Although the conquerors of the earth affirm a positive development of the “economic crisis”, the insightful and astrological parameters specify a future uncertain and unstable for the whole decade. The stopped (Stationary) Jupiter in the middle, of the sign of Cancer, a T-square formation of Uranus/Pluto will probably cause a lot of distress in Europe since the beginning of 2014 to reach the limits of a global crescendo.
Mars will get, since December 2013, through this crescendo, increasing the T- square, turning it into a Grand Cross in cardinal signs and will stagnate in May of 2014. This of course is indicative of a revolutionary tidal wave that could become itself a Grand kind of “tsunami” that will swept the “shores” of all the world’s major cities. As the United States is a kind of great planetary “cop” hobbled in the affairs of almost all countries of the known world, many problems in other countries that also will provoke, in turn, problems in America itself.
The uprisings and revolts of 2014 could give further impetus to constitutional huge changes even in recoveries-removals of constitutions, just as is happening right now in Greece. On the other hand beneficial Jupiter, will definitely dominate all through the years of 2014, reinforcing the psychological stability in a big part of people, in order to address in the future of what really comes….Such as extremists, Fanatics and crusaders of the time. Jupiter in Leo will be so dominant and powerful at the end of 2014 and early 2015, which will provide a global signal to all humanity to find courage and re- gain the lost hopefulness. The trine it forms to Saturn from Sagittarius can bring large openings in societies and Ethics around the world. The sudden consolidation of our societies will be strong enough to make a new experiment! Most alive with a new sense of “social responsibility and communication” we will start to break barriers and to diminish prohibitions in ways that will remind us of the psychedelic ’60s!
This of course will bring great obstructions from those who rule, in our country and in the Middle East by the spring of 2015 and if Americans will interfere that could be a deadly mistake. Attempts to peace agreements around in August 2015 are only temporary. Since mid-2015 we can expect global religious rearrangements, which will cause tremendous turmoil at the explosive area of Middle East (Syria, Iran, Israel, etc.) while the religious reformer (Neptune in Pisces) would conflict with fundamental founding powers (in a square to Saturn in Sagittarius) .Israel will become a target of terrorist attacks, at the same time means would raging religious conflicts.
By 2016, if these conflicts have not really caused a Third World War will become witnesses of many uprisings in many many countries including Greece, between poor and rich (Mars in Virgo in opposition to Neptune by October 2015), which is likely have been already being directed due to extensive and major health problems not only to the “State”, but this time to the “Church”!!!
Heroic figures of compassionate nature like Mother Teresa, can appear as powerful leaders of the poor and patients that will grow exponentially … Many “Crusaders” can be spilt trough the years of 2015-16 and will rouse people to shed the ideas of racism, sexism , globalization of society and supposedly ecology, carrying with them the message of a creative spirituality for our future societies.

The governments of powerful countries, especially the United States would be wise to be prepared for attacks and kidnappings by religious terrorists in late September or October 2015, as well as the month of April 2016. The station of Mars in religious Sagittarius in April forms simultaneously very dangerous aspects (a conjunction to Saturn, square to Neptune, etc.). The paradoxes of political and religious fascism and murders in the name of “God” of everyone could reveal the absurdity of our “beliefs” if those were not really so dangerous…
In the countries of southern Europe, particularly in Spain and Greece, “rock scenes” could be developed into true battles by the April of 2016, which would threaten to dismember our nations entirely…Such religious and upheavals policies could affect greatly the global economy in 2016, and these conflicts will continue in the spring of 2016, and new could take place happen in Central Asia and in Latin America, with a focus on Brazil. (By the way Brazil 2016 Olympic Games just remind you …)
The ongoing global crisis, environmental, economic and religious, as initiated and intensified in 2010-11, will culminate in spring 2016 and all Countries should seek solutions and to give firm commitments with respect to health and environmental welfare of the people of this planet. The spiritual enthusiasm of Zeus those difficult moments will motivate people to try to help others through individual initiatives. This crisis will be an opportunity for reorganization of many of the institutions that we forgot in a century of systematic corruption in a way that respects and serve man better.
Perhaps, to understand until then that despair and poverty will be reduced only when we live in harmony with nature and appreciate the contribution all of us and of each individual, without segregation and without signs of bipolarity factions, political parties, interests, rich and poor…

Whoever be the elected-president of the United States, 2016 shall continue to face up “religious” conflicts throughout the world. The Procedural opposition of Jupiter through the T-square with Uranus and Pluto in 2017 also means that religious and political revolutions-will influence the laws, perhaps even through long-term trials in international courts. An eclipse on February 26, 2017 in the sign of Pisces marks uprisings by religious revolutionaries or of the poor in many countries.

The United States of America will regret about their intervention and involvement in these conflicts lamenting many war victims. The American people will want to stay away from all that and concentrate on their own legal and health issues and welfare issues have already lost too much.

Many of these issues and the steps required and will be needed in Europe and America after the crisis of 2010, will show their results in 2017! The human rights of the millions of refugees that have been created so far will require major rearrangements of Justice in order to survive.
Whether this happens in a short period of time, or require several years, in the end will bring true justice even with violence to those who deny! Jupiter in transit through Libra and Saturn in transit through the sign that rules Jupiter, Sagittarius, confirms that 2017 will be the year that necessary constitutional changes in many countries will come to meet…
The solar eclipse of August of the year show America or Israel under bomb attacks and attempts of citizens to save themselves. At the same time, worldwide poor people will rebel in order to avoid taxes, as Mars in Virgo once again is opposed to Neptune in September. No matter how “enlightened measures” be taken, will not be enough to suppress the periodic eruptions of unfortunate people who are struggling to live one more day, in a very poor, chaotic and dangerous world.
When Mercury will re-enter the sign of Leo in September 2017, perhaps a New generation, led by some leading and respectable idealists mentors of young people, to discover that “having a good time” has nothing to do with being “live a life filled with meaning, ideals and values” … and that I a lesson that all of us should learn. The year 2018 contains the most interesting world events. Neptune will be the Grand Master of the Game that reaches that odd “spirit stillness” that was once again in 1966 (in the previous water sign), but will be even more powerful on 17 degrees of Pisces. At the same time, Uranus begins to enter the sign of Taurus causing a phase which will be strongly felt across the world. Leaders and activists will promote a new vision in the spring and summer of 2018, inspiring people to seek greater abundance and prosperity more eco-friendly planet Earth and to work together to avoid further decline. When Uranus enters Taurus in 2018-19, the spiritual reformation will be oriented towards the Earth and the new values will accelerate the regeneration of religions of the Mother Nature. The anxiety and bad temper of the times will be improved to some extent. The economic conditions will show a commensurate improvement and decompress a little bit off local revolutions.
Prosperity and abundance will be promoted through a new “green post-industrial revolution” that will be constantly reinforced by all the friendly life technologies that have been discovered over the last two decades, such as the use of solar and wind power, the organic farms etc. Encouraged people to progress technologies of “free energy” will begin to get tired of the protests and riots in the streets and fanatical ideologues of the new securities will prefer to get down to work than to shout in the streets aimlessly.

In the summer of 2018, Mars will remain stopped in Aquarius and people will begin to feel an even greater urge to progress. There might be even the risk that global change to be sacrificed to the old idea of materialism once again. This will be the largest recurrent challenge of the 21st Century.
While human mood may be more improved after 2018, ‘crusaders’ of various ideologies will try once more to rouse the people shouting for new theoretical “threats”. A powerful lunar eclipse on January 21, 2019 may result in massive uprisings against governments and religious strife of many nations (but not war). Many governments may be tempted to take tougher measures and bear suppression of uprisings during this period. The current “green post-explosion” will be at the highest point in January of 2019 but many dishonest speculators will take advantage of the economic situation resulting in major frauds occur in newly developing areas of the world.


In March 2019, Uranus re-enters the zodiac sign of Taurus and stays there for the next seven years. This could specify a time when key decisions will be taken to encourage new ways of life more compatible with our planet. Natural psychedelics (herbs, mushrooms etc.) will certainly find a great popularity and will replace many analogues, too – far more harmful. People will eagerly seek contact with nature for health and physical life, peace, ecology, and fraternity. Neptune will reach the critical degree of 17 to 18 of Pisces which shows that the year 2019 will see the return (and possibly termination and solution) of many issues of our times, how the people of Earth will be able to live together again in peace preserving both the planet and its frieze sources…

As Uranus goes to zero degrees of Taurus, the two great movements of “matter in motion” and “immobility of the spirit” will probably merge for the first time, if we will be able to face the karmic results of our battle against nature and materialistic illusions of our past. As the 20 years (2000-2020) the time of transition, of the old to the new values will close the cycle, we will find ourselves in a difficult situation to overcome the past materials and ideals of competition and can clearly see the new ideals of collaboration and co-creation of a New Earth and a New Heaven.

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