Ceres was the first asteroid to be discovered in 1801 and is named for the great corn goddess and Earth Mother of Classical mythology. It represents a mothering, nurturing principle, often working in very practical ways. There seems to be a strong pastoral and educational quality to Cereal influences, and the asteroid (or ‘dwarf planet’ as astronomers now classify Ceres!) also symbolizes the powerful protective forces that foster growth and development. Agriculture and ordinary working people seem to come under Ceres’s mostly benign rulership. In mundane terms Ceres has a distinct bearing on the well-being of ordinary people, and research has proven it is one of the most important fundamental symbols of the spirit and practice of democracy. In synastry, Ceres is very important, and shows the ability of people to take care of each other, based on deep goodwill or genuine love. ‘Loving-kindness’ is a very good keyword to describe the influence of Ceres. There is also a link here with food issues, and Ceres can be a factor where there are eating disorders or problems with calorie control. Another aspect of the shadow side of Ceres is a tendency to smother-love or some sort of devouring quality, and there can be issues around separation from loved ones. However, the positive side of Ceres is very positive indeed, and seems to be working to make the universe a more accepting, harmonious and loving place to be.



You feel cared for when people are allowing you to be independent. You also believe that the best way of caring for others is to let them be themselves. You will suffer if you feel dominated or caged in.



You feel cared for when loved ones give you a sense of stability and security. You like to be touched and stroked, and nurtured in practical ways. You also like to show others you care through practical means.



You like those close to you to share their feelings and thoughts and to listen to you. You share information with your loved ones to show them you care. You will suffer when others refuse to talk.



You ability to nurture others is closely linked with your own relationship with your mother. If you had a close and loving relationship with your mother then you will enjoy the same with others in your adult life. If not, you may form dependent relationships.



You feel cared for when other people play with you and praise you. You like to show others you care for them by encouraging their creative talents and sense of fun.



You feel cared for when other people help you perfect your skills. You like to be of service to other people.



You feel cared for when your loved ones create an atmosphere of peace and beauty. You like to co-operate with those close to you.



You feel cared for when your loved ones intensely focus their attention on you. You are emotionally committed to those close to you.



You prefer your loved ones to provide you with a sense of adventure and freedom. You feel cared for when you are allowed space to explore and reach for your goals.



You tend to look after yourself and others rather than seek nurturance. You feel nurtured when you achieve your ambitions. You teach others self-discipline and how to achieve their goals.



You feel cared for when others accept and encourage your sense of individuality. You feel comforted when surrounded by groups of people. You teach others to accept their eccentricities.



You feel most cared for when experiencing at-one-ment with the world. You care for others by relieving their pain. You have compassion for your loved ones.

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