For the next 2 and half years, till 2017 years Saturn will move into the fiery sign of Sagittarius and this transit will have great significance for all of us globally. We see |Saturn move into that sign in December 2014 and then go back into Scorpio at the beginning of this summer. Now Saturn will abandon Scorpio and will permanently enter Sagittarius on 18th September 2015, at 4:48 am at the 11th house of the solar horoscope.

Who is Sagittarius? This is a very optimistic and confident sign and Jupiter is his ruling planet, planet of optimism and expansion. Whatever, Jupiter is touching is being expanded. The Archer or Centaur is able to escape from any difficult situations with a smile and good mood. One of his most significant traits is that he loves freedom that characterizes every move and thought of his existence. Represents open horizons, adapted very easily to different conditions, while most of the times is friendly and lively. Sagittarius love to travel and easily learn foreign languages. When lose control, drifting easily, so does not understand the seriousness of some situations.

So in some cases it is not the right person to overtake a serious job. He lives happily, is hard to discipline and never stops looking for the truth that constantly search. His metal of Zinc. It is a mutable sign, male consciousness, a fire sign. Defender of freedom and independence, represents the great voyages, philosophy, religion, foreign cultures, sports, and the exploration.
Sagittarius people, by nature are explorers and teachers of the zodiac, their zeal supports the struggle for expansion and maintenance of civilization.

The Centaur symbolizes the potential of compound animal with spiritual components of humanity, bringing them into harmonious balance to create a complete person. Sagittarius, are trying to create unity from duality.

In zodiac cycle, is opposite the sign of Gemini and the Restless Warrior shares some characteristics of the restless Gemini. They detest routine and are enchanted by the world of ideas and information. They want to break the tight restrictions and become citizens of the world. The Archer however, may have understanding and tolerance before completely abandoned. They want a variety of people, cultures or countries, seeking experiences. Important in life for them is the journey and not the destination, the search but not the discovery. Sagittarians want to travel mentally and practically. They are tireless and represent knowledge without limits. They have workaholic tendencies.
Teaching is charisma. The pace of the Centaur has its own freedom pace and rhythm.
Sagittarians are innovators, but not revolutionary, they are warriors. Although restless, they have deep-rooted respect for the status quo and customs. They represent the high intelligence, idealism, the spiritual growth, honesty, justice, religion, inspiration, open-mindness, travel, positive energy. This sign can be likened to the stars, a thousand lighted candles and the flames to form a path. But also the fire is changing forms, so Sagittarius can mutate adverse situations with objectivity. The Centaur nature indicates complex nature, is the balance of mind and body.

To say a few words for those who have natal Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. Saturn in the house of Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is to limit your superficiality, bring and put you in order. But you need enough time to get to wisdom and mature mind. You set high goals (Saturn) in fields such as philosophy, religion and higher education. When invoking practical mind and your programming, then even higher ambitions can be realized.

You are very popular without looking for it, and more often manage to taming excess. If Saturn here forms disharmonic aspects, Saturn is functioning in a negative manner in the house of Jupiter. This means that Jupiter, who hosts Saturn puts nonessential objectives, Saturn can help to their implementation. At the same time, in your communication with others the necessary tact and courtesy is lacking. It is likely also to be carried away in meaningless lectures which neither you yourself do not apply. Sometimes you injure your hips and thighs.
With the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius many of us are very likely to experience a very deep, persistent discomfort.Essentially, it is like to feel that the ground is shifting beneath our feet, in fact we are talking about instability with this influence and thus will not be able to effectively address our concerns for the future. We will no longer sure how the world works now. This feeling is caused in part by the cycle of Saturn / Sagittarius.

Sagittarius rules the ideas, particularly great ideas including all systems of ideas – like the religious belief systems, philosophical, theological and metaphysical systems, and systems of political ideas or ideologies. We also talk about “cultures” or “-standard culture systems” .Systems- Ideas are software programs that make human lives and societies operate. All systems use ideas to provide structure, organization, set goals to measure progress.
In fact, we do just a few that are largely at the mercy of a system / idea of some kind. Our need for a coherent and reliable system of ideas is everything but organic .We feel, lost without some set of ideas in order to guide us. The Idea- systems are living systems. Over time, added and removed from systems ideas and things. Existing concepts are modified and change. These changes however are often relatively rough. Eventually, usually are inevitable, an idea system tends to become less logical and out of sync with reality.

When ideas systems deteriorate to a certain point, then cause widespread concern and anxiety. Our disconnection from the system of ideas about the world becomes more and more apparent. This, in turn, causes much stress that gnaws our energy. We feel impotent to understand but also to find our way in a world that does not work and has already failed.

The cycle of Saturn / Sagittarius rules birth, growth, maturation and maintenance but also the disappearance of ideas systems. In the past, we had experienced the cycle of Saturn / Sagittarius before. Sagittarius and the vast sea of ideas that entity without the frustrating and direct influence of Saturn, all our ideas tend to be a little wacky. There is plenty of madness in all our affairs. Indeed, though it seems crazy it may seem normal too at the same time. Ideas and countless things are affect us and ultimately however leads to a decidedly dysfunctional direction. Stress and maximum uncertainty.
Approximately every 28 years, Saturn returns to Sagittarius and begins to restore order to the world of ideas. The last transit of Sagittarius Saturn began in 1985.
Saturn enter the sign of Sagittarius in December 2014, at 6:36 pm, on the 11th house of the solar horoscope. Then, retrograde in Scorpio and stayed there during whole summer of 2015, where it will cover its latest degrees and re-enter Sagittarius to complete the full passage in September 2015 and will remain until 2017.
When Saturn will enter Sagittarius, will begin the correction of ideas systems, and will re-synchronize the ideas to reality. Over time, a semblance of logic will return. Uncertainty and apprehension from Saturn in Scorpio of the previous 2 and half years will subside.

In Sagittarius, Saturn will cause particular situations that reveal the current dysfunctional system of our ideas. He will do so in a way very specific and direct that will force us to correct these belief systems. Our bad and negative ideas will cost time, our money and relationships. In this way, the bad ideas will be revealed as treacherous perceptions and motivate us to correct them all at the same time. And Saturn of course, will demand to be done judiciously.
In reality, however, any objective observer could see that the decisions have been taken have left a number of unresolved issues. Through Saturn heading in Sagittarius, this will certainly lead to protests and lawsuits, even the judicial system will possibly crash or radically changed in some way. We can expect a flood of annoying consequences, and this is because people rely on ideas not have not reflect prudently.As Saturn will move through Sagittarius in the coming years, and post in Capricorn and immediately after in Aquarius, the world of ideas then also systems will start to be more correct. And so then will the world be and our personal life.
Saturn in Sagittarius will lead many of you to put new goals, will give honesty and logic in politics but also in economic transactions too.Will also, contribute to medical breakthroughs and technological advances more, and will define a new era in international politics and the judiciary branch. Saturn here, may (I said that is possible not that he will do it) correct the wrongs that took place during the passage of Saturn by Scorpio in the previous two years. He will reduce unnecessary activity and strengthen the love of learning.

One example was Mahatma Gandhi who had Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. This is Saturn battling for power and independence, achieving a Saturn target used advantageously by Jupiter, namely: non-violence based on religious and spiritual beliefs, legal and political issues and media coverage his campaign and his fasting policy. The objectives and ambitions were ultimately successful, where possible spread his message throughout the world, touched and won the hearts of people. Another who had Saturn in Sagittarius was Che Guevara.
Saturn changes sign about every two years and six months, and during his transit through our personal birth chart represents general areas that will face various challenges. However challenging, it can also consist some of our goals. Saturn gives us structures and boundaries in our lives.

Saturn moved into the second half of 2014 through Scorpio, and in December 23, 2014 went through Sagittarius for the first time after 30 years since his last passage through Sagittarius was in 1985-1987. He stayed in Sagittarius until the 16th of June 2015 onwards in Scorpio and now will return back in Sagittarius on September 18, 2015 until December 20, 2017. Saturn in this sign means “Wisdom through experience ‘. Saturn was again in that sign in the distant past in the years 1926-1929,1956-58.Those years brought periods of hectic international business with an emphasis on expanding spiritual and geographical limits.

Sagittarius rules the 9th house that is connected to education, foreign affairs and worldviews. Many views will change with this placement of Saturn both individually and collectively. Concerns higher education, long journeys, and our relationship with abroad and generally other countries .It also represents our affiliation with the law. Our philosophy in life and our religious beliefs .The visions and our intuition .The skills we have for language learning. Superior knowledge and education, wisdom, philosophy, science, religion, faith, prayer, pilgrimages, rituals, visions. Publications, Astrology. The clergy, the patriarch. Senior clerics.
The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, and Jupiter refers to money, ideals, education, medical fields, religion, churches, young men, governments and laws. Perhaps ideas that will change and improve our own lives during this Saturn cycle, on a collective scale. We can see changes in education, maybe universities and institutions will close down, dynamic scandals in churches and political scandals and issues concerning law, boundaries and borders. Saturn in 9th house means “mental training”.

Religion and government opinions, laws, education and our views for the world will come to the fore, and this transit will represent the conflict between extremist religious views and those of others. This conflict will not only limited to the ISIL and Sharia law, but may include extremely conservative Christian groups and others and you will see many changes and conflicts concerning religion.
As Saturn will move in Sagittarius will begin to form a square with Neptune in 5 degrees of Pisces. In February 2015, Saturn will move in 4th degree in the second week of February, in close orbit with Neptune, which will be the first square with the planet of dreams, illusions and hallucinations at 4-7 degrees of Pisces / Sagittarius.
By the end of November 2015 Saturn will form an exact square with Neptune at 7 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces and conditions in the world and our life will begin to change again. The square is translated as “Dissolution of structure” and is very significant. Under the influence of this transit, we can not distinguish what is true and what is false. The results will be painful because it can give irreparable mistakes. With such a transit it would be difficult to start something of our own, to make changes that will be pivotal for our future, on a personal level.

While Saturn rules structure, Neptune transits tend to break any vague situations over time. Structures, states and even relationships may begin to evolve and develop new situations, in some cases, if that forms an aspect to your own chart. As Neptune dissolves what we think as a structure, some things may come to an end, particularly if it forms an aspect to some personal planets of yours in your chart.
During this period we could experience a rough period of time when situations, ideas or even people leave our lives and something new has not yet emerged. The old will fade away to make room for the new, but this will not happen overnight.

The square Saturn / Neptune can be linked to confusion and lack of clarity, or lies. On the other hand, this transit may help to realize our dreams during this period and to take shape after a period of time through very hard work and effort. Some of those most affected by this transit will be those born from 24-28 February, 27 to 31 May, 29 August-2 September and 28 November to 2 December. Others who will be affected is the generation born with Neptune in Sagittarius from 1973-1974, or someone who has mutable sign in your natal chart, between 5-9 degrees.
Collectively many ideas will disintegrate or change form. In Politics, governments, laws, all will be affected and you may see changes in the legal regime for the use of marijuana, deficiencies and problems with the water and oceans, scandals in church and the spread of disease Ebola among other.

In Cosmic Astrology, Nicholas Champion had written for the square of Saturn / Neptune: “saw this aspect as benefiting democracy, political changes and reforms. Barbault believes that is the primary cycle that rules the development of socialism-communism. He notes that in 1846 during this transit is followed by the publication of the Communistic Manifesto, and the main phases of this cycle involving the discovery of the development and deployment of key European Socialist Parties.

In 1882 and after the Russian Revolution in 1917, immediately after the next 1952 saw the death of Stalin and the principle of the extension of Soviet Communist influence outside Africa and the Third World in general. He continues: “It coincided with the official conclusion of peace treaties after WW11, the explosion of the first hydrogen bomb, and death of Joseph Stalin. It also coincided with the death of George VI of England and the rise of Queen Elizabeth II, and beginning of an important new phase in the evolution of the British monarchy. ”

Saturn was in the sign of Sagittarius in the most recent history, in November 1985-November 1988, but then did not formed a square to Neptune. Saturn in Sagittarius will work best for Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Libra, and will be more difficult for Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or someone with mutable sign in personal planets. (Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, Gemini).
In June, 2016 Saturn will square Neptune and will form an opposition to Jupiter, creating a T-square in mutable planets and this is a large planetary formation that will change many things in our world and life. The energy of a mutable square is volatile, less stable. The mutable energy is also believed to be scattered, vague and easily distracted.
Neptune in Pisces shows the masses of people and groups around the world that will not go well. Saturn in Sagittarius shows the changes in governments, laws and opinions, and Jupiter in Virgo, during the second half of 2015 onwards, shows control (when Saturn was in Virgo banks was the main theme) and Jupiter squaring Saturn something that is not positive for economic growth, a lack of coherence in politics and spread of Ebola disease.

The astrologer Mitch Lewis believes that the cure for Ebola is found, and wrote “The Ebola will be the end of the world? In a word… – No! It should be cured naturally when Saturn squares Neptune .The restrictiveness of Saturn will control the outbreak and will lead to a cure. There will be a vaccine to be developed and which will be worth billions of dollars. The virus can also possibly be at its peak again at the beginning of the year 2016. There will be breaks, but until then we will not be able to deal with the problem.
Besides the fact, that Ebola mutates very rapidly and is airborne, a vaccine can be produced and easily distributed … and it is very unlikely to occur. But at least psychologically will drop too much the world. Remember that the flu pandemic is not healed in 1918-1919. Just burning everything inside you. Ebola eventually will do the same. You can not put in quarantine the whole world. You can not stop the Ebola as well as the global economic meltdown. You should heal it first. The crime here is that they knew its potential for decades.
But no one spent money to find a cure, because we work in a capitalistic system, and there is no reason why someone spent billions of dollars to cure a disease that may or may not develop into a pandemic. What kind of philosophy is this? What could be more precious than our protection? ”
Education and economic recession will come to the forefront – we have seen dramatic changes in higher education in several countries. An ongoing debate around universities, funding and reforms, as well as a number of regulations which are not taken right from the masses. Access to this area will probably be reduced and it will be harder to be achieved. The (1985 – 1988) saw a major change in thinking about higher education, if not a massive change in its structure. Visiting Saturn at that time topped both Uranus and Neptune.
Matters relating to the commitment will also occur during the stay of Saturn in Sagittarius. You will be asked to re-evaluate the feeling of freedom and personal boundaries, so the commitment and the lack of it will be challenged. Determine the importance of freedom. What does it mean to be free? We are really liberated, as we think we are? Do avoid to assume responsibility?
In 2015-2016, with the influence of Jupiter and Saturn there will be serious problems in economies of many nations and there will be a deeper Depression – virtual depression – and significant social decline. The atmosphere in September 2015 will change dramatically .The transit of Jupiter in Leo however seemed to be illusory. Until 2015, also the lie of global warming will take an end. By the end of 2017, the global cooling will officially begin.

The next stock market crash might be in October 2017 (at this point I disagree, which this article resulted from a partnership, I would say more that it looks like to crash in September 2015 but also until March 2016 due to Red Blood moon but also because of the activation of Uranus / Pluto square and after the closing of this cycle in spring of 2015, the solar eclipse preceding, the entrance finally of Saturn in Sagittarius at the end of Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius. The market will show a realistic picture that all will be fine, and the indicators will also be high (since the end of December 2014).

Religion should be revised, and the negative elements to be cut. Should there again ecclesiastical scandals and fundamentalist revival before the collapse of the market. There will be productive discoveries in the fields of education and astronomy. Solar cars and other means of transport, including air and water fed (using hydrogen from water) will be refined during this period. By early December 2014, Jupiter is retrograde in Leo, at 22 degrees. This degree is known in cosmic astrology as the worst enemy, so there will be signs of deep economic decline, but many people will have fun like there’s no tomorrow and will spend too much money.

In late 2014, Saturn in Scorpio will enter on December 23, 2014, tropical Sagittarius as we reported. Saturn will continue its path in Sagittarius in January and February 2015, and then it begins to slow down, and on March 14, 2015, will retrograde in 4-degrees of Sagittarius, and then there will be signs of serious problems. When re-entering in Scorpio on 14-15 June 2015, and at the end of this month, Jupiter will be within 8 degrees, forming a stable square to Saturn. All this suggests that we should prepare for the worst at least psychologically. The mutable square of Jupiter in Virgo with Saturn in Sagittarius will also be a negative aspect with Neptune by Pisces. Jupiter in Virgo will be in opposition with Neptune in Pisces twice:



September-October 2015 / April, May, June 2016

Jupiter in opposition with Neptune
The main feature of the opposition of Jupiter from Virgo and Neptune in Pisces means a misrepresentation of a situation where we practice discipline needed to preserve the reality. This inconstant period shows trends for escape between people. There is, drug abuse, absent-mindness, and daydreams. There are grandiose delusions and emotional co-dependence, which will be seen widely in society. We are too romantic and gullible leading to our tragic mistakes. Our objectives proved to be a utopia and our thoughts are not characterized by realism. There is a risk of exploitation.
The overall total period will be from September 2015 until June 2016. And remember that transiting Nodes of the Moon will be in Virgo-Pisces axis. This reinforces the influences of the planets in mutable signs .The atmosphere will be critical. Bizarre events will take place, there will be uncontrolled imagination may lead people out of control and way .There will be any form of cheating – from others. You will notice during the period of 2015-2016 that some will express hypersensitive sentimentality and misplaced sympathy.
During this time, Jupiter will pass in Virgo (August 2015) near the North Lunar Node and Neptune will be in Pisces near the southern lunar nodes, there will be an inflated sense of cultural and spiritual significance of someone who runs unimpeded in difficult times.


Saturn in square to Neptune

While Jupiter will be in opposition to Neptune, the transiting Saturn in Sagittarius will square Jupiter and Neptune .This planetary square has long been associated with psychological problems and mental illness in social level, where it really aggravates the problems in society .Most of them will be the result of serious economic and cognitive problems where it is quite obvious in the world since the middle of the next decade.
This will be generated from Saturn in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces can generate pathetic situations in many societies and countries. Saturn does not feel comfortable in a fire sign, like also Sagittarius too. The Saturnian influence in Sagittarius can produce a self-righteous behavior, enforce our hard face with a puritanical mentality.
These kinds of people in society can create a set of philosophies and ideologies, leading to various forms of fanaticism. Damages and losses from lawsuits in higher courts also preannounced.

There will be a prolonged period of professional confusion, misunderstandings, ribs, dangers of alcohol and drugs. There will be secret slander, hidden enemies, but above all, a confused and irrational atmosphere that will tend to make the same people as our worst enemies. People will have to respond to an outbreak of irrational tendencies, which will create a very difficult atmosphere where it is more evident in 2015-2016.
Irrational fears and anxieties will characterize such transit. It often is a desire to avoid the practical responsibilities and work. Psychological problems in the family members of an individual or others with whom one has to deal with, are likely to interfere in the professional performance at work and the success of some. Mental illness is also associated with the square of Saturn to Neptune, the variable signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, where you will notice that some people will develop irrational tendencies.
Depression and paranoia are fairly common features, and other negative emotional states. The additional problem of alcohol and drug abuse is widespread. It will be a really sad, confused and misleading era focused on economic recession and social decline. There will be some aggressive behaviors combined with mental illnesses and absurd scenes that we will see in society.


Jupiter in a square with Saturn

Meanwhile, the square between Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius from 2015 and 2016 will be fluid. This, after the stable square between the two planets in Leo and Scorpio held for the first time in autumn 2014, again we will see it in July and August 2015.
Since the summer of 2015, the fixed square of Jupiter-Saturn and which now will be translated into “mutable” one, when Jupiter will enter in Virgo in August 2015, followed by Saturn in September 2015. This is a negative sign for the years 2015 and 2016. Companies will continue to worsen. Things will generally collapse as also Obama government will close the last two years of office.
The atmosphere is not conducive to a positive business and economic development. We have heard from the British mundane astrologer Shane Ward on serious problems austerity in the UK, which suffered economically, socially and politically as well as the European continent. In United States, the American researcher William Stickevers astrology warns of imminent impacts of the economic crisis, political impotence and economic collapse coming.
Under the influence of the square Jupiter / Saturn, what we have here is a prolonged difficult period for businesses, but also professional and household difficulties .Problems of 2007-2008 will have now deteriorated and will continue to grow. The trend and atmosphere of these middle years shows a wavering between two extremes, between optimism and pessimism. This period will not be good to initiate changes in business and professional issues .There will be difficulties to get support from official bodies will already be in recession this time from 2015 and 2016. The Saturn-Jupiter cycle has also been associated with the presidential assassinations.
I advise you to be careful when it is about business expansion in 2015 and 2016 as the global economy will have deteriorated since the corruption of banks, economists, politicians, to Wall Street and regulators of governments. Jupiter in Virgo in square to Saturn in Sagittarius, also show that there is a moral crisis in the production of cultural, moral and religious decisions. The distribution and reduction was apparent in the 2000s quickly accelerated by this time. These long-term cyclical movements of these interpersonal planets directly related to the role of history in the present and in the future.
The current world transits, and those who will come, are showing me that those are in positions of power will come to an end. However, during 2015 and 2016, the overall trend will be neglected important responsibilities / or compromise with the principles for expediency. We’ve seen this happen too often in human history before and now.
As you can see, the mutable years 2015, 2016 and 2017 will be difficult to say the least. From September 2015 – May 2017, it will be difficult for many people to survive. Under the ominous influence of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in mutable signs you can simply make changes in order to adjust yourselves.

Now the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius (2015-2017) shows a trend of society sees the dark side of things. People will seek “security” and that is just like the crystal influence of Saturn.The planetary vibrations of Saturn, taken from thoughts- cells are difficult, sullen and self-absorbed.
For Saturn is necessary, structures, forms and functions often work to mitigate the chaotic factors inherent in the negotiations of a business group teams .He is connected to the representative bodies of the legal system, public administration, and retention / limitation of power in society, Saturn rules the procedures and guidelines.

Also associated with the management of justice and Saturn cooperate on law enforcement as well as the constitutionality of the military life and discipline. The attitude of a nation to law, order, taboos, old practices, politics, etc. also associated with Saturn.The transit of Saturn in Sagittarius has no flexibility and gives a sense in society that forces people to attract the “I want”, the “accountability” and “loss” .The cosmic Ninth House Sagittarius rules traveling of long distance as well as national and international law. This includes shipping, international water routes, maritime law, space travel, religion, belief systems and philosophy.
To eliminate the placement of Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius, you have to cultivate positive thinking, courage, determination and tolerance. The safeguard of interests through positive action and not negative fear is necessary under the painful influence of Saturn. It is not wise to act in house-sectors of your life affected by the unfavorable transit of Saturn in Sagittarius.
Rather, it will mean that you will be forced to experience the influence of Saturn in Sagittarius, go against everything and all, in influence of Jupiter and Neptune .On the other hand, this will require great courage, even to social and economic losses to be in swing, you should be able to mix with people, to dance, to sing, to go to cinema watching movies, be happy and take pleasure from the arts, science and music. There is nothing better after all, because thereby you kick away the Saturn influence so you will need to add more happy moments in this heavy atmosphere.


“Neptune in Pisces during the Mutable Years’

And of course you can not forget Neptune in Pisces, where it will stay for many years in this sign, which is enabled by February 2012 and will continue to exist here until January, 2026. The long transit of Neptune in Pisces requires attention over the middle mutable years concerning creativity, but you should be practical and prudent simultaneously. This passage of Neptune in Pisces may be generally positive in depth of 14 years but then again, there are negative influences, which should never be ignored.
Planet Neptune with Jupiter co-ruling the sign of Pisces, so that positive benefits can be applied to the arts and sciences, music, cinema, to writing fiction and plays all kinds. One octave of Neptune, which is Venus also shows that thoughts associated with emotions and love, forms a negative aspect with planets like Jupiter and Saturn, for example, can give psychokinetic force that brings disappointing events in life.
Generally speaking you need a cold assessment of each situation, using logic to be serious and foothold in the ground, hence, making your Neptune act positively. However, during mutable years, with the square of Saturn / Neptune, this It means that your rationality will tend to / or will become and make irrational thoughts. Many of you will see and experience this during the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.
Those born in the 1970s with natal Neptune in Sagittarius will experience the transiting square of Neptune in Pisces until the mid 2020.Therefore, it is important to maintain a grounded and practical perspective that is mixed with increased creativity and proper use of imagination that brings Neptune in the global atmosphere.
The transit of Neptune can stimulate and contraction sensitivity in society and daydream but also vibrations of this transit encourage strongly – particularly in its negative octave – which attracts discord through systems perpetuated under a misty cover .Under the influence of Neptune in Pisces all seem to be appealing on the surface, it usually can occur is a loss .In the meantime, eccentric risks will tend to harass those affected.
This is particularly true when planets like Jupiter and Saturn afflicting Neptune in an unfavorable aspect and this happens on a large scale by the middle of 2015, 2016 and 2017.
So, we know that to let success excel under the influence of powerful mutable signs in later years, you should have been well- prepared .Everything can be done consciously. It is imperative not to get caught up in the confusion and complacency of the times, especially in 2014 and the first half of 2015.
Again, one of the general topics will be the absurdity, the different systems that will be set up, there will be very annoying noise and confusion even quite blurred situations. And certainly none of this is good for progress. This reparation requires to think in long term till the end of the influence of Mutable Cross in May of 2017, then the transition to the next decade will be very easy as it has become quite complicated for many millions of people around the world .Concerning the way, how to exit this influence, that depends on you.
One of the main things that could happen with Saturn in Sagittarius is the loss of freedoms, through military coups or new laws, we may see borders shrinking as also human rights worldwide and religious wars.



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