The Full Moon of February will be held in the Virgo zodiac sign at 8:19:48 in the evening, at the axis of Pisces -Virgo, and it will be important for the signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. In this phenomenon, we will have the participation of Jupiter, Mars and Neptune. The Full Moon will have a revisionist character, but there will be a strong influence of illusion, and will mainly affect weak people or weaker social groups are involved in various addictions. Globally, it will bring unrest because Neptune here will appear to be very sensitive and will be responsible of political conspiracy, and Mars from Scorpio will become more violent, aggressive even particularly deadly.
The Full Moon will be held at the 3rd degree (quite critical one) of Virgo, at the first decan, at the 11th house of the solar horoscope shows the peak of tension and conflict which has been already escalated in the previous period. This full moon is the final phase of the moon of the eclipse cycle which began in September 2015.

So, on February 22 the full moon creates extreme tensions through the square of Uranus- Pluto but also a rare pattern of formation which is called the “fist of God,” or the “Hammer of Thor”, this formation releases more anger in order to resolve any crisis. This cycle will be completed in March by the solar eclipse. Outstanding issues should be completed so that we can start a new journey with less emotional luggage. So you need, to put things in order, not to let everything being done at the last minute, because that will cause great stress for you in your life. Delaying things, can lead only to the escalation of a critical situation, as we approach the eclipse, on 8 March, 2016.
The main question that arises is a combination of effects, from eclipses of September 2015, the solar and lunar one, and that is connected to the “healing wounds” even on a political level. It may also involve a relationship of love, friendship or parent-child relation, or a relationship that was the source of your inner pain. Whether it is a separation or continuation of a morbid relationship, expectations and treatment of these wounds will be the focus of problems. The full moon on February 22 will have to praise the subject that was in the new moon on February 8 involving the crisis management. Over the past two weeks after the new moon, two separate crises and a new direction, may have risen in your life. These seizures associated with the initial issue of the eclipse, the wound healing but also to address any existing imbalances in the dynamics of a relationship or partnership.
Each generation, even once, is experiencing a chaotic global turmoil in the world that affects everyone. The Uranus-Pluto square already bear enough in the last five years and this full moon, will complete any process. The issue of integration fits perfectly with this moon phase.


The full moon in the 3rd degree of Virgo, is in the midpoint of Uranus- Pluto square and this represents the radical and extreme change that causes our rapid adaptation to the events. With the Sun and the Moon at each end of the axis, a comprehensive review is required which includes your ego and emotions, your lifestyle and your habits, work and home, etc. The full moon chart shows that the full moon intersects the square of Uranus-Pluto forming a symmetrical pattern resembling which is similar to the kite pattern in astrology, though it is not the classic kite pattern we know in astrology. This formation includes the Sun-Moon opposition and the Uranus-Pluto square. The internal pressure and intensity appear and being expressed as external events. These aspects are showing stiffness and prevent our adjusting to changes are coming.
The semi-squares, are causing less tension, which is usually insignificant and usually we simply tend to ignore. However, those result to upsetting events at the outside world that require conscious action to address them. The semi-square of Sun-Uranus (45 degrees), require openness and flexibility as we enter a phase of uncertainty. The accumulation of nervous tension can lead to unpredictable behavior from your side, which can lead to sudden, rapid direction changes and accidents even globally. Without safe and conscious release of this impulsive and revolutionary energy, the “ego clashes” which is very possible. Arguments and disagreements, at this time would result in losses and unforeseen consequences, particularly if it includes your superiors at work but also on a war level too globally.
The semi- Sun-Pluto square at the chart of the full moon also increases the need for control, but can also lead to conflicts with other powerful people or authority figures. A crisis or conflict with someone creates an intense experience that can lead to extreme or destructive behavior. These challenges may force you to defend your position or make a significant change. Smaller square aspects, like the Moon –Uranus one, can cause rapid mood swings and impulsive reactions. You may feel irritable, have little patience for anything that requires commitment and your focus on something specific. You need extra stimulation and enthusiasm and it is likely to rebel against anyone who tries to cripple you or force you to do something. The smallest aspects of square between the Moon and Pluto can lead to compulsive and destructive behavior and deep feelings that you had buried, and now come to the surface and exposed. It is difficult to control intense emotions and reactions. Power games on an emotional level with your family or partner can become quite unscrupulous and concerns us at any level. Therefore, these aspects are not so neutral.
If we ignore the Sun at the chart of the full moon, then we have the pattern “the Hammer of Thor” drawn between the Moon, Uranus and Pluto. This pattern is called “Thor’s Hammer, or else the” Fist of God “. This may indicate a high danger for the planet that activates our powerful survival instinct that manifests as external events. Additional information that we have is that some people with this astrology pattern are usually witness violent events or violent acts, imprisonment or even war actions.
So, let’s say a few things about that legend of Thor is hiding behind this patter so we can understand more.
The Son of Odin and Jord (Goddess of the Earth) .Thor was the strongest in Aesir, the principal name of the Leadership race of Nordic Gods, who lived in Asgrad and the All Father Odin ruled the lives of mortals. Known as the god of thunder, is staying in Bilskirnir, situated in the locality of Thrundheim (place of strength) .He married the golden/haired Sif, goddess of fertility. He kept also a mistress named Jarnsaxa (the iron Cutlass) with whom he had two sons, Mangni Modi and his daughter Thrud. The Thor is usually depicted as a Great and powerful man with red beard, who loved food and drink, while his eyes are shiny.
Despite his ferocious appearance is revealed as the protector of the gods and the people, against the forces of evil. In popularity even surpassed his father Odin, because unlike him, Thor did not require human sacrifices. At his Temple, in Uppsala, appears with his father Odin, while he sits at his right. In the 11th century the Christian missionary, Adam of Bremen, locating the great temple of God in Uppsala (Sweden), wrote … “It is said that Thor s presides in the air, rules thunder and lightning, wind and rain if plague and famine threaten protects, and the good weather and crop protection. A libation (wine) is poured onto the Thor image. The temple was replaced by a Christian church in 1080m.Ch. The Norse believed that during a thunderstorm, Thor is leading his chariot, which was pulled by two Capricorns, Tanngrisni and Tanngnost, and that the hour of lightning throws his hammer Mjollnir.
The Mjollnir (what crushes) was made for him by the dwarfs Brok and Eitri, who had manufactured many magical objects for the gods. Thor wore a belt (Megingjard) which doubled his already considerable power. The greatest enemy of Thor is Jormugand (the serpent of the Middle Earth). On the day of Ragnarok (Final showdown of the Gods) the Thor will kill the serpent but will die from his poison. His sons are those who will inherit the “Hammer”. The Ragnarok also is being called Gotterdammerung, which means the end of the world, in Norse mythology.

Thor was well known for his speed and passion. We see that in the battles with the Giants (the main enemies of the Gods). Will smash their heads with the powerful hammer. To handle this weapon, Thor should wear the belt of strength and a pair of iron gloves. The Thor’s hammer always turns in his hand after a throw. Also throwing the hammer symbolizes the lightning. Thor was the first of the gods, that common man would be invoked to ensure fertility and widely worshiped. Charms in hammers shape (as this was the weapon of Thor) worn around the neck for protection, in the years of the Christianization in Scandinavia. There are molds of that time which together contain and shape of the cross and the hammer next to one another. His name has been given in many places and the statue was the one that stood in the center of the great Temple of Uppsala. It connected by the Romanians with the planet Jupiter. In an earlier version Thor was Donar for Germans .The Anglo-Saxons also worshiped the God of Thunder who called Thunor. Thor lived, not as part of any religion but in our daily diary and the day Thursday came from him. Thursday = Thor’s Day.


Back to the analysis of the full moon, the sun creates a more intricate design of aspects, with stronger energy, which is similar to Yod. In a normal Yod, the action point is the point where the energy is expressed. On the chart of the full moon, this point is the Moon while the reaction point is the Sun, where the energy is focused like a laser. This is called “Arc” because it looks like that but also is acting as one. The aspects of opposition and a square, compose the frame of the gun, to deal with the conflict or a crisis. The remaining aspects represent of high intensity. Of course what makes it quite possible, and allows great accumulation of tension comes from the Uranus-Pluto square, culminating in the full moon, and then releases the collision energy by the Sun. The moon (arch) pushes the Sun to launch (arrow) to a remoted target.
The Crossbow (arc), essentially is releasing tension that has been created long time now. Although this pattern is a complexed long-termed challenge or conflict, also gives the necessary weapons to defuse the tension and tackle the problem. This is a dangerous weapon and should not be directed in our personal life or even on a global level. It is a matter of survival. The Uranus- Pluto square is connected to extinction matters and rapid changes.
The February full moon, doesn’t give an easy way out but has gives motivation and toughness are necessary to strengthen the ego, to protect ourselves, and those we love because we need to survive. This is the final step in a long journey that has started long ago, concerning to global threats and extreme changes occurred in recent years.


The fixed star Fomalhaut at the 04 ♓ 04 degrees of Pisces, conjunct the Sun at the chart of the full moon, it is ideal for the completion of this stage of spiritual development. It is very lucky and powerful star, but it can be very destructive too. According to Ptolemy, is of the nature of Venus and Mercury by mixing the influence of Neptune. According to tradition, this star is quite variable, and brings results depending on the total cosmic structure. Here, it is particularly powerful with the Sun and means dissolution, blind fanaticism, malicious actions, contextual plots, strong and resolute enemies, blurred distinction, crime, danger bites of poisonous creatures.
What we experience now are the results of Uranus /Pluto square. These things represented by the Moon eliminated from the Sun. The moon represents the woman, the Sun is the submissive partner or someone who is dominant. It is connected to the world, an uprising which is suppressed by the authorities. The Sun is associated with the leaders of a country, the government, men who occupy a prominent place in society, while the moon is associated with the people, especially women, national security, the role of the family in a nation but also affects the sea, the water and economy.
Now, the frustration and anger of the Moon will release this destructive energy back to Sun to correct the wrongs and to balance things. Abused and victims will have the tools to regain their dignity and human rights. A mundane example of this could be the parliamentary elections in Iran, on February 26, 2016. The radical conservative patriarchy controlled the world for 30 years. The Iranian people have suffered more from the Uranus- Pluto square have suffered a lot through extreme changes, sanctions and isolation. The outcome of the wars in Iraq and Syria, the fight against the Islamic state, and the crisis of migration depend more than in Iran than in any other country. After all these challenges, the Iranian people will have the opportunity to resolve despite many both for themselves but also for the world. The silent majority can release the frustration and anger that has accumulated from extremist religious patriarchy, voting against them from power. This really would be an important evolutionary leap for humanity.
Also, at the chart of the full moon we notice the following.
* Sun-Regulus conjunction: ambition, alertness, great power, leadership, sudden fall, accidents, violence
The Sun in the 5th house and the Moon in the 11th house. The Moon in Virgo at this house has great power as it is connected with mass mobilization, the international organizations, the law, the parliament, and the neighboring states.
Mercury at the midpoint of Sun-Pluto, is associated with a crisis breaking out, tension, pride, arrogance, violence, and overestimation. Mercury in the 5th House, rules the 12th house too, and warns of grief, loss and speculation, but it refers to delicate health, suffering, distress, tribulation, danger, linked to dictators and those who express such characteristics, passion for power. Venus in 5th house, in Aquarius, especially loves freedom, * conjunct to Talitha but with Mercury in the same sign, associated to suspicion, mistrust, and uprising with great fury.


The position of Mars at the 2nd house is linked to economic collapse and ruins, and losses. Mars at the midpoint of Mercury-Jupiter is associated to coordination, recommends the use of reason is necessary, a successful conference discussion, success in negotiations, the sacrifice, but the determination and bravery. Associated with a group of scientists the successful orators, otherwise it could bring adverse effects such as deception, sham, fraud, slander, negligence. Mars rules also the 7th and 8th one, and points to the form of a unity government perhaps is just around the corner perhaps could be a solution, for some countries of this planet or at least altogether will succeed more. The square of Jupiter/ Saturn creates additional difficulties, depression, conflicts and lack of discipline, losses and problems in the economy, stock markets, public, health, religion, changes, raging, instability, poverty.


Equally very important is the influence of the Uranus-Pluto square between two angle houses, the 7th and 4th house, associated with revolution, collapse, explosive situations, violence, fanaticism, changes, reversals but also concerns also the appropriate decisions.
*** Pluto conjunct Canopus- violence, scandal.
Pluto at the midpoint of Sun/ Mars is connected to fanaticism, one-sided attitude, ruthless, violence, war, alarmed, firing rockets, satellites and spacecraft, mischief, failure, desire to realize a feat para many things, overcharging, the experience of violence , war.


Comparing the full moon chart to the Greek Independence chart, we notice for one more time this, Saturn conjunct Mars at the 15th degree this time, a fairly critical one as I explained before in new moon chart, of February, by one degree difference, but now Mars off Greece in Sagittarius and Saturn at the same time exactly meet each other, and that produces, according to political astrology of riots and critical events, war incidents, like the incident at the Aegean sea a few days ago with the helicopter, and generally has the meaning of an ignition.
Venus conjunct Uranus at the 6th degree of Aquarius means love of freedom but also a state which is out of control or has broken out, everyone is against the government, Saturn in opposition to the Ascendant, indicate that the situation will continue to be quite uncomfortable and it’s time to say for them to say goodbye.
The North Node squares the moon reminds that everyone should be united, the Saturn-Uranus square will continue to affect the Greek Independence Chart, creating tensions and reactions against any restriction, bringing violent incidents , the square of Mars -Uranus loads additionally the atmosphere because this axis is linked to revolt, the uprising but also interventions, sudden events associated with accidents and airplanes accidents, the struggle for survival, Mars also is opposed to the ascendant but the Moon-Pluto opposition marks the violent explosion of the population of this country.The full moon will affect Turkey, Russia, China, in Asia in general and America, and the coast of Turkey to the side of our country.

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Equations to Greece coordinates…
Meeting on governmental issues – important collaborations
Civil servants – Contacts on the principles – Important hours – surprise authoritarian actions of partners – collaborative work – adventures on their partners – tension or stress -Create turmoil – Injuries – Start fires or ignition – actions involving weapons – Mandatory decisions
Withdrawal – departures-divisions –obvious problems – resignation -deserted
Evening hours- serious or critical concerns – concerns or fears – Sadness or depression – problems specific to women – Problems with the public
Links about the past or history – resistance or obstacles related compounds – Withdrawal of associations – large enterprises – Important discussions – Extraordinary meeting – important dialogues – announcements on senior -dissolution
Surprise successes – Many sports –extended reforms – tension Volume Up
Initiatives related trade – efforts for peace – Liberal action – scientists – Success with technology – Extended ignition – Fire Propagation
Sudden insecurity or instability related acts – related disorders indecision swing – Acute infections – outbreak of many storms
Startups on the influence of partnerships – epidemics

Disorders related to injuries, damages or injuries – Damages related faults or burglary
Losses related to acts of war
News on the withdrawal or suspension of operations – Eviction or persecution
Battles over information about finances



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