December full moon, will be the last for the year 2015 and will be held at the 3rd degree of Cancer (family, homeland, national security) in the 3rd house of the solar horoscope at 1:11:26 PM.
That testifies Christmas Day and generally the festive atmosphere around the family table that runs in many countries and houses of this world and the atmosphere that will prevail against the milieu of sad memories of events that have occurred up to now, which is not pleasant at all. In this full moon will participate Mercury in Capricorn in the 22nd degree (fatal sad events, suicides, nuisance, and chaos), Pluto also in Capricorn, and Mars at the 24th of Libra and Uranus from Aries.



It is important to note that a few hours later, on 12.26.2015 in the morning, at 4:26, Uranus from Aries will return on a straight direction, after a long time at the 16th degree, meaning that now the events will gathering pace, will run faster, so the world will begin to change rapidly, there will be more turmoil, chaos, developments, unrest and conflicts. By this influence it will be difficult to say that any changes would be beneficial, in the turbulent years that we spend through.

Thus, the full moon in Cancer, a little after the start of the winter solstice where will expose us to many risks and would particularly affect signs cardinal cross, Cancers, Aries, Libra and Capricorn. On the occasion there will be conflicts, divisions and changes in significant zones. More generally, there will be observed an intense atmosphere of disagreements, episodic events, claims and belligerent mood. The participation of Mars through Libra will accelerate and accentuate particularly spirits and developments. So, in this way we will pass in 2016 that will give a new perspective concerning the destination of many nations of the planet, social groups and individuals.


However there is also something more to mention. The Full Moon on 25 December 1977 held in the sign of Cancer in the 10th house of the solar horoscopes pointing at the death of a famous comedian Charlie Chaplin, but also a test of nuclear bomb in Soviet Union. The same full moon will be repeated again in the same sign, on 25 December 2015 affecting the axis of foreign policy … with a small difference that this time will be worse than the first time, in 1977.The first was accompanied by Vulcan and the second by hypothetical Saturn and Hades. This will be suddenly erupted, and besides of activating explosive astrological aspects, Uranus on a straight direction. Such a phenomenon will be repeated again in 2034.


Let me start at the personal level, the full moon on holiday gives an emphasis to the Christmas spirit, love and friendship. This full moon is ideal for strengthening relationships to an existing connection or finding a new partner. Socialization is being favored in general, and this is a particularly good phase of the moon for peaceful negotiations to resolve differences and to find common ground in business or legal matters.
The light of the full moon will place greater emphasis on close relationships and partnerships. Both the fixed star on the moon and the faces express the need for proximity and friendly communication. The stable star Propus, to 3 ° 39 ‘ of Cancer is aligned closely with the full moon. Although it is in the sign of Cancer, the star belongs in the constellation of Gemini. Since the Greeks set slowly moving constellations in 0 ° of Aries in the Zodiac 2000 years before, stars and constellations have moved by 30 °, or an entire star forward in relation to the West, or the tropical zodiac.
This process is called precession, and we use the fixed stars for the interpretation of a horoscope, along with other information found on the chart. Stars, namely make the interpretation more accurate addition to basic translation of signs and aspects in a horoscope. The stars and planets emit energy, while the signs are not doing something like that.

The star Propus born of the nature of Mercury and Venus, and so the December full moon promotes love and kindness. This star is located between the shoulders of Gemini, highlighting the issue of closeness and togetherness. In addition to the general characteristics of Gemini, which is the decency, intelligence and finesse, the star Propus gives strength, excellence and success.

This full moon is excellent for associative thinking, a necessary skill in astrology. The stellar influence reveals the artistic skills, so that you can find creative outlet and poetry and painting the other productive and creative workshop during the two weeks of the current phase of the moon. But this positive influence favors mostly friendly communication. Socially, this full moon is excellent to make new friends or favors closer relations. If this full moon forms positive aspects in your horoscope, you care more about how much elegant you may look and you will enjoy the increased popularity. This is an ideal time for writing, give speeches or presentations, exchange ideas but also for teaching. This full moon showing success in legal issues and indicates the right time for peace negotiations.

Moreover, we see Venus is equidistant with Mercury and Jupiter, forming a symmetrical Grand Triangle which this is very expressive and dynamic but indicates talent and the ability to express and achieve love, understanding and kindness. Smaller aspects are associated with it, mean that we must fight for love and harmony.
The trine of Mercury / Jupiter is the fuel that triggers Venus. This aspect ultimately expressed through the sextile of Mercury / Venus. Brings optimism and good news. Being socializing is favored, as also to make plans if you have good intuition about it, future-oriented and positive thinking. This is also the ideal time to clean and organize everything in your office up and your life, get rid of unnecessary stuff and that you believe that just only a burden but is not needed.

The sextile Venus / Jupiter is positive for parties, friendly gatherings and love. You should feel warm and happy inside and you will want to share these warm feelings with other people. This is a sign of good luck and may receive gifts, money or compliments. You will also have a generous mood and there will be no greed. The sextile of Mercury / Venus is right to have fun with friends, relax and time out. Socialization should be more enjoyable now because of reduced stress and greater harmony in your relationships. There will be more opportunity to express your love to significant personal relationships where you will instantly appreciate a narrower binding.

The fixed star Agena at the 24 ° 00 degrees of Scorpio has great influence on Venus and indeed it is a beautiful star of Venus-Jupiter nature that quite matches to issues associated with love and friendship, for this full moon. It gives enough energy and enthusiasm to couples without hurting yourself or any other situation. Through Venus in particular, Agena gives intense sensuality with strong passions, and the tendency to form good friendships with women.

Although there is no astrological aspect, linking the moon with Venus, because of the similarities with the fixed stars, it is fair to say that much of the energy of this full moon will be expressed through Venus, with love and a compassionate way. On December 11th, the new moon in Sagittarius, proposed a final evolutionary leap is being required for our adaptation ability to change and the massive upheaval of recent years. By placing the full moon of December 25th into this dynamic, allows to bridge the gap, to repair the wrongs and find yourself in a completely different harmonious state. Though relations have gotten an end then this full moon is perfect to make new friends or find a new romantic partner.

O a political level, the Sun in Capricorn relates to leaders, leadership, governments who is located at the 9th house and forms an opposition to the Moon in Cancer at the axis of 3 / 9th which is the house of communication and refers to tension, problems and trends for secessions of some nations in foreign policy and so much we mentioned before. The Sun in the 9th house squares Jupiter in the 6th house and is associated with errors, waste of time and loss, difficulties with other leaders and nations but also stubbornness and strong disagreements. This square is pointing to oppression in society, escape trends, excesses that do evil.

The Sun at the midpoint of Mars / Neptune, is associated with new projects, changes, lack of willpower, dissatisfaction, weakness. Risk of contamination events. Moon also squares Jupiter and falls on the same midpoint of Mars / Neptune, indicating high sensitivity, associated with crooks, high risk for infections, indecision, go off course. The Moon here rules the 9th and 4th house and the Sun in the 3rd, 5th and 8th which are significant houses.

Mercury in Capricorn is in the 10th house, and although that has positive aspects shows a stretch critical situation in the 22nd degree but also conjunct Athena Pallas, but together with the Sun and Pluto shows the same picture that we had in December 2014, just remember the events that happened.

The square of Mars / Pluto between 10-7th house, with Mars squaring the 10th house and the ascendant causes general ignition problems, anger, enforcement, ultimatums, risky actions and atrocities. (Small leading to a mass effect, such as lighting a match that may cause fire or explosion) .This aspects between these two planets we saw them again during summer 2015 and creates prolonged tension, extremely critical situations, ignition, attacks, violence, sabotage by enemies, explosions, outbursts, hostility and dissolution. The conjunction in Capricorn is associated with political turmoil and falling empires but as I mentioned a few months ago, in another article.

Mars in opposition to the ascendant of the full moon, warns of possible accidents, risk of loss, quarrels, hostility .Mars squares the 10th house and it shows pressure on government, fall of the government, losses, conflicts, hostility, and further splits of political parties. The whole thing requires a complete dismantling situation and re-assembly, as you may comprehend.
Saturn in the 8th house with Zuben Elgenubi shows a loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, venereal diseases, poisoning, drowning, anguish, revenge, crime. The square of Uranus / Pluto between 12-10th house is an additional factor which confirms the above on a political level. It warns of risk, accidents, and domestic conflicts, triggers the police army or uniformed personnel of the government, military personnel, underground characters and enemies as also terroristic attacks too.
Violent situations. (Sudden massive explosion, deaths from winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks. Deadly attack by insurgents or a terrorist group.) Jupiter in Virgo, at the 6th House conjuncting the North Node indicates a significant disaster, fatal accident or tragedy.

The ascendant of the full moon at the 24th degree of Aries, triggers a relentless attitude, serious trials and problems. Pluto and the aspects that forms will particularly affect Greece and Europe that will accept a terrorist attack. France actually will accept a second blow and might be not in public places, as it happened on the first. It could also mention a strong earthquake in the area of Mediterranean.

Compared to the chart of Greece we have the disharmony of Sun / Uranus are highly disruptive and create serious problems that bring explosions and fires, the disharmony of Mars / Mercury have disagreement index and shows interference. Be also very careful with public transportation and your health. Disharmony of Moon / Uranus / Saturn shows fairly strong contextual in political developments of the country and dissections. Compared to the chart of Metapolitefsi, the square of Uranus / Pluto severely is affecting the Greek government and Mars in Libra at the 4th house, in order. So, we have to wait for further developments, splits and resignations.

*** Agena conjunct Venus- Poetic atmosphere, strong passions, easy friendships with women.
*** Arcturus conjunct Mars- popularity, many friends.

*** Spica conjunct Mars- Popular social success, good judgment and quick decisions, stiffness, and almost or completely nonsense.

*** Antares conjunct Saturn- Materialism, dishonesty with conditions created by the environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and legal issues, problems through enemies, many failures, prevention, adverse domestic issues, many illnesses and grief from children.

***** Algorab conjunct Juno -Cleanse, destructiveness, ugliness, wickedness, hellish lies, suicide, greed, injuries.

*** Pluto-Vega conjunction- this conjunction is a little bit strange, Vega is charming and charismatic. Various sources report that Vega is connected to the creative arts. Vega or Wega, the Alpha Lyrae, according to Ptolemy, is of the nature of Venus and Mercury. People who have such influence have a strong inclination for music, spiritual pleasures, and make significant charitable work. It gives finesse, mobility, and debauchery and indecency.
When positive aspects, Vega can bring wealth or unexpected riches. It is a beneficial star, but when forming negative aspects, especially with Mars, can cause death with Saturn or Pluto, however can result in disaster, and where it affects our country area.


Let’s look at the equations

  • Fulfilling desires – love relationships start – giving love – fun – Defend harmony – Sexual desire – Partnership for artistic work – efforts to beautify the environment – Art activities
    Austerity- health issues specific to women – Need to improve personal relationships – nations that need improvement – disbelief – sadness or grief associated with partner – sad hours – days of losses; Uncertainty, insecurity, instability – disappointment in the crowds – Extended uncertainty or instability – Extensive losses-
    Rise specific to women in government – – Famous artists.

-Analysis on leadership – impotence associated with the leadership – Increases related to government corruption – Significant drops
Extensive disappointments – Many losses- restriction of liberty
Sports events – sudden bursts – Actions contributing to tension and stress
Triggering events and facts – Official missions – News concerning the situation of reform – discussions on large intensities -Suddenly suffering and damage – high risk – Unexpected disaster

Unexpected power cuts – Insecurity and instability associated with the reforms or revolution – Actions related to sudden insecurity or instability – big impact -Technical fraud – Typhoons or strong storms- Increased losses related to freedom – insecurity and instability associated with widespread fraud – Extended dissolution- Activities restricted by law –

Minimization of birth – Expulsion – Arid harvests actions contribute to hide the problems – Problems due to errors – Uncertainties regarding deaths – Mysterious Deaths – gaining freedom by force – mandatory changes that bring insecurity or instability- transition Transformations – changes- reversals-

Problems associated with the lack of money – Stormy developments – sudden reversal- denial regarding other significant changes – losses on corporate relations; Staged or contingent departures, resignations- exposure risks in implementing substantial changes – Significant changes – Insufficiently


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