The last New Moon of the year, will be held at the 19th degree of Sagittarius, at 12:29:21 pm. at the 9th house of the solar horoscope. In New Moon we will have the participation of Saturn, Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter. There will be revelations that indeed might be quite enlightening. This is a positive period of time but simultaneously tiring about our daily lives that mostly will affect the signs of the mutable cross, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces.
However, during this period we will have the opportunity to renew ourselves professionally and emotionally while it is going to be a period before Christmas. But it is expected to be a period that will reward those who work hard in the commercial and scientific field. Also, it seems that there will be new opportunities both in the governance of nations and the evolution of the notorious globalization.


The New Moon at the 19 ° of Sagittarius just falls into the second decan of where we will see a series of events that will be erupted and probably those might have already initiated. The New Moon activates the square of Uranus-Pluto, suggesting a final evolutionary leap needed to adapt to change and massive upheaval of recent years. The positive aspects of the new moon to Mars-Uranus opposition, shows initiative and courage needed to do this exciting leap of faith.

The square of Neptune-Saturn appears to be the strongest formation until now but that will not stand alone at the chart of December new moon, however, it will continue to coexist with other important aspects with a background of fear and guilt, since the full moon of November. The square of Uranus-Pluto was very important in the last two years but began to fade away into the realm of 7 orbs, but the retrograde motion of Uranus, recently brought it back into a sphere of just 2 ° 17 ‘for the new moon of December . However it will not become more powerful until the December 25th when Uranus will turn into a straight motion ahead. I’ll do a quick recap for this significant square, because directly connected to the new moon.

The square of Uranus-Pluto has brought radical changes, twists and events in the lives of many and has upset our survives over the last several years that is impossible to control. The routine and structures changed abruptly, forcing everything to evolve rapidly. In conjunction with Saturn-Neptune square will now be more anxious for these necessary changes to be made to fit the new dynamics, perhaps necessary for our personal life but not necessarily right on a global level. Generally, we will be more fearful and anxious towards the unpredictable future that comes to the world with the new world order to be in imminent.
december new moonDecember, new moon, strongest aspect is the opposition of Mars-Uranus within orb of 0 ° 13 ‘degrees. This aspect awakens. … stimulates and activates the rapid changes in our lives, which are necessary to adapt and survive. Although quite a challenging aspect is vital for promoting change, because the Saturn-Neptune square wants to keep us back. The opposite of the development is the extinction.

The Mars-Uranus opposition increases the reaction time, but there is a trend rather directs us to take quick, impulsive decisions and make several dangerous actions. It increases anxiety and accumulates enough “hot energy” that wants to express where it leads to unrealistic or shocking acts. This action is usually physical or sexual and can be quite violent. Anger can be expressed with insults or other unpleasant ways based on fear or paranoia because Saturn-Neptune square. (Losses and the whole situation we are experiencing now)

Fortunately, someone might say that Mars sextiles the Moon and the Sun and greatly alleviated as this aggressive and spontaneous energy released is vented so relatively safe and constructive at least on a personal level. Uranus also trines the Moon and the Sun. The sextile of Sun-Mars, is urging us to take positive measures. It gives us plenty of confidence, courage and initiative to tackle difficult tasks. We can be more assertive without offending others while fighting to win what we want. The Moon-Mars trine gives passion and accurate intuition. While we continue to act in a competitive manner, gives more harmony and incentives for collaboration. So the new moon in sextile with Mars is ideal for action. We instinctively know what is best for us based on our strongest desires.

The Sun-Uranus trine will increase reliability of our intuition. It makes change smoother and further strengthen confidence levels. It will open your mind and allow more opportunities, thereby launching take initiative necessary for a positive change. It will reduce the inhibitory effect of the square Saturn- Neptune and help us to express our unique identity.

The new moon seems to bridge the gap between Mars and Uranus, which makes it easier to respond to rapid change. So if you want to make a new beginning with the new moon in Sagittarius, December is the appropriate period of time. Positive aspects reduce the risks related to react spontaneously to changing circumstances. This new moon gives the initiative and the foresight to make this evolutionary leap is needed now to be done, after years of great change and upheaval that the square of Uranus- Pluto brought. The New Moon on December 11, 2015 also gives confidence and courage to leave behind our fears and insecurities created by the Saturn-Neptune square.

Another important aspect is the square Sun-Jupiter shows that the new moon will test our faith but will lead to excesses. This makes sense, anyway, as it will bring radical changes needed to in order to overcome the stagnation of the effect of the square Saturn -Neptune.

The fixed star Sabik at 18 ° 11 in Sagittarius will conjunct the new moon. Although this star may have unfortunate influence, with the Sun and the Moon is somewhat more favorable. This means that our actions and intentions would be more honest, sincere. It will give more courage and success in general, although there may be some hidden jealousy from relatives and this is because Jupiter is conjuncting Denebola.
**** Conjunction Jupiter-Denebola -Pride, hypocrisy, disappointment in life, problems abroad or through relatives, secret enemies, danger of imprisonment or death.

The ascendant of the new moon is at the 15th of Pisces, which means vigilance and defense against the enemy and this is a negative degree. The 9th house where the new moon will take place as also the sign of Sagittarius is linked with the export trade; Foreign Affairs of a State, official representatives of foreign policy, foreign policy; transport abroad; communications long distance and travel exterior, air and sea travel; colleges and universities, the overall quality of higher education; publishing industry; General national perspective; the judiciary of the nation, the international diplomacy, legal, courts, judges, clergy, religion , ethics, science and general and higher education. It is the religious attitude of a people. Is shipping (not war), relations, trade and transactions of the state with distant countries.
The Sun aspects are positive as the sextile of Sun-Mars and the trine of Sun-Uranus aspects that give impetus to cooperation and good communication, give courage and determination but also intense competition means that frictions and problems will not falter and we it recommends temper and patience in our relationships with other countries and of course in terms of foreign affairs and diplomacy mainly hostile countries and allies. The Sun-Uranus trine from 1st house is connected with the general psychology of the populations and involves unusual challenges and the strong need for independence and to be more creative. But The Sun (government, head of state) squares the ascendant of the new moon and it shows that our interests are suffering and might experience losses. It also warns about adversity, problems and challenges by major heads of state and this makes us very concerned.
Important is the square Sun-Neptune between the 9-12th shows an intense period of confusion, where decisions will not be positive and correct, shows inertia, betrayal, delays, and setbacks in 9th house matters, i.e. foreign policy as mentioned above. The Sun at the Sun-Moon interlude shows and maybe reshuffles a government change. The Sun conjuncts Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius shows hardness and enforcement but also the fact that Saturn hinders the power of the Sun is significant.

The Moon at the 9th house squares Neptune and this means reckless changes in religion, education, and foreign policy issues of the 9th house mentioned above. Changes and movements that will take place will be misleading as unrealistic as completely inappropriate. Moon conjuncts the MC in Sagittarius shows manipulation of people and their moods, the square with the Ascendant shows tensions and instability.
Mercury in 2nd degree of Capricorn in the 10th house indicates a fairly critical situation, scandals on the surface but with the aspects formed foreshadows a pretty strange explosive atmosphere. Mercury square to Vesta has to do with dilemmas created for important matters of government and tough choices, Juno speaks of open conflict, and certainly the public debt, taxation, insurance, and finance with third parties on the 8th house is a source of tension but also mortality will increase.
Venus (linked to peace in political astrology) although in Scorpio is weak, in the 8th house will trine Neptune and let us hope that something can be done with debts, the taxation, might be some profit from business opportunities but generally it is good to address any damage but also for consume .Simply, for now if there are some good aspects to the new moon of December, they will be somewhat balance the situation or will temporarily preserve economics at this level.
Venus at the midpoint of Jupiter- Saturn shows increasing flow of refugees, increase mortality, continuous ups and downs and successive changes and events that will make the world paralyzed.

Mars in Libra, at the 7th house in a totally difficult position (concerning diplomatic relations, alliances, their overt enemies and popular reaction to the decisions of a government, partnerships party level) in opposition to Uranus in the 1st house but also in a square to Pluto in 11th house is an index of rifts, divisions, changes associated with unpredictable reactions and actions, events that could change the equilibrium, strong criticism, scandals, terrorist attacks, accidents, bad planning and troubleshooting at parliamentary level. There will be political instability, terrorist attacks, in the countries we mentioned in previous articles, the EU’s weakness for a rational policy.
The square of Mars-Pluto is connected to power struggles, dirty games, with explosions and outbursts which would have devastating effects, tension, sabotage, accidents, scuffle with hostile action and danger and perhaps there and spills for elections … though all these are preparing the ground for elections and the formation of an ecumenical government, it is very likely you may already find ourselves in such a situation. Mars squares Pallas Athena, and that means tough choices concerning support for social change. The square, certainly will make this period particularly explosive and flammable, it will be better to avoid a rupture, but I am not seeing anything like that happening. The explosive situation created concerns and Member of governments worldwide, parliaments, their allies, the legislation, international organizations where a Member State is e.g. NATO, the UN, etc.
It would be better wherever you are and hang out in places, these days where not to gather a lot of people together because these aspects present an extreme explosive atmosphere, with plenty of action that will keep quite during the entire month of December, while also might occur a terrorist attack in Athens, is highly possible. However, France, will accept a second blow is highly possible. People should be cautious using the subway system for transportation.

Jupiter trines Pluto, in opposition with the 10th house and the ascendant, Jupiter as a planet of expansion and Pluto of regeneration and reform, prompt us to change the conditions that oppress us and configure of a new beginning for a very important prospect in the near future, but shows some resistance on the change in the decisions taken .Though, prestigious people do not support these changes. Jupiter in opposition to the ascendant points to losses and disputes, while the square to the 10th house highlights tensions and economic losses. It also warns about a possible position loss (government fall) or acidity problems in education, economics, religion and law.
Neptune squares the 10th house (government) and also conjuncts the Ascendant indicates deception, confusion, weakness, indecision and disappointment. Pluto in 11th house together with other aspects, mentioned above, means social reforms that will bring many controversies and problems, scandals, revelations and leaks and other severe reactions. As you will see at the article of the full moon of December, the month he will be very different and quite episodic worldwide.

The point is that Mars in Libra, which gives a pacifist and diplomat character, gentle and conciliatory muddled with negative aspects will make circumstances extremely difficult where peace will be difficult to be maintained, and everyday people will be more tedious. Clearly, the orbits of the planets across the sky, seem to be quite threatening, they are also quite beep omens awaken us through dramatic events. More emphasis is given to the mutable cross which will be effective until the end of 2017 that it will bring rapid changes and will maintain this inconstant atmosphere.
Comparing the new moon in Sagittarius to the horoscope of Greece, there will be intense dissatisfaction of the people, strong concerns, delays, imbalance, difficulties and changes that do not want to do. Disharmony of Venus / Uranus but also Mars / Uranus shows sudden twists and developments particularly financial ones, the possibility of a terrorist attack, but also twists on a parliamentary level concerning the government.
Concerns also earthquakes as well as extreme weather conditions, especially high winds, the opposition of Jupiter / Venus brings delays and problems, landslides, soil subsidence disharmony Mercury / Uranus shows revolutionary moods, twists, but also tensions, as well as the disharmony Moon / Saturn / Jupiter, point to small difficulties, alienation, fear and other weak institutions and lack of knowledge but also as much as regards the freezing weather.


Let’s look at the New Moon quotations. December will affect our country and many other events in Europe where Saturn is crossing through Germany.
Intense opposition public- reductions related to public power – Important disastrous vibrations – Legal problems associated with the power policy – Limited luck – Restriction assets – Reduction of expenses – frozen uppercase – Initiatives related to trade – profits – Creating Harmony – efforts for peace – success on technology -Extended ignition – Extensive shootings – spread fire-critical situations –public opposition on formal issues – cutting government
Saturn-Significant crises – rebellions involving control or forced limitation / continuous creation intensity – Actions contributing to problems during the reform-Unexpected obstacles associated with peace – Sudden dissolution of partnerships.
Refusals related to official grants-analyzes concerning the leadership – disability related to leadership – Increase government corruption – Significant drops.

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