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November full moon will be held on 26/11/ 2015 3rd degree of Gemini at 0:44:12 am, with Athens coordinates, at the 9th house of the solar horoscope. The 9th house is related to long trips, foreign countries, import-export and trade, explorers, science.
Rules religion, the clergy, the Bishops and the Church, learning, higher education and publishing. He rules also dreams and visions, moral, shipping, trading state with distant countries, external affairs of a state, connected with the ministers, Labour, Defence and official representatives of foreign policy, long distance communications, air travel; colleges and universities and the overall quality of higher education, the justice system, immigration policy, passports and visas, satellite transmissions; Advertising and tourism, and how the nation itself promotes to others.



Gemini is linked to the National media and the amount of freedom given to Radio, television, and computers as a means of national communications, the e- Mail and telephone lines as a source of national communications. All national communication networks, education, magazines, mail, radio, transport, communications in general and science. The binary nature of Gemini creates a mixture or variety of different factors come together and create change.

The Ascendant of the full moon is the 13th (risk, danger, loss) degree of Virgo, who is also ruler of the full moon, Mercury, and rules also the 9th, 3rd and 11th house.

At this full moon we will have the participation of Saturn, Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter. The full moon will have a misleading character and mainly afflict the signs of mutable cross like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces that will require attention to personal safety and the romantic sector of our lives but also of course in 9th house matters. Promises will not be met this time at any level and disavowals will be enough. In general, realistic situations and patience is the best solution and suggested to avoid being aggressive in order to defend our interests.

The Full Moon on November 26, 2015 will occur at the 1 decan of Gemini. The full moon activates and highlights the major square of Saturn/Neptune between Sagittarius and Pisces in late 2015 and all through 2016. The key to happiness is to overcome the guilt, fear and worry of this challenging aspect is to get more active, both mentally and physically. Positive words and deeds will definitely resolve any guilt or negative feelings. The full moon lays between Pleiades in the shoulder of the Bull, and Hyades in the Face of the Bull, at Taurus Constellation.

Although not directly in contact with any of the fixed stars we know, its location between these two star groups suggests adversity and sorrow. Saturn squares Neptune and that may bring some creepy experiences with the darker side of life. Disappointment or setbacks now are more likely to extend or deepen periods of unhappiness or depression. Even without any grave problems, it is likely that mental fears or paranoia certainly will lead us to uncertainty. Plus the shadow of the square Uranus/Pluto that now we experience the results of this cycle, of the last few years and are felt by everyone on personal and global level.

The Sun/Saturn conjunction is the main astrological aspect to this major challenging full moon. This means it is time to stand up and be counted. Hard work, discipline and patience are need to attend to our duties and obligations. We may have to take on extra responsibilities. Moon will be opposite Saturn and that will increase feelings of guiltiness about having left things undone, in some way. Just to make sure we thoroughly understand how our fears and phobias impact on our lives, the Sun will conjunct Mercury and Mercury will conjunct Saturn reinforcing in this way the serious nature of the full moon through memories and conversations or even dialogues. Current news stories undoubtfully will be full of facts and propaganda about terrorism and mass migration.
Mercury in political astrology is linked to the media and the press, all schools and the media, the political speeches, polls, transport. Saturn is linked to property, the system of governance, institutions and bureaucracy, economics, conservatism, infrastructure, law, control. The Sun represents the highest authority of the State (President / Prime Minister).
The Moon and the square of Sun/Neptune will obviously further increase our insecurities and feelings of guilt about past deeds and karmic repercussions of past actions. Neptune will have a weakening effect on our vitality too, making it harder to get motivated or get enthusiastic about anything .As well as being allergic to work, Neptune also makes us more vulnerable to psychological and health issues.
All is not lost however, and that is because the sextile of Mercury/Mars through positive thinking and the sextile of Mars/ Saturn is giving us an opportunity to transform this dreadful energy of this full moon into something more productive and these aspects should be mentioned at least on personal level. The sextile between those two will give more strength and determination, attention to detail, coping more easily with daily difficulties. Positive words and deeds will help greatly, so take advantage of this productive energy to put in order those that cause you concern.

On a political level, things seem really to be on fire literally, Moon in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius (frustration), opposition to Mercury (restlessness, problems and perhaps limiting the information and media and generally communications) at same sign, at the 3rd house and plus the square to Neptune at the 6th house, indication that confusion and chaos will prevail, as displayed through the full moon but also through the media. There will be a conflict of ideas that will be completely unrealistic and misleading, and there will be a refusal to cooperate.

The opposition of Moon/Mercury warns that it is not the right time to start a business, or sign agreements or other documents. Any negotiations will fail or be marginally successful. There will be nervous tension that may lead in extreme cases, severe money problems, and that may cause failure. Involves also, with mental disorders because of hyper-irritability. Immigrants, children, there will be high-risk in traveling, scandals, gossip and delays while also this is not a good time for weddings the partnerships.

The conjunction to Saturn will bring losses, disappointments, slowing activities. Plans will go completely wrong, the atmosphere will be heavy, and there will be sadness, depression. This often indicates a disease and the outbreak of a virus. These astrology aspects are also showing frost and cold concerning the weather conditions, poor quality of air or air toxins.

The opposition of Moon/Sun/Saturn/Mercury – points to problems index, minimum of patience and an uncontrollable situation regarding 3rd house matters (telecommunications, public transport, newspapers, the press in general and the relations of the state with neighboring states, education).

Another very important aspect of this full moon is the opposition of Venus / Uranus at the axis of 2-8th house which is an economical houses, it could mean an earthquake, shaking buildings as also economic events may ripple through the world and mortality will be increased. Disagreements, conflicts, major scandals and bizarre events will overwhelm the world that sudden changes will make this world a hell literally. Relationships and partnerships pointing to dissolution and of course, sudden twists and developments.
The square of Uranus / Pluto is being also activated between 8-4th house that warns of unexpected changes and events, unexpected trauma, accidents, terrorist attacks in the countries that we have mentioned in previous articles, separations, division economic upheavals, highlights power struggles, subversive, coercion mental manipulation and violence. There may be news perhaps to an unexpected death. Sudden illness of accumulated tension, nervous breakdown or development of neurotic trends indicated by this aspect.

Neptune at the 6th house, falls at the midpoint of Sun-Moon pointing the dissolution of a partnership but also a chaotic situation as also concerning 6th house issues but also that includes the quality of hospital care, the functioning of government, bureaucracy, all public services and unions, workers, the army, health.
An important aspect that foreshadows a major disaster, possible damage or a loss is the opposition of Jupiter / Chiron between 1-7th houses. The 7th house is associated to diplomatic relations of the state, the alliances, the overt enemies and popular reaction to the decisions of a government. It is also possible to witness conflicts with hostile countries.
The 1st house describes the population, general psychological status and general public that could relate to the Ministry of Interior. Jupiter is the judiciary, legislation and diplomacy, capitalism, industrialization, expansion and development of a nation, religion, banks, diplomats and foreign affairs; upper classes and wealthy businessmen. This opposition can bring temptation, deception and confusion in partnerships. There may be problems in your interpersonal relationships. Mediation skills are important for communication and peace.

The full moon affects the 1st and 7th house of Greece where it seems to create some problems and strains. Compared to the horoscope of the Greek Prime Minister seems to be oppressed in order to take some decisions, difficulties and he will face up dilemmas. The full moon becomes somewhat favorable for him without tensions and problems missing. The transiting square of Venus/ Jupiter shows indolence, negligence, incorrect behavior, arrogance, extravagance, loss, legal controversies. The right choices are difficult to make.


Let’s look at the equations…for the rest of the countries are on the way so there is nothing new to mention.
Efforts cooperation; Significant achievements in the workplace – – efforts for unification- Work on problematic situations – Stabilization – abandoning- Defining boundaries or borders – Fight for obstacles- endings related activities – Deaths affect others – Moderate successes – Earnings or income associated with stability – Iced capital – Limited good luck – Restricted assets – Reductions on the money the meticulous efforts

Revenues – Strong resistance- demanding activities-Intense opposition public- Reductions on public power- Important vibrations – Destruction
Fixed influential connections – Mutual special mission – Obstacles related to co-operation actions – faults associated with stable relationships – – large-scale destruction of the compounds partnerships.

Power or influence in the law and Communications – Talk about power and money – Actions contributing to the business profits or incomes, Work for lasting success – granting financial measures in the coming years –

Successfully overcoming obstacles – Important benefits associated with departures or distancing – Significant expenditure – high-strength financial problems – Minimized influence related to financial matters – Legal problems associated with political power.


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The Celestial Mirror

Whatever is born or done at this particular moment of time has the quality of this moment of time.Astrology assumes that there is a significant relationship between the stars or planets and affairs on earth. From this simple principle have developed all the many forms of astrology practiced or studied across the world. The word is derived from the Greek astron (star) and logos. Logos is simply translated as “word,” so astrology is, then, the “word” of the stars: The stars “speak.” However, in the context of classical thought, we may also consider that the stars possess reason, or a kind of logic, that can provide important information.

Until the 17th century the word was frequently interchangeable with “astronomy,” the “regulation” or “law” of the stars. In King Lear, Shakespeare had Edgar refer to his brother Edmund, who had been posing as an astrologer, as a “sectary astronomical.” Other terms Shakespeare might have used include “mathematician” (the astronomer Johannes Kepler studied astrology as part of his duties as “Imperial Mathematician”) or “Chaldean” (both astrology and astronomy were commonly traced to Chaldea, or Mesopotamia). Neither do most non-Western countries employ different words to distinguish traditional astronomy from astrology.

In India both are jyotish, the “science of light.” In Japan they are onmyōdō, the “yin-yang way”; and in China astrology is tian wen, or “sky patterns.” When I use the words “astronomy” and “astrology” in this book, for simplicity, I apply “astronomy” to the measurement of the positions of the celestial bodies and “astrology” to the assumption that the stars and planets possess, or impart, meaning. A note on terminology is necessary here: “Astrology” always includes the sun and the moon as planets, which is not how modern astronomy classifies them. Narrowly, astrology has often been defined as a peculiarly Hellenistic practice combining the use of horoscopes (mathematical diagrams intended to represent the heavens and used to gain insight into the past, present, and future) with an Aristotelian theory of celestial influence. This view, which pervades the historiography on the topic, is only now being abandoned by younger scholars on the grounds that it rules out some varieties of practice (such as an astrology based on signs—omens revealed in celestial patterns) and denies the practice of astrology to any culture other than the Greek or its intellectual heirs: It’s not the mechanics that define astrology, but the practice.

Certain of the assumptions that underpin astrology are universal and can be reduced to the notion that either the entire cosmos is alive, or all its parts are interdependent, or both. Sky and earth are therefore related, and the fortunes of one can be read in the other. One useful phrase that comes to mind is “life-world,” a term popular among phenomenologists which suggests that nothing can be experienced in our world except as lived. Modern science may tell us that certain things are alive and others are not, but we actually experience the whole world as alive. Astrology exists in most cultures at different levels of complexity and develops, like all other human activities, over time. However, in various forms it assumes one or more of the following: the celestial bodies are divine, the stars and planets send messages (Latin omen, or warning) on behalf of gods and goddesses, or God,all things in the cosmos are interdependent, the cosmos unfolds according to a strict mathematical or geometrical order, and different times have different qualities. Thus astrology works either because the messages dispatched by the divinities are reliable or because the movements of the stars and planets are guides to terrestrial affairs. The Greek philosopher Aristotle added other explanatory models, including a theory of celestial influence. Broadly there are always three stages to the process of working with astrology, stages that are common to all cultures.

First the sky is observed; this is now included in astronomy. Second, celestial patterns are interpreted. And, third, action is advised. This last consideration is vital, for astrology is invariably a guide to action. There are few reliable scholarly books on astrology, as most discussions of the subject are distorted by either an overly hostile or uncritically sympathetic perspective, and most deal only with the Western tradition; Roy Willis and Patrick Curry’s Astrology, Science and Culture is a rare attempt to consider modern astrology from an anthropological and philosophical perspective. My own Astrology and Popular Religion in the Modern West is the only sociological analysis of modern astrology, considering whether it may be classed as a vernacular religion.

Lynn Thorndike’s eight-volume History of Magic and Experimental Science remains the starting point for histories of Western astrology from the late classical period to the 17th century, and my own two-volume History of Western Astrology extends the story back to prehistoric origins and forward to the present day.This book is not concerned with astrology’s detailed technical procedures. However, there is an abundance of primary material from which the technical fabric and interpretative processes of both Western and Indian astrology can be learned. Margaret Hone’s Modern Text Book of Astrology is a sound guide to the basic calculation and reading of birth charts in the modern Western style and a good basis for going on to explore other applications of astrology, as well as traditional practices.

There is no single equivalent for Indian astrology, although B. V. Raman’s collected works could provide a similar function. Derek Walters Chinese Astrology is the only general introduction to the Chinese art in English translation. The Mexican astrology of the Maya and Aztecs is awaiting a suitable treatment, as are the many astrologies of the so-called indigenous peoples of Australia, Polynesia, and Africa.The best-known language of modern astrology is that of the twelve zodiac-signs derived from ancient Babylon: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each sign has a “personality,” a set of meanings that can be applied to detailed questions and individual circumstances through examining its location at an exact time of day, and in relation to the planets and other celestial bodies. As we shall see, though, different cultures developed their own systems of zodiac-signs or constellations that are entirely unrelated to the familiar Western scheme. The fundamental premise of astrology is reflective: that the earth is a mirror of heaven, in the sense of the celestial realms, and vice versa.

This is also a core tenet of cosmology across the ancient and medieval worlds. As the historian Xiaochun Sun put it in China, “The universe was conceived not as an object independent of man, but as a counterpart of and mirror of human society.” Native North American cosmology has been described as depending upon a “patterned mirroring” between sky and earth.The classic statement of this interdependence is found in the Islamic text known as the Tabula Smaragdina, or Emerald Tablet, which was probably written in the Middle East about the year 800 and contains sentiments that would be as familiar in China as much as in India, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

The Tablet’s opening words, “That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one, as all things were from one,” are cited to this day as a rationale for astrology in the simplified form “as above, so below”—as in the sky so on earth.A popular series of astrology books published in the United States in the 1970s was even marketed under this description. The notion of reflection, though, is only part of the story. Equally important is the concept of relationship—that the cosmos is alive and that everything in it exists in a series of relationships with all other things. Just as people relate to one another, so planets relate to people, and people to planets, indeed to everything. Most ancient cultures appear to have a view of the cosmos in which all things in the universe are connected in a web of personal relationships. The astrology that emerges from this proposition tends to be pragmatic and flexible. The stars and planets have no fixed meanings, and if one celestial pattern does not fulfill a particular function then another may do just as well. Such astrology is “chaotic,” in a sense derived from Mircea Eliade’s view of some cosmogonies as chaotic—unplanned and spontaneous.

A complex, highly codified astrology, with both well-defined meanings ascribed to particular stars, planets, or sections of the sky and a requirement for precision in timing and location in space, emerged in three regions: Mesoamerica, China, and the Near East/Babylon. It was a fusion of Babylonian astrology, Egyptian religion, and Greek philosophy in Hellenistic Egypt in the last two centuries BCE that produced the complicated astrology which became the foundation of the discipline still practiced in India and the modern West. This highly codified astrology is “cosmic” in the sense derived from Eliade’s identification of “cosmic” cosmogonies, based in a deliberate creation and characterized by order. The notion of relationship was systematized and codified in the cosmic astrologies of the classical world.

The Greek Stoics developed a system of interlocking “correspondences,” in which the essence of everything we can see, touch, or imagine is connected by a web of “correspondences,” or “sympathies,” a scheme named, by the historian Arthur Lovejoy, the Great Chain of Being. We should think of the constituent parts of the Chain as having agency, which is to say that they can function as agents of change: A stone, a flower, or a cloud can have agency, as much as can a person. The Chain of sympathies then becomes the basis of astrological magic, in which objects are created or words spoken that have “sympathy” with particular stars, planets, or zodiac signs. Most pre-modern societies recognize two kinds of astronomical phenomena. First is the ordered and predictable as observed in the periodicities of the sun, moon, and stars and expressed through calendars and their attendant rituals and the form of astrology that developed in Mexico, China, and the Hellenistic world, the last of which became the basis of both Indian and Western astrology.

Second is the exceptional and unpredictable as manifest in the changing appearance of the sky and celestial bodies (such as whether the moon is surrounded by a halo), shooting stars, and thunder and lightning (which occur in the sky and so were included as celestial omens in many societies). Other types of phenomena, such as eclipses and planetary motions, were originally thought to be random but, in many societies, were later found to be ordered and predictable. The distinction between the predictable and the exceptional, the ordered and the chaotic, remains fundamental to astrology’s dual nature: In Babylon, for example, the regular cycles of the sun and the moon punctuated the year with its sacred festivals, but their visual appearances could never be foreseen. In many cultures order was evidence of the cosmos’s benevolent nature, and close attention to calendar rituals was required in order to maintain the protection bequeathed by this order through the benign flow of the seasons and hence guarantee society’s survival. Disorder, by contrast, was seen as evidence of supernatural threats, against which astrological prediction, magic, and prophylactic rituals might be employed.

In Greek astrology, and in its Indian and Western descendants, unpredictability was gradually removed from the astrological canon, and no modern Western astrologer pays any attention to meteor showers or whether the moon is surrounded by a halo: Order and predictability of astronomical data are essential. The general recognition of two kinds of astronomical phenomena relates to other ways in which astrologers work. Historically, astrological meanings have been constructed in two ways. In the first, empirical data is collected.

As soon as a celestial event coincides with a terrestrial occurrence, the correlation is noted and can become the basis for a future prediction. In the second, a theoretical framework is imposed on the heavens, such as a zodiac or set of personalities for the planets, that then allows for the construction of a kind of biography of human life, or the planning of future actions. The varieties of astrology in the classical world give us some idea of astrology’s diversity. Astrology could be rationalized through theories of celestial influence, divine warnings (omens), sympathies or correspondences, or correlations, in which terrestrial and celestial events were connected purely because they occurred at the same time, what C. G. Jung was to term a causal synchronicity. The concept of astrology as a matter of influences or effects in which object “a” affects object “b” as an independent agent was unknown until the 20th century, and it remains a minority view. We can conclude that, at least in most of its forms,astrology does not conform to a modern scientific paradigm that may require statistical samples and repeatable experiments.

The codified astrology of China, India, and the West is science in the traditional meaning of the word, in the same sense that divination is a science—as a discipline with its own rules. The astrological cosmos may be better seen as “imaginal,” a term popularized by the philosopher Henry Corbin in order to distinguish products or characteristics of consciousness that are “real” from those that are “imaginative,” in which qualities of the mind have no reality. The word also has other associations, such as of the religious “image” as an icon, or embodiment of numinous reality, or of the whole world itself as an “image” of heaven. One useful distinction among types of astrology in the West is that between natural and judicial. Natural astrology places the emphasis on the natural world, making generalized statements on the basis of celestial influences or planetary cycles. Some modern astrologers claim that the sunspot cycle (an eleven-year cycle in solar radiation) should be classed as natural astrology. Judicial astrology, on the other hand, as the name implies, requires that the astrologer make a judgment, usually using a horoscope, a highly codified diagram of the heavens for a precise time and place.

The scope of judicial astrology’s functions was defined in the classical period, and medieval Europeans understood judicial astrology, which rested in the use of horoscopes to reach judgments, as divided into four categories: Interrogations were horoscopes cast for the moment that a question was asked, genethlialogy was the interpretation of horoscopes set for birth, revolutions dealt with political and general worldly affairs, and elections were used to choose the most auspicious time to arrange important events. Not included in this typology were uses of astrology for magic, such as the casting of talismans (objects having astrological significance and intended to manipulate the psychic and physical environment) and the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Astrology might be used to analyze personal destiny, assess the soul’s chances of salvation, cast spells, apply celestial myths to everyday problems, shed new light on history, find lost objects, predict the outcome of a battle, find the most auspicious time to launch a new enterprise, perform a ritual act, or construct a sacred calendar. It could be more or less deterministic, but it invariably required active human participation. If the sky is a dramatic stage set for telling stories about human affairs and the passage of the year, then the cosmos requires active participation by human beings as actors in the drama, an expression of the anthropologist Lucien Lévy-Bruhl’s participation mystique, the sense of being at one with the cosmos.

Every form of astrology begins by posing a level of fatedness, in which human beings assume a lack of control over their lives but then set out to create choice, negotiate with nature, and enter into a dialogue with time. Such negotiation may take the form of magic, prayer, ritual, or, in the modern world, counseling or therapy in order to achieve the ancient classical goal of self-awareness. Typically, choice in astrology exists within a context of purpose and an acceptance that the world is providentially organized.

From the inclusive perspective, there is no culture which does not have an astrology. The name itself, though, is often a problem, encumbered as it is by the anti-astrology rhetoric of the scientific Enlightenment. Various solutions have been proposed to this problem. One is that we replace the word “astrology” with either “Star Talk” or “Star Study.”18 We might also use the astronomer Ed Krupp’s term, “Sky Tales.”19 I have suggested Star Stories, which can include the stories that stars tell about humanity as much as the ones that people tell about the stars: If we exclude any question of an external objective reality—the measurement of planetary cycles or celestial influences—astrology can be seen as fundamentally a narrative, a discourse. It has its believers in the literal truth, and in the absolute objectivity of its truth-claims, but it may still function as a conversation, its participants being people (astrologers and their clients) and the cosmos (time, eternity, pattern, rhythm, and fate in its many forms). As a language, astrology speaks in symbols. It relies on metonymy, using one word to mean another, so that when modern Western astrologers utter the word “Mars,” their colleagues hear the words “anger,”“danger,” and “energy.”

When astrology says “Venus,” it is code for love, peace, and desire or, in Aztec and Maya culture, war and violence. Some of astrology’s modern adherents claim its language is universal, which it clearly isn’t: In the Greek tradition the moon is the symbol of womanhood; in the Babylonian the Moon-god, Sin, was a man, as was the Egyptian Thoth. Its symbols are, though, like any other, polysemic: They have multiple meanings and require interpretation. From a symbolic perspective, then, the logic that leads a Western astrologer to interpret Venus as peace and an Aztec to look at it as war does not deny the existence of a universal symbol. Of course, if we reject the notion of universally valid symbols, the problem of cultural distinctions between different astrologies remains. For example, it is well known that the Aborigines perceived a radically different set of constellations from those that were seen in China, Babylon, and Mesoamerica, evidence in itself that there are no universals in the way the sky is perceived and used.

The physical appearance of the celestial bodies and the mathematical measurement of their apparent movement is not negotiable, but, apart from the measurable solar and lunar influences, all other aspects of astrology are local and culture-specific. A substantial number of modern Western astrologers agree with this view. Perhaps the most influential was Dane Rudhyar, one of the most respected American astrologers of the 20th century. He wrote that Astrology of itself has no more meaning than algebra. It measures relationships between symbols whose concreteness is entirely a matter of convention, and does not really enter into the problems involved—just as the symbols of algebra, x, y, n, are mere conventions…. In other words, the astrological realm of moving celestial bodies is like the realm of logical propositions. Neither one nor the other has any real content. Both are purely formal, symbolical, and conventional.Rudhyar was no cultural relativist, though, and he believed that, while the rules of astrological interpretation are cultural conveniences, the spiritual truths they reveal are absolutes.

As Claude Lévi-Strauss considered, astrological classifications are totemic. Their logic, he argued, “works rather like a kaleidescope, an instrument which also contains bits and pieces by means of which structural patterns are realized.” Lévi-Strauss’s structuralism would probably have made sense in Rudhyar’s Platonic world, with its concept of geometrically defined archetypes, even if he might have rebelled against structuralism’s excessive rigidity. The psychologist C. G. Jung, who described astrological symbols as “mythological motifs,” “categories of the imagination,” or “primordial thoughts,” might also have disapproved of Lévi-Strauss’s mathematics but not his quest for underlying patterns. Jung was himself an enthusiastic astrologer for whom astrology worked because time itself was an organizing principle, controlling the mutually satisfying relationship between celestial symbols and human psyche, a theme that will recur throughout this book.

“Whatever is born or done at this particular moment of time,” Jung wrote, “has the quality of this moment of time.” And here we come to another of astrology’s characteristics, at least in cultures that develop a highly codified form of the discipline—the deification of time. The Persian Zoroastrians actually imagined time as the lion-headed deity Zurvan. Most cultures have not gone this far, but, implicitly, time is often regarded as having agency, as being an active participant in the cosmos. Why some societies should develop such complex systems is not clear; the archaeoastronomer Anthony Aveni’s comment about the Maya (“Why [they] became such ardent astrophiles is a problem not yet resolved”) may equally well apply to the ancient Babylonians or Chinese. One obvious answer is that societies with complex socioeconomic and political systems develop technically complex cosmologies as an aid to management of society and the state.

What all three cultures shared was a sense of precision, that the merest details of life could be timed to correspond exactly to the flow of celestial time. One persistent argument holds that the appeal of astrology, like that of religion, rests in its ability to provide security for insecure people. However, the argument has been challenged on the grounds that it is an anachronistic projection into the past of modern skeptical critiques of astrology. It may be more productive to consider the reasons for star stories. Do they encode information about the world? Is the power the motive? Possibly: Stephen McCluskey concluded that “Astronomical observation and knowledge were, for the Aztecs, signs of sacred power and status.” Were ancient people looking for patterns that might make better the management of the world? Perhaps.

Among the Maya, we read “The paramount goal of the astronomically and mathematically knowledgeable scribes was to use what they saw in the sky to pattern time.”Aboriginal astronomy, meanwhile, locates the stars in social context and value systems: “Like the Newtonian-based system of Western science, it represented an attempt to construct a view of the universe as an ordered and internally consistent system, and hence to obtain some sense of control over the natural world.” Further, Their careful astronomical observations were motivated not by inherent curiosity but by their belief that the stars had an intimate pragmatic and relational role in their culture.

One role was economic: the need to establish predictive correlations between the position of the constellations and other natural events important to the survival of the community such as the availability of particular foods or the onset of particular weather conditions. A second function, equally necessary to preserve the group’s identity, was a socio-moral one: the association of the various constellations with a complex system of moral guidance and education in tribal lore. Thirdly, the Aborigines regarded the stars as an integral part of both the physical landscape and a philosophic system, each element of which helped to explain, reinforce and legitimate the others and guarantee their continuity.Such a description may be equally applied to Chinese, Indian, Mesoamerican, and Western astrology.

Keith Thomas considered whether Western astrology had a function in the development of historical thought. He concluded that it did, adding that the sociological worldview has at least partial roots in the astrological. In his words, During the Italian Renaissance astrological doctrines about the recurrence of planetary conjunctions had helped to form the concept of a historical “period.” … In their [the astrologers’] confident assumption that the principles of human society were capable of human explanation, we can detect the germ of modern sociology.Perhaps ancient star myths and modern astrology are also both means of transmitting culture.

Elsewhere Inca astrologers are referred to as “folk astronomers,” suggesting that their function was to convey astronomically derived social, political, and agricultural information to the population at large.This might ring true of the ancient world and oral cultures, but does the modern astrological consultation, with its use of archaic symbolism, bind both practitioner and client into an otherwise forgotten world of magic and shamanism? That is a question I don’t think we are yet equipped to answer. Are astrologers better described as “calendar priests,” as has been said of Mayan practitioners?

Are their modern descendants the equivalent of the Peruvian “calendrical shamans” who traveled from village to village with their books of prognostications tucked under their arms?35 It is certainly possible. Talking of astrology’s increasing popularity in the 1980s, Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas, pioneers of the integration of depth psychology and astrology, wrote: The astrological consultant has, willingly or not, been usurping what was once the role of the priest, the physician, and the psychiatrist…. And with due respect to those readers who may be members of the clergy or of psychiatry, [the] client with psychological problems may often fail to find the tolerance or depth of understanding that the clergy might justifiably be expected to provide, receiving meaningless aphorisms instead; or may fail to obtain the insight into symptoms and the openness to discuss them without clinical labeling which the orthodox medical establishment sometimes finds rather difficult to offer.

Does this mean that astrology itself is a religion? Here again, the answers are mixed. The question can become meaningless in those cultures that make no distinction between religion and any other aspect of life: There is no point in asking whether astrology is a religion in India, or among Australian Aborigines, or indigenous Polynesians. Some historians assume that astrology was a religion once, when it was an accessory to the worship of celestial deities, but may not be now. The historian of science Bartel van der Derward was following the consensus when he argued that “Babylonian astrology depended on astral religion…. The guiding concept of astrology, that the gods of the sky rule our lives, was a religious concept. Very right were the Fathers of the Church to condemn astrology!”

The German philosopher Bernulf Kanitscheider thinks astrology still is a religion: “Astrology,” he wrote, “must be seen in its origins as a religion based on the stars.”For the sinologist Joseph Needham, astronomy itself was derived from religion, or, perhaps better to say, it was an application of religion. In his opinion, “Astronomy was a science of cardinal importance for the Chinese since it arose naturally out of that cosmic ‘religion,’ that sense of unity and even ‘ethical solidarity’ of the universe.”Modern critics of astrology likewise tend to argue that it must be a religion on the very grounds that its claims are false.Some astrologers accuse their fellows of using it as a religion in that it becomes an answer to every problem, from grand questions of human existence to the best time to make a phone call. A few Western astrologers, though, do regard astrology’s role as religion as a good thing.

In 1927 Julius Bennett, writing in Astrology, the journal of the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society, claimed that the “combined science and religion of the New Age” would be astrology. Some modern astrologers agree. Pam Crane, a well-known British astrologer and minister in the theosophically inclined Liberal Catholic church, concludes: With the discovery of the Outer Planets, we men and women have taken a lot of spiritual power for ourselves.

Nowadays it is unfashionable—even in some quarters unacceptable—to conceive of ourselves as truly children of an almighty being we call God, that this being is a person, and that He sent his Son into incarnation to teach us how to love, and to die for love of us. At this time in our history when hubris has rendered us desperately vulnerable to self-created disaster, is it not time we reconsidered? Look at all I have shown you here. Is not Christ coming to us over and over again, in every conceivable way, as he always promised? Is Crane putting God at the center of the cosmos, or is she placing humanity there? Certainly some forms of astrology are focused on the individual—“person-centered” in the modern jargon.

Astrology’s characteristic earth-centered cosmos has been described as not so much “Geocentric [as,] more embracingly, egocentric.”What exactly is it that astrology says about the nature of personhood? This is the question asked by Stephen Kemper in his study of Sinhalese astrology.There is indeed something egotistical about astrology, as many modern astrologers will agree: The birth chart, the map of the heavens for the moment of birth, is calculated with the infant at the center of the entire universe. In this sense, if the complex interpretative astrologies of Babylon, India, China, the Islamic world, Europe, and Mesoamerica have anything in common, it is that the focus of all creation, the sum total of space and time, is placed on the individual as the act of astrological interpretation proceeds.

The center is not where God is, or the Goddess, or the gods: If astrology has a religion, perhaps it is humanism. An entirely separate question is whether astrology has religious uses. The answer to this, obviously, is yes, for there is no area of human activity to which it cannot be applied. To return to the question, then: Is astrology a religion? Not if we require a narrow definition of religion as requiring the worship of a supreme being and a set of dogma located in a sacred text. In part the answer depends on how broad or narrow is our definition of religion. Elsewhere I have concluded that we may consider astrology to be a “vernacular religion” in the general sense that it is part of the prevailing worldview of the modern West.

For Emile Durkheim, astrology was more magical than religious, for the precise reason that it lacks a congregation and institutional framework and instead relies on an individual practitioner’s performing a service for a single client.Durkheim’s distinction between magic and religion is no longer tenable, though, for it denies the extent to which formal religious practice relies on magical acts, transubstantiation in the Catholic Mass being a prime example. J. G. Frazer’s view of religion as based on the propitiation of superior powers certainly has relevance in some contexts but fails to account for those areas of astrology that require action and assert humanity’s role as a co-creator.J. Milton Yinger’s inclusive definition of religion, based as it is on a collective attempt to deal with the problems of human existence, can certainly include astrology at its broadest (the construction and celebration of sacred calendars) but is so all-encompassing that there is little left that is not a religion.Only Ninian Smart’s seven dimensions of religion offer a sufficiently rich framework within which to consider not whether astrology is a religion but whether it is a religion in certain contexts.

In the text that follows, though, I tend to emphasize astrology’s relationship with religion, which, for these purposes, I define cautiously as the worship of supernatural beings. I then pose such questions as how the cosmos came into existence and what is the stars’ role in the construction of sacred calendars or the salvation of the soul. Smart’s seven dimensions then provide a framework for whether astrology is a religion in particular instances. I have also emphasized those applications of astrology that may be religious in a broad sense so that we may ask, if astrology is a religion, what are its rituals, philosophies, narratives, experiential content, and social context.

This does not, it must be stressed, mean that all astrology is a religion. The use of astrology by modern business analysts or psychologists, working in a secular context, is clearly not religious. The statement “Astrology is a religion” is simply wrong. In particular instances, though, it may have religious qualities and functions, and it is these with which we are concerned in this book. As we have seen, astrology is marked by diversity, causing some modern commentators to refer to “astrologies” in the plural on the grounds that the use of the single term “astrology” too easily leads to the suggestion that there is a monolithic system and single dogma to which all astrologers subscribe. Astrology may treat the stars as signs, causes, or influences, while the stars may act on terrestrial affairs, correlate with them, or simply indicate them. And, even when they are causes or influences, they may not have any power in themselves but be acting on behalf of some superior force, creator, or god.

I have suggested some useful distinctions between different kinds of astrology: Chaotic astrology is flexible, spontaneous, and pragmatic; cosmic astrology is codified, highly structured and complex; natural astrology deals with general influences or patterns, while judicial astrology requires the presence of an astrologer to make a judgment. It makes more sense to look at what astrologers actually claim and do, and imposed categories such as “divination,”“science,”“magic,” and, of course, “religion” are invariably misleading and fail to account for the diversity of practice across the globe, let alone the contested meanings of these words. In this book we take a broad and eclectic view of astrology, encompassing as wide a range as possible of applications of the stars for religious purposes or to provide meaning.

In the following chapters, for the first time, we examine a range of practices and beliefs from around the world, some that have been challenged by forces such as colonialism, while others are living traditions. There will inevitably be many points of comparison and evidence of differences as well as similarities, both of which will help us answer questions about how human beings use the sky as a theatrical backdrop for their myths, rituals, religions, and personal engagement with the cosmos.

Source:The Celestial Mirror Campion, Nicholas (2012-06-11). Astrology and Cosmology in the World’s Religions (p. 11). NYU Press short.

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Roman Emperors & Astrology

I will continue the articles from History of Astrology.
Astrology became known to Romans by a stoic philosopher named Posidonius, who reached Rome around the first century BC. Stoic’s were living according to a code of austere autarky and had teachings that find fertile ground to the high Roman class. The idea was someone to adjust his behavior as much it was possible to the cosmic law-“to live in a way adjusted to nature”.
In a few words, wise men and women were surrendered to their destiny .And which was the best mean for someone to know what destiny was keeping for him, if not the astrology chart itself. Posidonius extended his theory to consist a mystical animal power that was emanating from the Sun and uniting the world with one universal harmony. But also he was urging people to discover their atomic astrological fate.

Rome’s intellectuals were gathered to listen to him and among his students, the rhetorician Kikeron, the most persuasive voice of the Roman senate. Kikeron till then, was a very stubborn fighter of astrology but when he first heard of Posidonius, he followed him immediately. He later claimed that “whoever is reasonable, he can see that the stars have divine power and intelligence. “But he gradually started to be wobbled, because astrologers, in a civil war that occurred around the middle of the first century BC. supported the lost side. Astrologers made more mistakes, such as when they told to Julius Caesar that he would live up to a ripe old age. Finally, Kikeron, disclaimed the art, illustrating astrology as a “possible madness that daily experience is rescinding it”.

Some other Romans saw astrology with skepticism. Julius Caesar despised every sort of divination-however if he had followed the prognosticators prediction not to walk into the senate that particular day, by the middle of March, his assassination would have been reversed. Caesars successors were considering astrology a very serious matter. Emperor Augustus cut a currency with Capricorn zodiac sign at its one side because Capricorn was the zodiac sign that appeared on the Moon at the time o his birth time. At his latest years he was terrified by the idea that an enemy would circulate a fake horoscope that would predict his death, in order to rise his people to revolt against him. So, at 11 AC. Augustus published his own version and declared all the other predictions illegal that reported to his death.

The next Emperor of Rome, Tiberius who was particularly charmed by astrology, he was cultured to build his own astrology chart. When he was deciding to ask for a professional advice he was first certain that he would have the best. Once he was withdraw to kapri, probably to avoid the negative energy of a planet and then from there he continued to examine candidate astrologers of his court. He used to test the powers of every wise man by asking that: “And now what happens with your own horoscope? “If the answer did not like him, he ordered to kick the candidate by the top of the nearest hill.

But someone with the name Thrasilus, appeared who had the perfect answer. Thrasilus, since he studied his horoscope very well, started to tremble and finally announced: “This moment I am threatened by the most instant danger”. That phrase impressed Tiberius so much that made Thrasilus, his first astrologer consultant.
So, the first family monopoly at one of the most powerful position ns of Rome. Thrasilus son, Valvilus, served three emperors- Claudius, Nero and Vespasian. But on the other hand Thrasilus tried to control Tiberius violent impulses, his son encouraged the flow of blood. It is supposed that the comets were announcing the death of great leaders. So, when a great comet appeared in the sky during Nero times, Valvilus proposed to the emperor to divert the wrath of the skies onto other heads.

That had as a result the slaughter of many prominent Romans.
Titus and his brother Domitian that ruled Rome by the end of the 1st century AC. Both were astrologers themselves and following Nero’s example, used the stars to justify their violent crimes and actions. Domitian, particularly was possessed by fears and suspicions .At his free time he was building horoscopes of his possible enemies and ordered the death whoever he thought that would gain more power than him.

No matter the dark use of astrology by his emperors, astrologers continued to cultivate its theory and observe the stars. About the 14 AC.-during the fits year of Tiberius reign- Manlius, who was fan of Posidonius, distributed a prolonged comprisal, The Astronomical, in hexameter with overripe. The poem, that become a basic text, consisted the greatness of the brightest stars and reported that someone could build an atomic horoscope and emphasizing the points of the zodiac circle but not the planets at the horoscope of a person. By the following century one of the giants of astrology, Claudius the Ptolemy from Alexandria made the greatest work of all the times.

We do not know so much for Ptolemy as a personality except the fact that he had huge knowledge. He seemed to be frugal and elegant, he loved to ride and according to some information we have probably his breathe was terribly smelling. We do not now nothing more about him, but we have witnesses of his extremely astounding achievements-pioneer discoveries in mathematics, actually the most accurate charts have been saved as also two primary volumes. The first volume, the Almagest, contained what is known for the clear and natural motions of the celestial bodies. The second one, the Tetrabiblos, was referred to the multiple impacts of the stars and planets in human’s life.
Ptolemy, was extremely defending the idea that the Earth is not moving and that is nailed at the center of a heart-rending world. This is very reasonable, he observed, or else the birds would have their nests under their feet. At any rate, he was saying that the stars and planets are revolving around the Sun as unmovable, mathematically perfect orbits, as also Pythagoras had claimed centuries ago, and projected their powers in away that could be defined after rationalistic observation. Human fate is being controlled by natural powers, not divine intervention even though sometimes astrologers do mistakes into their calculations and predictions and the problem for this is their unclean thoughts and minds.

The greatest part of Tetrabiblos, was trying to explain and give judicious relations between different teams of stars and other categories of the natural things .Like others before him, Ptolemy, enrolled each zodiac shape in one of the four elements. For instance, Virgo was an earth sign, and Gemini an air sign. After that, distinct their relation to defined geographical areas. So Europeans were living at the kingdom of Fire and the responding zodiac signs-Aries, Leo, Sagittarius- but also at the same time had the strong influence of Jupiter and Mars. So, that meant that European insisted to be independent, ingenious, cunning, they liked war, and dominating, they were magnanimous and according to Ptolemy, they were not passionate about women.
Africans were ruling the zodiac signs of Water-Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer-and planet Venus. They were hot lovers but also less stable as characters. Also they love to adorn themselves with various trinkets.
Since Ptolemy build these horoscopes and write down these general criteria, give also detailed instructions in order to build atomic horoscopes.

The most important in the atomic horoscope, was the Sun sign-the sign was at the horizon at the dawn, beyond the Sun, at the birth month of a person. But the zodiac sig that was rising above the horizon during someone’s birth time is known as ascendant which is also very significant. Also, the relations of the planets should be calculated too. For instance, Jupiter was very important and his geometrical connection to Saturn (aspect).When tow planets are located in opposite points of the horoscope, 180 degrees the one from the other, then they were in opposition then that meant something completely different except that there was distance of only 60 degrees. If an astrologer was recording that information with other, then not only he could decode the character of a person but also he could define if that person could succeed in his matrimonial, at his earthly targets and other expectations. So, the most important guidelines of modern astrology defined. Other authenticates on the next generations followed in the future added more details. By the third century, for instance, a Roman with the name Porphyrius, invented the 12 houses system, were the twelve zodiac signs are moving through the zodiac circle.

APRIL 2014-Transgression Time


The total lunar eclipse of April, at the zodiac sign of Libra but also the total solar eclipse in Taurus is keeping unpredictable situations. The intense influence of the Moon will bring everything upside down, highlighting the fact that the personal awakening cannot be postponed anymore. The phenomenon of the month are the eclipses combined with the Grand Cross that will be formed at the cardinal zodiac signs all through the April. The last one, the solar eclipse we had already revealed it in the article of the “eclipses of 2014”.

These eclipse will ignite serious line of events. The first is the total lunar eclipse that will occur at the zodiac sign of Libra, at the 15th of April 2014, and that concerns the Grand Cross of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn).This eclipse will disturb and shake the daily life of many people and will be the cause for loss of energy, increase of violence and mortality. The second eclipse which is a solar one, and will occur on the 29th of April 2014, will mainly affect Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. That one will reverse the economical situations of many social teams, companies and other nations and will also increase disagreements, conflicts and many dramatic events will take place.

On the other hand this month the Sun will form an opposition with Mars, the square of Uranus-Pluto is precise during its total course, while the participation of Jupiter in Cancer will also be totally precise by degrees.
On 15th of April, which the Full Moon-eclipse phenomenon, with four days before and after the phenomenon, will consist the cause of the most flammable period of time of this year. This period of time will lead many interests in collision and then a line of dissatisfied events will shadow and will dispose many world leaders in danger as also many important personalities too. This April warns, threatens or is asking us everyone immediately to awake. Coincidences will be not an accident, and all that will happen will serve in advance the formation that the world will take a few months later.

This April, through the eclipses that will occur will bring a wave of agitations and disturbances in human souls. There will be many things that will occupy humans during this period of time. Harsh words will “crease bones” and there will be obstacles concerning the financial transactions. The first eclipse on the 15th of April, the total lunar eclipse will mean changes and movements but also difficulties and trouble with professional and family matters too. Everything can be overtaken and be confronted within a realistic spirit and understanding but also wisdom. But generally, there will be problems on a personal and social relations that certainly cannot be taken superficially or risk. A lot will be discussed but just only a few will happen at last.

The second eclipse, is a solar one, on the 29th of April of 2014.Its influence will be particularly intense and unpredictable and probably will be expressed as misleading. Revelations and realizations will contribute decisively in the upcoming substantial changes. Biological and weather derangements are also very possible. Most of the people will be absorbed by the sequence of society and our civilization. And while lust and greediness will be in the air and everywhere at the most power centers of the planet, simple people will continue to feel alone and completely insecure. The engineering, industrial and technical evolution will be turned against humanity. There will be a constant threat all over the planet Earth. Subversive minorities will continue of course to spread their ideas taking advantage of peoples feelings. People today driven by dogmatism has already destroyed insight and thinking. Rationality will be limited. On the other hand criminality and fanaticism will continue to be increased as also collective paranoia will continue to find fertile ground easily and everywhere. There is a huge zone of unconsciousness that is cruel and shift from the conscious judgment and the conscious control. There will be not a sensation of danger and we will be exposed into every sort of reactions and spiritual corruption.

Total Lunar Eclipse/26 degree of Libra: Sabian Symbol: An eagle and a large white dove turning one into the other.
This shows being able to stay firm in one’s faith and belief in life even when one’s hopes and dreams take a battering. There may be feelings of chaos and misplaced loyalties in your life, like something has been sacrificed for no real cause and some things have come to nothing. You may need to see if perhaps your aim was too high and things came crashing down as a result of a lack of care, by yourself or others, or through people opposing your objectives or success. Having faith and a positive end in sight, you can experience a wonderful spiritual awakening – reconnecting with your spiritual ideals. Concentrate on the “Shaft of Light” as this can show you that white light is all around you.
Renewed dedication after loss. Signs of recovery and hope. Coming to terms with loss or failure. Important, substantial sacrifices. Finding the way through the dark. Faith and hope.
The Caution: Losing faith. Hopes completely dashed. Unable to see through the fog. Scorn, persecution or attack through religious or social reasons. Sacrifices, sometimes for nothing.

So, just to give small advices for zodiac signs, Aries for instance your relationships will be tested by the eclipses and developments will be fast. Leo people it is not time for heroic actions now, so do not try not to overtake obstacles that cannot be overtaken right now or take risks. Be reserved and cautious concerning your actions. Sagittarius people your creativity will slow down right now, avoid explosion, avoid traps and get involved into dangerous situations.Taurus people eclipse will create difficulties but you have to stay cool concerning facts that will occur in your personal life but do not resist in things that cannot be reversed or the opposite. Virgo people this period of time will bring psychological and economical difficulties, facts will cost you and there will be disappointment. Capricorns, eclipse will urge you to take action in your case professionally while something sad may occur in your family. Events will run fast. Try to stay away from risks and any dangerous situation or protect your family and trust only yourselfs.

Gemini communication will be ready to blow up, so avoid risks and conflicts too as also misunderstandings but the eclipses will affect that level. Libra clearing offs are necessary to be done, many of you perhaps will experience separation or a kind of loss. Aquarius people, you have to do the right thing, but not your own right, eclipse will provoke difficulties concerning social level. Avoid new beginnings right now.

Cancers, try to be flexible and optimistic, the consequences of the eclipses will disturb your peace of your professional and personal life but try to control of any situation. Avoid signing contracts and perhaps you should take care your health or people from your family. Scorpios, try to go with the wind, eclipses will urge you to be cautious at work and health. Be thoughtful of your relationships on the second part of April. Pisces, adopt a low profile, eclipses will hit your family and psychological level, developments possible will be hindered and postpone your plans. Try to be realistic, stay cool in order to face up anything will come up.

The Saturnian Return of Indigo Children

The Conspiracy

Many people have sent me many e-mails about the issue of the Indigo Children. It s not so simple, I have read a lot about indigo Children, I have made a lot of Astrological profiles about children who bring this  special charisma .And also I always mention that is not so easy to brought up these children because they are not like any other children, and I mean it Sometimes I feel dissapointed.A mother comes to me for the Astrological analysis of her child ,because she noticed something…and when we find out that her offspring is an  Indigo, that amazes the mother but off the door of my office, we forget what we have told.

In fact, I didn t wanted to write about Indigo Children, because I m an indigo child and furthermore I didn t get away from the procedures you will read today in this article. The information I will bring into the light today for the Indigo Children issue, I think are new to you, and these are coming from a personal experience and the results are from a personal small research on the specific delicate issue.

It all started from the so-called Epidemiological study of the Paediatric Clinic of the University of Athens, a study for the prenatal mortality in Greece. Such studies are supposed to happen worldwide and are a useful tool for bringing health policy for any government. Similar studies have been done in England, Denmark and Finland and other countries in the world. Announcements, researches and TV programes have been made and broadcasted and anyone can find them on the Internet website of Imperial College London and other sites. In these pages one can read how individuals are being selected to participate in these surveys.

In other European countries people were dispersed in one or two years, allowing dispersal of the sample, in Greece, the sample was reserved for only children that were born in April 1983, and that was really weird. The conspiracy scenarios are various.

At the TV night show of the brilliant Journalist Kostas Hardavelas, many years ago, the distinguished author J.Fourakis took a strange position about the children of April 1983.According to him, 98 Greek children that were born in April 1983 are “sons and daughters of ancient Greek semi-gods and heroes.”According to his sayings these children were born with special genes, talents and strengths.

However not many others have also brought up such information however we can search the confirmation of these sayings above from the Birth of the Conception, the  galactic, stellar and planetary meetings, coordinates and Conjunctions of the year 1982.

Mr. Fourakis explains that at that time there was an event that takes place every 343 years, with the exclusive focus of its influences and effects at the broader Aegean area. Mr. Fourakis supported his idea that these children receive, from the first grade of primary school till the end of the High School, many several Questionnaires that contain questions that are highly suspected, referring to their intelligence. And Mr Fourakis is absolutely right.The scandal has found its form of a questionnaire sent by the Academy and the University of Athens a few years ago to children that were born during the specific period.

The questionnaire had the title: “Trans-European: Biological, Clinical and Genetic characteristics promoting Physical Health.” with the signatures of the Academic Nicholas Matsaniotis and Associate Professor of Paediatrics Chryssa Bakulou. Without blaming the above academics as guilty, Mr. Fourakis argued that these questionnaires were released without their signatures of the above scientists BUT from various Religious Organizations like the Scientologists, Lions, Rosicrucians, Krinaetous, Martinistes and etc… That unfortunately cannot be confirmed officially, at the moment.

Indeed, personally I have to answer to Mr Fourakis, where I admire for his work and as a personality with all the respect, that I have received Questionnaires, from Scientologists, putting me in a test of 60 minutes, and that included the count of my IQ and other gathering information about “ abilities of supernatural nature “.

Plus, to add here in these information that I have been invited for this purpose with the years to travel abroad for the research above, that of course I have denied the specific invitations.

Indigo children, Misunderstood Charisma and Astrology

We will search information for the issue with the help of Astrology. The issue will be addressed on a cosmic level, which means that it will be related to all persons that were born in April 1983 around the world.I will use the date of the 15/4/1983, the middle of the month, and that this date reference that will lead the whole research. According to karmic Astrology, the purpose of incarnation is being represented from Jupiter, just eight years before the birth. The horoscope of the purpose is the 15/4/1975.And that is a very important date too.However, Jupiter itself represents the High Intelligence, connected to philosophy, compassion, justice, law, honesty as also the wealth and the social caste.

Jupiter consists knowledge in order to understand the influence of the karmic law, in our daily lives, and how to deal with this law. Additionally, this involves the assumption of a global system of intellectual justice into which we are all exposed to and the need to move away from the stage where our faith is limited only to ourselves, randomly or in restricted fanatical beliefs.Jupiter requires a comprehensive study of many branches of philosophy and religion, traveling to foreign countries, justice.Jupiter is helping us in order to understand the functions of the law, their cause and effect. Here, we understand that we cannot do things that we have not worked and that the concept of luck has nothing to do with it. Furthermore, we understand that generosity and positivity (with our thoughts, emotions and our actions) we can eventually return to “us” and that depends on our personal offer.With Jupiter is challenging us to adopt a more creative approach to spiritual life with the feeling that we bring the future a good luck with our current generosity and positivity. And additionally to keep ourselves away from excessive and irrational optimism or fanaticism, which could end up in fictitious expectations and silly exaggerations.

On the specific date, Jupiter was in 6 degrees and 32 of Aries in a triangle with the the North Node. The seventh ray is the most dominant trend of all the planets. The seventh ray gives people the ability to bring order into chaos and rhythm through the disarray because the way they think, speak and act is filled with the rhythm of cosmic harmony.

These people use strong psychic powers to help others, cultivating positive forces for the planet, heal the physical body with transcendent ways, organizing details of the transition to a different perception of things outside of the conventional boundaries of science.However this date gives the specific characteristics we see here:

  • Have strong self esteem, connection to source
  • Know they belong here until they are told otherwise
  • Have an obvious sense of self
  • Have difficulty with discipline and authority (Uranus trines with Mars
  • Refuse to follow orders or directions
  • Find it torture to waiting in lines, lack patience
  • Get frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity
  • Often see better ways of doing thing at home and at school
  • Are mostly non conformists
  • Do not respond to guilt trips, want good reasons
  • Get bored rather easily with assigned tasks
  • Are rather creative
  • Are easily distractible, can do many things at once
  • Display strong intuition
  • Have strong empathy for others or NO empathy
  • Develop abstract thinking very young
  • Are gifted and/or talented, highly intelligent
  • Are often identified or suspected of having ADD or ADHD, but can focus when they want to
  • Are talented daydreamers and visionaries
  • Have very old, deep, wise looking eyes
  • Have spiritual intelligence and/or psychic skills
  • Often express anger outwardly rather than inwardly and may have trouble with rage
  • Need our support to discover themselves
  • Are here to change the world – to help us live in greater harmony and peace with one another and to raise the vibration of the planet

These are the characteristics are given from the Jupiter in Aries, which I think is not an accident at all. Additionally, we see that Jupiter was at the 4 th house. We see that they have ethical principles about everything on this planet, certainly Indigo children exist everywhere and the most important of everything is that these children is not a  simple case about how they will be brought up. We talk about favorable bringing up, in suitable global environment. Or the specific environment of that time formed their spiritual inner world.

Another important detail is Jupiter s Opposition with Pluto (at the 7 degrees and 26 of Libra, that generation demanded more justice and peace). Jupiter revolves around Sun every 12 years but Pluto every 246.So, Jupiter forestalls Pluto every 13 years. After 6 ½ years, Jupiter comes into an opposition with Pluto and every 3 years Jupiter shapes a Square with Pluto. This planet circle reflects on events that influence a global situation. The efforts of these children are of great importance, because they have already provoked collective changes.

This 13 year old circle showed us the power of an ideological fall. At the beginning of a new circle, are occurring massive conscious changes that bring new collective ideas and opinions. Often, there are huge ideological battles; the prevalence of each other.Finally, this aspect is showing secret small teams that are functioning perhaps, for bad. Of course, it s not only that, we have to mention that Uranus was at Scorpio retrograded (0,42 degrees) at the 11 th house, which means  that these children are completely disappointed from the society, demand more justice, their role tends to be more catalytic in the society because their  ideas are progressed and unusual. This position of Uranus they can make them feel different and strangers in this world.Is a really interesting and intense polarization.Neptune was in Sagittarius as also the Ascendant of the horoscope itself (1970-1984, high intelligence, greater consciousness, and unlimited horizons) retrograded (11, 32 degrees at the 12th house).That effected a whole generation. The 12th house give us to understand that these children have spiritual desires and they may prefer to work alone. These are Indigo children, the pre-angels of the Crystal children (that were born after 1995).

The Conception

We take the date of the conception, the 15/8/1982. The ruler planet of the horoscope of the Conception is Uranus. Uranus is at 8 and 41 degrees in Sagittarius. The main feature of Uranus is the use of our harmonization with the global spirit, which can provide us with access to unlimited knowledge and communication.

This leads to break down barriers that prevent access to unlimited scope to refuse the uniqueness of the universe and lead to arrogant attitudes and actions and disrespect for others. With Uranus, revolutionary changes are occurring like now on our planet, that usually provokes the development of human consciousness.The aspects and the house where Uranus is shaping are showing where the changes will take place but also our need for release and action with a very unique and personal way.

Uranus makes a complete revolve around the Sun every 84 years and remains at the same zodiac sign for seven years, expressing a collective influence to a whole generation. It shows in which way the individual is being influenced by the revolutionary trends of the society. Uranus is to take personal responsibility for the difficulties they may face as a result of our unusual beliefs, the contradiction of the opinion that the limit of opinion, to consider whether or not to work constructively to throw all the barriers of intolerance and prejudice in understanding the ways in which humanity finds meaning in life.

In practice can benefit from a comprehensive study of many different philosophies and religions of the world in order to obtain from each worth something and not to expect to find the whole truth to a belief system. The third radius (mental activity) gives people the enthusiasm to look for spiritual truths and set their goals. The mission of these people is to understand that knowledge comes from many sources.From this we see that indeed, the “children of 1983” have some skills that statistics from the millions of children born around the world, one will have some special abilities, which will reveal whether local or global level.

The astrological signs are not so strong to say that these children really are something special in relation to children in other months of 1983, according to other astrologers. What are these children, the cosmic astrology cannot really tell, because the object is large crowds of people and not every person individually. Perhaps…but I cannot ignore the fact that Uranus in Sagittarius retrograded at the 12 th house, (beyond spiritual frontiers) is not important. This generation has principles about freedom and human rights and certainly with their own thinking way have affected the Crystal children in big grade, and I m sure the results will be soon visible. I believe that this generation gives a message with their own way, because they have a special charisma at the education of the masses or for the transmission of the ideal on a collective level.

Something that has escaped from everyone s attention is the entry of Pluto at the sign of Capricorn in 2008. Pluto will bring major policy changes as I have mentioned to my articles across the planet for twenty whole years. It is the reason to activate the arrow of time, and then the generation of 1981-1987 will have a leading role into these developments  are about to come and happen now and of course the children in April 1983 will be participating in this global  change.When Pluto made his entrance into Capricorn to 1762 Rousseau, published his Social Contract. Also in 1516 the entry of Pluto in Capricorn we had the publication of “Prince” of Machiavelli and “Utopia” of Thomas Moore.This generation has a leading vision about humanity and probably they have the ability or the power to transmit and project their collective visions through the power of media or internet. (Neptune in Conjunction with the South Node, 28 and 21 degrees of Sagittarius, in the 1st house).

Additionally the  sextile  between Neptune and Pluto can be considered as a period of a psychological fertilization of the planet. The planet circle of Neptune/Pluto is connected with the psychological development on Earth and whole generations to share this aspect that lasts from 1940-2040- which is specifically connected with a procedure of a deep psychological transformation, affecting the whole human consciousness. This aspect can be connected with high spirituality and creativity. Many personalities were born since then that changed the world, and played important impact to the masses. Materialistic issues were less important, in order to achieve a Collective dream. People, that were born under this influence maybe have the ability to predict and abilities are connected with dreams, omen, symbols and visions. Under this influence we had also the development of the Oil industry, the Cinema, the communicative power of collective visions.

And Sagittarius has to do with the seeking deeper meaning of the human existence, religious and philosophical stimulus, love for open horizons, mind expansion, high intelligence, truth, rightness and the need for intellectual level rise. Dislike for anything superficial.These children also have an imposing even though sometimes scaring aura. (Pluto Conjunction with Saturn, in Scorpio,1 and 39 degrees).This generations feels that they have to fulfill a collective idea working hard for the reconstruction of their society.They have great diplomatic abilities, they consider that their role into the society is important, and certainly they will win the respect they deserve. I would mention that the astrological chart is showing spiritual discipline and that is very important too, furthermore,self-power and devotion. (Saturn in the 11th house,1 and 39 degrees ).

Evidence need to be added here in this article is that at the interval of this mysterious conception (Neptune-Pluto ) was at the 28 degrees of Scorpio close to Bungula star which is being connected with the interruption of happy relationships but with success in life too. On the same day at the interval of team isolation (Saturn -North Node) it was on the royal star Regulus at the 28 degrees of Leo while the interval which mentions the common fate of people and organizations of undefined character (Pluto -North Node) is at the 29 degrees of Leo.

So here we have:  Neptune/ Pluto -North Node/Saturn – North Node/Pluto.

This can be explained in this way: Organizations of unknown provenance are defining the fate of masses without to be visible  or without being known to those who are involved in a spectrum of mystery.

The interval of the inventors, Jupiter-Uranus energizes the aspect with Novile ( at the 40 degrees) at the interval of serious researches  of Saturn-Pluto. If we will think that Novile is conception ,pregnancy, we can understand that serious scientists (Saturn-Pluto) technocrats and experts, earnest magicians ,made pioneer researches on conception, pregnancy and birth observing the increase of those who were born and defining even the way of their nutrition. In such a pioneer research Chiron could not be out of it. With the other planet of pioneer ideas shape an interval at the 1 degree of Pisces over Pluto, at the 29 degrees of Libra. If we will think that Chiron is being connected with birth and pregnancy we have this assumption:

Uranus/Chiron= Pluto

Pioneer crazy ideas and researches on issues of birth and pregnancy with a dark way and possibly for dark purposes.

It is also interesting to see the interval between that one of Karma and heredity. The Sun-Saturn at the 27 degrees of Aquarius connected with Carelli, which has to do with the mass exodus of souls, is also being connected with the intervals we described before.

So we have: Neptune/Pluto-North Node/Saturn-North Node/ Pluto-Sun/Pluto

and this can be discoded in this way:

Mysterious Organizations make genetic experiments that have to do with the course of  the masses under conditions of team isolation.

Another serious observation is that the intervals are on the royal stars (Antares-Regulus-Fomalhaut)  and with the connection of Neptune and anything at the axis of the earth (0 degrees of Capricorn- 0 degrees of Cancer ).In some way that denotes that  events happen in  a mysterious way and define the course of  human life on  the planet Earth.

Even if you take  the facts  with the prism of the Uranian Astrology, planet Zeus which being connected with the sperm and technology but also planet Vulcanus, which is connected with the destiny and the fate their interval is at the 15 degrees of Leo, energizing the axis of Sun-Saturn  of Greece, and so we have this assumption:

Zeus/Vulcanus- Sun/Saturn  and this is can be discorded in this way:

Fatal Incidents connected with the DNA affecting the Karma of Greece and energizing her heredity material.Until now we talked only about the past and it s easy to talk about Past. But Astrology is a map of the future too.On a cosmic level we use Saturn. But Saturn is the turning point that happens to every individual at the age of 29-30 years. Until then, everyone gets everything that the society offers, then things change. After 56-58 years until the man gives the society what they got with a new structure, structuralism conception of phenomena as they pass through the individuality, that is his personal stamp either small or large, is not so important that as something that gives the evolution of the planet and the universe at large.

The Return of Saturn for the children of 1983 will be in October 2012.Is it an accident? Certainly, some would say that this is a very special mark because   the Mayan calendar ends and comes the end of the world. Others argue that it will come with the spacecraft ancient gods in Greece. These are all a general paranoia that we live in this period and I try to keep myself out of it and think of what else should be. Nothing will happen, at least at the global level, the destruction of the planet, extinction of life, or probably something tremendous will happen at one point of Earth that will change our flow etc.

The opposition of Sun/Pluto has a strong intuition, they feel dishonesty like the dog feels the fear, they know what is true and what a lie is, they know when they are being manipulated. Their collective mission is to consist the beginning of a new world of moral integrity. Indigo are in positions to adjust themselves in disfuctioning situations, everywhere…at work, in school, at home. They don t pretend that everything is fine, they don t isolate their feelings…except if they will impose themselves under medical treatment!

These children have telepathic abilities and they may develop the speech ability much later than other children…Communication is not based in oral/written speech.These children open the way for Crystals,and they have common characteristics with Crystals that were born after 1995.

Indigo are wise, beyond their real age, this generation is not like old ones. They have high ideals, they are workers of Light and are showing the way that humanity must follow…and certainly this way is absolutely positive! Both generations are sensitive, have plenty of psychic abilities but also an important mission in life. Their main difference is in their temperament. To make their work succeed they have to be steady and unshakable. Psychiatrists say they suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder.Perhaps through Astrology is not an accident that Indigo were named so from the color of their aura (Sagittarius- reflects on Blue color, purple and royal blue, (turquoise), whilst sea-green, blue)

Indigo Adult Characteristics

  • Are intelligent, though may not have had top grades.
  • Are very creative and enjoy making things.
  • Always need to know WHY, especially why they are being asked to do something.
  • Had disgust and perhaps loathing for much of the required and repetitious work in school.
  • Were rebellious in school in that they refused to do homework and rejected authority of teachers, OR seriously wanted to rebel, but didn’t DARE, usually due to parental pressure.
  • May have experienced early existential depression and feelings of helplessness. These may have ranged from sadness to utter despair. Suicidal feelings while still in high school or younger are not uncommon in the Indigo Adult.
  • Have difficulty in service-oriented jobs. Indigo resist authority and caste system of employment.
  • Prefer leadership positions or working alone to team positions.
  • Have deep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity.
  • May be extremely emotionally sensitive including crying at the drop of a hat (no shielding) or may be the opposite and show no expression of emotion (full shielding).
  • May have trouble with RAGE.
  • Have trouble with systems they consider broken or ineffective, i.e. political, educational, medical, and legal.
  • Alienation from or anger with politics – feeling your voice won’t count and/or that the outcome really doesn’t matter.
  • Frustration with or rejection of the traditional American dream – 9-5 career, marriage, 2.5 children, house with white picket fence, etc.
  • Anger at rights being taken away, fear and/or fury at “Big Brother watching you.”
  • Have a burning desire to do something to change and improve the world. May be stymied what to do. May have trouble identifying their path.
  • Have psychic or spiritual interest appear fairly young – in or before teen years.
  • Had few if any Indigo role models. Having had some doesn’t mean you’re not an indigo, though.
  • Have strong intuition.
  • Random behavior pattern or mind style – (symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder). May have trouble focusing on assigned tasks, may jump around in conversations.
  • Have had psychic experiences, such as premonitions, seeing angels or ghosts, out of body experiences, hearing voices.
  • May be electrically sensitive such as watches not working and street lights going out as you move under them, electrical equipment malfunctioning and lights blowing out.
  • May have awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities.
  • Sexually are very expressive and inventive OR may reject sexuality in boredom or with intention of achieving higher spiritual connection. May explore alternative types of sexuality.
  • Seek meaning to their life and understanding about the world May seek this through religion or spirituality, spiritual groups and books, self-help groups and books.
  • When they find balance they may become very strong, healthy, happy individuals.

Crystal Children-The Children of the New Earth & the New Millennium


Those that you call the Indigo children have already shifted the focus of humanity… The Indigo children have begun the change of your systems that relate to children. Imagine what the world will be like as the first Indigo world leaders take their place. As this unfolds, the New Earth will become firmly rooted in the balanced Crystal energy. You will see space created for empowered humans on Earth no matter their beliefs, sex, or origins. The work of those you call Indigo will be know forever as the great shift. They have come into a harsh world, shaken it up, and are making you re-think everything. These beautiful beings are direct and therefore may have appeared to you as abrasive. Enduring boredom is their greatest challenge

The Crystal Children are what you would consider to be the magical children with abilities that you have yet to understand. The attributes of Crystal Children are extremely powerful and yet extremely vulnerable. You will begin to see magical abilities in human children that you have never seen before. Their basic understanding of energy will make it possible to manipulate energy in new ways.

Electricity in particular may be awkward for some of the early Crystals as they acclimate. These children may cause unusual reactions to electrical devices. They have challenges defining their energetic boundaries and therefore, are empathic to electromagnetic fields. They may have a tendency to reflect back the energy they cannot assimilate. It may be quite common for Crystal children to blow out electrical devices until they become accustomed to the energy. You will see children with abilities to physically move objects in ways you do not understand. You may see physical senses develop in some children that have never been part of the human experience prior.

At first, Crystal Children will tend to gather in groups where they can hold space for each other. They will form groups and grow together supporting each other energetically. They will do it all by themselves so parents of Crystal children will not need not worry about finding the best environment for their children. Expect to see groups of ‘magical children’ with abilities that exceed far beyond the norm you have known. As time goes on you will see an acclimation of this energy and you will become more accustomed to the odd stories that will circulate about strange new abilities of some children. Watch for these and prepare yourself, for these are the physical signs that the human race is evolving. This is the return of the Children of Crystal vibration.

As powerful as they are, they are carrying only hints of the energy that is to come in the next few years. We have labeled them the Crystal Children to mark a milestone in your own evolution, yet in time you will call them only ‘kids’.

Please understand that the Children of Crystal Vibration have sensitivity beyond your comprehension. They will be inside your head knowing, not only what is in your thoughts, but also what is in your heart. Even now as humanity reaches higher vibration status we tell you that you are beginning to read each others minds. If you were to see through the eyes of a Crystal Child, you would be saddened to see so many people living their entire lives attached to archaic and outdated beliefs. Having this sight will not be easy for them. In the fifth dimension on the New Planet Earth there will be no more secrets. At first they will feel like they must endure this sensitivity, yet like you, this will also turn out to be their great gift. Unlike the children of Indigo vibration, the Crystal children are so sensitive that they may feel threatened by the harshness of what people are holding in their hearts. Some will find safety in retreating and going within. There are some people who will think this a sign of weakness and may even attempt to exploit these gentle beings. Let us set your mind at ease when we tell you that exploitation will not be possible. The Children of Crystal vibration are powerful beyond your understanding. Even though they may have great difficulty understanding and interacting, they will always know their true power and who they are.

The biggest challenge that will face the Children of Crystal vibration is that their great sensitivity to energy will also uncover their inability to deal with other peoples fear. Fear is an emotion, opposite of love, based on a belief in lack. The Children of Crystal vibration will enter with a new belief system that will make it difficult for them to have a reference for fear in their reality. Couple this with their energetic sensitivity and you will find that when these higher vibration humans are surrounded with human fear, they will have a tendency to reflect back that fear, amplifying it in the process. It could be said that the Children of Crystal vibration are allergic to the lower vibration emotion of fear. As the first of these children enter, they may need help in dealing with the general fear around them. It is here that we challenge you to take steps now in preparation for their return. To make Earth a safe place for your next step in evolution, it will be necessary to drastically reduce fear in your reality in the next few years. Alleviating fear is only possible on a personal basis. If Light is the highest expression of Love and fear is the opposite of Love, then it is easy to see that the real work of Light workers is to learn to replace fear with Love in all situations. This is underway now. The emotion of fear is a vacuum that feeds on itself. Fear is only a lack of information. Fill in the vacuum with information and there is no fear. Even if the information is not correct it can still fill the void until the correct information is known. Even in your recent experiences with terrorism, you see that you are no longer afraid of things that terrified you only months ago. As devastating as that was, the potential outcome is known and there is no longer a vacuum. It is hence that one can only be fully human when they are no longer in fear of dying. Take this challenge and move forward into creating your reality with passion and fear not!

Because of the great work that the Indigo children are now doing and the adjustments you are making to accommodate them, the Children of Crystal vibration have an opportunity to allow your spirits to thrive in this higher energetic structure. For those of you who choose, you may raise your energy to match that of the Crystal children through the process of over light. The times that lie directly ahead will be filled with wonderment as the Children of the New Earth take control of their reality.

What really can happen astrologically?

I put the date of 15/7/1995, which comes from a personal confession of Doreen Virtue, PH.D, in her book about Crystal Children.

Jupiter at the 8 th house, in Sagittarius ( 6,05 degrees retrograded, calls for understanding in depth, there is a strong ideology,and Sagittarius is giving his abilities to these human beings for one more time. Personal development plays an important role to them and I have the feeling that Indigo children have passed through two different levels of evolution.Once in 1975,another time in 1985 and another one in 1995 and of course in 2005. Intense experiences are sought in this house. The energy is focused towards expansion, abundance and good luck. Individuals are born with intuitive gifts that come naturally.

Saturn is at the 12 th house, in Pisces at the 24,41 degrees and that shows spiritual discipline. Saturn sextiled Neptune…the aspects are shaped are the same like Indigo Children in 1985.Let s not forget that Pisces are Imaginative and sensitive Compassionate and kind, Selfless and unworldly, Intuitive and sympathetic. Pisces possess a gentle, patient, malleable nature. They have many generous qualities and are friendly, good natured, kind and compassionate, sensitive to the feelings of those around them, and respond with the utmost sympathy and tact to any suffering they encounter. Pisces, have psychic and spiritual qualities


Uranus in a tremendous conjunction with Neptune certainly makes the difference. These aspects speak about Psychological and spiritual revolution. The power of the dreams and the blossom divination is being connected here and for one more time signs deep changes in the human consciousness.However, the hexagon of Pluto-Uranus describes all about the expression of this energy. With the position of Neptune in Capricorn, is certain that these children are talented to work on their visions, dreams and social issues and deep care for those who suffer in order to improve the situation of the less powered, with specific action on a specific moment. In a couple of years we will see an explosion of the occult interests, for instance issues that have to do with telepathy, telekinesis etc…(Neptune in Conjunction with Uranus) Finally, Pluto in Scorpio supports this generation at the highest point. The square of Pluto-Moon is an aspect that makes these children realize the psychology of others and they feel intensely around them what happens.

The generation that was born with this aspect certainly, is being connected with revolutionary figures of consciousness and the complete revaluation of the collective opinion about this planet.

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