. It was only one pop activity. As was inevitable, this created the powerful bourgeoisie of France that time. Along with the forms of ideological and scientific interest (the forerunner of today’s magazines), circulated and periodicals, catalogs, related to what we now call life style. Probably the Marie Antoinette is the beginning of vanity-priestess of the image. The emphasis on luxury and noble competition with the bourgeoisie (the French word «bourgeois», means: a city dweller, the commoner), deepened the righteous wrath of miserable 98%. In the eyes of the people was the personification of the monster that feeds on the blood of their scarce.

The nobles lived locked in a protocol framework introverted life, while around the newly disseminates ideology of enlightenment by leaps and bounds, the collective sense of direction was suffering from a sad lack of inspired vision. The people suffocating from the suffering and bitterness of frustration. Neptune by the Virgo weakness and the square to Uranus, was muddying the landscape dramatically. The bourgeoisie, hated the nobility and simultaneously imitated of the vulgar greed. Does this sound familiar? Hypocrisy, greed, vulgarity and intrigues of power, is one of the grossest expressions of energy that is highlighted by the position of Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio.

What is interesting is that during the five-month mutual reception in the United States of America established the well-known emblem of the dollar “$”, a coin with a leading role in economic power, until nowadays. Besides, do not forget that U.S. start-ups, consisted primarily of the growing bourgeoisie. Migration of the common people in search of a better life, and brought the desire for democracy. Revolutions are made ​​and the bourgeoisie triumphed. And then? …

The mutual reception of Saturn \ Pluto, nowadays, has infinitely a greater dynamic. The depth of the horizon of influence is far greater than the five months of 1777-1778. More than 2.5 years exercising the fundamentally transformative power. Think about what was happening in the world. What concepts had been  introduced from the enlightenment. These currently suppressed under the same power of “bourgeoisie” that preserves the “Antoinette s” of our own misery. The exercise of power changes only mask, not the face.

Today, the Middle East (Middle East: A cauldron boils with safety valves closed), very similar to the economic interest colonies of England and France. The peoples of the countries of the Middle East do not seem willing to accept their fate, without giving their battles. Control of oil is a top issue, while the financial system, banks, tax and insurance system states, collapsing one after the other. With Uranus in Aries, squaring Pluto in Capricorn, the environment will be anomalous, but will bring a new beginning. However, the sextiles formed by Saturn \ Pluto compatible with the cooperation and participation of the favorable Neptune from the domination of Pisces, ensuring coordinated willingness, strength and courage, the inspiration for a better world (Neptune in Pisces). The western world has now the experience of history. As stated above, the time is moving cyclically and spirally. If everyone is taught by a single pass of Saturn in the horoscope staff, then we should accept a parameter of our collective experience and our ability to design a better future.

Making reductions in our past, we see that the similarities of human needs – mutatis mutandis-kept unchanged. Now is the time when we see around us the conditions created when people are deprived of the bread. The famine mentioned in the previous section. People then came from the recent experience of enlightenment that changed completely ideological, spiritual and cultural image.

In the Western world today, almost 250 years later, the compulsory education and knowledge is just one click of our computer or a few meters from the nearest bookstore, still seems like we come from an endless, medieval obscurantism. The concentration of wealth in a small percentage of the population, unreasonable exercise of authority and survival deadlocks, are still ahead of us. Global scandals, monopolies of specific companies, political intrigues, secret agreements, conspiracy theories, the media and the blatant exploitation of third world countries, under the policy to exterminate them, are proof that the “bourgeoisie” Failed! It seems that Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio, follow a wise juncture mutual reception, which seems to slow while came over on time. Never eliminate, as a society, the remnants of the Code of noble life and still preserve power badges, printed on bags, shoes and clothes. The Parisian hypocrisy, today is the Mecca of the industry that defines our lives. The luxurious carriages pass in front of impoverished peasants from the pestilence, in the same way that people now dine at a restaurant in the garbage bins, some looking for their next meal. But history has shown that such situations of inequality and injustice, never had a happy ending. Something that is being endorsed by the position of Uranus in Aries.

Pluto in Capricorn, as then, so now, highlights the problem of power and guarantees the mutation structure. Saturn in Scorpio then, as seen today, deepens the problem of sharing wealth and brings to light the failure of our financial system. With this mutual reception, the heart of our universal failure beats deafeningly so that everyone could hear the arrhythmia’s. The model of that better world that was designed then, now closes the circle. The nature of the signs and planets, leaves no room for any kind of lightness. The climate will slowly and thoughtfully weighs will seek the resources of experience and knowledge. Till now the negotiable concepts defined then as equality, democracy, justice, freedom and religious tolerance, bent under their impracticable speculative. The redefinition is inevitable.

The almost three years of mutual reception, will not be an easy time. At the site of the world, many things have to be made and certainly will not be all fun. What is gratifying is the aim and our new ability to understand serious political, economic and cultural environment. To find the lost essence of things. It is time destruction and reconstruction. Let’s just hope above everything that we will avoid violence and that if you do use it, it will keep such a measure, which leaves room for reconstruction. We can never be absolutely sure of the type of destructive war material we have accumulated on the planet.

What we have lost,  generously Neptune has given to us from the domination of Pisces, just turn to his benevolence. The wisdom of the universe, even through the most difficult global-planet circumstances, always leave a window with a view, and this time the window is exactly what we are missing. Hope, faith, inspired vision, the brotherhood and the ability of self-sacrifice, self-sacrifice for the common good. Compassion, empathy. No other planetary position in the current astrological scene does not offer this kind of therapeutic solace in our collective chagrin.

We are able to coordinate with this-sulfur-energetic vibration and heal our soul to the refuge of spirituality. Treatment starts from the unit and ultimately expressed in total. At the threshold of the Aquarian age, the gregarious behavior, violence, cruelty, and all failed recipes of the past, is not a wise choice. The problem is there, the depth of our refusal to see it, but we’ll see (Saturn in Scorpio). The “talent” of Neptune to envision the next several years will give meaning to our spiritual direction and we should know that what we envision, forming what we may live. What we envision is  the one that will give meaning to the cooperation of Saturn \ Pluto.

Somewhere here ends my attitude toward this rare mutual reception, though after everything mentioned above, you still have the curiosity of the impact of this global economic situation on a personal level, then you can read the following section, with some basic interpretative guidelines. Even so, find the time to think or make while driving, while performing simple routine activities and through a deepening your associations, give your own interpretation. Identify your personal understanding of the global scene. The in-depth understanding makes astrology, a frivolous pastime, a useful tool.

Saturn and Pluto had formed a sextile aspect on Dec. 26 to 9 degrees,  then will form another one on March 8, 2013 at the 11th degree and for one last time on September 21, 2013 on the eighth degrees. The period around these dates is the one most likely to express positive energy cooperation between the two planets. For those who are concerned with this aspect, i.e. they have their rising ascendant, lights (Moon \ Sun) or personal planets are harmoniously combined, there will be some benefit. For all other power or energy of the useful mutation resulting from the collaboration of the planets in the houses and working on the issues they meet.

March 2013

Mars and Venus transit this month through the zodiac sign of Pisces and the positive aspects will be shaped with Saturn and Pluto will be the main characteristics of March. Mars from the 12 of March and Venus a few days later on the 22 will enter the zodiac sign of Aries and will remain on the same position in April too. That actually means that in March there will be many aspects that will be positive and negative too which means that there will be many challenges and difficulties in the horizon. Generally there will be a kind of emotional turmoil illusions will bring most of you in a predicament while those who will use their intuition in the right way and the usage of reason or will combine both will save situations. The aspects that will take be shaped will allow us to adjust ourselves in the restrictions of the time and the atmosphere that the political and economic leaderships will enforce. Nevertheless, those aspects will help us to be flexible that will be a necessary element in our lives in order to bring the expected positive results, but at the same time there will be some space to express our spontaneity too. With measure and being methodical we can certainly find solutions in order or replace the damages have been occurred recently. On the other hand, Pluto will favor any practical results and realism will finally balance any situations. During the transit of Venus and Mars through Pisces people who have special talents will be favored particularly as also those who are in key-positions and can affect with their power. Hard work during this period can pay you off but anything negative will take place will not change the balances easily.


Venus, will enhance emotional relationships and will replace any damages have been occurred in those have been shaken recently, after all the planet of love will ask you to co-operate and withdraw above all. So, many will try to be flexible and win in matters of love and social progress while others also may see their efforts to be improved as also their conditions of life will mark a particular progress too. The last ten days of the month while Venus will conjunct the Sun and Mars at the beginning of Aries, the disharmony between Pluto will grow more, while the combination of the Full Moon in Libra on the 27 March will mix –up things and then it is possible to see things change, for instance you can see things clear up if there is vagueness and the battle you have given may be now rewarded. The second option is that the destiny may innervated that will mark the end of the obstacles are influencing and hindering any progress of your relationships.

Highlights 2013 March

Details 2013 Mar

Void of Course 2013 Mar

On a political level, March is a month of revelations and since the truth will come on the surface, new chapters will open up. The beginning and the end of March will be marked from intense protests around the world. Accidents will be increased and balances will be overthrow. Conversely, the gathering of the planets Mars, Venus and Mercury between the zodiac sign of Pisces and Aries, which will follow the course of the Sun, is showing the closing of any case are still remaining open. The atmosphere will be argumentative internationally as also things will be stretched enough in the fields of trade, economy and administration. Additionally, there will be agitation in many spots of the planet. Nation leaders will accept blows, the political and economic system will be exposed into serious danger and problems in the European Union will continue to exist. There will be density everywhere that will definitely lead into exhaustion. On the other hand many will be exposed into a variety of dangers while Mercury retrogression during the first fifteen days of March will increased economy problems so many of you will be not able to cover your needs.

As we explained at the beginning of 2013, Saturn in Scorpio will test your physical and psychological tolerance. Generally, there will be indecision and many of you will be led into aggressive behavior and awkwardness as also nervous breakdown.


The international political game will become stronger during this period of time. In fact, everyone may be against all and the main project of discussion will be the production control as also the transport of oil and gas at the geographical object of Mediterranean. The great traditional powers, according to the past, the situation will be not able to be controlled so they will be forced probably to be compromised before it is too late and we really hope so. In front of all these, the repressive attitude against the societies, the limitation of joy and happiness and optimism, will be continued and people will still remain awkward, frozen and dread.

The first ten days of March (1-10 March) the Moon close approach with Mercury retrogression and with Mars in Pisces will be under the sight of Sun. The triple conjunction will provoke density in the human relationships as also regarding the function of the administrative and political system. The Sun will give his excessive influence while the last one will be particularly destructive. Mercury energy however will strengthen it and will make things more dangerous. Old circumstances and cases as also adventures will come on the front demanding to be resolved now.

Lilly Values_March_2013


From the 11-20 March the New moon in Pisces will reconstruct our powers if we are decided to fight in n order to expect better days ahead. Mercury on the 17 will return in his direct course but before that on the 12/3 Mars will enter Aries so  that means the beginning of some negative aspects with Uranus and then with Pluto. The conjunction of Mars and Uranus under the New Moon influence signifies a new wave of anarchy that will underline irrationality between people and will give a new dimension into touchiness that may end up into dramatic incidents.

From the 21-31 of March the Sun will enter the point of Spring Equinox on the 20 March, Mercury direct now and Mars. After the conjunction between Mars and Uranus, there will be a conjunction between Uranus and Mercury and Uranus-Sun. In a few words, density will continue to exist perhaps in a different form, in all levels. After all, the Full Moon at the axis of Aries-Libra on the 27 will signify episodes, unpredictable events, developments and great disruption.


On the 11/3/2013 the New moon will occur at the zodiac sign of Pisces and Venus, will participate with a conjunction, Saturn with a trine and Pluto with a sextile. This New Moon will affect Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius and generally the influences are being predicted to be positive. There will be opportunities all over the world, on an emotional and production level. The events that will take place will give solutions in current problems that of course, will be not long-termed but temporary. It will be good for you now not to make deals and serious agreements, regarding your professional life. Finally, if some plans of yours are being delayed it will be good to be kept as a secret at the moment.


The Full Moon will occur at the axis of Aries-Libra and Venus,Mars,Uranus will participate with an opposition, Jupiter with a trine and Pluto with a square. It will affect the zodiac sign s of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra. And its influence will be catalytic, intense and reforming. So, many professional and personal relationships will be shaken ,many of you may be forced to change attitude, or move into  a new place and environment as also there will be many changes in your schedule. You need to be cautious regarding discussions of any nature, as also driving and usage of machines.

Regarding Greece, March is a month that heralds elections.The conjunction between Mars and Uranus on the spring equinox is placed on the Mid heaven for Greece so it is very possible to have a new government before summertime. When elections will take place we do not exactly know and perhaps it is not so significant except the fact that Pluto is moving between of 10-12 degrees of Capricorn and also shapes an opposition with Saturn and Venus on the horoscope of Greece after Junta combined with its long standing of the transiting Uranus at the 10th house, none of the post war period would remain intact at the end of 2013 and the political landscape of the country will have changed.As stated above, our energy resources are targeted and access to them will be achieved through Israel. A closer approximation of Israel,not only in our country but also in Cyprus, will open the door to American-Israeli interests companies such as Noble Energy,which operates in the eastern Mediterranean.

2013 Tarot Predictions for Zodiac Signs



Aries-2 Pentacles

There will be pleasant changes regarding your love life with the 2 of Pentacles. You will make new acquaintances, you will meet interesting people who will charm you literally, and perhaps you will have to face up a kind of dilemma about who you have to abandon and with who you have to go. Go with the wind, and you path will show you what is the right way or the right path to follow or even better who is the right person for you, if you are single or want to move on with someone else in your lives. The only certain thing is that you will not feel bored but on the contrary  your personal life it is expected to be adventurous enough and your social life very intense. You will conquer many people’s hearts and the opposite. There will be harmonic changes and a variety of choices. There will be many opportunities regarding your career and you will have the chance also to show what you really can do and merit. Everything will change for the better, routine will break and is possible to make two jobs at the same time. However it will be good for you not to focus on money  earnings but give the best of yourselves and invest your love into something is fitting you and is expressing you. If so, then the money  rewards will give you exactly what you need. Try to follow a middle way in issues regarding your health, no matter what you do. Try to schedule your life, give time to yourselves for relaxation, meditation and fun after work. Do not  get at the extremes because this year it will be necessary for you to do many things at the same time. and so you need time to recharge your batteries in order to relax and attain some peace of mind. Harmonize the opposite sides of your personality and you know exactly which pieces are these. The one is wild and tough which also makes you  lose control and go mad. The other side is the generous side of your personality, politeness of your soul and the support you offer to others. Dominate over your passions and anger and anything else that makes you lose control and arm yourselves with creativity and use your power to achieve the impossible. It is like have a flame inside you. Do not use this flame in order to destroy others but warm  yourselves and people around you in order to create a whole world, thanks to your flame.



Taurus-9 Wands

Battle for your victory. You will do everything in order to preserve a  very important relationship in your life and in such way that you may look over-protective, even oppressive at times. How things are going to be developed, depends on you because first of all you have to trust the person you love. Try not to get stressed with every little thing that other person does. Let your loving person relax and express feelings and emotions, give time and space to express freely everything feels for you. On the other hand if you feel that you have worked hard and you have done everything in order to be at the position or have the job  you want. Perhaps there is something more in order to complete this success and get to the top. It is certain that you will succeed. You may feel tired and exhausted but also determined to pick up all your strength and channel this energy into your dreams. You need to let your scars in this world and that also depends on you. Finally, you will need much energy this year in order to afford your responsibilities and you have to be aware of your nutrition, take care of your diet and find time to rest yourselves. If you have  a lot to do at work and feel overloaded this situation might cause you exhaustion so find  a way to strengthen your body and relax your nervous system. Try to sleep well. Put an  end to old attachments and attachments generally. Change you way of life and forget of old habits that have nothing to offer you anymore but on the contrary they  sink you more and more into the bottom. What you call “intimate” or “routine” must be changed from the root. I know it is hard to be done for you but it is necessary to be done in this way. If you  are still living  with someone who does not means anything for you and emotions have been faded or even worst  there is a kind of turmoil or even if there is a job that is not satisfying you anymore and does not let you create now it is time to change this too. The most important for you is to recognize your attachment and forget the phrase” that s what I know and so that is what I trust” or whatever you fear, is new and unknown. Take a step out to the world, take the risk to live.



Gemini-The Magician

Love will play an important role in your life this year and is very possible a new person come into your life awakening  latent emotions were sleeping for long… long time….This new person indeed, seems to bring a magic sensation and perhaps you may feel that you live again your teenage years and also you may want to start your life from the beginning. Let emotions of adventure carry you away and dare to express feelings and ideas that will be born now and are completely new to you. On the other hand, your career will be at the zenith as also circumstances will allow you to take advantage of your talents in a huge grade. That means that there will be enough opportunities that you have to take advantage of but also create immediately, alone new circumstances for something new that will be also very important regarding the way you will handle a few words, it is in your hands to manage all you want because you just simply have the tools and abilities of a magician! This year still wants to be on the top and take the right initial ties .Finally, regarding your health and particularly health problems are being connected to the past, this year will find its solution while also you will have the perspectives to find the right therapy for you. Generally, your mood will be good enough and your vitality high. Start to show off your feelings without fear and stop thinking that something terrible will occur. Drop your resistances and stop fantasizing. Allow yourselves to enjoy life and your success. You can certainly communicate with many ways except your brain. Repressing emotions will create some polarity that often express and so  that is because there are misunderstandings and others do not understand how much you love them. Others think that you will not hurt if  the will abandon you. Do not let them doubt but offer them love.




Cancer-The Hanged Man

There will be many ups and downs in your love life this year and the reason will be because your moods will swing constantly and change and that will make you particularly sensitive. This behavior will make you literally hook yourselves over your mate and sometimes you will become more reserved. Some of you will be not able to decide if they want to continue with their existing relationships or if you are going to end your current one. Be sure that you have to be clear regarding your wants and needs because in this way you will make others suffering too. However, you will have to ask for the same from others too. Perhaps ,you may feel that you sacrifice yourselves but be sure that it worth’s to be with the other person. Regarding your career you have to examine carefully what you have now, you have to examine carefully your co-operations and obtain a clearer opinion about what is really going on. Perhaps someone is not so honest with you and you have to clear up the situation. You have also to be very cautious with deals of every nature and contracts and the same involves regarding the way you handle your finances too. Do not trust easily others and do not confuse your love life with your money. Trust of your strong intuition and believe more in yourselves. Regarding your health, you need to tone more of your mood and generally enhance of your psychological moods. Do what it is necessary or what is possible to be more optimistic because this factor will be very important for you all through the year. In fact this is a critical year for you where changes must be continued in order to succeed. Do not block of your own luck. Being afraid of failure because you are just attracting of it. You are attracting exactly what you are afraid and stop worrying about everything. Then, better days will come for you, believe me. Visualize and think what is good for you. Make your choices based on your likes and wishes and you believe you need and it will be given to you. Then the best will come for you. During this period your energy will be enhanced and you will be able consciously or unconsciously to affect your life in the way you want. Do not rush about the results. Enjoy your journey and do not rush to get in your target. Everything will happen on time, but leave your fears behind.



Leo-8 Pentacles

You have to work hard regarding your relationships and now perhaps you need to put aside of your Leo ego-eccentrics’ and give more significance into what others need next to you or make greater efforts in order to have someone you are interested. In any case, the only way to get favored in your relationships this year, is to see  them as an exercise or learning where your main target is to offer without caring too much what you will take back. And then all your wishes will start to be accomplished. Regarding your career, a new opportunity is coming for you. It could be a new job or education that is being connected to your career. Now you will put the foundations in order to bear the fruits later. Now you need to work hard without expecting to get recognized or get to the top. This will come later for you. You will get joy from the procedure of your work, being cautious with details, however this and work will give you what you need later on. The same is about your finances. Be patient because now you are just working for your future. Regarding your health be cautious regarding details too. Take care of yourselves and find time to rest and relax. Improve of your nutrition and do not be excessive. Finally, try not to get stressed. Do what your  heart desires, based on your intuition and feelings, if you meet someone for the first time. Go with the wind but it is not necessary always to get the initially and be in action. Become more receptive and allow yourselves to relax. Take care of you and others around you. Connect with the world through compassion and reception. It is time for your therapy and you will do that by giving love and care. There will be therapy in all kind of levels and mainly in your roots.




Virgo-5 Wands

Try not to transfer the density of your professional life into your personal life and guard your present relationship. Do not let  third people interfere in your personal life even if these people are family members or friends you trust. It is time to be proved if  the passion you have inside you it will end up to be creative or destructive. You will be tempted to play power games often but try to avoid such. On the other hand, try to low own the volume of your voice as much as you can and this kind of procedure will make you more mature. Regarding your career your ambitions will be great and antagonism will be intense too and this situation will make you raise the level of  your work and finally will also improve of your economic situation too. This will also provoke some who will also is possible to react against your progress and success. On the other hand it is possible to experience disagreements with people from your working environment. It is being demanded for you to stand up on your height, fight hard and support what is yours. Forget stress from your life and keep your heart clear from worries and negative projections, regarding your health. Try to focus on positive things and finally strengthen of your defense system. You will become more mature emotionally. This is what will happen to you and this is what must happen to you this year because you have let yourselves still believe that you are still in adolescence and that you have every right in mood swings. Now this illusion will be dissolved and the nice things will be that you will want to do so. You have understand that in order to have progress and proceed and take you more seriously you have to stop self-pettiness as soon as possible. In this way only, you will be completed as persons and make also more completed relationships that will be based on harmony and not in antagonism. Stop being alone and start sharing with others.



Libra-The Strength

Passion and love will knock  your door and if you are free birds, most of you will find the other half in your life except if your personal horoscope is not allowing it. Wonderful romantic moments will wait for you where love will be combined with your erotic moods and then you will want more to formalize of your relationship. This will be a time of fertility and love attraction. On the other hand your mate will do everything in order to prove how much loves you practically and show you how much important your relationship is. Now you will able to make the moves you want and fix up your daily personal life in the way you want. Regarding your career and work ,you will be able to see beyond in order to afford any difficulties may appear. Your politeness and harmony will help you now to conquer difficult targets and win more materialistic rewards. This period demands militancy and soul superiority. Your environment will favor you and you will manage to be distinguished and win against your enemies. It is  very possible for a leadership position be given to you and others rely on you. Great success. Regarding your health will be good enou8hg and vitality will be absolutely healthy. You may start to gym your bodies and strengthen  of your muscle system and also strengthen of your circulations system. Eat alkaline food and do not eat too much meat on a daily base. Try to handled others but do not let others manipulate you. Manipulation may be done  through money, with emotions or in any way others may impose power on you but you can also do the same with a more quiet way. Stop sticking yourselves literally on things that you believe are giving you security and fight hard in order to control people that you share your life with. Free your mind and spirit from the worry that something may happen and so you have to be prepared with your wallet filled with money, just in case…Instead of saving money with agony, you better enjoy your relationship and generally your lives and connection with others. Do not become greedy regarding money and emotions. The real plentyness is in sharing. If you share a lot then you will have more.



Scorpio-The Devil

A powerful love will appear to you, a kind of love that will awaken forgotten emotions. You will come face to face with the darkest and most passionate side of your personality and this will help you  finally dominate over your invisible side that has to do with control, manipulation and dependence that you allow to feel every time you decide to give your souls. Stay away from hidden and weird situations and get rid of the idea that if there is love there must be dependence too and addiction. The real love is freedom. On a professional and materialistic level things will be improved as also financially too. Of you course you need to stop being obsessed with the running after  power and strength but if you love your job for instance, just do it with love. Do not let others to manipulate you and do not manipulate others too. Use of your intuition and flexibility while also your ability to clear up the situations. A very important position will make you distinguish and give you more power. Regarding your health, you will get rid of the last addictions that have left in your life. That is being connected with your life levels and that will bring renewal and cleansing. Self-control is the key-word. Fall in love. Let your spirit free and fall in love with a different way than you used to do. See things further and then you will understand the difference. Do not identify yourselves with your desires and do not let your “wants” command you. Your motto should be “freedom”. For  instance you may think in this way: «It would be nice if that will happening to me” and thinking in this way:” That must absolutely happening to me». Do not be attached to anything at all. Do not have any expectations. Let the flow of life lead you without projecting résistance. Whatever will be, will be. Nevertheless try to renew yourselves and be more beautiful. Falling in love, you have first to fall in love with yourselves.



Sagittarius-The Wheel of Fortune

Things will be developed very fast with the person you want and desire to be with and in a very successful way. Now you will take things in your hand and you will become more dominating over your fortune. You will have the power to change what you do not like and being liberated by what is keeping  you at the same point. A new cycle will begin for you in your love life and a new acquaintance will make you more enthusiastic and will certainly carry you away. If you are in a relationship already, you will see that being transformed and things will move ahead in a high speed and get more serious. Happiness is literally out of your door. Luck will be on your side, regarding your work and career issues and you will be rewarded for everything good you have done in the past. It will be something like a karmic completion and you will see your dreams come true and unbelievable things happening in your life. New offers will come up through creative work, you will be more independent and your finances will be significantly being improved. You will feel renewal and change to the belter. A new cycle will be completed successfully and another one will begin. There will be movement, traveling, studied and teaching but also there will be material and ethical rewards too. However, regarding your health, good life and success may carry you away in excess and it will be more balanced for you to follow the measure in everything. Be cautious regarding your nutrition and do not take additional pounds and try to exercise yourselves as much as you can. Life will take you ahead so do not stand for a minute. Go ahead, talk, communicate, surprise people, arouse others with your ideas and thoughts  with your sharp mind. Stand up and support of your beliefs. Make your ideas action, work on the data you have with reason and analyze the situation objectively. However try not underestimate others abilities or yours. Be cautious how you use your speech. Do not launch sharp words left and right because you can handle and use them in a better way. Do not say anything that comes in your mind, try to control of this and choose what you are going to tell and to whom. Finally do not forget to give love and time to others and yourselves.



Capricorn-8 Wands

You will get feathers and fly high on the sky! This could mean that there will be distance between you and the person you love, because one of you lives far away or you may meet someone in a different country, on a trip that will definitely fascinate you. Eagerness will be great and spiritual as also psychological mutuality between you and the person will awake emotions that will inspire you. You will feel that you find your soul mate. Everything will be developed so fast and in such a way that you be led in a new phase in your life. Regarding your career, now you will be free to go ahead, to mobilize yourselves and apply your ideas with dare and confidence. Things will be developed faster and  there will be intense activity and communication with new people, perhaps from abroad. You will be constantly on the move, you will broaden your minds and there will be professional success and growth. It is the time that everything will move with high velocity and you will accomplish  of your targets without setbacks and delays. There will be a sense of unity inside you, between the direction and the target you have put in your life. Regarding your health, try not to look back in the past not even for  a moment because this will have serious consequences in your psychological health, just move ahead. Are you thirsty for power and material success? This year you will be distinguished for many things, things that you desired for long time now but the way you approach things must be changed. Your attachment to material things, your obsession with money and your fear not to lose your savings, looks like a religious attachment but it is time to cut your greediness from the root. If you are interested to live  a life where your relationship with yourselves and others will be based on mutual love and not on the need for materialism and emotional profits  then you will be reborn. Think well and do what it is necessary.



Aquarius-3 Pentacles

Now you will set new foundations regarding your professional life and perhaps you will not have time and luxury to get busy with your personal life. However it will be good for you not to be isolated completely from those you love and love you. Things on the other hand will be more positive if you have a relationship and also there is a possibility to make  a child too. If you are single, your professional environment will bring you a person that will absolutely charm you and share also the same interests. Regarding your career something bigger is expecting you. There will be a project that you have to dedicate yourselves, love, time and temperament and perhaps your entire soul. And that is something you will not do just for money. You will create something  that is expressing you and you will be passionate for it. Some perhaps may put you work on a project because your abilities and talent have already convince them. Now you will be able to combine inspiration, skills and make the necessary efforts to do something that will last in a long-term and will also attract the interest. Regarding your health, you are going to have good results from a treatment you follow or from alternative methods. The year is being indicated for fast and cleansing generally. If you have taken  any extra pounds you will lose them. The freedom and independence you beam is  the greatest source of your charm. You are a free spirit, pioneer and there is something particular in your mind. Your greatest care is your spiritual development and solidarity and you always run to help and offer what it is necessary and more than that. Your relationship with money and materialism are not particularly occupying you and you are able even to give your last money if someone will ask you. But things will be changed. You need to be redefine your relationship with money and materialism while abundance now will get into your life and you have to handle things properly. Do not mix your money with your emotional life and do not let others or family members get involved with them.



Pisces-Ace of Wands

A love-fire is on your path that will arouse you completely and will fill you with strong heartbeats and teenage enthusiasm. You will have so much charm that you will fascinate others and everyone on your passage and the only thing you have to do is just to choose the person that will make you feel conquer the whole world. Middle situations will be not for you this year because you will want all or nothing at all. The most important for you will be to experience feelings and joy that love will offer you in all its greatness instead of a compatible and daily relationship. Just live the experience and adventure. Regarding your career now, the secret is that you will continue to do what you do with passion, dare and enthusiasm. Follow of your inspiration and dare to set your plans in action, something you desire too much without care if you will be immediately get rewarded for it. Your creativity will be high and will also lead you in very interesting paths. It is very possible also to obtain a new job or being experimented with a new one into a new direction. You will be recognized for your work and you will be in a position to choose if you want to continue do what you used to do till now or change direction. Regarding your health your energy will be at the zenith, vitality and strength will be high so what you have to be aware this year is not be excessive because of passion and impulsiveness. Put limits and do not let your emotions and appetites being manipulated from others. This will provoke loss of energy and you will mix things in your relationships. Say what you have to say, use the strength of  speech and reason and put in order all you feel any situation. Keep the distance for some time in order to realize really what is going on and see things objectively and do not participate if you will not be asked to or anyone will may asked you to do this. Perhaps, you may want to help but be sure that you will not spend your life running left and right, losing yourselves because of others desires. This year, it is time for you to be more practical regarding your own life. Stop being identified and obtain your own identity.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

In 2000 I had write some observations on my first computer regarding the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn. This conjunction was occurred then in the zodiac sign of Taurus and with her consequences would seal the next twenty years and will affect seriously the economical-political structures but also our private lives too.

So, I find my old notes and I thought that it would be nice after 12 years to re-write these transcripts on my blog now. First of all, neither Saturn of Jupiter, belong to the cycle of out- Saturnian planets but they belong in those who were recently founded. That means that both of them were known from the beginning of astrology as it is putted since the years of Middle Eastern civilizations. We can think in some way how the conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn were fantasizing in the eyes of individuals since those two were consisting the upper limit of the universe was stretching out. For this reason, these conjunctions with the Moon cycle were suggesting the main subject of global astrology till the discovery of the out-Saturnian celestial bodies. Someone may conclude that it had been collected huge experience and wisdom from the researchers of the time for the specific phenomenon though the passage of the is necessary to add here that this conjunction, because its high frequency of appearance, is also affecting not only our personal charts but the global planet chart too.


The picture of the cycle in another cycle is being enhanced from the incident that through the course of the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn do not exist in all planet conjunctions with the same density and power. Some of them are just the top spots of a bigger cycle of 2000 years and these are named Royal conjunctions. Such a conjunction was occurred about 200 years ago and consequently it was about time to occur in our times too. This conjunction is being connected immediately with the Christ Birth as I will analyze in the next few paragraphs.

Beyond Christ birth another important event was the birth of Moameth, the founder of Islamism, who came in this world under the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in 570AC.On the other hand, the year 1156, with the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, it is considered to be a year milestone for Europe’s spiritual life, while after this date it seems to get into a period of fanaticism that will be stigmatized from the activity of Holly Acquisition that will sink in the deep darkness the entire Europe. The end of this period and the beginning of Renaissance in Arts and Literature, the well-known “Kouatrotsento”, but also the change from a closed economy of Middle Ages in a more free market of the new era, these are being beckoned from the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, in 1484.Finally, the phenomenon itself in 1643 defined the last phase of a 30 –year war, which divided Europe in Catholics and protestants.

But what this conjunction may bring generally and what we should expect from this conjunction? First of all, we should not forget that both planets when come in conjunction, both have a royal nature. So, the ones demands and requests may enhance the others demands. It is mentioned from older researchers that Saturn, the great dominator of political power and administration may come into a deal with Jupiter, who is the great distributor of the earthly goods, with flexible nature, an aristocratic but also who is a very excellent jurist. In this case, as it is expected we observe very positive developments in all levels and sectors of our lives, for instance, administration, politics, the economy of a nation, everything should go better.

Everything is working properly as a clock, hierarchy is not being threatened or violated, laws and the order are not oppressing anyone at all. Justice is working fairly. Such a picture of course, is only in fairy tales or it is a kind of a political utopia- the ideal ruling country and government- that the ancient philosophers of Greek antiquity created of those of the Renaissance and Enlightenment. In fact, we can tell that this aspect showed her positive results only once or not so many times. But only once it could be enough to change the entire world for good.

For the same reason the positive traits of the conjunction may bring the other side of the coin, which is the negative side of the connection and certainly we are much more accustomed to live with it. However, this conjunction should not be so strange for us for these reasons. The one has to do with the main characteristic of the planets are joining, in a definite manner, energy and direction. Jupiter is about growth, is pushing the limits out, and is pushing people to expand their space, to enlarge their dominion. It endorses and rewards, is generous and is offering material goods. On the other hand, Saturn is completely the opposite, is setting limits. He is conservative and his motion is inwards and not outwards. The cycle of activity is being limited. Is always looking inwards and is reacting in slow rhythms, applying hard criticism and teaching again and again the same lesson until this will become completely understood. So, the one planet is fighting against the other bringing on the surface the phenomenon of the expansion and contraction.

On a worldwide level, Saturn is ruling economics and politics so it is self-understood that the interweaving is expected, no matter if the activity limits of each planet are distinct, the expression of conflicts is inevitable while such conjunction will have a negative influence. Clemency is not known to Saturn so he is imposing it on Jupiter in this way and he is leading things into political dead ends. So poverty, economic crisis, the lack of understanding and tolerance are inevitable. People are moving without thinking following orders blindly. There are uprisings and unrest in every activity level is being connected to the center of decisions and power but also in a diplomatic level too. The market and banks are not having their best time under such cruel influence of the specific conjunction. Others researchers mostly perceive of consequences of the conjunction over the masses. So, they claim that the conjunction is responsible for unemployment and oppressive political power over people. Other experts are underlying, among others, the importance of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in economical scandals.

In general lines, according to other astrologer’s indications, it should not be so weird to us a deep change in religion matters or a radical change in the area of ideas and spirit or in education and legislation.

The Royal conjunction the 7 B.C. was in Pisces and there was also Jesus birth too. Pisces is about philanthropy, mysticism, self-sacrifice, visions and treason. It is very difficult to understand all the influences of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction but certainly we record as many events we can in order to understand much more though the times. That is one reason, we always go back in time every time something important is happening, and we do the research and try to realize what is happening or what will happen. But how the conjunction is being connected to Jesus birth? From our sources the only astrological phenomenon we know, is the star of Bethlehem which helped and lead the Magus to Jesus. The star is one of the most important symbols of Christ’s birth. We can meet this phenomenon in every kind of narration is being connected to Jesus on earth. In the Gospel and in other manuscripts of Middle Ages or stories we tell to the children during the Christmas days.

There is always a small shining star over our Christmas trees and manger. All these narrations and Christmas celebrations are being accompanied by the information that the star was shown by only three Magus from Persia who ran to find the right spot of the birth. Many astrologers and astronomers d tried to clarify this mystery and go beyond the recorded miracle in the sky, as we know it. What this star really was? Who were these people from Persia? How they learned about the spot and how they really get there? Our interpretation is not excluding the divine plan, which had defined to conjunct the planet meeting with the birth of our Savior. But, it contains the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn the planet cycles that we have referred from the beginning of this article. The first issue we have to look at is the nature of the nature of the star.

Which one of the celestial bodies could be closer to the planet that time and shine for such long time, so the Persian magicians travel always and get to the right spot and additionally understand its significance. All this procedure needed to be prepared for months and one star or comet alone could not shine for too long. Perhaps we have misunderstood the word “star” here…Indeed, it is very possible the evangelists to use this word to refer in any star in the sky or celestial phenomenon, since they had no astronomy or astrology knowledge, like magicians had, who were astrologers of the time and realized through astrology the coming of Messiah. So our research must be turned into different directions and ask for a greater planet event who might occurred near to the Jesus Christ birth. Such an event was the conjunction of the 7 B.C. between Jupiter and Conjunction, which is a royal conjunction too, and extraordinarily important regarding its energy which lasted for about 8[9 months. The two planets approached the one the other during the period of Pisces, there times.

The specificity of this conjunction is justifying the fact, which the star sometimes could be seen but sometimes was not visible. When the planets were coming into a conjunction, the phenomenon was visible, when the two planets were separating, then the phenomenon was invisible. With this explanation, a  new question is being created regarding date. Jesus Christ, according to the calendar system which defined in 533  A. C. during the time of Justinian, he was born in 1 year and not in the year 7 B.C. as is being proved from the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn. The astrological research independently from the historical one has been proved that the great divergence from the date of 533 considered the year 1 as the real time-birth of Jesus. The combination of the historical facts are being mentioned in the Gospel with the information we have from further sources (Octavian’s royalty, Herod’s death, Augustus census, Tiberius Royalty, the non-calculation of 0 year) are ending in the fact that Jesus is born between the 8 and the 6 B.C. regarding the calculating calendar system that was demarcated during Justinian’s times and not in the year 1.

Typically, we should not have another conjunction of the planets which connected immediately and so catalytically with the appearance of an event with such reflection beyond the narrow limits of a society or an era. Jesus birth, the new King (Jupiter) under the protection and the seriousness of Saturn, in a conjunction which was occurred at the zodiac sign of Pisces, proclaimed the contributing presence of Jesus Christ in the world, his self-sacrifice, his love for humanity but also treason against him and upon faith. With he same way it is clear, a new spiritual vision is being announced (Pisces) to the world, a vision of love and peace, which is also the total spiritual reason of Pisces era.

The trends of the conjunctions we are interested have to do with the modern world which begins from 1842 with the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn (power, prestige, governments, organizations).Then we have the beginning of a new cycle at the zodiac sign of earth and in this way a period in the history of humanity, mainly in politics and economics, characterized by a trend for practicality and imposition, attachment in materialistic values and earth annexations and soil claiming (Jupiter).

Anew time era of political claiming also begins two opposite issues too which is the national independence and the autonomy of populations and the other is the mood for extension and soil annexation for the creation of spectacular empires. The changes regarding borders, for the creation of empires, under the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn and with the perfectly attuned activity of a very powerful conjunction between Neptune (borders, visions) and Uranus (revolt) in Capricorn in 1821, taking a different dimension and the meaning of nationality is being connected closely with that one of soil expansion in a relation, one by one. Every nation, must live in a  country, in a exact area defined by the bordering lines and in every state organization must corresponds one only population united ethnologically. This connection of inattentive meanings with the fragmented along at land border, with the land itself, is a result of the conjunction Jupiter- Saturn in zodiac signs of earth (practicality, earthling).

If we will consider the economic developments of this period that generally we can see in their total a kind of earthling that brought this cycle of Jupiter-Saturn, theoretically and practically. Even if practical ideas and theories came in contradiction, issues take a more practical form anyway. Like in the past centuries, they were not talking only for abstract ideas, mixing the divine theories with cosmic matters, but for specific ways which the economic and political developments would grow in reality.1842=Jupiter-Saturn=Revolutions and Peace.Capricorn- (government, system, power, image, conservatism, revolt, restriction.)

So, let us see closer some of the most important conjunctions of this cycle, starting from the first conjunction in Capricorn ,in 1842.At first, it seems to be a very positive aspect since a negative one was not following it and her activity at some point was catalytic enough. In fact, this conjunction mobilized powers that did not conveyed immediately but in a later phase of this cycle Jupiter-Saturn.

The consequences of the conjunction were immediate in the case of China. In 1842, the Opium War is being terminated which begun for economic reasons (Jupiter) against the British Empire and with the victory of the last one. This event had a great significance for Chinese. On an economical level (Jupiter) are losing (Saturn) their command (Capricorn) in Hong-Kong and in other five ports, that they forced to give in British (expansion=Jupiter).On a political level,(Saturn) a substantial demise begins as also the collapse of the Chinese Empire which was weak enough to concept the meaning of the new era.

The economic blow of Ireland,(Jupiter),that encountered in 1845,perhaps the most frightening lack of wheat in history (lack of wheat=Saturn/wheat=Capricorn/land)The economical crisis (Jupiter and Saturn) of this country lead to mass immigration in America, and in an ideological turn, which is one of the most important characteristics of the conjunctions we study, with the manifest of intense frustration to the British empire while the oppressive regimes are being enhanced by the conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn in matters of power.

In general Europe, this conjunction in a co-operation with Uranus-Pluto (revolution0-rebirth) in Capricorn, pushed the masses in great philosophical and ideological  radical changes and reconstructions, pushing into more democratic positions by creating revolutionary movements of 1848,that shake the foundations of Europe for good, resulting to the  proclamation of the Second Democracy in France. After all, the fall of the last one four years later, in the middle of the cycle Jupiter-Saturn- was a product of this  of the conjunction itself, and as always give expansion (Jupiter) and then take it back (Saturn) promising a different kind of rule (Capricorn).Finally, this period passed away with peace and economic developments and progress (Jupiter). 1921=Jupiter/saturnine Virgo=serious problems=Virgo=health, social charity, clearness, practicality, labor, scientific research, detail.

The year of 1921, is being characterized one more time from the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn and is the beginning of the greatest economic crisis that manifested in 1929, known as the Great Crash, at the market of New York. For many economologists even now, it is very difficult to tell the reasons that lead them into this situation. But if we will see the developments through the prism of astrology, we will realize things better how this occurred. Historians of economy are tracking down the beginning of this situation by the end of the A World war. Then it was created a imbalanced development of industry and agriculture, reinvestment of profits in the market and industry, without simultaneously, to be increased the capacity of absorption. Who else can hide behind such a development, if not Jupiter with his expansion ability and with his drift to push people in greater and more daring openings-usually unthoughtful and not reasonable- and on the other hand, Saturn lurking for punishment the unthoughtful people and limit the Jupiter wealth.

The same conjunction stood particularly negative for Greece too. Let us see in which way. Already since 1818,Greece was in a war with the Ottoman Empire, aiming  in the freedom of brothers Greeks who were living in the Minor Asia. The arrival of the Greek army in Smyrna and their march in the inner was a real triumph. But in 1921, at the year of the conjunction, we already examine, the scene is constantly being transformed. After the elections, the political leadership of the country is changing (Saturn) Venizelos is losing, and Konstantin returns from exile (Jupiter).The European allies are signing contracts of economical nature 9Jupiter) with Kemal, something that consists a blow regarding the diplomatic position of Greece (Jupiter).

In a few words, we might say that the conjunction pushed the developments in a political path mostly (Saturn) and not military, as it was till then, giving greater emphasize at the economical factor (Jupiter).Till the summer of 1921 the terms of war, had substantially reversed and Turks had taken definitely the total control of the situation in their hands. Small steps were separating us from the destruction of the Moor Asia and uprooting of the Greeks of the Minor Asia, with Saturn proclaiming and predicting the limit and shrunk of Hellenism.


Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus=war expansion=Taurus=earth, security, stability, occupation, realism, beauty, economical and emotional conquests, labor.

The conjunction of 1940/41 brought to a dramatic point the collision in Europe and lead to expansion (Jupiter) of the war of Germany against other European countries. While till then the situation was restricted in specific fronts, where Germany, seemed to be invincible, that date, and under the influence of  the conjunction, the attacking country expanded her activity (Russia and America) and the countdown started for her, and lead into new developments with the contribution of the conjunction Saturn-Uranus in 1942.

1961: Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn=International density=Capricorn=governments, power, conservatism, restriction, establishment.

The conjunction regarding her political action is shaking for good, initially, the national waters, with the contradiction between USA-Russia, regarding the future of Cuba. Fidel Castro is improving his relationships with Russia, regarding his politics, while the fresh –elected American president John Kennedy is trying to take her out of this influence, with the arrival of American army at the Cuban Bay of Pigs, an operation which is ending up in fiasco and is leading USA in a diplomatic conviction.

The density between the two political systems under the influence of the conjunction Jupiter-Saturn, will be heightened for once more in history, in Berlin, the city which was divided in East and West already from by the end of Second World war. Compressions in the eastern Berlin are many and intense enough and with every chance its inhabitants are escaping asking for political asylum at the western section. That is extending the control measures and repression at the eastern part of the city (Saturn).The climax is coming during the summer of 1961 with the unanticipated rise of the wall which excluded the eastern part from the rest of the city, capturing the inhabitants in a repressive regime almost for the next 30 years.

Two years after this conjunction the great after-war hope of America for a better world, as it is expressed at the face of  the president John F Kennedy, is being completely deleted when the last one is being assassinated. It was an event that shocked the entire planet for good. America wails for the great loss. This death is coming to be added at the macabre chain of president death of USA which is being connected to the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn and are taking place in a short time after it. We observe at this point, that the dates of election and death of some presidents are immediately being connected with the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn. In 1865, four years after the conjunction of 1861 in Virgo, Abraham Lincoln is being assassinated too. In 1881, at the same year with the conjunction in Taurus, Allan Garfield is falling dead too on the ground. The same fate has William McKinley in 1901, when the conjunction takes place in Capricorn. Reagan escaped from this conjunction by the attempt of his assassination in 1981 which conjuncts with another meeting of these two planets.


1980-81=Jupiter-Saturn in Libra= a turn to a different political direction=Libra=relationships/alliances, agreements, war and peace, justice, beauty, harmony, marriages, publicity.

In 1981 Jupiter and Saturn will meet at the zodiac sign of Libra promoting impressive changes at the global economic and political map. First of all, there is a change of governance and a choice of different political systems in many of the protagonist countries of our planet.

Just a little bit before the conjunction will occur  Ronald Reagan is being elected in USA. That meant a change of style regarding the way the institution of presidency was confronted. Instead of realists professional politicians, in the power came someone from the world of Art, an ex-actor (publicity of Libra).At the same time this election showed the general turn of the country to conservatism (Saturn).So it was about a radical change of thinking and pose of life of the Americans, something that is usually happen with the combination of Jupiter-Saturn. This trend was expressed in different levels of life and thinking of Americans and then it was perfused all over the world for the next few years. The world of conservatives reached the whole world though the soap –operas of Dallas and Dynasty, as consuming standards.

But what really meant this conjunction regarding the economical state of this country. First of all, it meant the reduction of taxes to the 1/3 and the dramatic increase of the investments in equipment. The Cold war was entering in a new phase the latter, however proved to be, with the most cutting edge “The Star wars», with different words the equipment of  space technology.

The change took in political and in ideology took completely a diverse direction in the European Continent. France, Greece and a little bit later Spain are winning for the first time the elections, the socialistic parties. This turn, was an indication of our detachment from oblate ideas, a trend which will be expressed through state changes and the voting of new laws (Jupiter) in these countries. At the same time with these changes, the conjunction of 1980/1 is preparing the ground for powerful shakings of the conjunctions that would take place in 1988/9 is giving the trigger for the beginning of the Communism fall.


Here, perhaps there is also the cause regarding the upsurge of Islam power all over the world. The Islam is being represented from Saturn and the conjunction of this planet with Jupiter is giving to religion the capacity of growth and expansion. Many Afro-Americans, as also members of the international artistic world are turned again in this religion. It is also very stern the fact, that the increase of Islam influence in the Middle east, and North Africa where we see the creation of movements or fundamentalistic parties, particularly fanatic, in order to take the power and impose the religion principle over the cosmic one.

People of power in every level, and much more in politics and economy are facing up greater dangers from the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn. From the one side, Jupiter, are their natural protector and regulator and is pushing them to live their greatness, making them sometimes bold enough and thoughtless. On the other hand, Saturn is ready to limit this joy, even sometimes their lives too. So, a few months after Reagan elected is falling at he target of a psychopath murderer but finally managed to escape of his own death. Two months later, the pope John Paul the second, is also accepting a failing assassination attempt by a fanatic Muslim from turkey. Sadat, president of Egypt, did not have the same fate with the others above, while he is also being assassinated, by accepting shots against him during the military parade in Cairo.

The same bad luck a few months before, an extraordinary personality from the rock music, John Lennon is also being assassinated by his paranoic fan in New York. Regarding the personal life of each person, the zodiac sign of Taurus is dominating a house of his life. This house will suffer the expected changes or developments. Of course, assassinations, is an exceptional chapter in astrology and next time we will write an article for John Lennon assassination which deserves the attention of astrologers.

And I will add the last ones now in this article, another Grand Conjunction cycle begun in May 2000 reaches its three oppositions between May 2010 and March 2011. This period marked, of course the turning point of the current global economic crisis, and which is also producing breakthroughs in international political impasses. When forming the Jupiter–Saturn opposition for the Israeli capital, Jerusalem, Uranus conjoins the MC and the rising degree is 13° Cancer, the degree of the U.S. Sun.

The 12 Planets

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December 2012

The main characteristic of December, beyond the most discussed date of 21 /12/2012 and the alignment of the Sun with the Galactic center, which is mostly an astronomical incident rather than an astrological one, is the course of Mars through Capricorn who will meet Pluto by the end of November squaring Uranus in Aries. His stay till the 26 of December in Capricorn will provoke sad events and density. This conjunction will be not pleasant at all. This conjunction brought the last three years enough difficulties to the entire world. The last ten days will be consisted as a hub for a month full of challenges. It will be given a new dimension regarding the social, economic and political developments at the dawn of the New Year. The conjunction of Mars-Pluto in disharmonic aspect with Uranus will maintain with persistence the upheaval in social-political issues; will press the masses more while our living needs will remain uncovered.

The first aspect is sadness, test and the effort for truce and the other one will show weakness and reaction. What will happen will be shown on the next few months. The influence of the November total solar eclipse in Scorpio will last for about 8 months and the lunar eclipse in Gemini influence will last for 4 months. It seems that in December events will run with unbelievable rhythms and the one event will succeed the other, preserving the unbelievable chaos. During period of pressure, like this one, incidents will be more and important events will take place. Mayas had a cyclic perception about time, and their prophecies are based on the specific perception. The truth is that the last few years the sensation of time has changed. Earth frequency, during the last few years has been increased impressively. Even though it can be different between geographical points the general counting till the last couple of years had reached the 7 cycles per second. Since the summer of 2010, the number of cycles was increased amazingly and the maximum of it ,is 13 cycles. It is being calculated that the velocity will continue to be increased in 2013 and will be decreased after the summer of 2014 or at the beginning of the year 2015.The last fall, we can say that gradually most peoples targets seems to be impossible as also many needs remain uncovered and social relationships are being shaken constantly. December will be an episodic month and we really mean it and very intense for many people. We are approaching the legendary date of 21 of December. People will not be destroyed but incidents will occur will lastly force us to act rationally, with foresight, measure using our practical spirit more. We should then avoid collisions with opponents and enemies because reaction will strengthen the pressure under the impact of revolutionary and the belligerents of Sagittarius while this will be accompanied from the influence of November eclipses but also by a rare combination of asteroids. We should move flexibly and use our energy and capacities in order to enhance our defense. This period will be full of political resentments and propagandas, against the Nations as also in social teams that are targeting in the fear of punishment and denial. In this case, we should be more cautious not be stayed from fanaticism and extreme emotions.

Regarding the 21 /12/2012,as I had write before in previous articles will be the peak of spiritual awakening and cleansing in all levels for a new beginning. And not writing of same details you have read thousands of times during this year, some really talked about alignment of the planets that in reality there will be no such an event, at least on the specific date. NASA confirms that not even the axis the earth will be moved but also there are no indications regarding the relocation of the magnetic field, as it happens every half million years .Additionally, the earth will not cross the center of our galaxy.

It is known that every December the Sun and the Earth are being aligned at the center of our galaxy, which is happening every year and certainly it is not destroying the planet earth. There will be no solar storms, not comets that will collide with our planet. Why so much fuss around this issue?



solar eruprtion 2012



People were always being afraid and when this is happening it is easier to be manipulated more easily. Perhaps some people have something to win by disorienting population in order not to get busy with their daily lives but they like to shatter terror and fear as also superstitions, weakening others and be more sensitive with such information and make them feel completely incapable and useless.


On an energy level, number 11,is a number which comes out from the above date and belongs to the dominating numbers. Dominating numbers have greater vibration and dynamic from the others and they attract energy of higher frequency. Number 11 is being called to balance the material and spiritual world and transmit the knowledge for spiritual awakening and the truth of humanity. Regarding the way we will use this vibration, we can go higher or touch the bottom. Of course, all these things will not occur in just one day.2012 was full of important events and expressions in all levels and all sectors of our life. The square of Uranus-Pluto will continue to dominate till we learn well and realize that if we will not change our materialistic approach to the way we exist, we will not be evoluted spiritually. On the 21/12/2012, the Sun will be at the 0 degree of Capricorn which signifies a new dynamic beginning of the new ear on a global level. The sextile between Neptune from Pisces will signal our entrance in a different spiritual path. Saturn on the 8 degree in Scorpio will sextile Pluto from the 8 degree of Capricorn. This degree has a kind of inspiring and noble nature. All this power will function catalytically and may create something very positive and enduring but also may completely destroy it at the same moment if that will not be proved worthy enough of the circumstances. Mars at the 28 degree of Capricorn will give great vitality and energy. Jupiter at the 8th harmonic of Gemini in opposition with Venus at the 7 degree of Sagittarius will provoke over-optimism. The aspect of Saturn-Pluto is indicating a radical change through many events and procedures that can be painful for many people.


The opposition of Neptune-Venus will disorient many people in order to believe in lies and chimaeras and the perhaps some issues will appear regarding water. The Moon, Mercury and Uranus perhaps then will help us create something extraordinary and original and express ourselves with joy but also the way we approach others will change too. There will be gradual spiritual and psychological rebirth for humanity.

The only certain thing is that in 2013 we will be together and the universe will not be destroyed but it will be a very hard year for people’s lives. The actions and decisions from the centers of power will finally give their results in 2013 and in the following years that will come. The next five years, is being predicted to be definite for the continual of the western civilization. It will be scared from many events that will seal the political, social and economic developments of many nations and even the façade of the earth will change too. These five years are underlining a very difficult phase for the psychological balance of people which will be expressed through increased mortality or quit of their efforts. On the other hand, there will be important achievements in science. Saturn in Scorpio, will force us to realize where we are going to, no matter if we want it or not. The economic crisis will be continued in a different pace and rhythm, changing government regimes, system of exchanges and conditions of life. Many jobs will be lost and new ones will rise. Habits and trends will change too and the social-economic survival will be proved as Herculean task. Pluto of course will stay in Capricorn till the end of the decade that will maintain the power of those who rule and who will also take care of the money-power relay and the influence of power. Many new leaders and scientists will appear on the scene, but perhaps humanity will be threatened by a new kind of environmental pollution. Criminality and psychological diseases will be at the peak and will be maintained in high levels as also disasters, war motives and political mistakes will not miss.


2013 silhoutte jump new year



Uranus now in his normal course, from the 13 of December, of 2012 in Aries till the 2017 will maintain his disharmonic aspect with Pluto. For one more year people will experience collision with their environment and there will be also fanaticism, stubbornness, egocentrism and resentment. The collision of the two planets will feel division in all levels. Uranus in Aries will give opportunities for free expression and thought and perhaps will bring on the top new heroes and original ideas. Neptune, will offer the best perspectives for Art, will inspire many people to find solutions but also will carry them away into utopias and delusions .Jupiter in Gemini, till the middle of 2013 will tone expressiveness but his transit through Cancer during the last six months of 2013 will increase the feeling of solidarity, will strengthen the family institution, and relationships will be ore harmonic. The five eclipses will affect mainly the finances, communication with others and relationships of all kind. However, the situation on a global level will be daunting, less than encouraging and the danger of a great disaster will be visible beyond the turmoil of nations and its people.2013, will be a transitional year, and incredibly revealing regarding of all these things have been told in the previous two years. It seems then that we will experience great geophysical and extreme weather phenomena.

Regarding Greece, as most of you are asking me, the situation will be the same as it has also in the entire Europe and then to the western world while Greece will depend on the intentions of the protectorates. It will be a very hard period emotionally which will be not indicated for definite decisions from peoples side. We will experience the consequences of our actions as civilians and as politicians. The New Year will judge who will be able to stay on the action-game while also who will be trapped in despair and inactivity. The end of 2013 will show.

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