Pallas represents the wisdom seeker and intellectual pursuits, and perhaps handicrafts. Like Uranus it has a bearing on ‘wake up calls’, sudden changes and shocks. It rules a higher understanding of things, and the processes, however challenging, difficult and demanding of change in one’s life, that are required to gain it. Palladian energy can be quite violent and disruptive, even destructive, making things as hard to endure as they need to get, in order to catalyse necessary action and alteration. In this light, Pallas by transit can point to times of great stress, particularly if the person affected is resisting change. Pallas is also one of the symbols of the mind, and prospers intellectual acumen and the cultivation of intelligence. Pallas people tend to be smart and fast, quick on the uptake and quick in action, although ‘negative’ or unskilful expressions of Pallas can be apparently stupid (because blocked on some level) and clumsy, or sometimes very cut-off and alienated. The energy of this asteroid can take quirkiness to the point of oddness and the inability to relate in ‘normal’ ways. However, the best gifts of Pallas are those of insight and understanding, and the capacity to know and act in more astute, informed and ultimately kindly ways. And there’s another bonus with this asteroid: Pallas seems to prosper a sense of humour, and is always prominent in the charts of satirists and comedians. One of the ways in which Pallas helps us to deal with the rigours and stresses of life is to make a joke of things instead of crying about them. This means Pallas helps us all to become that much tougher as well as smarter, and helps us to laugh in the face of adversity whilst finding a skilful strategy to deal with whatever life throws at us.


You have a keen intellect with the ability to come up with exciting, new ideas. You are also happy to risk putting your new ideas into action.



You have the ability to see the beauty in nature and the arts. You have much common sense and wisdom. You may become involved in either healing with your hands, or healing the earth through environmental movements.



You have a keen mind able to grasp many concepts. Therefore you are adept both in written and spoken language.



You are very intuitive. You rely on your emotions to guide your opinions and thoughts. You are an empathetic listener and are keen to keep up communications with your family and loved ones.



You have a creative mind, which you enjoy using. You like to play with words. You may write or be involved in a creative project in the world of the arts.



You have an analytical mind which you can apply to detailed and exhaustive projects. Your powers of discrimination are strong. You also have executive abilities. You may become involved in the field of health



You are able to see both sides of a story, and help bring opposing parties into agreement. You are a diplomat and a defender of justice.



You have a probing mind preferring to always get to the bottom of things. You can be ruthless in your pursuit of the true story. You are a detective and a psychologist.



You possess the ability to see the big picture. You enjoy philosophical discussions and can include all cultures. You are a defender of truth.



You possess wisdom and the ability to structure your thoughts. Your mind copes well with plans and you like to put things in their proper place.



Your mind can be brilliant, original and insightful. You are able to quickly grasp new ideas and apply them to the future. You fight for your ideals, and humanitarian or political causes.


You have a meditative mind, the ability to merge in your mind with the universe. You desire to heal the world through words, and may be involved in some form of artistic expression.


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