The New Moon (new start, new beginning) will be held on July 16, 2015 at 4:24:18 am with Athens coordinates at the sign of Cancer, at the 23rd degree (which is a very strong degree) in the 2nd house of the economy (national currency, national income, a country’s economy, stock market). In this lunar phenomenon will participate Mars from 14 degrees (destructive ventures) in Cancer at the 1st house, Mercury also the same, conjuncting Mars, Uranus from the 11th house at the 20th degree (loneliness, extreme poverty, exile or imprisonment. Inability be given help, is a very critical degree that has ruthless character. Travel to foreign countries are strongly advised against someone. One must think thoroughly before taking action, and opt for a quiet and modest life, danger of “drowning “both in the literal and figurative sense) and Pluto at the 7th House, at the 14th degree in retrograde motion.It will affect the signs of cardinal cross, such as Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries .In general, there seems to be worsening problems but however it will make its intentions clear and certain. It is necessary to adopt new tactics to defend rights and possessions but also the situation calls for more flexibility. The Ascendant of New Moon will be on the 28th degree of Gemini. (Doubt and Change, has character pessimistic, many plans, easy changes. Lack of confidence, repeated failures).


We begin, this time of writing, prior announcement of the Prime Minister for a referendum on July 5, 2015. Of course, I will not wait for it, so I will continue writing about July New Moon, which shows enough, even though I wrote the results about it, but I had mentioned through the media that the Referendum results will be ignored. And that is what happened putting in danger democracy. Just to remind you the first Full Moon of the year was in Cancer too that pointed almost such events. First of all to say a few words about July, because it is an important month for our country and a lot will happen. That is because it touches and affects not only the chart of Hellenic Independence and Metapolitefsi but also the chart of Constitution in Greece and her entrance to EU, in 1979.
We live the martyrdom of the drop and we have sunk back into a recession, trying to find solutions and events to follow each other on a political and economic level mainly. Just five months have passed since January elections, and already we have experienced too much, watching literally stunned but also confused, hoping that something will change. We are standing on the edge, with the full moon preceded in Capricorn, on 2/7/2015, but also of course through the lunar events of May/June, it was certain that July and generally summer will bring bad developments.
Life does not stop with a Capital control…. Art and inspiration continue channeling our energy always in creative channels. June 21st, about 17:38, marked an important turning point of time – the solstice – or astrological, solar input in Cancer. Horoscopes solstices in cardinal signs were among the traditional tools and techniques for the astrologer, predicting, analyzing the upcoming global trends. Can they become much more important when embarking on a solstice is situated also in close aspect to a higher planet. The entrance to Cancer in 2015 qualified for this measurement.
Summer solstice, arrived with militant Mars in a hard aspect to deadly Pluto. The entrance was accompanied by the Moon squared strict Saturn in angular houses, testing Pluto on a cosmic level. As Pluto represents the principle of cathartic change in long-term issues simmering time now, unavoidable circumstances arrive at day of confrontation. The most interesting will be the Sun-Pluto opposition in the birth chart of USA … in many ways and not only. A hard summer for the people of this planet. A stern warning that anything can happen and will culminate.
Mars is the planet of conflict in war level, or between groups, or between two people or between people of a country. This shows the tendency of a nation to face its enemies, but also to conquer territories or by expansionary war or colonization. Mars, controls terrorism, war, accidents, conflict, crime, violence and other tensions within a country, within societies creates uprisings depends the sign is located. Mars is closely linked to life, physical strength and emphasizes the survival instinct but also through birth where we fight, to come into light and survive. The influence of Mars is always clear and straightforward. And it works intuitively without logic.
Cancer, is being ruled by the Moon, expressing family, tradition, and homeland, the maternal instinct, where the existence of a basis in constant outbreak is very necessary. The sign is extremely sensitive and highly emotional, while its good side can be polite and listen to the problems of others but in negative sense is hiding whims and shows adherence to the past.
On June 24, Mars left the sign of Gemini and entered the sign of Cancer and that will charge the atmosphere more in all levels. Naturally, the issues that come to the heart is home, family, property, food, feeding a nation, mining, national security and safety issues. National issues will be affected and there will be important developments among institutions, States, international organizations and relations. Greece is at a very important crossroads, critical and important decisions that will determine the country’s lifestyle in subsequent years. The horoscope of Greece seems to have been strongly influenced at the beginning of the month and at the end of July. Mars in Cancer brings upheavals and there will be significant changes, events will occur in a sudden manner and they are going to have great power without being able to be controlled. Let us remember a little, some short of periods when Mars was in Cancer, and see what happened then.

2007, 16 September-New Democratic party in Greece, wins elections, and LAOS party enters parliament. In December of the same year, a general strike paralyzed the country for insurance issue. Also see the events here globally

April-2008-Karamanlis veto at the summit to postpone inclusion of the Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the alliance. Signed in Moscow an agreement on the gas pipeline running South Stream, from the Greek and Russian energy ministers.
September-October 2009-Announcement of early elections –proclamation of Karamanlis, PASOK wins the elections with a difference of 10 points from the New Democratic party and on 6 October George Papandreou’s swears as the new prime minister of Greece.
2011-22 July .In Greece VAT rises to 23%. On October 20th, Gaddafi killed in Sirte and 27th October, there is a Eurozone bailout deal, the loss of 50% on Greek bonds agree to be accepted by private banks in Europe.
2013 to July 14, president of SYRIZA single founding congress elected to the opposition leader Alexis Tsipras. On 18 September, murdered Paul Fyssas and September 26 leaders and members of the Golden Dawn arrested, charged with the Recommendation of a criminal organization. So we see that Mars in Cancer again created turbulence and we expect once more for events to be occurred around the New Moon days.

The set is being photographed by the New Moon in Cancer is quite difficult if not hard, I would say, where it forms a T-square .The Moon from the 2nd house squares Uranus in 11th house with Eris on his side, Saturn in the 6th house will square Venus in the 3rd House, Mercury will be at the 1st house with Mars in a conjunction also located at the fixed stars of Sirius and Canopus. The Moon and the Sun will conjunct Pollux in the 2nd House. Uranus conjunct Betelgeuse. What all these really mean?
The Sun at the 23rd degree at the 3rd decan of Cancer, is highlighting particularly the 2nd house issues (also associated with nautical themes, the sea and religious people or religious leaders) conjuncting the Moon in 2nd house has a special momentum and is an indicator of personal power and creativity but also self-sufficiency and other conflicts and generally it will be difficult to judge a situation objectively and similar astrology aspects indicate whether prevents a situation or helps it, the Sun trines Saturn, and suggests coordination and review of decisions and events or our actions but also is an indicator of the strong wealth of our country, nonetheless that invites us to assume our responsibilities and obligations.
However, there is a very important aspect, the Sun-Uranus square formed between 2-11 house (The 2nd house concerns the national economy, revenue, stock, money in general through trade, through trade, banks, the national currency and the 11th house represents the parliament, the allies, groups in which a country is included such as NATO, UN, etc. ..).
This shows sudden revolutionary mood and actions are reversed and finally a decision becomes invalid. This aspect, is not also a good omen for success and shows many animosities, revolutionary upheavals, sudden reversal of a position, the Prime Minister or the President of a country and serious unexpected turbulence in the economy. An indicator that something is broken, this is an indicator that we will suffer. This aspect is also associated with massive fires and explosions. Events that may change our lives, our values and conscience.
The Sun conjuncts Polydeuces (Pollux, * Conjunction: Pollux (78 Beta Geminorum m 1.14) – Sun (orb 0 ° 11’28 “, Caput Hercules) predicts a destruction, death, and is an unfortunate aspect, back blows, stabbings and serious accidents, wreck or something is being shipwrecked, murder, disease and extreme fevers, diseases that affect the stomach, the final destruction, blindness, injuries in the head and face, fights, exile, violence, death, decapitation.
This may be associated with many events, such as changeover (change of currency), alliances change, riots at parliamentary level, mass mobilization, may involve religious leaders and their intervention, as well as changes in the 2nd house will definitely cause problems. The 11th house is also connected with legislation, associations, clubs, goals and hopes, trade unions and beliefs or our political party beliefs. This aspect is revolutionary, subversive and is foreseeing unexpected unfortunate events, which is an indicator that we suffer, a relationship that breaks up, this can be connected also to the accession of Greece to euro or the EU but also is pointing to strong protests in the midst of summer.

The Moon (people) in Cancer, is in its natural home, which has a very strong influence on the 2nd house, on economy and feelings which means large fluctuations unless supported by positive aspects from Jupiter, the planet of opulence, or Venus the planet of attraction. The Moon here suggests that attention turns to domestic affairs, the economy and not only, but also to food, Saturn trines the Moon and will that means that we will have to settle to the necessary (perhaps there will be a shortage of products on supermarket shelves), bringing us face to face with a tough reality. This is an indicator of patience and resignation but at the same time, however, shows that people seems to cope with that hard situation.
Moon squares Uranus and means unexpected complications in economy. Generally it warns of sudden and alarming changes and a shift that is unprofitable and is likely to result in economic losses. Accidents and losses. This aspect can be a sign of mental disorders, which will be observed among people, if we choose to isolate ourselves but also generally perhaps because of prolonged closure of the banking system. There will be internal problems but also at parliamentary level with political parties splitting. This aspect is associated with problems, separations, and nerve mood as also instability.
The conjunction of Moon-Pollux is unfortunate and speaks of hate vulgar, ill will, danger from thieves, violent death, pride, disease, destruction, wounds, imprisonment, and injuries to the face, defective vision. If Mars conjuncts the Moon then refers to death by suffocation, drowning or assassination. As you see this is an extremely difficult situation.
The Moon also conjuncts Mars and Mercury in Cancer, giving an opportunity to continue negotiations or a chance in general for expression, keeping the dialogue channels open but of course there will be strains. But also the opposition of Pluto shows deep emotional entanglement and high polarization but also changes in peoples mood that will be strong enough. There will be intense insecurity and it will be difficult to satisfy our need for security.
Mercury is forming a conjunction with Mars, we also have the trine of Mercury/ Neptune, the opposition of Mercury-Pluto. The conjunction of Mercury-Mars is an unpleasant aspect and an indicator of conflicts, differences and there is a risk of accidents during journeys, it expresses verbal assault or it may also point a risk by heavy military vehicles origin. Or else, you may use your imagination, there will be a strong disposition for changes, and people will want to travel to change its mood and scenery.
The Opposition of Mercury-Pluto, between 1st and 7th house (7th house is associated with the diplomatic relations of the state, the alliances, the overt enemies and popular reaction to the decisions of a government) is another indicator that speaks of risk of failure or reversals due to wrong ideas, internal compulsion or obsessive with our plans but also to perform an operation at any cost. Moreover, it shows manipulation, fraudulent movements and serious blackmail and lies. Pluto shadows Mercury and this is disturbing enough, in any way, concerning negotiations about Greek Crisis, Ukraine, China Stock Market and Iran. Anyway, the conjunction of Mars and opposition to Pluto signify verbal attacks, tensions, polarization, restlessness and oppression.Also,these may be indications of announcing elections in Greece,even in the middle of summertime.

*** The conjunction of Canopus is pointing to scandals and violence. Canopus (Alpha Carinae m -0.72) – Mercury (orb 0 ° 58’8 “)
** The conjunction of Mercury –Sirius, shows significant help from influential people, concerns connected with the Church, and also shows physical injuries from accident vehicles, fires, drought, danger through impulsiveness-Sirius (9 Alpha Canis Majoris m -1.46) – Mercury (orb 0 ° 6’23 “). Mercury at the midpoint of Mercury-Mars, unleashes enough nervousness.

Of course, we have also the conjunction of Venus/Jupiter in Leo at the 3rd house (communications, information, neighboring countries, transport, public discussions, post office, neighbors, and adaptability.) Which means attracting attention of important people and we also we understand that Greece will be the main headlines of the media but also involves power people.
Venus forms a square to Saturn at the 6th house (army, health, and living conditions) which shows misfortune also in emotional nature issues, indicates permanent or temporary separations, perhaps stopping a relationship at communicative level, rejection, deception. Twists and limited money and inconveniences. Many are those we do not like and shows accumulation of problems and freezing, high tension and deadlock, with older people to suffer unbearably. This will affect also the weather conditions.
The most important aspect is again the opposition between Mars-Pluto, which lies at the 1-7st house. I had also explained this aspect in the full moon of July, and is an indicator of ruthless ambition and aggressiveness, recklessness, and related to abuse of power principle. This indicates adverse effects from dictators, corrupted politicians or dishonorable military. Also warns of attack, feverish diseases and accidents. The hostility that can cause changes of circumstances. Danger can come from dishonest or sadistic individuals and situations of violence.
Mars conjunct Canopus – the scandal, violence. Score:-Unfortunate Character: Saturn / Jupiter
Mars conjunct Sirius- military, metals. Fires, drought.
Mars at the midpoint of Mercury / Mars someone who thinks and make plans.

Jupiter from the 3rd house squares Saturn, is a very significant one. Saturn has to do with the great changes in our lives that come after a small catastrophe or a great race and is connected to discipline. On a cosmic level, is highly likely to witness very penetrating and significant events, the strong of the political system become more ruthless in their negotiations, war conflicts in different parts of the world are strengthened, and perhaps will be created new ones.
The consequence of this collision of planets between Jupiter and Saturn, may be also connect to extreme worldwide weather conditions. We avoid responsibilities, there are serious economic problems and lost opportunities. We saw the aspects of Saturn and Uranus, that will bring upsets in our plans, and suddenly other events but also Neptune from the 10th house still gives a difficult picture marking hidden enemies and forces, with the people to be bewildered and pretty messed up.
The interaction of these planets causes upheavals and provisions at every level as the past collides with the future. These planets together create a concern and impatience as progress and expansion is being blocked. There is frustration and we face the consequences of our acts together but also however shows the flow of money is still limited and there will be delays. The value of disciplined growth, is very important under the influence of this cycle, where we encounter many challenges and difficulties in education and religion but also by employers or generally other forms of power. The best we can do is to increase our discipline, careful planning, something that requires by strict Saturn and prepare as best we can. Your attitude will make all the difference in how you experience the frustration of this time.

Pluto in 7th house unbearably is pushing through important aspects, and marks a dramatic change concerning political parties but also our relations with partners and neighboring countries is talking about a heavy attack by others. Certainly, is being associated to fanaticism.
The Cupido conjuncts Lesath concerns a significant risk, desperation, immorality and malevolence, connected with acid poisons, accidents, disasters.
***Conjunction of Transpluto -Regulus, is great strength, leadership, sudden fall, accidents, violence
*** Conjunction of Betelgeuse -Part of Fortune shows calamities, risk, and violence.

Compared with the chart of Greece the New Moon indicates slanders, instability, defamation, bigotry, challenges, intense developments, trauma and tension but also a tendency towards isolation. The New Moon affects the communication axis, the international relations and diplomacy, foreign and trade.
Pluto will push the 9th house and the New Moon in the 3rd and Saturn the 7th House, as also Uranus the 11th House. Bickering and new developments at parliamentary level but also at the concerns political parties. And while the conjunction of Venus / Jupiter gives hope and joy, is influencing the 4th house, the square of Saturn strengthens insecurity and difficulties. To manage all these difficulties we should think positively because fear produces negative thoughts and deeds, so should therefore balance our fears, do not overestimate the negative side of things and be objective, fighting of our phobias.
The New Moon will enhance insecurity reactions, fear, and tantrums in everyday level. However, drowns our mood to take risks and be more aggressive. We should see things more realistically, with patience, and sit at the table of negotiations with our worst enemy and face our fears. It is the hour of consciousness where Saturn is imposing self-discipline.

SFPage SFPage1
The disharmonious aspect of Moon / Neptune, indicates a refusal to see reality and confusion, like the disharmonic aspects of Moon / Uranus and Saturn. The trine of the Moon / Pluto shows pursuing specific objectives, the strength of the claim and an opportunity for new contacts at diplomatic level and also the ability to get better things without missing the feeling for change and adventure.
Compared to the horoscope of the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, the square of Sun / Uranus displays rebellious tendencies that lead to rollovers. A difficult astrological aspect to solve problems or to find ideas and answers. It is felt that the originality and the trends for independence are being suffocated or simply are not available now and parameters stifle freedom. Errors under pressure are being done, Stubbornness, narrow-mindedness, exaggeration, nervous tension, anxiety, disputes arising from haste. There are of course positive aspects between Mercury and Jupiter, which is quite positive for negotiations and decisions on 17th July, as the harmonious conjunction of the Sun / Moon, that displays a mood change, as he will have to face many problems.

3 4 1 2

The Uranian equations display Continuous work – demands and orders relating partners – Departures or distancing – Problems – Obstacles related to productivity / creativity or ingenuity – Mandatory deferrals – Mechanical holiday – environmental deficiencies / pressure Days / Important women- The influence of women – Powerful Populations or nations – Excellence or prevalence of the public – political power – Strong or strong emotions – Extensive reforms.
The New Moon in Cancer will particularly affect the US and Ukraine, Balkans and the Middle East as also China too.


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