Nodal Shift – Mean Node

Virgo/Pisces October 11th 2015 – April 27th 2017

On Oct 10 at 1:53 am UT, the mean nodes shift focus from the  Libra/Aries polarity to, Virgo and Pisces, this shift comes 11 hours after Mercury turns direct after a  recent retrograde, conjunct the North Node at zero Libra, adding to the shift  placing huge attention in a shift of focus at zero degrees of a cardinal sign.  Cardinal signs are the dynamic change agents in astrology charts, and this shift this week, will be more significant than you may think, as the past 19 months take on the next season of growth and progress. The nodes take 18.6 years to move around the zodiac, and spend 1.86 months in each sign and moving backward in zodiac 1 degree every 18.6 days. 

The True Node will shift to Virgo on November 12th. Different astrologers use different nodal calculations, yet the main thing is that within  a few weeks of each other both shift focus in our charts and in our world, from the defining archetypes of what was Libra and Aries, to now Virgo and Pisces, from cardinal impulse to mutable sharing.

It is every 19 months that the nodes change signs as they move in a backward motion around the zodiac. It’s a tricky kind of astro logic when following planetary and cosmic cycles that some bodies and points move backwards in the zodiac, like the precession of the Equinoxes, retrogrades and various other planetary cycles like that of Venus’ conjunctions with the Sun. Backward cyclic motion makes us consider the zodiac in a somewhat different way. With the natural cycle around the zodiac being from Aries to Pisces we get a deep sense of spirit evolving and moving forward, whereas when we move backward in the zodiac we sense that things need to also be continually reviewed for progress and evolution to continue.  Like retrograde motion we are given a chance to reconsider, redo, rethink.

This is the nature of the nodal cycle, the South Node represents the constant purging of things past, the North Node the constant appetite for moving forward, evolving and  growing. Together they represent the constant flow of energy intake and release, propelling ourselves forward all the while. The karmic nodes are known as the Dragon’s head, the North Node and the Dragon’s tail, the South node, an ancient symbol of the eternal cycle  of renewal, beginnings and endings that seems to be happening all at once, the Uroborous.

The nodes aren’t planets, but moving points used in astrology to depict  a point that indicates the crossing of the sun’s path, the ecliptic with that of the moon’s path around the earth. The moon crosses the ecliptic twice in every cycle around the earth, every 14 days. These crossing points are also the area of the zodiac that eclipses occur.   Lunar and solar eclipses occur when the Nodes are within a certain distance between a full or new Moon. If a new or full Moon occurs within 5° of a Node, we will get a total or annular  eclipse. Other Lunar eclipses occur if the full moon is within 9 39 degrees of the nodes and Solar eclipses occur if the new moon is within 15 degrees of the nodes. So when looking at our astrology charts, when finishing the nodes we know the area of life that will be targeted by eclipses.

As the nodal cycle shifts to the next polarity so will the eclipses, but given the conditions for an eclipse, an eclipse can still occur back in the previous nodal signs in this case of Aries and Libra over the coming months, and then bring in the next nodal polarity before this cycle ends. . The eclipses  for 2015-2016 will be oscillating between both polarities:


 Mar 9th 2016: Total solar eclipse 18° Pisces 
Mar 23, 2016 @ 11:48:21 GMT Lib 3°17´
Sep 01, 2016 @ 09:08:02 GMT Vir 9°21´
Sep 16, 2016 @ 18:55:27 GMT Pis 24°20 ´
Feb 11, 2017 @ 00:45:03 GMT  Leo 22°28´
Feb 26, 2017 @ 14:54:33 GMT Pis 8°12´


In Aries and Libra the nodal axis awakened us to new ideas and impulses, and helped us move with change in our lives, now we begin to circulate and mutate more of ideas and impulses in these mutable signs. It’s seemed as though it has been all  in the AIR lately, as the dynamic of cardinal signs is to ignite ideas, start the conversations and the ball rolling, yet the mutables are the signs where we can expect the most change, adaptation and sharing and of these see ideas and see the practical magic begin to take shape, with the help of Jupiter and Neptune and Saturn all also in these signs. We begin to  get quite a changeable picture of  dissolving barriers and stagnant energies and beginning to move on again.


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