On June 5, the New Moon will be held in the sign of Gemini at 4:59:31 am, 14th degree of Gemini, at the first house of the solar horoscope. Saturn will participate, Neptune and Venus with negative aspects where it will burden with their energy the zodiac signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgos and Sagittarius.

new moon

This time of period will be very hard and generally the whole June, about emotional life of the zodiac signs are affected, with a very high probability of illusions, unrealistic sexual relations and uneconomic choices but also for the economy. Any potential economic and emotional opportunities should not rely on promises. We will see increasing accidents and smuggling. The chart of New Moon, we see a small alignment again, where the Moon, the Sun and Venus at the 1st house is aligned at the sign of Gemini, the 14th degree ( confusion). The Ascendant of the new moon is also in Gemini in the 12th degree (gluttony and selfishness) and is expected to affect our country especially since Greece has its moon in this sign. As Nostradamus and I’ve reported again concerning alignments, our years refers to unusual planetary alignments and other astronomical formula that spark massive upheavals on earth and changes, of course that include major earthquakes or tsunamis too.

The first house is the most important because every cosmic chart represents the people, the general situation of a country, public affairs, societies of a country and public health. The first house is the ordinary people, the way of expression, their own characteristics. It is also the interior ministry. A favorable planet, with many fundamental strengths and positive aspects to the ascendant, will show that the country’s situation will improve and people will be pleased. But if affected badly or some malefic planets, the opposite will happen.

Gemini is a sign related to communications, but also the freedom of speech, spoken or written, television, radio, post offices, computers, phones and all media, all national communication and information networks and transport because Mercury is their ruler, agreements, trade. Note that when Gemini displayed a variety or a mixture of factors are joined together by creating changes, and there is a need to adjust them. However, the new moon reveals many tests and challenges in efforts that everyone does about love and money, issues which are represented by Venus.

Greed, fear and delusion are matters formed by Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in formation T-Square where refers to the obstacles that stand between you and true love. A number of difficult planetary aspects enable us to give up and sink more in self-pity. However, we should understand that these difficult aspects is providing opportunities to improve our love life and our finances so that we can appreciate what we have. This moon phase lasts from June 4 until June 20 which is the next full moon.

The New Moon at 14 ° 53 ‘of Gemini is located right next to Venus also at 14 ° 24’ of Gemini. This very close alignment of the Sun, Moon and Venus is undoubtedly the primary influence of this new moon actually. Clearly, of course, is something much more than the sign of Gemini, the constellation of Orion (Orion) adds more influence on this phenomenon and on Venus is together with the fixed star Rigel in the 17 ° 03 ‘Twin. This bright blue star gives happiness, wealth, honor and glory.

Given this initial brilliance that emits the map of the new moon, you will discover, unfortunately, that this is a real shock as you begin to unfurl the interpretation of the new moon in Gemini. All promise to give this shining star for love, riches and glory become shivers, the influence of the Grand Cross that you form the map of the new moon. The innocence of youth emitting Gemini, plagued by greed, fear and illusion of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune forming the T-Square on the map.

Imagine then, the New Moon conjunct Venus as ideal, with everything you would like to have, namely money and love. Could there be a great and companion in your life, real happiness, healthy children, faithful friends, fame or wealth. This new moon, Venus glow to the fore (first house) represents all those who love and want each of us and all the values that he carries the planet. To share the love is really something very important now and your loved ones will play a central role in your life in the next four weeks. Your happiness and prosperity may depend on them, and vice versa.

If you are alone is free, you may feel a stronger need for companionship and intimacy, and will want to do something to improve your chances of creating a romance. Or you could look for something different that would cause the release of sexual chemicals in your brain like a creative job or hobby where you like to immerse yourself in it.
By literally hang over your ideal for your love life and luxury is positive but there is a T-square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This basically means that for karmic reasons (with retrograde Saturn), any delay or disappointment that will affect your love life or your finances is a lesson to teach you that you need to keep in touch with reality. Many of the worries and concerns due to greed, deception, excessive behavior or unrealistic expectations.
There are many tests and challenges that stand between you and your perfect love. All these aspects of the map of the new moon, for example, have the ability to turn you into a lover loose, unkempt, indolent and with plenty of fat. In reality, however effort to stop what is happening to you, that is!
The aspects under the T-square, the planets are forming to Venus represent the hard facts and relationships that must be experienced in order to improve your life in the field of love and your finances. The aspects listed below offer some clues on how to at least pass the exam.

The square of Sun/ Jupiter can make you feel very confident, proud, lucky and optimistic for the slightest reason. The best way to handle this expectation is to show respect, moderation and discipline. Focus your energy on a single pair-group tasks. Try to be conservative with your finances, as there is a tendency to accumulate things you do not really need. Moderation is needed in all areas, with your behavior and your morals.

In cosmic level associated with the tough requirements conflict with the law, the bad food, the arrogance, the physical and natural abundance, epideiktikotita, frequent negligence, conflict of ideas.
The Sun-Saturn opposition puts caveats in your life and this is due to the actions of other people or due to circumstances prevailing. These restrictions may seem too difficult to overcome, because you find it difficult to express yourself. Your low energy and resistance around you means that it is not the time to force you by others or trying to promote yourself and abilities to your feelings. The accumulation of disappointments can best be dealt with in a plodding your personal goal, where the help of others is needed.

On a cosmic level, the opposition is associated with the suppression of the system, the fragile health, the vitality containment, isolation in a simple way of life, a serious illness, a complete change because of migration flows, the change of environment but also affects leaders but also linked the fires.

The Sun / Neptune square has a strong impact on your vitality, making it difficult to get motivated or to be excited so simply with nothing, especially when it comes to hard work. Events or other people can cause confusion and frustration that will force you to give battle against the odds. To address this misleading influence should have full knowledge about become. This is not the best time for hard and high competition, such as commercial transactions or negotiations, and that it have a higher risk to your advantage some predators.
In cosmic level expresses the scandals, cheating, the chaos, the chemical fire and perhaps nuclear power, as we have seen recently and chemical explosions in factories in Europe, one in England and one in Sweden somewhere if I remember.

The square of Jupiter-Venus is generally a good time to socialize and make new friends. Care must be taken, however, not lower your standards, you say you go out on a date, as this could lead to wrong choices or embarrassing situations. You may be more willing to have a relationship at this time that will eventually fail, leading to stress in a marriage. Dieters may have difficulty to avoid overeating at this time. There will be a tendency to exceed the budget for luxury goods, fashion, cosmetics, holidays and fun, something you can really do unless money is quite limited.

Our Venus / Saturn opposition says it is not a good time for socializing so you should prepare for some time to be alone. Try to work out to do some work on your self-development. This is a good time to prepare any work. Try to pay off any debts and if you can not, then at least get organized to know where you stand. If you are subject to depression try to realize this is probably a bad phase of life.

The Venus / Neptune square can lead to feelings of insecurity about yourself and how you see one. There is a tendency to over-idealization of romantic interest at the moment, ignoring the obvious mistakes that are easy for others to see. It would be wiser to wait until they pass the crossing this before you commit to someone else to trust a person. The tendency towards depression, alcohol use and substance will now be easier than ever. Regular users should pay attention to overdose and speak for those who make a drug therapy potentially, infections, or cheating by traders is very likely.
A cosmic level Venus aspects associated with large landslides and other infections.

Globally, this drama unfolds at peace talks and exchanges. There must be great efforts to maintain the cease-fires, to maintain peace, to prevent new clashes between Member. As regards the great migration crisis we will see increased efforts to solve through treaties signed among nations. However, as become and personal relationships, you need the continuous efforts for peace be maintained and increased since these aspects are completely negative aspiring the very opposite, unfortunately, those who have not realized the world peace and economy hanging from a string literally.

With the New Moon in Gemini will be serious developments in global stock markets while Venus rules the money, Jupiter rules the wealth, and Saturn governing banks, investment houses and the vaults. Neptune is associated with a large-scale deception and deception of the masses by the few who threatens to expose the underground nature of Pluto (quincunx with new moon).
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Compared with the chart of our country, we see that the new moon in Gemini affects first house of  Greece (the people, the general situation of the country, state cases, a country societies and public health) and the 7th to Mars / Saturn conjunction (house overt enemies, contracts or wars, civil partnerships, conditions have been signed) where between these two companies create a tremendous polarity as the full moon of May. The moon trines the Sun and Saturn seextiles which means that there are some who try to do their best to overcome difficulties and obstacles but there are those who are indifferent and looking to simply go well the better. But also the moon is in opposition to Mars in the 7th house of the country showing reactions, violence against limitations the restrictions. Anyway alignments such as the sign that is affecting matters where connected.

The Sun is in opposition to Mars, do list for hasty decisions, irritability, disagreements, inconvenience, stress. the Sun zextiles Saturn, Mercury trines Neptune, Venus trines Sun, Venus is opposed to Mars, Venus sextiles Saturn. These are positive aspects that affect our country outside of opposition Venus / Mars. As an overview with stellium affect the first economic but is not at all positive where you create a huge polarization between people and government decisions, certainly expected dramatic developments, as have other and September as we will write later is extremely negative, if you read the Solar return to Greece for 2016. the new moon clearly affects the map of the prime minister, while sitting on the ascendant as of our country. So we see the Gemini stellioum sitting on the right, maybe this is going to face. The moon is also conjunct Mars in Scorpio, Neptune trines Saturn, but his position challenged by opoosition of Jupiter / Neptune.

seeing the following equations,

Problems- lack – Run demanding tasks – isolation – barriers associated with co – Alteration / withdrawal.
Surprising or unexpected announcements associated with partners – Sudden variations on ideas – Adventurous thinking – News about the events in the environment – reports on the events – troubled communications involving others – reports about tensions – arguments or disputes
Starting on teamwork – Started on active partnerships – hard living – – Attempts to stochous- Start fires or ignition – Work or operations involving weapons – Mandatory decisions – anxiety – Restriction.
Official influence – Civil – dictators / Actions involving confusion or chaos – loss – Intense uncertainty or deceit
Unrecognized force concerning populations or nations – Efforts related uncertainty or instability – Intense frustration – unsuccessful efforts, despite the power or influence – Showers – Hours blackouts
Significant costs – High impact on economic problems – Legal problems relating to policy or power
Delays – Difficult times- infection or contamination
Dissemination of culture – something I take for granted-resistance or obstacles related -freezing attractions emotions – Restrictions on physical pleasure –
religious conversions
Restrictions on physical pleasure – News related to cooperatives and peaceful governments – Exceptional artistic ideas – Talk about prominent artists



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