The New Moon will be held on May 6, 2016 at 9:29:26 pm, at the 16th degree of Taurus (inertia, inefficiency, risk of unpopularity and failure after long efforts), at the 5th house solar horoscope. It will provide new development opportunities in a hard way for Taurus, Leo, Scorpions and Aquarians. The signs will be obliged to face the reality of their life and according to their needs to take place. In this phase, Venus will participate, Mercury and Pluto with the last two to be in retrograde motion. Generally, expect the economic, commercial and trade issues to be accentuated. In the foreign policy area new difficulties and complications will be developed.
The 5th house relates to the world of entertainment, stock, theater and symposiums, creativity, luck, gambling, casinos, taverns. Represents the ambassadors and representatives of other countries. The relations of statewith children. It refers to young people, the ways and means of public entertainment, artistic creations and rate of births. It is speculation, international relations, social affairs, official ceremonies and state cases but also about business. The sign of Taurus is known to be linked to national economy and the banking system.

The new moon in Taurus, is linked to karmic effects, because as we explained in previous article ,there are five retrograde planets simultaneously, and this phenomenon is extremely rare. The new moon of May, however, shows how you can relieve yourselves of any karmic intensity is being created in your life, dealing with proper handling, for specific limitations and circumstances that have been in your life. Guilt that probably has come to the surface or any ther negative notions, but, the formation of a Grand Trine, in the new moon chart, in signs of  earth, bring opportunities for personal, professional or spiritual development but self-confidence too. Happiness, development and significant changes can occur through travel, career, relationships or any business dealings.The influence of the new moon lasts for four weeks until the next new moon, in this case, until the new moon on June 4, 2016.

The new moon at the 16th degree of Taurus, is not conjuncting any important fixed star, however, a Grand trine is being formed, as shown on the chart. Our personal development and metamorphosis of Jupiter and Pluto are the main themes of the new moon. The Grand Trine shows convenience, abundance and good luck, but also a tendency to let the opportunity slip from our hands because we enjoy the good moments in our lives and we have simply left ourselves in total pleasure. Most astrologers agree that the formation also motivates to mass action.

So, there is a small alignment between the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Taurus in the 5th house. This also will give very strong shakes in economy but also strong earthquakes too around the planet.
The square of Saturn/Jupiter creates more inner tension and we will have to face criticism or restricting situations in our lives. Structures or beliefs that we had for years may collapse feeling uncertain and insecure about the future. Any area of your life is out of control can be found, or the creation of this trend will be subject to the strong influence of Saturn. You could experience financial difficulties and in this case you should limit expenditure on luxuries or entertainment. A relationship also has no basis may result in separation or large rearrangements. Events may cause you to reassess some aspects. Destructive behaviors such as addiction can come to an end during this period.

Jupiter and Saturn retrograde both, so that will further complicate your situation is generally things and this may be a recurring theme in your life. This adds more importance to create and fix any issue once and for all. So, until Jupiter will turn on straight motion on May 9, in a few days, there will be five retrograde planets. This will make the world seem to slow down or developing incidents may unwrapped incredibly slowly. It can show an increase of bizarre or prescribed events, including accidents and physical or psychological violence. Also relates to events, persons and situations are repeated and connect to the past, and this applies also to politics.

The quincunx of Sun-Saturn creates an imbalance between your own personal goals and responsibilities, or limitations caused by the square Jupiter- Saturn. Whatever the problem is, for example, that could damage your self-esteem or even causing a disease. The quincunx brings inequality in health and a karmic balancing. There will be a repetition of the cycle of rising tensions and then rapid release. This tension will ease and will take responsibility and to admit mistakes. This brings more trust and respect from others.

The Sun-Jupiter trine brings warm and friendly relations with all. Opportunities may come in the form of personal, intellectual and physical development. Economic benefits are possible, which will increase your overall net worth, and the level of satisfaction and pleasure. Personal and spiritual growth can come through education and travel, which are aimed at broadening perspective on life.

The Sun-Pluto trine leads to intense and profound experiences. You will have more power and influence your life, allowing the positive transformations. You can also exercise greater power and influence in the events in your life over the people around you. Personal or professional problems may also be more easily solved now.

The trine of Jupiter-Pluto will greatly increase your power and influence. You will have the opportunity to use this power to positively change your life, your environment, and the lives of other people. You will feel the control of situations, and can find yourself in positions of power or as a group controller. These changes could include the promotion of your career, resulting in increase of wealth and power. Trips made now will bear heavily your new outlook on life, and to gain unforgettable experiences.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction emphasizes thinking and communication. Expect a lot of your personal communication, clearing bureaucracy and accounts, receiving and sending letters and emails, and short trips around town. This is an ideal time to make plans and start business deals.

The Mercury retrograde lasts until May 22 (not final after coming out of the retrograde phase zone on June 6, this applies to all the planets) and allows you to get in touch with deeply buried memories, so that you can heal old wounds . Old friends can enter on your new life to settle old karma to allow you to proceed.

I do not have to say something different, on a cosmic level, also the trine of Mars-Uranus  is the axis of intervasions, and sudden events of revolution, is the struggle for independence, a strong test, but on a positive note together means courage, the mood for arguments, the desire for independence and freedom, the property not want to submit ourselves nor retreat, hasty moves and this will influence internal developments in the country.

What will affect us mostly, is the small alignment in Taurus that will bring massive mobilizations regarding issues we mention through the new moon, ie. finances, taxes, memorandums, etc. It is therefore a challenging formation, which again would put us to the test. Saturn in the 1st house, at the 15th degree is an ominous degree that brings frustration and sad events, but also the Uranus-Pluto square shows that sow divisions within the country and tensions due to economic issues we everyone know, with Pluto in 2nd with 4th house, pushing the national economy, the currency and the stock market and other national issues.

What is really of great significance is the full moon of May, in the sign of Sagittarius, where on May 21 we will have “blue moon” to Mars, where it will be located very close to Earth on that date. The red planet shining like a star with a yellow-orange color and can vary significantly in brightness. In 2016, Mars will be bright enough during the May 18 / June 3. Mars will form a contrast with the Sun where Mars will be aligned with the Earth. On May 22, the red planet rises at sunset, and is at its highest point in the south at midnight until sunrise the next day. Then Mars will be quite bright for 2016, with -2.1 size almost twice as bright as Sirius, which is the brightest star in the sky. Eight days later, on May 30, Mars will approach the Earth will end at 17:35 EDT (2135 GMT), at a distance of 46.8 million miles (75.3 million kilometers).

The approach of Mars to Earth is considered one of the closest to occur by 2013. In the coming weeks and months after the contrast, by the end of May and for the rest of the year, Mars will begin to recede from the Earth and, therefore, it seems fainter in the sky. This will be quite a significant phenomenon, astrologically and astrocartographically speaking, where there will bring major developments.
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Compared with the horoscope of Greece, the new moon of 6 May, 2016, will influence the 12th house, activating a large background on a political level, affecting issues such as (Espionage, crime, hospitals, prisons and other institutions, immigration, hidden enemies of the government, and everything is hidden, terrorist activities, hostage situations, manipulation, slavery, human rights issues, criminals and crime, third world nations, spies and secret enemies, covert aggression or exile conditions.) but also the 7th house (international treaties, agreements, wars, external relations, conditions, business relationships, agreements. This house governs our relations with other societies or nations or organizations. It also rules conditions, alliances, political divorces and civil partnerships or divisions, the trade balance).

Let’s look at the Uranian equations …

Departures or detachment associated with partners – Problems – division- Run demanding tasks – isolation – barriers related or other collaborations – Allotriosi- surprise or unexpected announcements associated with partners – Sudden variations on ideas – News about events in the environment – reports on the events in location – troubled communications involving others – reports about tensions – arguments or disputes the disputes

Compounds related to the past or the history-resistance or obstacles related organizations; Withdrawal from combinations – endings associated with synergasies- Sadness or depression related to contacts – Extensive reforms – technical levels
Unexpected events relating to power – Increasing tensions – actions that lead to the overthrow and substantial changes
Preferences on the armed forces – Intentions regarding armed intervention
economic problems with great impact – Minimize impact associated with financial matters – Legal problems relating to policy or power issues

Problems related to the losses and the power- Intense uncertainty, confusion, or frustrations related departures or distancing – movements that contribute to continuous uncertainty, insecurity, and instability – Fuzzy restrictions – hidden pressure to -uncertainty alienation, insecurity, or instability associated with supervision – Insufficient protection or defense

Fight for power- Facts related to current or instantaneous activities – Clarification on the power (eventually as elections sounds self) -Stadiakes departures or distancing – Substantive changes – delays in the development or improvement – Slowing growth prosdokion- Dilimmata- unrest Unexpected uncertainty or instability – Sudden confusion – Sudden rejection – – interior chaos- Cooperative sacrifices – former old colleagues.

Concerns or fears associated with social issues – damages or injuries groups – Social aneparkeiesRixeis compounds that affect the synergasies- Obstacles – endings – Divorces (political) -Dialysi ongoing-instability-Frustration about departures or distancing-losses
Speech problems with officials – Delays in communication with superiors – New or announcement on the government and restrictions – Significant reductions relating to mobility
– Losses on the sudden rupture – Earthquakes

Problems at the border in relation to others-destabilizing relations-Key travel – Serious discussions on aftodynamia- talks with officials – communications concerning the extent of the problems and what pensions,News or announcement on the government and restrictions – Significant reductions relating to mobility

Different interpretations of -empodia events in relation to education – Variations in teaching – Problems associated with significant changes – Kathysterisi- Problematic changes associated with spiritual or ideological issues-Delays in scientific work.
Work involving ancient or folk art-Crimes of passion.

future profits or revenues – Unknown profits – Easily-earn money – financial sacrifices – Speculation – Unrecognized value – favorable weather conditions – Financial loss – Injustice
Official conflicts – wars-Games for freedom
Resurgence of the past or historical relationships – Industrial – Refusal of cooperation – manipulation – abortive collaboration with others – unemployment – Impotence or Infertility

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