North Node in Aries

This is a quest to become assertive and self-empowered. You have a tendency to be indecisive, always considering the needs of others first. Now you need to discover a sense of your own identity and initiate your own projects.


North Node in Taurus

This is a quest to overcome your distrust of change, to develop creative outlets for your intense emotions and to avoid hitting out at loved ones. These attributes plagued you in this life because of suffering and traumatic endings in past-lives which left you with deep emotional wounds and a feeling of being cheated. In learning this life’s lesson of trusting the process of change you will develop a newfound sense of peace and stability.


North Node in Gemini

This is a quest to learn to see life from other people’s point of view and to become adept in the art of communication. You have a tendency to be restless and scattered. You need to develop focus and the ability to communicate your ideas in a way that helps the many people in your life.


North Node in Cancer

This is a quest to overcome inner pride and to tolerate your own failures. You have a tendency to make life harder than it need be. This is based on past lives where you had to work hard for people’s respect. You need to learn humility and to express your emotions honestly so that you can nurture others with your wealth of wisdom.


Noreth Node in Leo

This a quest to develop your inner strength. You may find that you experience times of loneliness. These times are part of your lesson to forge your own creative life in order to give generously to the world.


North Node in Virgo

This is a quest to become dedicated to the service of others. You will need to overcome the tendency to daydream and feel overwhelmed and to put your compassion and wisdom to practical use for humanity.


North Node in Libra

This is a quest to learn co-operation. You have a tendency to want your own way and to force your opinions onto others. You need to develop selflessness, the ability to share and a sensitivity to the needs of other people.


North Node in Scorpio

This is a quest to incorporate change in your life. Your tendency is to want peace and quiet at all costs. You need to avoid weakening your spiritual strength by resisting change. Your challenge is to remain open to new possibilities. You may find that your life is transformed at some stage, stripping away the old to make way for the new.


North Node in Sagittarius

This is a quest for loyalty and one-pointed vision. You have a tendency to be unstable filling your life with many people and activities. You may also experience conflict in your decisions. You need to develop a sense of direction and a higher vision.


North Node in Capricorn

This is a quest for maturity. You have a tendency to become over- dependent on other people and cling to them as if you were a child. You burden others with your real or imagined emotional problems wanting them to take a parental role. You will spend much of your life searching for a father-figure unless you can rise to the challenge of becoming responsible for your own life. You need to let go of your personal problems and work towards your own respected place in the world.


North Node in Aquarius

This is a quest towards service to humankind. You will experience a struggle between your own personal needs and a sense of dedication to others. You need to lay aside your personal need for honor and prestige and use your talents to serve the world.


North Node in Pisces

This is a quest for compassion and faith. You have a tendency to rigidly build structure, order and cleanliness in your own personal world and to become judgmental of others. This is blocking your understanding of your oneness with the universe. You need to develop spiritual understanding and learn to rely on your intuition.


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