The New Moon for the month of July, will be held on July 4, 2016, at 13:00:57 pm. At the 12th degree of Cancer, and as you can imagine will affect US as it occurs during  the independence day while affects her natal horoscope directly ,it is something like a solar return. The New Moon in Cancer, would affect Cancers, Aries, Libra and Capricorn and activates the legendary square of Uranus-Pluto again in angular houses.During this period, these signs will be forced to go through symplegades stones in order to maintain their acquired and there may be difficult developments in emotional and family issues.

After the Brexit, we see a large and important country in the world economy to withdraw from the European Union and our forecasts have fallen into exactly according to the date of the referendum, considering many parameters that will ultimately emerge from this. The picture is no different from the astrological picture given by the Capital controls of Greece on 29 June 2015, it is possible as I notice from June to an other financial event, and it could be not strange if that will be England, with Moon in Cancer with Sun / Pluto conjunction but we know that  (opposition Sun / Pluto)dominated in July .Uranus from Aries in the 7th house will bring up and down literally in any negotiations and relations of European states and not only. We only have to wait the next step and decisions, and the next referendum, which is likely to have a second one with Mercury in Gemini,at the chart of the first referendum, however, the dam is opened for good and the countdown has begun for the decomposition of Europe.

With the new moon in Cancer, provided upheavals, foreign policy and change navigation policy as for example strategic maritime, crime will increase as mortality and there will be bad weather conditions but also the climate will not generally let say no amicably. There will be changes in education, religion, refugee issue, trade between nations, the overseas travel by air and sea, universities will be affected, the courts, visas and passports but also tourism, especially in the latter can expect twists. There will be twists in the living conditions of some nations, and will be activated national security, where it will be affected and the food, water, etc. There is an alignment in Cancer between the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus. The Moon is in the 12th to 13th degree of Cancer: A dagger next to a skull. Degree of extinction .– Destructive trends. Strong emotions. Neither the ascendant  is positive at the 17th degree of Libra that creates chaos and madness but also pugnacity.
The influence of the new moon lasts for four weeks until the next new moon, in this case, on August 2, 2016.
The Saturn-Neptune square strongest during this period, will dominate again the chart of the New Moon and it means fear, paranoia and intolerance will continue with greater intensity for at least another four weeks. This square of many that I have mentioned so it creates resignations and weakness in policy and general resignation of our plans and objectives, is the axis of weakness and disease, creates suffering, suffering, insecurity, prejudice, great mortality, worsening of an illness, increasing loss of metabolic stability, poverty, oppression, sickness. It creates fear and paranoia in politics and religious extremism. On a personal level represents sadness or disappointment. It causes great anxiety and confusion, phobias, depression, social anxiety and eating disorders, and other obligations.

On the chart, there is a dominant model, the trine of Huber, representing growth problems affecting the whole of our personality, and generally all areas of life. The process of development and transformation is slower but more deeply than with smaller triangles learning.

The square shows regular and active experience conflict due to feelings of inadequacy due to a specific problem. The quincunx is the next step, where searching a solution to the problem can lead to the change of our personal image. The triangle is the desired state of harmony that comes from creative problem solving. The transformation of the ego, resulting in a more dominant and influential personality of each.

The rotational direction of the above crisis mechanism: collision – effort for a solution – harmonization is clockwise or backward, instead of the zodiac. This retrograde direction means that many experiences needed to be achieved to provide necessary knowledge and development. More than one the one of the initial problems will also lead to multiple cycles of crisis mechanism.

The Saturn-Neptune square is the conflict or drama caused, leaving a certain trouble flared. It could be the separation, splitting, regression or some frustration exacerbated by guilt, anxiety, depression or paranoia. The fears can be so strong as to be debilitating, making it even more difficult to correct the problem. It takes patience and focus on the basics. You should follow a more practical and defensive approach to life and do not be too optimistic.

The quincunx, of Sun-Saturn contains, in finding a solution and change your image. This may include testing the boundaries between your own needs in relation to your duties. Gaining self-esteem and respect for others is a great way to progress in your career and may go ahead. However, there may be times when self-sufficiency and self-absorption leads to reckless indifference. While using a crutch, will help in times of sadness and loneliness, addiction may be more difficult to recover the internal confidence needed to proceed.

On the chart, of course there are also positive aspects such as the Sun-Neptune trine brings a spiritual harmony through creative expression. You realize that achieving your goals and dreams are essential in order to help others. The strong faith and morals means that you need not sacrifice her own needs or comfort. Your path to success can be aided by strong confidence even mental impressions, which will be more accurate now.

The Moon- Neptune trine sensitize your feelings, imagination and creativity. You can dream or fantasize about an ideal partner, but is just as likely to meet someone special man now. Relationships formed under this influence you will feel that you found my soul mate. Your intuition will be very strong, so you should pay special attention to any mental impressions the premonitions. Friends may comfort you to offer you their shoulder to cry.

The Mercury-Neptune trine is the perfect face to solve some problems by talking about them. Together with the other triangle sides, which we mentioned above, you will be extremely sensitive to all that others feel and think. If not psychic, you can count on to do a very strong intuition to guide you in choosing the right path forward. You should be able to visualize clearly all the features that were discovered during the search phase of the cross.

This is not the end of learning cycle or transformation. The Sun, the Moon and Mercury, offer solutions to problems that will be very beneficial. The session Sun-Moon, offers emotional balance and improve, so simmering problems can be resolved with a positive way, which stem from the Poseidon-Saturn square.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction enhances your mental skills and provides a more rational, based on the fact assessment of any problems. Communication is another strong point that can be used to exchange ideas. Favors quite like, clearance paperwork and bills, receiving and sending letters and emails, and short trips around town. This is an ideal time to make plans and start business deals, bargains, buy and sell.

The Moon-Mercury conjunction adds more than an intuitive approach to solving problems. You can more easily connect emotionally with other people, or to reminisce the past with family members or friends. This is a great opportunity to alleviate somehow things in your personal relationships. Conversations with women and family members, in particular, will be emotionally enjoyable.
Together, this combination of Sun, Moon and Mercury enables a more holistic approach to deal with any crisis, which stems from the Saturn / Neptune square. This is a great opportunity to leave behind your fears and guilt and other karmic baggage.

But the chart of the new moon we see important aspects that will play a role in global changes, as opposed Moon Pluto, associated with social explosion, the resentment, the arrogant, sudden changes, upheavals. Is the destruction of homes and food, flooded homes, the attack or defense of homeland war (war at any level as the economic war).

To this is added an extra tension to the Sun-Pluto opposition that we have seen the formation of the square since last summer but will affect the chart of England. Say a few words on the important aspect, the assumption of a Leadership position is the imposition of power at any cost, are fanatical ideas, but also the losses that follow because of this, linked to dictators, to test, torment, the loss of life. He is observed in the mass deaths disasters, nuclear accidents, the explosions in factories in general and explosions in nature as volcanoes where by contrast proved quite devastating. It is the individual reaction or fire deaths or massive fire. This concerns a massive fires, Pluto is the atomic energy, nuclear.

This opposition is quite powerful and transformative. The face that could materially affect people in the narrow male sex environment but principally leaders and governments. The aspect indicates the outbreak of a serious crisis with major events. Linked to espionage, manipulation, theft, violence, a natural disaster. The darker side of Pluto comes to the surface to light. Things and events can occur and be out of control, this action is absolutely disruptive.

The opposition played a big role for America and its presidents and leading figures. Let’s go to see some of them .. in a nation kosmogramma the Sun is the leader, the king, the highest authority of a state.
In 1066 AD the coronation charter of William on Christmas Day, the Sun represented William, king of England. On May 10, 1940 the Sun of the same map, represented by the then Prime Minister of England Winston Churchill. On August 8, 1974, Richard Nixon, President of the United States, resigned. That day formed Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Sun of America. They were both 13 degrees of Cancer, as now. The aspect of this is for the leaders.

The Sun also symbolizes the heart of a country. The Sun is the purpose, the will of the people that keep a country together. In the US chart, is “we the people” who according to the rule of law, guarantees all “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This is essentially what is created in the last 235 years, and what has America perhaps the greatest nation in human history.

Two things can happen with this aspect.
First, all the American experiment would collapse and die. And this can happen with the contrasts and meetings Pluto. Transit Pluto conjunct natal Sun of the Soviet Union caused the collapse. The transiting Pluto opposed the Nazis destroyed? Pluto here through this aspect appears as Nemesis, that Nazism never survived.

Second, many things in American culture will collapse, Americans should go back to basic values that were present during the establishment of the state, and the culture and civilization will be healthier and better for the people, and America is already in the same way as did Rome, England, Israel, ancient Egypt and other larger nations.

One thing is certain, the healthiest nations always survive through contrasts and attendants of Pluto, and survive many of them. The Sun -Ploutona contrast creates serious events and deep hits. The old Europe died, colonialism and imperialism received blows, the structures were destroyed that were built during the Renaissance period. Clearly not, this contrast may not be as catastrophic as much and the First World War. Defects in leadership character is most obvious, where it will receive severe criticism from the world. If the “cracks” are deep, they will fall. His fate will be the judge of any weakness here. There will be no mercy for the bad decisions. Lies can be catastrophic, the easy and makeshift solutions will not work. You may see a new kind of leadership in America, a suddenly obvious disconnect between the American people and its politicians, and bureaucrats and the administrators and judges, will be the leaders that will crumble. The new leadership will result from falling back to the original founding core values of America.

Maybe everything is going to change and that the way that most of us can not even dream of. This change will bring painful events, but will clean up corruption and out of the body politic. This is a creative destruction of Pluto. This aspect will affect important countries and leaders belonging to sign either have this account in the map, it as the UK, Germany, Russia, Austria and Turkey. Certainly nothing become lossless, thousands died.

A leader can find that is not the master of the game now, and as happens in countries belonging to the sign of Cancer, like the US, withdrawn and isolated from the world for at least 20 years. It is difficult to write one for the Sun-Pluto opposition, it is difficult to see easily Plutonian events until fall masks. The Pluto problem opposed to the US Venus in Cancer was that the financial bubble that was built for at least a decade, eventually brought the boom. The underlying problem of this contradiction was that before the crash of the bubble hardly anyone knew if there was a bubble that was going to collapse!

The opposition of Jupiter-Pluto, showed the discontent of Americans with their elected leaders, and elections in November 2010 many rejected. In foreign policy, the administration followed carefully disengagement policies worldwide. On May 2, 2011 Osama bin Laden was shot to death by a Special Forces team (Pluto was little more than a degree away from the exact antithesis of Jupiter).

On a personal level, it is important not to be too assertive, jealous, selfish, or to resist stubbornly change that will improve our lives (and eventually will discover that there cheriazete can have complete control) is also there can be habits it is destructive to yourself or others. To evolve your soul, so that you can live a better life and to experience greater satisfaction.

Back to the chart of the new moon to go with the other aspects, the Sun also squares the ascendant and this means that injustices will be quite intense and felt concerns drawbacks, mechanical damage where we will have explosions because of these, the separations, the false confidence but also a general explosion around the world.

The Sun squares Uranus, linked to situations and events of terrible tension, sudden reversals, the turmoil. The changes and reforms that come create such tensions and become thoughtlessly to view the interest, thereby causing serious problems.
The Mercury- Pluto opposition is associated with the reckless actions, irritability, rush and no worse than that especially for a leader to act and decide in this way. Linked to the manipulation, blackmail to succeed in what we want. Also linked to the destruction or communication lines.

The Venus square -Uranus gives earthquakes and shaking buildings but also instability in the economy and stock markets, diplomacy and relations between states. With aspects formed Venus in the last periood, it is expected to shake stock markets, but perhaps not in reality about it, perhaps with cause of Brexit, but I do not see any progress, in the economy as also concerning the Capitals controls in Greece. But certainly respect uncontrolled developments.

Moreover, Venus -Pluto opposition, is associated with an environmental disaster and they have economic implications understood. The square with the ascendant of the new moon, marks the slump in every respect, wastage, debauchery, fanaticism, rape, coercion. Our aspect of this go back without some progress, because the leaders among them do not seem to find them. That during this period, will create frustration and promises and agreements to give it overturned. But efforts need to be made ..

Opposition of Jupiter-Newptune we know is connected to scandals, speculation, a great fraud, political conflicts, losses.

The Saturn-North node square contribute to the limitations and instability and creates tensions and difficulties in cooperation level, Uranus squares the MC and this brings sudden and major upheavals in the world with great impact that angered us, and Uranus in opposition to rising of the new moon confirms a collective shock and the cold shower that permanently accept lately.

Let’s take a look at the fixed stars that accompany the new moon in Cancer ..

The fixed star Sirius in the 14 ° 18 Cancer, are well within the tolerance of 12 ° 53 ‘. This very bright, all the stars have planetary character of Jupiter-Mars, which is a sign of success. It gives honor, fame, wealth and loyalty. It makes you want to take care of things. The combination of Sun and Moon with Sirius is a good omen for success in business, good friendship and domestic harmony. Life also continue ..
3 4 5
Mercury conjunct Alhena gives popularity, benefits from the opposite sex, music and artistic ability, but little reputation, internal harmony, companies affected negatively by the pleasure and society.
Venus conjunct Castor sudden loss, distinction, keen mind, violence and disruption
Mars conjunct Agena, is the legal power, the price as a speaker or writer, great mental and physical capabilities.

*** IMPORTANT Saturn conjunct Antares means love for materialism, dishonesty through conditions created by the environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and lawsuits, the problem through enemies, many failures, blocking, bad for domestic issues, disease and grief from children. If at the same time the Moon with Aldebaran, the risk of death by sword or hanging. [Robson *, p.138.]
Comparing the chart of the new moon to that of our own country, we see affect our national economy create problems of the events coming from abroad. And do not tell me that someone Brexit for example, will not affect the economy of Greece immediately after the debt is subject to English law, as well as trade relations will be affected by the external. Do not forget that the pound is a currency quite powerful which will suffer severely and because of the colonies. The Moon -Sun opposition will bring conflicts and disagreements on legal issues such as the revision of the constitution and religious issues, the moon -neptune opposition ,dissatisfaction , the Moon-Pluto square sudden changes and explosions, the Venus -Neptune opposition will bring twists in the economy and is linked to the fraud, mockery. Also influences the constitution of Greece and the chart of Metapolitefsi.
The New Moon Cancer will affect the US, South America, China-Japan, India, Scotland, Holland, N. Zealand.


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