Jupiter will enter the sign of Virgo from the August 11, 2015 and will remain there until September 9, 2016 in the house of its ruler,Mercury, so expected to operate according to the nature of Mercury. By this way, it means that Jupiter is losing something of his excitement and optimism as it abandons the sign of Leo after 12 months. To say a few words about Jupiter in Virgo, for those who have that influence in their astrological chart.
With Jupiter in Virgo,you have self-control, you are usually calm and in complete readiness to face any difficulty. Willingly offer your services (Virgo) without display your skills. In your work you are meticulous and committed. For self suit professions connected with the medical profession. Besides, however, become excellent and reliable employees. Your goals have always spiritual and ideological background.

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But when it manifests its negative side, Jupiter expands rigor and critical spirit of Virgo. The commitment in order and perfectionism when manifested in their exaggeration, usually remove you than others which is resulting in social isolation. If you do not have many friends, this is mainly due to your critical mood, your words tend to find faults in others and to highlight the in an intrusive way.

Virgo is a Mutable sign, female,sign of birth and earth. Its ruler is Mercury,as also its metal.Her characteristics is hard work, consistency, reliability, humility, communication, analytical trend and shyness.
Her negative traits is nervousness, anxiety, pedantry, fractious mood, whim, perfectionism and conservatism. Virgo symbolizes spiritual work, task, method, logic, detail, analysis, workers and critics. She shares planet Mercury with Gemini and they look very similar to spiritual subtlety. Discipline and duty, are the principles are ruling Virgo.
The sign symbolizes health, and all professions connected with accuracy and detail. One of her great advantages is order and organization. A careful, analytical and practical nature with the ability to stand out the chaff from the wheat, the essence of the essence, truth and imagination. This helps businesses, work in general but also studies and scientific research.

Jupiter rules Pisces that is exalted, and its opposite sign of Virgo,but this is not so convenient position for Jupiter. Jupiter in a mutable sign seems to be more grounded, and characteristics that will emerge will be more dull into the social atmosphere. Do not forget of course that positive thinking is the antidote to such actions-transits.
In Virgo, the natural process of Jupiter concerning composition of great ideas and concepts is limited to extend into small details and practical considerations.
The Astrologer Curtis Manwaring once wrote about Jupiter in Virgo:
“According to medieval tradition, Jupiter is in disgrace in this sign. This means that the trend of Jupiter for expansion and prosperity are not well supported. This is because the ruler, Mercury, prefers to travel” by the Light ” where are thrifty with money and possessions. Usually it is said that people with this position tend to make something from nothing.
Certainly Jupiter has to process more data provided by Mercury which is the personal planet of Virgo. Therefore, these people should focus on maintaining a proper perspective and a robust set of priorities more.

One could also argue that, because Virgo belongs to drop quadrant is melancholic by nature with a tendency to dryness and cold. This contrasts to the warm and moist nature of Jupiter.
With the transits of Jupiter from Virgo we will have to be very well prepared before because it will be difficult to implement the things we want. Although most of Jupiter’s transit in Virgo will square to Saturn from Sagittarius and will form an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, however, the transit of Jupiter, along with the North Lunar Node may provide protection for those are thinking to plan their future.
Virgo, under the influence of Mercury, and with the transit of Jupiter through Virgo can show that the strength of a stable and logical mind can be enhanced because Virgo is also a practical sign. Jupiter in Virgo expresses the following spiritual motto: “The first will be last and the last shall be first,” and that “the proud will be humbled and the humble will be exalted.” Jupiter in Pisces also means the same.

The transit of Jupiter in Virgo can give more psychic abilities to handle many details with a more coordinated way, if we have a practical-mind we will be able to think with ease a variety of things to figure out how everything may work well together.
Jupiter’s adaptation in a kind of a practical mind will help many people, but squares are being formed from Saturn and opposed by Neptune in mutable sign of Pisces during the mid years, will be a challenge for many people. A square formation between Jupiter-Saturn usually means lost of opportunities due to lack of initiative,or the fact that we avoid to take responsibilities. There will be economic and setbacks and struggles,particularly if you still have extravagant tastes and scatter money and generally take financial risks. This is connected with gradual depletion.The square gives tendencies to take chances that ultimately backfire.Setbacks may occur from entering into an unprofitable commitment during a sudden spurt of enthusiasm.There are many religious disputes or problems involving litigation,publishing or travel.Debts may be result of unexpected circumstances.

Any losses here can lead to depression and fear. With positive aspects between these two above associated with increased responsibilities for gradual expansion of resources, efforts adversely positive results, balance of conservatism and expansion and also the positive aspects are good for property issues, wealth, trade . Negative aspects between Jupiter-Neptune as the opposition,mentioned before, signifies losses and lack of practicality.

By the end of 2015 and all through the year of 2016, the transit of Jupiter in Virgo suggests that development and understanding can come from what we should do and what should actually be done.
It also means that you should not try to avoid doing things that are not the shiny and significant. Virgo is very down to earth and is connected to companies and generally industry. Also remember, that most people will be tight with money and logical concerning their management and will be in absolute alignment with the transit of Jupiter in Virgo where it will square Saturn forming an opposition with Neptune.
Until 2016, the economy of the world will be much worse off at least for many countries, and this depends on the horoscope of each country, for many millions of people who have been unemployed for years will be trouble and might further increase poverty. Jupiter in Virgo will expand the need and will force other businesses and other commercial sectors to work especially with this issue.

But the mutable square of Saturn in Sagittarius and opposition of Neptune in Pisces means that there will be still many difficulties in the coming years. So, this means preparing – in advance – where is the key to survival and success.
Virgo in cosmic astrology is associated with the “working class”, the left political parties, public health, the armed forces and public services but also the wheat. Also,we should not forget that Jupiter is associated with the religious world and the law but also the banking system is very important and that is under huge crisis. But the aim always of Virgo, is to improve and cleanse, and so we have to expect a lot happen around us in the world this year.

The words accompanying Virgo, is thorough, rational, industrious, neat, precise, reliable, careful, skeptical, meticulous, practical, intelligent, perceptive, attentive to detail, analytical, serious, competent, conscientious, logical, well organized, honest, faithful, shy, helpful, a perfectionist, but also narrow-minded, anxiety, cold, torrid.

It is also associated with the following professions where it can affect technology such as accounting, secretaries, writers, computer scientists, programmers, nurses, doctors, but that is related to research and detail, analysis and others nutrition.
Countries are affected are Brazil, Greece, Turkey, West Indies, United States of America-, Yugoslavia, Crete, Mesopotamia, Lower Sicily, the state of Virginia. More particularly, Paris, Boston, Athens, Lyon, Corinthia, Heidelberg, various spas in general. Virgo is associated with diet and affects mainly vegetables that has roots, like carrots, celery, potatoes, dried fruits, chestnuts. Virgo is inextricably linked to grain.

The principal feature is the creation of order and perfection. Greece has its natal Jupiter in Capricorn, at the 8th house and there we will see how things will be developed concerning her dept and economy, after all we will have a lot to experience with this transit around the world,concerning economy.
From that we observe, in July, 2015, Jupiter began squares Saturn again and recession started again. First, the old status quo is supported again by Saturn return and is in mutual reception to Pluto. The square of Jupiter / Saturn means that economy and stock markets,will be in recession. Uranus from Aries, will enter the third decan. The economic uplift we saw in the first and second decan, now will be replaced by recession in the third decan of Aries. Jupiter from Virgo will form an exact square to Saturn in Sagittarius, but also Jupiter will be in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This means economic loss through diffusion and fraud. International financial sector is a serious problem, and will be screen out, as well as taxes on hidden offshore accounts will start to be controlled in order to solve the crisis.During this period of time probably there will be tax reforms being made. The bio-tech companies may have problems. The mutable signs may also indicate an approach to war in order to solve problems. However, America is the country that will be most affected by the economic downturn, since the transiting Saturn is in opposition to the Moon.



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