The Full Moon will be held on May 4, 2015 at 6:42:02 am, at the 13th degree of Scorpio at the axis of Taurus / Scorpio (economic problems in general, but it should be remembered that it is an Aries degree which comes after the closure of a cycle. Fundamentally, it is showing Death and Resurrection! Indicates the man as another Phoenix called regenerated from the ashes .A number indicating the renewal through our own actions and efforts),at the 6th house of solar horoscope.

full moon in scorpio

In this lunar phenomenon will participate Mars from the position of Taurus in the 1st house at the 24th degree (bad reputation, indicates a risk of violent “death or suicide” i.e. a sudden end, this degree has a ruthless and authoritarian character, combined with the Part of Fortune, there may be seizure or confiscation of property; from the 6th house), Saturn from the position of Sagittarius retrograde in the 7th house at the 3rd degree (degree of prudence, issues related to altitude, such as mountainous peaks or aviation), Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn from the 9th house at the 15th degree (a very difficult degree, warns that recklessness brings decline and sometimes “violent death”) and Venus in 2nd house from position of Gemini, 25th degree (degree of battle, Violence, brawls, and stubbornness) the square of Uranus / Pluto continues to be activated between the 9 / 12th house . At the same time, during this period of time is very likely to have a particular intense seismic activity but also upsurge in Greece, with earthquakes sudden and high-intensity, and generally throughout the world.

The period through May particularly after the 21 and 23-5 will be quite intense and that is because Saturn from the position of Sagittarius will be opposite with Gemini from other planets,and this phenomenon will make circumstances particularly dangerous for all over the world,in all levels.

The signs that will be affected will be those of the Fixed cross, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. At this time there will be developments and some will be forced to deal with responsibilities in order to assurance some things in key areas in their lives. Generally, from prima facie, patience and care is being required. Unexpected events and other changes will be marking the political and economic arena. At the axis of Taurus – Scorpio are applied emotional and material values. Creative desire. The axis exactly describes the Freudian theory. Associated with libido, sexuality, the frustrations and complexes. Also linked to the power of money and capital in human society. So, there is a mystical connection of all these, since those are being classified by this way from the astrological theory.

This axis has to do with the needs through which man feels safe and translates them into money. These two signs are related to money, material and sex. This view was also expressed by both planets that are being ruled, Venus and Pluto. This of course is not the primary cause but the effect. There is also the concept of complete metamorphosis through willpower. The force that animates the meaning of “attempting”. Through inherent courage and strength and methodical persistence, which are the essential elements of “attempting” and also of this axis. But attempting to do what and in which way though?

This difficult full moon at the sign of Scorpio dialogs about attachments, where the strong will is anchored in emotional and material dependencies and disposal but also control, in every way. The axis of 6 / 12th, a sense of security is intended to be experienced through a routine where the changes are minimal to none and there is adherence to routine and same things or situations.

In this lunar phenomenon we see the formation of a T-square between Mercury, Saturn and Neptune where increases more insecurity, anxiety and suspicion. The ascendant of the full moon will be at the 17th degree of Taurus (Through difficulties comes the deployment and expansion. Degree of engagement, struggling, fight, showdown. A degree with effervescent, combative, and irritable character. One is always willing to take up arms, for trivialities and serious matters. It is necessary to recall that “whoever takes the sword shall perish by the sword.” Is being explained by this degree.)

The full moon is in opposition with the Sun, squares Jupiter in the 4th House, trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto and is opposed to the ascendant of the full moon. The position of Jupiter from 13 degrees Leo on a T-formation is being located right at the midpoint of Lights. There is an excess where we seek relief and fulfillment through physical and emotional affirmations. Although the luck factor will play a role in a way but that does not mean that we will find solutions and, although we lose the sense of proportion but also somewhat may facilitate our personal life. We should on a material level keep a more aggressive stance in negotiations and on economic issues to consolidate what we want against what is threatening us. Everything is about balance.

The Sun (in opposition with the moon and square to Jupiter) is at the 13th degree of Taurus (where symbolizes protection from negative forces and the difficulties) in the 12th house up to a point, means that will shed light on issues concerning the 12th house to some extent, like prisons, institutions, immigrants rates, slaves and even refers to the black race and whatever is linked to this house .The Sun in Taurus tells us that we must be patient but at the same time to be ready to listen and respond to problems, seeing clearly for what really happens. A lot of information will come to the fore that was hidden and perhaps associated with these issues. Let us not forget that though Venus is the second house and that Taurus is being ruled by it.

So the information will come to light and will be definitely of economical nature too. Maintenance and care of existing conditions for a long time, and a reluctance to initiate change, are qualities of this sign.The opposition of Sun-Moon means you will find yourself torn between in an environment that is very comfortable and supportive where it is opposed to the real need to grow and mature, progress, and so you have to push off yourself. Forced to choose between an environment that is a supporting you (but not progressive for you) and new directions that bring progress but may be at the expense of your comfort. So you must put these two opposite directions to work together and this may require real compromise from your side.

The Sun in a semi-sextile with Venus and Neptune, in a square with the 10th house speaks of problems and difficulties of the Governments to meet the economic and practical issues relating to immigration policy, economy and labor issues, and in general whatever is being connected to the 6th house .

  • Sun at the midpoint of Mercury / Uranus are, rush, early action, sudden news.

The full moon in the 6th house is associated with health, work and daily toil. Security forces, trade unions, bureaucracy, public health, regarding the eco him. The Moon, at the position of Scorpio, talks about enforcement, coercion and threats, but also the events are takin g place behind the scene. The house is as usual neglected, and speaks about the governments difficult to address problems but at the same time shows a strong will and determination to carry out what it has been undertaken. The moon in opposition to Mars at the 1st house, squares the 10th House. The whole picture shows the governments to lose ground but mainly is pointing problems and tensions that create confusion.

The Moon at the midpoint of Jupiter / Pluto means faith that leads to a new start. The desire to bring about social expectations and improvements, the ability to influence the masses. Jupiter / Pluto we are experiencing great changes collectively and shows flexion and the flow of ideological and economic power .The Jupiter / Pluto shows the disproportionate force exerted by some secret groups. Religious fanaticism, extreme situations.

Mercury in Gemini, in the 1st house (population, overall psychological state of people, interior ministry) shows intense controversies and discoveries but also the capacity to invent new solutions. Mercury in 4th degree shows daring clashes and encounters with opponents. But also Mercury squares Jupiter in 4th house (Concerns the power structure, natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, fires- and agricultural production. The opposition party) is also forming an opposition to Saturn in the 7th house (diplomatic relations of a State, the alliances, the overt enemies and popular reaction to the decisions of a government).

So, these are additional factors that indicate problems, irresponsible statements, exaggerations and unrealistic thoughts .With Saturn talking about disappointments, fear of failure, delays and difficulties with partners and neighboring countries. Note that Saturn is in the 7th house (power, oppression, obstacles) in other alliances and overt enemies.

Venus from the second house of economics is squaring Neptune and that is showing misfortune, rejection and deception but also the desire to achieve anything in an easy way brings upsets and negative effects. Venus trine to Uranus, shows some sudden gains on government finances and trade and the stock market due to an agreement, more and that points that we win something more. However, stability is not there. Mars in Taurus, at the 1st house shows serious economic problems and at the midpoint of Sun / Mercury presents critical thinking, agitation, nervousness, and actions to tackle a project – argument or controversy.

Jupiter in the 4th house speaks of increased immigration, a new start but also massive reforms. Certainly Jupiter and Saturn in the 7th House, are talking about accumulated problems, financial struggles, relapse, loss of investment, speculation. Saturn puts obstacles in alliances, partnerships, and litigation and retrograded in the 7th house marks a change in the time, date, place, price, contract, of an agreement. While the square of Uranus / Pluto in 9 / 12th house will bring more corruption on the surface and scandals. Neptune at the 11th house associated with trickery, falsehood, slander and defamation.

Pluto retrogrades in the 9th house creates unbearable pressure from abroad or foreign affairs in higher education institutions, laws and religion. Simultaneously square to Uranus from the 12th house and that will bring radical changes and conflict between the power and the world and revolts will be very frequent. Public money, financial scandals, underground exchanges, abuse of power, all will come to the surface.

Violence will show her face, and will also be very active. The system and structure will change, the nation’s leaders will face reversals and will do anything to remain in their positions of power. But Pluto aims to shake and reverse everything. On a personal level, there will be a transformational process within us. Remember though that change starts from within us.Elections process that will take place during this period of time will bring unpredictable results,because are influenced by the strong solar eclipse in Pisces,at he 10th house and the Red Blood Moon in Libra,at the zodiac sign of politics and balances.

Generally, the government here in Greece will be confronted with many unpleasant revelations and resurgence of issues relating to the 6th house, i.e. armed forces, public health, labor. It is very likely to be revelations concerning secret and terrorist organizations in relation to people who are in prison and incite the strings in the background. Also our relations with our foreign partners will be exacerbated even further because Jupiter (Leo) is opposite the Sun (Aquarius) of Greece conjunct the progressive Sun. Nothing, of course, so far can not reverse the data of the economic crisis but at least we can avoid the worst and hope.

The full moon in Scorpio, will affect many parts of the world, China, Japan, America, Turkey and Greece with growing concern about extreme natural phenomena. Greece, should especially focus on the area of the Ionian and Aegean Sea.

  • Conjunction of Rastaban – Pluto Keywords: government, finance, accidents, wounds, crime
    Result: Unfortunate
    Character: Saturn / Mars / Jupiter

  • Conjunction of Polaris – Vulkanus, Keywords: Disease, problems, loss, grief
    Result: Unfortunate
    Character: Saturn / Venus

  • Conjunction of Betelgeuse – Vulkanus, Keywords: calamity risk violence
    Result: Unfortunate
    Character: Mars / Mercury

 Lets take a look and the equations ..they actually bring the same results I mentioned in the last monthly Moon phenomena.I mentioned that the square of Pluto/Uranus would effect America and Canada  to the full,predicting a big earthquake at the area of California,San Fransisco but also the martial law.Equotations first  expose these results months now since last year and will not change till that will be completed at some point.So dangers are still on.So,I begin from Greece and still focuses there.The MC really annoys me.The rest still nothing changed  for other countries.
789 SMImage3 SMImage4 SMImage5 SMImage6 SMImage7 SMImage22 germany

* Uncertainty or instability – Sacrifices related partnerships – ambiguity – frustration with partners – losses associated with partnerships – Rejection of the partners. * Discussions with partners on the draft resolution – action plans with others – Negotiations – Caustic speech.

* Important -Dialogues ,announcements related issues of government – Commands – efforts for unity- work on problematic situations – Defining boundaries or borders – Fight obstacles – endings related activities – Deaths affect others

Actions surprising – Adventures on partners – Progressive activities – tension or stress – Create riots – Injuries

Expansion or land concerning benefits – Success – some success with finances – Legal issues concerning local wealth.
Large-scale luck – Opening pleasant partnerships – Significant gains or income – good luck associated with sport – success on the political influence – Legal measures; legal or financial power – coercion. Refusal or revocation in terms of partners – deception- exposure to fraud – Corruption

Principles related to continuity partner – New obstacles in the environment – stubbornness on the partners – Establishing limits on partnerships – Destruction

 Vulcan mentions * – Major work arrangements with a big impact – Intensive action on achievements – Development of strong energy – work in political or administrative regulations – exercise of power in public areas
* Power on cooperative work or activities – Force on partnerships – large-scale settings – Accelerated action
* Days with persistent influence – influence associated with land and real estate – Establishment of physical barriers – Reductions related power – Significant barriers – Strong dynamics – violent deaths.
Intense feelings – excitement or passion – Satisfaction with the job performance – Power on peace and cooperation in energy – artistic activities – Preferences on the armed forces – desires regarding armed intervention – games related the love

declarations of deep sympathy-culture deep love

* Use of invisible energy – important work on private matters – Efficiency, despite the weakness – work related to combat handicaps – Impact of unemployment – the efficiency is undermined – actions contributing to weakening – Dangerous forces – harmful

forces in action – Malicious acts – Intensive destruction – murder

* Work towards economic stability and security – Environment of economic borders – To guard the possessions of someone – Work involving the treasures of the Earth – the high costs – endings on successful activities – – Obstacles related to legal measures – success on strong disaster

* Invisible or enigmatic power – Dissemination of powerful waves – Measures relating to excessive frustration or deception – – widespread power outages – Nuclear power – Severe Hyperinflation – Dissemination of hurricanes

* Important secret work – Demonstration great responsibility – Significant work with disabled or disadvantaged – Medical work – Important correction work or compensation – Moves contributing to losses relating to prominent people – Bringing sorrow or worries or fears – Official inability -Actions contributing to transparency – Force or power on discovering the facts – Clarifications on the power – New cultural project – The demand for ethics in sport – ideological conflicts – Games for beliefs

*****The MC is quite alarming Severe or critical concerns – damage or injury – anxiety or fear – Grief – Isolation – problems – – Departures from a family – departures or distancing – Resistance or obstructions on combinations – Leaving a community association

the unexpected – public events -demonstrations -density -Significant losses – Extraordinary sadness or grief – loss or damage related to official matters – losses on condition- beginning of a new partnership

Reliance – act with foresight – support the beliefs of someone – Ideologically motivated and efforts
successful large-scale – Extensive experience – great influence – Expanding on the power – to generate profits – profits or income – Striving for Peace – Creating equity – successful entrepreneurs

**** Apollo is pointing .. Surprise freedom -Extended tensions

The Moon is pointing-tricks or traps – Unexpected ambiguities – disorders during sleep-truths than women with important persons-Fraud on small or minority populations or nations

Increased sensitivity -changes of weather – Currents – Wave – insecurity or instability -moodiness- increased losses associated with populations or nations

Pluto is passing through Germany and that means that Uranus/Pluto square might bring lots of dirty work and scandals.I have mentioned before in other articles that the countdown for Merkel has already has been started and probably at some part has to do with communications or information.

*-Deep-serious communications Continuous changes in relation to communication – instant worries about the past – resistance or obstacles related adjustments, restructuring or resolutions – block the course of the talks – endings on the business development-destruction– adjustments, restructuring or resolutions on problematic stubbornness – Stagnation – Phasing-trapping increases associated with fire-Active resistance to trade;

Unrest – abuse of trust or dependency, -Reversals- Significant changes, adjustments or conversions – Intensive reorganization, restructuring related to others – feeding problems or transitions – Forced environmental changes-Substantial changes, damage or degeneration – Regression


Revolutions – Revolts – impulsive acts – Losses in public areas – Accident-Deliberate damage – Losses related to acts of war