On 7 June developments are expected that will come out of the elections results in Turkey. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will occur before the Turkish elections with the Sun and Mars at the 12th house at the natal chart of Turkey, is an indication of much contextual activity that is moving and extended in any different directions, such as religious fanaticism, foreign and topic secret service agencies activity, stubs behind the back before elections and even including terroristic actions. Furthermore, circumstances is possible to be more obscuring concerning strategy to the Kurdish issue, since the affiliation of Kurdish voters is definite for the Left side and its success to the upcoming elections may bring new data to the Kurdish issue.
The political game is complicating and more stimulating since the two opponents are in the same political party. The governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (born 26 February 1954) and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, (born 26 February 1959) have already secured their victory on elections day.

Nevertheless, things are not so simple, since the two strong men of Turkey have dissimilar goals. It is also very interesting the fact that both are born on the same day! So, we have to Pisces compete each other, with background, the religious majority of Sunni voters. Two Pisces that will do everything in order to bring again on the surface religious fundamentalism as a rival of the Cosmic Kemalist State. AKP, is moving to the top since it was created, touching the 49, 8% at the elections of 2011 presenting unity and homogeneity, now for the first time it appears to be divided. Erdogan is aiming at the target of 400 seats that will allow him turn the regime from Presidential democracy to Presidential, gathering all powers to his being. So, it is very ordinary for him to meet reactions that will lead the party to division at the elections battle. It is also very critical for the 400 seats is the limit of the 10% for the party of HDP.
The exact transiting square of Uranus to the Ascendant but also the natal Uranus of Erdogan are pushing him to pursue radical changes, that will finally meet important reactions from the establishment “deep” state. The square is putting him into a new cycle of deep personal changes, which in depth of time, will make him abandon the victories he is accustomed to experience in the past.

Ahmet Davutoğlu personal horoscope is showing to be slightly favored, since Jupiter from the 18th degree of Leo is very possible to favor his Moon in Libra (but there is no natal birth hour).The hefty stuff of course, is Mars sextile from secondary progress to trine the natal Sun and that is effective for what he has prepared long time now. Mars also is forming a trine with Neptune. That trine in combination with the other trine of the progressed Sun on the natal Pluto, is giving him the initiative to act more in secret. That is helping him to win the elections, but at the same time he will lead a part of his voters as also the voters of CHP, but also the Kurdish, to prime the HDP.
The horoscope of AKP, is looking to be very powerful, which seems to prevail comfortably but Pluto opposite Venus is pointing that “magic is gone”. The horoscope also of HDP is also very interesting too. Its Jupiter, is moving towards the midpoint of natal trine Sun-Jupiter of the party but also the protector of the left parties, Uranus in Aries is opposite the Sun and Moon are promising success to the target.

However,I had write in the past this article https://wegoastrology.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/erdogangulenkemal-the-future-dismemberment-of-turkey/

Even though I didn’t had time to write about British elections,I had tweeted that Cameron would win the elections earlier this May.However,this time circumstances for him will be very tough and not easy for him at all at the same time when Balkans will face up serious problems here too.