Hygiea is named for the goddess of health, a daughter of the Greek medicine god Asklepios. The word ‘hygiene’ comes from her name and the asteroid has a bearing on issues of cleanliness, health and well-being. Illness and disease (especially ‘dis-ease’) come under Hygiea, and the healing processes required for restoration to wholeness and harmony. This asteroid seems to act as a cleanser and potentizer (to borrow a useful word from homoeopathy), and can activate transformative processes that produce a ‘new improved’ version of some aspect of life. Concepts of purity and purification also seem to be very important with Hygiea, and it can help people to ‘clean up their acts’ on many levels.



You are keen to live a healthy lifestyle, and initiate fitness programs. You are impatient to overcome your illnesses. Ill health may be a sign that you need to slow down.


Your comfort and good health are important. You are apt to become ill when you are not moving forward in other areas of your life.


You are keen to gather knowledge on health. Mental health, and the links between mind and body, may have featured in your life.


Your health may be closely linked to your home environment. Any disruptions in the home may spark bouts of ill health. You may be concerned for your family’s health.


You take pride in your health. You may have hobbies and pastimes linked with health.


Health is highlighted in your life. When your life becomes disorganised, your health suffers. The lesson is to recognise the links between mind and body and develop a healthy daily regime.


Imbalance in your life will lead to ill health. You see the links between health and beauty. You want to share your insights.


You will undergo cycles of ill and good health. The lesson is to realise the links between your psyche and health. Sexual health may also feature in your life.


You like to see how health fits into the big picture. You may study or teach about global health issues.


You have much wisdom about health issues. You may later become an authority on health issues.


You enjoy keeping fit with friends, joining fitness or sporting groups. You are concerned about the health of the planet.


The spiritual health of the world is important to you. You can see the links between physical and spiritual health and want to share these insights with everyone. You may suffer bouts of illness in hospital.



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