Staya Erusa started as a film project in 2004. It’s aim is to contribute to the enhancement of Mankind’s consciousness and therefore another way of thinking. In order to cope with all the challenges we face as mankind.The international output of this project was the film and DVD ‘Staya Erusa, Find the Book of Knowledge’. This awarded film describes and explains a much wider reality. Where do we come from, what is consciousness, what is reincarnation, extraterrestial life, etc.

Through a broader view, solutions can be created.

Consciousness is the origin

We are one cosmic family. We are one of many manifestations of consciousness. We are all one, we undergo the same spiritual evolution. Life is eternal, we have lived thousands of lifes. We have been everything …. There have been many more civilizations before us. There is the law of Reincarnation and the Law of Cause and Effect. We are responsible for everything we do. The way we think has influence on our lives, even on the climate. Nobody can really change if he doesn’t understand the process. For change we need insight.

Staya Erusa provides the insight into consciousness and into life and death, in a global overview. The name ‘Staya Erusa’ has no meaning.

Needs ask for a solution

Mankind faces enormous challenges as hunger, poverty, famine, environment, energy & water, diseases, war, aggressor and terrorism. The current politics and approach doesn’t suffice. All solutions are in the category ‘more than the same’. We have to radically think differently and much broader!