Aries Moon 
best: Enthusiasm and perseverance
worst: Naive and impulsive

Taurus Moon
best: Wisdom and serenity
worst: Stubborn and predictable

Gemini Moon
Interesting and witty
worst: Overthinking and worrisome

Cancer Moon
best: Emotionally intelligent and nurturing
worst: Moody and dependent

Leo Moon
best: Protective and charming
worst: Egoistic and overly dramatic

Virgo Moon
best: Mindful and devoted
worst: Introspective and overstimulated

Libra Moon
best: Cheerful and tactful
worst: Offensive and temperamental

Scorpio Moon
best: Charismatic and Intuitive
worst: Vulnerable and manipulative

Sagittarius Moon
best: Eclectic and enlightened
worst: Argumentative and imperious

Capricorn Moon
Determined and dependable
worst: Stern and melancholic

Aquarius Moon
Eccentric and compassionate
worst: Unpredictable and paradoxical

Pisces Moon
Affectionate and creative
worst: Overwhelmed and unclear



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