First of all,I would love to thank deeply those who share these articles.The analysis of the Lunar phenomena affect globally and not one country .Each astrologer,of course, may compare it with its own country.

The August full moon will take place at the 6th (foresight) degree of Pisces on August 29, 2015, at 9:35:09 in the evening and at this lunar phenomenon involving Neptune retrograde at the 12th house, Jupiter now from Virgo at the 6th house and Saturn by Scorpio on straight motion, from the 8th House.

πανσεληνος στους ιχθυες 29 αυγουστου
It will affect the mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and you are going to put your sentimental life in order but also mainly your business too. The atmosphere that prevail will be quite bizarre, there will be ambiguity, many will be revealed and will disappoint us, and there will be ample propaganda but will bring significant and rapid changes in political and social level globally.
Vesta and Uranus will affect Greece, the Balkans, and Central Europe. Pluto in Turkey, Istanbul and Ukraine. The Full Moon will affect France, Spain, India, the Northern part of Africa.
The main features of the full moon is the conjunction of Jupiter- Sun in Virgo and the conjunction of Moon-Neptune in Pisces. The Ascendant of the full moon is the 16th degrees of Aries (attachment). The full moon is important because that conjuncts the Solar eclipse of 20th March, which was at the 29th degree of Pisces, and forms an opposition to the blood moon of April 4, in Libra. The Moon also conjuncts the Deneb Adige, where it will bring revelations, but let us examine them one by one…
We have the opposition of the Sun-Moon, the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter, the square of Sun-Saturn, the opposition of Sun-Neptune, the trine of Sun-Pluto.
The opposition is being formed between the Sun-Moon at the 6-12th house (hospitalization, operation of government, bureaucracy, all public services and trade unions, welfare, workers, public health, the army, –prisons, asylums , hospitals, hidden processes and subsoil, migrants, hidden enemies, secret services, secret agents, the subconscious) refers to internal tensions and problems. However, the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter is a positive factor for the settlement of outstanding issues in relation to the public and court cases and shows some protection at first sight, and I say this because this aspect is not as simple as it seems. Although the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter brings happiness, growth and good fortune, the extravagance and waste of Jupiter creates imbalance or polarizes the whole mix of good actions. The Sun-Pluto trine shows events that will surprise, is imposing some conditions.
The square of Sun-Saturn between 6-8th house (the 8th shows the funds of the state, the saving system, mortality and suicides, pensions, insurance system, insurance institutions, stock, debts of the state to the other Member nations ) shows sacrifices, delays, restrictions, upsets, problems and interventions.
The opposition of Sun-Neptune refers to confusion and a blurred period of time with major problems between 6-12th house. Computerized, betrayals, paranoid scenarios and reckless compounds the agreements but also migration. Promises that will not be met, wrong objectives and decisions that are not objective. We lose the boundaries between reality and dream or illusion. The Sun will put things in their place, even if we get hurt by sudden revelations. This aspect is very dangerous because the sudden revelation of truth given by the Sun offers an immense feeling of futility and makes us too pessimistic. It looks like life loses its interest, as if we can do many things to endure. We must be very cautious when it becomes in mutable signs. With the square of the Sun-Saturn and the opposition of Neptune fires is possible to continue with the same intensity and the second meaning is an indication to chemical fire.
The Moon in the 12th house at the 6th degree of Pisces hides problems and setbacks but also a situation quite fragile. In Pisces, focuses more on the secret enemies, in enclosed spaces, in emigration and crime but also the suffering of people in general but also to the subconscious and the data stored there.
The Moon forms an opposition to Jupiter and a conjunction to Neptune. There will be problems, disagreements in our personal relationships particularly associated with the female sex. There will be problems on a domestic level and the element of exaggeration is pronounced as we will have a tendency to judge others intensely. Losses may occur but there should be and great attention to health issues, particularly nutrition and alcohol use, the substances and problems with traffic and other disturbances. It will be hard to get decisions on a professional level but if you are on vacation you will want to isolate more and relax. Support from others is limited. The conjunction of Moon-Neptune will increase sensitivity, inspiration, all those involved in Art. The willingness to travel through water element will grow but also the need to be close to it. On the other hand, migrants will increase and that connect with the 12th house as also criminality too. Moon and Neptune will conjunct Chiron at the 19th degree and this will cause instability and serious problems. Mercury additionally, at the 6th house at the 3rd degree ( enslavement) of Libra is afflicted and in opposition with the Nodes of the Moon, creates more problems in partnerships, indecision and difficulties in diplomatic level but also on issues that need to be solved.
Venus retrograde in Leo will form conjunct to Mars in the 5th house (fun, creativity, luck, gambling, casinos, theaters, taverns. Also represent the ambassadors and representatives in other countries. The relations of the state with the children) will trine Uranus in the 1st house, the Ascendant and will sextile the Part of fortune. The Venus-Mars indicates jealousy, infidelity, emotional problems, and loss of friends or false friends. Favored the new relations, art, and profit but will also create many problems and aggression in relationships of all kinds in general. More about the phenomenon of the year here
Jupiter squares Saturn in the 8th house and forms an opposition to Neptune .The square of Jupiter/ Saturn causes upheavals and regulations, as the past is connected to the future. It creates problems in the structure, there are difficulties in discipline issues related to the 8th house, i.e. pensions, stock markets, security, mortality, the capital.
The opposition of Jupiter/Neptune brings disappointment and there is a sudden hard landing to reality. There is a difficulty to be practical, there will be financial troubles, losses, deception and betrayal .This associated with major floods, tsunamis and other disasters related to water and oceans and attack by fanatic extremists.
Saturn in the 8th house will constantly pushing hard of the economy. Uranus in the 1st house is expected to create more problems and make the atmosphere more explosive, in opposition to Part of fortune in the 7th house and presages a sudden unforeseeable events and developments, conflicts and problems with allies and partners. Neptune at the midpoint of Mercury /Venus is associated to delusions, lack of tact, undermining the relationships or cooperation’s but also at the midpoint of Mercury-Mars associated with intrigue, Whims, cheating, some things we do not say or reveal and hide.
The sextile of Neptune/Pluto (mass vision) associated with a deep transformation process affecting all human consciousness. Neptune is catching up to Pluto every 492 years and is something that can be seen as a global mental fertilization period. New collective ideas emerge at the start of this cycle caused by sudden developments in technology and discoveries of the time. It also means toxic chemical that cause deaths, extreme levels of pollution. (We also have seen this aspect in Roswell)
Pluto squares Uranus (1-10th house) Endoscopy state, struggle, conflict, cruelty and important changes also warns of hazards, accidents, domestic conflict, coercion and power. Pluto conjuncts the MC suggests struggle, conflict, coercion, intrigue, blackmail, and risk adjustment, suspicious and ruthless, violent or arrogant actions and behavior.
The full moon on August 29, 2015 will be held in the first decan of Pisces. The full moon will be at best spiritual, mystical and apocalyptic. The full moon is aligned with a spiritual star and planet of spirituality, Neptune. However, the full moon is opposite Jupiter, also, in the worst case could bring massive deceit, slander and scandals worldwide. The full moon brings to the surface and increases the influence of Jupiter-Neptune opposition on 17th September. This will lead to more tension, especially in our relations as we experience diametrically opposite extreme behaviors and beliefs. So this opposition is expected to peak at 17/9, the full moon will activate the potential and strengthen its influence in the first weeks of September. This aspect is expected to bring major upheavals in the economy and losses, so we are talking about absolute chaos.
On the other hand, the conjunction of Moon/Neptune will not work normally, under the influence of the spiritual stable star Deneb Adige being involved because this is only half degree from the full moon, at the 5 and 33, in the tail of the Swan, and that will bring revelations.
The Deneb (Deneb) is the brightest star (i.e. with the smallest effect size) in the constellation Cygnus, the alpha (a) Cygni, which marks the tail of the constellation. Easily visible summer evenings until November, passes through the zenith in Northern Greece and is the northeastern tip of the so-called “Summer Triangle”. The Deneb name comes from the Arabic phrase ذنب الدجاجة, Al Dhanab al Dajajah, which means “The Tail of the Hen,” from his post in the form of the constellation, which Arabs do not usually depicted swan, but hen. The phrase is found in the historical astronomical works as corrupt Denebadigege, Denebedigege, Deneb Adige, etc. Similar names brought up to 7 other stars, and even kept Deneb Katy (= “tail Ceti”) for b Ceti, Deneb Altzenti for d Capricorn Denebola for Leo b. However, the simple ‘Deneb’ evokes today almost always a star in Cygnus (there is also the e Dauphin).
Certainly, circumstances would be much better without this stable star sitting at the conjunction of Moon-Neptune. Vivid dreams, telepathy and psychic ideas would disclose accurate information. Increased emotional sensitivity and empathy would bring harmony in relationships and peace where it is most needed. The Moon will put great emphasis on the subconscious in this position and this makes the opposition of Jupiter/Neptune sharper, since Jupiter also rules Pisces too. Furthermore, it will reduce the strength of our will when it comes to addictions and other bad habits. There will be paranoid reactions, sneaky tactics and extreme behavior where it will yield more drama in our personal relationships. Jupiter will increase the desire for easy money and comfort, under pressure creates blind faith and exaggeration.

To understand more on this full moon will have to understand the opposition of Jupiter/Neptune in detail.
Jupiter permeates with exaggeration every negative attribute of Neptune. Hypersensitivity, deceit, lack of practical spirit are the key elements of this disharmony. So often we become exaggerated and quite naive thus fall victims of scams due to excessive confidence in the subjects who do not know well. Many times we create in our minds ideal situations that are essentially unrealistic. This aspect leaves unfulfilled promises, fanaticism and religious involvement in secret organizations that bring disastrous results .There is also, lack of moral measure and torque to harmful abuses. Neptune when afflicted may be subject to trance, fainting, hysteria, or psychic storms.

11 33
Compared with the chart of Greece, we have the Venus-Saturn conjunction, showing a “cold awakening” (BUT ALSO THAT WILL AFFECT US GLOBALLY TOO) tendency towards separation, division, isolation, politically, the opposition of Sun-Mars showing conflicts with authorities, panic and accidents, fall of the government and this aspect is very important because it marks aggression and conflict to Presidents, Prime Ministers and governments as needed boldness and courage to overcome losses and problems. The square of Moon-Mars, show anger, difficult situations, revolutionary tendencies. The opposition of Sun-Venus, is showing frustration and difficulties, the square-Moon/Jupiter is showing losses, excesses and arrogance but also the Moon -Pluto conjunction brings sudden outbreaks and changes. The conjunction of Moon-Neptune will straight affect the government, in the 10th House. Pluto will continue to push for hard tax and issues are connected to the 8th house but also our relations with abroad and other countries. Saturn affects partnerships, international treaties, and overt enemies of the state, trade with foreign countries in the 7th House.

Of course, the full moon compared to the chart of the Greek prime minister does not have much difference. Shows willingness to rebel movements from one side, trying to cope with the pressure and psychological ups and downs. There is a blockage of support, however the trine of Moon/Uranus will channel the energy trying to find solutions and ways. That gives him more confidence and meeting with groups, large firms, companies, partners, including IMF of course etc. The Moon-Mars opposition shows hostility from others, drop of his popularity and attacks, lack of direction, haste, impulsiveness. The square Sun-Neptune is pointing to, disappointments, plans without possibility to succeed, leaning on alcohol, nicotine, etc., Delusion, deceit, enmities. His Moon in positive aspects to the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter as also with Mercury-Sun, show efforts to successfully negotiating level changes and challenges.

Let’s take a look at the equations in topic level but globally too.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Locally expansive harmonic compounds; severe or critical concern- need Help- Natural hazards or calling for discrimination in relation to others-Physical exhaustion or exhaustion – Days or chronic problems or losses, injuries or damage associated with men partners- Public injuries, damages or injuries – Mysticism – the need for correction or replacement unsanitary conditions – Sadness or depression – loss with the audience – the poor people or nations – Heavy hours.

Efforts for peace in the region; Creating balance – arbitrariness, violence or coercion affecting pleasure- Pleasure associated with strong partners – Effect on sympathy others – Power on the cooperative work; force-fields, among colleagues – Principles concerning the influence of partnerships – arrangements in large-scale work – Intensification or rapid action – Restrictive measures – Significant financial partnerships – Good relations with employees or managers – privileged positions; Authority in economic matters – Public economy- The future in relation to flaws– water or air pollution; Refusal or revocation – cheating – Corruption or degeneration
The start things – action – move on dynamically- Extensive reforms- Surprise successes-increasing intensity.
MC-Psychological tension – conflict out in public – disturbances in public places; I start things together with other ignition construction or excitement – Making choices – Compulsory associations – Pressures on partners- Movement on discussions – I put the plans into action – Recording ideas- Administration instructions or commands – Speeches – Working in business –instability- Regression
Moon- – Uncertainty, insecurity, instability or on the economic situation – Speculation – Failures by the public – Financial losses associated with the people – Injustice on populations or nations
Neptune- Discussions on mistakes – cheating – Breaking promises – Words without action – plans without prospects – endless chatter – malice – Attenuation – Ignore ignoring events – Uncertainty concerning inadequate information – Losses related to misunderstandings – Uncertainty and instability because of cheating – Severe confusion – misplaced convictions- fight unemployment – Massive hydropower – Secret moves to power – power cuts – Actions related to the loss of influence – the job losses – Hidden influences relating to manipulation – fruitless attempts – malicious actions – Hurricanes and storms
Saturn- Strong inhibitions outside world – Intensity on public problems – barriers to public activity – Forced departures out in public – barricades or lockout – State of emergency or martial law having being broken Surprises related problems – Unexpected obstacles – Continuous intensity – Rebellion – Conflicts – Rejection of stimuli – propaganda- Rebuilding boundaries; Official crisis – Major crisis-Continuous mandatory changes
Uranus-Propaganda- surprise or excitement related to sports – high-strength events – Strong tensions – Sudden forced actions- Political events – major electrical energy – Sudden extraordinary power – excitations on emergency measures – Unexpectedly official measures – Great tension on official themes – Storms
Pluto- Reorganization – Renewal – Development – Transformations – Resolutions or conversions – Substantive mandatory changes – Reversals
Mars- Problems associated with the efforts for freedom – Extensive deaths

Hypothetical Zeus-pressures associated with economic problems – Compulsory austerity-risk discrimination in sports – manipulation – Losses on the forces of nature – Challenge high impact damage – violent crimes
Admetos– Deep disruptive or disturbing fact – Unexpected disaster constant tension – Rebellion on official demarcations – Unexpected fall

We will be on vacation,we wish you all a very Happy Summer!Come back in September with Eclipses and analysis of developments! Have a good time all of you!


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