The New Moon will be held in November on a very strange date we might say at 11/11/2015, a very fairly fateful one, at 7:47:06 pm at the 19th degree of Scorpio. Scorpio, in mundane astrology is linked to taxation, insurance, investment, research, death, national and public security, economic relations with foreign countries, and the crime.

In this phenomenon we will have the participation of Mercury at the 15th of Scorpio (riots) from the 5th House, Pluto in Capricorn at the 13th degree from the 7th house (the degree of criticism—sarcastic nature), Neptune in Pisces at the 7th degree from the 9th house (setbacks, minimum practicality) and Saturn at the 5th degree of Sagittarius from the 6th house (bondage, someone left to be enslaved by injustice) .

new moon november 2015

The New Moon will affect the signs of the fixed cross, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus, where they will have the opportunity to rebuild their forces and professional life, they will pass to a new phase, also concerns the change of their lifestyle but also changes as necessary to their mindset that probably this is understandable because if you want really to change you have to change from within yourself first. The question is whether these changes will be positive or negative and of course, it concerns individually in accordance with your personal chart. The New Moon has however some potential to help and solve problems of vital importance to collective and individual level.

By the 19th degree, success and fame can be achieved in politics / or reforms and discoveries, heralds that the greatest values granted ambitions are fulfilled, even our most crazy dreams. The “degree of great flash” as it is called, symbolizes the rise but at the same time also many changes. But this degree is quite dangerous and knit several plots and scenarios behind the scene for the sake of someone’s interests.
The New Moon falls exactly on the 2nd decan of Scorpio in the 5th house (that will generally affect the world of show business, public buildings and all entertainment and leisure venues. The birth rate, children, youth, sports, speculation and gambling games, the average education, our artistic trends, our relationship with gambling and how we take risks. It is business, betting and gaming, income from real estate. Romance affairs, societies and its members, the business world, our trade union beliefs like our party believe, ambassadors, and representatives in other places. The relations of the state with the children.) at the 19th degree of Scorpio, is suggesting wealth and happiness. Optimism and generosity will increase the chances of success for any new beginnings under the influence of this new moon on a personal level. Our lives can particularly benefit, there will be development and prosperity thanks to our friends, our social circle, talents and abilities that we have where the new moon focuses particularly on issues discussed as well as in love relationships.

The Sun in the second decan of Scorpio gives depth to the central image also at the same degree. At this point we should not to hurry, but waiting patiently, enduring a situation. But be careful because waiting for the right moment to act, thus creating by this way a sort of perpetual procrastination. The risk here is that such stationary situation will lead to depression and melancholia. In addition, there is a real danger that during this period the dark side, is lurking in every perspective. But we come in contact with our inner feelings and see things in such a way that others can not see or feel. Scorpio the second decan uses a kind of “hidden wisdom” for his benefit. The problem is that we may find ourselves in confusion while we are in contact with them … that is, to be confused in which way, this deeper knowledge could be applied in everyday life and to earn a living.
The big challenge here is to let the Sun in Scorpio to shine within us and let that light shine from the inside out. The best advice is to work on smoothing and balancing our emotions. Do this and you will see how much happiness you can bring to yourself and others. Put your unique insight into productive use. Do not take everything so seriously. Learn to laugh more at the illusions of this world, but also with yourself.

Although the New Moon falls on November at the 19th of Scorpio, in fact it is located in the constellation Libra. The most important is that the New Moon is aligned with the fixed stars Zubeneschamali (19 ♏ 37) on the northern range, called “Chilai Scorpio”, or the “Claws of Scorpio.”


The Moon is conjunct with fixed stars Zubeneschamali gives an active mind, organizational skills, the benefits through new and powerful friends, valuable gifts, using the names of friends to get money but the issue is solved amicably, the high position, the love of respectable women. The Sun is also conjunct the same fixed star, gives great luck, high position, transient difficulties ultimately proved to be beneficial.
Mercury is also the same, it means action, alert, alarm, favoring influential people, is the good position at work, a lot of costs, benefits through writing. Mercury, at the chart of New Moon seems to have great strength at a great rate.
Uranus conjuncts Bellatrix gives mental disorders, also many activities, esoteric or impossible interests, repeatedly making the same mistakes, disharmony with relatives and neighbors, professional success brings little economic benefit, unfavorable for domestic issues, many accidents. Stable stars will affect more America.
The New Moon of November is in opposition to the Red Blood Moon eclipse of September 28, 2015 but will be affected by the solar eclipse of October 2014 which was also in Scorpio.
By the global nature of Jupiter is a very important influence gives richness, happiness and generosity. On the other hand the nature of Mercury, gives a sharp mind and genius, a very strong and highlighted psychic abilities. The Sun and Moon activate this lucky star, so we can expect good luck in our lives that is generally perceptible. The Moon in this star particularly highlights our organizational skills, the benefits through new and powerful friends, valuable gifts, and the love of respected women. Especially the sextile of Moon-Jupiter places particular emphasis on matters of wealth, happiness and generosity creating the luckiest moon phase for the year 2015, up to now. So, this new moon makes this season the most successful start-up operations. This is the ideal time to achieve your goals, and there should be little or no resistance at all to our plans. Starting new projects, will benefit from the development and expansion of Jupiter. Creating new friendships and relationships particularly benefit from this stable star is mentioned. Jupiter also favors any career or related projects, as well as higher education, long trips and group activities.
The next most important aspect in the horoscope of the new moon is the conjunction of Sun / Moon / Mercury in Scorpio. Time to increase and empower your talents, your abilities, use your intuition without fear and passion, to share with others your thoughts, your emotions, that of course we should be optimistic and generous with the sextile of Mercury / Jupiter. It also has a very important social influence proposing cooperation, encouraging, sharing and caring between friends and larger groups of people. It is very favorable for those who are studying and give exams.

The conjunction of Venus / Mars in the sign of Libra this period of time is still very strong where love will strengthen our personal relations and bring development of these. Creativity will particularly benefit from this dynamic astrological. The sextile of Venus / Saturn shows long term commitment such as marriage that is a possible manifestation of this new phase of the moon.
The asteroid Chiron in opposition of asteroid Hygeia, binds directly to the new moon, as seen on the chart. Chiron means health and healing but the asteroid Hygeia, is directly related to health and medicine. Both bodies are representing doctors, where health is particularly associated with surgeons and doctors while Chiron, with alternative medicine. The new beginning is represented by the new moon, it may concern health issues or medicine as well. Jupiter will conjunct the asteroid Hygeia that recommends the best results from a therapy, exercise, a checkup or a diet. Personal, spiritual and physical development is resulting from the new moon influence.
Key-words to asteroid Hygeia are: health, hygiene, traditional and natural medicine, doctors and therapists, illness, disease, toxins, fear of poisoning, fear of doctors, fear of medical results, hypochondria, hesitation to make some examinations, surgeries, misdiagnosis, drugs, diet, concerned about the health of family and friends.

In this new moon the conjunction we explained above means understanding and being logical and easy expression of ideas and emotions Besides, Scorpio is associated with strong emotions, tolerance, patience and perseverance. But it is also known that with Scorpio there is no change without hurt first but without him we cannot be reborn.

Let’s see what’s going on with the other known planets that determine the future of humanity in some way. We have a very important aspect of the square Saturn / Neptune again as we mentioned in previous articles, at the signs of Sagittarius / Pisces. I will give some meanings of those planets to see their influence to the world.
Saturn affects much of justice, law enforcement or religion sports, national traditions and holidays, public buildings and national infrastructure; Large enterprises and organizations is the political conservatism; older people of a nation; landowners, farms , farmers. Saturn represents the structures, consolidation, organization and discipline at national level, in the cosmic astrology. It is an indicator of stability and reliability. However, it also means limitations, losses, grief, mourning nationwide, forms a square facets and contradictions. In a corporate chart, Saturn represents leaders and executives. Economically, Saturn has a tendency for deflation, recession and crash.

Neptune, is affecting shipping, the 7th art, psychology, doctrines, reflections, humanitarian activities, visions of a nation, visions generally, dreams and ideals; social and political left-wing movements, and the ability to ” see “what comes and to prepare ourselves; Hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, prisons, charities. Even linked to political instability and idealistic political movements; the “yellow” press and untrue news; Religious beliefs, mystics and secret activities, the unwritten codes of conduct and social behavior; Gifted national leaders; great wealth and great greed; Oil & liquids, chemicals; minorities, the poor and oppressed citizens; Land, espionage, fraud, illusion, deception and lies, secrets, pollutants and poisons.
The influence of this important aspect is particularly strong because there will be much disappointment in the world, for instance some will abandon their plans, others will die prematurely, and others simply give up, as also mortality will be increased. This aspect will be overcome only by those who will continue to support at any cost of their dreams and their hard work. This is a difficult time for people worldwide, because too many are afraid of new reforms that will take place and mental disorders will continue to become deeper and deeper. There will be more risk from drugs and alcohol. So we must be very calm and cautious but also to keep the necessary distance and not to trust others easily.

On the chart we see the new moon and the sun have positive aspects, to conjunct the Moon, Mercury, to sextile Jupiter and Pluto. Certainly these aspects help to seize some opportunities for our interest or issues of the 5th house to make us smile and be the source of happiness such as children for instance.
But Mercury will conjunct Zuben Elgenubi associated with loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, venereal diseases, poisoning, drowning, anguish, revenge, crime. * Mercury at the midpoint of Jupiter / Pluto will influence many people and speaks of a huge propaganda campaign. The midpoint of Jupiter / Pluto is important as we promote both domestic wealth acquisition paths and material. It can lead us to violent behavior and extreme reactions however a mental strength veil. Also important is the social ascent since this midpoint may give social recognition and overall success. Negatively, however shows a loss position, considerable misfortune at all levels and generally significant difficulties.
On the other we have the conjunction of Jupiter / Mars at the sign of Virgo in the 4th house, but also Venus in Libra (at the 3rd degree of Libra, means errors, restriction, subjugation) in a conjunction with a distance about 3 days, activates the square of Uranus / Pluto (which means reversal) between the 11-7th house (parliament, alliances, enemies, agreements, partners, international treaties, the obvious enemies of the state, trade with foreign countries, we see if the contact state with other nations is friendly or hostile and competitive, legislative work).

By the formation of the conjunction of Venus-Uranus peaking particularly at the end of the month to November 23 will bring sudden twists in global economy and uncontrollable situations and generally leads to the ends with unpleasant surprises but also signifies a kind of “political divorce”, divisions in political relations between political parties and politicians. This also applies to earthquakes, perhaps the shaking of buildings.
So events that will happen might surprise us enough. The conjunction of Mars / Jupiter in the 4th house implies the fact that Greece goes into another adventure, means rebellion, conflict situations, trouble, issues, elections, chaos, irritability, aggression, serious accidents, treachery, political or religious conflicts, rifts , divisions, tensions, terrorist attacks. Venus in Libra relates to partnerships, alliances, peace, balance, justice, agreements.
Venus sextiles Saturn in the 6th house (employees, farmers, health, daily life, work, toil), meaning commitment promises with hard measures, restriction, economy which will particularly affect the elderly. But recommends a practical approach and common sense to solve many difficulties. However, with Saturn at the 5th degree of Sagittarius means that we let ourselves being enslaved (degree of slavery). The trine of Jupiter / Pluto strengthens the desire for more freedom and assistance in educational matters, religion and other problems but squares the ascendant of the new moon and Part of fortune, which means economic losses and tough tackling as also the lack of help and understanding.
Important is that Venus and Mars conjunct the North Node creating highly fatal events and problems.
It is important to mention that the square of Saturn / Neptune in November will be exact on November 26, where it is about deception, and bad management of affairs, economic instability but also the bad behavior but this account causes you not to forfeit to your personal projects, your personal dreams and not be discouraged, because after all that is a difficult transit that will meet also all through the year 2016. Something we observe extra is that Mars at the 4th house begins to challenge Uranus in Aries at the 11th house, creating explosion, episodic incidents and political split.

Pluto, at the midpoint of Sun / Neptune creates extreme sensitivity, fatal or tragic deception or illusions.
Pluto at the midpoint of Moon / Neptune is associated with a high degree of sensitivity where easily influenced by others and propaganda succeeds. Means an emotional shock, commotion, a large change and perhaps through a loss.
Of course, to speak about future transits a bit, later in the month is very important to mention the full moon of November at 26/11 that will be particularly negative and significant but also at the 20 and 24 of the month we have the square of Venus / Pluto (including perhaps an environmental destruction) and the opposition of Venus / Uranus where create crises, confrontations and surprising unexpected events to the worst.
Saturn affects the 6th house along with the square of Neptune that create instability, losses and problems in matters of foreign policy.
The Ascendant at the midpoint of Sun –Pluto means * A violent reaction to the environment, tend to disturb the person’s environment with the behavior of the individual. Many surprises.



In connection with the horoscope of Greece, the new moon of November in Scorpio, we see the square of Sun-Mercury signifies unfavorable changes or reforms, brings failure, limitation, frustration, fear, difficulties and even problems with neighboring countries, the square of Mercury-Saturn is associated to obscurity, nervousness, unwillingness to cooperate, poor atmosphere for the negotiations, misunderstandings.

The square of Sun-Saturn-Moon- speaks of wrong decisions in the economy, not favorable changes, about challenges or an obstacle, frustration and lack of support, fortunately there is the sextile of Moon-Sun- Neptune that perhaps will mitigate things in some way by giving an opportunity in matters of foreign policy, religion and education, the square of Moon-Mercury again will complicate communication on a political level, the trine of Moon- Pluto, the sextile of Moon-Uranus, the conjunction of Moon-Mars will create several problems.

In the horoscope of the Greek Prime Minister will be particularly at a turning point, around the mid of the month where Neptune creates a big change in his life, a life crisis and disappointment .The Jupiter opposition shows a sharp turn, a turning point in his professional life, which certainly requires some careful thought and good judgment. The flow of events may dictate that things are turning against him. The New Moon will be somewhat positive for him at some point and will but he have to face up many difficulties in very sensitive issues for the country and through the square Moon-Mars … but things will change dramatically for him.

3 4 5 6 7 8

Let’s look at the equations …for a topic level for Greece, the rest are still the same of other countries, so please look at previous articles and September eclipses too.

  • Serious concerns – shortages – concerns – deprivation – Forfeiture or resignation -shrunk- deprivation- fatigue or exhaustion – Inertia – – Unemployment – dirty tricks – Manipulation
    Events or understanding relating to self-reliance – Contacts with powerful people – deception-corruption-Strong Resistance – Decreases related to the public – Important vibrations- disaster
  • Obstacles related to co-movements – cracks in stable association or cooperation – Large-scale destruction-related collaborations-complaint on military or police actions – Resistance or obstacles related to the hard work – rapid reductions – Intensive destruction – The Deaths related to violence
    Sudden application of concepts – Ideological reforms – transparency on sudden impact – implementing cultural reforms – Computers – major tensions – Strong ideological conflicts
    New cultural project – ideological conflicts – Fighting for beliefs

Neptune will affect the country our secrets related sages partners – Lies and misconceptions – ambiguity in partnerships – ideological confusion or hypocrisy
Frustration – uncertainty or instability – loss – Dissolution – * Sacrifices related to family or community – Social insecurity or instability on populations or nations –
* Significant changes compared to extensive losses – Increase of losses relating to freedom – insecurity or instability on the widespread fraud – extensive decomposition-Religious hypocrisy picture-
Frustrations related thoughts bonds – misunderstandings – breach of promises – Business losses -due without action-deception – Projects without prospects – Endless chatter – Economic issues – destabilization income – Serious injustice or fraud
* Ice -snow – Departures or detachment concerning cheating – – Diseases – Chronic diseases – problems relating to water;
Extensive government problems – Severe experiences with state– Major restrictions on sports – Compulsory departures or detachment of the authorities – Government surveillance – delimitations concerning the political authorities

The Moon -compression – Losses – poor people or nations – Heavy hours
It is interesting to see Mercury-Restrictions on business profits – Business fall – financial insolvency – Commercial stagnation – News about breaking laws-Discussions about faith – News about religions-Discussions on restrictions and knowledge – Extensive resistance or obstacles related to communications



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