The New Year begun under the influence of the Sun/Pluto conjunction and this astrological aspect is pointing to a radical transformation that will come concerning global economy and migration issue. The disharmonic square of Uranus/Pluto brought enough problems economically changed the weather conditions and created war situations but also excited changes in the previous years. In 2016, these two planets will start to separate from each other, even though the square of Uranus/Pluto will make its presence visible in January as you see and February. Let’s do not forget war conflicts that have been created during the past few months in Ukraine, Syria, and ISIS. The crisis under these planetic effects changed the data, and the relations between great powers of the world, between Russia and the West. Foreign relations, friendships and alliances changed to positive or negative direction with high speed and in a much unexpected way.

In 2016, the square of Saturn/Neptune will dominate, despite the fact that there will be difficulties with migration issue, helping those who suffer will not stop and of course, this will not happen without stiffness and problems. Disappointment and realization will create changeovers, religious conflicts and even borders will be dissolved and change, under the square of Saturn/Neptune. It is also very possible through this period of time to see that issues concerning this migration and religious freedoms to be ruled under a stricter frame. The square of Saturn/Neptune may also reveal the mistakes have been made concerning these decisions have been taken about these issues and those may be changed again in future.


The delusions of the previous period of time may lead also to revolts and uprisings because of disappointment. Powerful migration stream to the west because of Syrian conflict and Iraq will advance to genocides and with the west powers trying to strengthen their interests at the area, will bring developments that will cross the limits. Unfortunately, these phenomena, will be repeated again in 2016 and will be more powerful when the Saturn and Neptune will form an exact square. The disharmonic aspect of Neptune (catalyze) – Saturn (limits) will dominate in 2016 so that will make things harder however that will transform a new state of affairs. It may also help to get over our inner fears that lead our souls this period of time and that will be our profit. The peace of our soul and freedom from fear.
While this is happening, the military and political thermometer is rising up between Russia of Putin and Turkey of Erdogan that have crossed every limit. War conflicts in Syria are escalated. Russia weeks now, has undertaken the protagonistic role concerning the battle against the Islamic state, and his role is more energetic than Europe, USA (NATO). After terroristic attacks, France get into the war with other European countries. After Russian shot down by Turkish military powers, the situation dynamited more and set the global community on a “red alarm”. What is certain, is that much more are hidden behind this and what is happening is not only just to help out Syria. We have to do with two leaders that have common similarities which means that those two may become enemies too.
If we want to analyze the synastry of those two we get the conclusion that it is Erdogan’s destiny to play this role. The axis of the lunar nodes (karma) of Turkey is forming a conjunction with Erdogan’s planets in Pisces, while the lunar nodes are in conjunction with the ascendant and Pluto of Turkey. But the conjunction of Moon/Mars in Erdogan’s horoscope are squaring Uranus, South Node and the MC of Turkey which means that Erdogan’s actions will collide with current political situation there. After all, despite the fact that he had two elections, once in August and November, it doesn’t means that those dates were positive for him. His Saturn, is forming a conjunction with the Sun of Turkey, which means that he will impose himself a specific pattern for the external image of Turkey. Turkey s Pluto also at the 5th house (business people- youth), will support him since he trines the conjunction of Erdogan in Pisces. However, stability and peace are not promised there.
On the other hand, what is very clear is Uranus dominate position in Putin’s horoscope because Uranus is exactly on his DC squaring the Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury. That is pointing to someone who may feel that easily is being threatened and that explains a lot concerning his decisions as a leader. Uranus is feeding his reaction that also could easily lead into wild war conflicts but also that explains the risk he took with the annexation of Crimea. His ascendant in Capricorn and his ruler which is Saturn is also shaping an aspect with Uranus and Neptune, and by this way we understand too much about the fall of Soviet Union, which was on of the greatest geopolitical disasters of the 20th century. Putin’s ascendant in Capricorn not helping him to understand the changes and reversals are coming with the time and the developments on a global level. As a Uranus personality, he is trying to free himself from the bonds that his antagonists are putting him and visions a global superpower. Of course, this has also its positive effects too, that we all know to well.
Putting those two leaders under the astrology scope, their similarities are extraordinary, both share the same ascendant in Capricorn and ruler in Saturn, on the MC or the axis of AC/DC. Both are determined to succeed their targets and Uranus is making both acting sometimes peremptorily. The period of 2016-7 Pluto is activating the ascendant with a conjunction at the period of 2016-2018 and also with an opposition to Uranus. So, it is certain that those two leaders will come into a violent conflict, particularly after the developments at the borders of Syria. Putin’s course in future as a peacemaker however will be difficult that will be possibly astray himself in further war conflicts and powerful antagonisms. Let’s not forget also the fact, that Putin was elected on 9 August, 1999, that we had the greatest solar eclipse of the century that really touched his life. What we had really write since that time, was that he is a leader born under the star of war, so it is very possible for him to act dynamically and unpredictably.
On 11/8/2015 Jupiter entered Virgo and he will remain there till 9 September 2016 and generally that will have to do with matters such as the nutrition, work and health. Virgo in Jupiter, is asking him to control his ambitious plans and so there is a conflict created in the air, so we have two opposite reactions that block one another. That doesn’t means that there will be no progress on the next few months, but progress need to be scheduled and well-programmed, slow, after thinking. So, we have to avoid being unthoughful and spontaneous and that is really profitable for each one of you. However, Jupiter in Virgo may bring physical exhaustion, because of too much working so we need to be cautious, when Jupiter will oppose Chiron in February and august of 2016.


On a collective level, though, this will preserve religious fanaticism that will bring disastrous consequences. Also, this position brings progress to medical issues, alternative therapies will be progressed and suggested.
On 9th September 2016, Jupiter will enter Libra and he will be there till October 2017 and that is about a lucky period of time concerning love and reconcile, on a personal and professional level. Jupiter through Libra may give lots of presents in relationships, that will help them be developed in affection, love, to resolve their problems and transform friendships into love affairs. In every case, do not become reserved, you have to take care of your relationships in every level, to expand your social and professional cycle, to put an end in those that create problems and do not lead anywhere or give turmoil. Public relations also being favored. Life with Jupiter in Libra is colorful and pleasant, affects matters such as fashion, beauty, relations, peace and war and that depends on the aspects that will be formed. The most important thing is that Jupiter in this zodiac sign will support and improve economy that its affects will be visible from 2017-2020.
So, let’s say a few worlds about what will happen around the world. European Union is Capricorn and is immediately affected through the square of Uranus/Pluto. But Mars, Saturn and Mercury are in Sagittarius, a position that will affect in a negative way the square of Neptune/Saturn (complications with migration issue and upheaval to people).there will be important changes in order to face up the migration wave and the facts that will appear.
The aspect of Saturn /Neptune will also affect the Euro currency that will suffer serious turbulence. I have mentioned in other article that people should be particularly cautious with investments.
Germany is Libra, in a disharmonic aspect with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, is affecting the country, even if the trine of Sun/Mars is expressing her power. There will be difficulties through scandals and also the need to change course and politics. By the beginning of 2016, Saturn will opposed to her natal Mars in Gemini, so there will be violent events to experience and important upheaval, even terroristic attacks.


France is Libra, and her horoscope has been affected in a negative manner by the square of Uranus/Pluto. Her Moon (people) in Gemini is opposed to Saturn in Sagittarius which is showing fear and serious problems that will be more as long as Saturn will be in this zodiac sign. I had also mentioned in other articles that France will also accept another terroristic blow.

Italy, perhaps, her Sun is in Gemini forming a favorable aspect with Jupiter, but the conjunction of Venus/Saturn in Cancer, in a hard aspect with Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron in Libra, is being affected negatively by the square of Uranus/Pluto. This aspects is absolutely dangerous for her economy and for unexpected terroristic blows too.
Great Britain, is a country with the Sun in Sagittarius in a disharmonic aspect with Uranus (unexpected-dangerous events). In 2016 will have to face up sad events that will affect the leaders and the people of this country. (Moon in Cancer)


Russia, the square of Uranus/Pluto is affecting Russia too. However, Jupiter in Virgo in a negative aspect to Mercury/mars in Sagittarius will be activated in 2016 by Saturn, and this is an aspect of exaggeration, military innervations and cooperation interruptions.
USA, is cancer in a disharmonic aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius and also her horoscope is affected terribly by the square of Uranus/ Pluto. But Uranus (unexpected problems) as also the square of Mars/ Neptune will be affect by Saturn in 2016 and there is strong danger by chemicals and gas.
Turkey, is Scorpio, with Venus and Jupiter also in the same sign (money and expansive politics). But her Uranus, at the 10th house of her horoscope (need for change and impose) will be “torn” by Saturn in Sagittarius. Additionally, the conjunction of Mercury/Saturn in Libra will also later bring problems concerning her borders.

Iran, is Aries, and is forming a negative aspect to Pluto. The most dangerous of all is that the planets of this nation is in Pisces, as also Venus too, so the conjunction of Mercury/Mars in a negative aspect with Neptune is pointing to uprisings and danger from chemicals and natural disasters.
Syria, is Capricorn, forming a negative aspect to Neptune in Libra, so fairly this country being tested too strong. Unfortunately, Mars, Uranus and the Saturn of Syria in Gemini in a negative aspect to the Moon (people) in Pisces. So that means that people of Syria will continue to be tortured and the integrity of Syrian borders will be doubted.
Israel, is Taurus with many exaggerated aspects but in 2016 the opposition of Jupiter/Uranus at the axis of Sagittarius/Gemini is pointing to conflicts and cracks on a diplomatic level.


Greece, for those who already know, this country had experienced four economical bankrupts in the past. The first was in 1827, 1824, 1825 and 1932. The Monkey year prompts to the year 1932, drachma currency accepted great pressures and exchange stocks vanished. Eleftherios Venizelos, prime minister of Greece then, forced to declare bankrupt. After a year of Syriza government, the general index stock is expected to be slide down and appear particularly dangerous situations. The most important period of time is March, April, May and June. August and after Greek people will take a deep breath if the Greek market will continue to work and nothing will happen, particularly in October and December. However, the country will have to be soon in front of elections again.

More details we will write through the monthly lunar articles.



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