The New Moon of May, will be held in the sign of Taurus at 7:13:11 am, at the Taurus-Scorpio axis (banking, finance, taxation, investment, research, deaths, pollution, recycling), a very strong axis as we mentioned in May full moon in Scorpio. The New Moon will be held at the 26th degree of Taurus (destiny associated with money and emotional possessions, rabies prevalence, but there is a propensity to physical and mental abuse and excesses, strength and power, degree of constant and ruthless nature, death loss), at the 12th house once (prisons, institutions, epidemics, hospitals, terrorism, espionage, large animals, the unconscious, hidden enemies, betrayals, preparing for our final transition, conspiracy, extortion, monasteries, places confinement and isolation, exile, secret informants, slaves, prisoners. Anything hidden in general. Loneliness, misery. Suicidal, imprisonment. The free health and care, public hospitals, immigration.) solar horoscope and this lunar phenomenon will participating Mercury from the 1st house (accident, degree of looting, acceleration), shortly before the retrograde through the airy sign of Gemini, Venus, 11th degree 2nd house (national economy) from the sign of Cancer (degree of Prevention, judicial error and hidden difficulties, sinking, bad luck and ultimate failure if it forms negative aspects), the Saturn in 2nd degree (degree of the injury, violence, war) in retrograde from the 6th house (army, working class, strikes, health, food supply), and Jupiter in Leo, from the 3rd house (media, transport, neighboring countries) at the 14th degree (ambition, strength and capacity for action on people and events) .The 26th degree of Taurus means anger Transformation / Experimental, decomposition, but shows what can arise from chaos.

new moon in taurus

It is about a period of time that will elevate changes that brought by the previous full moon, affecting signs of the fixed cross Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus. The New Moon will bring upheaval, serious problems and a lot of hassle in matters concerning the 12th house as detailed above. However, on a personal level, it will help those who fight in their daily lives to restructure their forces but will press the power centers to contribute into finding solutions to major problems of the time.

The New Moon in Taurus challenged by very negative and dangerous aspects that will bring upside down and is being connected to the Red Blood Moon of April and Solar Eclipse in Pisces. It will give important events because Saturn falls in the midpoint of Jupiter / Neptune but also is in conjunct with the dangerous star Algol. Moreover after 20th May Saturn is in opposition to the Sun in Gemini, Mars, Mercury and the Ascendant, a phenomenon that will considerably affect planet Earth concerning the weather and other natural phenomena.

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The entire overview of the phenomenon involves a big risk and it is doubtful if it will bring positive results, and signals a decision to change or detox ourselves. The New Moon is very important for the Prime Minister of Greece, the opposition of the New Moon in Taurus with the Moon of Alexis Tsipras at the 26th Scorpio but also the meeting of two Ascendants in Gemini, is not at all accidental, possibly show developments accelerated and a new way turn of things. Certainly at this point we complete negotiations with European partners, an important part of it at least, and entering a new situation.

SFPage1The New Moon is very important for the US where the Moon, but the Sun and Mars effects the 6th house and that will make things much worse there. Also Iran, Uranus opposite natal Pluto are directly related to nuclear. All linked together, May is a very dreadful and important month, bringing explosions, anger, earthquakes, political and financial scandals. The sign of Taurus is a powerful sign and cause several problems at all levels. The Prime Minister of Greece will be forced de facto to go to elections and generally will be forced to do a lot, as I had analyzed before in the government’s horoscope. May is a very robust month, it will bring losses, falls of leaders, division of parties, serious terrorist attacks, social and political conflicts.

The conjunction of Sun / Mars urges us to become more practical in these issues and more aggressive in response to the pressure shows where action and energy. The Sun squares Jupiter in the 3rd House and shows difficulties, losses, damages, and wasted effort but also problems with the press, communications and transport and neighboring states. The Sun also forms opposition to Saturn, the 6th House, where it should be proper planning but also to be more responsible, it shows eccentric and rebellious behavior repels others, twists and unpredictable events, pessimistic attitude, mental anguish, disease, alienation, separation, sadness, problems and difficulties. It also shows that something is broken here for example collaborations, there are delays, and this degree has unconventional character and shows pain.

The Sun in sextiles Neptune hopes to look deeper into problems with attention and love, gives opportunity to make a dream come true and become constructive change .The trine of Sun / Pluto in the 8th House, looking deeper into issues concerning taxation, the national debt, and economically with others, deaths, social security. The sides are also signs deaths large fires or chemical fires and high heat.

The position of the Moon in the 12th house shows the sensitivity that exists in these matters is where the new moon takes place. The Moon in Taurus is on the rise and the effect is very strong this course implies by what aspects formed, and particularly negative. Moon squares Venus means that others around us do not support a project of our ideas, our actions but also our beliefs and our values. Moon conjuncts Mars shows energy and initiatives that are very likely to be hampered and this is reflected because the Moon squares Jupiter, creating problems and losses, the reputation and the image of someone and his actions prevented secretly in the background but also that concerns major problems with health.

In this aspect we do not receive support, we are just alone with ourselves with our plans and ideas .This aspect symbolizes danger, overwork and pressure .The whatever our choices, decisions are we do not jeopardize the positive and our approach to solving problems often is putting us on fights and arguments and other trouble. The opposition of the Moon / Saturn, shows the frustration of the people, lack of prospects, additional problems and burdens imposed and other diseases, strikes, problems with work, trade unions, the army and the food. Suspensions, variations, melancholy, stubbornness, instability, lack of confidence, fear, the difficulties arising from climate or travel, alienation, separation (possibly through death dissolution).

Mercury, on the other hand in the 1st house invites us to investigate and search solutions quickly and make changes, nor that forming positive aspects. Mercury square to Jupiter shows again losses, delays, errors, carelessness,over-excitement, extravagance and other procedures of a trial not favoring but also traveling and long-distance communications. Maybe the media affected, the transport also since will start a retrograde course a few hours later, at the airy sign of Gemini while rules and the ascendant and the Moon of the Greece, in the natal horoscope.

Mercury also squares the 10th house (government, head of state) and this is a weakness of the difficulty of the Greek Prime Minister to express himself and what he really wants right now. Mercury conjuncts the first house and favors fast conclusions but also the midpoint of Venus / Uranus indicates a situation of sudden alertness in terms of economy of the country.

Venus in 2nd house is a positive indicator for the economy because it shows revenue growth at least on its own, but is opposed to Pluto in the 8th house showing weakness, delays the pressure we accept to enter into cooperation agreements and commit ourselves on diplomatic and economic level.Venus squares Uranus speaks of sudden and unforeseen developments and dissolution that will cause discomfort for bad agreements especially if those become during the retrogression of Mercury and inability to control situations. Any agreement signed under these astrological conditions will be lost. Venus in Cancer perhaps fueled issues regarding the currency of the country, national security, and real estate. On a personal pay attention to your relationships, your partnerships and your nerves but also matters referred to if you have problems with them. The opposition Venus / Pluto speaks of countless environmental disaster that maybe connected to water or in water.

Mars coexists with the Sun and Moon in the 12th house in 4th degree of Gemini, where is fortunate itself, shows courage and intelligence to be used even plots that can be prepared something in secret, but shows also confidential political appointments made at the back door. Gemini is associated with the world of ideas, intelligence, reason, mental energy, writing, communication in general in any way, but if Mars in this sign is affected gives cynicism and scathing criticism, inability to make decisions, promises not kept, lies, violent outbursts and accidents associated with the axis of 12-6th house, problems and illnesses apparently related as there is a predisposition to bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs, pleurisy and pneumonia.

Mars squares Jupiter shows haste and recklessness, failure to exploit opportunities to increase revenues, shows extravagance and waste of money, problems with travel and generally a period quite problematic, legal problems or problems during trips and journeys in tourism season for Greece. Instead we should think wisely and be prudent. This aspect additionally takes us out of our destination and we spend our energies to disagreements and nothing more. The square to Jupiter confirms large fires in the country.

Mars forms an opposition to Saturn, where it will test the strength of our will, while showing a bad mood, blocking our efforts usually because of stubbornness and dictatorial conduct. Problems that contribute to extremely aggressive tactics, and strained relations with key individuals and increase accidents or even this aspect brings the loss of an important person. Mars squares Neptune from the 10th house tapping leadership issues but also speaks of underhanded actions, risky actions and mistakes. Mars meanwhile at the midpoint of Sun / Mercury shows turbulent and critical thinking, nervousness, action taken to address a risk, arguments and disputes but also in the midpoint of Moon / Mars shows strong actions taken to meet certain needs, inconvenience and mobility. Neptune creates instability and difficulties in the government.

Jupiter in Leo, from the 3rd house forms a square to Saturn indicates missed opportunities, economic sacrifices, battles, economic risks but also the gradual exhaustion or a frosting. This aspect makes us face real weaknesses and concerns self-reliance issues. Problems of course on education, Media, religion, law and transport. The trine of Jupiter/Uranus associated with technology and the effort to try something new. Uranus here in connection with Jupiter supports freedom, independence, adventure and travel. Matters of religion can be touched.

Nevertheless there seems to be an opportunity for a good combination cooperation with countries of the Middle East, China, India, our joining the BRICS as a single solution but the chart shows that it does not depend on us but on the other side and that doesn’t change. This is currently prevented. Jupiter in the midpoint of Mars / Saturn speaks for a “difficult birth”, that everything new is to appear on the horizon, will appear with difficult way, is also evidence of a “mysterious” death (in general rather than narrow national) a separation, risks of chemicals, water etc. even abrupt reversal of things. Concentration of power on a specific target for the exclusion of other interests? The ability to quickly make a job satisfactorily. But it is important that something is done in secret at least as much of an agreement with Russia and this will be seen later. Also symbolizes the ability to destroy or eliminate something and stage of improvement during a disease problems a lucky separation, a very pleasant and easy death.

Saturn in the 6th House, in retrograde motion, continues to more pressure (perhaps from American side) in order to force us to see the reality in relation to the crisis in general. Saturn in the midpoint of Sun / Mercury shows the seriousness of a critical situation, since fire matters of national security circumstances, pessimism and thoughts about separation or simply to leave the Eurozone.

Uranus on a parliamentary level indicates the nature of a revolutionary government and the rapid changes that are made there at the government level and managers but also older instigators. Obviously there will be unexpected events that occur in a dynamic and abrupt manner regarding social reforms. The square Uranus / Pluto remains located between 11 / 8th house, the 8th house is associated with death and finance to third parties, but also the 11th house is very important because it represents the legislative branch of government (Parliament,Congress, Senate ,House of Representatives) • friendships with other nations, alliances, groups for which the nation is a member (NATO, UN, OPEC, etc.) • national targets and policies established to achieve objectives, national teams and organizations and institutions • public ceremonies and celebrations. This may be associated with the massive corruption but can also mean war situations, the massive natural disaster and major terrorist attacks with huge casualties worldwide. In the lower range, irritable impulses, unexpected and sudden situations and new places gives us a picture of anarchy in parliament .At the midpoint of (the 12th) Mars/Neptune indicates weakness, but treason and the half-square of Uranus / Mars there creates problems and serious frictions .

Neptune in the 10th house (government) of the New Moon in square to Saturn is associated with collapse. Neptune there with Mars and Mercury but also the ascendant in hard aspects is an indicator of hidden enemies, and a fairly vague and restless situation, an important factor as previous mentioned wanting to lead to a fall of the current government. The connection with Mercury speaks of twists because of gossip, mud, slander, deception and a scrambled situation. This picture explains a situation that hardly saved, completely bizarre circumstances and perhaps the health of some will be shaken.

Pluto in the 8th house shows the stranglehold in the house of death and economics .Except the square of Uranus / Pluto, he conjuncts of Zuben Algenubi as well as the Pallas, from 16 of Scorpio, where shows Loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, venereal disease, poisoning, drowning, anguish, revenge, crime, is unfortunate and has character of Saturn / Mars.

The Ascendant of New Moon is in 12th degree of Gemini / Sagittarius showing cunning and destruction, limitation .The zenith at the 20th degree of Aquarius / Leo axis showing physical or mental weakness and impotence. Two axes in elements of fire / air.


In this lunar phenomenon we also also observe something very important, the New Moon in Taurus will be in a conjunction with Algol, and I am sure that you have heard of him many times.Algol (Beta Per, β Persei, β Per), known colloquially as the Demon Star, is a bright star in the constellation Perseus. It is one of the best known eclipsing binaries, the first such star to be discovered, and also one of the first (non-nova) variable stars to be discovered. Algol is actually a three-star system (Beta Persei A, B, and C) in which the large and bright primary Beta Persei A is regularly eclipsed by the dimmer Beta Persei B.

The association of Algol with a demon-like creature (Gorgon in the Greek tradition, ghoul in the Arabic tradition) suggests that its variability was known long before the 17th century,but there is still no indisputable evidence for this.Investigating a calendar for lucky and unlucky days composed in Egypt some 3200 years ago, scholars have noted a significant periodicity of 2.85 days and several empirical tests indicate that this periodicity may be connected to Algol.

The name Algol derives from Arabic رأس الغول ra’s al-ghūl : head (ra’s) of the ogre (al-ghūl) (see “ghoul“).The English name “Demon Star” is a direct translation of this.In Hebrew folklore, Algol was called Rōsh ha Sāṭān or “Satan’s Head”, as stated by Edmund Chilmead, who called it “Divels head” or Rosch hassatan. A Latin name for Algol from the 16th century was Caput Larvae or “the Spectre’s Head”.Hipparchus and Pliny made this a separate, though connected, constellation.

In Chinese, 大陵 (Dà Líng), meaning Mausoleum, refers to an asterism consisting of β Persei, 9 Persei, τ Persei, ι Persei, κ Persei, ρ Persei, 16 Persei and 12 Persei. Consequently, β Persei itself is known as 大陵五 (Dà Líng wu, English: The Fifth Star of Mausoleum.).According to R.H. Allen the star bore the grim name of Tseih She 叠尸 (Dié Shī), meaning “Piled up Corpses”but this appears to be a misidentification.

Astrologically speaking, Algol is considered the most unfortunate and violent and other dangerous star in the sky. Ptolemy refers to it as “mermaid Perseus” and is associated with death and decapitation: Perseus leaves to Serifos with a boat in order to find where the Gorgon Medusa and beheaded. The Algol represents the head of the Gorgon Medusa, who was killed by Perseus.

Medusa in Greek mythology is mentioned as one of the three Gorgons. From these three sisters Medusa was mortal. The other name was Gorgo, meaning wild look. According to one version was a beautiful priestess of Athena, Poseidon raped her disguised as a horse in the sanctuary of Athena. The goddess, enraged by the fact, could not come into conflict with Neptune and so burst on Medusa. She transformed her into a hateful monster that instead of hair she had snakes. The ugliness was such that whoever looked at the face turned to stone.

Perseus_HeveliusEventually killed by Perseus, with the help of Athena. The head of the famous “Gorgoneion” received the goddess from the hero and affixed to the shield, because her head, even dead, turned to stone anyone who looked. Medusa / Algol represents the terror that paralyzes us.

The New Moon on May 18, 2015 falls to 26 ° 55 ‘Taurus in notorious fixed star Algol. Mars is opposite Saturn and aligns the New Moon to add further frustration and delays and misfortunes of Algol. On the positive side, the New Moon presents ideal conditions to “cut” addictions and other negative relationships in your life.

Algol at the 26th of Taurus will have a significant effect on this New Moon as it is in close sphere of influence only 0 ° 33 °. The Algol is activated and by this New Moon we can expect war, violence and destruction in the next 28 days and beyond this time limit. The risk for such calamities specially emphasized since is connected to March 20th, solar eclipse which was conjuncting equally the devastating star of Scheat at the 29th of Pisces, giving great misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning.
However, as Scheat and Algol have a positive side for the spiritual evolution of nature. For these people, the wisdom and tranquility are the reward for the conquest of fear in all its forms. Fear of death, fear of the past and fear for the future.

In astrocartography, in my opinion, the New Moon in Taurus and its aspects will affect the entire planet and will be shaken by events. This phenomenon particularly affect China, Japan, Korea and the Islands there and the entire region between the two countries, also America, Europe and the Asian continent, where it will be shaken by the events described, namely extremist strikes, earthquakes and serious political turbulence. Looking at the location of Algol, will affect China, Australia, Indonesia, London, and Paris-South of France, Italy -Rome, Switzerland, Belgium, Scotland, Berlin, India, Bosnia, Yugoslavia and Greece.By such aspects the bank system globally will be shaken and is very possible an event to bring explosive changes.A new cycle ends and a new one begins.America will pass through hard situations and Obama is in serious danger.

europe yugoslavia world india china usaThere will be huge earthquakes in Mexico,China,California,India and horrible terrorist blows int he heart of London,South France,Berlin,Rome.A member of the Royal family will be in serious danger too.After all the hard aspect of Mars/Saturn will be responsible for the fall of leaderships,Prime Ministers,split of political parties and even the situation in England will be reversed.In overall, May phenomena at this axis of Taurus/Scorpio will also bring extreme weather phenomena.It is very possible to experience also an important shipwreck,such as Titanic.The close distance of Saturn with Earth will change the data.