The full moon of May, will be held on May 21, 2016, at 11:14:21 pm, the 10th house of the solar horoscope, at the 1st degree of Sagittarius, at  the axis of Gemini / Sagittarius, that Neptune, Saturn and Mars with form negative aspects and will ill burden the zodiac signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. This influence will borne personal and social interests. Disharmony of Saturn / Neptune is an aspect of fanaticism, but conspiracies and false assessments. These properties will saturate the behavior of those who manage the fate of nations and systems. You have to take great initiative and make decisions. Well, it is a very important full moon that a lot are going to happen and we will see why.


The 10th house, where the full moon will take place, is very important house, and angular,  and affects the head of state, the president of the republic, the prime minister, public figures, high society. For countries that have reign shows the king. Generally, is the highest authority and persons who have a strong position in a state. Dominates and the honor and reputation of the country. It is the ruling party, the government, the highest state office, the position and the state power on the international diplomatic scene. The heads of state. The nobles, the entities claiming. The price of the product. The mother. Managers. Popularity. The sense of duty, the relationship with senior people. The acceptance or rejection of hierarchy. Our possibilities to become known in a wider context. Our position in society. This house is connected with the sign of Capricorn and determines our capacity for social recognition and development. Rules also, the Judges, administrators, presidents, governors, rulers and prime ministers. Rules also the profession or trade.

full moon sagittarius

The 4th house, opposite the 10th, is the structure of power, natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, fires- and agricultural production. The opposition party. The buildings and land, crop land, farming, subsoil, mines, earthquakes and weather. They proceed from land areas, public buildings. It represents our roots, family and homeland. It is very important house. Traditionally, it is associated with the sign of Cancer. He is one of the most metaphysical houses. Our property. Fields, gardens, houses, Hidden Treasures on the ground. Municipalities, cities, mines, Graves. The end of all things. The ground.


The full moon will be held at the 1st degree of Sagittarius. From 0 -1 degree in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces = what has started can be changed. In mutable signs always it means anxiety, nervousness and change. Shows indecision and weakness. In predictive astrology, what has begun may now change. Considered a leading degree. The person wants to have precedence (it is very uncertain how it will succeed) but some “strange” and mysteriously manages to exercise power. The first degree can be seen in charts of the “self-motivated” leaders who have the correct timing and to know how and who must act. Here, gives a disproportionate selfishness that can work as an inexhaustible motive force. People with the presence of the first degree may manifest stubbornness but also have the guts to succeed. Here, the first degree of Sagittarius, shows deprivation and injuries and has a military character. Authoritarian, defiant and stubborn character on a cosmic level. It is the physical aggression that requires a lot of energy and strength.


Important is also the fact that the full moon in Sagittarius has the ascendant at the 22nd degree of Capricorn. Here, things are quite strange and deserve special mention and attention since the 22nd degree, is connected to murder (either figuratively or literally). Confidently, the person aims to go higher on hierarchy and, when this cannot be done, then it becomes ruthless and bloodthirsty. There, at this point that is because this degree is unfolding the issue of murder. Besides the “cosmic” theater of the universe pretty much all of us we have the role of a sidekick. Thus the protagonists are few, murderers and murdered a lot. The 22nd of Capricorn, has a weak character, inability to dominate over our passions, this degree describes a death, a havoc, and a possible assassination important of a person in politics, as we had seen in equations of recent articles of April and May.

Before I begin the analysis we have two significant astronomical phenomena that will affect developments on this planet. The first one is that we have a seasonal Blue Moon. Of course, we had a Blue Moon at 31 July 2015, we had also analyzed then, and you will see the reason why we have the seasonal one, now. You may also see more information here

I will remind you what I had written then about Blue Moon:

By astrological point of view, a Blue Moon is preparing many surprises on a cosmic level! In 2007, for example, we had the deadly fires that burned throughout Greece, while also launched national elections. In 2009, we had again a “blue moon”, and again proclaimed elections, which took place in 2012. This phenomenon brings all kinds of twists. It is considered important fact and causes serious events depending on which sign occurs and Sagittarius sign is about war particularly when there are so many important aspects that we will describe later in the article. So we are talking about a very powerful full moon that will change the world. On a social level the Blue Moon will bring exaltation of crime and migration, as was done respectively in the years 1961, 1999, 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2015. At the same time triggers extreme weather phenomena earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions and tidals. You may also search these years in Wikipedia and see the events that took place around the world.

Particularly in Europe, it will create as already we see threats, such as terrorist attacks which will thrill many countries as we mentioned in the previous months, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Russia, America, England etc. Economic instability will create major problems. America will experience, like it is also now experiencing extremism and criminality, and economic impasse. There will be earthquakes in Los Angeles, Chile and Brazil, Turkey, Japan as well as civil conflicts, social riots, intense twists and new violence and conflict outbreaks will also will experience the people of the Middle East, South America and there will be twists in economy of China, something that I said in last year’s Blue Moon. A few days later, China’s stock market began to collapse. Some of them have already happened or are underway.

Important was also the Blue Moon in the year 1999: On January 1, was created the European currency. On 13 June elections were conducted, and on August 17 earthquake struck the Kocaeli Province of northwestern Turkey with over 15,000 dead. On September 7th we had in Athens earthquake 5.9 on the Richter scale with a total of around 145 dead. Under Blue moon influence we had the arrest of Abdullah Ocalan, while on 24 March the NATO launched air strikes against Serbia. So it is very important, especially in the houses it takes place. This may also contribute to the possible split of Europe.

The other astronomical phenomenon is that Mars will approach the Earth on 22 may, 2016 as also Saturn will approach earth by the 2-3 June 2016.

In 2016, the planet Mars will appear brightest from May 18 to June 3.Mars Close Approach is May 30, 2016. That is the point in Mars’ orbit when it comes closest to Earth. Mars will be at a distance of 46.8 million miles (75.3 million kilometers). Mars reaches its highest point around midnight — about 35 degrees above the southern horizon, or one third of the distance between the horizon and overhead. Mars will be visible for much of the night.

By mid-June, Mars will become fainter as Mars and Earth travel farther away from each other in their orbits around the Sun. Saturn will shine in close vicinity of ruddy Antares, the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius the Scorpion.


You may also read more here

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This phenomenon is called Mars and Saturn opposition. Concerning Mars opposition phenomenon, important was the year 2003 where Mars was at the closest distance of earth. You may see important events there where we will almost experience the same and much worst this time

Mars-Sky-Viewing-May2016-sm Mars-Sky-Viewing-May2016-sm 2016-june-2-mars-saturn-antares-scorpius

From the astrological point of view, both planets do not give a positive interpretation. With Mars: Harmful habits force affecting the life, quarrels with friends and relatives, quite favorable for profit.

With Saturn: materialistic, dishonest through circumstances caused by the environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and lawsuits, the problem through enemies, many failures, bad for domestic issues, much illness and grief children [Robson *, p.138.]

Back in May full moon. In the Full Moon of May intense and particularly aggressive Mars is, that dominates the at the chart of the full moon, also at the first degree of Sagittarius, where together create serious aggression and major tension issues in all sort of relationships, whether those are relations personal, professional, between states and leaders and nations . So we have the Mars / Moon conjunction at the 1st degree of Sagittarius at the 10th house, and, both of them are opposed to the Sun and Venus in the 4th House, as you observe at the chart of the full moon.

It is true that till now have occurred significant and rare alignments across the sky and most of them are stemming from the red blood moon, the 2015 blue moon. The planet will change, much will happen to all these phenomena that we have described in recent months. The Moon / Mars conjunction is opposite to the Sun and Venus which is a quite an uncomfortable and unstable polarity that requires a little bit of patience and understanding at least in our personal lives, because in political level usually things are extremely difficult. Also with this full moon, notorious fixed stars activated indicating a high risk on a cosmic level, when we act impulsively. Depression and misfortune will become quite obvious by many, but because of this situation will certainly there will be people that will show sympathy and offer comfort and support. The universe literally is full of omens, months now.

The Moon / Mars conjunction is the strongest feature in the illustration of the full moon. This is a particular strong combination, because both are to the same degree. But there are also positive features given in this conjunction, such as passion, strength, bravery and strong sex appeal, overstimulation, vivid emotion, spontaneity, the emotions, the intellectual activity, courage, is the perception of openness, honesty, strong will and it matches a Sagittarius. The conjunction itself seems to be quite good, however, because of the opposition to the Sun and Venus in Taurus and Gemini respectively, tells us that this full moon will lead to more fights, battles and will open war fronts.

Opposition of the Sun / Moon is similar to the Venus / Mars opposition, but also of higher intensity, due to strong polarity that is being created between male energy (Mars) and female energy (Venus). The Moon and Venus are both conciliatory and passive, while the Sun and Mars is dominant and energetic. This kind of polarity, I such houses simply does not sit well at all.

Any hope of peace and harmony because of the Sun / Venus conjunction in the 4th house, will neutralize the aggression of Mars and disharmony of the oppositions. Venus opposite Mars puts excessive pressure on relationships and adds for example, sexual tension between partners, but mainly creates enormous tensions between associates, leaders and nations. The polarity between those two is particularly highlighted. Concerning, your personal relationships, roles and responsibilities of each partner is likely to arise through the conflict. Traditional sexual stereotypes have no meaning in this full moon. There will be a kind of struggle for supremacy between partners that will be reflected by an internal conflict between male and female and the weakest should decide to stand alone.


Mars retrograde, do not forget that, until the end of June, reinforcing the need to think twice before assert or act impulsively, either in personal or on a cosmic level. It is better, of course, on a personal level, to continue the hard work and avoid arguments or conflicts. We should be able to talk about what is bothering us in connection with a close associate as well as our friends. You should be very careful with all the others, however. Some people will not go well with this energy and will be particularly irritable and aggressive. It is an aspect of high risk.

The Moon / Venus opposition shows the miscalculation that we have about a situation, the inability to estimate things and also indicates the direction and manipulation by others, timidity, reticence. It also shows disorder, irritability, sadness, conflict. The conjunction of Moon / Mars shows strong tensions, the rush, early action but also the fighting spirit, strife, trouble, intolerance demonstration / intolerance and problems. The opposition of Sun / Mars, is showing tenacity, stubbornness, restlessness, recklessness in the decisions, but also on a cosmic level shows terrorists, violent people, the military, the stress, disruption, failure from excessive demands, symbolizing the fires. And the houses where these aspects take place are quite important. The 10th house are the governments, the 4th, the territory of a country, the country, and the inhabitants of a country. This aspect is also connected depending on the situations, and the call for military service if there will be an outbreak of a war, for example. Many states will accept a terrorist attack or new war conflicts will open up.

The Venus / Mars opposition in a cosmic level shows the explosion, the sudden outbreak, and disruption of diplomatic relations since both planets affect war and peace, economy, violence which will grow and we will be witnesses of important developments. It also symbolizes the looting or vulnerable victims eg. during a disaster. With such aspects indeed I do not hope for peace, negotiations concerning the improvement of economy or any other improvement, in angular houses.

Undoubtedly, aspects are not missing from the chart of the full moon is the square of Jupiter / Saturn (restriction, forced change, fear, resentment) between 8 / 11th house, where it is not at all positive for the political and economic situation and the conditions in which we live, the opposition of Jupiter / Neptune (feasibility, political conflicts, losses, scandals, instability, speculation, poverty, economic tsunami or because of an earthquake) with the north Node between 2 / 8th, repeated, at the economic axis and death, as seen from solar eclipse articles.


The latter also applies to large earthquakes, tsunamis and disasters with massive losses and where we will have. Saturn also squares the North Node (forced separation and dissolution, group isolation, difficulties in collaboration with others, lack of adaptability, oppression, restrictions, massive losses) but also Neptune (dark, epidemics, undermining situations, loss of firmness, decay, rot , prejudice, insecurity, alternating moods).


Further aspects that being formed is the square of the Sun / Jupiter, (high heat, fires, arrogance, showdown, the conflict with the law, bad diet), the Sun / Saturn opposition (persistent long fires, serious illness, loss of life) the square of the Sun / Neptune (chemical fire, chaos, tangling in scandal, deception, the self-deception and concern leaders where you see the sun is involved), the square of the Moon / Neptune (bizarre circumstances, holding) the Venus opposition / Saturn (obstacles in the economy and in peace, suffering, isolation, prevention, landslides, ground subsidence), the square of Venus / Neptune (infection, difficult realization of ideas, madness, mania, delusion, absurdity) square of Mars / Jupiter, (large fires, early action, clearing through confrontation, rebellion, dissolution and determination) known in the past two months articles as the conjunction of Mars-Saturn that has lit fires at the Aegean Sea, and since this aspect forms an opposition to Venus and other aspects not are not positive we should expect he war game to be developed there, waiting a lot to happen, that is also is triggering long time now the square of Mars- Neptune (weakness, paralysis, impotence, epidemics axis, lack of purpose, failure, misfortune, lack of planning, crime increase).


Fixed stars, are placed to the chart of May full Moon are several and very significant. The stable star Dschubba on 02 ♐ 48 Sagittarius, is within the tolerance of both the Moon and Mars. According to Robson produces sudden attacks, malice, the immorality and shamelessness. Ebertin says that causes difficulties, obstacles and losses, and of course in secular maps, there is an indication of mass disasters when Mars involved, Saturn or Uranus, and indeed is the first degrees of Sagittarius. The cosmic map, is reflecting the planets in universe means world events and this star, just mentioned, is not the only indicator of a tragedy and war in the full moon of May, 21, 2016. Mars particularly with Dschubba is famed for violence, harm and crime, violent and sudden deaths.


The stable star Alcyone in 00 ♊ 12 Gemini, conjuncts the Sun. This star brings optimism and love, when the aspects are favorable, but deep sadness and tragedies due to the completely negative aspects are being formed. Alcyone, has also been associated with homosexuality, especially in men. I would not be surprised if this full moon, as shows the nature of the planets, to encourage people to come out to protest or incur significant events relating to human rights and equality but also peace and war. Alcyone conjunct the Sun and according to Robson, is connected to diseases of the throat, chronic catarrh, blindness, the bad eyesight, injuries to the face, illness, shame, the bad mood (on homosexuality), the killer or those who were killed, imprisonment, death from plague, the blows, the stabbing, shooting, beheading or shipwreck (either into the sea or a political shipwreck).


And finally, to emphasize the significance of the events that will evolve, we have the appearance of the notorious fixed star Algol (everybody know and have heard) on 26 ♉ 23 Taurus, there is no good omen for world peace and economy when possibly conjuncts Venus. The Algol and Alcyone when activated, and so many fixed stars together, indicate extreme misery and events that will bring sorrow. Due to the strong polarity that exists in this chart, do not forget that man will show and the best properties during a disaster or a tragic event. Marks also the decapitation or a murderer or someone who meets a violent death. With such combinations, as we know in the past, many leaders are threatened with assassination attempts, that mainly have on their chart the Jupiter / Saturn square, opposition or conjunction. Algol was also, at the Second World War broke out when and at other important moments of world history. During the Second World War, Uranus crossed over Algol. It was there when September 1, London accept an airstrike. However, you may read on last year Moons on June,2015 but Algol, appeared also in Taurus New Moon,2015, as also a lot take place in the world.


Nevertheless … there is always another ray of hope in my personal opinion, whether the politicians do not give much room for it, and that comes from the Great trine of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto. It brings people together to build a better future based on optimism and faith. Do not forget that. The full moon of May 6 has shown us that there will be some limited situation to be overcome in order to rise to a personal, professional and spiritual development. But the May 21 marks a boundary condition, a tragedy in the world leading to an outpouring of compassion and humanity. After, all Saturn in Sagittarius, is testing our faith.


Let’s see how it will affect our country and other countries too. For Greece, the full moon will affect the 1st and 7th angular house which are important houses.

1 2 3

We have the square of Sun-Mercury, which creates problems concerning communication, lack of targets, tensions and problems, the square of Saturn/Mercury, which means rupture, a break –down that is very dangerous for negotiations, highway blockades * (i.e. strikes), the square of Sun-MC to points out the mistakes made and that the difficulties to achieve the aims set, but also Saturn-MC associated with obstacles and difficulties of the government meets. The disharmony of Saturn-Neptune, will continue to affect the country’s parliament and political parties. The full moon conjuncts to Mars and Saturn affects the 7th house of the country, symbolizes the opposing country in time of war, is the house of overt enemies, whether it is about parties split, contracts or wars, diplomatic relations of the state and the popular reaction to the decisions of a government. The first house is more important because in the chart represents the people, the general situation of the country, government affairs and public health. It is also the interior ministry. So there, we see a huge bias to be created, regarding the decisions and agreements (memorandums), the people’s reaction but also the issue regarding the Aegean Sea, where it has become the focus of developments, as I have reported, is very likely to see there another type of Imia episode to be developed and something more than this.


Aspects that affect our country for long time is the disharmony of Sun-Uranus , associated with critical situations, explosions at several levels and twists, in our relations with other countries and leaders, where it makes the management of things even more difficult. Disharmony of Mars-Uranus (violence, pressure, tension, struggle for survival, suddenly events, surgery), the quincunx of Jupiter/Uranus (instability, lack of good diplomacy, waste fine opportunities, perhaps and prepare a revolt of religion as a general flare ), the Uranus/ Mercury square (tangle, conflicts, peculiar effects, eccentricities, unrest, and no good for the media affected) the square of Uranus-Saturn (challenging behavior, conflict, rebellion, unpleasant interventions, conflicts, limiting freedom), the opposition of Jupiter-Pluto (a waste, exploitation of the masses, abusers of power, serious problems with the authorities of the place).

Also at the chart of Metapolitefsi, affects the 11th and 5th houses of the country associated with fun, children, young, speculation, diplomats, ambassadors and schools and education boards.

At the chart of the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, we see the full moon affecting his 6th house. Maybe try to make an attempt to respond to all have been imposed, as he did last year but he will have to face also intense reactions within the country both political and on a pop level.


We have also the Moon –Mars square (coercion, boldness, troubles, problems, against restrictions, impulsive actions, recklessness), the Square of Sun -Mars (recklessness in decisions, stubbornness and obstinacy, hurry, upset, tension, stress, overwork, failures), the Opposition of Moon/Venus, the Moon-Saturn square (melancholy, conflicts, erroneous assessment of a situation, weakness).The opposition of Sun -Saturn (bound to lead to isolation from the circumstances, fragility, dealing a severe situation, requires discipline).Of course there are also positive aspects between planets where he could perform much better things but the axis is worrying me is of Saturn -Pluto (catalyzing power, dictatorship, collective limitation) .The opposition of Mercury over our country shows lack of purpose, appreciation, and changes. We need to be more specific on many issues and change policy and diplomacy, and surely the design of our objectives while the communication with the outside will become more critical.


europe turkey 2algolfrance

The full moon will however affect Russia-Turkey relations to the extremes. The Uranus in opposition to he ascendant of the full moon affects France, where there are happening and will continue to happen sudden and subversive events, France shows that will accept another terroristic blow while bloody turbulence will continue now, in fact is interpreted as a team- shock that this people suffered. Particular challenges will face also the Middle East, while the US will have to deal with a major earthquakes and other extreme phenomena, something that I have analyzed in previous months.

Why California and in general the Western States? The state of California is Virgo (on September 9, 1850). While Pluto is trine Sun California this sign of the fact that this state is moving toward a new phase. With natal Saturn, Pluto and Uranus in Aries .All starts with Saturn. All this time, we see fires, droughts, earthquakes and even a tsunami is likely, California will be reborn in some way. Moreover, compared with the chart of the full moon, on 21 May, 2016, we see that Algol and Alcyone, there. Pluto trines the Sun, mainly at February 13, but also on June 26 and on December 18, it may be dangerous dates. Uranus and Saturn are going to shake for good. Finally, the full moon particularly affects South America, Brazil that is hosting the Olympics and Northern Europe.


I also would like to make a small reference to Cyprus … The Pluto transit from the natal Saturn of Cyprus in the 8th house will still affect, as I had said until 2014, creating a new economic regime, but nevertheless always this planet allows an optimistic thought of an active regeneration. Furthermore, the transit of Jupiter through the 1st and the 2nd house of Cyprus can put the country on a growth path. Many of course depend on the policy that the government will follow, as if succumbing to constant blackmail without maneuver, then the future for the next seven years appears to be dark. Jupiter is quite strong in the horoscope of Cyprus (in Sagittarius and the 7th house), where can – contribute to “openings” and outside of Eurozone in each case. It is expected, however, a triumphant recovery of the country, in 2023, though, Cyprus is facing even more serious issues, and it is none other than the territory issue. Of course, the influence of Saturn, in 2020 (Venus, Mars and the Moon Cyprus), will put the island and its inhabitants in serious tests.


Within the dramatic change of course includes the exit from the Eurozone, not necessarily with the responsibility of Cyprus but because of general developments. But it is expected to be significant geopolitical developments and no one can make plans counting on the maintaining of the island. From this point of view any obsession for solutions within the Eurozone and within the existing framework of alliances, perhaps that is futile. Then, after the economic issues and since Cyprus exit the memorandum-economical crisis, there will be military issues. Besides, as I saw in yesterday’s interview, with the President of the Cypric Republic, the common astrological sensitivity between Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, certainly marks parallel and interlinked developments in all three countries.


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