There were strong desires at the beginning of the story with Sun conjunct Mars. Now at this Venus retrograde station, Mars square Uranus points to danger when taking risks. Embarking on a new relationship now seems problematic. Such heavy Saturn limitations and potential sadness, which would manifest most strongly if risks were to be taken.The danger of acting impulsively is stressed with Uranus stationary retrograde at this time. Remember the influence of the powerful star Regulus: unexpected happenings, violent attachments and trouble through love affairs. The involvement of Mars in these first two charts could even represent an abusive or violent relationship, in which the best time to make a break is still ahead following Mars trine Uranus when Venus turns direct on September 6.


On August 4, Venus conjunct Jupiter is still a strong influence in our story so the hope and love is still there. At this stationary retrograde point however, Regulus and the challenging planetary aspects take a fair bit of the shine off. The continuing Venus Jupiter alignment is exaggerating affections and feeling of love. Saturn limitation may in fact save ourselves from entering an exciting but dangerous new love relationships at this time.August 4 to 6 is a critical time with the Venus Jupiter alignment on the 4th, Venus square Saturn on the 5th, and Mercury conjunct Venus on the 6th. So there is this triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus retrograde and Jupiter, all square Saturn. As mentioned in the Venus conjunct Jupiter 2015 post, this is the most challenging of the three Venus Jupiter alignments. Love, faith and hope are severely tested.

Venus Stationary Direct September 2015

On 6 September 2015, Venus stations direct at 14 Leo, the same degree the journey started. This is the most promising stage of this total retrograde phase. The outlook for love actually improves during the final stages of the previous retrograde phase, with Venus retrograde conjunct Mars on September 1. This alignment is still influential in the Venus direct chart below. The Venus Mars alignment gives a powerful desire for love. It is the ultimate planetary aspect for romance as it blends affection and raw passion. This creates ideal conditions for falling in love as well as for making love.Things look even between with no more of the Saturn barriers. Saturn is now moving in direct motion and in fact makes a positive sextile aspect to the North Node of the Moon. This lunar point is karmic in nature and points to where our soul is heading. The aspect to Saturn suggest that great strides can be made in resolving the heavy feelings of responsibility or sadness attached to prior or unhealthy relationships.

Venus Direct 2015

Saturn restrictions do return in the final stage of the retrograde cycle, so this Venus direct phase presents the best opportunity in the whole story to let go of the negative and limiting karmic ties. The process may not be totally completed, but more than enough cobwebs can be blown away to let new love enter our lives. Even the Sun trine Pluto in the Venus direct chart above points to a positive transformation of the soul.New love because of Venus trine Uranus on September 22, and still influential in the chart above. This could well be related to the exciting anticipation at the beginning of the story, of new love on the horizon from Venus and Jupiter trine Uranus.Even better is that the retrograde danger of Mars square Uranus is replaced with the sexy excitement of Mars trine Uranus. Taking risks is now favored, with increased self-confidence and sex appeal leading to thrilling and most stimulating exchanges.
Venus Leaves the Retrograde Zone


The journey ends on 9 October 2015 with Venus leaving the retrograde zone at zero Virgo, the same position at the retrograde station. The same star Regulus takes us back to the potential for disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments and trouble through love affairs.Venus square Saturn on October 10 comes only a day after Venus leaves the retrograde zone. In the chart below you can see the orb is only one degree in fact, very strong.Moon conjunct Mars points to extremely strong emotions, and opposite Neptune increases the chance of disappointment when acting on emotions. Sun opposite Uranus return us to the stationary retrograde theme of danger when taking risks.

Venus Leaves Retrograde Zone 2015

Taking into consideration the negative impact of Regulus relating mainly to love affairs, it would appear that the risk of disappointment and danger applies mainly when the Saturn karmic links of old relationships or current unhealthy ones are not broken. Thus a one night stand while already attached comes with great risks of sadness and loneliness.Even if such a previous relationships still had serious unfinished business, these negative karmic ties would pose an impediment to any new relationships flourishing. Therefore it is critical, that to enjoy the promise of the Venus Jupiter alignments, limiting karmic ties of old or outdated loves must be properly dealt with. It is time to realize that the relationship has run it predestined course.There is great potential for breaking free from unpleasant karmic memories and moving forward to an exciting new relationships, no matter how long it may last.



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