The Total Lunar Eclipse or Red Blood Moon, the last of the Tetrad and the strongest, the brightest but also bigger in size and very close to planet Earth will affect the whole world. This rare phenomenon will take place on 27-28 September 2015, at 5:50: 27 in the morning, with Athens coordinates, at the 5th degree of fiery Aries (risky, impulsive and cruel degree, risks), at the 7th house of the solar horoscope (Refers to diplomatic relations of the nations, the alliances, the overt enemies and popular reaction to the decisions of a government, the opposing enemy country, court cases, international treaties that have been signed but also the war between nations).

red blood moon-total solar eclipse in aries
In this very important and rare phenomenon we will have the participation of Mercury in Libra in retrograde motion at the first house, Pluto in Capricorn back in direct motion at the 4th house, Uranus from Aries in the 8th house of economy and Neptune from Pisces in the 6th house in retrograde motion. The planetary positions in this phenomenon are quite significant as you already know.
The influence of the total lunar eclipse will be visible from Greece, and will be quite noticeable with cumulative violence and accidents. This is quite a difficult period, affecting the signs of the mutable cross, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. Anything will take place under the influence of this total lunar eclipse will be a significant warning to any risky action and superficiality. Generally, there will be dramatic episodes and contradictions, while many dramatic proceedings will occur that will occupy the public opinion worldwide.

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This is the most nearest super-supermoon of 2015 where it will be very close to Earth. The full moon of September this year also called Red Blood Moon, because it presents the fourth and last of the tetrad lunar eclipse : four successive total eclipses of the moon, just six lunar months (full moons) separately.

In the US, Canada, Central and South America, this rarely Total Lunar Eclipse-Supermoon will begin in the afternoon of 27 September 2015. In Europe, South / East Asia, Africa, the Arctic, and in the Pacific region, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans begins after midnight on September 28, 2015. The Lunar Eclipse will last for approximately 1 hour and 12 minutes.
You’ll be able to see it from the countries listed below but also will affect in all continents that will bring significant changes and developments for mankind.
• Moscow, Russia
• Havana, Cuba
• Los Angeles, California, USA
• London, England, United Kingdom
• Lisbon, Portugal
• Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
• Bucharest, Romania
• Paris, France
• Chicago, Illinois, USA
• Rome, Italy

• Budapest, Hungary
• Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Detroit, Michigan, USA
• Washington, DC, USA
• Ankara, Turkey
• Madrid, Spain
• Guatemala
• New York, USA.
• Cairo, Egypt
• Brussels, Belgium

The bloodied Supermoon will be visible and shadowing North America, South America, the Atlantic Ocean, Greenland, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic, Antarctica, and of course Greece. If you live in America, the total eclipse will take place after sundown on September 27. In the eastern hemisphere of the planet, the total eclipse will happen after midnight and before dawn of September 28th. It belongs to the family Saros also 137.We also observe the phenomenon of reversal because the solar eclipse in Virgo had the ascendant in Libra but in Lunar eclipse we have the Sun in at the 4th degree of Libra with Virgo rising. To achieve the balance we need to be realistic even when it comes to experience extreme situations in our lives. The magnitude of the eclipse is 1.276. The total duration of the eclipse is 5 hours, 11 minutes, and this means that it will bring huge changes that will affect us for the next 5 years.The total duration of the partial phases is 2 hours, 8 minutes. The length of the full eclipse is 1 hour 12 minutes.

This Lunar Eclipse marks the definitive end of a planetary “marathon”, which began in June 2012 for all of us, both individually and globally. Although the latter exact square of Uranus / Pluto was on March 17, 2015, the fact that this eclipse lands within 1 ‘of that sign, marks a finishing line for all of us, the end of one phase and the beginning of a new one. The eclipse refers to balance and fairness but also at the cross of cardinal signs, leadership and action. Therefore, we are called to be peace mediators civilized rather than uncouth warriors. From the countries that will be visible, and certainly covers most countries of the planet, everybody will feel the energies of the eclipse and it will affect the tides (moon) and weather conditions, nations, traditions and customs, our psychology, national security, that is related to the sea and water but also sea trade and all professions related to it, nutrition, our food, farming and land, real estate, the female population, memory, the masses, natural sources, as well as the Moon is ruler of 4 and 7th house.

Except the fact that the Moon is symbolizing the people, the masses, and generally the population as a whole, as well as the entire concept of democracy. It rules women in a country or an organization. In general, represents the popular opinion and mass ideologies. In the horoscope of a country, the Moon rules food supplies, or lack of them, and is an indicator of the country’s natural resources. It is an indicator for quality of life within the country and also rules matters of interior security. If the Moon is infected in a chart, may indicate starvation, racial discord and general unrest amongst the people. It may also indicate a lack of birth control, food, card or inflated food prices. Water pollution or the repression of women and abuse welfare. When aspects are positive, Moon promotes peace, promises rich harvests, and indicates the welfare conditions for the population.

The upcoming Red Blood Moon discovered by Pastor Mark Biltz. He found that this is a very rare event that has only happened seven times since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This will be the eighth appearance. But he says that the red moons listed in blood, and is considered an omen of war for Israel, and not only, according to ancient Jewish tradition. This ancient tradition, recorded even in the Jewish Talmud.
The Jewish Talmud says that “When the moon is in eclipse is a bad omen for Israel. If they are red as blood, (this is a sign that) the sword comes into the world” Therefore: Lunar eclipse = bad omen for the Jewish people and Israel. Blood Moon = sword comes; Solar eclipse = bad omen for the world.

Four lunar eclipses occurred in the Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles in 162-163 AD, coinciding with the worst persecution against the Jews and the Christians … in the history of the Roman Empire. Within three years the plague of Antoninus killed eight million people, one third of the population. Four lunar eclipses occurred in the Passover and Yom Kippur in 795-796 AD, King Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire created a DMZ zone between France and Spain, giving an end to Arab raids in Western Europe.
It also happened in the Jewish Passover and Yom Kippur in 842-843 AD. Shortly after eclipses the Vatican church in Rome was attacked and looted by an Islamic invasion from Africa. Also, 860-861 AD. Shortly after eclipses the Byzantine Empire defeated the Arab armies in the Battle of Lalakaon Turkey and permanently stop the Islamic invasion of Eastern Europe.
This tetrad also happened at Passover and the feast of trumpets in 1493 – 1494. Only months after King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain ordered all Jews to leave the country (after about 200 AD, Spain became and remained a second Jewish homeland for over a millennium.
Sure it seems that we are entering an era of a new war. The Obama administration seems absolutely determined to attack in Syria, and US forces have already moved to this location. But if the US attack in Syria, there is a very good possibility that Syria would attack Israel. In fact, Syria has already released a list of potential targets that can strike inside Israel. And then we will have a full-blown war in the Middle East.

Back in total eclipse … The Ascendant of this eclipse will be in the 4th degree of Virgo and will see the results soon. This degree is influenced by Mars and Mercury. It is the degree of adhering to the target. A soldier ready for battle. Degree of Efficiency “. Whether we are able to make decisions even when the situation is quite critical; demonstrates devotion towards friends and intransigence towards opponents. Number 4 is linked to the orderly and perseverance. The commitment to a target should be taken for granted. The 4th degree is associated with a strong need for internal organization and outsourcing.
The lunar eclipse is very important for Greece because it strengthens the natal-square of Jupiter/Pluto (8-11th house) in degrees of cardinal signs but also the conjunction of Moon -Pluto (at the 2-11 house) at the chart of Metapolitefsi, which is responsible for excessive difficulties in the financial sector, scandals, para-economy, the contextual, intertwining and organized financial crimes. The 5th degree, activated in important moments in Greek history where through very difficult circumstances this country was led to a new cycle and as I wrote a few months ago, connected with mismanagement of finances and new developments that will start this October with serious economic turbulence and instability of the stock market and to the just- elected government in any way, this will be formed.
Such events, Greece experienced in June 2010 at the 5th degree of Capricorn (quite problematic one) when Greece entered the first Memorandum and now at the same degree the cycle shows the events to be culminating. In July it was activated again with the transit of the lunar Nodes that brought the Capital control, in banks, creating forceful pressure leading to a very hard agreement with Europe plus all other major astrological phenomena that had preceded in the previous months that were too significant.
The period of September -October will be quite unbalanced and uncertain but quite a lot of explosive not only for Greece but for the whole world and particularly on economical-political level, with awakening Uranus and Eris to be in the 8th House, the well-known axis of economy at the 2- 8th house, but also the Hypothetical Zeus and Poseidon that will cause great uncertainty and collapse.
The solar eclipse in Virgo presented the first signs of difficult settings but the influence of Red Blood Moon for Greece will last longer than it seems. The first phase will be completed in December where the moon of the country from a secondary progress, catches the 5th degrees of Aries. But also the eclipses of March 2016 will be very close to degrees of September and will give continuity to the events that occurred in July 2015.
The Lunar eclipse will bring inflammation, tensions and thymus but Saturn now in Sagittarius will create fear, fanaticism and significant political instability on parliamentary level, fateful events in matters of the 11th house.
The Lunar eclipse of 28th September will be in opposition to the Red Blood Moon of 4th April.
The Lunar eclipse on the first decan of Aries, involves the burning of wood and forest arson, but also is connected to fevers and dryness in the air. Aries is a fire sign and is ruled by planet Mars, symbol of offensive power, competitive, adventurous spirit. Aries with his ruler, Mars, is related to heat, fire, war, fevers, pestilence, disease, accidents, weapons, crime, conflict and unrest. Mars symbolizes the police, the army, heroes, firefighters, surgeons, engineers, mixers, and those are using sharp tools or instruments. Action is being associated to Mars and is passionate, fast, aggressive, angry energy, imposing and dangerous. Alternatively, it is innovative and courageous and shows admirable initiative positively associated with new businesses and discoveries. If we look at the position of Mars on the chart of the eclipse, we see that he is located at the 12th house ( hidden enemies, conspiracies, blackmail, betrayal, immigration, restriction sites – incarceration, monasteries, hospitals, secret societies and associations, institutional religion, prisons, spying, terrorist activities, hostage situations, abuse, slavery, human rights, criminals and crime, the nations of the Third World, covert aggression, exile) at the first degree of the Virgo which is quite critical. Mars squares Uranus at the 8th house and is linked to terrorist attacks, betrayal and explosions.

The eclipse has a special dynamic and particularly is connected to the role of women which will be important and contains three female archetypes, asteroids Juno, Vesta, plus Black Moon Lilith, in line with either the Sun or Moon, giving the issue Triple Goddess in this Lunar Eclipse. Men will be hard to decide which role to take .Women should understand how strongly express each of these roles. The point is how they can balance these desires through a dynamic relationship. There may be confusion, quarrels and anger, but the outlook is positive about the role of women in society and in modern relationships. The lunar eclipse is also conducive to romance, focusing on karmic mental relations and long-term commitments. Since the Sun and Moon are opposed, emotions and instincts will reach at their peak.
Being in touch with our own needs and intentions, and those of others, we can clearly see imbalances and disharmony in relationships during this period of time. In this lunar eclipse, in particular, the Moon represents a reset of emotions, removing unnecessary “emotional baggage” of the previous six months. The eclipse will remain active until March 2016. The lunar eclipse represents polarities that exist within each one of us, but also among others too. The Moon represents the sensitive, emotional and intuitive side, or the woman in a relationship. The Sun is the man in a relationship. Polarities during lunar eclipse of September will be extreme, with a great emphasis on close relations because of the alignment of these three goddesses. So in essence, it is about a struggle in order to balance the different roles or expectations about our partners and associates.
The Moon will be under the influence of the fixed star Deneb Kaitos (02 ♈ 48) in the tail of the whale and is associated with reckless behavior, stubbornness, violent temper, many fights. Suicidal behaviors and habits that lead to emotional inhibition and restraint. Deneb Kaitos brings challenges associated with these prospects and expectations on a sexual level, the great devotion to mate, home or church.
The Sun will be under the influence of the fixed star Zaniah (04 ♎ 00). This star translated as adulteress or prostitute. With the Sun in particular, gives popularity, social success, a lot of pleasure, and is favorable for a wedding.
The Sun in a conjunction to Juno brings identity through relationships, marriage and devotion that are of great importance. The roles and responsibilities of each partner are also important issues.
The Sun will conjunct Lilith Black Moon and our strong ego comes on the front. Sometimes this is the result of actual abuse of male power.

So, the Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, in opposition, between 1-7th house, indeed issues are rising are too many, between partners, associates, relating to diplomatic relations of nations but particularly this concerns of hostile countries and actions but also mainly refers to people’s reaction. The Sun will conjunct Mercury though do not seem to be the strongest influence, but is focusing on communication and thinking in a relationship and that is because is more than 5 degrees. Mercury in retrograde motion will focus on issues related to past partners and relationships or diplomacy issues relating to the past. New relationships are likely to have a karmic nature and this can of course include the appearance of relationships from the far away past…
The Sun will sextile Saturn in 1-3rd house, is a very useful influence as it brings patience and common sense. The focus will be on practical results in a long term influence. There should be a greater mutual respect and understanding … of course what should be done is just a simple word…. but that is not enough. The Sun squares three hypothetical planets and we give the results at the end of the article as they relate to hostilities and errors. You may also look in solar eclipse of September 2015.

However, the position of the Moon is in a delicate phase since is located at the 7th house and opposed to Mercury that brings questioning, contradictions, turmoil and reactions to communication, in media, in education, schools, movements, strikes, but also what is necessary for our survival. There will be confusion and the atmosphere will be quite tense, where there will be several problems. These issues will relate to national security of countries, the female population, the sea, houses, land, journalists, communications, education, schools, higher education, communications, public transportation, conditions and agreements will not come into good result with Mercury in retrograde motion. Libra is linked to justice, legal issues, agreements at national level, and alliances. We see a quite difficult situation and mobilization of the masses.

Moon trines Saturn, and it shows some delay in the outcome of things. Generally, this aspect shows integration and settlement. Success comes slowly and steadily. The elderly can offer help and wisdom to present problems but also their experience will be useful. The sense of time and patience can work for you. Self-discipline and introspection are also important. Put new foundations for your success or reunion with an estranged family member. Make home improvements, seek advice for your wedding or in case you want to buy property. This also shows patience, our resignation r impatience sometimes, in financial issues, but if you try enough, luck may be smile to you.
Important is the fact that Mercury is in the 1st house, where it is angled, and that increases intellect, mood and expression, gives fluency but also determines the outcome of a situation. Displays the speed in relation to the issue where, for example, can be connected to a paper agreement. Mercury retrograde here suggests postponing plans or change and other changes to the product prices, the economy, change of a therapy in medical issues.

Mercury from first eco also squares Pluto in 4th house (family and home, buildings and land, crop land, agriculture, subsoil, mines, earthquakes and weather conditions. It is revenue from Land, public buildings. It is the opposition party, the weather conditions, nationalism, the reaction of the people against the government), and is associated with significant delays, reversals, errors, manipulation, blackmail, fraudulent practices, death, destruction of communication lines or transfer .
It is possible to speak about a fact that will plunge into turmoil, dissatisfaction, war scenes, conspiratorial attitude toward things, intelligence information that we do not know. This aspect, speaks for sovereignty and enforcement but also serious problems at least on a communicative level, so as not to say the worst. This aspect is important and created various conspiracy concepts which try to interpret events and affect public opinion. Also, is creating clandestine actions between groups of power in order to provide the respective influences. So, it is possible to have the appearance of administration issues and disagreements at level of power, which lead to competitive conflicts.
So, we could say that this aspect is a challenge, but with illusions is causing ultimately affects real knowledge and creates problems in human relationships as misunderstandings are being created between them. Further problems arise in movements and transportation, with the risk of accidents, but also in telecommunications.
On a personal level Mercury will trine MC, time to make a good planning and organization or something that is being prepared to the world, becomes quite well.

Venus (diplomacy, economy, peace, balance, resources and finances of a nation through its bankers, financial institutions and agriculture) in Leo at the 12th house trines Uranus at the 8th house (economy, debts), is associated with secrets and scandals but also espionage that takes and gives in this period as there will be problems and abundant activity associated with this house, otherwise this trine for our personal life could be a pretty good gift. These developments are expected to be rapid, in signs of fire, we become reckless and dangerous sometimes. Personal and social contacts are often secret, and there may be secret love affairs. Social inhibitions or shyness can lead to some solitude or romantic disappointment even scandals of erotic nature.
Something very exciting may occur in our lives. Existing relationships will benefit from greater openness. While the Sun will sextile Saturn shows long term commitments, Venus trine Uranus favors adventure or short-lived romances. Depending of course on the aspects and transits in your personal horoscope there will be twists and reversals or changes.

**** Mars is also located at the 12th House, at the first degree of Virgo which is quite critical one. Here we have a Mars-Saturn square, between 12-3rd house which means risk of serious injury or wounds, arrests and imprisonments, loss of money. Mars also forms an almost square with Uranus at the 8th house, and this is also very important because is being connected to terrorist attacks, betrayal and explosions.
**** Mars at the midpoint of Uranus / Pluto indicates enormous power, fanaticism, coercion, violence and destruction. The phase of bending and breaking. The midpoint of Uranus / Pluto is an explosive energy and the square is certainly troubling the world for long time now. Changes in the world, come instantaneously, suddenly metamorphoses, chaos, collapse, conflict and “death” of many things. Note that the Uranus-Pluto square is located between 4-8th house now, and I have explained earlier what they embrace.
We also have the opposition of Mars / Neptune, another important aspect, between 6 / 12th house, causing scandals, marks a phase of awakening and mobilization decisions, however, can lead to disaster on a personal level, mistakes and pitfalls. We should be cautious because there is ambiguity, vagueness, a trend toward cheating, but also the need for idealization .There will be given a special emphasis in misleading, in terms of the 12-6th house issues and some will try to present us a person for instance as a savior or to beautify the situations and generally any existing problems.
As we know, the 6th house is connected to public health, army, navy, police, civil servants, trade unions, the working class, conditions of salaries, employment and unemployment, public services, the armed forces, as and matters relating to national defense, places that serve food and drinks, public health and the health of workers. Neptune, rules the oceans, natural gas, oil and petroleum refineries, synthetics, kerosene, platinum, alcohol, tobacco, photography, film, pharmaceuticals and drugs that cause unconsciousness, tsunamis particularly in eclipse, the backroom subversive or underhanded tactics, denotes the fluctuations of public opinion, sensationalism and illusions when it comes to transient popularity. It also states the oppressed and poor, our utopian tendencies and communist ideas.

So this aspect is linked to violence and political instability, maritime disasters, gas leaks, fraud, corruption and distortion. But also we should take particular care of our health but also the intense and violent political background.

Jupiter is also located at the 12th house, which forms a trine with Pluto and forms an opposition to Neptune. The opposition of Jupiter/Neptune has negative consequences for 12th house issues and is quite challenging as we have explained many times that brings losses and economic turbulence, “bubbles crashing”. The trine of Jupiter-Pluto is more positive and more important because it is the implementation, but also has a growth role here, exactly for 12 October. The question of faith, hesitation and confusion caused by Jupiter opposite Neptune, is giving a way to greater confidence, faith and strength in order to affect the results.
**** The trine of Jupiter –Pluto probably may be considered a strong influence on lunar eclipse, because it can bring progress in these areas and that depends on how we handle such an action because it has unlimited strength, of course, the fact that Pluto touches Jupiter even through a trine aspect is not so positive amongst all the rest. We should take advantage of this aspect, individually and collectively, to find new outlets to problems, to resist denial, inertia and pessimism, so we can regenerate our life through some opportunities or even through loss and deprivation.
However both astrological aspects may cause major flooding problems particularly in oceans or rivers? Large tsunami? Fatal fires and events that will affect the world. Attacks by religious extremists will increase.

Uranus in Aries, along with Eris, lies in the 8th house, and connected to funds of a nation, the insurance system. It is the highest cabinet, the Council of State. Is also mortality and suicide in a nation, pensions, insurance system, and insurance institutions? It is still the stock market, the debts of the state to the other states and the revenues of other states, taxes, inheritance, losses, international finance, multinational corporations and social security, foreign investment, interest, pensions and consultants for heads of state.
**** Uranus in the 8th house denies the recovery of debt. Opposite him, is the Hypothetical Zeus and Poseidon that refer to vigilance, insecurity and defense. Uranus almost squares Mars in the 12th house, that in recent months we have seen the effect of this violent aspect that caused many accidents and turmoil. The square between these two is causing severe turbulence, abrupt reactions and unexpected developments, a trivial event can bring rampant, unpredictable behavior, reaction to oppression, explosions and twists that no one would be able to stop. That is also connected to extreme weather conditions. This aspect brings upheaval, revolution, anarchy, plane crash, train derailments, explosions, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and severe storms, lightning with strong winds. It can also bring strikes and riots being associated with Mars.

Neptune at the 6th house … had been also reported to the solar eclipse, the opposition with Jupiter….but also the aspects here in this text above. Pluto in the 4th house, means, reinstall or migration. Immigrants will be increased and the issue will surpass all limits as well as some businesses may abandon the country or close down. Neptune, rules the wide open seas, the left parties, related to gases and drugs. Rules also, machinations, intrigues, forgeries, frauds, betrayals, that secret and unlawful, even linked to the outbreak of an epidemic that the conditions in which we live are particularly fragile from every aspect.

The Nodes of the Moon, the North Node will conjunct the Sun, showing at the 1st house a disaster, accident, fatal or tragedy or a situation out of control. The Black Lilith also underlines hidden forces that are beyond control and are violent, in the 1st, 3rd and 4th degree (degrees of enslavement, impulse. Someone or something with remarkable skills and wit but also limit in any way) there will be difficulty in forming partnerships and associations and in meetings.
Important is the axis of Sagittarius-Gemini at the 14 degree, IC / MC is showing utter confusion but also the axis of AS / DC at the 16th degree of Virgo -Pisces, denote collapse and danger.
Compared to the Chart of independence of Greece we have the square of Moon-Jupiter that debts and generally economy and the overall situation is affecting households, losses, excesses and health issues, the disharmonious aspect of Moon -Pluto that brings dramatic changes, anxiety, imbalance especially changes that we do not want on a financial and parliamentary level, the square of Moon-Neptune shows people confused and deluded, the square of Sun-Jupiter shows a lot of damage and loss of finances, the Sun-Pluto opposition brings twists but also death of an important politician, a leader (although this exists in the chart of an American political person or leader), the opposition of Mercury-Pluto that indicates reversals, threats, and a situation quite excitable, the square of Mercury-Jupiter also mentions twists and especially serious mistakes in economic level, delays, the square Moon -Uranus affects the government, speaks of divisions, tensions, the square of Moon-Sun brings negative changes, and the square of Moon-Saturn brings weights, resentment, depression, problems. Moreover these are all indicators of extreme weather events such as floods and fires, lightning, or destruction of communication lines and the blocking of these also affect trade and movements, also linked to the closure of schools and general problems, long-distance communications.

Compared with the chart of Greek Metapolitefsi we have the disharmonious aspect of the Sun-Pluto that brings splits and twists on a political level, the square of Sun-Venus to limit things and creating difficulties, the square of Moon -Venus are aspects that will affect women , food, peace, values, happiness, negotiation and diplomacy, the world of show- business, government and the president, the opposition of Moon –Pluto and as we mentioned above, the aspects to Pluto bring changes we do not want, as Pluto connected to political astrology with the World viewpoint and our place in global community, the wealth, especially resulting from natural resources, is associated with the national debt; Big Government? huge structures-and power but is also , the roots of a nation and foundations; Nuclear power and nuclear energy; Work organization; organized crime; natural resource inventories, recycling, waste management, and maintenance; Mining and miners. The square of Moon –Mercury is showing additional problems in the media and travel and anything else associated with Mercury and the sign lying, the square of Moon-Saturn and the opposition of Moon –Uranus and the Moon-Sun square we see a situation very stressed with several problems at political and economic level.
The disharmonious aspect of Sun / Pluto is linked to massive deaths destruction, like the as also the aspects we mentioned activate issues of security attack or war to defend the homeland, those besides, the same aspects so for reasons that everyone confidently knows something has been activated for long time here.

The total lunar eclipse compared with the horoscope of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is as follows … we have the sextile of the Sun, the trine of the Sun / Moon, which are positive indicators and a time of happiness and goodwill. The opposition of Moon / Pluto shows challenges and intense discussions on sensitive issues such as the economy, education and the future of our children but also the interests of our country, in general. With the trine of Moon/ Neptune suggests maintaining of ideologies and the dream but also the square with Venus and Mercury speaks of frictions, tensions, separation and difficulties with people female sex maybe that dominate the life of the political life of the country that it will be difficult to support what he says on a communication level at least for the near time.
Also he would like to change a lot at parliamentary level as he is considered as a modernist in some respects. The sextile of Sun / Neptune as also the lunar eclipse in relation to his horoscope is important and positive for him partly, because it shows vision and imagination but also opportunities that should be exploited, to make the appropriate maneuver, and this will give him the ability to make new alliances, but we must not hurry plus he should take care of his health. Dreams realized.
But there will be favor for some time as also during the first half of the year, were favorable periods for him and others did not, of course, that depends on how he will handle any situation. Another thing to add is there is also a matter of synchronization and circumstances, expected events occur globally but also the fact that the Prime Minister of Greece chose the most difficult period of time to hold elections, between these two great significant eclipses with retrograde Mercury up to 9/10, that indicates a short-lived government, as it happened in January and there will be difficulty to form a government. So, developments will be of great importance that will lead the country to great political instability under the specified planetary cycles and soon again in elections.

Let’s see the equations, we will only mention only those about our country, the rest I have rewrite them and have been repeated several times, in the Solar eclipse of September, but I find it annoying to write them again. If someone wants may read those in previous analysis of lunar phenomena are expected soon to break out in other countries.

1 23 5 877
Locally, we have, serious or critical issues concerns gyro–health concerns out in public places – deprivation – vulgarity- resignation- dreams for the future – personal sacrifices- instability- uncertainty or disappointment – confusion – loss – astray – deception- adventures on the partners – tensions – disturbing or shocking situations- reforms- extensive experience relating to cheating – To learn from cheating – Secret or covert operations – Power outages – errors with serious consequences – Intense disappointment- Arguments or disagreements- implementation action plans with others – Negotiations with others – Caustic speeches- New on fire; Significant work – Important activities related to associates – Opening extraordinary collaboration – Projects that contribute to self-reliance – Official delegation – State measures – Police –
Continuous environmental adaptation, restructuring or resolutions – Reconstruction frontiers or boundaries – Possible departures or detachment from others – Position Changes, delays – Problems related to changes; Growing problems with others – obstacles to development – Meeting obstacles or disadvantages – Isolation – Disorders related to official themes- Pressures for change or transformation – significant changes under pressure – Mandatory changes from local fires – increases on the extent of fires- saddled excessive or overwhelming situations


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