The lunar eclipse will perform on 23 March, 2016, 2:46 pm, the axis of Libra / Aries and will influence the zodiac signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn in some strange way. The eclipse will bring difficulties in our personal relationships, will increase health problems, and will be the reason for ruptures on a political level while accidents will be multiplied. The lunar eclipse will bring the results of the eclipsed Sun that preceded that portends a very difficult period of time as much of the implementation of some decisions, the administration and communication. You better not start anything important in the next 14 days. The Lunar eclipse in Libra will occur at the communication axis, at the 3 / 9th house at 3 ° 17 ° (degree of impulse) of Libra, at his first decan, where usually creates extreme weather phenomena, storms and hail.


The lunar eclipse goes headlong forward, so to speak, towards significant changes. Mercury, from the position of Aries, on his 2nd degree (Showdown) at the chart of the eclipse, is very important as the thought and communication will be the main issues, but of course it will create polarization and imbalance, while forming an opposition to the lunar eclipse in Libra. The somewhat favorable placement of Mars shows to resolve any conflict, apparently an additional initiative, under an atmosphere quite intense. Mars also adds passion and sexual attraction for relationships and favors quick romances. As always, with the Sun / Moon opposition, feelings and instincts reach their climax. The Lunar eclipse will remain active until the lunar eclipse of September 2016.


The 3rd HOUSE – refers to telecommunications, public transport, newspapers, the press in general and the relations of a nation with neighboring states. The speech oral or written, the primary and secondary education, the neighboring countries, news, rumors, information, diplomatic messages, the way we adjust ourselves to the events, journalists, public discussions, post offices, trade with neighboring countries. The shares and bonds in economy. The deals that have been signed between nations .That is the house of communication and information but also affects car/industry too.


The 9th HOUSE – refers to international diplomacy, ecclesiastical diplomacy, contracts with foreign law, higher education institutions and their functioning. Philosophy, science, religion, faith, the clergy, the patriarch. Senior clerics. The courts, the religious attitude of the people. Is shipping (not war), the trade and the rule of trade with distant countries. The satellite transmissions. Foreign policy. Immigrants, long-distance travel, the nation’s interests abroad, religious institutions, cults, the courts and the justice system, legal issues, law, morality, international law, universities, higher education, scientific institutes, the science, invention, publication, broadcast, wireless and international communications, maritime and air traffic, prophecy, prediction.


The major issue of the eclipse will mostly is that will cause imbalance, bias, intense polarization and disharmony to a communication level between nations. Focuses on the way we communicate with other people, and negotiating. In this eclipse there are no fancy astrological patterns to analyze, nor fixed stars to interpret. The aspects that dominate on the chart of the eclipse is the opposition of Mercury with the lunar eclipse and the opposition of the Sun / Moon.


On the other hand, the 9th house, the Sun / Mercury in Aries conjunction, will increase mental activity and will affect others more easily. Thinking, reading, writing, speaking and walking will take up more of our time and we will be busier with their neighbors and brothers, the short trips, bureaucracy, messages and discussions, training, etc. Yet and the focus of our discussions that is in our interest will focus on the above issues represented by those houses. The collection and exchange of information. Fast reflexes and the ability to adjust ourselves will play a major role. Mercury represents the nervous system and thus the rest and relaxation will be important, but will also increase the daily pace, so there will be more stress and confusion to the Moon / Mercury opposition.


In political discussions, the polarization of ideas will become more extreme and more emotionally charged. Even though the conjunction of the Sun / Mercury is telling us that normally, logic should prevail, as much as the decision-making process, planning, and relationship issues in general but also in foreign policy and the issues posed by these houses, where the eclipse will take place. The Moon conjuncts the fixed star Zaniah on 04 ♈ 45 in Aries, and that means concern, loss, problems, and the fact that we may be carried away by sympathies or other motivations.


The Sun and Mercury are aligned with the fixed star Deneb Kaitos at the 02 ♈ 48 degree of Aries. Although this star causes damage when is with the Sun, is causing mental disorder, a large loss is keenly felt, accidents, burns and cuts the shortages, with Mercury instead gives an active mind, writing or speaking, for prosperity of citizens, the laws for the benefit of the community, and is conducive to social affairs. The sextile of Mars / Moon and Sun / Mercury trine are the only aspects that directly affect the lunar eclipse. This means additional initiative, a common desire to bridge successfully the gap between the opposing forces. Adds speed and confidence in decision-making and planning. In politics, adds great excitement and immediacy and a common goal, while promoting, in this case, the most aggressive competitors of a country. The Mercury / Mars trine increases mental energy and concentration. The quick thinking and determination means that some projects will be favored and those that will succeed, are the most adventurous and take risks where it will lead to positive results.


Thus, a large amount of energy will be directed to issues of the 9th house, with the Sun in Aries, since it is exalted there, and the data are broadcasted is determination, freedom of adventure, bravery, action, leadership, spirit acidity. The Sun trines Saturn, which is dealing with a serious situation wisely (such as the refugee issue, etc.) but also squares Pluto that is connected to the apply of power, the passion for power and control, expressed as a continuous tense but more the most worrying is that this aspect has been observed in mass deaths by disasters such as the use of nuclear power, for example Chernobyl, so probably we may see again such a kind of “accident”.


The opposition of the Sun / Moon, but also the square of the Moon / Pluto is an explosion indicator, conflicts and major sudden changes .The Mercury / Saturn trine suggests logic, attention, concentration, intense discussions and dialogues but also being methodical, but Mercury squares also Pluto showing hasty actions, overestimation of a situation or ourselves, wild spirit and irritability, recklessness, where the resistance threshold is quite small. Leaders must show subjectivity and knowledge instead of impatience, weakness and make statements or actions to impress and the worst to make mistakes without recognizing them.


Venus in Pisces is also exalted there. The opposition of Venus / Jupiter and Venus / Neptune conjunction shows how difficult it is to place some ideas and plans, showing hallucinations, delusion, frustration, absurdity and folly concerning financial matters (at the 2 / 8th house), in discussions for such matters but also serious problems in diplomatic relations, and inactivity while global health is in great danger and there will be twists. These aspects are also linked to landslides and contaminated land. Jupiter in 2nd house conjunct Zaurak and gives melancholy, fear of death and suicides.


The Saturn / Neptune square, we already know from so many times that we have analyzed, shows losses, insecurity, mistrust, prejudice. This axis is associated with epidemics. Uranus in the 9th house can involve technological discoveries but also may create unrest and instability, radical changes in matters concerning this house. Do not forget also the square of Uranus / Pluto in the 6th house (which is the welfare, workers, public health. It is the army, the navy, the security forces) associated with a sudden, massive explosion, death, extreme weather phenomena. Fatal attack by insurgents or terrorist group, it seems as you see in the maps below that will affect the heart of Europe, France, Germany, England, Italy, etc. The North Node at the midpoint of the Sun / Neptune and at the midpoint of Mercury / Neptune describes the total chaos. All this shows uncertainty and weakness where external events seem to affect us all too much. The inclination towards mysticism and culture of our mental life is important but also a balanced use of intuition and logic of each one of us.


The Lunar eclipse will be visible and will affect mostly the following countries at least some parts of the eclipse: A large part of Asia, Australia, North America, much of South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, the Arctic, Antarctic area.


Concerning our country, Greece, the Lunar eclipse will mainly affect the economy, the government, parliament but mainly the 5th house of related arts, entertainment, children, gambling, speculative interests, associated with Exchange , and our social life, the birth rate, foreign policy, embassies. Entrepreneurship will be affected, our relations with allies and neighboring countries, national agreements that have been signed but also our relationship with NATO that has evolved since the situation has been developed in this manner, at the Aegean Sea.


The Mon squares Jupiter, which is associated to rebellion, opposition, unpopularity, conflicts, disputes and damages will be caused. Also the Moon is opposing Pluto, that is associated to explosions, resentment, unrest, changes that we do not want concerning matters of the 8th house, that is related to pensions, insurance matters etc. speaks of an unbalanced situation that changes upsets people. The Moon in opposition to Saturn, speaks of deep concern and serious problems.

The Sun squares Jupiter that is connected to, negligence, indifference, arrogance and an over-demanding attitude from the government, but creates conflicts, questioning, with negative results. The Sun conjuncts Pluto, associated to fanaticism, the overestimation of ourselves, but also the imposition of power at any cost. Maximum limit I give the spring for the government of SYRIZA party to go, and while other astrological phenomena have been preceded, the Solar eclipse in Pisces, this March will be the end of it, which affects directly the government.


Mercury squares Jupiter which is associated to arrogance, silliness, superficiality, cunning, sharp behavior, and is also the deceiver and the swagger. Deceit, fraud, mockery and slander, scandals may break out. And of course, is obvious that abroad, concerning foreign policy Greece will have to lose opportunities. Additionally, the conjunction to Pluto, speaks of manipulation and blackmail, rifts and conflicts on a political level, reforms that will bring unrest. The Venus-Mars square will not help at all while the opposition to the North Node, and the square to the Ascendant speaks of full slump and the tremendous pressure we receive regarding our economy.


Mars squares Pluto and Jupiter, we may say at this point that it is in complete disobedience, since the mood of this aspect speaks of resistance against the rules and regulations, is the exaggeration, dissolution, indecision, fights, rebellion against the guard, the refugee issue will be completely out of control and no one is capable really, to imagine what will happen. Mars squares Pluto and this has a war index, conflict and intervention. It is linked to cruelty, brutality, the ruthlessness, violence, the hitch of luck. The debate concerning the Greek debt will enter in a final stretch, later, of course, not in the first half of 2016, but not without hard returns. Instead now, extortion will be hardened towards our country. The lunar eclipse is very close to the spring equinox and is not favoring anything in relation to the economy but also the Summit, deals.


The square of Saturn/Venus, will continue to limit and create serious problems in economy, the conjunction of Mars-Saturn has been also explained in previous articles, is associated with the closure of borders and changes at the Aegean Sea , the square of Saturn –North Node link block is associated to oppression and limitations. The square of Uranus -Neptune, is creating full instability and out of control situations and painful losses. The square of Mars –Neptune is connected to epidemics.

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Let’s take a look at the equations….


Sacrifices related to partnerships – sloppy in relationships – secretive partners – Ambiguity in the environment – Frustration with partners – Losses related to partnerships – Rejection of partners – insecurity – Frustration – dishonesty – cheating people

State measures – Action Police – Domination – arbitrary behavior

Departures or detachment on a community – problems – problems related to the family or society – Divorce or separation of communities

Departures or detachment associated with the beliefs of others – Spiritual or moral differences of the partners – Meeting constraints by others – ideological or moral difference in the environment

Significant events – Excellent stimulation on their partners – Exceptional events – Important tension and anxiety – disorders related to official matters

Cheating – exposure to fraud – corruption or degeneration –demanding tasks – Limits – frontiers restriction/ failed power

  • Important secrets – Extraordinary sacrifices – Importance of water – ship or airline captains – Diplomats – great official deception – Great uncertainty, insecurity, and instability – Extraordinary losses –


Major upheavals related organizations – violent revolution on the money – injustice – Great misfortune – failure

Intense uncertainty, confusion, or frustrations – Actions contributing to continued uncertainty, insecurity, and instability – Fuzzy restrictions – hidden pressure isolation


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