The March Solar Eclipse will be held in the sign of Pisces, in 9 March 2016, while in March 2015 we had the first eclipse at the same sign. It will affect Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces in a negative way and into this phenomenon we will also have the participation of Neptune, Mars, Saturn and Pluto. The eclipse will be partial to people in South and East Asia, Northern and Eastern Australia. The eclipse will start at 23:20 UTC, on March 8, with the peak of the eclipse to take place at 02:00 UTC on March 9.Its fullness will last for 4 minutes and 09 seconds, and its influence will last for 4 years. It has a size of 1.0450 and will be visible throughout the Pacific Ocean, starting from Indonesia, and will end in the northern Pacific Ocean. The eclipse will meet on March 9, 2016 a large area of the Pacific, Indonesia, Malaysia, and large parts of Southeast Asia and Australia where it is visible only as a partial solar eclipse.

Global_path_of_the_total_solar_eclipse_2016-03-09 path-760
This solar eclipse is related to other eclipses and including the current cycle between 2015 and 2018. It belongs to Saros cycle 130, and a circle of Metonos 19 years. Repeat every 18 years, 11 days, containing 73 events. The series began with a partial solar eclipse on August 20, 1096. It contains a total eclipses of the April 5, 1475 to July 18 2232. The series will end as a partial eclipse in October 25, 2394. The longest duration of totality was 6 minutes 41 seconds for the July 11, 1619.The eclipse will particularly affect:
• Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia, Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia, Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia, Pulau Ternate, North Maluku, Indonesia, (total)
• Bangkok, Thailand Maximum of Eclipse, Pacific Ocean (Duration 4:09)
• Jakarta, Java, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, Manila, Philippines, Darwin, Australia (partial)
• Yap Island, Mikronesia, March 9 only partial in Hawaii, USA, March 8
• Los Angeles / March 8 – 5:54 pm
• New York / March 8 – 8:54 pm
• London / – March 9 – 1:54 am
• Delhi / March 9 – 7:24 am
• Sydney / March 9 – 12:54 pm


solar eclipse

On a individual level, the solar eclipse is focused on healing of a deep wound that exists in our souls, by Chiron, along with the solar eclipse. It may be an old or new wound that affects the body, your mind or spirit. The Jupiter-Saturn aspect is relieving us from the evolving power of Pluto. Freedom from pain allows spiritual transformation and the evolution of the soul. The solar eclipse represents the end and the beginning of a new cycle as with the lunar cycle. Old habits, attitudes and beliefs can be challenged both collectively and personally, searching for new and inventive ways to progress.

solar eclipse 9 March 2016 in Pisces
The solar eclipse conjunct Chiron gives the strongest evidence and information about your new goals or where to focus your energy in the coming six months. For the Greeks, Chiron was the wise centaur who brought astrology to humanity. For Christians, Jesus Christ who counted the number of stars and where he put names to all this. Both were healers of wounded souls who used physical methods, such as the hands for healing, herbs and the strength of mind. Think of all therapeutic techniques where beginning with the word “chiro”, the Greek word for hand. Even the palm reading palmistry called. Chiron was not part of the establishment. He was regarded as an apostate who used unorthodox methods to heal others and to promote spiritual enlightenment.


Therefore, the main theme of the solar eclipse of March 2016 relates to a deep wound in our soul. This could be an existing physical or emotional pain, but may also mostly points to a new wound to be created, which will take place after this eclipse. Other aspects of the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse in two weeks will give more details about the nature of these wounds as also the lunar eclipse. Both Chiron and the constellation of Aquarius have a sense of a new era. Air travel and the Internet will play, a big part, as much of injury and the spread of a disease and treatment through information exchange. The injury / healing journey could be the answer to dramatic changes as much global weather affecting bodies and our souls in a way we can not even imagine.
The solar eclipse is opposed to Jupiter means that there are forces which act against development, prosperity and happiness. The influence of Chiron proposes to consider health issues that might hinder your personal growth and happiness. An old wound pressed within our soul will now manifest as suffering, selfishness, excessive pride or gluttony in food or drugs. The unethical behavior will not be rewarded. The moderation, self-control and self-discipline will help you avoid excessive optimism and excessive nature of Jupiter. Try not to push yourself too hard, because of the tendency to overestimate our resources and abilities.
The solar eclipse will square Saturn which is a frustrating and delaying energy, achieving your goals through obstacles separations, or losses. Fear and pessimism may lead to defeat and melancholy. There will be a tendency to avoid responsibilities and give up our goals. This would indicate the karmic effects causing a wound to another person. However, any issues require hard work, patience and discipline.
The square of Jupiter/Saturn can limit your growth and represents the struggle for healing. Conflicting actions incite to move forward or to remain secure and all this leads to internal tension and stress. The frustration and delays make our concentration on one goal more difficult but also the healing of our wounds.
The solar eclipse sextiles Pluto and the issue of rescue, as it increases your need to succeed. You will feel more determined and articulate than usual to achieve your goals. This aspect also provides enormous potential for treating and sick forces are powerful that can be used to overcome the negative influence of the square cross Saturn. This aspect also describes the effect of your healing process, which is the evolution of your soul.


The Jupiter-Pluto trine means large scale developing and change due to a dramatic increase of strength and influence. This is an aspect that you can really fight and however limit the depressing effect of Saturn. Compensates any defeatism or lack of faith, and ensures highest moral and ethical standards.


The square Uranus/Pluto is behind the solar eclipse, where the source of radical changes is and tension during the last five years. The routines and structures in your life may have changed now abruptly, but this requires flexibility and an enlarged view in order to adjust yourselves better. Old structures and routines is now outdated. Whatever the occasion, you will be forced to evolve but also to adapt rapidly.
The Saturn-Uranus trine is in the front of the solar eclipse, another transitional phase in your life in the next year. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life in order to operate smoothly. The change could not be upset or be irregular. Try to remain calm and patient while you plan your every step methodically. Perhaps, you may be saddled with more responsibilities, but also provides you enough freedom to experience things in your own way.


In opposition to Jupiter, try to maintain your keep equilibrium, to give time to yourself, to avoid excesses, for the healing of a wound that that is going to be created during the phase of the eclipse. Saturn shows the struggle, pain and fear involved. Be patient and self-disciplined. Pluto shows your strong will to succeed and gives healing properties. The healing of your wounds leads to a spiritual transformation and evolution of your soul. Treat others in the same way that you want others to treat you, which means by respect!


Let’s see the solar eclipse in Pisces on a global level. People should be very calm and try to organize themselves properly so they can cope with any difficulties they might encounter. The signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will particularly have to pass through a serious test on professional and personal level. You should avoid to take serious decisions through the eclipse days, while this phenomenon will expose to risks exceptional personalities, world leaders etc. and will be held at the axis of the economy which is the 2 / 8th house.


Just to remind you, in political astrology, the 2nd house affects issues such as domestic trade, stock market, banking and financial institutions, investments, national wealth of a country and its values. Represents the conditions of supply and demand, how food and other resources produced. It affects the banks, the economy in general, stocks and bonds, cash, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in treasury, currency and circulation, consumer spending, trade, and the State’s debts to others. It shows how collectively, people feel safety and about social values, and what society is in great esteem. The 2nd house, called in ancient times, the gates of Hades, apparently with the sense that money is the root of evil. It may also point the death of the enemy in case of war, the finances of the country and the revenue. The national economy.


The 8th house is connected with taxation, inheritance, losses in international finance, multinational companies, social security, and foreign investment. This is the house of economic relations with other nations or groups, multinationals, shows deaths, murders, deaths from disasters, transnational companies are also ruled by the 8th house, as also the debt to another nation. It also rules the rate of deaths, suicides, funerals, rates, pensions and social security and consultants of Heads of State. It is the house of rebirth. Financial transactions with foreign countries in time of war and also is connected to allies of the opposed side. Wills, bankruptcies. The ability to change, to be transformed.


The great stellium in watery Pisces (5 planets and actually two points, in Pisces on the 2nd house) will block completely the energy and the flow of things and we mean in this case, the economy worldwide. On the way, we will analyze it more, because it will bring a global economic collapse that will affect stock markets internationally, at least as it is shown here. The solar eclipse will therefore be held on Tuesday, on March 9, 2016 at the 18 ° 55 degrees of Pisces (the degree of Trauma, is an unstable and changeable degree for economy) at the third decan of Pisces, and will be too strong influence. This degree, is being considered as evil, pointing to our excessive “bonding” to material pleasures and of course, because of that, we are suffering. It also shows, the fact that we can not learn from our mistakes. Just think of the energy of this stellium in watery Pisces, it looks like a tsunami, which runs with a slow pace, and speed and “will wash away everything” on its passage.


The solar eclipse at the 2nd house focuses on economy, represented by Chiron, which conjuncts the solar eclipse, and of course shows that the economy to be affected to a great extent. Chiron is in Pisces at the 20th degree which is connected, to an explosion, but also conjuncts the North Node at the 21st degree of Pisces, associated with prostration, weakness, and dishonesty.It shows how much fragile and serious the situation is concerning the global economy. These degrees in Pisces, will create a complete disarray and turmoil (water). The horoscope of a new moon and solar eclipse is like a snapshot in time, but it takes time to grow and to see the results.

This solar eclipse will remain active until the next eclipse, on September 16, 2016, with the Lunar eclipse in Pisces. As the cycle of this eclipse progresses, the planetary aspects in particular degree of the eclipse will activate and strengthen, the events are associated with the eclipse, which will begin to unfold. These will become stronger when Mercury will reach the degree of the eclipse on 15 March and Venus on March 27, also in the sign of Pisces.

There is a verse that describes the 18th degree of Pisces in this way:
“After his farmhouse is washed away by a flood, a farmer builds a new house downstream, but also begins constructing a dam to regulate the water level of the river.”


The solar eclipse on 18 ° 55 degrees of Pisces, contains no important fixed stars or asteroids like the previous one, last year. That doesn’t means that is not in effect, which was Scheat, if you remember. The solar eclipse conjuncted the fixed star Scheat, which meant: “Danger through water and engines, liable to accidents or drowning.”
Therefore, the astrological interpretation will be based on planetary aspects, but this region of the sky contains no fixed stars at the end of the Aquarius constellation. A solar eclipse in the constellation of Aquarius shows events related to aviation, river flooding and the consequences for agriculture, high technology, computers, electricity, and groups of people, which is not away from the first solar eclipse in Pisces, of last year.

The revolution, social explosions, mobilizations and war will continue, activated by the stellium of Virgo and other astrological past events and we described in previous articles through months, but it will pay more attention to new directions and humanitarian organizations. Another small star in this region of the sky between the constellation of Aquarius and Pisces, is Pegasus the Flying Horse hoof (Flying Horse).

According to astrology, we are in the era of Pegasus. It is an era of climate change and the level of growth and rising oceans, transporting us from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Mythologically, the Babylonian constellation IKU (field) had four stars of which three were later part of the Greek constellation Hippos (Pegasus).Pegasus, in Greek mythology, was a winged horse with magical powers.

One myth regarding his powers says that his hooves dug out a spring, Hippocrene, which blessed those who drank its water with the ability to write poetry. Pegasus was the one who delivered Medusa’s head to Polydectes, after which he travelled to Mount Olympus in order to be the bearer of thunder and lightning for Zeus. Eventually, he became the horse to Bellerophon, who was asked to kill the Chimera and succeeded with the help of Athena and Pegasus. Despite this success, after the death of his children, Bellerophon asked Pegasus to take him to Mount Olympus.
Though Pegasus agreed, he plummeted back to Earth after Zeus either threw a thunderbolt at him or made Pegasus buck him off. In ancient Persia, Pegasus was depicted by al-Sufi as a complete horse facing east, unlike most other uranographers, who had depicted Pegasus as half of a horse, rising out of the ocean.

Back to the eclipse, in Pisces, it will affect countries where the eclipse will be more visible, those belonging to the sign of the eclipse, those who have their moon in the sign of the eclipse, as also world leaders belonging to this sign (Recep Tayyip Erdogan for instance).

The eclipse in water signs will greatly affect mortality among people that will grow, is also connected with major disasters mainly to fish living organisms, to disasters of the sea, or at the bottom of the sea, also causes the death of famous personalities (as also we have several artists and politicians in this sign,) or even excellent people, so it is connected with the destruction of fish, the tidal waves and flooding’s, the oceans.

The eclipse is occurred at the eastern hemisphere of the chart and the results will be direct, on the 3rd decan of Pisces, mostly ruled by Neptune and Jupiter (the traditional ruler of Pisces), but also Pluto (Pisces at the third decan) which is connected to revolutionary situations and events, cruelty and ferocity.
The eclipse on water Pisces, is associated and will affect the spirituality of people, charities, hospitals and institutions of recovery or childbirth. Neptune rules the sea, sailors, prophets, mystics, dancers, actors, medicine, alcohol, drugs, oil, gas, chemicals, and liquids. The Neptune energy dissipates, or creates foggy conditions. It also affects pharmaceutical companies, you may will find that eclipses in Pisces are particularly important to them, as it gives great emphasis in the pharmaceutical industry. Jupiter is the co-ruler of Pisces. In addition increases mortality and is also associated to the spread of extensive riots, treacherous acts, drugs, excessive rains, tidal waves, accidents at sea, or the destruction of birds and fish and all things living near to the water, as also affects cities live near to it. The water signs are emotionally motivated. The element of water is associated with tsunamis, floods and drowning. (So we may have, events like Japan tsunami 11/3/2011 March-Japan / Sendai, if you remember).

In these, I also include the arrival of an alien civilization, in a way, which is a matter that will occupy humanity intensely, for 2016, since we heard officially from the mouths of politicians, many asked me, if actually there is such a possibility or not. I have write a lot about it, although the experience in relation to this issue, is minimal, since however by astrological aspect, I will remain open by putting a question mark, but also I will mention that eclipses are associated to unusual events and experiences, rather somewhat confused and foggy ones or even forged and fake ones if aspects are negative. Nevertheless, I will make the following observation, the Roswell event occurred after an eclipse, in a fire sign, in 1947, as we all know. Although eclipses of 2011-2012 triggered the chart of Roswell, however, we will have the chance to develop it in another article.

Let’s see the aspects are formed and what might those mean on a global level. The Sun in the second house conjunct the Moon which is opposed to Jupiter, at the 8th house, associated to exaggeration and huge losses and damage to economy, the stock exchanges and has a negative influence on global health. It will affect all the issues mentioned above. Jupiter is the wealth, growth and expansion in the material world, but also associated with the expansion of philosophy, moral and spiritual values. Greed is a serious challenge for people. Too great emphasis is being given to the existing accumulation and money during this time that could lead to the moral and material bankruptcy.

It is connected to susceptibility, material wastage, negligence, corruption, conflict whose root cause arrogance, excessive requirements, conflicts with the law and in terms of issues to the 8th house. Also associated to great heat and flames.
Let us not forget that Jupiter is in retrograde motion, and much have happened in recessions and depressions. Its influence can cause recessions just as easily as the transit of Saturn. The retrograde Jupiter and its aspects, including trines and oppositions, tend to blow the bubble of the excessive economic expansion. At the 1929 crash of Wall Street occurred when Jupiter was in retrograde motion (at 15 ° degrees of Gemini Rx, Oct.29, 1929), also was in retrograde motion at the Crash of October (October 19) of l987, known as Black Monday, that happened in the middle of the retrograde cycle, and then the opposition aspect, was accurate. A retrograde cycle because it has been inflated, so it is acting in order to deflate in order thereby to be able to balance what is already over-extended. During this phase, Jupiter might rules decline, and this certainly happened in 1987.

The Black Monday ” crash ”, was the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange on 10.19.1987, which dragged to the bottom the stock markets of the world and that of Athens course, is not the only major market trends of that year. The ” crash or ” Black Monday as it was called, is automatically transmitted to the stock markets around the world. The investment mood completely reversed. Confusion and panic was everywhere.


1987 is the year that culminates to 3 years approximately (1985-1987) an upward phase in shallow Exchange of Athens (ASE), with incredible profits surpass 400% in less than 10 months, since there had been a long downward period. It is also the year that suddenly and violently the strong upward trend in the ASE is reversed to turn into a vertical drop, when at 10/19/87 the New York Stock Exchange collapses. It is the year, despite the strong after the crash of the New York fall, ASE managed to close with gains of more than 160%. One of the most upstream in its history. It is the year that attracts new investors to trade to be projected by 13 or more times over the previous year.

Some years ago, namely in 1984, after a continuous downward trend of 10 years, the Athens Stock Exchange touched the “bottom”. The following year, in 1985, the government took measures for the “Stabilization of the economy” (on 10/11/1985), in order to improve the balance of payments and the fight against inflation.

In 1986, investor’s confidence in the Greek economy possibilities slowly – slowly restored, while psychology has started to change into positive, investors interest is growing, while the international climate is good. Result, in 1986 the ASE General Index show a significant increase of 46.38%, with the annual trade almost doubled and reach 4.5 billion drachmas. In year 1987 ushered with the best conditions. Efforts to stabilize the economy are beginning to pay thus affirms investors confidence in the following economic policy. Interest at the stock becomes more intense. The rudimentary demand for shares that existed in previous years, now growing more and more intense. Existing investors reactivated after a decade, and in some reminiscent of “days of 1972” as characteristically saying. So, at 10/19/87, New York collapses and the Dow Jones dipped decrease of 22.6% in a single day. In five meetings, from 13 to 19 October 1987, the Dow Jones had lost 1/3 of its value. Japan, Europe all affected.
That small historic notes, are important to astrology to be aware of. That economical collapse might be however, stronger than we can imagine. It could be stronger than the 1929 and 1987 crash with the stellium in Pisces.
Back to the eclipse, the Sun-Saturn square is connected to limitations, increase accountability, delays, reversals in plans and subversive states on apolitical level, toppling leaders from power, distinguished individuals, it is also connected to economic losses, and affect parliaments, justice, relations with allies and friendly countries, relations with organizations such as NATO, the UN, and other future goals and plans of a state. Confidence will be shaken, entire communities, the business sector, and in general our aspirations.

The Moon (people, masses) at the 2nd house forms an opposition to Jupiter, which emphasizes dissimilarity and disagreements that exist in matters of 2-8 house, connected with mutiny, distinction, conflicts and problems that everyone knows. And this is connected with the fact that we will suffer. The woman is more affected. Debts will be in focus. The North Node in opposition to the Moon will affect alliances and symbolizes interruption of relations between countries and creates rifts and political separations, blocks everything and creates an atmosphere of paranoia.


The stellium in Pisces will affect much the psychology of the world, through the events that will come. The Moon-Saturn square, is linked to frustration, reckless actions and manipulations, intense anxiety, damage to stock market, lack of perspective and events that will cause insecurity and fear in populations in relation to economy, health and all matters mentioned earlier. In addition there will be serious problems with water, the world of agriculture as we already see happening. The Moon in the 2nd house really makes economy quite fragile and will block everything, as opposed to the North Node.


Mercury, is also at the 2nd house, in Pisces, in conjunction to Neptune, connected with the facts and information that have to do with unreal facts or will actually seem to us unreal what of what will happen. It is associated to complete confusion, with a completely wrong way of thinking, big lies, completely lack of sincerity, jumbled ideas, lack of mental clarity, and hypocrisy. The leaders will give recitals of acting almost anything would not be true. Mercury squares Mars, and is related to disputes, controversies, and also signifies difficulties in relation to agreements have been made, between the Members of governments, treats and deals that have been signed now might be reversed, and will affect the neighboring countries. Includes also altercations, lawsuits, nervousness, irritability, trouble.


Static interference in communication. Mercury also rules agreements, commerce and trade. Education, and media. These will be affected too. I wanted to mention also, that this collapse is artificial, not real. However, we all will count the losses, if that will happen. They will just make it to be soooo big, in front of your eyes.


Venus in the 1st house (general condition, state affairs and public health), at the 25th of Aquarius (degree of blindness) in square with Mars creates chaos, mess and risk of sudden outbursts and explosions, while there is a need for control our acts, but will affect the peace, diplomatic relations, and economics. It is also the desire to control through technology (I will point out the new technology that has appeared, long time now, known to all as RFID). Prowling or victims during a disaster( and of course it is possible, if such a dramatic situation will be created there will be much of raping, stealing and etc.…)


Mars at the 10th house is absolutely important, at the first degree of Sagittarius, which is equally dangerous, and has a military character. Mars squares Neptune and the contribution of this aspect is worse, so we will be witnesses of a very strange atmosphere, strange and dangerous events that will cause disruption, it is also the aspect of weakness, paralysis, impotence and affects the economy, governments and states. Linked to the crime increase, many people will be lost, there will be a lack of planning, lack of energy, and intense dissatisfaction. It has to do with the increase of immigrants that of course, will be much worse through the year. The epidemic and endemic diseases or allergic conditions will be increased and worsen. Also associated to the use of chemicals, chemical fires. The negative aspects attached two planets connected to situations that cannot be saved or handled, and that is formed between the 2 / 10th house. (Economy/governments). Just to remind you that Mars in Sagittarius will be there for long time till September, because of his retrograde motion and also there will be a rare phenomenon, when Mars will approach Earth too close in May.


Jupiter at the 8th house, the square of Jupiter/ Saturn, as we have explained many times has to do with the stock exchanges and further recession and this aspect will be precise, in May of 2016. This means economic losses and damages through dissipation and fraud. International financial sector is part of the problem. However, mutable signs can indicate this period, the approach of a war in order to solve problems, instead of an agreement, something that is not in the nature of Sagittarius / Pisces, while are forming a square.


The trine of Jupiter-Pluto is an energy that tries to keeps us in a somewhat optimistic situation, to continue to fight trying to react to the depressing influence of Saturn. The trine help us to change our beliefs, causes major changes, our faith will be tested, is the struggle for power development, whether in spiritual or in material realm. It is also the desire for control and exploitation of the masses by the plutocracy, what the power wants to hold. Jupiter at the midpoint of Sun but -Moon is the desire for united efforts of the world.


Saturn is at the 11th house, the Saturn-Uranus trine will contribute to the improvement of existing conditions, finding of new but safer ways for better living conditions in future. We have inventions and discoveries, particularly in communications, computers and electronics. Restore of the order and organization in areas where new developments are taking place, and also in emergency situations. Linked to the reform, and implementation of new technology. Nevertheless, the meeting of these two planets in the past brought turmoil to the world, with the Second World War through conjunction aspect and in 1988 the end of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.


The square of Uranus / Pluto, between the 3 /12th house is associated to the creation of new conditions between states, with violence, the upset, reversal, the yet mandatory and appropriate decisions, accidents, terrorist attacks, fanaticism, destruction. It will affect communications, the press, circulation, living conditions, dramatically the world state affairs, negotiations, freedoms, epidemics, prisons, immigration, institutions, spying.
Neptune at the 2nd house of course, is being translated as a complete chaotic situation prevailing in economy, a large bubble that will burst on our faces, while Pisces rules both Jupiter and Neptune, including political conflicts, major scandals will erupt, losses, feasibility, major economic upheavals certainly due to fraud or incorrect information, utopia, big lies and hypocrisy. And certainly all that points to some great catastrophe by water such as tsunamis, floods, large scaled earthquakes.
The North Node at the 8th house conjuncts Denebola, * connected to sharp criticism, perseverance, control, lack of imagination, undesirable associates, mental illness, the happiness turned into despair, disease, natural disasters .
Pluto at the midpoint of Mercury / Saturn is connected to freedoms limitations, shows the lack of confidence and caution, blocking, the alienation, the rupture, breaking any sort of relationships, unusual problems, the plans that specifying our luck. At the midpoint also of Saturn / Neptune, is associated with very serious illness, difficulties, oppression and impotence, poverty, epidemics, insecurity, resentment.

  • The North Node, at the 8th house, at the midpoint of Venus / Uranus is associated to very strong feelings and creates something new. * There is a need for regeneration and transformation – possibly through unexpected events and sudden changes. It has an aggressive nature, secretive, or adventurous features .The powers of self-control and discipline are used to change the conditions of life. The success is being achieved through a complete transformation.
  • Lilith in a Conjunction to Antares, is associated with the Spirit of adventure, obstinacy, injuries to the eyes, the sudden loss, violence, stubbornness, suspicion.

At the Solar eclipse we see the formation of a T-square in a conjunction to the lights, from Pisces, to Jupiter in Virgo and the square of all those with Saturn in Sagittarius, is hiding many traps, bad timing, impatience, and situations that have not matured . We are ready to start new things without having completed the old while we see a strong pervasive insecurity around the world. The chaos will grow uncertainties and show a lack of direction and aims, flexibility, large risks, and jerky actions to take place. The eclipse with the participation of Saturn speaks for internal withdrawal, where we should first examine things thoroughly.
At the T-square pattern we also have the participation of asteroid Ceres, (Ceres), conjunct the Sun and the Moon, so we see that it will be difficult to maintain the appropriate balance in negotiations. Also, there is an exact square to natal Mars of Greece, while above there is the influence of Saturn, in the eclipse chart, an aspect I mentioned in February Lunar phenomena, which means split of political parties, some members will abandon of political parties, fierce battles for power, risky negotiations to the internal and foreign policy of the country, including serious problems to the Aegean sea. Governments around the world will face serious problems which affect legal / judicial matters (Constitution) because there will be conflicting interests.


Compared with the horoscope of Greece we see the Moon squares Mars, Ascendant and Chiron, a semi / square to Uranus and conjunct Venus means tension, serious problems and violence, trapped in a situation and coercion , imposing restrictions to people, fires, incorrect assessment of the whole situation and inability to tackle problems in economy and generally.

solar eclipse greece

The Sun squares the Moon has to do with the tensions in partnerships, disharmony, difficulties, dissatisfaction and conflict between the people and the government. The Sun / Venus in Pisces conjunction in critical degrees, shows complete inability to tackle any current problems at the Aegean and throughout the country, generally shows an image of the country completely in mess, with damaging consequences. The Sun / North Node opposition points to the dissolution of a political group, the final dissolution of the current government in a sudden and complete way. The Sun squares the ascendant, semi / squares Uranus (fires).


The Mercury / Mars square is not positive for negotiating or any agreements but also our relations with neighboring countries, showing twists, aggression and reactions, delays, and this involves violent events, wrath, wrong decisions and military vehicles but interventions too. The Mars / Pluto trine is associated to conflict, war, intervention from NATO, violence, injuries, cruel and inhumane treatment. Jupiter squares the Moon is showing conflicts within the country, the people wrath, rebellion, even in religious or legal level but also points to large fires.


The opposition of Jupiter / Venus, in Virgo / Pisces axis, (Venus of Greece in Pisces) is a critical aspect that will be accurate on 25.3.2016, and is an indicator of stress, emptiness, indifference, wrong maneuver by the government and signifies losses, and certainly suggests further precaution. Jupiter squares Mars, and is connected to dissolution and determination. Issues related to refugees, religion, law, economy will have reached out of control completely. The country is affected by the square of Uranus / Neptune and Mars /Neptune and that marks losses in economic level, but also in agreements and treaties, many entangled situations, instability in financial and political terms. Worse could not be.

china eclipse and europe india japan and eclipse middle east and eclipse usa and eclipse

The trine of Uranus / Saturn shows that we will overcome the problems through several attempts, with will and determination but also through the ability to adapt ourselves to new circumstances while the trine of Uranus / Mars, showing the country’s risk exposure, an accident, sudden events, but revolution and hasty moves. The stellium in Pisces will affect the 11th house Greece, the 8th house with Pluto not to give enough space for the proper management of the debt, is affecting the government, mainly the northern part of the chart, like the square of Uranus / Pluto between 11 / 8th house.


The solar eclipse will affect 6th house Russia,( public health, sanitation, food, national service, army, navy, police, civil service, trade unions, working class.) relations with other states and the inside of the country.

The eclipse and the square of Uranus / Pluto will influence the American economy, the 3rd house, its foreign policy, and its interior, where it will should get ready for terrorist attacks, as well as Russia too, but also great destruction mainly showing to California side. The eclipse will affect China’s economy, where things will be dramatic at the stock market. The eclipse will affect the economy and the 8th house also of Germany where there will be a large terrorist attack there too. Also, it will affect the foreign policy and leadership of Turkey. Japan will be seriously affected too, particularly the leadership and economy. The economy of Spain, also, Sweden, and generally the EU chart hits economic issues. The 9th house and the 10th of France (government and foreign relations). Besides these we had write this before in last years eclipse in Pisces. As you can see the charts below, Mars, Pluto and Saturn affect Europe, Pluto Greece and that is important.


Finally, let’s take a look at Equations
Age of changes / Problems associated with inflammation – Abandonment objectives / Increases on the volume / Need for resignation – problems with medical issues – Psychological exhaustion -resignation- anxiety, failures, defects or damage / High degree of awareness – Intense jamming or opposition of the world / Significant vibrations – Destruction
Possible actions – acceleration – Strong will – Slope dispute or conflict – Active or dynamic action / violent deaths / problems regarding partnerships / deception or confusion – uncertainty or instability inaction – Actions related to confusion or chaos – personal influence Loss – significant losses – Intense uncertainty or deceit / rain showers / Violent revolution /
Restrictions – termination of collaborations
Fighting for the future of economy – sovereignty related to money – high strength injustice – Great misfortune – Spread powerful waves – Measures relating to excessive frustration or deception – weakness – fruitless power or influence – inflation – Spread hurricanes
Causing great sorrow or worries or fears – Actions related to significant losses – impotence – coercion, control – Facts about destruction
Problems associated with society – the political divorce or separation of communities / groups
Religious representation or hypocrisy / Extensive reductions – Restrictions on freedom – large periods of depression / obstacles or heavy loads and demanding tasks in economics – endings relating to the fate of cooperations- violations in connection with the law / termination of partnerships
Obstacles or delays related to education – the Cultural restriction on deliveries
Resistance on official reforms – Constant tension you relate to official matters – Rebellion on official demarcations – Unexpected fall
Ignition – military actions
Shocking activities – Sudden intimidation – Severe accidents – Demolition – murders
Ongoing difficulties or delays – Actions related to disaster
Programming illegal activities / Plans hopeless – endless chatter – malice / resistance or obstacles associated with compulsive Communications – News about disaster
Hidden motives – Abuse – Application of cheating
Errors with the people – Losses related to work – Inaccuracies – Risk related infections – Increasing insecurity or instability – loss increase related populations or nations
Actions contributing to economic losses – Illegal activities – Fraud – expulsion – Impotence
Unexpected medical problems – Sudden –Uncertainty, infections, insecurity or instability related transactions – Actions contributing to economic losses – Illegal actions or activities – Unfair requirements – gas / Suspensions explosions or obstacles related efforts – deaths outside the world- Stable intensity – Public conflicts – Considerations
Travel commands – Problems in the labor sector – Limitation or suspension of activities – Public problems associated with sex – evacuation orders – Significant cost – high impact economic problems – Legal problems relating to policy or power issues
Problems at work – Scientific restrictions / ongoing tensions with others – Groups in crisis –


Social discrimination / severe deprivation – Deep despair
Financial loss – Wrong image associated with wealth – frustrations associated with earnings – Exhaustion of resources – Experience on injustice
Financial abuse – increases associated with disastrous effects – poor results – Actions related economic losses – Actions associated with legal problems or conflicts – unfair or illegal actions
Postponements on beneficial organizations / income affected by technical breakdowns – Sudden money shortages – disorders / deluded populations or nations
Depression – Losses- poor people or nations – Heavy hours / Public opposition on formal issues – restrictions by the Government / Public crisis situations
Deaths associated with important personalities –
Active communication termination – terrorism / restricted income – Blurring the laws –dead ends or congestion – overwhelming conditions outside world – Final outcome
Stormy Privacy / Refusal or withdrawal developments / Reversals on religion – Religious skepticism or atheism
Great deprivation related losses – Anarchy / Public facility management – high-tech settings – Coup – Large volume outside world – Dictatorships
Changes of government that affect the world / Formal conflicts – wars

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