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Full Moon

Full Moon in Sagittarius-20 June 2016

The full moon of June, will be held in the sign of Sagittarius at 13:02:15 pm on 20 June 2016. The full moon will be the 29th anaretic degree of Sagittarius, at the third decan, so you get and characteristics of the 1 degree of Capricorn,of the first decan at he axis Gemini / Sagittarius and in this phenomenon Saturn will participate, Neptune, while negative aspects interfere with Uranus. Pisces will be affected, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. The full moon will be held  at the 3rd house of the solar horoscope, while Saturn in be at the same sign, in Sagittarius again.


The full moon of June is quite similar to the new moon, held on June 4, Venus remains dominant on the chart, a very important planet, that issues related to this continue to be tested as love, our own economic, the global economy and peace, diplomacy, art, ambassadors, values etc. that we have said. The emotional links vary and change the course and the program in many professional partnerships. It is very likely a criminal offense to employ a fraud to the public. <span title=”Υπο την επιρροή της θα βγουν στην επιφάνεια αλήθειες που θα εκθέσουν πολιτικά πρόσωπα η κυβερνήσεις και κόμματα που βρίσκονται στην εξουσία, εφόσον βρίσκεται στην κορυφή του ωροσκοπίου της πανσελήνου αλλα και γενικότερα ότι συνδέεται με αυτήν.

“>Under its influence will come to the surface truths that expose politicians the governments and parties in power, if it is on top of the horoscope of the full moon but in general it is associated with it.

Let me explain a few things for the 29th degree, each planet you find these points gives many important life lessons which are essential for the future development of both personal and cosmic level. The degrees are associated with any kind of suffering and hardship, misfortune and bad situations since they symbolize the end of a situation at a deeper level, but the change of a situation always involves pain, like a birth. The 29th degree is an attitude before the passage from a state of consciousness to another, that according to the nature of the planet will determine what those lessons that we should take to achieve this, which is why it has been observed that planets by this fate earn all their potential, either positive or negative.


The ultimate fate of each sign, the 29th that is catalytic relative to its weight and the load of a planet (energy and events suggests). In ancient times regarded primarily as a hard fate, tasked with obstacles, difficulties and pressing or subversive statements.

Today is as important as it indicates a “lesson” or even test / obstacle, through which the person will get in his lifetime. <span title=”Σημαντική είναι και για την πρόβλεψη γεγονότων, καθώς δηλώνει μια τεράστια αλλαγή, ένα τέλος ή μια ανατρεπτική κατάσταση όσον αφορά τα ζητήματα που κυβερνά και την ενέργεια που φέρει ο πλανήτης, που είναι τοποθετημένος σ’ αυτή τη μοίρα.

“>Equally important is to predict events, and represents a huge change, a fee or a subversive situation regarding the issues that govern and energy that carries the planet, which is located in this fate.

So, but the Moon and the Sun, they are there, the map of the full moon, on 29th degree. The Sun is associated with leaders, heads of state, the heart of a nation, national identity, but also those expressing national identity, Heads of Government and State, businessmen, celebrities, and mostly men. The Moon affects the female population, the people in general of a nation, home, family, national security, the liquid warming, ie seas, lakes, rivers, etc. Even those traveling in water, restaurants, food <span title=”, τις καλλιέργειες της γης, την ακίνητη περιουσία.

“>, land farming, real estate.

The Full Moon brings fears and concerns through a very significant astrological three days earlier and it is none other than the Saturn-Neptune square. The planet of communication, Mercury, is in a position where the open and frank discussions are vital to obtain the results as much respect in love matters, peace and economic, personal and cosmic level. As is done in all the full moon, the most important aspect is the astrological Moon-Sun opposition and focuses our attention on the relationships of all kinds. Feelings and events culminating in the full moon .The influence of the full moon will last until the next new moon, in this case, until July 4, where the love and the money will be the main issues and this because the Sun is conjunct Venus the 10th eco, where Venus is traveling slightly faster than the sun.

The full moon will show the obstacles in your love life, your influence on others and what you can do to improve your relationships. Also, ideas and improvements can be applied to your financial situation by saving money or managing a debt you have. <span title=”Η σύνοδος αυτή εστιάζεται και στην έκφραση συναισθημάτων, την κοινωνική μας ζωή και εικόνα, την επαγγελματική άνοδο, την δημοσιότητα, τις ερωτικές μας σχέσεις και την ανάπτυξη καλλιτεχνικών ικανοτήτων αλλα και το όποιο δυναμικο διαθέτει ο καθένας από μας.

“>This session focuses on the expression of emotions, our social life and image, professional rise, the public, our romantic relationships and the development of artistic skills but also to any potential offers each of us.

The conjunction of Sun- Venus is dominating the top of the solar horoscope, the 10th house, is all that you love and have value. As mentioned in the previous article, if you are alone you may feel a strong need for companionship and intimacy, the want to something you do to improve your relationship, you could look simply something else to make you spiritually and <span title=”επαγγελματικά, όπως μια δημιουργική εργασία ή χόμπι.

“>professionally as a creative work or hobbies.

The opposition of Moon- Venus is an aspect where a direct effect since the moon is in direct contact with it through an opposition. If for example, you leave an appointment with someone, there is a tendency to keep a low profile just to not feel alone. In such aspects, the relationships being created not during, but this is not as important to you right now as much as the need to get emotionally close to others. If you already are already committed, friction problems because everyone has different needs now moods can occur can occur. However, this passage alone is not definitely not a sign of great conflicts and insurmountable difficulties. Simply creating tensions that come to light, but surely you can work on them to overcome. <span title=”Η αντίθεση αυτή συνδέεται με την ιδιοτροπία, την οξυθυμία, μελαγχολία, συγκρούσεις στον ερωτα, την αδυναμία, επιφυλακτικότητα, την λανθασμένη εκτίμηση.

“>This opposition is associated with whim, irritability, sadness, conflicts in love, weakness, reluctance, the miscalculation.

The Saturn-Neptune square was a constant challenge for months, which is accurate only three days earlier, on June 17, where it brings frustration or failures and are more likely to expand or deepen the periods of sadness or depression that we all experience from hardships and problems. Even if it does not affect you, it is likely to create fear psychologically or paranoia that can lead you to uncertainty of world events. So things do not differ that much from the new moon on June 4, in Gemini, the only difference is the location of where Mercury will make communication difficult to block any successful outcome. Just to say that empowers the new moon. Besides, as in the past, the square Saturn -Neptune, is a very important cycle, which he brought transformational changes in the past but now.

Just remind you again, in summary, that Saturn in Sagittarius affect the very concept of justice in law enforcement, foreign policy of states, education, religion and sport, borders Member. Neptune in Pisces is in dominant position and affecting shipping, art, spirituality, doctrine, human thoughts and humanitarian activities, are the left parties. The living conditions of many people will change and there will be the proof of the great deception of the system and false promises.

The dissonance of Saturn to Neptune considered the aspect of fraud and healing. The “account” of the aspect will be at the end of 2017 and mainly in mid-2018 when Saturn will pass the third decan of Capricorn for good and Uranus in Taurus. unexplained and unjustified incidents will happen that with nothing can explain human reason. It is advisable therefore to mobilize his temper and prudence and to avoid illusions and delusions keeping subject to and distance from people and situations that we do not trust. In global politics will move phases where the scripts of strengths will afflict the world in various ways people worldwide. The square between these two questions the faith, prevent some projects affected by this, and dissolves. So the tone of the need for dissolution of the incumbent power authorities, aiming always renewing structures. But where Neptune is involved, there is confusion and hidden messages that common sense can not understand.

The year 1989 has linked the collective consciousness with the fall of the Berlin Wall. The weakening of the Soviet Union and the historical Perestroika Mikhail Gorbachev paved the way for the reunification of the divided Germany until then. Global feeling that “no man shall not be FREE” (and see the heart of Europe) and through repeated demonstrations eventually led to the fall of the “shame” wall on November 9, 1989 (third and last session), causing the great admiration of the “free world.”

Since the opening of the cycle in 1989 till today, Saturn with Neptune formed in the first block in the late of 90. In 1998, Saturn with Neptune are uncomfortable angle between them. The culmination was on 25 June 1998. The rebels of the Liberation Army of Kosovo, KLA, were dependent a controlled violence that caused the reaction of the Serbs and reminded Westerners the existence of the problem. The main source was the religion relationship – ethnicity, resulting in constant competition among Christians-Serbs and the Muslim-Albanians. The solution adopted in 1990 for temporary membership in the Yugoslav Federation – at least until they mature the conditions allowing the autonomy of Kosovo – essentially led to a situation dangerously seething. Remember then, waves of refugees fleeing the area (about 200,000) to escape the violence of war. Certainly, 16 years later, the victims-refugees everyone in sympathy and the “power” that promised to care, still not able to be repatriated. Let us not go back more, mention them known to all in recent history. <span title=”Με αυτόν τον κύκλο θα διαλυθούν και πολλά κόμματα αλλα και θα υπάρχει έλλειψη σταθερότητας.

“>This cycle will dissolve and many other parties and there will be instability.

The Mercury-Saturn opposition, brings serious thoughts and discussions but also negativity and grief. Low self-esteem can lead to difficulties in communication and isolation. You may feel better talking to the computer, rather than koinonikopoiithite with others, you will feel better just by investigating in depth some things to keep your mind busy. Fatigue is also another feature of this aspect, due to work commitments, you can accept pressure from others in your job, and it is difficult to respond to any requirements. <span title=”Η διέλευση είναι αρνητική για καινούργια ξεκινήματα, διότι δείχνει εξάντληση χωρίς ιδιαίτερο όφελος.

“>Transit is adverse for new beginnings, because it shows no particular benefit exhaustion.

Mercury also squares the Poseidon, which can cause confusion and complicate any discussions and business transactions. Even with there specific instructions, may be a lack of clarity and misinterpretation. If you have to deal with any major business, government and legal and military issues, seek professional advice or help from a trusted friend. However, the passage shows false promises, there is a strong element of exaggeration and abuse and affects cosmic level extra health, labor and foreign policy, education and religion. In any case could bring ruptures, disruption of relationships. Important is the fact that Mercury is associated with the intellect and aspects formed associated with all these crimes we are seeing lately.

Small planets and fixed stars are aligned with the full moon of June 20 in Sagittarius. While the full moon passes by Acumen, the full effects will be more noticeable when it passes by Sinistra. The Acumen, located in the sting of Scorpio, where it is really a beautiful star cluster called Ptolemy complex.

The Moon will be conjunct Acumen, on 28 ♐ 59 Sagittarius, with Sinistra in 29 ♐ 59, and the Sun conjunct Betelgeuse and Polaris. The Moon with Acumen has a tendency to create a “hellfire” around him or hear through vehement anti-religious, and yet instead -Theikis attitude. Additionally associated with lust, unwarranted, infamous and scandalous attitude, and gives addiction to magic and linked to the poisoning. With the Sinistra, gives a passionate, kind-hearted blind, wasteful and easily drift naturally connected with the invisible dangers, hostility and slander. Pliny had mentioned, that such a combination that caused too great a degree of mortality from poisonings. This constellation is also called, Asclepius, because governs medications.

Aris with Agena, is positive for those who want to express themselves through the written reasons and success with the masses at least, of course, for those who influence, but also the great mental and physical capabilities, the MC with Mirzam gives this success and intelligence, the South Link Achernar can give morality, love of science and religion, religious belief, a lot of traveling and a lot of changes, a position of principle, but because of its negative aspects with other planets gives drownings, accidents mainly into the sea, but something of the positives mentioned not favored, with Pluto perhaps only our calls to strengthen our faith more this time certainly everyone we need. They also say that it leads to violence, and reactions, stirring up war and other emotions like hatred anger etc.

The Sun to Betelgeuse means the interest and ability for occult and mystical subjects, brings acute diseases, fevers, honor and loyalty that leads to final destruction. This is not positive for the leaders. <span title=”[Robson *, ρ147.] Σύνοδος Ηλιου- Betelgeuse, συνδέεται με καταστροφές, βια και κινδύνους.

“>[Robson *, r147.] Session Iliou- Betelgeuse, associated with disasters, violence and hazards.

<span title=”Εχουμε και πολλά σημαντικά μεσοδιαστήματα στον χάρτη της πανσελήνου..

“>We have many important intervals on the map of the full moon ..

* In addition, the Sun is in the midpoint of Saturn-Pluto, which is the axis of ablation power, team containment and dictatorship, associated with leader resignation, deprivation but also the fact that we are witnessing important events in the world. This midpoint certainly still linked to mass deaths and was present at the slaughter of Orlando, which took place on Sunday 13 June, 2016 in Florida. There is of course something which probably will mention in a separate text.
* The Moon in the same midpoint is associated with frugality, temperance, and tragic incidents mainly affecting the female population is associated with women.

** The Meeting Jupiter-Mizar associated with devastating major fires and mass disasters in general.
** Saturn at the midpoint of Moon-Mars associated with restrictions, repression concealed emotions and controlled passion. It symbolizes a predicament and unsatisfied desire, lack of interest in work, work one to one relationship. We may suffer from a separation from the general dissatisfaction in our lives, whether in personal or professional.
* Neptune at the midpoint of Sun-Mars is associated with a state of depression, disbelief, emotional confusion. A trip by plane or boat, the longing for a distant parts, illness, weakness, lack of energy, someone who designs, with no prospect of achieving. <span title=”Συνδέεται επίσης με τις ανέντιμες ενέργειες, την απατη και το ξεγέλασμα.

“>also linked to the dishonest actions, the fraud and deceive.

The Kouaoar (English: Quaoar) (official name: 50000 Quaoar, temporary: 2002 LM60) is a large celestial body of the Kuiper belt. When discovered in 2002, it was most Trans-Neptunian Object. <span title=”Η τροχιά του Κουάοαρ είναι σχεδόν κυκλική με μέση απόσταση από τον Ήλιο 6,5 δισεκατομμύρια χιλιόμετρα (43,4 ΑΜ).

 “>The Kouaoar orbit is nearly circular with an average distance from the Sun 6.5 billion km (43.4 AM).

The procession lasts 286 earth years. At present it is the closest large object Pluto. The Kouaoar is a moderately red object and it is believed to consist rock and ice. It is believed that recent temperature reached at -160 ° C. This led to the creation of crystalline ice. Also traces (5% yperythou spectrum) solid methane and ethane solid, which create an explosive ice.
It is a minor planet minor, and its importance by astrologers according to Nick Anthony Fiorenza is:

The Quaoar seems to have character that supports a “harmonious revolution” – to help us free ourselves and surrender to the natural range of creative forces that govern life and death. Moreover, Quaoar will inspire our return to the “sanctity of life”; to realize that all things in life is sacred and that our responsibility to respect the natural order and living in harmony with nature; without it we have no respect for ourselves.

Compared with the chart of Greece, the full moon affects the 7th and 1st houses.The opposition of Venus-Jupiter, affects the masses, symbolizes complete indolence, negligence, incorrect behavior, arrogance, excess, loss, legal conflicts and religion. Also people who have different values from yours can be of a different nationality. The Moon-Pluto square, square Venus -Pluto perhaps we will have another financial fact, being linked to financial loss and a shock and tensions are created. Furthermore, is associated with the destruction of homes and food, flooded homes, attack or war and defending the homeland, we had seen before many times since Fall. Mercury aspects the full moon, is not accidental because with the square oif Mercury/Neptune, we had the announcement of the 2015 referendum, that the prime minister of this country wants again another one to launch, with similar  aspects that we have now and then.

6The Mercury-Mars opposition raises tensions both at parliamentary level but also in diplomacy. Mars squares the Life, says opposition to the regulations and principles, voltage exaggeration, rush, incontinence, faced with a decision to be taken, conflict, dispute, breach of contract, marital conflicts. Overspending.

Jupiter at the ascendant, the north node, Mars and MC  in opposition to Jupiter  in disharmonious aspet is associated with high tensions in the environment, and aggression. It creates conflicts and problems in partnerships. Disharmony of Mars-Node is linked to the destruction of a partnership, the disruption and alienation.

1 2 3 4 5

* Withdrawal – Loneliness – The limits – Departures or detachment associated with partners – problems- – Run demanding tasks – Obstacles related or other collaborations – Allotriosi- Sacrifices – Uncertainty, insecurity or instability – Frustration – weakness – dishonesty – deception of the world
* Family units – Exchange houses with other strong-antistasi- Thoughts on strong trade unions – News concerning the strength and unity – Extreme communications affect relationships –
* Thoughts on the great fortune – Success Through Writing – Actions that contribute to corporate profits – Talk about power and money – power or influence in law and communications – big impact with legal notices

* Continuous good fortune through influence – Significant costs – high strength economic problems – Minimized influence related to financial matters – Legal problems relating to policy or power issues

Actions contributing to transparency; associated with the discovery of the real peristatikon- – New cultural work – The demand for ethics in sport
Need for continuous adjustment – Times of mandatory changes
Serious or critical concerns – Significant losses – Extraordinary sadness or grief

Actions that contribute to problems during the reform – Intense stimulation of departures or detachment – Major attacks – rebellions related supervision or mandatory restrictions;- Sudden confusuion- Interior chaos
In times of war – warring peoples or nations – Fires- hidden motives – Abuse – Application of cheating

Losses related sudden rupture – Earthquakes

<span title=”Η τροχιά του Κουάοαρ είναι σχεδόν κυκλική με μέση απόσταση από τον Ήλιο 6,5 δισεκατομμύρια χιλιόμετρα (43,4 ΑΜ).



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<span title=”Η τροχιά του Κουάοαρ είναι σχεδόν κυκλική με μέση απόσταση από τον Ήλιο 6,5 δισεκατομμύρια χιλιόμετρα (43,4 ΑΜ).


Full Moon in Leo-24th January 2016

The full moon takes place on 24 January 2016, at 3:45:40 in the morning, at 3 degrees (Moira of delusion and discord, concern and instability that certainly recommends prudence and diplomacy) of Leo, at the first decan, at the axis of Leo-Aquarius, the 8th house (relating to the funds of the State, the savings system. It is also represents the upper Cabinet, the State Council, mortality and suicide rates in a State, are also the pensions and the insurance system, the insurance institutions. Of course the 8th house is connected to the stock market, the State’s debts to other countries and the income of other States). Mars involvement with negative aspects will create strictly a war atmosphere, will hinder relations between people and Governments in Foreign Affairs. There will be revisions made, that would force the EU to change policy-line is possible but generally will affect the global political scene. The weather conditions will be affected too and quite many unpredictable events will happen, while emotions will be robust enough.



The full moon in Leo seems to be rather carrying as a main theme of the abuse, the hubris, where we also found in previous new moon periods. Both phases of the Moon and the retrograde Mercury motion but also in straight motion later on, are just triggering the chaotic square of Uranus-Pluto as we see at the chart of the full moon below. The major issue of the full moon, is the psychological abuse and not only.

This full moon however, may offer a clear way out of the crisis through decisive action. Like all full moons, the largest planetary aspect is the opposition of Moon-Sun as also the conjunction was for the new moon. A full moon focuses our attention on relationships of all types. The full moon is connected to the previous new moon. Displays threads, which started from the 9th of January under the influence of new moon and now can be completed. As emotions and instincts reach at their peak with the full moon, you can see in a more objective and balanced way of your personal relationships. Being in touch with your needs and intentions, and those of others, you can obviously see what the relationships that cause disharmony and imbalance in your life. The influence of the full moon lasts for two weeks until the next new moon, in this case that of 8 February.

The Uranus-Pluto square had begun to lessen its energy earlier this year, peaking at 7 degrees approximately. However, due to retrograde motion, in recent months had reduced its power and will be enhanced again by 1-2 degrees in February 2016. The powerful forces in the last five years has led to dramatic upheaval, revolution and crises. January 2016 and all this critical situation is directly connected to this mess and chaos through astrological aspects of Pluto.
The conjunction of Sun-Pluto, with Mercury retrograde on January 5, the new moon on January 9 with the above conjunction provoked extreme events and egomania, power struggles, intimidation and abuse. The conjunction of Mercury- Pluto for this full moon and Mercury being in a straight course, on January 25 will continue to maintain power struggles and abuse to mental and verbal level mostly. Both aspects mentioned above like the Uranus-Pluto square will continue to cause extreme uncertainty and anxiety but also erratic and dangerous behavior and such reactions are expected to be.

The psychological abuse, also referred as psychological violence too, emotional abuse or psychological abuse are forms of abuse characterized by a person presenting or exposing another to behavior that can lead to psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression or disorder post-traumatic stress. Such abuse is often associated with power imbalance, such as abusive relationships, bullying, and abuse even at the workplace.
The full moon at the 03 ♌ 29 degrees of Leo, does not form important aspects with other planets and is not aligned with a fixed star. The stable star, Giedi on 03 ♒ 59 of Aquarius is a lovely star Venus-Mars nature aligns with the Sun, and I will say something more in the article below. Known as “the lucky one”, gives charities, sacrifice, patience and trust. This star indicates a crisis, however, we will have to wait anyway because of the Uranus-Pluto square, which is the principal topic of this lunar cycle.

It is important to mention that, Giedi also marks the following…. “The belief in a crisis, but decisively where necessary measures should be taken.” Otherwise, the Sun conjunction to Giedi can lead to extreme events, unforeseen losses, but also marks a sharp shift on a political level that becomes with a “great chance”.
Because of retrograde Mercury, January Moon cycle charts are very similar to each other. The below below will have the same effect on the full moon of January so I will not say a lot of things because I analyzed them for the new moon. We will focus a bit on Mercury’s aspects on a negative degree, at the 15th, of Capricorn (warns that recklessness brings decline and violence) by the 2nd house (economy) and sad events.

The conjunction of Mercury- Pluto connected to investigation, detection of hidden data, helps to explore the truth in order to solve problems but also the questioning of others by using extreme methods. Because of this aspect anything may happen anytime, as for example to bring twists and reversals. Actually, is forcing any ideas and ideologies to reach even greater ends.

This aspect facilitates control, coercion, deception and the dissemination of propaganda would become in an easier way. This aspect represents power struggles on spiritual level with the use of lies, intimidation, threats and abuse at any level. The square of Mercury-Uranus further increase nervous tension because of the unpredictability of a situation. You may read shocking news or you may have unexpected experiences that will force you to change your plans. There is also an increased risk to make mistakes on communication level that will lead to unpredictable consequences. Accidents during travel or with electronic devices and computers is also possible. This aspect between the 2-4th house, shows reversals arising from inflexible adherence to the wrong ideas and opinions, revolution against the system and everything is not fair and wrong.
Mercury retrogression indicates errors of judgment and is unfavorable for making any kind of contract or agreement on an economic level. Mercury in Capricorn is associated with manipulation and the midpoint of Mercury-Pluto is associated with unexpected news, and gives a very small limit of resistance.
Mars-Neptune trine is a positive aspect, could be used for good but is weak enough so this aggravates further the chaotic nature of the squares Mercury-Uranus-Pluto. It is actually about a battle of ideas on a spiritual and religious level and is associated with aggression and war at the 11th House. It is easy to be motivated by speakers who have a charismatic fascination based on their religious beliefs. However, the trine of Saturn -Uranus in long term will definitely bring order to chaos that resulted from the Uranus-Pluto square.
The Sun at the midpoint of Venus-Neptune instead favors Platonic love, entertainment, erotic fantasies, and is linked to emotional cheating, erotic imagination, secret love affairs, and generally gives little sense of reality.
The position of Mars in Scorpio (economy, taxation, investments) delivers a kind of an outbreak, at the 11th house is associated with disagreements, conflicts between organizations (for example NATO) or partnerships and allies but also at parliamentary level or in friend circles we belong we have to be cautious. At the degree is located, is associated with problematic circumstances or frustration to great expectations, insecurity, fear, vigilance.

Jupiter squares the Ascendant means losses.
Saturn at the midpoint of Sun-Mars shows prevention, struggle to acquire power, difficulties on a professional and career level defeat and total failure, suffering, unhappiness, cancellation of an agreement, terrorism, failure, stress, inconvenience. Uranus at the 4th House, the conjunction of Mercury session -Vega, Jupiter- Denebola, Pluto -Vega have been explained before, particularly those to Vega declare losses, disasters. Suspiciousness will be in the air are but also ignition will be easy that shows military readiness.
This full moon is important for Greece but also for United States, that occurs at the axis of Leo-Aquarius axis, since the ascendant of the full moon conjuncts Saturn in square to Neptune pointing to difficulties that exist in order to build a vision on realistic bases. Although 2015 was a very difficult year that does not mean that things will be easy for 2016, developments will be seen but will come slowly and gradually after the spring, under some specific circumstances. The Full Moon affects the economy of USA as well. Answering to questions concerning the next USA president, I would say that it is very early to talk about it. The way to November US election is too long, and anything may change till then completely, since USA will have to face an economical crash, terroristic attacks and much more.

Jupiter opposed to Venus of Greece and square to the Moon is associated to errors and delays, setbacks and improvisations, brings upheavals, scandals and problems of little practicality on economic level. The square of Uranus-Pluto, speaks of a dirty war at parliamentary level, but also the aspects are being formed affect our country, pointing to stern threats and warnings about a possible Grexit from Eurozone again.
The trine of Saturn -Uranus will create sudden new political factors that will possibly create tensions and reactions but also the return of a leader and a politician from the past (the fixed star, Giedi on 03 ♒ 59 Aquarian aligned with the Sun at the 10th house of Greece- at the degree of Power- which is connected to a person with an inherited title, this should be a very important person ,in order to overcome the difficulties that this country is facing up and also provide a change of this political system with this government to collapse and might find ourselves on a n elections period too soon, again, as I have been saying for months. The aspect of Jupiter -North Node, is also associated to the formation of a large political party, a lucky union, and expressed as good news that gives pleasure and harmony, but shows a very important leader, an important man that will give joy and social justice. Let us not say, however big words, when the time comes we’ll see.

Let’s look at the equations locally for Greece , I have give for the rest of the countries, on a single article… reductions or cuts – -Isolation sadness or alienation – Deaths-Amendments related popular topics – The need for constant adjustment – change-hour mandatory associations or partnerships (creating new political entities) –calling of an important politician (about people from the past and history) – Contacts with powerful people – Excellence or power associated with new co-operations- tensions related partnerships

Frozen capital – Limited luck – Restriction assets – Reductions on money laundering- instability and insecurity.
Limited success – Economic problems in nations or peoples – Intense involvement or contradictions in public places; – Significant vibration – Destruction (an earthquake) = – Electrical storms – paranoia associated with strong measures -accidents – implementation of strong measures or orders- coercion

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Full Moon Falls on Christmas for the First Time Since 1977

In 2015, with glad Christmas tidings come with the full moon.

This year, December’s moon reaches peak size on Christmas Day, at 6:11 a.m. EST, according to Fred Espenak, an eclipse and moon expert with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. It marks the first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977; two events won’t align again until 2034. (Of course, a full moon will fall on Dec. 25 just as often as it will any other day of the year, The Independent notes.)

The timing of this year’s Christmas orb means the fullest nighttime moon might be best viewed on Christmas Eve throughout the U.S. The U.K. will see the moon at its peak on Christmas evening.

This year, the Yuletide full moon falls three days after the winter solstice, which occurs on Dec. 22 at 4:48 UTC, or 11:48 p.m. EST.

Each year, December’s full moon — the last of the year — gets the nickname the Full Long Night’s Moon or the Full Cold Moon, in honor of the month’s dark, cold nights, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. It can also be called the Moon Before Yule, notes.

Each full moon throughout the year has its own moniker, typically dating back to Native American tribes, according to These traditional names were later applied to the month in which the moons occur.

The name Full Long Night is particularly apt because of the moon’s position in the sky relative to Earth and the sun, the website continued: In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice marks the time in which the sun appears lowest in the sky. Because the moon is diametrically opposite to the sun this time of year, the December full moon has a long arc and a high trajectory across the sky.

Full moons and lore often go hand in hand; whether this year’s lunar calendar spells good luck or bad for Santa and his reindeer remains to be seen.

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Full Moon in Pisces,29 August 2015

First of all,I would love to thank deeply those who share these articles.The analysis of the Lunar phenomena affect globally and not one country .Each astrologer,of course, may compare it with its own country.

The August full moon will take place at the 6th (foresight) degree of Pisces on August 29, 2015, at 9:35:09 in the evening and at this lunar phenomenon involving Neptune retrograde at the 12th house, Jupiter now from Virgo at the 6th house and Saturn by Scorpio on straight motion, from the 8th House.

πανσεληνος στους ιχθυες 29 αυγουστου
It will affect the mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and you are going to put your sentimental life in order but also mainly your business too. The atmosphere that prevail will be quite bizarre, there will be ambiguity, many will be revealed and will disappoint us, and there will be ample propaganda but will bring significant and rapid changes in political and social level globally.
Vesta and Uranus will affect Greece, the Balkans, and Central Europe. Pluto in Turkey, Istanbul and Ukraine. The Full Moon will affect France, Spain, India, the Northern part of Africa.
The main features of the full moon is the conjunction of Jupiter- Sun in Virgo and the conjunction of Moon-Neptune in Pisces. The Ascendant of the full moon is the 16th degrees of Aries (attachment). The full moon is important because that conjuncts the Solar eclipse of 20th March, which was at the 29th degree of Pisces, and forms an opposition to the blood moon of April 4, in Libra. The Moon also conjuncts the Deneb Adige, where it will bring revelations, but let us examine them one by one…
We have the opposition of the Sun-Moon, the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter, the square of Sun-Saturn, the opposition of Sun-Neptune, the trine of Sun-Pluto.
The opposition is being formed between the Sun-Moon at the 6-12th house (hospitalization, operation of government, bureaucracy, all public services and trade unions, welfare, workers, public health, the army, –prisons, asylums , hospitals, hidden processes and subsoil, migrants, hidden enemies, secret services, secret agents, the subconscious) refers to internal tensions and problems. However, the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter is a positive factor for the settlement of outstanding issues in relation to the public and court cases and shows some protection at first sight, and I say this because this aspect is not as simple as it seems. Although the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter brings happiness, growth and good fortune, the extravagance and waste of Jupiter creates imbalance or polarizes the whole mix of good actions. The Sun-Pluto trine shows events that will surprise, is imposing some conditions.
The square of Sun-Saturn between 6-8th house (the 8th shows the funds of the state, the saving system, mortality and suicides, pensions, insurance system, insurance institutions, stock, debts of the state to the other Member nations ) shows sacrifices, delays, restrictions, upsets, problems and interventions.
The opposition of Sun-Neptune refers to confusion and a blurred period of time with major problems between 6-12th house. Computerized, betrayals, paranoid scenarios and reckless compounds the agreements but also migration. Promises that will not be met, wrong objectives and decisions that are not objective. We lose the boundaries between reality and dream or illusion. The Sun will put things in their place, even if we get hurt by sudden revelations. This aspect is very dangerous because the sudden revelation of truth given by the Sun offers an immense feeling of futility and makes us too pessimistic. It looks like life loses its interest, as if we can do many things to endure. We must be very cautious when it becomes in mutable signs. With the square of the Sun-Saturn and the opposition of Neptune fires is possible to continue with the same intensity and the second meaning is an indication to chemical fire.
The Moon in the 12th house at the 6th degree of Pisces hides problems and setbacks but also a situation quite fragile. In Pisces, focuses more on the secret enemies, in enclosed spaces, in emigration and crime but also the suffering of people in general but also to the subconscious and the data stored there.
The Moon forms an opposition to Jupiter and a conjunction to Neptune. There will be problems, disagreements in our personal relationships particularly associated with the female sex. There will be problems on a domestic level and the element of exaggeration is pronounced as we will have a tendency to judge others intensely. Losses may occur but there should be and great attention to health issues, particularly nutrition and alcohol use, the substances and problems with traffic and other disturbances. It will be hard to get decisions on a professional level but if you are on vacation you will want to isolate more and relax. Support from others is limited. The conjunction of Moon-Neptune will increase sensitivity, inspiration, all those involved in Art. The willingness to travel through water element will grow but also the need to be close to it. On the other hand, migrants will increase and that connect with the 12th house as also criminality too. Moon and Neptune will conjunct Chiron at the 19th degree and this will cause instability and serious problems. Mercury additionally, at the 6th house at the 3rd degree ( enslavement) of Libra is afflicted and in opposition with the Nodes of the Moon, creates more problems in partnerships, indecision and difficulties in diplomatic level but also on issues that need to be solved.
Venus retrograde in Leo will form conjunct to Mars in the 5th house (fun, creativity, luck, gambling, casinos, theaters, taverns. Also represent the ambassadors and representatives in other countries. The relations of the state with the children) will trine Uranus in the 1st house, the Ascendant and will sextile the Part of fortune. The Venus-Mars indicates jealousy, infidelity, emotional problems, and loss of friends or false friends. Favored the new relations, art, and profit but will also create many problems and aggression in relationships of all kinds in general. More about the phenomenon of the year here
Jupiter squares Saturn in the 8th house and forms an opposition to Neptune .The square of Jupiter/ Saturn causes upheavals and regulations, as the past is connected to the future. It creates problems in the structure, there are difficulties in discipline issues related to the 8th house, i.e. pensions, stock markets, security, mortality, the capital.
The opposition of Jupiter/Neptune brings disappointment and there is a sudden hard landing to reality. There is a difficulty to be practical, there will be financial troubles, losses, deception and betrayal .This associated with major floods, tsunamis and other disasters related to water and oceans and attack by fanatic extremists.
Saturn in the 8th house will constantly pushing hard of the economy. Uranus in the 1st house is expected to create more problems and make the atmosphere more explosive, in opposition to Part of fortune in the 7th house and presages a sudden unforeseeable events and developments, conflicts and problems with allies and partners. Neptune at the midpoint of Mercury /Venus is associated to delusions, lack of tact, undermining the relationships or cooperation’s but also at the midpoint of Mercury-Mars associated with intrigue, Whims, cheating, some things we do not say or reveal and hide.
The sextile of Neptune/Pluto (mass vision) associated with a deep transformation process affecting all human consciousness. Neptune is catching up to Pluto every 492 years and is something that can be seen as a global mental fertilization period. New collective ideas emerge at the start of this cycle caused by sudden developments in technology and discoveries of the time. It also means toxic chemical that cause deaths, extreme levels of pollution. (We also have seen this aspect in Roswell)
Pluto squares Uranus (1-10th house) Endoscopy state, struggle, conflict, cruelty and important changes also warns of hazards, accidents, domestic conflict, coercion and power. Pluto conjuncts the MC suggests struggle, conflict, coercion, intrigue, blackmail, and risk adjustment, suspicious and ruthless, violent or arrogant actions and behavior.
The full moon on August 29, 2015 will be held in the first decan of Pisces. The full moon will be at best spiritual, mystical and apocalyptic. The full moon is aligned with a spiritual star and planet of spirituality, Neptune. However, the full moon is opposite Jupiter, also, in the worst case could bring massive deceit, slander and scandals worldwide. The full moon brings to the surface and increases the influence of Jupiter-Neptune opposition on 17th September. This will lead to more tension, especially in our relations as we experience diametrically opposite extreme behaviors and beliefs. So this opposition is expected to peak at 17/9, the full moon will activate the potential and strengthen its influence in the first weeks of September. This aspect is expected to bring major upheavals in the economy and losses, so we are talking about absolute chaos.
On the other hand, the conjunction of Moon/Neptune will not work normally, under the influence of the spiritual stable star Deneb Adige being involved because this is only half degree from the full moon, at the 5 and 33, in the tail of the Swan, and that will bring revelations.
The Deneb (Deneb) is the brightest star (i.e. with the smallest effect size) in the constellation Cygnus, the alpha (a) Cygni, which marks the tail of the constellation. Easily visible summer evenings until November, passes through the zenith in Northern Greece and is the northeastern tip of the so-called “Summer Triangle”. The Deneb name comes from the Arabic phrase ذنب الدجاجة, Al Dhanab al Dajajah, which means “The Tail of the Hen,” from his post in the form of the constellation, which Arabs do not usually depicted swan, but hen. The phrase is found in the historical astronomical works as corrupt Denebadigege, Denebedigege, Deneb Adige, etc. Similar names brought up to 7 other stars, and even kept Deneb Katy (= “tail Ceti”) for b Ceti, Deneb Altzenti for d Capricorn Denebola for Leo b. However, the simple ‘Deneb’ evokes today almost always a star in Cygnus (there is also the e Dauphin).
Certainly, circumstances would be much better without this stable star sitting at the conjunction of Moon-Neptune. Vivid dreams, telepathy and psychic ideas would disclose accurate information. Increased emotional sensitivity and empathy would bring harmony in relationships and peace where it is most needed. The Moon will put great emphasis on the subconscious in this position and this makes the opposition of Jupiter/Neptune sharper, since Jupiter also rules Pisces too. Furthermore, it will reduce the strength of our will when it comes to addictions and other bad habits. There will be paranoid reactions, sneaky tactics and extreme behavior where it will yield more drama in our personal relationships. Jupiter will increase the desire for easy money and comfort, under pressure creates blind faith and exaggeration.

To understand more on this full moon will have to understand the opposition of Jupiter/Neptune in detail.
Jupiter permeates with exaggeration every negative attribute of Neptune. Hypersensitivity, deceit, lack of practical spirit are the key elements of this disharmony. So often we become exaggerated and quite naive thus fall victims of scams due to excessive confidence in the subjects who do not know well. Many times we create in our minds ideal situations that are essentially unrealistic. This aspect leaves unfulfilled promises, fanaticism and religious involvement in secret organizations that bring disastrous results .There is also, lack of moral measure and torque to harmful abuses. Neptune when afflicted may be subject to trance, fainting, hysteria, or psychic storms.

11 33
Compared with the chart of Greece, we have the Venus-Saturn conjunction, showing a “cold awakening” (BUT ALSO THAT WILL AFFECT US GLOBALLY TOO) tendency towards separation, division, isolation, politically, the opposition of Sun-Mars showing conflicts with authorities, panic and accidents, fall of the government and this aspect is very important because it marks aggression and conflict to Presidents, Prime Ministers and governments as needed boldness and courage to overcome losses and problems. The square of Moon-Mars, show anger, difficult situations, revolutionary tendencies. The opposition of Sun-Venus, is showing frustration and difficulties, the square-Moon/Jupiter is showing losses, excesses and arrogance but also the Moon -Pluto conjunction brings sudden outbreaks and changes. The conjunction of Moon-Neptune will straight affect the government, in the 10th House. Pluto will continue to push for hard tax and issues are connected to the 8th house but also our relations with abroad and other countries. Saturn affects partnerships, international treaties, and overt enemies of the state, trade with foreign countries in the 7th House.

Of course, the full moon compared to the chart of the Greek prime minister does not have much difference. Shows willingness to rebel movements from one side, trying to cope with the pressure and psychological ups and downs. There is a blockage of support, however the trine of Moon/Uranus will channel the energy trying to find solutions and ways. That gives him more confidence and meeting with groups, large firms, companies, partners, including IMF of course etc. The Moon-Mars opposition shows hostility from others, drop of his popularity and attacks, lack of direction, haste, impulsiveness. The square Sun-Neptune is pointing to, disappointments, plans without possibility to succeed, leaning on alcohol, nicotine, etc., Delusion, deceit, enmities. His Moon in positive aspects to the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter as also with Mercury-Sun, show efforts to successfully negotiating level changes and challenges.

Let’s take a look at the equations in topic level but globally too.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Locally expansive harmonic compounds; severe or critical concern- need Help- Natural hazards or calling for discrimination in relation to others-Physical exhaustion or exhaustion – Days or chronic problems or losses, injuries or damage associated with men partners- Public injuries, damages or injuries – Mysticism – the need for correction or replacement unsanitary conditions – Sadness or depression – loss with the audience – the poor people or nations – Heavy hours.

Efforts for peace in the region; Creating balance – arbitrariness, violence or coercion affecting pleasure- Pleasure associated with strong partners – Effect on sympathy others – Power on the cooperative work; force-fields, among colleagues – Principles concerning the influence of partnerships – arrangements in large-scale work – Intensification or rapid action – Restrictive measures – Significant financial partnerships – Good relations with employees or managers – privileged positions; Authority in economic matters – Public economy- The future in relation to flaws– water or air pollution; Refusal or revocation – cheating – Corruption or degeneration
The start things – action – move on dynamically- Extensive reforms- Surprise successes-increasing intensity.
MC-Psychological tension – conflict out in public – disturbances in public places; I start things together with other ignition construction or excitement – Making choices – Compulsory associations – Pressures on partners- Movement on discussions – I put the plans into action – Recording ideas- Administration instructions or commands – Speeches – Working in business –instability- Regression
Moon- – Uncertainty, insecurity, instability or on the economic situation – Speculation – Failures by the public – Financial losses associated with the people – Injustice on populations or nations
Neptune- Discussions on mistakes – cheating – Breaking promises – Words without action – plans without prospects – endless chatter – malice – Attenuation – Ignore ignoring events – Uncertainty concerning inadequate information – Losses related to misunderstandings – Uncertainty and instability because of cheating – Severe confusion – misplaced convictions- fight unemployment – Massive hydropower – Secret moves to power – power cuts – Actions related to the loss of influence – the job losses – Hidden influences relating to manipulation – fruitless attempts – malicious actions – Hurricanes and storms
Saturn- Strong inhibitions outside world – Intensity on public problems – barriers to public activity – Forced departures out in public – barricades or lockout – State of emergency or martial law having being broken Surprises related problems – Unexpected obstacles – Continuous intensity – Rebellion – Conflicts – Rejection of stimuli – propaganda- Rebuilding boundaries; Official crisis – Major crisis-Continuous mandatory changes
Uranus-Propaganda- surprise or excitement related to sports – high-strength events – Strong tensions – Sudden forced actions- Political events – major electrical energy – Sudden extraordinary power – excitations on emergency measures – Unexpectedly official measures – Great tension on official themes – Storms
Pluto- Reorganization – Renewal – Development – Transformations – Resolutions or conversions – Substantive mandatory changes – Reversals
Mars- Problems associated with the efforts for freedom – Extensive deaths

Hypothetical Zeus-pressures associated with economic problems – Compulsory austerity-risk discrimination in sports – manipulation – Losses on the forces of nature – Challenge high impact damage – violent crimes
Admetos– Deep disruptive or disturbing fact – Unexpected disaster constant tension – Rebellion on official demarcations – Unexpected fall

We will be on vacation,we wish you all a very Happy Summer!Come back in September with Eclipses and analysis of developments! Have a good time all of you!


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Full Moon in Capricorn-July 2015

***I have already published this article before the decision of the Greek prime Minister for Referendum. I had already predicted in Greek media, the rising choice of referendum, and the dissolve of political parties.
The Full Moon will be held on July 2, 2015, at 5:19:32 in the morning, at the 9th degree (degree of repetition, significant events in history) in Capricorn (government, policy, restriction, seriousness, concern for rules and protocols) at the 7th house, which is angular and important (war and diplomatic relations of the state, obvious enemies and the popular reaction to the decisions of a government, rallies, close associates and business partners, the obvious rivals, the opposing country in time of war, trade with foreign countries, international treaties signed) of the solar horoscope. I am sure that something reminds you again if you look at the lunar phenomena of December 2014, which occurred in Greece. In this lunar phenomenon involving Mars in Cancer in the 5th degree (This degree describes a figure of authority entrusted with many responsibilities), Pluto in Capricorn in 14th degree (fall) in the 7th house and Uranus from Aries in the 11th house at the 20th degree (loneliness, extreme poverty, and perhaps, exile or imprisonment, difficult circumstances, friends are unwilling or unable to help. Travel to foreign countries are strongly recommended against it. One must think thoroughly before taking action, they risk drowning, both in the literal and figurative sense).

πανσεληνος αιγοκερως

It is a time quite important and active especially for signs of Cardinal cross, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra. People will be confronted with facts that had not figured that would happen, and we will have to adapt to a new reality. Generally, at first sight, this period will be marked by violence, warfare, maritime nature problems and accidents of all kinds.
The ascendant of the full moon is located in the 28th degree of Gemini (degree of Doubt and Change, repeated failures and errors).
* Conjunction of Betelgeuse with Ascendant –turmoil’s, risk, violence.

Proceed as always in the decoding of full moon. Neptune (migration, chaos) is on sea borders between the islands of Lesvos, Chios and Turkey. The Full Moon will affect also the US as also Saturn in Scorpio, the developments in Ukraine, Turkey and Central Europe, Middle East, Syria and Israel but also the eastern part of Asia. As you can see it has a significant influence.
The Sun in the first decan of Cancer, illuminates the first house (political leaders, president, famous personalities of the country), and shows that finally things will come to an end but also shows that everyone’s attention will be turned over to an important event, probably that has been already occurred at the moment I m writing this article, and planets that exist here determine the effect that will quickly come to a solution. The Sun in Cancer tells us that security is very important. Do not forget that Cancer is ruled by the Moon related to national security, house, home, care, protection, family, food, mother -Women, silver, real estate. Linked to water, sea, and the crops. Cancer when faces major challenges hiding in his shell, while still maintaining and exercising the appropriate powers of discrimination.
On a personal level, the best advice for a parent Cancer is to give to others the freedom to take risks. Do not confront your fears so simple- their treatment will happen if you free yourself from their power through affirmative action.
We have the Moon-Sun opposition, Sun- Mars conjunction in the 1st house, the trine of Sun-Neptune, the Sun-Pluto opposition at the 7th house, which is very important. The Sun trines the ascendant of the full moon. We have at least three very vital aspects being formed. Contradictions and problems still exist, the Sun –Moon opposition is an indicator of inner unrest and difficulties. The Sun-Mars conjunction brings problems, anxiety and insecurity. The Sun-Neptune trine, at the 10th house, strengthens big dreams and visions but also intuition.
The most important aspect is the opposition of Sun-Pluto showing resistance to change and resentment. The aspect is telling us that we would prefer to leave things as they are but always with this aspect concerning an issue we pull things at the end of the rope, at a point of “explosion”, and refers to a battle with the authorities and partners. In this aspect there are changes or delays and failures due to forces beyond the control of an individual. Behaviors and requirements will exceed all limits, there will be no respect, and is creating compulsive tendencies. Usually to this aspect there is a serious rupture and repeated conflicts, efforts are not appreciated properly in order to get the desired results. This marks the death or serious illness of an important person. We waste a lot of energy to impress others, but suggests to drop the tones of our personal energy. Leads to fanaticism, which may result in a goodwill struggle to win something but recommends also greater flexibility that would benefit more than show off power.
The opposition Sun-Pluto made its appearance in the First World War, but also in many other major disasters such as Chernobyl. It is pointing the atomic reaction or fire deaths or massive fire. Bringing more scandals into light and the Sun is might have fun with it. This energy is difficult for any authority to control and brings drastic measures. Paranoia, anger, obsessions, suffering, “I against the world.” This aspect has historically brought resignations of presidents, fall of leaders of all kinds. Usually Sun-Pluto aspects, whether those are conjunctions or oppositions between the two always something collapses, dies and is destroyed. Under this aspect, we had in the past the collapse of the Soviet Union. Empires Fall down. Any change brings painful events, but will clean up corruption in essence is about a creative destruction of Pluto. The Sun rules the 3rd house (communication axis) and Pluto the 6th (army) at the chart of the full moon.
The Opposition Sun-Pluto, is pointing intense and disruptive forces beyond someone’s control that may force to a new course. So we notice here, split of political parties and the possible creation of a new strong political party. This means serious strains with hostile countries. And that one could be a hot episode between Greece-Turkey as also maybe noticed in other parts of the world.
This warns even on a personal level the lack of participation in something questionable or illegal nature leading to possible suspension of personal ties. It also warns about problems are created from aggressive people or revolutionary natures; Linked to breaking mechanisms and serious damages.
On the other hand, the Sun at the full moon trines the 10th house, but it is a good indicator for your personal success, social integration, economic benefits, professional development and achievement.

The Moon in Capricorn, at the 7th house shows that the attention of this period will focus on topics related to our official partner, work-partners, the public, competitors, and opponents in litigations, enemies, politics, and government. The Moon in Capricorn is always tough and somber, usually we have seen negative consequences, especially when negative aspects are formed because Capricorn is being ruled by Saturn. Success favored if that is forming upright aspects in the sign of hierarchy. The Moon in Capricorn on the chart of the full moon, forms an opposition with Mars, we have the also the sextile of Moon- Neptune, the Moon sextiles the 10th house, and Moon -Pluto conjunction.

With the Moon-Mars opposition in general, there is a need for extreme caution in all things. Hasty moves will lead to disaster. If possible not to accomplish agreements to this aspect. Illnesses or accidents often happen here. This also displays imagination activity, but the result is not always satisfactory. This position intensifies emotions, violence, displays unrealized ambitions, and can challenge the person is being represented here. Though idealism supported by the sextile of Moon-Neptune, and imagination is necessary to be exploited creatively.
The conjunction of Moon -Pluto creates compulsive and even irrational behavior. These circumstances may force a change in our personal habits, or separations or divorces. This aspect shows a lack of assistance from others, and the tendency of others to dominate. This warns of danger from revolutionary or delusional people who try to manipulate a situation of losing control of a target. (Means even destruction of homes and food, home flooded, attack or defense of the homeland war)
On a personal level, the sextile with the 10th house displays trips to famous places or help and support from women, even thought this is less important because there are stronger aspects are being formed with Pluto in Capricorn, and additionally because the Moon is ruled by Pluto and Saturn simultaneously so it is a kind of a double play, so pay attention!

Mercury in Gemini, at the 12th house, contributes more to hasty moves, since throughout the period of June was particularly enhanced and hidden information or making agreements with positive aspects but at the midpoint of Moon- Saturn recommends prudence, maturity, sense of duty ? Is pointing sadness and perhaps depression, obstacles, particularly by women. Separation. In the 12th house it means retreat, secrets and intrigue and may also be malicious scenarios or hidden letters and backroom understandings, communications. Mercury at the 19th degree is not good at all, because it shows abandonment, destruction and misery ruling the 1st and 4th house.

Venus from the 3rd house forms positive aspects, a trine to Uranus, Venus-Jupiter conjunction and at the midpoint of Sun / Node but also at the midpoint of Venus / Jupiter. Venus in Leo with all these shows on a personal level, happiness, pleasure, entertainment, favors friendship, conclusion sexual relations and favors communication and traveling to beautiful places. Major benefits from art and talents. However can ease density on a diplomatic level giving perhaps one more opportunity before turning retrograde, later in the summer, and this concerns communication, agreements and nation’s relations. Also Jupiter from Leo hope to contribute into this situation, although the trine shows incredible progress in technology, as I have mentioned before in other articles.
Mars from the 1st house at the 6th degree of Cancer is in decline. Although Mars is linked harmoniously with other planets in the chart of the full moon the placement of Mars at the 1st house mentions a difficult state. Mars, here can be a sign of “untruth”, but also means that an intractable issue should be carefully considered. This position also warns of a problem that is still there and we get in response a permanent denial, that of course, those can be overcome if aspects are strong enough … .something I do not really see, because the chart has stronger aspects. Mars forms an opposition to the Moon in the 7th house, pointing interior problems, frequent and violent scenes, quarrels and on a political party level that will bring splits of political parties and divisions. Mars squares Vesta at the 10th House and the Nodes that also is showing aggression.

The most important is also the return of Saturn in Scorpio in retrograde motion, in the 6th house (diseases, army, everyday life, living conditions) means restructuring and harsh living conditions squaring Venus, Jupiter and Pluto, especially the cycle of Jupiter- Saturn that will maintain adversity, upheaval and conflict, which has collective influence, this cycle is reflected in enormous structural reforms of society .The square of Jupiter-Saturn-Venus associated with lost opportunities, economic clashes, delays, risks and coldness. But also the half-square of Saturn / Pluto, as we mentioned before is a circle that brings deadlocks. The aspect itself, is associated with dictatorial behavior of others, cruelty, retaliation, jams and accidents. Saturn-Pluto also means extreme cold or freezing, glacier, the loss of moral and extreme depression of many, or generally extreme weather conditions.

Also, we have the Uranus-Pluto square between the 11th -7th house that will bring further problems and dissolving at parliamentary level and in the political parties but also more corruption and scandals on the surface. Crucially here, the 11th house associated with aviation, the 7th house with overt enemies but also organizations such as NATO and the United Nations.
Neptune, from 10th house (ruling party, the government) shows ambiguity in a retrograde motion, frustration, confusion, hallucination, depression, difficulties. In addition, falls at the midpoint of Mercury / Saturn that dialogs of a state of depression, distrust, emotional confusion. A trip by plane or ship, panning without any prospect of achieving, highway or rail block. Although the Neptune has positive aspects, circumstances will be very difficult.

From what you see the full moon falls on the 1st decan of Capricorn at the 9th degree, in very close aspect to hard Pluto in 7th house, and this is almost opposite Mars which is being translated as Violent Extremism, and directly connected with countering terrorism. In our personal relationships it is expected to create imbalances and disharmonic situations at the extremes. This full moon marks the second half of the current cycle of the eclipse. Indeed, it’s been three months from the lunar eclipse of April 4th, in Libra, and we observe that this full moon lunar squares also the Nodes. This means that the issues triggered during that period of time, till now will be culminated in the next two weeks. The Lunar Eclipse as we had told since April, will have a dramatic impact on our lives (the 3rd Red Blood Moon) but also worldwide. And that’s because eclipses linked to hard fixed stars as also with Uranus in Aries. Despite negative signs, Jupiter nevertheless is trying to make us focus on a more positive direction, but the situation in the Middle East and Ukraine will explode and instability will have unprecedented consequences. In the last lunar phenomena we saw that the situation started to escalate by the end of May and in June .And particularly, New Moon of June spoke directly for many issues.

In any case, the opposition of Sun-Pluto is not a positive influence because it is linked with aggression, anger, subject to guilt, coercion, secrecy, and dramatic transformation. The opposition of Moon- Mars creates irrational actions and emotional anger but also ignites fires. There will be an increased vulnerability to negative or destructive actions of others. These aspects are not a good omen whether it is about family relations, lovers or a nation. The full moon in square to the lunar nodes, increases karmic intensity up to a level, which means that you have reached at a critical turning point in your life. All that, will create tension and aggression, explosion, with intense drama or anger, but this is the transition to a new course. However, there is some hope, understanding and sympathy with Neptune that could bridge the gap between the Sun and Moon, Mars and Pluto which is quite difficult with such hard planets.
The positive aspects of Mercury to Uranus and Zeus could be really a divine gift. Mercury at the midpoint of Jupiter-Uranus (and simultaneously a trine). This can lead to practical results through open and honest communication. Venus conjuncts Jupiter which is an excellent omen for love. Original ideas and knowledge can lead to more growth and happiness in a relationship. Mercury sextile Venus brings warm and friendly conversation. And this is important, at least on a personal level.
On a cosmic level, terrorism will be in the news almost every day, because of the Red Blood Moon of April. The conjunction with terrorist Algorab star opposite the revolutionary Uranus. The previous New Moon in a tight conjunct with Mars predicted increased aggression, violence and war. This full moon squares the lunar Nodes and means war and unrest which mainly concerns the Islamic State and that has already begun.

Pluto in an opposition to Mars is being translated to more violence, hatred and ferocity in Iraq and Syria. Violent extremist ideologies will spread through terrorist propaganda. Law enforcement and governments will be ineffective because of Saturn retrogression. The Opposition Mars-Pluto will bring major political and social conflicts, and its influence is very strong, showing difficult situations and battles in power but maladjusted. Also, is pointing to a small event leading to a mass effect, which can cause fire or explosion.
Compared with the Independence Chart of Greece, disharmonious aspect of the Moon -Pluto suddenly shows outbursts, strong excitability, the Mars-Jupiter opposition shows conflicts, contradictions and difficulties in negotiations, due to partners but also big fires. Estimates can be blocked or rejected in how to proceed with a project or plan or a deal. One can conceal real choices and the right path, and these aspects will affect the economy of the country. The square of Mercury -Venus activates dissolution and specifically related to women and Mars-Pluto will bring tensions at parliamentary level and scenes of “infinite beauty” and decisions should be reconsidered.

3 1 2 6 4

Let’s take a look at the Full Moon equations…
start corporate relations; Entry joint activities – activities with partners – activities with partners- Dissolution on active partnerships – Uncertainty and instability – unconscious or irrational behavior – mutual mistakes – manipulation – cheating – disappointing actions – Infections- Obstacles relating to others and work / productivity / creativity or ingenuity – Mandatory deferrals – Mechanical interruptions – Problems – Extensive reforms – intensity
The Sun– Wide intensity – Worried or confused times – Nervousness out into the world – public unrest – thunders- Prevalence versus elsewhere over a Contact for ignition or fire – Contacts with military personnel – Feverish electrical contact Will for survival – Efforts for restructuring and conversion – Actions that cause physical changes – Uncertainty, insecurity or instability – deception events – days untruth

Mars– Many mistakes – Many covert activities – – Dissolution of harmony – Extended extermination – Epidemics- Infections – Inertia – Unemployment – Actions contributing to losses – Manipulation – Damage or injury – Robbery and looting – abusive behavior
Mercury– bad ideas – acting – Plots – generalized confusion – hallucination, unreasonable, or dark situations – News related to losses

*** I have mentioned significant quotations in previous lunar phenomena that still are activated.


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Sagittarius Full Moon,2nd June 2015

The full moon will take place in the sign of Sagittarius (national sports, international affairs, higher education, foreign trade, import / export, the justice system, publishing industry, religion and national philosophy) on June 2, 2015, at 7:18: 58 pm. to Athens coordinates, 11th and 49 degrees (the intellectual discernment and eccentricity. degree of strategy, a strong degree associated with dynamism, fearless heart and usually conducive policy and strategic issues. This degree is described as follows “A monkey is riding a wolf ‘, that marks the existence of many enemies and usually following a risk giving a sudden end) of Sagittarius in the 1st house (The general state of the nation and its people as a unit within a Communities country; how a country raises its national image, and it is very important to see how this house displayed positive or negative) of the solar horoscope.
First I need to say that the Full Moon will affect some part of Australia, China and the wider region, the Pacific Ocean, the Americas. Saturn will affect Turkey (Ankara), the sky through California -Mexico and the islands of Japan. Mercury, Sun and Mars (US).

πανσεληνος στον τοξοτη

In this lunar phenomenon we will have the participation of Mercury (information, Media, transportation, treaties signed,) in retrogression motion at the 7th degree (struggle, fight, prone to destruction, problems, irritability) of Gemini at the 7th house (which involving partners, International relations, conventions alliances, mergers, business partnerships; Public relations, public enemies, competing nations public gatherings and the public as an organized social unit), the participation of Mars from the 15th degree ( deprivation, lack of capacity or fate, a fate very sensitive in general) of Gemini at the 7th house also, Saturn (limitation, loss, grief) at 0 degrees of Sagittarius (projects, deep inner perception) of the first house, also the participation of Neptune (the dreams and ideals of a nation’s social and political movements, the ability to see what is coming and prepare appropriate, political instability, the tabloid press, oil, religious beliefs, minorities, the poor and oppressed citizens; espionage, frauds, illusions, cheating and lying, secretly poisons) from the 9th degree ( the trial, adventure, failure) of the 4th house (everything related to buildings and land, real estate, harvest, agriculture, mining, earthquakes and weather .They proceed from land areas, public buildings. It is the opposition party. Neptune here usually associated with uncertainty and confusion), and Jupiter from 16 degrees (impulse tests, particularly at the economic level, many times talking about bankruptcy, poverty and difficulties) of Leo the 9th house (abroad, contracts with external legal issues, the clergy, religion, science, university faculties and general higher education. It is shipping, external relations, trade and transactions of the state with distant countries, migration policy, passports, visas, tourism, that a Member promotes itself).

Generally, it is about  a period of time where there will be developments that will be marked by events and changes in personal and professional level but also worldwide and particularly in the areas mentioned above, generally people will meet new prospects where new collaborations and friends can now enter in your life. However, everything will be not in the way you see,on the surface .This period will be highly energetic and devising new projects, affecting the zodiac signs of, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius.


The ascendant of the full moon is being located at the 25th degree of Scorpio (sacrifices, problems, criminal tendencies, big risks, misfortune but shows also shows perhaps a member of the clergy, a person with religious profession also may indicate an isolated area that is related to Nuclear or a lab. This degree causes problems even in a chart that is positive) .Because that is located at this axis of Taurus / Scorpio, like the lunar events of May, at the 7th house reveals a ruthless enemy. Let’s start decoding the full moon. Comparing it with the horoscope of the Greek Prime Minister, the ascendant full moon is sitting on the natal Moon of Al. Tsipras (conjunct). Mercury, Mars and Sun in Gemini conjuncts his ascendant. Saturn and the Moon of the full moon conjuncts his Neptune in Sagittarius.

On the chart of the full moon we observe something very important,we see here is the transit of Lilith or the Black Moon through Athens of Greece,that  appears at the zenith,the 10th house 7th degree of Virgo . Lilith is not a celestial body but a power point, such as Nodes of the Moon. Geometrically, this is any point which remains empty or uncovered by the orbit of the Moon around the Earth. This symbolism, is very interesting astrologically and responds to a deep mental reality.It is connected in Astrology with the unconscious, the past, sensitivity and the female part of the soul (imagination, memory, motherhood, affection).

As an astrological symbol, Lilith appears to show the evolution of ancient archetypal feminine power of creation, development, staging,decay and destruction.It is connected to maturity, especially emotional maturity, and appears to be involved in cooperation with turbulent emotions, jealousy and anger at a point of inner balance and harmony. This leads to self-empowerment, a gift offered by Lilith. The dark side is revealed with volcanic destruction outbursts, intense passion, emotional manipulation and disordered aggression. There seem to be intellectual-spiritual issues (or even material) of resignation associated with Lilith.

Philippe Granger, French psychoanalyst and astrologer, connected the Black Moon with the human psyche reaching intrauterine life, ie the period before birth, in what he calls “quietism of maternal belly.” This is the state of happiness of the infant in the amniotic fluid. Once the child is born need to cut the umbilical cord. This operation requires cutting and many other invisible filaments to become more autonomous. But every new birth brings the nostalgia of the previous, “embryonic” state, where we lived most protected. In astrology, as in Kampala and in esotericism, the symbolism of the Black Moon symbolizes the need to cut any cord. But many times we are tempted to avoid this birth – a temptation that is closely linked to the position of Lilith.

Joelle de Gravelaine says that Lilith describes our relationship to the absolute, how we are sacrificing and shows how we leave things behind us.” Black Moon the word “Black” is frightening. In Jewish mythology, Lilith was the first wife of Adam before Eve or the mistress of Satan, with countless lovers, with whom the carnal relationship is not based on pleasure but in anger and desire to castrate them.The desire, instead, either inarticulate or expressed cryptic and elliptical, but never uniquely. The Black Moon coincides with this famous space or question mark. Since the unsatisfied and the unknown invade our lives we are forced in one way or another to cut the “umbilical cord” of certainties about what our real needs are. If we delay much in this standby and afraid to move on, there are unpleasant consequences such as pain and lack of motivation for life.

Moreover, prolonged contact with the dark side of Lilith is associated with the mechanical repetition of behaviors that perpetuate the feeling of dissatisfaction. Eating or making love without enjoying, mechanical, casually doing things that later you do not remember, trying to escape from something to chase and which has no name. It is like to remain a prisoner of a compound statement with the archetype of Fatal Mother sucking every desire for new life (sex) and is holding prisoner in a dark uterus.An again prematurely cut this symbolic thread, again no consequences, but clearly fewer .These are cases where the escape and panic take the reins and the man reacts spasmodically. It’s like the interruption of the contact to be premature and deprived man from the union with the archetype of the “Good” internalized Mother, this guide offers an interior security and peace. This is why it is useful be read the position of the Black Moon in the astrological chart to that of the Moon.

Usually the right time to jump into the void of a question mark, the unknown and love comes when you hear an inner voice that tells us that the knot came to comb and pushes us to take new initiatives. That is why Venus should also be read in connection with the Black Moon. At this point there is the great contribution of the Black Moon in our lives. Where just also we fulfill our needs in a materialistic level without a trace inner enlightenment and spirituality, pushing into an autonomous existence dimension. Yes, “the further down you fall the higher you climb” .The Black Moon located in precise and practical earth sign of Virgo indicates that we believe that everything can and must live with the high standards of others. We feel that others demand perfection means that we are doomed to fail. In fact what is setting the standards. Unconsciously we push ourselves too hard, and drive them around us to live according to our expectations.It is a vicious circle.

The Sun is at the 7th house in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, a male character, and the energy thus expressed is directed outward, is an Air sign, which means that it is connected with communication, mental interaction and social authorities. Planets placed in this sign will often reflect on personal intelligence indigenous. The negative effects of the Twin is the eccentricity and unreliability. There is a love of ideas, but no inner need to put them into practice. Nevertheless, this influence confers great mental insight. Gemini in the second decan, is expressing a “New Language” and is connected with the spoken and written word, sarcasm and irony if negative sides. There is a great desire for dialogue and communication but also the big challenge is to rush and this should be taken seriously into consideration. The silence here is of great value.

The Sun then in the 7th house (international agreements, partners, partnerships, obvious enemies, war and foreign policy) is opposed to the Moon (people) on the 1st  house (two opposite directions). The Sun is conjuncting Mercury (good use of our communication skills) and Mars (hard work, willpower, hyperbole). The Sun sextiles Jupiter (luck, reconstruction forces, contemplation of the future) and Uranus (opportunities Calls Changing this aspect is facilitating our membership in a group even in a test stage, spectacular flashes of insight with tremendous originality, someone go in his own way, and not afraid to be alone, is an exciting new chapter). The Sun in opposition to Saturn located in the 1st house, means heavy weights, responsibilities and sacrifices. Even means obstacles, delays, interference in our plans, where brings fall from power. At economical level this aspect brings economic losses, as also can reveal a significant enemy. The Sun squares Neptune from the 4th house (power structure, natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, fires- and agricultural production. The opposition party), marks a period quite matted with enough instability and problems, as well as large foretells fires.

The Sun in political astrology is associated with the leader of the present government, the leader of a state and they are very positive aspects for the PM of Greece, at least . But needs something to do with others within his political party who want the opposite effect or opposed to his plans an ideas.

With the Moon being at the 1st house means that there is great sensitivity, but enough intelligence and tendencies of people to philosophy, as well as this is a sign of success in relation to what we want to achieve. People want success and thinks with the heart, but the political and national issues and foreign policy will be discussed intensely. The Moon in Sagittarius can be happy even with the few, but the independence and the truth is bold at this lunar phenomenon but most optimistic as expressed through the sign of Sagittarius, let’s see the aspects are being formed with the Moon.

The Moon (people, the masses) in opposition with Mercury and Mars, is an indicator that there will be support for projects and ideas, showing disagreements, disputes and controversies (with power) to create enemies and problems. But the Moon trines Jupiter (at the 9th house) and speaks about success, determination but also the rise of popularity of politics, education, the legal issues, diplomacy, contracts, state trade with distant countries. The trine of the Moon/Uranus at the 5th House,are positive factors and can protect us somehow of the worst (the new, creation, fun, gambling.) But this generally means that people will be in mood for having more fun..

Although Mercury retrogrades, forms some positive aspects from the 7th house (international treaties, the obvious enemies of the state, trade with foreign countries) shows intense debate, but move and display capabilities at intellectual level, genius, spontaneity. Mercury But unlike Saturn from the 1st house can signal significant problems with neighboring countries, fear, pessimism and disappointment to the less problems in our movements as strikes. Mercury square to Neptune in the 4th House, means that reversals may occur at any time due to incorrect movements, gossip, cheating by others or hallucinations in extreme cases, lack of purpose. Mercury conjuncts Vindemiatrix shows lies, theft, and the witch hunt continued. However, ideas and discussions will be abundant as well as the solutions, disputes etc. that will be discussed will be intense around the table when dealing with information, stealing information and data and the known on a political level.In some way everything shows that negotiations will be continued …

Venus, at the 8th house (public debts, money insurance institutions, tax office receipts, pensions, capital of the state, the saving system, mortality and suicides are the pensions insurance institutions, stock, debts to the State other states) is additionally a protective factor after trines the 1st house, the Ascendant in Scorpio, and Neptune on the chart of the full moon. But Venus squares Uranus from 5th house where is an indicator of unexpected developments as well as the opposition of Venus / Pluto in the 2nd house of finances, where again shows frustration. The last fact is an indicator of a completely vulnerable situation, where there are totally opposing views on these issues and the pressure is huge.Both aspects of Venus with Uranus and Pluto can also mean a large earthquake and another environmental disaster.

Mars on the other hand at the 7th house, 15th degree is a very annoying factor after perhaps some may desire to leave the party, because the nature of Mars here is aggressive and brings problems through losses,opposing opinions, and divisions even perhaps this is associated with those who work against the positive plans of the government and try to destroy the popularity of some, that may be our partners abroad. Mars, could in any case to spoil everything and the conjunction with Mufrid shows Prosperity, planning, strong desires, feeling exaggeration.
Mars in Gemini is associated with the mental energy and this may indicate verbal confrontations with allies and partners and neighboring countries at the diplomatic level. It also shows ability to tidy up things and to limit somewhat the whole situation within the country.

A very important feature of Gemini is also ,speed, but also breaking, so we could say that a partnership or an alliance is moving quickly in that direction but split on party level. All this conjunct the ascendant of the Prime Minister is very positive and shows solutions but also the ability to achieve what he wants.
Mars forms a sextile with Jupiter and shows the opportunities to succeed in the 9th house matters of traveling abroad, at diplomatic level, the Mars-Uranus sextile in each case shows strong momentum and innovations, sudden discoveries, flashes, or ideas. This view shows that success can come quickly due to a sudden explosion with deliberate action. But Mars in opposition to Saturn and square to the Neptune, (which is very important) at first shows continuous blockage of efforts have been made, stubbornness and aggression but also a waste of opportunity and the second one,odd situations, background and treachery, division of parties and partnerships and such aspects usually excel and are possible.

Jupiter of course in Leo also supports his sign,in  a trine with Uranus is a strong indicator of  independence  and freedom, and undoubtedly Leos are quite dynamic. So that speaks for work on new solutions, trying new things, shows mental skills and understanding.
* Jupiter at the midpoint of Moon / Uranus shows Aims and objectives on a large scale ambitions. Good intuition, wisdom and vision, a lucky hand. Satisfied ambitions, the sudden success. Originality, inspiration, change and new beginnings. This concerns the 9th house (international diplomacy, contracts with foreign legislation, higher education institutions and functioning of justice.) But let us not forget that the trine of  Jupiter / Saturn and Uranus contributes more to the explosion of technological developments on operational level. On religious level we have renewed religious subjects while Saturn means a slow growth for the better without that means exemption from responsibilities and problems.

Saturn from the 1st house squares Neptune at the 4th house .The popular square Saturn / Neptune will afflict us enough. This aspect tells us that the more disciplined side of you has no time for dreams, visions, and other-worldly things. You may ignore anything that is not “steps down to earth” and is not practical. And yet, all this spiritual stuff has a way of intruding in the real world. But we cannot live with it, and we can not live without it. It seems to feel that dreams are the “ideal” life but must sit in the back seat to see the reality and the (sometimes) drudgery of routine.
We will find ourselves to look out the window and wonder. Opportunities may be lost because we have full contact with the real situation because we ignore our intuition. Errors in judgment or imaginative perceptions that may prevail over common sense. Sometimes compounds the partnerships formed by misleading people can discredit us. Risks from water, water element, destruction of water, perhaps showing a big wreck at sea. I talk again about this aspect in another article, and I underline that this aspect we will have serious problems with water and oceans worldwide. In political terms, this concerns the opposition party, the face, the change leader must otherwise there will be serious problems.

* Saturn,at the midpoint of Venus / Uranus-speaks of alarm, alienation, separation. Difficult birth. Logically the whole picture is getting stronger output scenario of the euro. Freedom, capacity, revolution, sudden, change, break, new condition.
This is supported by the square of Uranus / Pluto which remains active between the 2 / 5th house (currency of a national economy and speculation, youth, fun, creativity). Uranus at the 19th degree tells us about a difficult journey that starts and has an adventurous nature. Crisis, violence or force majeure, heavy losses, a serious dilemma, great agitation, mass disasters, terrorist groups deadly attack. Uranus conjunct Eris in 5th house, and is  passing through Los Angeles, California. Uranus rules the 11th House, on a mass level and this can mean that a natural disaster, a fact that persists long time now to appear in lunar phenomena charts, or perhaps it also may speak of  a land attack something that seems to be quite somewhat strange, tome…concerning America

Neptune at the 4th House, associated with problems in our personal lives and can affect our relations, so we need to see the reality on a personal level, is associated with problems concerning water, since that is connected to natural disasters and weather conditions . And as I mentioned in the 18th May New Moon of oil spills, two erupted at the coast of California and a few days later we saw a significant lack of water there. Neptune is in opposition to the 10th house and squares the 1st House. This concerns all political parties, almost everyone is called to see directly the reality ,but I am not so optimistic about it Pluto in retrograde motion continues to press and chock the 2nd house of economy at the 15th degree of Capricorn. More corruption scandals is very likely to come on the surface but also there will be greater pressure on the stock markets too.

However, this full moon phase is the culmination of a series of lunar phases that speak about the history and the impending violent rupture of the the Islamic State. The story actually began with the cycle of the square Uranus / Pluto. Writing for the final 7th square I am summarizing the following:
The most important expression of the square Uranus / Pluto we have seen is at the Islamic state and its influence considerably increased the phenomenon of Solar/Lunar-Red Blood Moon  in Libra, on 14 degrees, on 4 April 2015 directly by the aspects are being formed by the square. The Lunar Eclipse across Uranus planet would aggravate the explosive and revolutionary nature of Algorab, where it would lead to a full war in the Middle East, where certainly is being increased rapidly but at the same time there was also direct evidence of full scale war. Looking at the chart of New Moon on May 18, I realized that the conjunction with Algol now would definitely lead to war, violence and disasters within the next 28 days, including the Saturn opposition to Earth on May 22-23 I analyzed on a separate text. So two days after the New Moon on 20/5 the Islamic state captured the city Ramadi, just 70 miles from Baghdad.

Concerning, the full moon in Sagittarius, this time is conjuncting the fixed star of Antares, which is considered a rival of Mars and that is considered as a war index. Of course in theory things are more interesting if you take a deeper look and explain what it means, where connected directly to the area around Baghdad, and is a portent message of a war escalation.

Antares represents Archangel- Uriel:Antares – Uriel. The city of Ur, where Abraham was born, said to have been the first city built after the Great Destruction, and was given the name of the Earth itself: Urs. This town was near the area that later was Babylon, not far from modern Baghdad. This connects the current full moon geographically with the hot spot of war in Islamic states. The main course is the connection to the fixed star Aldebaran, located directly opposite Antares in longitude. So this is activated on the chart of the full moon, by Sun and Mercury. It is interesting to say that Moon and Mercury was conjunct this star was on May 18th, when Mercury started its retrogression.Astrologers are aware that this is an indicator of success in war, but they forget that the opponent may have some support Aldebaran (here is the American region as you will see on the map with the letter C) the star opposite this,is the star of Archangel Michael (in the Middle East with the letter J and from the from the Chinese side, the Antares)! These two stars in a horoscope show a collision, or the date of a war, or at political leaders natal charts, is that peace rarely occurs before the total and overwhelming defeat of one side or the other. Of course this is a war that escalated into huge dimensions, even on a global scale.

Antares, also known by its Bayer designation Alpha Scorpii (abbreviated to α Scorpii or α Sco), is the seventeenth brightest star in the nighttime sky and the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius, and is often referred to as “the heart of the scorpion”. Along with Aldebaran, Regulus, and Fomalhaut, Antares comprises the group known as the ‘Royal stars of Persia’. It is one of the four brightest stars near the ecliptic.Distinctly reddish when viewed with the unaided eye, Antares is a red supergiant of spectral type M0.5Iab and is one of the largest and most luminous observable stars. It is a slow irregular variable star with an average magnitude of +1.09.Antares is the brightest, most massive, and most evolved stellar member of the nearest OB association (the Scorpius-Centaurus Association). Antares is a member of the Upper Scorpius subgroup of the Scorpius-Centaurus Association, which contains thousands of stars with mean age 11 million years at a distance of approximately 145 parsecs (470 light years).

Antares is one of the four first magnitude stars that lies within 5° of the ecliptic (like Spica, Regulus and Aldebaran) and therefore can be occulted by the Moon and, though rarely, by Venus. The last occultation of Antares by Venus took place on September 17, 525 BC; the next one will take place on November 17, 2400. Other planets have not occulted Antares in the last millennium nor will they do so in the next millennium, as they pass as a result of their actual node position and inclination always northward of Antares. On 31 July 2009, Antares was occulted by the Moon. The event was visible in much of southern Asia and the Middle East.Every year around December 2 the Sun passes 5° north of Antares.

Antares, the proper name of this star, derives from the Ancient Greek Άντάρης, meaning “equal to-Ares” (“equal to-Mars”), due to the similarity of its reddish hue to the appearance of the planet Mars.The comparison of Antares with Mars may have originated with early Mesopotamian astronomers.However, some scholars have speculated that the star may have been named after Antar, or Antarah ibn Shaddad, the Arab warrior-hero celebrated in the pre-Islamic poems Mu’allaqat.

  • In ancient Mesopotamia, Antares may have been known by the following names: Urbat, Bilu-sha-ziri (“the Lord of the Seed”), Kak-shisa (“the Creator of Prosperity”), Dar Lugal (“The King”), Masu Sar (“the Hero and the King”), and Kakkab Bir (“the Vermilion Star”).
  • In Persia, Antares was known as Satevis, one of the four “royal stars“.
  • In India, it with σ and τ Sco were Jyeshthā (The Eldest or Big), one of the nakshatra (Hindu lunar mansions).
  • The Wotjobaluk Koori people of Victoria, Australia, knew Antares as Djuit, son of Marpean-kurrk (Arcturus); the stars on each side represented his wives. The Kulin Kooris saw Antares (Balayang) as the brother of Bunjil (Altair).
  • The Māori people of New Zealand call Antares Rehua, and regard it as the chief of all the stars. Rehua is father of Puanga/Puaka (Rigel), an important star in the calculation of the Māori calendar.

Alternative name of this star, meaning “the Heart of Scorpion”:

  • In ancient Egypt, Antares represented the scorpion goddess Serket (and was the symbol of Isis in the pyramidal ceremonials).
  • Antares is listed in MUL.APIN as GABA GIR.TAB, meaning “the Breast of the Scorpion: Lishi, Nabu”.
  • Calbalakrab from the Arabic Qalb al-Άqrab.This had been directly translated from the Ancient Greek Καρδιά Σκορπιού Kardia Skorpiū.
  • Cor Scorpii translated above Greek name into Latin.

Let’s take a brief look at the equations on a local level and other significant cities of the planet …

america aldebaran antares middle east asia china europe lilith greece usa SMImage
* Serious or critical concerns -protection privacy – -Need sacrifices correction or restoration of environmental pollution – concerns or fears – I am sorry Nuisance or aggression or sorrow
* Partnerships Start – Create with others – “goals – Teamwork – Cooperative efforts – Production – headstrong partners- Achievements with others – Leadership of others – here and now – someone who is forced or coerced – pressure or stress – reports art or artistic enterprises in the location – Earnings or income associated with the local art – pleasantly beautiful places.
* Large-scale luck associated with partners – Start enjoyable collaborations – Successful teams work – Significant gains or revenues related to the environment – power or strength associated with beneficial environments – Good luck associated with sport – Privileges – Success related to political influence.

Shortages of water or atmospheric pollution; cheating on defects in the outskirts – exhibition in deception – Corruption or degeneration outskirts
Principles relating to continuous or ongoing partnerships-principles related to the continuation or the follow-up of partners – New obstacles in the environment – overcoming contradictions – Home obstinacy on the partners – Operations related to others “the limitations- Mandatory vacations on partner – Destruction in one place (the latter is more America and the Middle East, also Serbia, Macedonia, Korea, Japan, Ukraine)

* Me and willpower – start things – implemented -proceed dynamically- uncertainty, insecurity, and instability – Poor government days or years dissatisfaction- * Satisfaction even in simple terms; income on medical issues or -Severe critical concern – Financial sacrifices – Cloudy happiness – lack of money – Financial loss – Injustice
* Spontaneous actions – Actions contributing to adventures – Implement reforms – a sudden application – actions related to tension or unrest – desire to accomplish things quickly -impulsive behavior- thoughts for freedom

** Religious rejection or resistance – Transparency about the alienation
Religious transformations or conversions
Success in sport – increasing strength or endurance – Business – Dissemination or extension of violence
– Extension or large areas – Important reputation – Striving for peace and cooperation –
Successful policy – government leader – Perfection

The square Uranus / Pluto between China, Japan and America would have serious consequences … and I had mentioned this fact when we first opened our website for a half year or so and I said that in the future there will be no serious problems between Japan / China and USA.
The sky through California … Revolutionary events – skeletal fractures (an equation that refers to earthquake) – Earthquakes – Sudden or unexpected deaths, vigilance for large fires, through the equation Uranus / Sun / Admetos
Traumatic conditions; Stimuli concerning groundwater – Significant increase in intensity – experience with significant disorders

Saturn-tensions related to ongoing problems – Sudden deadlock – disrupting the obstacles on resistance – sudden deaths-Enduring hostility – Imposing permanent or continuous losses – Insufficient storage – archaic or outdated medications-crisis-widespread problems related-news separations with the Rites

Pluto-Unexpected changes in contacts – Unexpected obstacles involving partners – Rising tensions in the environment-wide change-actions relating to substantial changes for the worse – Rapid deterioration – Increases related malicious activities – Substantive changes associated with violence

written by:Lilly Michel Goldworthy.Please Like & Share

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May 2015-Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon will be held on May 4, 2015 at 6:42:02 am, at the 13th degree of Scorpio at the axis of Taurus / Scorpio (economic problems in general, but it should be remembered that it is an Aries degree which comes after the closure of a cycle. Fundamentally, it is showing Death and Resurrection! Indicates the man as another Phoenix called regenerated from the ashes .A number indicating the renewal through our own actions and efforts),at the 6th house of solar horoscope.

full moon in scorpio

In this lunar phenomenon will participate Mars from the position of Taurus in the 1st house at the 24th degree (bad reputation, indicates a risk of violent “death or suicide” i.e. a sudden end, this degree has a ruthless and authoritarian character, combined with the Part of Fortune, there may be seizure or confiscation of property; from the 6th house), Saturn from the position of Sagittarius retrograde in the 7th house at the 3rd degree (degree of prudence, issues related to altitude, such as mountainous peaks or aviation), Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn from the 9th house at the 15th degree (a very difficult degree, warns that recklessness brings decline and sometimes “violent death”) and Venus in 2nd house from position of Gemini, 25th degree (degree of battle, Violence, brawls, and stubbornness) the square of Uranus / Pluto continues to be activated between the 9 / 12th house . At the same time, during this period of time is very likely to have a particular intense seismic activity but also upsurge in Greece, with earthquakes sudden and high-intensity, and generally throughout the world.

The period through May particularly after the 21 and 23-5 will be quite intense and that is because Saturn from the position of Sagittarius will be opposite with Gemini from other planets,and this phenomenon will make circumstances particularly dangerous for all over the world,in all levels.

The signs that will be affected will be those of the Fixed cross, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. At this time there will be developments and some will be forced to deal with responsibilities in order to assurance some things in key areas in their lives. Generally, from prima facie, patience and care is being required. Unexpected events and other changes will be marking the political and economic arena. At the axis of Taurus – Scorpio are applied emotional and material values. Creative desire. The axis exactly describes the Freudian theory. Associated with libido, sexuality, the frustrations and complexes. Also linked to the power of money and capital in human society. So, there is a mystical connection of all these, since those are being classified by this way from the astrological theory.

This axis has to do with the needs through which man feels safe and translates them into money. These two signs are related to money, material and sex. This view was also expressed by both planets that are being ruled, Venus and Pluto. This of course is not the primary cause but the effect. There is also the concept of complete metamorphosis through willpower. The force that animates the meaning of “attempting”. Through inherent courage and strength and methodical persistence, which are the essential elements of “attempting” and also of this axis. But attempting to do what and in which way though?

This difficult full moon at the sign of Scorpio dialogs about attachments, where the strong will is anchored in emotional and material dependencies and disposal but also control, in every way. The axis of 6 / 12th, a sense of security is intended to be experienced through a routine where the changes are minimal to none and there is adherence to routine and same things or situations.

In this lunar phenomenon we see the formation of a T-square between Mercury, Saturn and Neptune where increases more insecurity, anxiety and suspicion. The ascendant of the full moon will be at the 17th degree of Taurus (Through difficulties comes the deployment and expansion. Degree of engagement, struggling, fight, showdown. A degree with effervescent, combative, and irritable character. One is always willing to take up arms, for trivialities and serious matters. It is necessary to recall that “whoever takes the sword shall perish by the sword.” Is being explained by this degree.)

The full moon is in opposition with the Sun, squares Jupiter in the 4th House, trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto and is opposed to the ascendant of the full moon. The position of Jupiter from 13 degrees Leo on a T-formation is being located right at the midpoint of Lights. There is an excess where we seek relief and fulfillment through physical and emotional affirmations. Although the luck factor will play a role in a way but that does not mean that we will find solutions and, although we lose the sense of proportion but also somewhat may facilitate our personal life. We should on a material level keep a more aggressive stance in negotiations and on economic issues to consolidate what we want against what is threatening us. Everything is about balance.

The Sun (in opposition with the moon and square to Jupiter) is at the 13th degree of Taurus (where symbolizes protection from negative forces and the difficulties) in the 12th house up to a point, means that will shed light on issues concerning the 12th house to some extent, like prisons, institutions, immigrants rates, slaves and even refers to the black race and whatever is linked to this house .The Sun in Taurus tells us that we must be patient but at the same time to be ready to listen and respond to problems, seeing clearly for what really happens. A lot of information will come to the fore that was hidden and perhaps associated with these issues. Let us not forget that though Venus is the second house and that Taurus is being ruled by it.

So the information will come to light and will be definitely of economical nature too. Maintenance and care of existing conditions for a long time, and a reluctance to initiate change, are qualities of this sign.The opposition of Sun-Moon means you will find yourself torn between in an environment that is very comfortable and supportive where it is opposed to the real need to grow and mature, progress, and so you have to push off yourself. Forced to choose between an environment that is a supporting you (but not progressive for you) and new directions that bring progress but may be at the expense of your comfort. So you must put these two opposite directions to work together and this may require real compromise from your side.

The Sun in a semi-sextile with Venus and Neptune, in a square with the 10th house speaks of problems and difficulties of the Governments to meet the economic and practical issues relating to immigration policy, economy and labor issues, and in general whatever is being connected to the 6th house .

  • Sun at the midpoint of Mercury / Uranus are, rush, early action, sudden news.

The full moon in the 6th house is associated with health, work and daily toil. Security forces, trade unions, bureaucracy, public health, regarding the eco him. The Moon, at the position of Scorpio, talks about enforcement, coercion and threats, but also the events are takin g place behind the scene. The house is as usual neglected, and speaks about the governments difficult to address problems but at the same time shows a strong will and determination to carry out what it has been undertaken. The moon in opposition to Mars at the 1st house, squares the 10th House. The whole picture shows the governments to lose ground but mainly is pointing problems and tensions that create confusion.

The Moon at the midpoint of Jupiter / Pluto means faith that leads to a new start. The desire to bring about social expectations and improvements, the ability to influence the masses. Jupiter / Pluto we are experiencing great changes collectively and shows flexion and the flow of ideological and economic power .The Jupiter / Pluto shows the disproportionate force exerted by some secret groups. Religious fanaticism, extreme situations.

Mercury in Gemini, in the 1st house (population, overall psychological state of people, interior ministry) shows intense controversies and discoveries but also the capacity to invent new solutions. Mercury in 4th degree shows daring clashes and encounters with opponents. But also Mercury squares Jupiter in 4th house (Concerns the power structure, natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, fires- and agricultural production. The opposition party) is also forming an opposition to Saturn in the 7th house (diplomatic relations of a State, the alliances, the overt enemies and popular reaction to the decisions of a government).

So, these are additional factors that indicate problems, irresponsible statements, exaggerations and unrealistic thoughts .With Saturn talking about disappointments, fear of failure, delays and difficulties with partners and neighboring countries. Note that Saturn is in the 7th house (power, oppression, obstacles) in other alliances and overt enemies.

Venus from the second house of economics is squaring Neptune and that is showing misfortune, rejection and deception but also the desire to achieve anything in an easy way brings upsets and negative effects. Venus trine to Uranus, shows some sudden gains on government finances and trade and the stock market due to an agreement, more and that points that we win something more. However, stability is not there. Mars in Taurus, at the 1st house shows serious economic problems and at the midpoint of Sun / Mercury presents critical thinking, agitation, nervousness, and actions to tackle a project – argument or controversy.

Jupiter in the 4th house speaks of increased immigration, a new start but also massive reforms. Certainly Jupiter and Saturn in the 7th House, are talking about accumulated problems, financial struggles, relapse, loss of investment, speculation. Saturn puts obstacles in alliances, partnerships, and litigation and retrograded in the 7th house marks a change in the time, date, place, price, contract, of an agreement. While the square of Uranus / Pluto in 9 / 12th house will bring more corruption on the surface and scandals. Neptune at the 11th house associated with trickery, falsehood, slander and defamation.

Pluto retrogrades in the 9th house creates unbearable pressure from abroad or foreign affairs in higher education institutions, laws and religion. Simultaneously square to Uranus from the 12th house and that will bring radical changes and conflict between the power and the world and revolts will be very frequent. Public money, financial scandals, underground exchanges, abuse of power, all will come to the surface.

Violence will show her face, and will also be very active. The system and structure will change, the nation’s leaders will face reversals and will do anything to remain in their positions of power. But Pluto aims to shake and reverse everything. On a personal level, there will be a transformational process within us. Remember though that change starts from within us.Elections process that will take place during this period of time will bring unpredictable results,because are influenced by the strong solar eclipse in Pisces,at he 10th house and the Red Blood Moon in Libra,at the zodiac sign of politics and balances.

Generally, the government here in Greece will be confronted with many unpleasant revelations and resurgence of issues relating to the 6th house, i.e. armed forces, public health, labor. It is very likely to be revelations concerning secret and terrorist organizations in relation to people who are in prison and incite the strings in the background. Also our relations with our foreign partners will be exacerbated even further because Jupiter (Leo) is opposite the Sun (Aquarius) of Greece conjunct the progressive Sun. Nothing, of course, so far can not reverse the data of the economic crisis but at least we can avoid the worst and hope.

The full moon in Scorpio, will affect many parts of the world, China, Japan, America, Turkey and Greece with growing concern about extreme natural phenomena. Greece, should especially focus on the area of the Ionian and Aegean Sea.

  • Conjunction of Rastaban – Pluto Keywords: government, finance, accidents, wounds, crime
    Result: Unfortunate
    Character: Saturn / Mars / Jupiter

  • Conjunction of Polaris – Vulkanus, Keywords: Disease, problems, loss, grief
    Result: Unfortunate
    Character: Saturn / Venus

  • Conjunction of Betelgeuse – Vulkanus, Keywords: calamity risk violence
    Result: Unfortunate
    Character: Mars / Mercury

 Lets take a look and the equations ..they actually bring the same results I mentioned in the last monthly Moon phenomena.I mentioned that the square of Pluto/Uranus would effect America and Canada  to the full,predicting a big earthquake at the area of California,San Fransisco but also the martial law.Equotations first  expose these results months now since last year and will not change till that will be completed at some point.So dangers are still on.So,I begin from Greece and still focuses there.The MC really annoys me.The rest still nothing changed  for other countries.
789 SMImage3 SMImage4 SMImage5 SMImage6 SMImage7 SMImage22 germany

* Uncertainty or instability – Sacrifices related partnerships – ambiguity – frustration with partners – losses associated with partnerships – Rejection of the partners. * Discussions with partners on the draft resolution – action plans with others – Negotiations – Caustic speech.

* Important -Dialogues ,announcements related issues of government – Commands – efforts for unity- work on problematic situations – Defining boundaries or borders – Fight obstacles – endings related activities – Deaths affect others

Actions surprising – Adventures on partners – Progressive activities – tension or stress – Create riots – Injuries

Expansion or land concerning benefits – Success – some success with finances – Legal issues concerning local wealth.
Large-scale luck – Opening pleasant partnerships – Significant gains or income – good luck associated with sport – success on the political influence – Legal measures; legal or financial power – coercion. Refusal or revocation in terms of partners – deception- exposure to fraud – Corruption

Principles related to continuity partner – New obstacles in the environment – stubbornness on the partners – Establishing limits on partnerships – Destruction

 Vulcan mentions * – Major work arrangements with a big impact – Intensive action on achievements – Development of strong energy – work in political or administrative regulations – exercise of power in public areas
* Power on cooperative work or activities – Force on partnerships – large-scale settings – Accelerated action
* Days with persistent influence – influence associated with land and real estate – Establishment of physical barriers – Reductions related power – Significant barriers – Strong dynamics – violent deaths.
Intense feelings – excitement or passion – Satisfaction with the job performance – Power on peace and cooperation in energy – artistic activities – Preferences on the armed forces – desires regarding armed intervention – games related the love

declarations of deep sympathy-culture deep love

* Use of invisible energy – important work on private matters – Efficiency, despite the weakness – work related to combat handicaps – Impact of unemployment – the efficiency is undermined – actions contributing to weakening – Dangerous forces – harmful

forces in action – Malicious acts – Intensive destruction – murder

* Work towards economic stability and security – Environment of economic borders – To guard the possessions of someone – Work involving the treasures of the Earth – the high costs – endings on successful activities – – Obstacles related to legal measures – success on strong disaster

* Invisible or enigmatic power – Dissemination of powerful waves – Measures relating to excessive frustration or deception – – widespread power outages – Nuclear power – Severe Hyperinflation – Dissemination of hurricanes

* Important secret work – Demonstration great responsibility – Significant work with disabled or disadvantaged – Medical work – Important correction work or compensation – Moves contributing to losses relating to prominent people – Bringing sorrow or worries or fears – Official inability -Actions contributing to transparency – Force or power on discovering the facts – Clarifications on the power – New cultural project – The demand for ethics in sport – ideological conflicts – Games for beliefs

*****The MC is quite alarming Severe or critical concerns – damage or injury – anxiety or fear – Grief – Isolation – problems – – Departures from a family – departures or distancing – Resistance or obstructions on combinations – Leaving a community association

the unexpected – public events -demonstrations -density -Significant losses – Extraordinary sadness or grief – loss or damage related to official matters – losses on condition- beginning of a new partnership

Reliance – act with foresight – support the beliefs of someone – Ideologically motivated and efforts
successful large-scale – Extensive experience – great influence – Expanding on the power – to generate profits – profits or income – Striving for Peace – Creating equity – successful entrepreneurs

**** Apollo is pointing .. Surprise freedom -Extended tensions

The Moon is pointing-tricks or traps – Unexpected ambiguities – disorders during sleep-truths than women with important persons-Fraud on small or minority populations or nations

Increased sensitivity -changes of weather – Currents – Wave – insecurity or instability -moodiness- increased losses associated with populations or nations

Pluto is passing through Germany and that means that Uranus/Pluto square might bring lots of dirty work and scandals.I have mentioned before in other articles that the countdown for Merkel has already has been started and probably at some part has to do with communications or information.

*-Deep-serious communications Continuous changes in relation to communication – instant worries about the past – resistance or obstacles related adjustments, restructuring or resolutions – block the course of the talks – endings on the business development-destruction– adjustments, restructuring or resolutions on problematic stubbornness – Stagnation – Phasing-trapping increases associated with fire-Active resistance to trade;

Unrest – abuse of trust or dependency, -Reversals- Significant changes, adjustments or conversions – Intensive reorganization, restructuring related to others – feeding problems or transitions – Forced environmental changes-Substantial changes, damage or degeneration – Regression


Revolutions – Revolts – impulsive acts – Losses in public areas – Accident-Deliberate damage – Losses related to acts of war

January Full Moon in Cancer or Wolf Moon


The first full moon of the New Year 2015 will be held at the 14th degree of Cancer, in the 7th house of the solar horoscope, on 5 January, at 6:53:13 pm. Into this phenomenon there will be a strong involvement of Pluto, Uranus, Mercury as well the planet will transit in Aquarius at 3:38 in the morning, and also Venus will be involved by forming disharmonious aspects.

This Full Moon marks a very important period and quite difficult influencing signs of the cardinal cross, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.


The events that will happen will require many to deviate and to make important decisions about their lives, notably to their personal relationships and professional collaborations, where it will become a kind of cleanup but this phase will prove tough enough for the economy. This Full Moon is also called wolf Moon and its main characteristic is strong emotions that may become a cry. The wolf howls when separated from its herd expressing his longing for it, hence the connection with the zodiac sign of Cancer and feelings with family ties as also close relationships. Wolves are nocturnal, whenever you connect directly to the Moon. This Full Moon is reminding us or will teach us that every time we try to control our emotions, we lose, unlike if shared with others then we have to earn more. So we learn that the expression of feelings is not a sign weakness. I win more when identifying others and their capacity to manage themselves and their lives without being interfered. But I cannot control others but others may control themselves.
The full moon in Cancer is making us more sensitive and we get hurt easily, we are deeply touched and are quite intense. We want more comfort, intimacy, we want to be closer to family and home and what we love. We may also see a situation ending or culmination. Regarding matters of real estate or territorial issues will be triggered in different countries. This Full Moon in Cancer is squared by Uranus in Aries, and forms an opposition with Pluto, which means that we fight against those who want to hold us back and want to bound us, so we raise our ground against those who trying to limit us.

This Full Moon will bear political turmoil, will make us rebel against the authorities, and those who want to get of our house, and property. If you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Cancer sign is very likely to feel strongly this influence. The 14th degree of this full moon is considered lucky, which means unexpected rise and success. The 7th house, where it takes place, refers to the diplomatic relations of the state, the alliances, their obvious enemies and popular reaction to the decisions of a government. This house also refers to international treaties and the opponent country in time of war. The moon is associated with the people, the masses, and psychological distress.
This full moon is squaring Uranus from the sign of Aries, also forms a tight square with the Nodes of the Moon in Libra Aries axis-The combination Aries-Cancer points out that love does not mean dependence, control others, to be overprotective and to make others suffocate but to let others adequate space to breathe so they can function properly in a relationship or partnership.

Uranus from Aries, allows adventure, freedom, independence, data that enable them to maintain the enthusiasm in life but the trend of dependence that cancer has, and his obsession with the past, this for Uranus is a dilemma. The conjunction of Sun-Pluto during the full moon emphasizes self-knowledge and the opportunity to get rid of what is entraps us. Thus through this full moon we being called to find our equilibrium through companionship and cooperation that will allow us go after our dreams .The image of the first full moon of 2015 gives a general impression of a whole year.


The MC on the axis Aries-Libra, which shows difficulties in the 23rd degree and the Ascendant in Capricorn 1st fate (change) -Cancer shows adhesion and close ties with the home and our country. We must pay attention to issues in challenging terrains, archaeological discoveries that will thrill and sights or statements that will leave an unpleasant impression. Hazards arising from landslides, mud, flooding and problems such settlements or even entire regions. All sorts of events, attacks and possible economic or ethical scandals relating to persons of the opposition parties.

The Full Moon (notably the Moon) will conjunct the fixed star of Sirius which according to Ptolemy is naturally Mars -Jupiter. It gives ethics and glory and is actually influencing Greece once more that will be probably on the headlines. Mars conjuncts Sadalsuud showing tremendous difficulties and the North Node conjuncts the fixed star Algorab which brings problems from improper performance of duties.

Τhe full Moon in Cancer will affect mostly USA,Asia the part of China,Canada,South America,the Southern part of Africa,Italy,Sweden,France,England.A brief look into the Uranian we see that picture,as I love to intrigue my audience,you may read and get your own conclusions.

  • Great powers – Powerful influence – Ascent or mastery – Superior strength – Major public sensations – The mother’s work – Official public work – Power on large scale – Actions relating to respected populations or nations – High-level officials – Government departments – Political power – Executive leaders – Politicians — Domination– Artistic concepts relating to human emotions and perceptions – Public ideological or intellectual associations – Ideological communities with the public- Excitement among the public – Demands involving the public — Public compulsions – Nations and their battles – Public unrest – Fires – Shootings, driving, or sports-Others’ desire for peace and cooperation – Freeing of/by partners – Scientific experimentation – Experience with fire, ignition, or weapons relating to others — Extensive fires – Extensive warfare -Momentary financial battles- Uncertainty or instability of or about technical assignments – Losses relating to transportation vehicles – Disruptions in connection with alcohol – Thunderstorms – Explosions relating to flammable gases – Scalding.
  • Increase of sacrifices relating to efforts – Flowing water – Rivers – Wind currents — Uncertainty, insecurity, or instability relating to work development of potential – Denial or withdrawal relating to interchanges at work – Momentary mistakes – Increase of losses relating to energies – Increase of desire involving alcohol – Secret rearmament

uncertainty or instability – Gradual financial losses – Unprofitable interchanges – Substantial changes relating to illusions and success – Increase of excitement – Restructuring, conversions, or transitions relating to reforms – Technical innovations or development of potential – Future or futuristic development of potential – Current events — Growing tensions – Increase of stress – Upsetting readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions .

New materials for the future – Gradual endings relating to reforms – Increases related to resistance to tension — Disruptions relating to technical continuity or limitations – Destruction

New developments in theoretical, metaphysical, or spiritual sciences – Facts relating to substantial scientific or academic changes – Readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions relating to updated facts.

January Lunar Rhrythms





Frost Full Moon & Mars/Pluto Conjunction


The November full moon will become in the sign of Taurus.That will occur at 0:22:48 at dawn, at the axis of TaurusScorpio axis (axis of economy). In this lunar phenomenon will be participating Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter.The zodiac signs that will be influenced are those of the fixed cross, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.I participation of Saturn and Mercury, will cause problems in communication and concentration between us and will emphasize the mental and physical disorders. You should also pay great attention to economic issues if needed and legacy matters or other outstanding issues that have to do with these issues or whatever is being connected to your house.

 More generally the economic problems, crime, accidents, and violence will be increased much more now that Saturn travels at his latest degrees.In international politics there will be Intense background and anything will be be hidden and underground. This full moon we would say is bizarre because will affect the 12th house of the horoscope of Greece, activating the axis SunSaturn in the natal chart which means oppression, depression perhaps there will be signs of resignation, dissolution of cooperation, suffering and regret.The 14th degree of Taurus is the degree of mystery and shows secret intentions mystery and isolation.The 12th house is linked with Pisces and unconscious.Are also the feelings imprinted and is very difficult to know where those are coming from.The 12th house is linked with Pisces and unconscious.Traditionally, is related to restricted placesencapsulation (prisons hospitals social institutions, etc.)Marks also, the enemy, hidden enemies the trials and betrayal, isolation and pregnancy period.

Is the our preconditioning for a definitive transition. Hidden enemies, conspiracy extortion foundations, monasteries spaces encapsulation and isolation exile, undercover informants slaves prisoner, loneliness misery, self harm and incarceration issues are Connected to the 12th house.It has to do with anything secret in general but also with public hospitals the free medical insurance, large animals and sleep.

 The horoscope of the full moon is linked to the 4-10 house of solar horoscope that are angular ones and prepares us for significant events that will happen at the axis of politics .The 4th house is connected to our roots, is linked with our family and homeland the bring up, our ties with family, real estate the relationship with parents and homeland fields, properties or house, the land, the treasure of a country, municipalities, towns ,mines and here lies the party opposition.
The 10th house is linked to the professional and their developments determines the ability for self-fulfillment and development, compared with our superiors the power the ruling party the government,the country’s president and prime minister head of state, the nobles and titled ,the executives and popularity.The Ascendant of the full moon will located at the 23rd degree of Leo that is linked to the popularity the performances, the forefront, is the degree of the tabernacle and propaganda as also shown capacity for cooperation but harsh and continuous endurance, while descending at the 23rd of Aquarius that also shows recovery separation and other strong resistance simultaneously.
 The MC will be located at the 17th degree of Taurus that means militancy the degree of the struggle but originality and influence. The IC is at the 17 degrees Scorpio shows greed, defense, strength and vitality and intense desire for pleasures.Full Moon shows that will bring up economic matters and issues related to real estate auctions real estate companies but there will be controversy at the the political sphere. War conflicts seem to revive,probably there will be large natural disasters and accidents.

In the 4th house of Solar horoscope on the day of full moon Saturn will walk at his latest degrees. and is located at the 24th degree, the degree of the Fall but which has practice and executive capacity A wolf upright on the skeleton of a horse.”
Next to the same house, Ceres at the 4th degrees of Sagittarius and Vesta at the 15th degrees of Sagittarius also shows regret, matters are pending and related to the 4th house of but also the family home disaster.The 14th degree shows orientation.Perhaps the conclusion is that the world is in a turmoil, at a crossroads at that we must decide which way we will go.The current system obviously showing signs of collapse and do not yet know how to solve the problem or how to replace it.Are we going to allow isolation and sorrow or separation or will remain united? The full moon puts this dilemma and is drawing a separating line.While Taurus is materialistic, is linked to resistance to change and manipulation gives value to money but with Scorpio we learn to experience and realize that everything changes around us but that also need to learn and coordinate.
In to the first house with the Ascendant, we see the Transpluto at the 1st degree of Virgo,, which is a critical degree, the degree of poverty, resistance and patience and Black Moon there at the 16th of Virgo degree of prudence and diligence with our thought turned into the future .The last one shows tests in primarily economic terms, that if not changed to make something solid in value, then talk about difficulties, deprivation and bankruptcy and other dramatic change regarding the quality of life .This period is last call to humanity to correct the errors and go ahead in the future and build a better tomorrow.Unfortunately it seems that this rather difficult as imagined in the year 2015 because it will be too late and we will be not able to do anything for it. After all as I had mentioned before, 7 squares…7 wounds.
 In the 7th House, we see Chiron in Pisces at the 13th the degree of, the degree of of work, middle finances and toil, Neptune at the 4th the degree of of Pisces, excessive love for fun and also the Part of fortune at the 23rd of Aquarius, as explained more above.The lunar phenomena that follow after the eclipse are the continue of the eclipses and you will see why.What we are observing yet at the chart of of the full moon on 7 November is the polarization at the axis of economy at the house the 2nd-8th, we see there zero degree of AriesLibra and at the 8th house from Uranus from the position of Aries we see the conjunction of Mars -Pluto peaking, where it shows that will pass through Denver of America.The of MarsPluto conjunction will culminate on 12-November. Mars in Capricorn is on the rise and and the conjunction with Pluto means explosion and density. Conflicts and problems will brake our plans and create upheaval socially and professionally. This conjunction of these two planets, however, will work in order to be awaken or we will see it as a threat.Uranus is also being located at the 8th house and at the house and certainly is a force that no one can ignore, where there will be disruption and exhaustion.We should be cautious on a personal level because psychosomatic issues may come on the surface.The economic problems will be increased, as also mortality, crime, and Nations Relations will be disturbed. But on the other hand, you see that planets are pushing us more and more with the time.Uranus touches Portugal, England as also Africa.The influence of the full moon touches the border Albania-Greece for one more time.

 Certainly regarding Uranus and a zero degree of Aries at the 8th house we have the following…. zero Aries = Mercury / Poseidon and this translates to News about sacrifices ambiguities in communication -uncertainty or instability Debates deceit or stupidity Public discussions or confusion – Public misunderstandings malicious ideas hypocritical Planers widespread confusion delusion absurd or dark situations – News on losses.
Uranus = Aries / Mercury …. translates as encouraging talks Surprise Ideas – conceptualizations Extensive information or news about technology Dynamic speech outside world Wide reformist thinking – Phone calls Shipping – Accounting New announcements Tense dialogues Damage or disorders related to public opinion Challenges.
The Moon seems to concentrate on religious nations such as Turkey,Yemen,Georgia,Brazil and Araby,Ethiopia. The Moon shows.. Extensive public boundaries or restraint/s – Modest income — Population decreases – Extensive obstacles or resistance relating to the populace.
Diplomatic success – Major gains or income or profits in or for the future –  Significance relating to inadequate freedom – Increase of sacrifice or losses relating to independence – Official inexperience – Increase of government losses or sacrifices – Many trivialities.

October Blood Moons & Global Developments

a0bda30a7bbf879377a36466eda58d64October is a very tough and challenging month for both Greece and for the whole planet. On October 8, as everyone knows we have the second of four to be held, lunar eclipse called «Blood Red Moon» at the axis of balance in Libra – Aries but that has already been activated by the September New Moon at the same axis. Do not forget also that at the same axis our planet Earth belongs too.

This eclipse is a total lunar eclipse visible from Denver (Colorado’s capital). On October 23 the solar eclipse takes place in the sign of Scorpio at 0 degrees and 25 minutes.
Greece is going to pass through great political upheavals facing elections issue as we had already predicted months now. Density will prevail, Syriza party comes first and winning the elections but not completely as also the party of the Golden Dawn will more. Most small parties have been created lately within the country will disappear from the political map.
Alexis Tsipras will probably climb the stairs of Maximu building, but not self-reliant. It is very possible to co-rule with the Democratic Party but that depends also from the date of the elections. For example, rumors said that 9th November is a possible date, but if you look at it the Moon and the aspects of that day support more of Mr. Samaras natal horoscope, in Gemini. So, all depends from the astrological factors of the day, as we always do for better results and more precise. The name of the key in the following developments is Karamanlis.

The astrological events help and favor the return and enforce persons who had played an important role in the past, as Karamanlis but also other people appeared on the political scene of the country and not only but globally.

In economic terms, the situations will lead to a new stalemate and a new dip will lead in turn to new political tensions. The Key in social bouts will be the settings for the auctions of first residences but that said that was cancelled for 2015, and if we will include Mercury retrogression in a few days that probably will delay again some settlements too.
But what happens globally, Greece will be affected, but the country will be better off than others around. Greece is in the middle of the Mediterranean and Balkans will be in flames. Apart from the Middle East, with Gaza and jihadists of the Islamic State, where the setting we see today is only the beginning, there will be tectonic upheavals in Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the European Union, Britain, Norway and USA.

Turkey will be shaken by a political assassination that would be attempted the murder of Erdogan and there will be probably a kind of new Arab Spring.
Bulgaria, will become like Ukraine, as there will be division, difference of opinions that will dominate within the country. France will be shaken by major upheavals because of the Muslims in the south, while Britain and Norway will experience terrorist attacks.
President Barack Obama will also difficult hours under the influence of Jupiter Saturn conjunction with a fatal way. The winners will be Putin and China. But in Russia also there is increased terrorist attack in Moscow and there is a potential of assassination attempt on land.The European Union will be in the throes of upheaval with developments and changes. After all astrocartographically Uranus is passing vertically from these countries.Germany and England will accept big blows while the dissolution of euro seems more likely than ever before thus closing a circle, as a reported in my previous article ”Mars in Capricorn” by the end of October after the solar eclipse.Major uprisings will be in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy and the entire South seems to be in flames too.In fact,in this case,Mars is pushing to limits Pluto from Capricorn who is responsible for the economical mess.

The astrological events of this autumn signal a global economic crash which will start from Wall Street, with the crash of 1922 look like a breeze in front of the upcoming storm.
Extreme weather events will become a trademark and a great earthquake will disrupt America focus on New York, Los Angeles, California, Mexico. The Blood Moons always changing planet radically. They have brought dictatorships, births of great leaders and wars. Corresponding characteristic time is 1492, 1493, 1949, and 1967. Note that the astrological phenomena of this autumn be significant and therefore our lives and throughout 2015. Only after the March 2016 the world seem to breathe with positive events and hope to gradually rebuilt and that if not Uranus in Aries exit till 2017 will not bring a third world war.Of coursemkeep in mind that Pluto in Capricorn includes a nuclear war.Till then ,keep your faith strong,think positive and believe in yourselfs!

Full Moon in Pisces 9/9/2014

The full moon of September will be held on 09.09.2014 at 4:38 in the sign of Pisces to VirgoPisces axis and into this phenomenon we have the participation of Venus, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune and also will affect the signs of the Mutable Cross, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.The full moon will illuminate employment issues and problems of unemployment. Matters of communication expected to be jammed , but it would be wise not final decisions to be made without thinking, because there will be aggression and anger or tension. However will generally favor the working activities and economic settlement pending.

The full moon will be on 16 and 19 degrees of Pisces and will affect the 8th house of the solar horoscope, and will hit the axis of finances the 2nd-8th, which is the axis of economy and and will co-exist with Chiron in the same house, at the 15th degree of Pisces.The degree itself remind us that the danger bankruptcy is still here and hover in the atmosphere but Chiron has the ability to heal the wounds properties of as also properties of rebirth.O The feeling of fear will exist in the air and that suggests restraint and composure.On a personal level there will be possessive tendencies that will aim at the emotional security.

pisces full moon full moon september SFPage

Gains and losses of financial nature may occur with dramatic or dangerous manner. Maybe you become too dependent on money from others or a lot of what you earn goes to strengthen others. You may tend to accept the values ​​of others (family, group or society) very easily and definitely come into contact with power structures or have yourself a position of authority.The full moon will be on 16 and 19 degrees of Pisces and will affect the 8th house of the solar horoscope , and will hit the axis of finances 2nd-8th, which is the axis of economy and and will co-exist with Chiron in the same house, at the 15th degree of Pisces.The degree itself remind us that the danger bankruptcy is still here and hover in the atmosphere but Chiron has the ability to heal the wounds properties of as also properties of rebirth..O The feeling of fear will exist in the air and that suggests restraint and composure.

On a personal level there will be possessive tendencies that will aim at the emotional security.Gains and losses of financial nature may occur with dramatic or dangerous manner. Maybe you become too dependent on money from others or a lot of what you earn goes to strengthen others. You may tend to accept the values ​​of others (family, group or society) very easily and definitely come into contact with power structures or have yourself a position of authority.

The Sun in Virgo in 16th degree and forming an opposition with the Moon highlights the efforts made ​​for success to ameliorate living conditions but also our thoughts the in the future. Concerning matters of collecting taxes will fail by the governments or at least that will not work out in a positive way. .Whatever is related to debts and taxes and they should be in a fair state of balance at first On the other hand, the ascendant of the full moon in 16th degree of Leo stresses that Fall begins with good expectations and perspectives.To MC in the 8th degree of Taurus, which is a significant degree shows that our interest will be turned to the public and education.The full moon will affect very strongly the countries of South American, Argentina and Brazil but also the relations between the East and the West will be particularly intense.Concerning Greece, the full moon will affect the 11th house on  a parliamentary level, long-term planning and economic policy objectives and all public bodies as well.However for Amphipolis discovery tomb I had already mentioned from the beginning of the year that ” disclosures for descendants or ancestors or prominent historical persons will surprise or shock globally “.

Blood Moon Impressive Photos &Videos.Next one in October.

The moon “bled”, as the moon is completely in Earth’s shadow and the reflection of sunlight on our planet reaches the moon and paints a strange brick hue. The striking phenomenon of the transformation of the Moon had the opportunity to watch millions of people on the planet in the first total eclipse of 2014. Within three hours, there were three spectacular events: A total lunar eclipse, which was not visible from our country, and had preceded the approach of Mars to the nearest point of our planet for years, which was visible from Greece. Meanwhile, Tuesday morning there was a full moon with the name “Easter “, being the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Blood moon eclipse 3 .The moon changed three shades from orange to brown or red while the Earth completely threw a shadow over it. The phenomenon was visible on the night of Monday M. (Holy Tuesday morning, local time) from the west coast…


blood-moon-eclipse-1 blood-moon-eclipse-3-400x246 blood-moon-eclipse-2-400x400

Uranian Blurbs for New-Full Moon in Aquarius-Leo Axis


I have to say a few words concerning the New Moon in Aquarius which occurs on the 10th degree and also has traits of Capricorn. It is the third in line phenomenon that takes place, the first occurred on the 3/12,the second on the 1/1 and then there will be another one, on the 1/3 in Pisces and those connected to matters of leaders and governments, whatever has to do with a Capricorn nature. We had a bizarre experience of what happened last year during the first six months. In some way a few events will occur from distance bring sudden and abrupt disruptions all over the world. It is possible to be hurtled people who carry the faculty of leadership, a president. I do not know really what the world “tele” has to do here…but I feel so. There is consequence of course between the New Moon in Aquarius and the Full Moon in Leo, as you understand events are going to be occurred on this axis of opposition. On the other hand the 26th degree of Leo is being connected to Taurus and then consequently with financial matters too.

The New Moon in Aquarius is showing problems to media, social media, airplanes, satellites, rockets, accidents in places where children go, Luna parks or kinder gardens, soccer fields, hacking, military coups, information liquid, terroristic actions ,ignitions, technology connected to telepathy (distance) ESP  and so on. Because of the whole scene is being described there will be problems in the bank sector, currency balances, financial exchanges then we will realize again that there are serious economical problems all over.

Since last year we realized that a New Moon in Aquarius can be a kind of a Bing-bang of the economical recession and political destabilization. A new cycle is opening up with urgent meetings and there will be problems with alliances and so economical and political balances is possible to change. New scandals may break out, a lot of people will go into prison who are responsible for economical damages, leadership of someone will be doubted and someone maybe resigned or something similar. Again there will be violence, density and explosive situations may take place. This New Mon will bring fires, disasters, and issues with justice and is possible also to have accidents relating to oil and other materials in dangerous places. The whole thing is talking about bitterness, disappointment, political fall/quit. Problems to airports or the air force and relevant places. The Full Moon in Leo is about strikes, political propaganda perhaps death or a disease of a politician maybe announced. Anyway, I was thinking that the consequence of this two moons are reminding me an urgent situation with a possible shocking “blow” after the 22/2/2014.The whole scene will look like  a Far West adventure and will be particularly intense and disturbing. Do not also forget the fact that on the 4th of the next month we are entering into the Chinese New Year, which is the Horse Year, so we expect the events to be ignited for good. Wherever you are and whatever you do try to be cautious.


*  has multiplex skills and talents – skilled at applying theory to practice – accumulates experiences – enjoys social contact – peaceable – even-tempered – eager for harmony – liberal – active – accommodating – keenly observant – spontaneous – high-spirited – scientifically creative – enjoys experimentation

*  Beginnings relating to beneficial partnerships – Actions contributing to joint success – Initiation of extensive contact/s – Establishment of equalization with/by others – Harmonious cooperative work teams – Expansion or expanses relating to interactions – Extensive new relationships – Expansion or expanses relating to work settings – Others’ desire for peace and cooperation – Freeing of/by partners – Scientific experimentation – Experience with fire, ignition, or weapons relating to others — Extensive fires – Extensive warfare


*  intellectually dynamic – mentally quick – open to new ideas – intuitive – attains knowledge spontaneously – knowledgeable of technology – enlightened – reformist – future-oriented – progressive; innnovative — ideologically fanatical – doctrinaire – rebellious or disruptive

*  Unexpected facts relating to me – Excitement relating to clarification – Surprising knowledge – Spiritual or intellectual stimuli – Sudden enlightenment – Unexpected insights or realizations – Surprising concepts – Technical ideas – Advertising — Propaganda


*  methodical – systematic – seeks profound knowledge – informative – instructive – educational – inwardly calm – retrospective – interested in historical or causal factors – needs to overcome the past — stuck in the past – inhibited – pedantic – lagging

*  Successful mature women – Continual inner satisfaction – Satisfaction in the evening – Educational matters – Public instruction – Extensive emotional restraint/s– Experience with limitations relating to wives – Many obstacles – Extensive departures or distancing – Increase of problems – Many public limitations – Many problems between nations


*  mentally profound – reliable memory – thorough – circumspect – discreet – sober – level-headed – painstaking in processing communications – expresses oneself cautiously – reserved – has well-grounded ideas relating to developmental procedures – capable at learning – detail-oriented – pragmatic – reticent — unexpressive – contrary – slow – immobile – has learning problems – has speech impediments – stutters or stammers

*  Deeply serious communications – Development of potential relating to fundamental communications – Fundamental changes relating to mode of thinking – Increases relating especially to mental concentration – To be in or deal with the process relating to learning – Continual interchanges in connection with communications – Continual rhythmic motions – Deeper logical motivations – Current, updated, or momentary preoccupations with thoughts relating to the past — Discussions relating to stagnation and development of potential – Resistance or obstacles relating to readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions in communications – To block the course of conversations – Endings relating to business development of potential


*  has quick reactions – good at decision-making – goal-conscious – productive – efficient – unremitting – indefatigable – active – deals with change or variety – resourceful – inventive; resourceful – instinctive – has changing goals – skilled at technical development of potential – reformist – industrious – seeks the lead – assertive — hectic – stressful – hypertense – aggressive – inconsiderate – trigger-happy; jumps the gun – erratic about goals

*  Surprising increases relating to productivity – Implementation of unexpected substantial changes – Sudden improvements relating to work – Stimuli relating to new assignments – Interesting work involving interchanges – Beginnings relating to technical development of potential – Reformation relating to current activities – Substantial changes relating to transportation vehicles — Stimuli relating to compulsory changes -Actions contributing to increase of tensions – Disruptions relating to substantial coercive changes – Surprises over development of potential relating to fire – Sudden interchanges relating to gunfire or weapons


*  reacts instinctively – works with obscure or future or futuristic technology – motivated by nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – needs to attend to errors, defects, or deficiencies – needs to develop power or strength – needs willpower — weakened – low on power – behaves semiconsciously – contrary – athletically impaired – dull – unconscious or lifeless

*  Actions to relax tension – Future or futuristic technical work – Technical enterprises relating to fluid or nonphysical realities – Stimulating nonphysical influences – Fights for future reforms – Unexpected sacrifices of the influential – Struggle for obscure reforms – Stimuli relating to hydro power – Sudden powerful waves — Unexpected losses relating to power or influence – Disillusionment relating to technical performance – Unexpected power outages – Insecurity or instability relating to reforms or revolution – Actions relating to sudden insecurity or instability – High-impact technical fraud – Hurricanes or powerful storms


*  inspired – open-minded about ethereal phenomena – quick to figure things out – experienced in diplomacy – future-oriented – private – low-profile – interested in unseen or unclarified factors – hidden from obvious view –  concealed or hidden away – reclusive – boundless – authority in frontier or metaphysical sciences – needs self-reliance – needs adequate knowledge and experience with business matters – needs self-restraint – needs honesty — unsatisfied – hypersensitive – contrary – poor at business matters -pretentious – secretive – confused or confusing – easily misled – may need stability

*  Diplomatic success – Major gains or income or profits in or for the future – Experience with nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – Extraordinary bodies of water – Satisfaction or success high in the air — Significance relating to inadequate freedom – Much losses or sacrifice relating to respect – Increase of sacrifice or losses relating to independence – Official inexperience – Increase of government losses or sacrifices – Many trivialities


*  intuitively skilled at metamorphoses or conversion – skilled at developing or improving – ambitious – seeks to develop higher potentials – courageous – daring – masterful – seeks to lead – seeks to excel – self-confident – venturesome – adventurous – skilled with technology – gifted with rhythm – reformist — hectic – agitated – tense – easily upset – short-tempered – self-important – presumptuous – reckless – foolhardy – domineering – needs humility – needs to anticipate reactions

*  Sudden promotions – Important new events – Extraordinary current or events – Stimuli relating to substantial changes – Exciting technical development of potential – Readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions relating to official reforms – Sudden official interchanges – Significant rhythmic development of potential – Major mutations — Increases relating to high-level tension


*  retrospective – interested in historical or causal factors – needs to overcome the past – frugal – maintains distance from others – solitary – socially withdrawn – deals continually with health issues – skeptical – fulfills karmic obligations – needs optimism – needs to attend to errors, defects, or deficiencies — deprived – unsatisfied – lacking firm resistance – chronically unhygienic or unhealthy – persistent yet neglectful – stuck in the past – steadfast yet idle – immobile – contrary – inaccessible – cold – negative in attitude – has deep aversions – needs flexibility

*  Obligations dealing with others’ handicaps or disadvantage/s – Ancient objects – Archaeology – Past karmic relationships – Deep concern of or for others – Denial or withdrawal relating to stability or security of partnerships – Lasting or continual solicitude of or for others – Serious or critical concerns at the domicile — Limitations relating to environmental handicaps or disadvantage/s – Obstruction/s relating to secrecy in partnerships – Stalemates relating to vagueness in partnerships – Serious discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s relating to others – Serious deprivation at the location – Bogged down or deeply worrisome situations – Serious or chronic illnesses in the environs – Troubled domiciles


*  cautious – frugal – somber – retrospective – interested in historical or causal factors – pensive – interested in nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – impersonal – self-conscious — deprived – contrary – suspicious – stuck in the past – sometimes anxious or fearful – distrustful – cold – may have emotive disorders – needs to overcome the past

*  Secrets or privacy relating to maturing women – Ongoing solicitude – Serious or critical concerns relating to departures or distancing of/from women – Sacrifices in the evening hours – Concern over problems relating to public deficiencies — Fears relating to separations and women – Delays relating to breakdowns, damages, or injuries – Chronic fluidic or gynecological dysfunctions – Discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s relating to obstructions and women – Problems relating to poor populations or nations – Losses in the evening hours – Discomfort relating to loneliness of women – Ongoing sadness – Emotional sadness or depressions


*  private – low-profile – interested in unseen or unclarified factors – moderate – easily contented – retrospective – interested in historical or causal factors – needs to overcome the past – lucky through associations relating to nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – conditionally sociable – comfortable associating with the common people – appreciates folk arts – successful with antiques or historical arts – needs experience before managing money – needs beautification — socially disfranchised – stuck in the past – poor at handling money – socially alienated – unsociable – secretive – uncooperative – envious – needs to forgive – unfair – may need help

*  Mutual satisfaction in modest circumstances – Success relating to arts of the past – Good luck in marriages relating to old age – Privacy or obscurity relating to wealthy families – Income relating to the socially disfranchised — Inadequacies relating to artistic successes – Discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s relating to success in associations – Shared financial losses – Financial losses relating to businesses – Money from illicit social activities – Collective or social devaluation


*  private – low-profile – interested in unseen or unclarified factors – interested in nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – compliant – humble – populist – skilled with folk or utilitarian arts – drawn to the common people — socially disfranchised -socially alienated – socially withdrawn – unsociable – hard to reach – needs adaptability – not always reliable – irritated – ambivalent during transitions – abuses trust or dependency if unevolved – subject to reversals

*  Readaptation despite shared losses – Increases relating to joint or social sacrifices – Development of potential relating to secluded or private associations – Mutual adjustments or conversions relating to nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – Sacrifices relating to substantial social changes – Development of potential relating to historical arts – Increases relating to populist or folk arts – Readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions relating to damages or deficiencies in associations – Increases relating to family discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s – Handicaps or disadvantage/s relating to substantial changes in marriages – Increases relating to mutual deprivation – Gradual losses relating to associations – Decreases relating to organizational membership – Substantial social changes relating to losses – Increases relating to unrefined or vulgar artistry – Organic or holistic infections


*  outstanding at detecting errors or deficiencies – capable as doctor – preoccupied with riddles or historical factors – interested in nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – service-oriented – seeks to develop potential, alter, or exchange  – needs self-discipline – needs honesty – needs self-reliance — compulsive about change – contrary – corrupted – ambivalent during transitions – subject to reversals – dishonorable – may need stability

*  Substantial changes relating to important secrets or riddles or obscurities – Development of potential relating to government secrets – Significant increases relating to sacrifice – Major restructuring, conversions, or transitions relating to nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – Doctors – Substantial changes involving authorities relating to handicaps or disadvantage/s – Increases relating to major medical problems – Significance of changes relating to inadequate self-reliance — Significant increases relating to losses – Significantly unfavorable situations affecting changes or development – Considerable decay or decadence – Breakdowns relating to leadership – Incompetency relating to leadership – Increases relating to government corruption – Major downfalls


*  energetic – active – enterprising – goal-oriented – resourceful – inventive; resourceful – creative – dynamic – seeks the lead – seeks to lead – conscious of fairness – reformist – gifted with rhythm – technically competent – emotionally expressive – reformist – progressive; innnovative – acquisitive – instinctive — impulsive – easily upset – short-tempered – explosive – rebellious – materialistic – greedy

*  Unexpected success in work – Beneficial events in at work – Surprising beginnings relating to gains or income – Beginnings relating to financial professions – Favorable beginning for job – Suddenly compelled to one’s fortune – Order for beneficial stimulus – Actions contributing to rewarding excitement – Gains or income relating to technical efforts – Good luck relating to transportation vehicles – Success with heat technology — Clashes over financial transactions


*  passionate – has healthy love life – strong – in strong demand – attractive – high-spirited – epicurean – playful – conciliatory – amiable – warm-hearted – caring – athletic – artistically productive — impulsive – hedonistic – prone to gamble – flirtatious – arbitrary – autocratic – overbearing

*  Influence relating to loving women – Intense congeniality – Powerful attraction – Love of industrious women – Desire for emotional intensity – Peacefully cooperative exertion relating to power – Hours of intense desire – Pleasurable and influential work among the public – Contributions to public harmony – Public assistance work – Influential artistes — Desire to be noticed in public – Iron fist in a velvet glove – Enjoyment relating to shocking public events

Full Moon in Cancer/ “Wolf Moon”-Need for Balance


The Full Moon will take place on the 16 January 2014 of this week, on the 25o58o of Cancer. We have reached at a point of the human history that is necessary to see where we come from and where are going to. Matters that will lodge our minds now have to do with family, emotions as also we will care more about the planet Earth protection. January name, is coming from Ianos, one of the most ancient Roman gods. He was a god of the beginnings, transition and he was usually pictured in streets points and labels, gates, doors and bridges. He was present in death, birth and marriage, which means in all important transitional period of someone’s life.

He had two faces – one looking at the past-one looking in the future. So Ianos and January are consist a kind of gate, a door, a bridge. Capricorn is the ruler of Saturn and both connect to time and transitions. The Saturn-Chronos is also being connected to agriculture and the Law of the Karma-“that sow you will reap” which is similar to the law of Newton, known as the law of the “action-reaction”.

With the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon being contrasting, we will have rigidity against fluidness, career against family, family against a nation, and discipline against yielding. Cancer is delicate, responsible and compliant but Capricorn has a realization of limitations, self-control and defends the law.

full moon

Cancer may say that he/she loves you and you are mine but Capricorn may say that he/she loves you but you know which are the limits and rules. Both appreciate of the past, ancestors and their roots. Capricorn is the state but Cancer is family and both complete each other. So we need to balance these things in our lives, not to be focused to one of them excessively because we are going to fall from the high unexpectedly and lose one of it or both.

Ancient Greeks believed that the souls were coming from the gate of Cancer and exit from the gate of Capricorn. But also they had two different words for seasons. ”Keros” when they wanted to speak about the circularity of time and “Chronos” when they wanted to mundane linear time. Synchronicity, is combining these two dimensions of reality and is being expressed as a validation that we get align with the divine order. Carl Jung, formulated the principle of synchronicity that connects incidents which are not connected with a visible relation of cause. What really would happen if the synchronicity was the rule and not just a weird or bizarre event? This Full Moon is calling us deepen our connection to sanctuary time and the sanctuary of work. Saturn continuing his course through the zodiac sign of Scorpio, forms a trine with the Full Moon in Cancer, creating a realistic picture for the world.

Gives to each one of us patience and strength to face up any difficulties. This Full Moon beams the dark angles of our souls. It reveals why we ask the permission from others to be ourselves or why we need others to accept us. Capricorn pictures the growth of the inner authenticity, he is telling us that we define our destiny and that we are the final judge of our actions. The Law of Karma means  that what we do to others it will happen to us.

Fridays Penumbral Eclipse of 17th October 2013

Evening Friday, Oct. 18th 2013 , those who look skyward will witness an exceptional eclipse , as the moon will pass through the outer edge of the Earth’s shadow , a phenomenon called penumbral lunar eclipse .All solid celestial bodies like Earth , create two shadows. The shadow is a dark inner shadow , where the light from the Sun completely blocked by the Earth and is surrounded by a lighter shade, the so-called Penumbra .
In a penumbral eclipse , the moon enters the Earth’s penumbral shadow , while the light from the Earth partially blocked and the Moon out another luminous intensity .On Friday  just after 2:50 local time , the Moon will pass through the penumbra and the lower part will darken slightly.Whoever lost that eclipse or fails to identify, then it has another chance in April 2014 , where there will be a total eclipse of the Moon.


Hunters Moon & Orionids Culmination


We are in the middle of October and is probably the best week of the month for sky watchers. From the spectacular Full Moon of October, until the pairing of Venus with Antares and the culmination of Orionids the sky this week will be particularly impressive.

Asteroid Fomalhaut under the Moon

Shortly before the dusk of Monday, on October 14 Fomalhaut, the brightest star in the constellation of Pisces, will be visible under the moon as a solitary bright dot in the afternoon sky.


Evening Tuesday, October 15, is the best time to observe the constellation of Aquarius. At the southern end of the night sky will be visible star cluster Y-shaped is the amphora, and many small stars on the edge are looking like the water of Aquarius.


 Venus meets Antares

Antares, known internationally as Antares or A Scorpii, is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpio and one of the brightest in the southern hemisphere of the sky. The name etymologically means “rival of Mars “. In the evening Wednesday, October 16, the Antares will be visible at the low in the southwest sky, just below the planet Venus.

The astral plow

The Big Dipper is visible low in the north in the evening Thursday, October 17. However, in some parts of Europe the brightest stars of Bear will form a plow. October is a good time to notice the stellar plow, because it is located just above the horizon.

The Full Moon of Hunters

On Friday, October 18th is the Full Moon of October, also known as the Hunters Full Moon. It is the second Full Moon of autumn immediately after the Full Moon of Harvesters and so named because the light of help hunters locate traces of quarries in the field.

 Coolie sheep

The brightest star in Aries, will be visible in the eastern sky in the evening Saturday, October 19. The star called coolie from an Arabic word meaning “sheep”. It is an orange giant that is about 75 light years from Earth and is visible low in the east in the early evening.

The culmination of Orionides

On Sunday, October 20, the autumnal rain of shooting stars emanating from the constellation of Orion will peak. However, the bright Full Moon of October will overshadow the meteors making harder their observation harder.

Moon Cycles

I would like to upload this before I leave it is  a helping picture for everyone….particularly for those who have no idea from astrology,it is  a picture I have got by a friend so,here it is for you.

Moon Cycle

The World in 2013

Even according to the Chinese Astrology as one of my astrologers friends informed me 2013 will be the Snake year. In fact the snake year will not be an easy or peaceful year at all on global level. Of course there will be some economical settlements but also revolutionary actions and coups will not miss at all. Some politicians will be overthrow just because of health problems but perhaps just because of an overthrow itself. Pluto is representing the global capitalism, in the position of Capricorn, the hidden money as also the world order of things that constantly will accept powerful blows till the 14 of May 2018, from Uranus in Aries. Drawing scandals will come into the light and there will be many secret testimonials regarding those scandals. This hard square will be enhanced when Jupiter will enter Cancer on the 26/6/2013, during the second half of 2013, where many people is being expected to lose their fortunes in just one night. Those planet aspects will also provoke strong weather phenomena and geophysical. The world will not be destroyed as we think but it will be transformed dramatically in a much different way. Greece may not bankrupt in a sloppy way and perhaps this may be not so strange anymore after all what we show this year. But when we were predicting the whole situation since January 2008-9, all these predictions seemed to be so far away and unbelievable and crazy while we were observing and writing for what would come in the next few years. We had also predicted that the euro and the European Union will be blown in a hard way and that Greece perhaps will open just one of her nostrils, just to breathe as she belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius, not to die from asphyxia. And exactly that is the point we are.

Greece will take the dosage and certainly much more than the expected since Jupiter is constantly supporting her second house. Money does exist, as we had been told from the start that the so-called bankruptcy of the nations would be fake but it happens for different reasons. At the moment at least there will be no haircut but they will promise a lot in order not Mr. Samaras and Venizelos and Stournaras return to Greece with empty hands. Of course all of them are stroke from the lunar eclipse of November, at the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius while both of them belong to these zodiac signs, as also Mr. Kouvelis.

Greece 2013

Till the 2016, Greeks will be dragged at least satisfied at one point but not dead too but certainly with many losses. Greece belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius and certainly and naturally of course, she has the idea that the oxygen is limited.

On the other hand, things will be particularly hard for Germany. Elections in Germany will take place in September of 2013, and irrelevantly with the date elections, the face of Merkel will become pale enough as also the face of Laggard. The style of the type “I do what I want in Europe” will end abruptly because their stars will start to fall since Merkel will not be able to face up the difficulties with her own banks and economy.

Perhaps this is not so good news, but till the 25 of June of 2013, Jupiter in Gemini will support the prime Minister of Greece Mr. Samaras and we see him escape from the worst with the best way and less cost as much is possible. However here is a strong possibility the country go again in elections after February or at least this issue will be enough intense then. The worst periods from the prime Minister will be from 2 Fbruary-11 March and the second period will be the lunar eclipse on the 25 of May and the Full Moon. If for instance, the prime Minister would proceed into nee elections till the 25 of June the percentage of the new Democratic Party would be high again and so he could win the elections and take better results. Later, the percentage of the Democratic Party would start to be decreased. Greece will not have an independent government for long time and we always may speak for a government of co-operation.


Things for Mr. Kouvelis would be god enough and will have a good co-operation with Mr. Venizelos, no matter if he breaks down his nerves. Mr. Kammenos is completely inappropriate to join, of the Independent Greeks party, because his Saturn would completely go crazy the other two. Till the end of June, it will be the most productive or favorable period of time for the Democratic Party. On the other hand the President Obama trine from Jupiter in Aquarius with Samaras Sun in Gemini, it is the best combination. On the other hand if you would like to see Merkel go green or get spots on her face, you could put Mr. Tsipras sitting opposite her. His Saturn on her zodiac sign means loss, obstacles, restriction, demands and bulks. The percentage that Mr. Tsipras took in 2012 June elections, he will not have it again till the beginning of 2015.But if  his party will become united he will be favored again till June of 2013.Of course if there will be elections we will study the results then. No matter the results, there will be no self-reliance. There must be over 40-50% but the old god days are over. In any case that Mr. Tsipras will co-operate with Mr. Kammenos,(Leo-Taurus) problems will not miss but with Mr. Kouvelis it will be the worst we could see, because his Saturn would break their nerves literally. February will create the background for new co-operations and political transformations. No matter what they want or not this time. Of course, PASOK, will be transformed constantly till the year 2014, there will be pressure, changes and they will be obligated to change direction in order to pick up their laundry.

From an astrological aspect the problem of Greece is not bankruptcy but the control of production and delivery of her mineral wealth but also the delivery of the oil and gas. Till the end of 2013,as we speak now, Greece will continue to have problem in order to choose which camp ,she has to choose.

As the motto says “Greece never dies” her Saturn in Leo is representing her hidden enemies and suppressors. The Sun is her ally. The natal opposition of Sun-Saturn, in her modern history is showing that her patrons knew the capacity of Greeks to excel in the business world. So, in order to avoid a challenge of their future sovereign, implemented in Greece a centralized bureaucratic system of administration, in order to have her people under complete control. The administration of this opposition now is undertaking Mars in Sagittarius which trines Saturn and dissolves the difficulties of the natal Saturn. That is a strong point that the country is having a future and that the Greeks will not lose their creativity, their ability to negotiate, their courage and stubbornness. That is what I have to say for those who believe that Greece will be deleted from the map according to some politician’s plans. Greece has passed through fire and iron and a civilization of million years has survived and knows how to survive.

Progressive Mercury is also telling us that the country has reached at a point where the chasm between the business establishment and the “working class” has grown so much and the next step sooner or later will be revolt. Without any doubt Saturnian energies are working on the future plans of the country that are aiming to reverse the solar energies to take over the reins of the country. Greeks will realize that they must become more serious and concentrate on practical issues that are being connected to the restructure of the economy almost from 0 bases.

The year 2013, will help us understand and realize that we need to find new solutions regarding our problems and that time is limited. Beneficial contacts with exceptional personalities will not miss in the field of transportation  and energy. However, there will be still problems in the country’s economy and liquidity, delays in order to pay off the dept. and denial regarding paying off unbelievable increased taxes that the government puts illegally through Power bills and taxes as also there will more severe control in the hidden capital and regarding taxation.

Greece leadership is under the control of foreign interests and they do not allow her to promote any measures for development or proceed in progressive agreements for the developments in the Energy field. Then it is very possible, to have the creation of a co-operation that will project the picture of the country abroad and will give the government negotiating footholds. The need for changing direction has been understood and percepts already but the major capitals are not sure for this direction. The cause of is the government’s failure to reconcile the diametrically the opposed views of the business sniffers and the working class. Any movements will be done during this period of time, in a prism of pessimism and fear, they will be evaluated later under the light of the developments that will have to do with the creation of a new alliances out of the European Union and the exploitation of the country’s natural resources for the benefit of the living standards of its people. The decisions will be made now from Greece in this stage will be definite for many years in the future.

The heavy atmosphere is certain because of Saturn influence, by the end of this year, while also Jupiter enters the scene, handling the natal opposition of Saturn-Sun. That means that whatever we will do, others will not let Greeks take what they belong to them legally as a nation but additionally there will be instructions and more cut-offs in the society without any support from the surrounding European and international world. It was very possible the tactics that the government to follow an additional economical bleeding since they do not resist. However, at the same time the idea of separation from the European Union had already started to get more mature since the dream of “commonwealth “has lost its target completely. And while everything looks black, in the last quarter of the year, appears “a deus ex machine», Jupiter in Gemini. That seems to do his job very well forming a formation of rectangle which handles the natal opposition of transiting Jupiter with natal Mars.

This aspect means that Greece is not able to continue in this way covering her needs through borrowing money constantly that mathematically would lead in the uprising of its people. It is the moment that we should turn ourselves in the formation of new healthy co-operations that would help the country exploit her wealth and as an evacuation center and energy product line. Jupiter is conjuncting the interval of Mars-Uranus- and not only oil-drilling-of the USA, that in turn she activates the natal synastry of the Sun-Saturn opposition of Greece with the axis of MC/IC of the USA.


Conclusively, it is obvious that the problem of Greece is being connected to the game of domination in the area and its sources with contenders Germany from one side and USA from the other, Great Britain but Russia too. Greece is at a critical point, requiring the revision of its traditional allies and the creation of new ones. It is very obvious that some of the above will lose (Great Britain and Germany) and some will win (USA and Russia) for different reasons. Incredible pressure will be applied to Greece till the beginning of German elections, in September 2013, where Germans and British we make enough hazing and then Greeks should be particularly cautious regarding these challenges. Unfortunately, the government, whoever will be, will have no other choice but impose more additional tax measures targeting real estate, the welfare state, and the middle class. Also till the March of 2014,a collision with Turkey is very possible. During the period of September 2013 the it is possible also o change two governments. Inner turmoil is possible to be organized again and we need to be cautious with eclipses because spirits will be heightened regarding Turkey.


Despite what propagates on the existing government of Almighty shape of Germany in combination with the already elected president Obama in USA, this November, I consider that the international conditions will function for Greece, in particularly because the role of Turkey will be intensely doubted on the same period. The hope for Greece will come close to the autumn days of 2013 and things will start then to change for the better and even more better in the year 2014,till May of 2014,regarding the geostrategic role of the country. Of course there is an establishment, regarding the administration of Greece that is blowing the remains (Great Britain, Germany) because the role and the interests in the area are being also doubted. But I also consider that the river never looks back and probably around the year 2015 Greece will have already reconstruct and regain her powers. In the following years of the decade, Russia will continue to be the most important player on the international chess board interfering in Greece territory events. Russia good cards, with flexibility and religion and her alliance with Israel, Russia seems to guarantee the borders of Greece despite her opposition with USA, but altogether will find a common point of communication.


Israel now is completely different than the previous decades and the political scene has been corroded through the international developments and phenomena like Greece, with the programs of  equipment’s have been developed on peoples shoulders. In the following years, Israel will approach Greece, on a diplomatic level more and both will align together for the sharing of resources.


Iran, on the other hand, will remain on a pre-war state which is based on the export embargo imposed by the Western community (USA, Great Britain). The embargo will function backwards abroad and will rally its people around the religious leadership. In the following years, Iran will lose restrictions  that have been imposed on women. But generally, Iran will not become more open aggressive position into any direction.


Britain will now openly interfere the scene and will contribute at the background scenes in shaping the situation in Greece region.

USA have already passed in a different phase now and they have become more introvert. In the near future ,it seems that they will hesitate to participate in the territory of Greece and that will be not good because the situation will be not under control. Beyond their reserved attitude and economic problems, the aspects are showing  that a sudden event abroad may start or put can put a land or air transport in the game. Also there is a possibility of falling victim bugging talks  that will become known to the public. Americans are not really going well with their traditional allies because their strategy in the area-impose of handling regimes- for the of the  ensure control over the extraction and transport of gas and oil will be dissolved, thanks to Britain, Israel and Turkey. Simultaneously they are forced to confront synchronized with Russia. Turkey, seems to take promises and economic exchanges relating to the Greek territory and for creation of an Islamic Commonwealth in the region, with the blessings of the British oligarchy that directs the fate of the United Kingdom.

It is a common secret now that during this period, new history is being written and everything is changing. We passing through the era of Aquarius, who is connected to Prometheus, who ignited the fire to people. Aquarius is an altruist and progressive, but till we get there Uranus energy will be opposed to Plutonian energy. The collision of the two giants will have explosive consequences. Pluto is destroying and Uranus is changing and  creating new things. Through these constant changes, we should be armed with faith if want to drive the chariot of the new era ahead, leaving the past behind us.

If we will analyze carefully the horoscope of the New Year we will see that the signs of the difficulties are waiting us  are obvious but the joyful thing  most of all is that here will be great opportunities too, globally and each one of us.

The fear for a general war ignition in the Middle east is constantly growing at the moment, while as also many countries seem to get into this game of balances and terror. The civil war in Syria, at the moment has cost many lives while the collision between the regime and those who revolt seems to have no end. The warnings have been clear, that this situation will function as a fire in the wider area and did not delayed to set the fire and touch red in the countries of Turkey and Israel too. Things there is like playing with a lit matches over gas. With one wrong move it seems that the warfare will be an event with unpredictable consequences while the interests will be great for the powers of the West and Russia. The planet aspects are giving us the message that this collision will not stay at this level and will not be limited at the specific area while the whole situation is another issue for Greece that beyond the economic problems wouldn’t like to be in the eye of the hurricane, under the war operations of NATO, which is also a member of it. At this point, we will see also the astrological characteristics of the protagonists for the specific situation.

The Sun is in Capricorn. It is very possible for the president Assad to be overthrow ,that certainly is a cruel dictator that is torturing people. The Moon, represents people, at the zodiac sign of Pisces and not well-aspected.That means that the people of Syria will continue to be divided.

The Sun of Iran is being placed in Aries and Venus, Mercury and Aries in Pisces are in contradiction with the planets of Syria. (Mars, Uranus and Saturn).At least Iran is not showing to have aggressive aspects but Iran is Aries and will accept great pressure. The question is if something will happen completely suddenly and unpredictably. Let’s not forget that the president announced that he wanted to erase Israel completely out of the map.

Israel was born and started the war with the Arabic countries. The Sun in Taurus in a negative aspect with four planets in Leo. Saturn at the moments controls of everything. What will happen if the next two years Israel will be under the influence of a very hard aspect? If there is a chance for America to lose something from her superpower. Another question is why these countries are being connected with dangerous aspects till the year 2015?I believe that except the economic war, they should do anything in order to avoid any sort of density between Iran and Israel, which will be completely destructive. When at summer of 2013,Jupiter will enter Cancer, then it will be the right time to calm down, for everyone. So density needs to be de-escalated. European Union will continue to face up important problems and seems to have  difficulties that cannot be overtaken, regarding its people. Some nations already threatens to retreat from the Union. The European wholeness torments and there is a strong need for reconstruction.

Despite the fact that Germany from the beginning of 2013 will have many hopes to succeed in her targets, finally this will not be easy at all. In spring and at summer, their targets will be overthrow completely.

The economical course of Switzerland will go up. Jupiter perhaps is supporting her but that does not means that there will be no unhappy incidents, regarding some scandals may come on the surface.

This decade will be definite for the course of Great Britain, probably there will be some overthrows or changes but there will be not important.


Italy seems to be from the countries that till next spring will be benefited from opportunities that Jupiter will bring because affects her Sun immediately. Then we will see how things will be developed in the future.


Russia seems not to pass through a peaceful period in the next few months. Under the zodiac sign of Aquarius also, Russia will be able to support her plans but there will be not only difficult aspects but very dangerous ones that are not showing a very peaceful period at all. For instance there will be physical disasters or accidents.

Spain will also pass through two difficult years with overthrows and difficult reactions and certainly her path will not be strewn with roses. Jupiter will favor USA but however, they need to pass through structural changes. Obama will be doubted but he needs to pass through great reclassification’s. There will be also natural disasters through the year of 2013 but the question is if Obama will be able to keep his protagonistic role.


With the yearly eclipse in Taurus around the 10 of May 2013 and with the participation of Mercury and Mars it is very possible the markets pass through a great danger while also this danger will be huge for warfare’s for ground and oil.

The Moon eclipse in Sagittarius on the 25 May 2013, and the square of Neptune will bring revelations, deception, excessive weather phenomena and floods. The precise square of Uranus-Pluto will increase possibilities for sea earthquakes, tsunamis and attacks with chemicals.

25 may 2013,lunar eclipse

The eclipse of the Moon in Aries, on the 19 of October 2013,there will be outbursts, war impacts and simultaneous opposition of Mars-Neptune.

What else we could say about 2013?Regarding the Mayan calendars and the destructive day of 21 December 2012.As you show the end of the world did not come. We all save. We do not know if Mayas were right or wrong, time will show. After all, I have write an article about the last 8 minutes of the Sun and in my opinion that is more important of everything else. Of course, the last thing I want to happen is a great flash that would interrupt my convenience to write my articles. I would love to write the results and conclusions regarding the entrance in the winter solstice, through Uranian equitation’s.

25 april 2013

Today,21 December, those who know astrology and those who do not know, the Sun entered Capricorn and that is a  very important and catalytic event because the great conjunction is about to bring significant changes that define this date ,particularly important. These changes are going to be inevitable and will be not able to be overthrow which is confirming the Mayan prophecies in some way, on the level of changes.

The MC, is showing  our actions which is pointing that there will be bad news and worst measures will come regarding the economic crisis but some of them always will be neglected offering in this way some kind of relief. Through the year of 2013,the voices of protest will be intense regarding human rights and those will be heard by choice. In the atmosphere of constant changes, governments will be absent. However, there is an aspect between Zeus and Saturn equal to the MC and that is being translated as the “time of militaries», which confirms the first paragraph I wrote regarding the overthrows of regime in some nations. The truth is that many weird aspects are falling on Greece which she will continue to be the center of the  developments in the next few years. Changes regarding the working sector will be strange and hostile to the people. Between the period  of March-April there will be intense  reactions regarding tough measures will be taken that will transform the Mediterranean countries into a kind of “the slaves of Europe” and will take us many centuries back.

The Sun is talking about new economic scandals ( in a few words ,this time we must have broken the record regarding the Watergate scandal or any other in history). In addition, the South and particularly Greece will face a sentence that has broader implications. The extra-parliamentary forces will fade and people will show clearly their intentions.

19 oct 2013,lunar eclipse

The North Node is showing that 2013 will be hard and perhaps people may understand that they will avoid their responsibilities but not the consequences of their choices and ignorance forever. Regarding Greece, which is the country with the most problems ,the government will not have resources to do as much as necessary and judgments will blow up the budget. All this will contribute to the overall transformation of the social fabric. Pluto’s changes have been already started long time now, with strong earthquakes, changes in the political system and power. At some point here we see that a plan is being supported by some people, finally it will be abandoned (memorandum, agenda 21 etc.).Uranus on the other hand will bring violence and explosion. Patience. Patience…patience let’s see how much patient we can be. Saturn is showing that it will be difficult for people to communicate with each other, there will be racial conflicts. Saturn symbolizes also materialism as a currency and there will be economical dependence from third parties that will provoke great turmoil. Neptune, (faith, inspiration, utopia, fraud) means that many projects will be undone. Parties, politicians and the doctrines deceived the world will finally get the pay they deserve. Jupiter is really good at this point, with profits and aid will be offered.

But the main battle field will be the courts but even people then will disbelieve the law.

The Poseidon (journalism, priests, inspiration) brings a sudden shift in public opinion and a sudden governmental cooperation that until recently it seemed like science fiction.

solar hybrid eclipse 3 nov 2013

The axis AS/MC  is showing intense violence and interfere into power games and money through dirty actions. Regarding political parties will do tricks to earn bigger piece of the pie and misleading ways and tricks to use and the government.

The Moon (crowd) will make the reverse but not to a degree that ensures robustness and because it has to deal with unethical tactics and practices. Admetus (stability, immutable positions) is particularly surprising because it brings profits from raw materials and culture but also talks about bullying and abandonment. This dissolution is imminent but will bring great changes and humiliation of all. Admetus comes to recall that “any nation that considers more significant ease and comfort of freedom will soon lose his freedom. And the irony is that soon will also lose the amenities and comforts “. And we need to regroup our forces and to shake off the yoke from upon us an hour later. It also shows maturity partnerships, associations and parties.

The Vulcan (big power) that beckons people to show that they have guts. Large lectures will amaze the crowds and bring to the surface who can draw the chestnuts from the fire. Even though they will not be able to overthrow the status quo. Prepare for brokerage bankruptcies and precipitation that reaches the limits of the crash hard – painful and generally changes, which give hope … over time.

In conclusion, 21/12/2012 is a date that portends significant changes of megatons. An annual ultimately will not bring the end of the world but says the end of a world as we knew until recently. The Greeks in these difficult circumstances in its highest moments in which time is eternity and eternity is time to prove that they carry deep inside them insubordinate identity and heroism of their ancestors.

2012  was a difficult and hard, with twists, mishaps, intimidation, and doses without rearrangements yields both political and partisan and economic, and social. While all of these were made in the past almost everything we do in life echoes in eternity. Especially for those politicians who instead give their lives to change the course of history, with a signature took them around their necks  millions of souls.

2013 is a year with lots of subversive events, which I assume you got a first taste during the year of 2012. And since the new year is a sequel to the 2012 piteous terms of critical, by definition, things will be even more difficult.

In a region (Mediterranean and Middle East), which is a cauldron ready to explode, an economic union (Eurozone), where solidarity exists only for slaves and docile, Greece is necessary to regain her lost independence and play an important role with its stance. Undoubtedly she will be not transformed into a superpower nor will miraculously solve the serious problems that faces. However, in 2013 it seems that  Greeks, with a good way , or by force, they tend to adopt an attitude that is attributed with the phrase “better to die for something than to live hoping for nothing.”

It is an open secret that the government is fully in line with the wishes of Germany while the two superpowers (Russia – USA) want their turn to play their role, creating also a political opponent in awe government. The third Memorandum essentially tied hands and feet together of people and politicians since from now on we have “formal government.”

Some years ago Mrs Benaki k, at the Greek presidents oath ceremony the worst yet to come. Remember what she said: “National borders and a part of sovereignty would be limited to the rights of man and of the citizen will be subject to change and there will be new forms of governance.” Then in 2005,while we were watching the ceremony no one knew what would come in the world. No one had noticed her words, but now the video of the 2005 ceremony is making the round of the world.

I will translate what Mrs Mpenaki told to the President in 2005. The  President of the Greek Parliament Anna Psarouda-Mpenaki  followed from other members of the bureau announced the new President of the Republic, Mr. Karolos Papoulias, the results of the voting and during her address ,said the following on 02/08/2005.

“National borders and a part of National sovereignty will be limited for the sake of peace and prosperity and security in the enlarged Europe. The rights of man and citizens will be subjected to changes and may be protected but perhaps also being violated by authorities and powers outside of  the known and beyond well established, however, the Republic will encounter challenges and be will tested by any new forms of government.”


But let us see the basic indicators of 2013 and actually is showing that people will be tragically disappointed….

  • The Ascendant indicates an irreversible situation, particularly in issues with the balance of payments will have a general alert.
  • The progressed Midheaven, in 2013 meets Hades and presages greater calamities and dangers that their dimensions will go beyond the ordinary. Here “leading” the difficult signals, short-sighted politics and bereavement.

Subsequently, Saturn hypothetical (the state) has equations that create … goose bumps! Apparently, the state will be deceived and being deceived which will bring losses to the government. At the same time, problems with feeding and hygiene in prisons, hospitals and camps will reveal that urgently needs a fresh start.

In summary, in the first phase, the economic miracle that they promise, that of rapid (or even sluggish) growth will not happen, but we will continue bleeding and constant liquidity issue will have the economy into permanent status of suffocation. The short-sighted policy will escalate the already difficult situation somewhere while the state will not have the revenue estimates and would thus seem unreliable to the people. So the people who most seem to not be as docile instrument in the past,  will  want change.

  • Uranus, the large tumbler, whereby there will be problems with the borders, or water damage from the water and generally shows that prevails in the country a state of anarchy. Moreover, the implementation of an innovative idea will not take place due to lack of financial resources.
  • Pluto, is indicating the order of social degeneration and decadence with things going from bad to worse. Still, it shows that the country is again coming under supervision – alert. But we also see the rise of a new leadership. Presumably, anti-memorandum forces will find “tips” to some external forces.

  • On the other hand, Mercury, at  the same rate shows a maypole pressures with new measures and with “borrowers” want to empty the entire dish. Especially after February 20  the big trouble will start. Important events and developments will contribute in total contravention of the working rights. The staggering system will do everything to keep and even to use new ways and new forces of repression.

    • Vulcan, which in any equation involving growing range of events, “speaks” for efforts and opportunities that will ultimately prove useless, which would escalate the aggravation and misery.
  • Meanwhile, Zeus is showing caveats and the other heralds that the people will think realistically. The people seem to put in mind a reversal, which due to involvement of Hades shows that it is a direct consequence of the escalating discontent regarding unemployment, working conditions (working hours, wages, conditions etc.) and of course an increase in poverty.

  • From February 20 onwards punishable expected changes and shameless violation of labor rights. Fact that the people will not swallow easily but  instead will become the evil doom.

    • In addition, the equations of Mars, will raise anger, rage and recklessness, while mentioning a big “accident” or “bang”. Some “dude” actions would have unpredictable and painful consequences. Both “speak” for police forces, snipers that “capture” a new terrorist organization or the reappearance of  an older one.

    At the same time, the pre-ecliptic, ecliptic  and after ecliptic period from early April to mid-June are particularly important, on the 25/4, 10/5 and 24/5. Eclipses prejudge these tremendous changes. The first compared  with the progressed horoscope of Greece talking about someone who occupies a prominent position, a social leader who is by the people for the people and the restart a new situation, which previously had stumbled or stuck somewhere. In connection with the natal horoscope of Greece heralds the time of one big event. Indicates more people with increased guard and an association, a partnership with selfish purposes.

    But what causes goose bumps, at least to me, is the last part of the equation that predicts “from slavery to liberation.” Additionally shows that “The people expect something exceptional, people take decisions.” The last eclipse gives the following “an unexpected check in the government a check for a result of the government”, plus contacts with people who are in senior ranks.

    The leader of the opposition government  has a birthday a few days later, and what you need to keep in mind is that Alexis Tsipras has no plan B, and the facts show that he will need a plan B, to say a plan C.

    Within this period the political party PASOK will give its own battle to stay in the parliament and generally for its historical survival while New Democratic party will catch again historic bottom in rates. At that time if we will have elections there will be an. .. ultimate doom!

    Let’s move but with Admetus again, who after March brings a consolidation of everything, as the country has lifted handbrake. There, it seems that people cannot stand this situation anymore  and … rushes while the  three eclipses will trigger political developments.

    Jupiter shows the diminished purchasing power of people while Apollo presages serious harassment and requirements regarding the richness of Greece. That is, the “friends” we will ask the lion’s share of water, energy, minerals, real estate … everything.

    Uranus, over tension and frustration portends involvement in a fight or that the country will be on foot. Moreover, it shows sudden collapse – bankruptcy.

    • At the same time, Saturn  from the 3, November is forming the equation Zero Aries / Saturn = Hades (Poverty. Decay. Strangers -refugee-immigrants. A death under unclear reasons.) At the same time on the  3/11 eclipse takes place on the  11 degree and 46  of Scorpio. Major problems in sight, with a question looms again: who can pull the chestnuts out of the fire?

    What ‘intrigue’ me, however, is the fact that the dissolution of a state cooperation – an agreement (not in Greece) will sweep over Greece as Europe too according to Vulcan’s annual.

    The euro will be faltered and Italy, Spain and France will continue to face serious problems. Saturn is not joking but  instead brings serious jams that will test the global economy.


    • In addition, the annual moon portend problems with judges and lawyers and the public will undoubtedly change attitudes and behavior. Particularly women will feel betrayed because many will have trouble raise of their children.

    • The annual Ascendant shows the need to keep some secrets while someone who inspires the crowd is asked to lead the country out of the impasse. But I think that as you try to hide what is really repugnant towards some ultimately will not allow it.

    • According again to the North Node (mass number), foreign intelligence services will have orders to get someone out of the “game”, while the annual Saturn indicates strong contrasts within the government plus an intrigue, an ambush. The task will not be done will bring unpleasant consequences.

    • And to end with something pleasant, the sun comes to “give” great sporting and artistic achievements which will be an indication that the spirit still lives in Greece.The hard stuff will come after February 20. I think the 2013 is a year of dramatic political changes and even bigger economic changes in the standard of living of Greeks to roll down of the stairs. With a disaster of “ante portas” worldwide, Greeks are asked to show that the best battles are not won but those are truly given.

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