Astraea is named for the goddess of justice, symbolized by the balanced scales. She was last of the Immortals to withdraw from Earth and was turned into the constellation of Virgo. The asteroid seems to be a symbol of integration and wholeness, whether in ideal state or the fragmentation that requires a restoration to the ideal. There is something sublime about Astraea’s idealism, which seems to relate to Divine Order. Unsurprisingly, it does not always sit comfortably in the ‘real’ world – just as true balance is hard to achieve and maintain. Astraea brings things together, and also breaks them apart. It gives intellectual acumen (like Pallas) and practical problem-solving skills. There is a great intensity to Astraea, and it can manifest in a deeply concentrated way, both in personal terms and more mundanely, such as the concentration of energy involved in splitting atoms apart. Astraea’s intensity sometimes means that it shows up as an obsessive streak, and a tendency to wait around too long for something to finish, or a willingness to put up with other people past a point of reasonable tolerance. Another important point is that Astraea seems to relate to the realm of the very small – in material terms, to the cellular, atomic and sub-atomic planes, and to all the quanta of information that the mind processes in order to understand the wholeness of concepts and ideas, and various kinds of relationships.


You have an inability to let go of your independence. You want to continue doing things your own way when it is time to start co-operating.


You are apt to become stuck in your ways and oppose change. You prefer the comfort and safety of things known to the insecurity of the new.


You have difficulty making up your mind. You prefer to keep your options open and may miss opportunities to learn new ideas.


You have an inability to let go of your family. You prefer the comfort of your own home to the excitement.


You lack spontaneity and are liable to become stuck in one creative project. Your pride may stop you having fun.t of an open environment.


Your attention to detail and need for perfection may be blocking your productivity. You are reluctant to change your daily routine long after it has outlived its usefulness.


Your sense of fairness is stopping you from striving for your own independence. You are so busy catering for the needs of those around you that you do not have time for your own projects.


You have an inability to let go of joint projects and your search for external resources.


You have an inability to let go of your personal belief system to make way for a more inclusive and bigger picture.


Your need for respect stands in the way of you achieving your ambitions. You are cautious and may lose opportunities through fear of appearing foolish.


Your inability to conform to other people’s expectations is stopping you from achieving your ideals.


You have an inability to see unity in the world. You may cling to your own spiritual truth believing it to be a universal one. You may be afraid of being overwhelmed by other people.

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