The full moon of April, will be held on 22 of the month, at 7:23:32 in the morning on the 6th house of the solar horoscope, at the 2nd degree of Scorpio (degree of Frustration). This will take place at the Taurus-Scorpio axis and will affect the Taurus, Scorpios, Leos and Aquarians. These people will fight for their own success but also for the implementation of their ideas. The issue for of this full moon concerns the global economy, while new economic measures will be accepted followed by reactions in many countries and it will be obvious that something serious is hidden behind. This full moon will cause many professionals realize their economic reality. But it may help the field of philosophy, mathematics and scientific research.


The sixth house, where the full moon takes place, is associated with the disease, global health, healing, service to man, and is the preoccupation with work. It also addresses the trade and commodities, especially cereals. Affects rule workers, office workers, factory workers, farmers, tenants, accountants and secretaries. Small animals’. It is about work rights, drudgery and dealing with the analysis include computers and calculators. As for the disease, it includes the type of the cause of, the curability and its duration. It concerns the status and quality of the supply of hospital care, the functioning of government, bureaucracy, the working class, all public services and trade unions, is also the daily living conditions, public health epidemics. The army, the navy, and the security forces. The Labor Department.


Scorpio is associated with taxes, debt, national tax structure, Insurance, Investment, Research, Death, pollution and recycling. The full moon is showing fear of negative karma consequences, the impact and the fateful events that hold us back and slow our progress. Saturn squares the North Node in the chart of the full moon and is heightened by the five planets retrograde during this moon phase. This rare phenomenon may lead to an increase or prescribed bizarre events around the world, including physical accidents and psychological violence. Fear and prejudice, will increase enough .The people which are divided into groups, it is not an easy way to progress, to move forward but it is just a way to avoid our fears, which may turn into reality.

As in all the full moon we see the Sun-Moon opposition. The full moon focuses your attention on relationships of all kinds and related to the previous new moon. Those that began on April 7, will now be completed during this phase. All events that begin then will now reach the peak and we should be more objective and balanced no matter if those are relations or events. The influence of the full moon will be valid until the new moon of May 6. In the full moon of April 22, there is an astrology formation called (Crossbow) which we had met before the full moon of February.

When Saturn forms aspects with the lunar nodes means that fatal incidents will impede our progress and our destiny. The North Node connects to our spiritual direction and the effects of someone’s actions to the total, and the South Node to our spiritual past. The fact that five planets are simultaneously retrograde is a very rare phenomenon. Someone may think that many retrograde planets in a chart, probably will make the world appear to slow down. We may feel that we live in a different dimension with less internal uncertainty. However, there will be an increase of strange events or fatal phenomena which may include accidents physical or psychological violence as mentioned above. The Crossbow if you remember, represents the release of tension that has accumulated. It can indicate risk for the Sun (Sun), where it activates a strong survival instinct. The internal stress and tension externalized and displayed as events from the reaction point (Moon).


Although this astrology pattern may represent a complex long-term challenge or conflict, also releases strain and addresses a problem, in all levels. The nervous tension is caused by emotional turmoil of the moon may eventually be made through the emotions, instinct, home, family and personal relationships, politics.

The square of Saturn-North Node shows fear of the future because of past events and those that have recently occurred. All the negative news and events that we see and read, whether they occur in your community or the world can make you want to lock yourself more in your own stronghold. We feel that these fatal events occurring continue to support a scary future without hope. The square of North Node-Saturn will strengthen negativity and a pessimistic belief in a prosperous future. Will create more internal strain while we will have to face restrict situations in our lives. Structures or beliefs that we had for many years can now collapse feeling more uncertain and insecure about the future. A very obvious example of this square is the crisis of migration caused by wars. Specifically, this may have to do in which way we see mass migration which is used by political leaders around the world in order to spread fear. Additionally, the square of Saturn- Neptune is getting stronger but also increases deception and fear. Uranus conjuncts the star of Baten Kaitos that connects to migration on 22 ♈ 10 degrees of Aries, and means that shocking events, terrorist attacks and drownings at the sea will continue to occur until March 2017.


The full moon April shows we expose ourselves more and more to fear we have for the future. You can look back at the past and see the similarities between the current crisis and the Second World War that definitely there are significant similarities, concerning propaganda which that never actually changed at all. The Sun conjuncts the fixed star Mira at the 01 ♉ 44 degrees of Taurus which brings failures, a big fiasco and hostility. This is something which we expect from the external events that will occur and be activated by the formation of the Crossbow. This comes from the conscious expression of our fears and prejudices that exist in the majority of the masses.


Fundamentally, the of square Saturn –North Node is associated with isolation, loneliness, is the lack of adaptability, difficulty getting together with others, the feeling of oppression, restrictions, difficulties through the affiliate partners, the losses through others, a group work become more and more difficult and occurs on a political level, showing separation and isolation. In the full moon chart the aspects between Venus, Saturn and Uranus, but also the Venus -Pluto square will create more unexpected events and difficult conditions in economy and war where that will have massive impact as also increases the passion for power. The Sun-Pluto square, is linked to the arrogance, conceit, exploitation of energy reserves, the continuous stress, inflammation in the body, loss of life, test, torment, suffering, the dictators, great passion for strength but also the threat of nuclear weapons.

The retrograde motion of the five planets are also linked in political astrology with past persons from politics, past events and history of a country or someone may assume that past issues may be triggered and come on the surface or some of us may return back to a past situation instead of moving forward…like a Brexit, Grexit or anything else and return back to past regime. The square, however, of Mars-Jupiter, invites us to face up any situation with more vigor and determination as to cope with a difficult situation. This causes disintegration, conflicts and problems concerning civil servants, government officials, and those related to legal professions, writing new laws and other persons holding a business but also the migration that will create many problems for governments and European states. Under these conditions but also to astrological transits I have write in previous articles are showing that EU will split up as also the euro currency may break down. It will be difficult to sustain.

The Mars-Neptune square is associated to frustration, the outbreak of diseases, paralysis and the inability of the political system, lack of determination, weakness, lack of planning, exploitation. Mars is opposed to the ascendant of the full moon, and that is connected to a suffocating situation, and of course the Jupiter/Saturn square that we have explained many times before. The square between Pluto/ Uranus is formed between the 11-8th house is pushing the economy and taxation matters, and global organizations and important also is the opposition of Jupiter/Neptune ,that is linked to political conflicts, a great fraud, volatility and scandals but also very strong and huge earthquakes too as that one in Japan and Ecuador very recently. (I have write this article since the beginning of April as also mentioned in eclipses too).


In connection to our country, Greece we see the full moon in Scorpio, to impact the 6th house of Greece, as mentioned above (daily living conditions, public health epidemics. It is the army, the navy, and forces, the labor rights) the moon in opposition to Chiron, the Sun conjuncts Chiron, and we see our country to become again an object of attack but simultaneously affects negatively also the Greek Prime Minister, where he should reassess his goals, his actions and get a new direction, but also Chiron is the one who gives lessons. I will leave this matter here, at the moment but the Greek PM will accept another blow.


The square of Venus/ Neptune  marks the illusion, the delusion, the fact that we have been deceived, the incorrect response, the disappointment, the frustration, the difficult realization in terms of taxes, and all issues related to our country. The Mars-Saturn conjunction, continues to influence important issues such as the limitation and change of borders, and our living conditions, political cooperation, our relations with hostile states, i.e. affecting the 6 and 7th house. The Mars/Saturn conjunction affects Greece immediately, because its natal Mars is in Sagittarius that marks serious developments at the Aegean Sea as I have mentioned before.

The Saturn-ascendant opposition, shows that we will suffer from restrictive conditions and circumstances. Clearly marks the loss, the isolation of the country, and a separation and saying goodbye from the EU. The square of Uranus -Neptune is talking about a mass uprising, possible on a global level of course, and great instability in the 8th house of our country concerning the debt, taxation, insurance matters and etc. (we are one day before the full moon and more heavy taxes have been agree with IMF).

Let’s look a little bit of Uranian equations…

Influence or strength or other – Facts and the truth than other persons- Clarity affects cooperations- Truth or events related partners- * Surprise or unexpected announcements associated with partners – Suddenly obstacles — News related the events in the environment – reports on the events – troubled communications involving others – reports about tensions – Submissions or conflicts- contacts with powerful people – games related to partnerships – uncertainty, insecurity, and instability associated with the Surveillance Inadequate protection or defense –

Intense uncertainty, confusion, or frustrations related departures or distancing – Actions contributing to continued uncertainty, insecurity or instability -secret pressure for isolation – – Combinations about the past or history – resistance or obstacles related Withdrawal from the compounds; compounds; decreases- Financial problems associated with fire or ignition – Abandonment targets problems concerning the society – divorce or separation of the Communities news or announcement on restrictions from government-scale problems

Unethical behavior – Actions relating ideological damage or slur – murder of characters Conducting strong measures or orders –

Problems due to errors – Uncertainties regarding deaths – Mysterious deaths or unclear


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