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Neptune In Zodiac Signs


(1861/62 – 1874/75) It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. This generation have the potential to be spiritual pioneers. They take risks in exploring the mystical realms. This generation may also boast many pioneers in the arts.



(1874/75 – 1887/89) It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. This generation possesses the ability to apply spiritual values to the realms of money and resources. They can be practical about mystical insights. Beautiful art and objects may reflect the spiritual world.



(1887/89 – 1901/2) It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. This is the generation which can develop intuition and has the ability to learn, write, teach and disseminate compassion and spiritual understanding.



(1901/2 – 1914/16) It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. This generation has potential psychic abilities. They hold their spiritual beliefs close to their hearts with a certain amount of emotional attachment.



(1914/16 – 1928/29) It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. This generation is closely linked with the creative arts. Pleasure and extravagance are expressed in both the artistic and spiritual worlds.



(1928/29 – 1942/43) It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. People of this generation are faced with the task of analysing the excesses of extravagance, and organising a systemic approach to blending the spiritual and practical. They are concerned with spiritual matters becoming part of a daily routine. For instance, it is this generation that may view regular attendance at church a necessity for good healthy living.



(1942/43 – 1955/57) It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. This generation possesses the ability to view human relationships from a more spiritual overall viewpoint, rather than the rules and regulations of the previous (Virgo) generation. It is here that some confusion over right human relations may reign. People of this generation will aim to achieve a balance in human relationships. They will also be concerned with justice.



(1955/57 – 1970) It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. This generation has the ability to passionately pursue spiritual values. They face a battle between their desire nature and the desire for a spiritual way of life. They will know of the value of regeneration rather than stagnation. This generation may play a transformative role in the world.



(1970 – 1984) It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. This generation possesses the gift of spiritual vision. They will be able to help humanity focus on spiritual goals and become more expansive and inclusive of differing races and beliefs.



(1984 – 2000) It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. This generation possesses the ability to apply discipline on the spiritual path. They will possess the wisdom to incorporate both the old and new spiritual values to form a firm foundation for future spiritual growth.



(2000 – ) It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. In the Aquarian age humanity will learn to live as a collective. This generation will possess the ability to pursue new and different spiritual visions – the gift of revelation.



It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Therefore the interpretation of Neptune in the Sign applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position. This generation may possess the ability to be at-one with God. They may be able to express their spirituality through visions and art. They may also be inspirational teachers, conscious of wholeness.


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The Eight Year Cycle of Venus and the Global Economy

Astrology is the study of cycles and patterns. What goes around comes back around. It is always interesting to look at where we were the last time a particular planetary return occurred and take stock of where we are now and what we’ve learned in the process. This summer it is time to look at where we were eight years ago, the summer of 2007, as a point of reference to where we are now.

Nearly eight years ago, on August 9, 2007, the housing bubble burst, beginning the Great Global Financial Crisis, which has taken the lives and livelihoods of millions of people. (1) That event was signified astrologically by a Venus retrograde cycle across the cusp of Virgo/Leo which also passed through the rings of Saturn three times (i.e., was conjunct). The planetary alignment for August 9, 2007 shows natal Venus at 29° Leo, Saturn at 26° Leo and the Venus Star Point (exact on August 15) at 25° Leo. (2) There was also a Neptune opposition to all three of these points, from Aquarius. With the two Venuses sandwiching with Saturn, the financial news and even the news for the romantically inclined was heading toward depressing, if not downright grief-producing. And with Neptune inserting itself into this mix, a whole lot of delusion, deception, and disappointment — cry me a river of tears. That event produced the domino effect of a financial crisis that has been called the worst one since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  It has, in fact, been nicknamed The Great Recession.

Most of us were not alive for the crash in the 1930s, but for the past eight years, it might seem that economic conditions in an unsettled world have been tough to endure. Economist Richard Wolff has stated that we were headed full speed into a brick wall in 2007 and nothing has changed. (3) He seems to indicate that we have learned nothing from that event and are ultimately headed there again. The questions are: can we look to the Venus Star Pentagram to track the progression of these economic cycles, and if so, how?

The answer is YES, we can use the Venus Pentagram to track these cycles. Venus is the key to this cycle in that the pentagram she produces with Earth while orbiting the Sun completes one round in eight years.

graphics by Arielle Guttman



So here we are, August 2015, coming into the critical eight-year return cycle of Venus. Where have we come from, what have we learned (Saturn always gives us ample opportunity to learn something big), and where do we go from here?

In August, Venus is again in a retrograde cycle in Virgo/Leo, squaring Saturn, conjoining Jupiter, and opposing Neptune. Venus squares Saturn three times (July 14, August 5, October 10), along with its buoyant and optimistically inclined conjunctions with Jupiter (July 1, August 4, October 25).

It is useful to examine the Venus Retrograde cycle itself. Every 1.6 years Venus goes retrograde on one of the 5 Star Points of its orbiting star. Every eight years it comes back nearly exactly to the point where it transited before. This year it repeats the retrograde on the Virgo/Leo cusp, but instead of interacting solely with Saturn, we find this Venus Star Point (VSP) also dancing with Jupiter a total of three times. Unlike the Saturn-Neptune configuration of eight years ago that captured Venus in her path and ultimately initiated a slow unraveling of the economic system, Jupiter’s presence this time will offer hope, optimistic bullishness, and even some greedy grabbing up of basic resources before the ultimate ring-pass-not of Saturn and Neptune puts a crash landing to it all. (4)

2007 Venus Star Leo Cycle Events: 2015 Venus Star Leo Cycle Events:
July 1: Venus conjunct Saturn – 22° Leo July 1: Venus conjunct Jupiter – 22° Leo
July 27: Venus Retrograde – 3° Virgo July 14: Venus square Saturn – 28° Leo/Scorpio
August 13: Venus conjunct Saturn (2nd) – 27° Leo July 25: Venus Retrograde – 1° Virgo
August 18: Venus Star Point – 25° Leo August 4: Venus conjunct Jupiter (2nd) – 29° Leo
September 8: Venus Direct – 16° Leo August 5: Venus square Saturn (2nd) – 28° Leo/Scorpio
October 13: Venus conjunct Saturn (3rd) – 5° Virgo August 15: Venus Star Point – 23° Leo
September 6: Venus Direct – 14° Leo
October 10: Venus square Saturn (3rd) – 2° Virgo
October 25: Venus conjunct Jupiter (3rd) – 16° Virgo

Note the similarities between the dates and degrees of the Venus Star cycle of 2007 and 2015:

Both Venus Retrograde cycles occur on the Leo/Virgo cusp;

Both Venus Star Points occur in the third decanate of Leo;

Both Venus events encounter Saturn three times.

The primary difference is that the 2015 cycle encompasses Jupiter three times. With Jupiter representing hope, expansion, risk-taking, speculation, and inflated values and ideas (certainly Venus to Jupiter can overdo it on a grand scale, spending at a dizzying rate), we will no doubt witness some of that during this period. But with Saturn squares still in the picture, there is a strong degree of conservatism at play here. Will the Venus Star, poised between Jupiter and Saturn, have the effect of neutralizing one another? More likely, there will be a vast surge of buying contrasted rather quickly by a sudden and necessary act of selling. In October we have a three-way encounter between Venus, Saturn, and Neptune: October 10–16 is definitely a time to watch financial indicators very carefully, especially in regard to those individuals and companies who are being deceptive. But the whole period of July through October 2015 is definitely when we will likely witness the titans of the world (banks, governments, corporations, groups, individuals) topple over and disintegrate right before our eyes, creating an opportunity for others to seize what has crumbled and take over.  Stay tuned — and stay tuned in — and you will know which way to go.

It’s a four-way encounter with these planets during this Venus Star cycle. There are still honest people in the world, but this configuration will greatly test that honesty when it comes to money and possessions. We will observe what absurd lengths people will go to in order to profit. The message could be “buyer beware,” so negotiate firmly but fairly when in dispute with another over goods, services, money, or property.

Some wildly speculative “get rich schemes” will emerge, but only if you “act fast”! Be careful about buying into thin air or investing in a balloon that’s about to burst. Saturn and Venus retrograde in Virgo urge us to invest in something more solid and practical, like higher education or training, journeys to distant lands with people who inspire us, skills enhancement, self-knowledge, health care, and overall maintenance of that which we already possess.

Meanwhile, Venus, the Venus Star Point, and Jupiter play around in Leo in the early part of the summer. The collective influence of all that fire in the sky (Jupiter in Leo until August 11, along with Venus and the Venus Star Point in Leo, and Uranus in Aries) is fire danger on earth. The more creative side of all this fire is the ability to HAVE FUN and Relax. Spend time with children or youthful-oriented adults and engage in play. Pour yourself into an art project or enjoy attending musicals, concerts, opera, and festivals. Be creative and try something new in the garden this year. And remember how much energy fire gives us to engage in something we’re truly passionate about.

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References: The Mountain Astrologer-The Eight Year Cycle of Venus and the Global Economy By Arielle Guttman | August 10, 2015

(1) Wikipedia: Financial Crisis of 2007

(2) Venus Star Point (TM) is a term described by Arielle Guttman in her book Venus Star Rising. Arielle traces the conjunctions of Venus with the Sun in their five-pointed star pentagram and describes their symbolism unfolding in personal and global events. For more about her innovative work, visit Venus Star Rising where she also has a short video describing a pioneering use of the Venus Star Point in group situations.

(3) Richard D. Wolff, Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

(4) Transiting Saturn will square Neptune three times — exact on November 26, 2015, and June 17 and September 10, 2016.

21st Century Predictions for Humanity

An old article I  find in my archives,so I decided to clean it up and correct my poor English then,it was written many years ago,even before we enter the 21st century.It is very interesting to read it,some of us are still young and will be witnesses of great changes.I suppose that i am going to have the luck to live till 2050,or even if I will have the luck to get till my 90s,like my grandfather,we will be here to keep notes till the 2073,which is very ambitious of what I am saying here.I hope this article put you into deep thinking.

Astrologers spend enough of their time, to counsel their clients for their personal problems but the most spellbound side of astrology, in the world s fantasy, is the prediction of the future. Precisely is prognosis that denotes the fate of this world. That made the astrologer of the 10th century, Nostradamus, it was the most fascinating facade of Astrology for the next generations. So, in this article we will try to see what the 21st Century is keeping for the destiny of this world. Nostradamus had predicted that this century will begin with agitations as he also said through his predictions that the world will suffer from wars and destruction’s with the rising of the year 1999. So, it was done. Each astrologer interprets the future events with his own way (sometimes in a mysterious way), and that s because each one of us has a diverse opinion about what Life is and also for the position of the astral bodies.


Denis Elwell, a famous British Astrologer, had made his predictions for the year 1987.He was talking about sea devastation’s and the other one was a warning about the subway travelers. The last one was accomplished within three days, with the death of 31 people, in a fire-explosion in the London Subway. Elwell, also had seen and confirmed the gloomy predictions of Nostradamus for the 1999.Nostradamus had told that on the seventh month of that year “The Great king of the terror would come form the skies “who knew then that the prediction was talking about the tyrant from the Middle East, whose the target was to abolish the European Culture.


In July of 1999, on the seventh month a Lunar Eclipse, will be in the middle of a strange aspect. Jupiter squared Neptune (at 90 degrees). On that position planets were suggesting an unstable overheating, like the “inflation of a balloon”, until blow up. In addition, in 15 days after the Lunar Eclipse, a second one will be occurred, but this time there will be an opposition (180 degrees) is going to take place between Mars and Saturn. This option is an insensitive combination. Mars is the planet of aggressiveness and hostility, Saturn usually shows fear and coolness. It wasn’t comforting at the fact all that Mars was under the influence of Scorpio, which is the traditional star sign of death-neither Saturn who is responsible for the heavy losses.

Τhe pertinent facts of less intensity may serve as discharged apertures or safety valves that will relieve the cosmic powers. The aspect of Neptune-Jupiter for instance, denotes transatlantic journeys. So, if Mars implies a heavy loss, may the threat be only for the ships but not for the entire world. The truth is that the end of the past century closed in a dramatic way and unquestionably left many scars to humanity. Whatever will happen neither astrologers nor Nostradamus predicted the final destruction of our planet, in the beginning of the 21st century.


The 1st January of 2000, three major planets, Mars, Uranus and Neptune were in Aquarius. That sign was connected with social experiments. Having those major planets working together are implying that many of the existed and most respectable social structures would be eliminated as imperfect. It’s true that there was a growing intolerance to realize the ideals that would be set into motion.

The most major source of change in the new century, there’s going to be an extraordinary rebirth of the science that will befall in human areas and not in technology areas too much. We see a new estimation about the universal principles and not about the wit of the apparatus.


Indeed, you can call the 21st century, as the “Aquarius Era”, which is being celebrated in public, and also symbolizes a spiritual period and enlightenment. The celestial combinations seemed to agree with this idea. In the horoscope of this century, Pluto, the planet of revolutionary ideas and achievements with Chiron, will be in a perfect conjunction. It is obvious that both will be in Sagittarius, a zodiac-sign that broadens horizons, the education of men and women in extraordinary levels. That also implies the birth and the growth of a different race of super humans or extraordinary abilities. In all that, the society, will start to accept only the best for leadership. Democracy, with many political compromises, may give her position into a new system of well -elite state with well intentions. Humanity, at last is realizing the end of natural sources and is recognizing that there are limits at the ecological weight that the Earth may lift. Instead of an economical unbridled growth, we are going to have a period of a relevant control, with a more simple and authentic way of life. The human being will be the main source of the planet and that will count the most. The institutions and the systems will not contribute to the realization of the human targets and will be constantly rejected.


This century, I believe that it will be a period of intense crisis and radical changes, specifically in USA. We will divide the century into six different periods this is based on the position of the external planets of the USA horoscope. The external planets are going to be considered that control the long- chronic developments, in a major climax.

The first period from 2000-2012, will be transforming from the Plutonian influence of Sagittarius, which is the sign of cultural institutions and from the Influence of Uranus into Aquarius and Pisces, which are zodiac signs of idealism and humanism. This period will alter social institutes which will have as major effect the developed fast technology. The electronic revolution gives informatory subgroups are now connecting our common interests though computers and Internet and that will be the major and dominating, organized shape of the 21st century. Into this human mono-civilization, the electronic data are available in a universal level. All civilizations now are connected through technology, and so this will happen through other planets. Civilizations will lose their uniqueness, and so human beings will lost completely the meaning of their identity.

A period of philosophical anarchy, the American Democracy will change radically. The scientists will discover more human beings, organs, cells and societies are reacting with a stable way into external irritations, and that will be the basis for a scientific revolution of the 21st century. The binding of the energy of electronic waves that will reach its peak in the middle of the century with X-rays that will cure, educate or being used for genetic programing.


The years for 2012-2030 Pluto through Capricorn, there will be a situation that will effect the government structures and the Uranus in Aries and Taurus, signs of atomism and the ecosystem. This will be a period of consolidation and evaluation. With the economical and military excellence falling apart, USA, will find again its identity and develop its internal values. In these years also China and Canada are going to be the protagonists since the first will organize its population and the second one for its huge sources.Humanity, will demand the end of the atmospheric pollution. Also we will have the inevitable creation of a new universal race. The next 15 years Pluto in Aquarius, Neptune in Aries and Taurus, and Uranus in Gemini-Cancer and Leo. These positions are predict a sudden polarization of ideas and resurgence of the psychology “We and They”.


Who are going to be defined as “We” and who are going to be “They” is hard to be predicted but I think that because of the allocation of resources ,disputes are probably going to be between North and South , and less  for West and East. Attitudes, emotions and complex ideas that cannot be expressed at that time would be able to be conveyed between people and groups though electromagnetic frequencies, and that will be the greatest achievement of science at that time. There is going to be communication between other sort of species on the planet and the great news, may be that proportionate emissions are going to be concepted from external sources.

The period between 2045 and 2063, possibly be proved the most destructive period, though. Uranus influence will be very significant through his passage from Virgo-Libra-Scorpio which means a growing polarization. Anarchy and destruction are possible since opposite powers are going to be intense, atomism and national pride will be in antagonism. A complete disorder between those who possess and those who are not possessing.

My calculations and stars predict that there will a return to peace and relevant calmness, between 2063-2078.A possible period of isolation, for USA.


In universal level there will be a kind of racial narcissism, and that’s because we will still have “natural” births of people who haven’t suffered or being influenced or intervened from any conscious intention. The rise of intervention in genetics will be the effect of the necessity to control the lesions that are provoked from environmental toxins. In conclusion, science will discover that they can develop made-up organisms that can control the poisons. The last quarter of the century, while Neptune, will enter into the creative and artistic zodiac sign of Leo the genetic machine may can take the form of the Art. We will have a well developed artistic expression. Despite the fact that the century will end in a melancholic way. There will be an absence of sensation that will become from the family and national identity. Then people may be interested for their own development. Neptune, represents the power of the Vision, and the way of a civilization to transform a vision into action.


Now, with the enter of Capricorn to Neptune, since 1998 we are going to be witnesses of a greedy period which will be characterized from the economical mistakes of the past. Until 2011, industries that pollute the environment will be driven to an absolute poverty. Now with Aquarius entering Neptune there is going to be a catholic energy structure and will achieve to find solutions for this period.

I believe that the progress of Astrophysics science will discover that the Universe is an organic intelligence that is being developing and evoluted continuously. Any squabbles between metaphysics and physics will end. These both will be united to shape together a new kind of developed science and take-off the first human sperm of the Earth into the galaxy.Pluto, as the planet of death, rebirth and regeneration, gives me to understand that its crossing from Capricorn from 2008-2024, is mentioning that the nations-states, are not important and that will mean their death. The families, sophisticated races from their choice, are being developed without territorial borders. Music and Arts are going to be important factors of a universal change and will contribute into the creation of a real human democracy, with catholic participation.

In 2020, Uranus represents the radical changes and reforms .Uranus will be in Taurus, which is the kingdom of tradition and organic. The cultural leadership will be divided in two teams. The first team, are going to be the conservatives which are targeting to the restoration of the Earth into her initial state. The second team, are going to be visionaries who will undertake the colonization of space, starting from the Moon, Mars and Asteroids. In the beginning of 2025, Neptune in Aries, the stress about the population of the planet will be decreased, allowing us to continue with the cure of the planet Earth. This will be a miraculous period, more energy with less losses, great understanding of the electromagnetic fields of the Earth and the human bodies, restoration of the ozone, the end of rough necked surgeries and the rebirth of the human parts. A new cycle of humanity is going to begin.

In 2038, Neptune in Taurus, the planet Earth will have been cured almost completely. There is going to be a greater and healthier communication between human beings and other species, mainly between dolphins perhaps and whales.

There is going to be a flourished period about Space colonization in 2067, with Pluto in Aries. We may start traveling to the stars and generally in Universe. And also a huge possibility to have the first real contacts with extraterrestrial life in a wide social climax. So, Life will continue to serve the Great Order, with more love and effectiveness and faster development of Consciousness.

Neptunian Affairs,Fairy Tales & Dragons

I had a lot of such relationships in my life and another one recently so I decided to write out this article,it is good to express your disappointment after you all read to learn…

Neptune in Pisces are adjusting the invisible side of our lives. Neptune’s transits with the planets of the astrological chart, particularly regarding zodiac signs of Pisces, Virgos, Sagittarius of the first ten days of the zodiac sign. Illustrating the sensation of confusion, in a few words that means that nothing is satisfying you anymore and that everything is not enough.We had already write an article about Neptune Pisces global influence now we will write something more in particular.

So, Neptune as we had already write is crossing the limits, and in transits blurs or make invisible the lines are diving us from the others. When for instance, Neptune transits our Sun this could be a period of time that we lose ourselves in our relationships with other people or we have experiences that make us realize that we are a part of the whole life. It is really then about a confusing period full of doubts, questions and balloons are blowing up. Neptune is also catalyzing the inner limits between the conscious and subconscious, so we can identify ourselves with the possible, be full of confidence and dynamism under the influence of the Sun-Neptune transit and discover the weak and confusing side of our personality. External factors or incidents may also activate such emotions, for instance if someone else is getting the promotion we should take in his position, or when we lose our job or a relationship is ending up that meant  a lot for us.

Neptunian aspects may conjunct with liquidity times that nothing is stable but also may experience times of great inspiration. During these periods that may last for about two years we learn that life is not only about materialism, whatever we catch or acquire, but perhaps we may want the impossible, the unreal and something non practical but the reality is much far away…Usually we are getting mad, we frustrate ourselves or being discouraged under the influence of such transits when we do not accept to adjust ourselves with an ideal and the spiritual dimension of life.

A few examples of such transits so in order to realize and understand of course the influence of Neptune was when a 34 year old woman passed through  a period of intense personal changes when Neptune squared her natal Sun more than one and a half year. During that period of time, this woman, for about 12 years her husband abandoned her but without nay commitment that he would return or asking for a divorce. She was just experiencing that everything was in the air, without knowing if she had to continue her life or waiting for his final choices. At the same time this woman started to show an intense interest for astrology, reincarnation and such other different matters that helped her to see life from a different prism for the first time. All that substantially helped her to take her own decisions and move on instead of waiting forever.

Neptunian transits with the natal Venus are also very significant for the understanding and the deeper content of love and relationships. Usually we are being attracted by people who have failed into their own life or victims or people that cannot cope with their own lives and look for someone to support them financially or even emotionally. A woman also who had a Neptune opposition with her Venus meet one man under very bizarre circumstances. Their relationship at the beginnings was like a fairy tale and it was about to become a very important one on the way. This affair was very charming with full of pink clouds, in a few words it was a unique love story that proved to be disappointing later on, a total  illusion, deception.

The male person was Pisces with spiritual worries and through this he knew many people of this nature(to note that Venus contains all sort of relationships and not only love affairs)her interest anyway for spirituality was increased and it was a matter of glamor (glamor also belongs to Neptune) and not  a matter of s serious study. Under the influence of this man, this woman spend  a very significant amount of money for Mind Control, confused totally and without being certain for the motives that she was led in there(Neptune)however the lessons of Mind Control proved her that she had excellent abilities. But at the end of this transit she realized with huge disappointment the cool and cruel manners of the man she was in love with, because she had more fall in love his outward image and not his real personality. Even though she feels deceived up to a point emotionally and materialistically, she is not keeping hostile emotions for him because she felt that she took an important lesson of maturity and understanding.

Another person that Neptune was conjunct Venus he found himself in a dissolved relationship. The ideal picture of the woman he loved start to fall apart and being sapped, and let’s say it more elegantly he found her sleep with his best friend. Before this scene take part, he used to consider his girlfriend as his personal property and now through great pain her felt, he had to face up the jealously and intense possessiveness because he always had an important position in his relationship with male friends or women.

Through this pain not he only obtained significant distance from his emotions but he saw love with different aspect and he discovered that his emotions were too open at a point he started to connect himself with another women.In Neptune transits imagination obtains a huge power, creating illusion and cheating, you do not see the person in reality, you see what you want to see or what you wanted someone to be. Frequently there is a weakness of concentration, luck of energy ,uncertainly regarding the direction, indecisiveness, illusion, deception and there is also a mood to play with others and trick and there is also a luck of deficiency  usually when transits the natal Saturn and Mars.

Neptune increases sympathy and compassion towards other people and that means that we become more sensitive towards others emotions and needs. That is the good side of Neptune that is making us help others, those who have less luck and give a helping hand where there is need without expecting a reward. The other side is about being a victim, the witness and the savior. The person who is self-destructive or being disappointed. Even through the most difficult transits, we discover the depth of our emotions, the ability to understand and forgive, that we never knew if we could really do that… and yes, every fairy tale has its own dragons. It is just the price to maturity.

we will survive…

First I would like to add a few things more about Jupiter in Cancer. Since 2010 till today we usually observe the presence of the celestial bodies in cardinal zodiac signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).On the other hand what is the most impressive astrologically is that every time a big planet is entering one of the previous zodiac sign we mentioned above is always being escorted by Mars. This time, by the end of June, Jupiter is leaning Gemini and will be settled down at the zodiac sign of Cancer and will stay there till the 16th July 2014.And while Jupiter has already entered Cancer on the 26th of June 2013, on the 13th of July of 2013, Mars will enter the same zodiac space and will maintain his close approach with him for about two weeks time. It is like announcing the beginning of the annual stay of Jupiter in Cancer that is being consider a position of exaltation for his abilities. And so will have the chance to take advantage of his important qualifications. By this position into this zodiac sign will strengthen luck and the ability to survive opposite to the global phenomenon of economical and political crisis, will highlight activity and despite the fact that the first month will maintain his disharmony with Uranus and Pluto, will favor the impulsive behavior and expression, with more positive than negative results. Also, will inspire new tactics of survival, will contribute into the inner evolution and mainly will strengthen the mental strength and self-confidence, no matter in which zodiac sign you belong. After all, we all know that our mental state, the activation of our intuition and the optimistic mood will consist a guarantee to survive.

Regarding history, Jupiter in Cancer will open a new era for the future of many countries in the world. Till 2015, the influence of the celestial bodies in the cardinal cross, will be catalytic and reforming since this moment, for many nations, regimes, people, systems and treaties but also for conditions of life and the way of living. This influence however it is being considered “recovering” for the people, societies and nations too.


Now, lets go back in July 2013, which is enough a very composite month while there will be a constant change of harmonic and disharmonic aspects, at its greatest part. The events are being predicted to be variant, while the influence of the New Moon and the Full Moon and the planet aspects will be enough dynamic and sensibly negative in short periods of time. During the first twenty days, problems in human relations will be intense and perhaps a bit more from time to time. So, in this way there will be intense problems in the family and professional environment for most of us. These problems may rise unexpectedly by the negative influence of some events. Generally speaking, there will be a constant change regarding our spirits and moods and sometimes there will be an extremely intense pugnacity too. Everything may rise, need to be faced up cautiously and it will be good not to act rapidly which will be very possible to affect any situation in a negative manner.If some of you get ready for your summer vacation you have to be particularly cautious with the sea. It is also necessary to mention that there will be serious issues of general character between the nations relations and is being predicted an explosive atmosphere at the area of the Middle East for one more time. Jupiter and Mars in Cancer and the disharmony of this conjunction with Pluto and Uranus will bring on the surface again matters of territorial claims in different parts of the planet and will affect seriously marine and trading concerns, topically but internationally too.


Despite of Jupiter’s harmony with Saturn and Neptune, that will last only for awhile, Mars in cancer involvement but also Jupiter’s conjunction will be the cause of many political events that will lad into many unpredictable developments and will demand now new communications and dynamic decisions for the maintain of the political balance in the European area, in the Middle east but also into the Central Asia too. During the last ten days there will be observed also an increase of accidents and death rates.In Greece, any discussions regarding the inner administration and economy will bring the current government into a difficult position. There will be new problems in the area of the foreign affairs while measures will be proved insufficient for the society. At the same time there will be difficult developments in global issues, riots, violent actions, climate and geological agitations, conflagrations and accidents too. The space research is going to developed too and this time anew and dangerous weapon is going to be perfect and being completed. And while most of us will get prepared for vacation into an exotic and quiet destinations, conspiracies and scenarios are going to build in order to make our conditions of live harder after this summer. Finally, the Greek government is going to take some emergency decisions.


I will also have the chance to say a few things about zodiac signs before you start reading the July horoscopes on the next article. Aries this month will have the chance to improve your home and family. And anything is being related with it. Jupiter in cancer will give you many chances to change your domestic issues, to make small changes and improve the environment, give solutions into problems, resolute matters of health and become closer with your own people. You will also reconstruct your mental situation and Jupiter will contribute into the improvement of your affairs but will reduce conflicts too.Leos, Jupiter in cancer will lift up you’re your spirits, there will be a stronger desire for new dreams and most of them will be possible to be accomplished. Some light will be shed into the background and most of you will have the chance to throw out and destroy anything is threatening your life. You will be generous and most of you will take advantage of your skills and talents. Just be cautious not to confuse reality with plasmatic reality which will happen through technology.Sagittarius, Jupiter in cancer is promising peace for you and definitely will strengthen your optimism and give you a greater sense of security, throwing away whatever upset you in the past. You will become stronger, so you will be able to continue fighting, make communication easier and open the way for arranging inheritance issues, to decrease your economical obligations and get away from the danger of a loss but also detach yourselves from people that turmoil you psychologically the last three years. Worry about the future will be limited but also you have to limit your expenses too. Finally secure your property if you have.


Regarding the Earth Signs, Taurus, and Jupiter in Cancer for a whole year will make you feel more comfortable and arrange any matters are hanging in the air for you. Jupiter in the third house of your horoscope will give you the chance to improve your relations with others, to have more success in your studies, business or career matters generally and freelancers make more money. It will be easier for you to be adjusted with any new data but also take advantage of any new acquaintances.Virgos, Jupiter in Cancer is going to open up new horizons for you on a social and spiritual level. Jupiter now will help you complete your expectations and take advantage of any opportunities for a whole year. Your friendships will be increased, new allies will be on your side on a practical and ethical level. It is very possible to exploit an old idea or plans in order to improve your living. This is an excellent omen for your career while it will support professionally mainly new peoples ambitions.Capricorns, Jupiter in Cancer will improve your personal life and despite the fact that mars will create for a whole month opposition with Pluto, you will be challenged and you will be called to maintain the balances in your affairs generally. Jupiter is a guarantee that circumstances will be easier for you with people of your closer environment in case there are misunderstandings so you will have the chance to replace any losses. The lucky planet will improve the image that others have for you, sweeten your expression and make you more flexible regarding your attitude and behavior.


The Air Signs, Gemini people, the transit of Jupiter in cancer will affect the axis of the second and the eighth house of your horoscope and this is very significant for you. In a few words, Jupiter will help you improve your economical state, make work conditions easier for you but also rely on your intuition too. Your life will be improved from a sentimental and materialistic aspect. Generally, you will be able to cover your needs and feel more secure, make your living more comfortable but also give you what you had missed the last few years.Libra people, progress is the only way for you, Jupiter in Cancer will highlight your good luck and will bring professional progress. Good mod and social progress, despite the bad times will be support by Jupiter in Cancer and will improve your living, professional life and career. In hard moments, Jupiter in cancer will be the deus ex machina that will remove you from the thorough. This influence will also strengthen your efforts for personal evolution and will remove from your environment any useless factors and bad habits. Socially and spiritually your life will be progressed significantly.Aquarius, Jupiter in Cancer will improve your living conditions but the working conditions too, will resolve any health issues but also will strengthen your mental and physical condition. You will get more mature, your social life will be enriched but also will open the way to accept easier of what is not changing. Jupiter in cancer will secure your current work, you will have the chance to win, show off your talents and skills and maintain your personal business if you have much easier than the past.


Water Signs, Cancers, well everything will become easier for you now since Jupiter is visiting your zodiac sign and replacing substantially any damages have been occurred and turmoil you organically or mentally. Many problems will be overtaken and you will more pleasant regarding your relations with others. Sincerity will be enhanced and you r good mood will help you express your emotions with the right people. The planet of optimism at your zodiac sign will strengthen your social life and will improve any kind of affairs but also will decrease conflicts and differences regarding your efforts and expectations.Scorpios, Jupiter in Cancer will help you improve your personal relationships and adopt new perceptions. Avoid adventures, try to resolve any legal issues and project excuses that will be based on rationality. Except that Jupiter in cancer will turn your attention in metaphysics, will affect your religious convictions but generally will improve your public relations, obtain more knowledge, improve your conditions of living and remove obstacles that till now prevented your progress course.Finally, Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer will highlight your creativity, fertility, your life will be happier but also it is very possible to bring a stormy love affair into your life. Furthermore you will accomplish more of your ambitions and desires, you will enjoy others love, you will get away from pressure and depression of unemployment or inactivity and your creative abilities or talents will be recognized. Jupiter will give you the green light in order to obtain what you wish, perhaps an off-spring, to be loved, to accept others support regarding your efforts and finally become better parents but business people too.

July Mystic Horoscopes 2013

July Horoscopes are here for you in PDF files you can also read on line or download.This month will be different and little difficult but also the next few months for all of you,Jupiter  has already entered the zodiac sign of Cancer.The first week of July will be positive for you with Mercury retrogression you need to be cautious with decisions and documents or other kind of preparations till the 20th of the month.Saturn will turn in a direct motion during the second week of the month and the New Moon will occur at the zodiac sign of Cancer too.Mercury will enter the same zodiac as well.Uranus will start to retrograde by the middle of the month but the grand trine of Jupiter-Saturn and Neptune will protect situations.Venus will enter Virgo after the 22nd of July and then you have to be cautious with your relationships and affairs generally.Then the Sun will enter Leo and the Full Moon of the month will occur at the zodiac sign of Aquarius.We will also  upload the August horoscopes as also Star Cosmos Mystic worlds team will leave for  a few days vacation during  August.We all wish you a very hot and exciting summer…







Grand Trine of Jupiter/Neptune & Saturn

There is already a great astrological aspect, which is formed with Neptune in Pisces in a trine with Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. What is even better as an event is when Jupiter will enter the zodiac sign of Cancer and joined his forces with the above planets, then we will feel a magic touch with huge, but subtle ways, particularly on the July 16, 2013.

The window, however, for this action and kind of energy, opens the day of the solstice on 21st June 2013.With the element of water particularly highlighted, you can taste delightful experiences, feelings of unconditional love, and a growing intuition and emotions, help us remember the beauty of the Sacred Feminine that vibrates within all. To love and be loved is the need to be felt and will increase in many people. It is our opportunity then, to deepen emotional intimacy and expansion of emotional awareness, both of ourselves and of others.Also, the great triangle symbolizes beauty, happiness and invasive feelings of love and care. We have the ability to heal and forgive, to get in contact with others, with other dimensions or other worldly connections with our loved ones who have moved outside the physical body. We could decide to heal our relationship with our biological mother and nurture our relationship with the Sacred Feminine within us. There may be an increase in knowledge about how being a part of our existence and our lives. Is it possible to feel the empowerment and strength to remain under the light of love, and the feeling that we are able to trust the love and goodness that lies behind all the experiences of life.

young couple jumping and drawing connected hearts by flashlight

We were even given the opportunity to reconnect and form groups feel psychic bond and feel like “family”. We have a deep knowledge in our hearts and synchronicity will play a big role in this our meeting. Above all, enjoy the senses, we will share with others their experiences of beautiful felt our hearts and we will use the energy to heal, inspire, and diminish ourselves and others, and the Earth itself. As we can heal ourselves, we heal the world.

This is a time of psychological uplift and during this time humanity will have great hopes for a better world and life. People will work targeting Utopia and despite all that there is always a kind of disappointment, but people will share their common emotions of love and for something ideal. The balloon is blowing more and more and optimism is crossing the limits and finally the balloon is getting higher up to the skies. Before the great landing, the human soul has the chance to be enriched and approach the divine. Everything is possible and everything is magic as also you may have a particular interest for music, art and media too.

However the Jupiter trine with Saturn reflects in huge structural reforms of the society opening new periods of hope and development. Jupiter and Saturn meet each other every 20 years. Every fifth American president is being elected under this influence and the last two ones were Reagan and J. Kennedy. The central idea of this aspect is to enter new ideas and views and build on new ideas and meanings regarding the future. While this cycle may last for one year, every person born under this influence will play a significant role for the achievement of a future vision for the structural developments of the society while some people who will accept this influence will become the columns of this new society. Some ideas regarding banks or economics, the buildings and the structures, teaching, education, the foreign or inner politics and the laws etc, all will be industrialized but also will face up difficulties or will have the results during this phase of this aspect. While Jupiter represents the new visions for the future, justice and the law, Saturn represents the executive administration, tradition and the structure of  a society, so this influence of the this aspect will provoke unrest and regulations in every level will be done but also the past with future will collide.

R.Hubbard & Scientology

This time I decided to search in astrology about Scientology and its creator Ron.L Hubbard. Perhaps you should think that I am a fan of this religion or whatever but of course I am not. You should not be something in particular to start searching for it. But an old friend of mine had a strange experience with Scientology and she is still receives mail at her home. In fact we do not know why since she never belonged there. I will definitely will not open a new column regarding different religions or wisdom’s. The reason I decided to look further into this matter is b because I find ads of Scientology everywhere, in the streets, on internet, tube videos and etc. There is probably a kind of brain-war they have declared not even if that is happening through the TV, newspapers, internet or religion organizations. Anyway, wherever you go you see that “Scientology” and that would not escape my curiosity.

ron hubbard

I will start by analyzing a little bit the natal chart of Hubbard and I can confess that this person is a very talented personality and charismatic, capable of convincing others about his beliefs. His talent is very obvious by the trine of Neptune-Jupiter-Sun and Mercury in zodiac signs of water. The involvement of these three celestial bodies are connoting that this person will talk about a religion in  a confusing language, because those planets appeared through houses that belong in airy zodiac signs.(3rd,7th and 11th)The effect that would being produced would be  a religion that through a metaphysical deep worship scientifically. On the other hand definitely Mercury in Pisces would manage such, to deliver something absolutely confusing and is in a weak position in Pisces. Jupiter is the ruler of the ascendant and the 12th house but also Neptune at the 3-7th house is obvious that this person would try to mock huge social groups. The truth with Scientology is that there is something behind all that that is not clear at all but hides many traps.

The truth is many years ago, while still go to university I used to visit this place for a few months but when I realizes what was going on I stopped to go. It was all about IQ tests, selling books of philosophical content but religion was always the cause to approach more and more people. I never understand the name of “Scientology indeed. Then later I learned that they worship of a god named Xenu, I suppose which was not clear from the start either. So you understand what is going on here. Anyway I will leave my experience and proceed with the astrological analysis.

So, back to astrology I also notice the position of the Moon and Pluto, the first at the zodiac sign of Virgo and the second one in the zodiac sign of Gemini. And these positions are showing someone’s need to show off his abilities, his imagination and of course to win money. After all the axis Jupiter-Neptune is being called the axis of speculation.

However, there is also another trine is being shaped on his chart between the North Node-Mercury and Jupiter and that is very suspicious and put me into doubts. It really doesn’t shows anything in particular, but there is a density into this person regarding his ideas and philosophies is expressing. This person is being troubled mentally for karmic reasons, because of the Node participation, he has no idea how things are going to be developed into the future or definitely his ideas are in conflict with other group’s opinions or religions.

sientology church
The next aspect is Jupiter-Neptune-Mercury and Venus. This aspect is telling us that this person will support a philosophical idea or politics. The person is powerfully convicted and confident that he will represent an ideology through any means, no matter the cost. But also this aspect is giving him the power to change easily others point of view. Most of the people would see this person calm and peaceful enough, but also the philosophies he spoke about are being connected to emotional wounds of his past and definitely drive him into an inspired philosophical thinking.In his chart, Mercury at the zodiac signs of Pisces, at the 15th degree (Strong adhesion, strong dedication, defense reaches the atrocity.) is the most significant influence as also the Black Moon at the 10th degree of Sagittarius. At this point we see that Hubbard is exactly on a disastrous degree, which is showing a cunning mind and machination and reality is being defined by Neptune. That means that he has a false reality of the truth and with human relations, by Neptune in the 7th house.

Moon in Virgo is also being ruled by Neptune and the 8th house is showing us a  sick personality with science that is not capable to feel in depth his own psychological problems but also the rest of the people too, so he constantly is ending up into hyper-analysis of his moods and emotions and that has  as a result not to let himself express his pain, despite the fact that he is spending much time in self-psychoanalysis and finally he is pressing his nervous system so much that this state really creates him a variant of neurological nature. Unfortunately for Ron Hubbard emotions are for healing and being cured through our friction with people and not become fears into our own mind, be object of study and finally a sick religion for many sick godless people.

Of course according to his horoscope with the Sun in the 3rd house, he would spread his own beliefs, but the Moon in the 8th house demands an emotional clearing up. The Moon-Saturn trine is showing self-sufficiency. Jupiter in Scorpio at the 11th house retrograded is also showing a social influence but also is talking about a kind of white magic is being used in order to bring success into his personal life. The truth is that I was expecting to find something into the 9th house but with planets in the 11th I clearly get the conclusion that Scientology is mostly  apolitical party, an organization perhaps but not som4ething really spiritual or religious …whatever.Generally,the chart of Scientology has not a  particular religion background but I would characterized it like something ridiculous or just an eccentric idea.

Saturn-Pluto Mutual Reception

Before we start with the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto it would be better to try to comprehend its substantial meaning as simply as we can.The simultaneous movement of two planets where one moves in the sign of the sovereignty of another is being called”mutual reception” in astrology.In this case Saturn(ruler of Capricorn) is at the zodiac sign of Scorpio while at the same time Pluto is at the zodiac sign of Capricorn (ruler of Scorpio).These planets co-operate each other in a very intense way which is similar to the conjunction energy aspect.And that is happening because the principles of the zodiac signs and the planets, in a sense, merge acting in concert.

It is also very important to refer to the abilities of these planets because of their heavy and perhaps misunderstanding nature that many times provokes fear to the public and amateur astrologers. I am sure that most of you have read these things many times before but I think it is time again to read again some of them with new meanings and examples so we can understand them better. The meanings of them it could a great list but I will choose only those are important and are necessary of course in order to understand the energy of the mutual reception.

Pluto,Scorpio and the 8th house indeed are being connected to the physical death,birth and rebirth,psychological strength,courage and powerful emotions.However whatever it is hidden and everything is buried and is valuable,but also whatever is underground and is also being connected to drainage too. With raw materials, natural resources such as oil and gold. The stock markets, banking and financial transactions of any kind, security and the tax system, the plutocracy. The property and possessions arising from the cooperation, partnership, marriage. The fear of loss and the need for manipulation. The underground activity and power management. The ruthless underworld, speculation. The cellular structure, genetic diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. The kind of lovemaking, orgasm, proximity and deep emotional commitment. Scientific research, genetics and chemistry.What really Pluto could provoke on the 10th house,at the zodiac sign of Capricorn?

A satisfactory outcome of a safe first approach could arise from simple correlations of these concepts, so that the combination led to an understanding of how to operate the mutual reception Saturn \ Pluto. But the best way to understand such a rare planetary event is to look back in time and to look for the last time what had happened.Thus, the search for ancillary data of recorded history takes us to 1777 and running until 1778, the years when these two planets were there again in mutual reception.

Before I continue wandering in this review, you must have at the corner of your mind that history, like time, are moving in circles and spirals. Events may be similar to that discussed under the (cyclic), but also delete a progressive course (spiral). So, for example, concepts such as democracy were historically negotiated strongly that period of mutual reception, but today is not respectable for democracy to be negotiated. What is currently under renegotiation (Uranus in Aries), is how this democracy is properly applied by government functionaries of (Pluto in Capricorn). If that is being experienced by the Western world is indeed a democracy or if we falter at its theoretical appearance, bending under one unspoken evils of fascism (Uranus square Pluto) that defines the quality of life (Saturn in Scorpio). We are now confident that what we experience, is not actually what we wanted. It is not what we wish, but spurred by the bitterness of frustration, hurry to invest in new beliefs (Neptune in Pisces).

Another aspect that I would like to remember is that any planetary event is called to be expressed according to the environment that dictates the current planetary backdrop. So, in 1777 the two planets were in mutual reception, but Neptune in Virgo was weak, exactly opposite the current position on the sovereignty of Pisces. Then, it was square Neptune in Virgo, with Uranus in the sign of Gemini which had formed the background of that mutual reception like today as the square of Uranus to Pluto, forms our special conditions.

September 1777-January 1778.

As can easily be seen by everyone, the last time Saturn \ Pluto found in mutual reception, not only lasted just five months. But when talking about the influence of slow moving planets, space of five months is not a completely safe time-frame to select a series of significant events (which was not missed at all!) And to ascribe to this few months mutual reception. I think the understanding of political, economic and social context of the time is worth more than the record of some historical events.

That decade of the 18th century, of 70 ‘ had roll with Pluto in Capricorn. The story captures the highlight of the American Revolution. At the same time as England and France were strong. The hostile relations had resulted in a series of wars several times in the 17th century, and it continued into the 18th century. England had to solve the problem of lost colonies in North America and constantly was under a war state.

France, apart from its own colonial issues, it supported one of the toughest in the history of feudal systems of absolute monarchy of the western world. At that time the French people began to be spontaneously organized into small pockets of resistance. Just 11 years later, it would be enough to destroy a crop to bring famine to 2 \ 3 of the population of France. The natural consequence was the revolution. In such wild revolutions in human history, is always involved starvation too. The misery of the people make him react. However, awareness of this gross authoritarian mania they had the system of absolute monarchy that time (Pluto in Capricorn) and led the revolution was the work of Saturn in Scorpio few years earlier. Since the tax system was ruthlessness and greed of the nobility, were brought as a result of the dissatisfaction of the people-really-was miserable. They did not care how people will survive. Does this remind you of something? The same tax system some time ago, led England to break with her own builds in America and brought the American Revolution.

French Revolution : People killing Aristocrats - 18th century

The personal costs of Marie Antoinette made her famous in history for her greed and vanity. And of course for that version says that when people complained about the bread that had nothing to eat, she thought that there was no reason to fuss. So they could eat cake for instance, so what?! I do not know if it is a real fact, if Marie Antoinette had very bad humor or if her enemies had construct it, to give the final blow to her hated profile. However, the time that Saturn was in Scorpio and being in mutual reception with Pluto in the pockets of angry French people, reached the outrageous reputation, of her monthly spending regarding her personal expenses. The news circulated quickly because chasing them (Uranus in Gemini, the third natural house of communication and transport). Information had been leaked of official costing probably the reactive energy power of the bourgeoisie, who had an interest to abolish the monopoly of the nobility in politics. Any attempt to tax reform, facilitating trade and the improvement of living conditions of the hungry people who pay unreasonable taxes (Saturn in Scorpio),was in  contrary to the interests of the nobles and landowners in that 2% of the plutocracy  that had imposed taxes of extermination

With the help of Uranus in Gemini, the Enlightenment introduced concepts such as equality, individual freedom and justice. Concepts that are based on their top our ideological orientations, as Western civilization. At the mouth of the people entering new phrases containing these concepts and supporting the law feeling of their anger.

Developments in the field of printing, brought a more massive access to the new ideology of good stature in the printed word. The scientific approach and the correctness of logical thought was  the check of that time. Until the French Revolution, the nobles did not trade at all. It was only one pop activity. As was inevitable, this created the powerful bourgeoisie of France that time. Along with the forms of ideological and scientific interest (the forerunner of today’s magazines), circulated and periodicals, catalogs, related to what we now call life style. Probably the Marie Antoinette is the beginning of vanity-priestess of the image. The emphasis on luxury and noble competition with the bourgeoisie (the French word «bourgeois», means: a city dweller, the commoner), deepened the righteous wrath of miserable 98%. In the eyes of the people was the personification of the monster that feeds on the blood of their scarce.

The nobles lived locked in a protocol framework introverted life, while around the newly disseminates ideology of enlightenment by leaps and bounds, the collective sense of direction was suffering from a sad lack of inspired vision. The people suffocating from the suffering and bitterness of frustration. Neptune by the Virgo weakness and the square to Uranus, was muddying the landscape dramatically. The bourgeoisie, hated the nobility and simultaneously imitated of the vulgar greed. Does this sound familiar? Hypocrisy, greed, vulgarity and intrigues of power, is one of the grossest expressions of energy that is highlighted by the position of Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio.

What is interesting is that during the five-month mutual reception in the United States of America established the well-known emblem of the dollar “$”, a coin with a leading role in economic power, until nowadays. Besides, do not forget that U.S. start-ups, consisted primarily of the growing bourgeoisie. Migration of the common people in search of a better life, and brought the desire for democracy. Revolutions are made ​​and the bourgeoisie triumphed. And then? …

The mutual reception of Saturn \ Pluto, nowadays, has infinitely a greater dynamic. The depth of the horizon of influence is far greater than the five months of 1777-1778. More than 2.5 years exercising the fundamentally transformative power. Think about what was happening in the world. What concepts had been  introduced from the enlightenment. These currently suppressed under the same power of “bourgeoisie” that preserves the “Antoinette s” of our own misery. The exercise of power changes only mask, not the face.

Today, the Middle East (Middle East: A cauldron boils with safety valves closed), very similar to the economic interest colonies of England and France. The peoples of the countries of the Middle East do not seem willing to accept their fate, without giving their battles. Control of oil is a top issue, while the financial system, banks, tax and insurance system states, collapsing one after the other. With Uranus in Aries, squaring Pluto in Capricorn, the environment will be anomalous, but will bring a new beginning. However, the sextiles formed by Saturn \ Pluto compatible with the cooperation and participation of the favorable Neptune from the domination of Pisces, ensuring coordinated willingness, strength and courage, the inspiration for a better world (Neptune in Pisces). The western world has now the experience of history. As stated above, the time is moving cyclically and spirally. If everyone is taught by a single pass of Saturn in the horoscope staff, then we should accept a parameter of our collective experience and our ability to design a better future.

Making reductions in our past, we see that the similarities of human needs – mutatis mutandis-kept unchanged. Now is the time when we see around us the conditions created when people are deprived of the bread. The famine mentioned in the previous section. People then came from the recent experience of enlightenment that changed completely ideological, spiritual and cultural image.

In the Western world today, almost 250 years later, the compulsory education and knowledge is just one click of our computer or a few meters from the nearest bookstore, still seems like we come from an endless, medieval obscurantism. The concentration of wealth in a small percentage of the population, unreasonable exercise of authority and survival deadlocks, are still ahead of us. Global scandals, monopolies of specific companies, political intrigues, secret agreements, conspiracy theories, the media and the blatant exploitation of third world countries, under the policy to exterminate them, are proof that the “bourgeoisie” Failed! It seems that Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio, follow a wise juncture mutual reception, which seems to slow while came over on time. Never eliminate, as a society, the remnants of the Code of noble life and still preserve power badges, printed on bags, shoes and clothes. The Parisian hypocrisy, today is the Mecca of the industry that defines our lives. The luxurious carriages pass in front of impoverished peasants from the pestilence, in the same way that people now dine at a restaurant in the garbage bins, some looking for their next meal. But history has shown that such situations of inequality and injustice, never had a happy ending. Something that is being endorsed by the position of Uranus in Aries.

Pluto in Capricorn, as then, so now, highlights the problem of power and guarantees the mutation structure. Saturn in Scorpio then, as seen today, deepens the problem of sharing wealth and brings to light the failure of our financial system. With this mutual reception, the heart of our universal failure beats deafeningly so that everyone could hear the arrhythmia’s. The model of that better world that was designed then, now closes the circle. The nature of the signs and planets, leaves no room for any kind of lightness. The climate will slowly and thoughtfully weighs will seek the resources of experience and knowledge. Till now the negotiable concepts defined then as equality, democracy, justice, freedom and religious tolerance, bent under their impracticable speculative. The redefinition is inevitable.

The almost three years of mutual reception, will not be an easy time. At the site of the world, many things have to be made and certainly will not be all fun. What is gratifying is the aim and our new ability to understand serious political, economic and cultural environment. To find the lost essence of things. It is time destruction and reconstruction. Let’s just hope above everything that we will avoid violence and that if you do use it, it will keep such a measure, which leaves room for reconstruction. We can never be absolutely sure of the type of destructive war material we have accumulated on the planet.

What we have lost,  generously Neptune has given to us from the domination of Pisces, just turn to his benevolence. The wisdom of the universe, even through the most difficult global-planet circumstances, always leave a window with a view, and this time the window is exactly what we are missing. Hope, faith, inspired vision, the brotherhood and the ability of self-sacrifice, self-sacrifice for the common good. Compassion, empathy. No other planetary position in the current astrological scene does not offer this kind of therapeutic solace in our collective chagrin.

We are able to coordinate with this-sulfur-energetic vibration and heal our soul to the refuge of spirituality. Treatment starts from the unit and ultimately expressed in total. At the threshold of the Aquarian age, the gregarious behavior, violence, cruelty, and all failed recipes of the past, is not a wise choice. The problem is there, the depth of our refusal to see it, but we’ll see (Saturn in Scorpio). The “talent” of Neptune to envision the next several years will give meaning to our spiritual direction and we should know that what we envision, forming what we may live. What we envision is  the one that will give meaning to the cooperation of Saturn \ Pluto.

Somewhere here ends my attitude toward this rare mutual reception, though after everything mentioned above, you still have the curiosity of the impact of this global economic situation on a personal level, then you can read the following section, with some basic interpretative guidelines. Even so, find the time to think or make while driving, while performing simple routine activities and through a deepening your associations, give your own interpretation. Identify your personal understanding of the global scene. The in-depth understanding makes astrology, a frivolous pastime, a useful tool.

Saturn and Pluto had formed a sextile aspect on Dec. 26 to 9 degrees,  then will form another one on March 8, 2013 at the 11th degree and for one last time on September 21, 2013 on the eighth degrees. The period around these dates is the one most likely to express positive energy cooperation between the two planets. For those who are concerned with this aspect, i.e. they have their rising ascendant, lights (Moon \ Sun) or personal planets are harmoniously combined, there will be some benefit. For all other power or energy of the useful mutation resulting from the collaboration of the planets in the houses and working on the issues they meet.

Saturn Transits & Health

The meaning of the transit is including the motion of the planets and their position in the solar system as also the position they take through the time in a natal chart. Transits are nothing more than a picture of the current planetary scene, the position of the planets at a specific time. Through the transits of the planets as also through the angles and intervals, we are passing through many changes, no matter if those are physical, emotional or spiritual. If we are aware of the transits we can make really good things so to handle them in the right way, in a positive manner.

Saturn without a doubt is a very misunderstanding planet in astrology, because many people are standing in his negative faculties and not to his positive ones. Many of my clients when they hear me talking about Saturn they react like this “Oh no…what about it?”…some of them are sweating on the comfortable chair in my office and some of them do not want to hear about it no matter what you want to tell. So, I have stopped since then to call the names of some planets. Some of them are suspicious…but they can guess. In reality, Saturn is  a great teacher as also Jupiter too with the only difference that that the first is very severe and does not making any favors and particularly to those who are not responsible and sedulous. With Saturn we can learn a lot but the lesson is limited, certainly is not allowed to escape, absent-mindless and indifference are absolutely forbidden while the lesson is being delivered.


Transiting Saturn definitely is a planet that provokes difficulties in order to arm us with his virtues, regarding the structure of the character, persistence and patience. His transits are very important because the events are being provoked are affecting our evolution immediately and they have a practical result. To be successful and win stability and certainty that Saturn gives through his passage must have worked too hard. Saturn’s transits are giving us many lessons. If we are indifferent and we do not care about our health, neglecting our body, the transits are working in a limiting way putting some restrictions on a health level.

While Saturn rules calcium, usually we can see that that calcium is limited through his transits, bringing on the surface problems with teeth, bones or other spots of the skeletal tissue. In case of complete exhaustion of calcium in the organism, tablets of calcium have been proved beneficial as also herbs too like the root and inherent leaves. Regarding the absorb of the calcium from our organism, magnesium and vitamin D, are playing a antagonistic role. Food are highly containing calcium are sesame, algae kelp and dulse, green vegetables, almonds and soya.

The Saturn aspects with the Sun are usually is an indication of low vitality and signifies the need to strengthen your system with nutritious food and exercise in order to overtake inertia and the debility of Saturn .It is very possible also our cardiovascular system to be affected with low blood circulation and different heart problems on the way.

The transits between Saturn and Mercury are being connected to the nervous system, speech and hearing. There is a recorded case of an individual who developed stuttering under the influence of the square between Saturn-Mercury. Food is rich in vitamins B, like products wholegrain cereals are proved effective regarding the limit of the symptoms. Some other people are expressing allergies, rashes on their skin under the influence of this transit, particularly when Saturn is passing through a mutable zodiac sign and aspects Mercury.

The combinations between Saturn and Venus are usually being expressed as skin diseases and dysfunctions of the thyroid gland. We can tell as an example of a woman with Saturn in a conjunction with her natal Venus, for a long period of time her face filled of rashes that continued to turmoil her during the whole transit. Additionally, she experiences moments of depression and melancholy and her social life was limited. Another woman also experiences hyperthyroidism when Saturn squared Venus.

Regarding the transit between Saturn and Uranus is enhancing spiritual density and disappointments is very important during this transit to focus ourselves in our personality and particularly on tough spots of our character. Trying to get away from old patterns of behavior and frozen sides of our personality we give a chance to density to be relieved. Rich food in vitamins B and herbs are relaxing the nervous system, like parsley and chamomile they can cool Uranus strong vibrations.

Saturn and Neptune aspect brings symptoms that usually are hard to be diagnosed. For instance, there is a possibility to be sensitive in toxins and you resistance under this influence to be weak. Relaxation, pleasant and good meals are strengthening your organism. If you are sick and you take medicine, this transit is suggesting you to be particularly careful because you may express a kind of sensitivity in some medicine. During this transit, there were many people that have developed allergies against a medical substance as also any hypoglycemic reactions are making their appearance under the transit between Saturn and Neptune.


Saturn and Mars may bring overthrows and disappointments in different forms. It is like driving a car with the brakes on constantly. Through these transits we get the lesson of being patient but perhaps it is also necessary to have a n accident or break some of our bones or experience high pressure in order to get our lesson. Arthritis, rheumatism and hardening of arteries may also appear during this transit. Also, in may be reduced in our bodies during this transit and perhaps it is necessary for you to complete your nutrition with food are rich in iron such as beets, plums, cherries and everything has a dark red color, also herbs and leaves of nettle and natural juices. With Saturn being in hard aspects perhaps you may experience with your personality and being tested as also fight with dark sides of your personality. Also you may experience weakness and problems regarding our bones may be developed during this period of time and transit.

Saturn and Pluto finally, is possible to bring you face to face with difficult situations that you will be not able to handle in your life, such as hard work, many trouble and generally demanding situations might exhaust  completely your energy and vitality. The conjunction between Saturn and natal Pluto in Leo might bring problems regarding colon, is being rules by Pluto, and regarding the way that food is being absorbed from our organism. So you might choose a lighter food or diet in order to avert the worst.

Finally Saturn and Moon transit may affect our emotions and those may be expressed through our body after a long period of density, limited period of resistance to illnesses and flu and crystallization in our body that may lead us in arthritic and rheumatic problems. When Saturn conjuncts the Moon at the zodiac sign of Gemini, we may see cold, to be expressed. If the conjunction of Saturn is in aspect with the Moon at the zodiac sign of Cancer, there is a great possibility of acute bursitis. Many of these cases, might help you from calcium and magnesium supplements, that also relief from depression and melancholy that is coming from this transit.


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The World in 2013

Even according to the Chinese Astrology as one of my astrologers friends informed me 2013 will be the Snake year. In fact the snake year will not be an easy or peaceful year at all on global level. Of course there will be some economical settlements but also revolutionary actions and coups will not miss at all. Some politicians will be overthrow just because of health problems but perhaps just because of an overthrow itself. Pluto is representing the global capitalism, in the position of Capricorn, the hidden money as also the world order of things that constantly will accept powerful blows till the 14 of May 2018, from Uranus in Aries. Drawing scandals will come into the light and there will be many secret testimonials regarding those scandals. This hard square will be enhanced when Jupiter will enter Cancer on the 26/6/2013, during the second half of 2013, where many people is being expected to lose their fortunes in just one night. Those planet aspects will also provoke strong weather phenomena and geophysical. The world will not be destroyed as we think but it will be transformed dramatically in a much different way. Greece may not bankrupt in a sloppy way and perhaps this may be not so strange anymore after all what we show this year. But when we were predicting the whole situation since January 2008-9, all these predictions seemed to be so far away and unbelievable and crazy while we were observing and writing for what would come in the next few years. We had also predicted that the euro and the European Union will be blown in a hard way and that Greece perhaps will open just one of her nostrils, just to breathe as she belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius, not to die from asphyxia. And exactly that is the point we are.

Greece will take the dosage and certainly much more than the expected since Jupiter is constantly supporting her second house. Money does exist, as we had been told from the start that the so-called bankruptcy of the nations would be fake but it happens for different reasons. At the moment at least there will be no haircut but they will promise a lot in order not Mr. Samaras and Venizelos and Stournaras return to Greece with empty hands. Of course all of them are stroke from the lunar eclipse of November, at the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius while both of them belong to these zodiac signs, as also Mr. Kouvelis.

Greece 2013

Till the 2016, Greeks will be dragged at least satisfied at one point but not dead too but certainly with many losses. Greece belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius and certainly and naturally of course, she has the idea that the oxygen is limited.

On the other hand, things will be particularly hard for Germany. Elections in Germany will take place in September of 2013, and irrelevantly with the date elections, the face of Merkel will become pale enough as also the face of Laggard. The style of the type “I do what I want in Europe” will end abruptly because their stars will start to fall since Merkel will not be able to face up the difficulties with her own banks and economy.

Perhaps this is not so good news, but till the 25 of June of 2013, Jupiter in Gemini will support the prime Minister of Greece Mr. Samaras and we see him escape from the worst with the best way and less cost as much is possible. However here is a strong possibility the country go again in elections after February or at least this issue will be enough intense then. The worst periods from the prime Minister will be from 2 Fbruary-11 March and the second period will be the lunar eclipse on the 25 of May and the Full Moon. If for instance, the prime Minister would proceed into nee elections till the 25 of June the percentage of the new Democratic Party would be high again and so he could win the elections and take better results. Later, the percentage of the Democratic Party would start to be decreased. Greece will not have an independent government for long time and we always may speak for a government of co-operation.


Things for Mr. Kouvelis would be god enough and will have a good co-operation with Mr. Venizelos, no matter if he breaks down his nerves. Mr. Kammenos is completely inappropriate to join, of the Independent Greeks party, because his Saturn would completely go crazy the other two. Till the end of June, it will be the most productive or favorable period of time for the Democratic Party. On the other hand the President Obama trine from Jupiter in Aquarius with Samaras Sun in Gemini, it is the best combination. On the other hand if you would like to see Merkel go green or get spots on her face, you could put Mr. Tsipras sitting opposite her. His Saturn on her zodiac sign means loss, obstacles, restriction, demands and bulks. The percentage that Mr. Tsipras took in 2012 June elections, he will not have it again till the beginning of 2015.But if  his party will become united he will be favored again till June of 2013.Of course if there will be elections we will study the results then. No matter the results, there will be no self-reliance. There must be over 40-50% but the old god days are over. In any case that Mr. Tsipras will co-operate with Mr. Kammenos,(Leo-Taurus) problems will not miss but with Mr. Kouvelis it will be the worst we could see, because his Saturn would break their nerves literally. February will create the background for new co-operations and political transformations. No matter what they want or not this time. Of course, PASOK, will be transformed constantly till the year 2014, there will be pressure, changes and they will be obligated to change direction in order to pick up their laundry.

From an astrological aspect the problem of Greece is not bankruptcy but the control of production and delivery of her mineral wealth but also the delivery of the oil and gas. Till the end of 2013,as we speak now, Greece will continue to have problem in order to choose which camp ,she has to choose.

As the motto says “Greece never dies” her Saturn in Leo is representing her hidden enemies and suppressors. The Sun is her ally. The natal opposition of Sun-Saturn, in her modern history is showing that her patrons knew the capacity of Greeks to excel in the business world. So, in order to avoid a challenge of their future sovereign, implemented in Greece a centralized bureaucratic system of administration, in order to have her people under complete control. The administration of this opposition now is undertaking Mars in Sagittarius which trines Saturn and dissolves the difficulties of the natal Saturn. That is a strong point that the country is having a future and that the Greeks will not lose their creativity, their ability to negotiate, their courage and stubbornness. That is what I have to say for those who believe that Greece will be deleted from the map according to some politician’s plans. Greece has passed through fire and iron and a civilization of million years has survived and knows how to survive.

Progressive Mercury is also telling us that the country has reached at a point where the chasm between the business establishment and the “working class” has grown so much and the next step sooner or later will be revolt. Without any doubt Saturnian energies are working on the future plans of the country that are aiming to reverse the solar energies to take over the reins of the country. Greeks will realize that they must become more serious and concentrate on practical issues that are being connected to the restructure of the economy almost from 0 bases.

The year 2013, will help us understand and realize that we need to find new solutions regarding our problems and that time is limited. Beneficial contacts with exceptional personalities will not miss in the field of transportation  and energy. However, there will be still problems in the country’s economy and liquidity, delays in order to pay off the dept. and denial regarding paying off unbelievable increased taxes that the government puts illegally through Power bills and taxes as also there will more severe control in the hidden capital and regarding taxation.

Greece leadership is under the control of foreign interests and they do not allow her to promote any measures for development or proceed in progressive agreements for the developments in the Energy field. Then it is very possible, to have the creation of a co-operation that will project the picture of the country abroad and will give the government negotiating footholds. The need for changing direction has been understood and percepts already but the major capitals are not sure for this direction. The cause of is the government’s failure to reconcile the diametrically the opposed views of the business sniffers and the working class. Any movements will be done during this period of time, in a prism of pessimism and fear, they will be evaluated later under the light of the developments that will have to do with the creation of a new alliances out of the European Union and the exploitation of the country’s natural resources for the benefit of the living standards of its people. The decisions will be made now from Greece in this stage will be definite for many years in the future.

The heavy atmosphere is certain because of Saturn influence, by the end of this year, while also Jupiter enters the scene, handling the natal opposition of Saturn-Sun. That means that whatever we will do, others will not let Greeks take what they belong to them legally as a nation but additionally there will be instructions and more cut-offs in the society without any support from the surrounding European and international world. It was very possible the tactics that the government to follow an additional economical bleeding since they do not resist. However, at the same time the idea of separation from the European Union had already started to get more mature since the dream of “commonwealth “has lost its target completely. And while everything looks black, in the last quarter of the year, appears “a deus ex machine», Jupiter in Gemini. That seems to do his job very well forming a formation of rectangle which handles the natal opposition of transiting Jupiter with natal Mars.

This aspect means that Greece is not able to continue in this way covering her needs through borrowing money constantly that mathematically would lead in the uprising of its people. It is the moment that we should turn ourselves in the formation of new healthy co-operations that would help the country exploit her wealth and as an evacuation center and energy product line. Jupiter is conjuncting the interval of Mars-Uranus- and not only oil-drilling-of the USA, that in turn she activates the natal synastry of the Sun-Saturn opposition of Greece with the axis of MC/IC of the USA.


Conclusively, it is obvious that the problem of Greece is being connected to the game of domination in the area and its sources with contenders Germany from one side and USA from the other, Great Britain but Russia too. Greece is at a critical point, requiring the revision of its traditional allies and the creation of new ones. It is very obvious that some of the above will lose (Great Britain and Germany) and some will win (USA and Russia) for different reasons. Incredible pressure will be applied to Greece till the beginning of German elections, in September 2013, where Germans and British we make enough hazing and then Greeks should be particularly cautious regarding these challenges. Unfortunately, the government, whoever will be, will have no other choice but impose more additional tax measures targeting real estate, the welfare state, and the middle class. Also till the March of 2014,a collision with Turkey is very possible. During the period of September 2013 the it is possible also o change two governments. Inner turmoil is possible to be organized again and we need to be cautious with eclipses because spirits will be heightened regarding Turkey.


Despite what propagates on the existing government of Almighty shape of Germany in combination with the already elected president Obama in USA, this November, I consider that the international conditions will function for Greece, in particularly because the role of Turkey will be intensely doubted on the same period. The hope for Greece will come close to the autumn days of 2013 and things will start then to change for the better and even more better in the year 2014,till May of 2014,regarding the geostrategic role of the country. Of course there is an establishment, regarding the administration of Greece that is blowing the remains (Great Britain, Germany) because the role and the interests in the area are being also doubted. But I also consider that the river never looks back and probably around the year 2015 Greece will have already reconstruct and regain her powers. In the following years of the decade, Russia will continue to be the most important player on the international chess board interfering in Greece territory events. Russia good cards, with flexibility and religion and her alliance with Israel, Russia seems to guarantee the borders of Greece despite her opposition with USA, but altogether will find a common point of communication.


Israel now is completely different than the previous decades and the political scene has been corroded through the international developments and phenomena like Greece, with the programs of  equipment’s have been developed on peoples shoulders. In the following years, Israel will approach Greece, on a diplomatic level more and both will align together for the sharing of resources.


Iran, on the other hand, will remain on a pre-war state which is based on the export embargo imposed by the Western community (USA, Great Britain). The embargo will function backwards abroad and will rally its people around the religious leadership. In the following years, Iran will lose restrictions  that have been imposed on women. But generally, Iran will not become more open aggressive position into any direction.


Britain will now openly interfere the scene and will contribute at the background scenes in shaping the situation in Greece region.

USA have already passed in a different phase now and they have become more introvert. In the near future ,it seems that they will hesitate to participate in the territory of Greece and that will be not good because the situation will be not under control. Beyond their reserved attitude and economic problems, the aspects are showing  that a sudden event abroad may start or put can put a land or air transport in the game. Also there is a possibility of falling victim bugging talks  that will become known to the public. Americans are not really going well with their traditional allies because their strategy in the area-impose of handling regimes- for the of the  ensure control over the extraction and transport of gas and oil will be dissolved, thanks to Britain, Israel and Turkey. Simultaneously they are forced to confront synchronized with Russia. Turkey, seems to take promises and economic exchanges relating to the Greek territory and for creation of an Islamic Commonwealth in the region, with the blessings of the British oligarchy that directs the fate of the United Kingdom.

It is a common secret now that during this period, new history is being written and everything is changing. We passing through the era of Aquarius, who is connected to Prometheus, who ignited the fire to people. Aquarius is an altruist and progressive, but till we get there Uranus energy will be opposed to Plutonian energy. The collision of the two giants will have explosive consequences. Pluto is destroying and Uranus is changing and  creating new things. Through these constant changes, we should be armed with faith if want to drive the chariot of the new era ahead, leaving the past behind us.

If we will analyze carefully the horoscope of the New Year we will see that the signs of the difficulties are waiting us  are obvious but the joyful thing  most of all is that here will be great opportunities too, globally and each one of us.

The fear for a general war ignition in the Middle east is constantly growing at the moment, while as also many countries seem to get into this game of balances and terror. The civil war in Syria, at the moment has cost many lives while the collision between the regime and those who revolt seems to have no end. The warnings have been clear, that this situation will function as a fire in the wider area and did not delayed to set the fire and touch red in the countries of Turkey and Israel too. Things there is like playing with a lit matches over gas. With one wrong move it seems that the warfare will be an event with unpredictable consequences while the interests will be great for the powers of the West and Russia. The planet aspects are giving us the message that this collision will not stay at this level and will not be limited at the specific area while the whole situation is another issue for Greece that beyond the economic problems wouldn’t like to be in the eye of the hurricane, under the war operations of NATO, which is also a member of it. At this point, we will see also the astrological characteristics of the protagonists for the specific situation.

The Sun is in Capricorn. It is very possible for the president Assad to be overthrow ,that certainly is a cruel dictator that is torturing people. The Moon, represents people, at the zodiac sign of Pisces and not well-aspected.That means that the people of Syria will continue to be divided.

The Sun of Iran is being placed in Aries and Venus, Mercury and Aries in Pisces are in contradiction with the planets of Syria. (Mars, Uranus and Saturn).At least Iran is not showing to have aggressive aspects but Iran is Aries and will accept great pressure. The question is if something will happen completely suddenly and unpredictably. Let’s not forget that the president announced that he wanted to erase Israel completely out of the map.

Israel was born and started the war with the Arabic countries. The Sun in Taurus in a negative aspect with four planets in Leo. Saturn at the moments controls of everything. What will happen if the next two years Israel will be under the influence of a very hard aspect? If there is a chance for America to lose something from her superpower. Another question is why these countries are being connected with dangerous aspects till the year 2015?I believe that except the economic war, they should do anything in order to avoid any sort of density between Iran and Israel, which will be completely destructive. When at summer of 2013,Jupiter will enter Cancer, then it will be the right time to calm down, for everyone. So density needs to be de-escalated. European Union will continue to face up important problems and seems to have  difficulties that cannot be overtaken, regarding its people. Some nations already threatens to retreat from the Union. The European wholeness torments and there is a strong need for reconstruction.

Despite the fact that Germany from the beginning of 2013 will have many hopes to succeed in her targets, finally this will not be easy at all. In spring and at summer, their targets will be overthrow completely.

The economical course of Switzerland will go up. Jupiter perhaps is supporting her but that does not means that there will be no unhappy incidents, regarding some scandals may come on the surface.

This decade will be definite for the course of Great Britain, probably there will be some overthrows or changes but there will be not important.


Italy seems to be from the countries that till next spring will be benefited from opportunities that Jupiter will bring because affects her Sun immediately. Then we will see how things will be developed in the future.


Russia seems not to pass through a peaceful period in the next few months. Under the zodiac sign of Aquarius also, Russia will be able to support her plans but there will be not only difficult aspects but very dangerous ones that are not showing a very peaceful period at all. For instance there will be physical disasters or accidents.

Spain will also pass through two difficult years with overthrows and difficult reactions and certainly her path will not be strewn with roses. Jupiter will favor USA but however, they need to pass through structural changes. Obama will be doubted but he needs to pass through great reclassification’s. There will be also natural disasters through the year of 2013 but the question is if Obama will be able to keep his protagonistic role.


With the yearly eclipse in Taurus around the 10 of May 2013 and with the participation of Mercury and Mars it is very possible the markets pass through a great danger while also this danger will be huge for warfare’s for ground and oil.

The Moon eclipse in Sagittarius on the 25 May 2013, and the square of Neptune will bring revelations, deception, excessive weather phenomena and floods. The precise square of Uranus-Pluto will increase possibilities for sea earthquakes, tsunamis and attacks with chemicals.

25 may 2013,lunar eclipse

The eclipse of the Moon in Aries, on the 19 of October 2013,there will be outbursts, war impacts and simultaneous opposition of Mars-Neptune.

What else we could say about 2013?Regarding the Mayan calendars and the destructive day of 21 December 2012.As you show the end of the world did not come. We all save. We do not know if Mayas were right or wrong, time will show. After all, I have write an article about the last 8 minutes of the Sun and in my opinion that is more important of everything else. Of course, the last thing I want to happen is a great flash that would interrupt my convenience to write my articles. I would love to write the results and conclusions regarding the entrance in the winter solstice, through Uranian equitation’s.

25 april 2013

Today,21 December, those who know astrology and those who do not know, the Sun entered Capricorn and that is a  very important and catalytic event because the great conjunction is about to bring significant changes that define this date ,particularly important. These changes are going to be inevitable and will be not able to be overthrow which is confirming the Mayan prophecies in some way, on the level of changes.

The MC, is showing  our actions which is pointing that there will be bad news and worst measures will come regarding the economic crisis but some of them always will be neglected offering in this way some kind of relief. Through the year of 2013,the voices of protest will be intense regarding human rights and those will be heard by choice. In the atmosphere of constant changes, governments will be absent. However, there is an aspect between Zeus and Saturn equal to the MC and that is being translated as the “time of militaries», which confirms the first paragraph I wrote regarding the overthrows of regime in some nations. The truth is that many weird aspects are falling on Greece which she will continue to be the center of the  developments in the next few years. Changes regarding the working sector will be strange and hostile to the people. Between the period  of March-April there will be intense  reactions regarding tough measures will be taken that will transform the Mediterranean countries into a kind of “the slaves of Europe” and will take us many centuries back.

The Sun is talking about new economic scandals ( in a few words ,this time we must have broken the record regarding the Watergate scandal or any other in history). In addition, the South and particularly Greece will face a sentence that has broader implications. The extra-parliamentary forces will fade and people will show clearly their intentions.

19 oct 2013,lunar eclipse

The North Node is showing that 2013 will be hard and perhaps people may understand that they will avoid their responsibilities but not the consequences of their choices and ignorance forever. Regarding Greece, which is the country with the most problems ,the government will not have resources to do as much as necessary and judgments will blow up the budget. All this will contribute to the overall transformation of the social fabric. Pluto’s changes have been already started long time now, with strong earthquakes, changes in the political system and power. At some point here we see that a plan is being supported by some people, finally it will be abandoned (memorandum, agenda 21 etc.).Uranus on the other hand will bring violence and explosion. Patience. Patience…patience let’s see how much patient we can be. Saturn is showing that it will be difficult for people to communicate with each other, there will be racial conflicts. Saturn symbolizes also materialism as a currency and there will be economical dependence from third parties that will provoke great turmoil. Neptune, (faith, inspiration, utopia, fraud) means that many projects will be undone. Parties, politicians and the doctrines deceived the world will finally get the pay they deserve. Jupiter is really good at this point, with profits and aid will be offered.

But the main battle field will be the courts but even people then will disbelieve the law.

The Poseidon (journalism, priests, inspiration) brings a sudden shift in public opinion and a sudden governmental cooperation that until recently it seemed like science fiction.

solar hybrid eclipse 3 nov 2013

The axis AS/MC  is showing intense violence and interfere into power games and money through dirty actions. Regarding political parties will do tricks to earn bigger piece of the pie and misleading ways and tricks to use and the government.

The Moon (crowd) will make the reverse but not to a degree that ensures robustness and because it has to deal with unethical tactics and practices. Admetus (stability, immutable positions) is particularly surprising because it brings profits from raw materials and culture but also talks about bullying and abandonment. This dissolution is imminent but will bring great changes and humiliation of all. Admetus comes to recall that “any nation that considers more significant ease and comfort of freedom will soon lose his freedom. And the irony is that soon will also lose the amenities and comforts “. And we need to regroup our forces and to shake off the yoke from upon us an hour later. It also shows maturity partnerships, associations and parties.

The Vulcan (big power) that beckons people to show that they have guts. Large lectures will amaze the crowds and bring to the surface who can draw the chestnuts from the fire. Even though they will not be able to overthrow the status quo. Prepare for brokerage bankruptcies and precipitation that reaches the limits of the crash hard – painful and generally changes, which give hope … over time.

In conclusion, 21/12/2012 is a date that portends significant changes of megatons. An annual ultimately will not bring the end of the world but says the end of a world as we knew until recently. The Greeks in these difficult circumstances in its highest moments in which time is eternity and eternity is time to prove that they carry deep inside them insubordinate identity and heroism of their ancestors.

2012  was a difficult and hard, with twists, mishaps, intimidation, and doses without rearrangements yields both political and partisan and economic, and social. While all of these were made in the past almost everything we do in life echoes in eternity. Especially for those politicians who instead give their lives to change the course of history, with a signature took them around their necks  millions of souls.

2013 is a year with lots of subversive events, which I assume you got a first taste during the year of 2012. And since the new year is a sequel to the 2012 piteous terms of critical, by definition, things will be even more difficult.

In a region (Mediterranean and Middle East), which is a cauldron ready to explode, an economic union (Eurozone), where solidarity exists only for slaves and docile, Greece is necessary to regain her lost independence and play an important role with its stance. Undoubtedly she will be not transformed into a superpower nor will miraculously solve the serious problems that faces. However, in 2013 it seems that  Greeks, with a good way , or by force, they tend to adopt an attitude that is attributed with the phrase “better to die for something than to live hoping for nothing.”

It is an open secret that the government is fully in line with the wishes of Germany while the two superpowers (Russia – USA) want their turn to play their role, creating also a political opponent in awe government. The third Memorandum essentially tied hands and feet together of people and politicians since from now on we have “formal government.”

Some years ago Mrs Benaki k, at the Greek presidents oath ceremony the worst yet to come. Remember what she said: “National borders and a part of sovereignty would be limited to the rights of man and of the citizen will be subject to change and there will be new forms of governance.” Then in 2005,while we were watching the ceremony no one knew what would come in the world. No one had noticed her words, but now the video of the 2005 ceremony is making the round of the world.

I will translate what Mrs Mpenaki told to the President in 2005. The  President of the Greek Parliament Anna Psarouda-Mpenaki  followed from other members of the bureau announced the new President of the Republic, Mr. Karolos Papoulias, the results of the voting and during her address ,said the following on 02/08/2005.

“National borders and a part of National sovereignty will be limited for the sake of peace and prosperity and security in the enlarged Europe. The rights of man and citizens will be subjected to changes and may be protected but perhaps also being violated by authorities and powers outside of  the known and beyond well established, however, the Republic will encounter challenges and be will tested by any new forms of government.”


But let us see the basic indicators of 2013 and actually is showing that people will be tragically disappointed….

  • The Ascendant indicates an irreversible situation, particularly in issues with the balance of payments will have a general alert.
  • The progressed Midheaven, in 2013 meets Hades and presages greater calamities and dangers that their dimensions will go beyond the ordinary. Here “leading” the difficult signals, short-sighted politics and bereavement.

Subsequently, Saturn hypothetical (the state) has equations that create … goose bumps! Apparently, the state will be deceived and being deceived which will bring losses to the government. At the same time, problems with feeding and hygiene in prisons, hospitals and camps will reveal that urgently needs a fresh start.

In summary, in the first phase, the economic miracle that they promise, that of rapid (or even sluggish) growth will not happen, but we will continue bleeding and constant liquidity issue will have the economy into permanent status of suffocation. The short-sighted policy will escalate the already difficult situation somewhere while the state will not have the revenue estimates and would thus seem unreliable to the people. So the people who most seem to not be as docile instrument in the past,  will  want change.

  • Uranus, the large tumbler, whereby there will be problems with the borders, or water damage from the water and generally shows that prevails in the country a state of anarchy. Moreover, the implementation of an innovative idea will not take place due to lack of financial resources.
  • Pluto, is indicating the order of social degeneration and decadence with things going from bad to worse. Still, it shows that the country is again coming under supervision – alert. But we also see the rise of a new leadership. Presumably, anti-memorandum forces will find “tips” to some external forces.

  • On the other hand, Mercury, at  the same rate shows a maypole pressures with new measures and with “borrowers” want to empty the entire dish. Especially after February 20  the big trouble will start. Important events and developments will contribute in total contravention of the working rights. The staggering system will do everything to keep and even to use new ways and new forces of repression.

    • Vulcan, which in any equation involving growing range of events, “speaks” for efforts and opportunities that will ultimately prove useless, which would escalate the aggravation and misery.
  • Meanwhile, Zeus is showing caveats and the other heralds that the people will think realistically. The people seem to put in mind a reversal, which due to involvement of Hades shows that it is a direct consequence of the escalating discontent regarding unemployment, working conditions (working hours, wages, conditions etc.) and of course an increase in poverty.

  • From February 20 onwards punishable expected changes and shameless violation of labor rights. Fact that the people will not swallow easily but  instead will become the evil doom.

    • In addition, the equations of Mars, will raise anger, rage and recklessness, while mentioning a big “accident” or “bang”. Some “dude” actions would have unpredictable and painful consequences. Both “speak” for police forces, snipers that “capture” a new terrorist organization or the reappearance of  an older one.

    At the same time, the pre-ecliptic, ecliptic  and after ecliptic period from early April to mid-June are particularly important, on the 25/4, 10/5 and 24/5. Eclipses prejudge these tremendous changes. The first compared  with the progressed horoscope of Greece talking about someone who occupies a prominent position, a social leader who is by the people for the people and the restart a new situation, which previously had stumbled or stuck somewhere. In connection with the natal horoscope of Greece heralds the time of one big event. Indicates more people with increased guard and an association, a partnership with selfish purposes.

    But what causes goose bumps, at least to me, is the last part of the equation that predicts “from slavery to liberation.” Additionally shows that “The people expect something exceptional, people take decisions.” The last eclipse gives the following “an unexpected check in the government a check for a result of the government”, plus contacts with people who are in senior ranks.

    The leader of the opposition government  has a birthday a few days later, and what you need to keep in mind is that Alexis Tsipras has no plan B, and the facts show that he will need a plan B, to say a plan C.

    Within this period the political party PASOK will give its own battle to stay in the parliament and generally for its historical survival while New Democratic party will catch again historic bottom in rates. At that time if we will have elections there will be an. .. ultimate doom!

    Let’s move but with Admetus again, who after March brings a consolidation of everything, as the country has lifted handbrake. There, it seems that people cannot stand this situation anymore  and … rushes while the  three eclipses will trigger political developments.

    Jupiter shows the diminished purchasing power of people while Apollo presages serious harassment and requirements regarding the richness of Greece. That is, the “friends” we will ask the lion’s share of water, energy, minerals, real estate … everything.

    Uranus, over tension and frustration portends involvement in a fight or that the country will be on foot. Moreover, it shows sudden collapse – bankruptcy.

    • At the same time, Saturn  from the 3, November is forming the equation Zero Aries / Saturn = Hades (Poverty. Decay. Strangers -refugee-immigrants. A death under unclear reasons.) At the same time on the  3/11 eclipse takes place on the  11 degree and 46  of Scorpio. Major problems in sight, with a question looms again: who can pull the chestnuts out of the fire?

    What ‘intrigue’ me, however, is the fact that the dissolution of a state cooperation – an agreement (not in Greece) will sweep over Greece as Europe too according to Vulcan’s annual.

    The euro will be faltered and Italy, Spain and France will continue to face serious problems. Saturn is not joking but  instead brings serious jams that will test the global economy.


    • In addition, the annual moon portend problems with judges and lawyers and the public will undoubtedly change attitudes and behavior. Particularly women will feel betrayed because many will have trouble raise of their children.

    • The annual Ascendant shows the need to keep some secrets while someone who inspires the crowd is asked to lead the country out of the impasse. But I think that as you try to hide what is really repugnant towards some ultimately will not allow it.

    • According again to the North Node (mass number), foreign intelligence services will have orders to get someone out of the “game”, while the annual Saturn indicates strong contrasts within the government plus an intrigue, an ambush. The task will not be done will bring unpleasant consequences.

    • And to end with something pleasant, the sun comes to “give” great sporting and artistic achievements which will be an indication that the spirit still lives in Greece.The hard stuff will come after February 20. I think the 2013 is a year of dramatic political changes and even bigger economic changes in the standard of living of Greeks to roll down of the stairs. With a disaster of “ante portas” worldwide, Greeks are asked to show that the best battles are not won but those are truly given.

    The 12 Planets

    Click on the link below please to read about the 12 Planets.


    December 2012

    The main characteristic of December, beyond the most discussed date of 21 /12/2012 and the alignment of the Sun with the Galactic center, which is mostly an astronomical incident rather than an astrological one, is the course of Mars through Capricorn who will meet Pluto by the end of November squaring Uranus in Aries. His stay till the 26 of December in Capricorn will provoke sad events and density. This conjunction will be not pleasant at all. This conjunction brought the last three years enough difficulties to the entire world. The last ten days will be consisted as a hub for a month full of challenges. It will be given a new dimension regarding the social, economic and political developments at the dawn of the New Year. The conjunction of Mars-Pluto in disharmonic aspect with Uranus will maintain with persistence the upheaval in social-political issues; will press the masses more while our living needs will remain uncovered.

    The first aspect is sadness, test and the effort for truce and the other one will show weakness and reaction. What will happen will be shown on the next few months. The influence of the November total solar eclipse in Scorpio will last for about 8 months and the lunar eclipse in Gemini influence will last for 4 months. It seems that in December events will run with unbelievable rhythms and the one event will succeed the other, preserving the unbelievable chaos. During period of pressure, like this one, incidents will be more and important events will take place. Mayas had a cyclic perception about time, and their prophecies are based on the specific perception. The truth is that the last few years the sensation of time has changed. Earth frequency, during the last few years has been increased impressively. Even though it can be different between geographical points the general counting till the last couple of years had reached the 7 cycles per second. Since the summer of 2010, the number of cycles was increased amazingly and the maximum of it ,is 13 cycles. It is being calculated that the velocity will continue to be increased in 2013 and will be decreased after the summer of 2014 or at the beginning of the year 2015.The last fall, we can say that gradually most peoples targets seems to be impossible as also many needs remain uncovered and social relationships are being shaken constantly. December will be an episodic month and we really mean it and very intense for many people. We are approaching the legendary date of 21 of December. People will not be destroyed but incidents will occur will lastly force us to act rationally, with foresight, measure using our practical spirit more. We should then avoid collisions with opponents and enemies because reaction will strengthen the pressure under the impact of revolutionary and the belligerents of Sagittarius while this will be accompanied from the influence of November eclipses but also by a rare combination of asteroids. We should move flexibly and use our energy and capacities in order to enhance our defense. This period will be full of political resentments and propagandas, against the Nations as also in social teams that are targeting in the fear of punishment and denial. In this case, we should be more cautious not be stayed from fanaticism and extreme emotions.

    Regarding the 21 /12/2012,as I had write before in previous articles will be the peak of spiritual awakening and cleansing in all levels for a new beginning. And not writing of same details you have read thousands of times during this year, some really talked about alignment of the planets that in reality there will be no such an event, at least on the specific date. NASA confirms that not even the axis the earth will be moved but also there are no indications regarding the relocation of the magnetic field, as it happens every half million years .Additionally, the earth will not cross the center of our galaxy.

    It is known that every December the Sun and the Earth are being aligned at the center of our galaxy, which is happening every year and certainly it is not destroying the planet earth. There will be no solar storms, not comets that will collide with our planet. Why so much fuss around this issue?



    solar eruprtion 2012



    People were always being afraid and when this is happening it is easier to be manipulated more easily. Perhaps some people have something to win by disorienting population in order not to get busy with their daily lives but they like to shatter terror and fear as also superstitions, weakening others and be more sensitive with such information and make them feel completely incapable and useless.


    On an energy level, number 11,is a number which comes out from the above date and belongs to the dominating numbers. Dominating numbers have greater vibration and dynamic from the others and they attract energy of higher frequency. Number 11 is being called to balance the material and spiritual world and transmit the knowledge for spiritual awakening and the truth of humanity. Regarding the way we will use this vibration, we can go higher or touch the bottom. Of course, all these things will not occur in just one day.2012 was full of important events and expressions in all levels and all sectors of our life. The square of Uranus-Pluto will continue to dominate till we learn well and realize that if we will not change our materialistic approach to the way we exist, we will not be evoluted spiritually. On the 21/12/2012, the Sun will be at the 0 degree of Capricorn which signifies a new dynamic beginning of the new ear on a global level. The sextile between Neptune from Pisces will signal our entrance in a different spiritual path. Saturn on the 8 degree in Scorpio will sextile Pluto from the 8 degree of Capricorn. This degree has a kind of inspiring and noble nature. All this power will function catalytically and may create something very positive and enduring but also may completely destroy it at the same moment if that will not be proved worthy enough of the circumstances. Mars at the 28 degree of Capricorn will give great vitality and energy. Jupiter at the 8th harmonic of Gemini in opposition with Venus at the 7 degree of Sagittarius will provoke over-optimism. The aspect of Saturn-Pluto is indicating a radical change through many events and procedures that can be painful for many people.


    The opposition of Neptune-Venus will disorient many people in order to believe in lies and chimaeras and the perhaps some issues will appear regarding water. The Moon, Mercury and Uranus perhaps then will help us create something extraordinary and original and express ourselves with joy but also the way we approach others will change too. There will be gradual spiritual and psychological rebirth for humanity.

    The only certain thing is that in 2013 we will be together and the universe will not be destroyed but it will be a very hard year for people’s lives. The actions and decisions from the centers of power will finally give their results in 2013 and in the following years that will come. The next five years, is being predicted to be definite for the continual of the western civilization. It will be scared from many events that will seal the political, social and economic developments of many nations and even the façade of the earth will change too. These five years are underlining a very difficult phase for the psychological balance of people which will be expressed through increased mortality or quit of their efforts. On the other hand, there will be important achievements in science. Saturn in Scorpio, will force us to realize where we are going to, no matter if we want it or not. The economic crisis will be continued in a different pace and rhythm, changing government regimes, system of exchanges and conditions of life. Many jobs will be lost and new ones will rise. Habits and trends will change too and the social-economic survival will be proved as Herculean task. Pluto of course will stay in Capricorn till the end of the decade that will maintain the power of those who rule and who will also take care of the money-power relay and the influence of power. Many new leaders and scientists will appear on the scene, but perhaps humanity will be threatened by a new kind of environmental pollution. Criminality and psychological diseases will be at the peak and will be maintained in high levels as also disasters, war motives and political mistakes will not miss.


    2013 silhoutte jump new year



    Uranus now in his normal course, from the 13 of December, of 2012 in Aries till the 2017 will maintain his disharmonic aspect with Pluto. For one more year people will experience collision with their environment and there will be also fanaticism, stubbornness, egocentrism and resentment. The collision of the two planets will feel division in all levels. Uranus in Aries will give opportunities for free expression and thought and perhaps will bring on the top new heroes and original ideas. Neptune, will offer the best perspectives for Art, will inspire many people to find solutions but also will carry them away into utopias and delusions .Jupiter in Gemini, till the middle of 2013 will tone expressiveness but his transit through Cancer during the last six months of 2013 will increase the feeling of solidarity, will strengthen the family institution, and relationships will be ore harmonic. The five eclipses will affect mainly the finances, communication with others and relationships of all kind. However, the situation on a global level will be daunting, less than encouraging and the danger of a great disaster will be visible beyond the turmoil of nations and its people.2013, will be a transitional year, and incredibly revealing regarding of all these things have been told in the previous two years. It seems then that we will experience great geophysical and extreme weather phenomena.

    Regarding Greece, as most of you are asking me, the situation will be the same as it has also in the entire Europe and then to the western world while Greece will depend on the intentions of the protectorates. It will be a very hard period emotionally which will be not indicated for definite decisions from peoples side. We will experience the consequences of our actions as civilians and as politicians. The New Year will judge who will be able to stay on the action-game while also who will be trapped in despair and inactivity. The end of 2013 will show.

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