Vesta relates to the Classical goddess of the hearth and family, and is Keeper of the Flame of Life. The asteroid encompasses this holon and symbolizes tradition, piety, dedication and service, focused behaviour and efficiency. It can also indicate tunnel vision, fanaticism and excessive conservatism. Some of the earlier work on asteroids elevated Vesta somewhat higher than the other symbols, perhaps because its rather Saturn-like qualities are more accessible and more readily understood. Both Vesta and Saturn are symbols of work, but Vesta tends to like work better than Saturn, or point to areas where one is less resistant to having to take up whatever responsibility or burden may be indicated. Indeed, Vestal people can be willing to be quite self-sacrificial, usually for those they love, or for some noble cause. The negative around this can be postures of martyrdom or (if self esteem is much lowered) to becoming some sort of doormat. There is an ascetic quality to Vesta and those in whom its influence is strong can operate in quite austere or priestly ways. Importantly, Vestal energy is usually apparent at endings, including death, when the flame of life it has supported is extinguished.


You are self-reliant and self-motivated in your work, sometimes to the exclusion of other people. You have commitment to your ideas and enjoy working by yourself. You have a commitment to independence and the ability to achieve personal success. You may alienate those close to you.



You have the ability to work in a stable and persistent manner. You are committed to working in a comfortable and predictable manner. You need to avoid becoming inflexible.



Networking and coordinating are two key factors in your work. You enjoy communicating and exchanging information, particularly at work. You have a tendency to avoid emotions, in favor of intellectual conversations. You may be a committed writer.



You are committed to your family and loved ones, especially when they need you. However, you may withdraw like a crab into your shell if you feel hurt by those closest to you. You enjoy working with those close to you.



You work most creatively when left to your own devices. You feel pride in your work and can be inspired by romance and fun. Play and work are closely linked for you.



You have a perfectionist streak. You work hard and expect the same from other people. You need to avoid being overly critical. Positively, you have the ability to set up efficient and productive routines at work.



You prefer to work with other people, rather than on your own. You like to share work resources and yet need to watch that you don’t become too competitive. You want to be recognised as an equal.


You are intensely committed to your work. Dedication and the ability to focus are keys to your work. Sexual morals may feature strongly as you seek to either break existing sexual mores or repress sexual urges behind a strict code of ethics.



You have the ability to work relentlessly for a cause in which you believe. You need to make sure you do not exclude other people’s points of view. You have visions and enjoy the adventure of discovery in your work.



You place importance on structure and order in the workplace. You have great discipline and personal ambition, and can succeed in administrative and management positions. Workers will turn to you for a sense of stability and authority.



You work best in an atmosphere of freedom and have a tendency to escape from routine. You will have commitment to humanitarian or political causes which do not offend your sense of individuality.



You work best when you are striving for service to humanity. You are committed to making the world a better place for everyone. You feel overwhelmed by work unless you focus on service to others.



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