***I have already published this article before the decision of the Greek prime Minister for Referendum. I had already predicted in Greek media, the rising choice of referendum, and the dissolve of political parties.
The Full Moon will be held on July 2, 2015, at 5:19:32 in the morning, at the 9th degree (degree of repetition, significant events in history) in Capricorn (government, policy, restriction, seriousness, concern for rules and protocols) at the 7th house, which is angular and important (war and diplomatic relations of the state, obvious enemies and the popular reaction to the decisions of a government, rallies, close associates and business partners, the obvious rivals, the opposing country in time of war, trade with foreign countries, international treaties signed) of the solar horoscope. I am sure that something reminds you again if you look at the lunar phenomena of December 2014, which occurred in Greece. In this lunar phenomenon involving Mars in Cancer in the 5th degree (This degree describes a figure of authority entrusted with many responsibilities), Pluto in Capricorn in 14th degree (fall) in the 7th house and Uranus from Aries in the 11th house at the 20th degree (loneliness, extreme poverty, and perhaps, exile or imprisonment, difficult circumstances, friends are unwilling or unable to help. Travel to foreign countries are strongly recommended against it. One must think thoroughly before taking action, they risk drowning, both in the literal and figurative sense).

πανσεληνος αιγοκερως

It is a time quite important and active especially for signs of Cardinal cross, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra. People will be confronted with facts that had not figured that would happen, and we will have to adapt to a new reality. Generally, at first sight, this period will be marked by violence, warfare, maritime nature problems and accidents of all kinds.
The ascendant of the full moon is located in the 28th degree of Gemini (degree of Doubt and Change, repeated failures and errors).
* Conjunction of Betelgeuse with Ascendant –turmoil’s, risk, violence.

Proceed as always in the decoding of full moon. Neptune (migration, chaos) is on sea borders between the islands of Lesvos, Chios and Turkey. The Full Moon will affect also the US as also Saturn in Scorpio, the developments in Ukraine, Turkey and Central Europe, Middle East, Syria and Israel but also the eastern part of Asia. As you can see it has a significant influence.
The Sun in the first decan of Cancer, illuminates the first house (political leaders, president, famous personalities of the country), and shows that finally things will come to an end but also shows that everyone’s attention will be turned over to an important event, probably that has been already occurred at the moment I m writing this article, and planets that exist here determine the effect that will quickly come to a solution. The Sun in Cancer tells us that security is very important. Do not forget that Cancer is ruled by the Moon related to national security, house, home, care, protection, family, food, mother -Women, silver, real estate. Linked to water, sea, and the crops. Cancer when faces major challenges hiding in his shell, while still maintaining and exercising the appropriate powers of discrimination.
On a personal level, the best advice for a parent Cancer is to give to others the freedom to take risks. Do not confront your fears so simple- their treatment will happen if you free yourself from their power through affirmative action.
We have the Moon-Sun opposition, Sun- Mars conjunction in the 1st house, the trine of Sun-Neptune, the Sun-Pluto opposition at the 7th house, which is very important. The Sun trines the ascendant of the full moon. We have at least three very vital aspects being formed. Contradictions and problems still exist, the Sun –Moon opposition is an indicator of inner unrest and difficulties. The Sun-Mars conjunction brings problems, anxiety and insecurity. The Sun-Neptune trine, at the 10th house, strengthens big dreams and visions but also intuition.
The most important aspect is the opposition of Sun-Pluto showing resistance to change and resentment. The aspect is telling us that we would prefer to leave things as they are but always with this aspect concerning an issue we pull things at the end of the rope, at a point of “explosion”, and refers to a battle with the authorities and partners. In this aspect there are changes or delays and failures due to forces beyond the control of an individual. Behaviors and requirements will exceed all limits, there will be no respect, and is creating compulsive tendencies. Usually to this aspect there is a serious rupture and repeated conflicts, efforts are not appreciated properly in order to get the desired results. This marks the death or serious illness of an important person. We waste a lot of energy to impress others, but suggests to drop the tones of our personal energy. Leads to fanaticism, which may result in a goodwill struggle to win something but recommends also greater flexibility that would benefit more than show off power.
The opposition Sun-Pluto made its appearance in the First World War, but also in many other major disasters such as Chernobyl. It is pointing the atomic reaction or fire deaths or massive fire. Bringing more scandals into light and the Sun is might have fun with it. This energy is difficult for any authority to control and brings drastic measures. Paranoia, anger, obsessions, suffering, “I against the world.” This aspect has historically brought resignations of presidents, fall of leaders of all kinds. Usually Sun-Pluto aspects, whether those are conjunctions or oppositions between the two always something collapses, dies and is destroyed. Under this aspect, we had in the past the collapse of the Soviet Union. Empires Fall down. Any change brings painful events, but will clean up corruption in essence is about a creative destruction of Pluto. The Sun rules the 3rd house (communication axis) and Pluto the 6th (army) at the chart of the full moon.
The Opposition Sun-Pluto, is pointing intense and disruptive forces beyond someone’s control that may force to a new course. So we notice here, split of political parties and the possible creation of a new strong political party. This means serious strains with hostile countries. And that one could be a hot episode between Greece-Turkey as also maybe noticed in other parts of the world.
This warns even on a personal level the lack of participation in something questionable or illegal nature leading to possible suspension of personal ties. It also warns about problems are created from aggressive people or revolutionary natures; Linked to breaking mechanisms and serious damages.
On the other hand, the Sun at the full moon trines the 10th house, but it is a good indicator for your personal success, social integration, economic benefits, professional development and achievement.

The Moon in Capricorn, at the 7th house shows that the attention of this period will focus on topics related to our official partner, work-partners, the public, competitors, and opponents in litigations, enemies, politics, and government. The Moon in Capricorn is always tough and somber, usually we have seen negative consequences, especially when negative aspects are formed because Capricorn is being ruled by Saturn. Success favored if that is forming upright aspects in the sign of hierarchy. The Moon in Capricorn on the chart of the full moon, forms an opposition with Mars, we have the also the sextile of Moon- Neptune, the Moon sextiles the 10th house, and Moon -Pluto conjunction.

With the Moon-Mars opposition in general, there is a need for extreme caution in all things. Hasty moves will lead to disaster. If possible not to accomplish agreements to this aspect. Illnesses or accidents often happen here. This also displays imagination activity, but the result is not always satisfactory. This position intensifies emotions, violence, displays unrealized ambitions, and can challenge the person is being represented here. Though idealism supported by the sextile of Moon-Neptune, and imagination is necessary to be exploited creatively.
The conjunction of Moon -Pluto creates compulsive and even irrational behavior. These circumstances may force a change in our personal habits, or separations or divorces. This aspect shows a lack of assistance from others, and the tendency of others to dominate. This warns of danger from revolutionary or delusional people who try to manipulate a situation of losing control of a target. (Means even destruction of homes and food, home flooded, attack or defense of the homeland war)
On a personal level, the sextile with the 10th house displays trips to famous places or help and support from women, even thought this is less important because there are stronger aspects are being formed with Pluto in Capricorn, and additionally because the Moon is ruled by Pluto and Saturn simultaneously so it is a kind of a double play, so pay attention!

Mercury in Gemini, at the 12th house, contributes more to hasty moves, since throughout the period of June was particularly enhanced and hidden information or making agreements with positive aspects but at the midpoint of Moon- Saturn recommends prudence, maturity, sense of duty ? Is pointing sadness and perhaps depression, obstacles, particularly by women. Separation. In the 12th house it means retreat, secrets and intrigue and may also be malicious scenarios or hidden letters and backroom understandings, communications. Mercury at the 19th degree is not good at all, because it shows abandonment, destruction and misery ruling the 1st and 4th house.

Venus from the 3rd house forms positive aspects, a trine to Uranus, Venus-Jupiter conjunction and at the midpoint of Sun / Node but also at the midpoint of Venus / Jupiter. Venus in Leo with all these shows on a personal level, happiness, pleasure, entertainment, favors friendship, conclusion sexual relations and favors communication and traveling to beautiful places. Major benefits from art and talents. However can ease density on a diplomatic level giving perhaps one more opportunity before turning retrograde, later in the summer, and this concerns communication, agreements and nation’s relations. Also Jupiter from Leo hope to contribute into this situation, although the trine shows incredible progress in technology, as I have mentioned before in other articles.
Mars from the 1st house at the 6th degree of Cancer is in decline. Although Mars is linked harmoniously with other planets in the chart of the full moon the placement of Mars at the 1st house mentions a difficult state. Mars, here can be a sign of “untruth”, but also means that an intractable issue should be carefully considered. This position also warns of a problem that is still there and we get in response a permanent denial, that of course, those can be overcome if aspects are strong enough … .something I do not really see, because the chart has stronger aspects. Mars forms an opposition to the Moon in the 7th house, pointing interior problems, frequent and violent scenes, quarrels and on a political party level that will bring splits of political parties and divisions. Mars squares Vesta at the 10th House and the Nodes that also is showing aggression.

The most important is also the return of Saturn in Scorpio in retrograde motion, in the 6th house (diseases, army, everyday life, living conditions) means restructuring and harsh living conditions squaring Venus, Jupiter and Pluto, especially the cycle of Jupiter- Saturn that will maintain adversity, upheaval and conflict, which has collective influence, this cycle is reflected in enormous structural reforms of society .The square of Jupiter-Saturn-Venus associated with lost opportunities, economic clashes, delays, risks and coldness. But also the half-square of Saturn / Pluto, as we mentioned before is a circle that brings deadlocks. The aspect itself, is associated with dictatorial behavior of others, cruelty, retaliation, jams and accidents. Saturn-Pluto also means extreme cold or freezing, glacier, the loss of moral and extreme depression of many, or generally extreme weather conditions.

Also, we have the Uranus-Pluto square between the 11th -7th house that will bring further problems and dissolving at parliamentary level and in the political parties but also more corruption and scandals on the surface. Crucially here, the 11th house associated with aviation, the 7th house with overt enemies but also organizations such as NATO and the United Nations.
Neptune, from 10th house (ruling party, the government) shows ambiguity in a retrograde motion, frustration, confusion, hallucination, depression, difficulties. In addition, falls at the midpoint of Mercury / Saturn that dialogs of a state of depression, distrust, emotional confusion. A trip by plane or ship, panning without any prospect of achieving, highway or rail block. Although the Neptune has positive aspects, circumstances will be very difficult.

From what you see the full moon falls on the 1st decan of Capricorn at the 9th degree, in very close aspect to hard Pluto in 7th house, and this is almost opposite Mars which is being translated as Violent Extremism, and directly connected with countering terrorism. In our personal relationships it is expected to create imbalances and disharmonic situations at the extremes. This full moon marks the second half of the current cycle of the eclipse. Indeed, it’s been three months from the lunar eclipse of April 4th, in Libra, and we observe that this full moon lunar squares also the Nodes. This means that the issues triggered during that period of time, till now will be culminated in the next two weeks. The Lunar Eclipse as we had told since April, will have a dramatic impact on our lives (the 3rd Red Blood Moon) but also worldwide. And that’s because eclipses linked to hard fixed stars as also with Uranus in Aries. Despite negative signs, Jupiter nevertheless is trying to make us focus on a more positive direction, but the situation in the Middle East and Ukraine will explode and instability will have unprecedented consequences. In the last lunar phenomena we saw that the situation started to escalate by the end of May and in June .And particularly, New Moon of June spoke directly for many issues.

In any case, the opposition of Sun-Pluto is not a positive influence because it is linked with aggression, anger, subject to guilt, coercion, secrecy, and dramatic transformation. The opposition of Moon- Mars creates irrational actions and emotional anger but also ignites fires. There will be an increased vulnerability to negative or destructive actions of others. These aspects are not a good omen whether it is about family relations, lovers or a nation. The full moon in square to the lunar nodes, increases karmic intensity up to a level, which means that you have reached at a critical turning point in your life. All that, will create tension and aggression, explosion, with intense drama or anger, but this is the transition to a new course. However, there is some hope, understanding and sympathy with Neptune that could bridge the gap between the Sun and Moon, Mars and Pluto which is quite difficult with such hard planets.
The positive aspects of Mercury to Uranus and Zeus could be really a divine gift. Mercury at the midpoint of Jupiter-Uranus (and simultaneously a trine). This can lead to practical results through open and honest communication. Venus conjuncts Jupiter which is an excellent omen for love. Original ideas and knowledge can lead to more growth and happiness in a relationship. Mercury sextile Venus brings warm and friendly conversation. And this is important, at least on a personal level.
On a cosmic level, terrorism will be in the news almost every day, because of the Red Blood Moon of April. The conjunction with terrorist Algorab star opposite the revolutionary Uranus. The previous New Moon in a tight conjunct with Mars predicted increased aggression, violence and war. This full moon squares the lunar Nodes and means war and unrest which mainly concerns the Islamic State and that has already begun.

Pluto in an opposition to Mars is being translated to more violence, hatred and ferocity in Iraq and Syria. Violent extremist ideologies will spread through terrorist propaganda. Law enforcement and governments will be ineffective because of Saturn retrogression. The Opposition Mars-Pluto will bring major political and social conflicts, and its influence is very strong, showing difficult situations and battles in power but maladjusted. Also, is pointing to a small event leading to a mass effect, which can cause fire or explosion.
Compared with the Independence Chart of Greece, disharmonious aspect of the Moon -Pluto suddenly shows outbursts, strong excitability, the Mars-Jupiter opposition shows conflicts, contradictions and difficulties in negotiations, due to partners but also big fires. Estimates can be blocked or rejected in how to proceed with a project or plan or a deal. One can conceal real choices and the right path, and these aspects will affect the economy of the country. The square of Mercury -Venus activates dissolution and specifically related to women and Mars-Pluto will bring tensions at parliamentary level and scenes of “infinite beauty” and decisions should be reconsidered.

3 1 2 6 4

Let’s take a look at the Full Moon equations…
start corporate relations; Entry joint activities – activities with partners – activities with partners- Dissolution on active partnerships – Uncertainty and instability – unconscious or irrational behavior – mutual mistakes – manipulation – cheating – disappointing actions – Infections- Obstacles relating to others and work / productivity / creativity or ingenuity – Mandatory deferrals – Mechanical interruptions – Problems – Extensive reforms – intensity
The Sun– Wide intensity – Worried or confused times – Nervousness out into the world – public unrest – thunders- Prevalence versus elsewhere over a Contact for ignition or fire – Contacts with military personnel – Feverish electrical contact Will for survival – Efforts for restructuring and conversion – Actions that cause physical changes – Uncertainty, insecurity or instability – deception events – days untruth

Mars– Many mistakes – Many covert activities – – Dissolution of harmony – Extended extermination – Epidemics- Infections – Inertia – Unemployment – Actions contributing to losses – Manipulation – Damage or injury – Robbery and looting – abusive behavior
Mercury– bad ideas – acting – Plots – generalized confusion – hallucination, unreasonable, or dark situations – News related to losses

*** I have mentioned significant quotations in previous lunar phenomena that still are activated.


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