The New Moon will be held on 16 June at 5: 05: 18 in the afternoon, with coordinates of Athens, in the sign of Gemini at the third decan, at the 25th degree (degree of sadness, melancholy, frustration and struggle), a degree with irritable and aggressive character, that brings violence, brawls and stubbornness that is the root of failure. This degree suggests to control our passions and shows separation. The New Moon will take place at the 8th house of the solar horoscope where is the House of rebirth and transformation, connected with death, mortality, bankruptcies, economic transactions with foreign countries, public debt, money for insurance agencies and tax receipts, pensions, insurance institutions, the stock market, the State’s debts to other States and other countries ‘ incomes. The so much unspeakable emotions and feelings in general that we wouldn’t want to experience (jealousy, passion, envy, etc.). The sexual act with the meaning of reproduction. Medical autopsies. In times of war are the allies of the rival.

In this Lunar phenomenon involves Mars from Gemini at the 24th degree (military degree and very important but above all achieved important success in science) at the 8th house, perhaps it has to do with man and reproduction or a disease, even death, Jupiter at the 19th degree of Leo at 10th house (mainly scientific success but also symbolizes protection by a superior in the hierarchy) ,Saturn that has already entered the sign of Scorpio in retrograde motion through the 29th degree, in its higher octave, and means risk of accidents, explosions, or contamination and Pluto from the 14th degree of Capricorn also in retrograde motion from the 3rd house.

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From the overall picture even those who don’t know Astrology understand that this is a period of pretty intense and serious developments that will affect the Zodiac signs of fixed cross, i.e. Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces. A lot will happen and will be told in the pending days. The general picture of the New Moon is advising us that it would be good to avoid making errors by making wrong estimations and hasty choices. A lot will result in political, economic and scientific level. Maybe after the New Moon the atmosphere will remain fairly robust in the last days of June where that a belligerent atmosphere will be cultivated literally and figuratively. Now we will see analytically the aspects and assumptions are coming out of this New Moon.The New Moon and its aspects are expected to affect relations between Europe and America but also a part of the East Asian sea area, China and Japan.The Ascendant of new moon is at the 10th degree of Scorpio, where indicates concern and critical, insecurity and vigilance.

First of all I would like to add something more about the full moon in Sagittarius, in early June, I write in a paragraph for Gemini and I was writing “the power of New Language» which I could not interpret and think what this might have been, but fortunately in the next few hours I discovered that refers to the power of atomic energy by a photo caption of a nuclear bomb that was given to me by colleague , the caption was writing at the down side of it, “Nuclear Weapons and the Language of” Power “and” If we combine it with the aspects and the houses of the full moon in Sagittarius, frankly that came as a flash in my mind.

Back to New Moon, we observe that the Sun in Gemini is in conjunction with the Moon and Mars at the 8th house, the Sun sextiles Uranus at the 6th house. That shows great internal power, the ability to take initiatives but also shows an incredible-aggressive move that surprises others. The Sun, of course, in a conjunction with the Moon and Mars in 26 and 24the degree respectively, first shows general happiness and success, expansion and a more peaceful atmosphere, improvements with economic benefits, indicates general harmony, good health. However, I worry a lot about the use of Atomic power, something I had also expressed in May lunar phenomena.

The conjunction of Sun-Mars shows a strong personality, leadership skills and great physical and mental activity. Also mentions over-confident and recklessness, rush, militancy and despotism, that lacks attention and reflection, so that fall, after rising to a high position, it will be catastrophic. However there will be deep concern and fear. There must be calm to deal with threats and pressure on a diplomatic level that alone does not appear to exist. All this combination has to do with the aggression of others, the showdown and exposure to risk. The New Moon affects the 1st house of the Prime Minister of Greece and the Chart Hellenic Republic.

On a personal level the fathers watch out their relationships with sons during this period. The sextile of Sun-Uranus refers to successes on scientific level, also in health sector in particular, the most, but also gives more impetus towards independence. The sextile also is linked to change consciousness and respect and the formation of new political parties and trade unions, movements and other. However astrocartographically any agreement depends on diplomatic relations between great powers. In New Moon we perceive the following:

* The Sun conjunction with the fixed star Al Hecka, shows honors, wealth, power, greed, aggression
* The midpoint of the Sun/Moon shows reaffirmation of the desire to create a partnership.
* The Sun Sun-Mars midpoint shows desire for life, vitality and energy, intense action.
* The Sun to the midpoint of Moon/Mars shows the struggle for independence, Prosperity through a relationship and cooperation.

The Moon also at the 8th house, definitely shows high sensitivity to issues of the 8th House, and we notice that the Moon is forming a conjunction with Mars, and the Moon and a sextile of Moon-Uranus. Both shows that negotiations continued with much intensity as also the support of the people. Also shows spontaneity. What is dangerous is the Moon-Mars conjunction, both have their ruler Mercury, where expected heated verbal confrontations.It shows the intense need to be cautious in all our movements. Excessive haste leads to destruction. Any agreements should not be binding. Here we also we have exacerbation of illness and accidents. It also shows activity in fiction that is not always desired, and allow to realize what we dream. The elevation is not always satisfactory, this position intensifies feelings, violence, unfulfilled ambitions and shows disappointment.And the sextile of Moon-Uranus has some difficulty showing unexpected changes. In general this means changes and new businesses. New contacts with economic benefit. Everything here tends to be suddenly and unexpected. The stimulation is great because it positioned in an airy sign of Gemini and maybe this is conducive to study conditions of an agreement but also studying mysterious stuff.

Mercury at the 5th degree from Gemini (triplicity), at the 7th house, which rules many planets in an angular house, shows intense debate around the table, with opponents, this means discomfort, many details, and mistakes in an important document. Hurry, Riddle, disagreements.Mercury sextiles Venus at the 9th house that is positive for smoothing out disagreements, but squares Neptune at the 4th house in retrograde motion until November showing strength reduction, inability to defend a state, indecision, fear, dreams, reducing the power of goodwill and stagnation. June has many pitfalls indeed.

Venus (economy) of course from the 9th house (international diplomacy, international contracts, legislation, higher education institutions and the functioning of Justice) shows the intention to save a situation and soothe things bringing a percentage of chance, though she squares the 1st house, the Part of Fortune and falls on the midpoint of Saturn/ Uranus. The square with the 1st house that is the ascendant indicates difficulties to keep the right balances in Foreign Affairs. The square of Venus/Ascendant, shows concern, problems, agitation, anxiety and stress. Warns of overstatement or actual financial loss, and often also shows health problems.Venus squares with the Part of fortune, warns not to expect favors or help from others.

The midpoint of Saturn/Uranus is a process of dispute. What is the right balance between progress, revolution, modernization and conservatism? Major changes between the past and the present are made with considerable potential for something new. We meet this midpoint when we manage that we can finally change our course after a period of intense and difficult commitments. If this midpoint touches significant areas then we should expect serious trouble. Is a significant period of tension and conflict and a period of intense changes that will lead to a lack of management and many times and a major freeze since it usually can’t react ( which stands between the 1-6th House, the 6th House is associated with living conditions, workers, public health, the army, the Navy, the security forces).

Let’s look at the aspects of Mars from the 8th house, which is a pretty hot combination as we said, next to the Moon, with aggressive effect. The sextile of Mars-Uranus shows Strong impetus for innovations. Sudden discoveries, flashes, or ideas. Trips to faraway places. Energy and success in sport. Inventions in computers and electronics. Great mental activity, with the possibility of success in a new system of religion or philosophy, or otherwise shows a new invention.

* Mars at the midpoint of Sun/Moon is Energy interaction of Yin and Yang for the better or the worse. The sexual desire. We are led to a new partnership or Union.
* Mars at the midpoint of Sun-Mars Suggests temperament, aggression, likely accident, increase sex drive.
* Mars at the midpoint of Moon/Mars means Strong activity to fulfill needs, leave something to toss. Agitation, hyperactivity.

Jupiter from the 10th house (Is too important House, shows the head of State, the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the public faces, high society) forms a very positive aspect, bringing a percentage of chance enough to exploit our fortes in full so that we can handle any situation and the conjunction with MC shows success, a direction of satisfaction and renewal.Certainly these dynamic aspects at least should help those who exhaust their abilities where you will reap some profits and growth but also a better position in society. June generally is a very good month to make the necessary moves and contacts, including any snags but certainly toward the end of the month it will give you a lot to those who create and don’t stop with the first obstacles.

On the other hand, the conjunction with Jupiter shows that wealthy people or religious leaders can provide some effect in any case. For me the Trine of Jupiter-Uranus y as I had written last year relates to technological progress, I had specifically analyzed in an article in September 2014. So read more here

That could help resolve things and to protect us from the worst, giving opportunities but as I said once that will be too late with Saturn in Sagittarius to negotiate terms of the memorandum or war disputes and especially during summer. But because this is linked to the originality and the new creates rifts reinforcing the desire for independence, because only by this way there be real progress and when you’re stuck in a worn condition. Anyway though, things are not so simple in politics, the trine of fire is more positive for technological progress, the article explains better.

Saturn, has already returned in Scorpio, at the 1st house, and this is a warning that things won’t work positively. Indicates serious problems and injury or a blow. Recommended patience, perseverance, self-control and restraint and not to abandon hard efforts we have made.Whoever has faith in self wins and completes his work. When Saturn is at the 1st house and with negative aspects avoided the doomed sadness, disappointment, delay and general problems through life. This is also a bad sign for global health. As the previous 2 and half years Saturn in Scorpio highlights areas such as property, money, banking, investment, insurance.Saturn retrogrades in Scorpio. Saturn retrogrades here represents the reform and perfecting of past actions in our lives. This brings great self-criticism and focus on past loose ends, resulting in a quest for perfection in every area where there is dissatisfaction with previous efforts.

* Conjunction of Saturn-Bungula displays Occult and philosophical learning, self-analysis, honors, stubbornness, toughness
* Saturn at the midpoint of Jupiter/Neptune Collapse of idealized, pessimism, possible delusion. Disappointments and losses.

Saturn is opposed to Mercury at the 7th house (international treaties, the obvious enemies of a State trade with foreign countries), and required spiritual discipline but also prevents to have a general perception of situations and brings difficulties in understanding.

Here there is also a very significant side semi-square of Saturn-Pluto. Saturn meets Pluto every 35 years. On a political level this cycle leads to the rebuild and the painful birth of new nations. This conjunction occurred in past times in 1914, 1947 and again in 1982. The first two dates connect to do with the first two world wars that led to the birth of Israel, Pakistan, India, the decline of British colonial power and a little later the birth of China.In 1982 we had the beginning of disintegration of Lebanon and the nuclear alert between the U.S. and Soviet Union. The key issues here is the confrontation of two colossal forces with different opinions and of course that brings political impasses. The old structures are experiencing threatens to collapse as no longer nothing makes sense anymore. Institutions do not survive. They can survive only with severe cuts. The major curves in this 35 year cycle is done approximately every 9 years. Whoever is born down by this planetary phase is meant to fulfill a collective idea and work hard to rebuild society. Saturn in the new Moon, squares the MC and brings density and severe pressure and translates it as “against all odds” due to pessimism and lack of self-confidence.

Uranus in Aries, is located on the 6th house, at the chart of the new moon, and means that we are looking for the different in our everyday life. Uranus here indicates weakness, however. Particularly associated with physical or emotional fatigue. Recalls suddenly and unexpected problems and losses or inconveniences related to pets, staff or colleagues, and is an indicator of the lack of continuity in our daily work or labour market changes and unexpected developments with the army and in general the security forces. Uranus forms positive aspects so in this case I expect good things to happen in the 6th House, linked to innovation, leadership, new start-ups, innovative projects, sudden purchases. It also points out areas such as sport, exploration, and energy. Though the square of Uranus-Pluto continues to affect between 3-6th House and things on apolitical level won’t be easy at all. Uranus is an action that always stirring up bizarre situations….

Neptune also in retrograde motion, for a long time from now on, sextiles Pluto and trines the ascendant of new moon where shows our need for serenity, preferably this year to travel to distant destinations and to isolate ourselves mainly near water without means that we ignore the anxiety about the economy facts and the events will be suspended in the atmosphere causing uneasiness and insecurity.

Here we find also another important planet circle, the sextile of Neptune/Pluto and interpreted as “Mass vision” and is related to mental evolution on Earth and it’s generations who share this harmonic aspect-lasting as it takes, from 1940-2040 and connects with a deep mental process transformation, affecting the human consciousness.

Neptune is reaching Pluto every 492 years and usually becomes something that can be considered as a period of mental conception of the planet. New collective ideas occur in the beginning of this cycle caused by sudden developments in technology and discoveries of the period. The most important conjunctions from the time of Christ it was the 415 a.d., fall of the Roman Empire, the 904 a.d. 1398 and 1981-1982. This last conjunction in the sign of Gemini was linked to the revolution in transportation (planes, cars) and communications (radio waves) which have immeasurable impact on the consciousness of man.

Another observation is also the conjunction of *, Royal Star Regulus (referring to leaders and Kings)-Transpluto (Lion heart)-Nobility, ambition, alertness, great strength, leadership, sudden fall, accidents, violence
* Antares-Co-Asc, the heart of the Scorpion Spirit of adventure, stubbornness, injuries to eyes, honors, sudden loss, suspicion, violence.
* Part of fortune in Scorpio, Part of fortune here is weak in Scorpio. It shows happiness achieved through the proper use of personal power. The success can be achieved if hidden secrets will be uncovered.

The new moon of June 16, 2015 falls on Gemini of the third decan. At 25 degrees of Gemini, the Moon is very closely connected to Mars as I said. Is a very important aspect because expression is more incisive and aggressive. The main topics will be the initiative, aggression, action, sex, sport and war. Between the new moon and Mars is the fixed star Al Hecka. Located on the edge of the southern Horn of the bull, the nature of the star praising fully Martian nature of new moon.The Sun in conjunction with Mars just one degree difference brings ample energy and initiative, which should be burned in a constructive way or else there could be disastrous consequences.

If this “hot” energy is accumulated in your body, then you need to release it directly without control. Such an uncontrolled release hot action can be quick and destructive, hurting yourself or others. Despite the fact that the manifestation of this view can be positive or negative depending on how it is used, I think it’s generally negative due to high probability of damage. Adding a probability of harmful effects on this new moon is in fixed star Al Hecka. Posted at 24 ° 59 degrees of ‘ Gemini, located between the new moon and Mars. Just like Mars, it also has a very strong influence in new moon because it is within the realm of 08 ‘. Al Hecka can cause disruption, accidents and violence, especially from men. So closely aligned with Mars, there is definitely a risk of violence against women and rape in this lunar phenomenon.

With the combination of Sun, Moon and Mars, in particular, this star shows distrust, arguments and verbal abuse. Bad habits and sexual problems, should be highlighted, and many of them are associated with maintaining bad interaction. In mundane level, the new moon would worsen the current tensions in the world, as in the Islamic State and the war in Ukraine. The Sun, with the fixed star Al Hecka gives a “capacity for military operations and strategies, but there is also intense danger deception and ambushes.”

taurus-constellaion-800x450Zeta (ζ) Taurus, Al Hecka, “The Bull’s southern Horn”, this star marks the tip of the southern horn of the Bull.Al Hecka was the determinant star of the 7th ecliptic constellation of Babylonia, Shur-narkabti-sha-shutu, the Star in the Bull towards the South, or the Southern Star towards the Chariot (Auriga).Reeves gave it, with others near by, as the Chinese Tien Kwan, the Heavenly Gate.In astrology this star, zeta (ζ Al Hecka), has been considered of mischievous influence.In slang, to have the ability to deal with difficult situations forcefully and decisively, is to “take the bull by the horns”. The horns of Taurus are shaped like a crescent moon. There was an Assyrian saying “to break the horn of the bull” is “to break the power”. Taurus, was called the “Breaker” or “Opener” of the new year when it marked the vernal equinox from about 4000 to 1700 B.C. and in astronomical symbolism the bull is shown breaking the annular egg with his horns.

Al Hecka is at 24°47′ Gemini with an orb of 2°20′.Al Hecka, ζ (Zeta) Tauri, is a bright blue binary star located on the tip of the Southern Horn of constellation Taurus the Bull. In ancient Babylon it was called Shurnarkabti-sha-Shutu, “the southern star bull horn.” In China, with other nearby stars, it is called Tien Kuan ,”the heavenly gate.”it is has a mischievous influence. It gives violence, male violence and danger of accidents.
Al Hecka, ζ Tauri, marks the tip of the bull’s southern horn and, as we might expect for this piece of weaponry, Ptolemy classed it as a Mars star. Astrologically it is counted an unfortunate star. It gives a combative nature with the tongue, and sometimes manually too, which can indeed lead to misfortune, although the victim may well be convinced that it is ‘all for the cause’, and that the ‘reward in Heaven’ will compensate for the suffering here below.Al Hecka represents the 13th vertebra from the top of the spine (6th dorsal) in the human body.

Sun conjuncts Al Hecka: Suspicious, reserved, studious, unfavorable for health and especially for the lungs, aptitude for military enterprise and stratagems but danger of deceit and ambushes.
Moon conjuncts Al Hecka: Quarrels, evil habits and company, depravity.
With Mars: Evil companions, bad habits, sex troubles, and afflictions of a Mars-Venus type.

SMImage2 SMImage3 SMImage4 SMImage5Lets take a look at the astrology equations …

Local level-Newsgroups – Appointments – Interviews – Meetings – Hits-denial or revocation regarding a disease and partners – cheating – Corruption
* Authorities associated with the continuity of partners – New obstacles but eliminate contradictions – stubbornness on the partners – Actions related to others’ limitations – Determining the limits related to partnerships – limited ability to perform – retaliation – Psychological exhaustion – resignation – Gloom , sadness, anxiety, shortages, defects or damage
* Satisfaction even in simple situations – luck in retirement – Gains despite the disadvantages – Income on medical issues – critical concerns – financial sacrifices – Cloudy happiness – lack of money – Financial loss – Injustice
* Surprise successes – Sudden gains – Satisfaction with events – Pacific adventurous partnership – much enthusiasm – Extensive reforms – Sudden calmness or harmony associated with tensity- Unexpected alienation or rejection – unexpected obstacles associated with peace – sudden separations in cooperation’s- refusals related to official grants

Jupiter through the Aegean -Important profits or income -financial institutions – Excellent justice – Constitutional law – Legal staff – Good luck on official themes- strong winds – Quick fall enthusiasm – fights for the future financially – injustice high strength – Great misfortune – Increasing shortages-Financial expenses for cultural goods – Barriers to the full truth – Little True insight – Information about breaking laws

Europe -American Continent-Sun-Moon-Mars-Many successful days – Chronic increase of justice – Economists – Bankers- New vehicles-Successful scientific or academic work

Hypothetical Hades– Extended water pollution – Toxic sewage – Harmful vapors – Extensive disease – spread of infectious diseases – Malaria

Hypothetical Kronos -Major public fire – Public coercion on superiors – Official conflicts – wars-big dilemmas – problems related to official matters-Significant increases involving loss – Significant adverse conditions affecting changes or growth – Significant deterioration or decay – Analyses concerning the leadership – impotence related to leadership and the government corruption – Significant drops

Admetos -Resistance on reforms – constant tension on formal issues – Rebellion on formal demarcations – Unexpected fall

Uranus / Poseidon / Saturn through-US premonitions – Factories – Technical settings – exposure to natural forces – tension or anxiety around the outskirts – Conflict-TV – Cinema- Movies – Advertise – disturbance out in public – Propaganda-Suffixes on ambiguous reforms-insecurity or instability associated with reforms or revolution – Actions associated with sudden insecurity or instability – Hurricanes and storms-Clarification on the official sacrifices, losses, or deception – Understanding on large denials – God or Deity – super consciousness – untruths-great illusions-twists-intensities of emergency or martial law-serious conflicts with the authorities – Official crisis – wide crisis-

Zeus-Loss associated with the forces of nature – Damage big impact – Violent crimes