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The New Moon of April will be held at 9:56:48 PM. At the zodiac sign of Aries, and even at the 28th degree (The 28th degree gives evidence strongly and usually controversial, with tremendous bursts of energy. The power to make high ideals. Wrestling victorious against obstacles. Nature energetic and impulsive) from the 5th house of the solar horoscope.

The New Moon on 18/4 falls at 28 degrees of Aries does not bring important aspects to this degree, but there is an influence of a stable star. First, the fixed star Alpherg at 27.01 of Aries gives a positive influence on the new moon. This star is being located at the tail of the constellation of Pisces gives’ readiness, stability, determination and ultimate success. “This means that new projects will be started after this new moon should have chance of success. Alpherg also has a more mystical influence. Can offer occult knowledge about ourselves about where we come from. However, if that degree does not form good aspects in your chart, this knowledge may be too high and lead to mental instability.


Mercury sextiles Neptune stirs imagination to great heights. Perception and intuition is strong and precise. There is a strong mental awareness here and it helps you to plan your projects. Venus squares Neptune will affect your personal relationships mostly. There will be a tendency to idealize your partner or future partners. You should void a scandal or disappointment. But also from Mars aspects is in the middle so try to be aware of your actions.

The square Mars / Jupiter will aggravate any statements made by the square of Venus / Neptune. The lack of tact and a tendency to exaggerate may really bring perils that lead to spiteful situations (but also here there is the danger earthquake, on mundane level but also because of the eclipses, the square and stellium is being created by Aries and Taurus). As for the start of new projects, the square Mars / Jupiter has less negative influence .Do not overestimate our abilities, but the trine of Mars / Pluto gives us inner strength to stand firm on our course. Alpherg also provides readiness and stability.

The trine Mars / Pluto brings determination and success. Desires and ambitions will be increased with Mars / Pluto, so channel your energy into creative goals. This aspect is also very sexual because it can neutralize confusion up to a point in relations caused by the square of Venus / Neptune. However, this moon phase is favorable for long-termed love affairs, while Saturn interferes in it.
Let me clarify something for this New Moon, a new moon represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle of 28 days. So, we put all possibilities we ve got on the table and concerning our future plans .Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be challenged, while looking for new and inventive ways to make progress. The best time to make a new start is during the first two weeks of the new cycle.
In this lunar phenomenon involving Mars from the position of Taurus at the 13th degrees from the 6th house, Mercury in Taurus at the 8th degree (both of which are very significant degrees) also from the 6th house, and Uranus from the position of Aries at the 17th degree (degree of occupation), from the 5th house. The Ascendant of the New Moon is in very hazardous one at the 22nd degree at the axis of Scorpio-Taurus. The 22nd of Taurus is being associated with the degree of Collapse –Misfortune or bankruptcy and the 22nd of Taurus shows dispersion and confinement. We have seen that before all this economical crisis period.

Through this lunar phenomenon basically we see emerging a big question, take some risk to the show temperance? There are contradictions and created a dilemma. The New Moon in Aries will continue and to create massive pressure around economical issues. You need to think well if we take the risk, what kind of risks we take and think if we can fight for the risk we take. But, we may say that Aries always dares and encourages creativity but also action. The New Moon proposes to channel our passion in creative channels to achieve a particular purpose. But before any decision we will have to assess properly and focus our energy on things that truly matter.
The 5th house is connected with the way we have fun, flirt and fall in love. The way we create our conceptions. Our children and how to manage them. Our artistic tendencies, abilities which we express ourselves through an art. Our relationship with gambling and how we gamble. The business and the creative part of our work. Our athletic abilities .Pregnancy, children, holiday, recreation areas, tours, concerts. The joys and pleasures of life. Betting and gambling. Income from real estate. Romance cases. The world of show business. They are the ambassadors and representatives in other countries. The relations of the state with the children and young people. The investments and the stock market.
The 6th house is associated with health, work and daily toil. How we perceive our everyday life. Small animals, stress, illness, employees, farmers. Military service. Reaping. Profits from gambling. Health centers. It is the daily living conditions, workers, public health. The army, the navy, the security forces. It concerns the status and quality of hospital care, the functioning of government, bureaucracy, all public services and trade unions.

The Moon of course shows the people, the masses, public issues, generally women. It also shows the environment and the concept of homeland. For rural issues is very important and what grows beneath the earth and filling it grows above the earth. It is generally fertility and earth and man. This is a time you would think that will bring many difficulties for the signs of Cardinal Cross (Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn) as contradictions, conflicts and upheavals plans but there will be losses.

The New Moon in Aries will bring a new wave of unrest both within Greece and the countries will affected by this lunar phenomenon and in relations between states where it seems to appear new problems in the EU. But there will be more unpleasant surprises in the Middle East.

In the foreground amid unrest seems the world’s attention turned to strongly to creativity there is a very strong need for fun and relaxation, to express our talents and turn to our emotional cases and general issues related to the 5th house. The Moon at the 28th degrees of Aries will form a conjunction to Uranus, the Sun, South Node, Eris, and the Vulcan.
Aries is on his 3rd decan, and ruled by the planet Mars. Physically associated with the head. Considered male quality because it has energy and penetrating nature. Aries is a fire sign, and this means that when a planet is in this sign are effects occur with a very dynamic and violent. This also means that the expression of personal identity through action is important.

The desire to be first is paramount, and this tends to be expressed through a strong effervescence. Aries as a cardinal sign,his energy manifested in dynamic bursts. People with a strong emphasis in this sign have leadership skills and are pioneers, although there is a tendency to impulsive and short tempers. Impatience and egocentricity need to be controlled, and should develop a greater awareness of the needs of others, although the conflicts and tensions should be avoided.
Aries, often dealing with social issues, see themselves to act in a broader context and not concerned with both their personal image.
The Sun/Moon conjunction gives great inner strength and the perception of independence.It self-motivation and autonomy but also the Sun trines the 10th house, showing intense preoccupation with career issues and superiors but of course you will literally shine in this area, when it comes to practical matters because you will have the chance to show off your skills.
* Sun- Alphard conjunction shows a sudden death by poison or drowning. Problems with the law, love affairs, drugs. Result: Unfortunate. Character: Saturn / Venus.

The Sun-Moon midpoint shows reaffirmation of the desire to create new partnerships to collaborations, alliances or even a reshuffle at the political level. The Sun-Uranus midpoint, is showing the ability to invent a great run or to grasp a situation quickly – perhaps too quickly, the rush, early action. The ingenious or inventive man. The Venus-Neptune midpoint generally shows secrecy, love, a secret romance is very likely on the spotlight.
So the Moon will be expressed through the 5th House, where we will focus our attention on creating strong, and whatever else is important to us. Feelings will be expressed through the entertainment, sports, but attention to gambling and pleasures. Because it can be very straightforward and impulsive but can also be fierce and cruel to others so be careful not to hurt people you care about.

This major conjunction in Aries, is extremely AWAKENING something is happening to humanity since the eclipse phenomena and affects particular horoscopes of some countries. One of them is Greece, which her horoscope is being activated through the Revolt of 1821 horoscope. This activation also will bring a wave of dangerous events to USA.

The half-square of Moon/Saturn mean that the sense of organization and self-discipline may be at the expense of your feelings. However, the Moon also trines the 10th house and this is a very supportive factor for our professional life but also for the governments at some point. The Sun- Moon midpoint shows deep need for marriage or cohabitation the changes in partnerships, supporting a reshuffle. The Moon also falls in Mercury-Uranus midpoint presenting rational thought, and practice mood sometimes shows that we are prone to rapid changes in mood. Valid instinct for a situation. In Venus-Neptune midpoint (4 / 7th house) shows a dreamy emotional projection; little sense of reality, a chaotic emotional life, a dreamy nature and chaotic problems politically.
Mercury squares Jupiter (6-9th house) shows that we do not spend a lot of time to think about our problems, solutions, and the like. Your thoughts are most often elsewhere, and this is important when it comes to labor issues, but nevertheless it would not ask for advice from someone you do not trust to discuss important issues relating to the 6th house. Unlike the sextile of Mercury -Neptune shows you the way to trust your intuition more and psychological talents will come to the surface.
Venus can be seen somewhat more fortunate in terms of formations and new partnerships but Mars in Taurus at the 6th house on 13th degree is not at all positive because it shows errors, irresponsibility and an attitude quite stubborn and problematic issues concerning the 6th house. What is important to note is that Saturn is in the 1st house in retrograde motion in Sagittarius. This shows injury and a negative attitude in general. The Saturn-Uranus trine means inventions and discoveries, particularly in communications, computer, and electronics. New emergency situations and this can be connected to immigration.

Conjunction of * Acubens – Uranus associated with perseverance, domestic problems, poison, and liars. The Poseidon 4th eco brings fraud and deceit, misery and distrust, peculiar problems and permanent changes. There is also extreme poverty and problems. The South Node shows problems with aviation and airplanes. The Pallas conjunct Alderamin (5 Alpha Cephei 2.44 m) – Pallas (sphere 0 ° 9’45 “), shows Seriousness, rigor, discretion, hard tests, drama.

But of course we must remember that the element of Fire teaches us to live a dynamic, strong and passionate life of our radiant core. Fire is a transformation tool. It is the element of light, the strength of your life, your personal power, and the light that illuminates the conscience of everyone. It is our will, the strong force within us and energy, the Divine Spark. The element of Fire allows rapid transformation. Provides the path to the solution an opening if you want to leave behind our old stories and drama, wanting to convert, renew and reborn through it.

On the chart of Greece we see the New Moon in Aries affects as follows. The 6th house affects 12th house of the country, namely the conjunction of Mercury / Mars in Taurus, as well stellium in Aries New Moon in the 5th House. The 12th house is associated with prisons, asylums, hospitals, hidden processes, the background and the subsoil but also the migration that we had something that would trouble the Government, although it normally should have been ready since the situation in the Middle East will soon explode … but also to await increasing numbers of immigrants, where plenty of them will enter the country because of the Middle East upheaval.

Saturn (obstacles) affect issues of the 7th house (diplomatic relations of a state, alliances, their overt enemies) but Pluto in the 2nd house of finances pushing too much the 9th house in a quite negative degree (international diplomacy, contracts with abroad, the law, academia and the administration of justice). From Red Blood Moon eclipse and the solar one, Saturn in Sagittarius but also the square Uranus / Pluto will create serious problems as far as immigration, creating a social rebellion, testing the resistance of the stock exchange this year before entering Saturn in Sagittarius permanently over the next three years in September 2015, there will be a great shift of populations and borders and problems with the freedoms of people. More about it in September.

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Neptune from the 4th house (power, opposition, domestic issues) affects 11th house, important issues that create fear and problems, difficulties that are not dealt with realism at parliamentary level. However, the New Moon leaves an opening for new intense negotiations where we can find new solutions if use this energy correctly and intelligently.
To say of course that the 5th house where is the New Moon where the dominant element is fire (symbolizing passion, spontaneity, excitement and aggression), in cardinal signs (symbolizing initiative, leadership, and action), and the ruling planet is Mars.

Looking into these house more in detail…

the house of the New Moon in Aries

Events: new beginnings, pioneering spirit, leadership, power attack, initiative.
Properties: hot, dry, fiery, cholera, positive, violent, brutal.
Naturally: The head of the body, the brain.
Psychologically: Implementation of the will, “I first” self, self.
Linked Professions: Engineering, the Armed Forces, tasks requiring initiative and action.Parts: Sandy or hilly parts. Where the tools or the means used. Parts using iron and heat, ovens, glass, and bakeries. Near heat or warmth. Roofs, ceilings, plastering, roofing covers. Blood.
Parts affected: Berlin, Birmingham (England), Brunswick, Capua, Florence, Krakow, Leicester, Marseille, Naples, Utrecht, Verona.
Countries: Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Syria.
Direction: EAST.
Metal: Iron
From the 6th house but also influences the 7th house, dominated by the element of Taurus, the Earth (symbolizing pragmatism, materialism, seeking security and stability), a fixed sign (which symbolizes patience, resourcefulness, and rough determination), and the ruling planet is Venus.

Events: Food, perseverance, Mother Earth, security, stability.

Properties: Negative, nocturnal, cold, dry, melancholy, bestial.
Occupations: Singer, agricultural work, construction, architecture, finance, banking, work routine.
Parts: Cellars, meadows, gardens, banks, where valuables are kept. Agricultural buildings, warehouses, ground floor.
Cities: Bologna, Dublin, Eastbourne, Hastings, Leipzig, Luzern, Mantua, Palermo, Parma, St. Louis, Waterford.
Countries: The islands of Capri and Ischia, Egypt, the Greek islands, Iran, Ireland, Switzerland.
Direction: South of East.

Let’s see and the equations of Uranian Astrology, of course a few repeated, but you can see more in the texts of the eclipse / So read and think more…
*Serious long discussions or continuous dialogues – debates on reduction / Events concerning self-reliance- High degree of awareness – exposure to fraud, corruption or degeneration –Meeting of weapons or fire or ignition- Separation or departures on formal issues – Slow but gradual rise – Serious problems with partners – Important delays– Fundamental changes; Continuous changes – New obstacles.
Great danger Meeting – high strength or large-scale damage, damages, or injuries – Destruction (talks about a possible earthquake intense seismic activity although I see on the other side of the planet) – Thinking about lightning effects – Unexpected strong actions- News related to orders for coercive measures – termination of military or police Intensive effects to disaster – related deaths violence.
Dissemination of strong waves- operations related to widespread frustration or deception – fruitless exercise of power – widespread power outages – atomic energy – Severe Hyperinflation – Dissemination of typhoons- Start-ups associated with strong business alliances or less propaganda- – Unexpected news – Telegrams – – riots on youth-issues with those working with hard materials and earth-days, years of strong economic.
Principles of incarnations – Spiritual Warriors – Ideological warfare- The entrance of the spirit in the body – Searching for truth, Reflections on the ongoing tension – constant nervous tension – News on repression – Disasters.

Cheating or disappointing discussions on official matters

Unrecognized force concerning communication – secret missions – reports on power loss – ineffectiveness related communication – conversations about great deprivation – News about hostilities- Bold offensive speech – Compulsory or forced immobility.
Religious transformations or conversions – Missionaries

Immersion religious beliefs – Ancient cultures – Religious rejection or resistance – Work involving the treasures of the earth – contrary to law

Financial sincerity – Truth or events related to money – Abstract profits or income – Enlightened or clear laws – cultural wealth

Public stimulation – Injuries or offenses outside world – Open fires

Motion of censure – Actions contributing to conflicts
– Mysterious deaths-Acute infections accidents – Stormy weather – Goal-directed cheating – Actions concerning concealed weapons – Extinction relating to fire or ignite
Rebellion related to official boundaries – Unexpected falls
Death of deprivation – Risks associated with freezing

The focus of attention –pressure-force- Unexpected obstacles – Continuous intensity – Rebellion – Conflicts – provocation-tensions -turbulence situations – Sudden fires – Unexpected shots-politicians – dictators-gynecological disorders – sexual dysfunction – Enjoyment on illegal activities – Crimes associated with passion

Losses associated with water – diseases – Hazards or injuries related to widespread fraud – Concerns and fears about the future of the world – Speculation imaginary worlds- Financial losses associated with partners – Financial fraud has been invented

Long-term illnesses – cheating on peoples or nations-epidemics – Manipulation – Fuzzy boundaries – hidden pressure alienation –
Constraints associated with the lack of freedom – Extensive loss of energy – Many gas explosions
Clarification on sacrifices, losses, or deception – Enlightened government in the future – Understanding on large denials – God or Deity – super consciousness – untruths on rising or sovereignty – Large illusions

turbulent times – Nervousness outside world – Public unrest – lightning – Military – tensions – popular uprisings – Public uprisings
Secretive actions – Abuse – Losses in public areas – Damage or injury – Robbery and looting

Deprivation – Public economic failures – Injustice in public affairs – Illegal
Barricades or locks – emergency or martial law
Stormy developments in public places
Fires large-scale land masses – endings on peace – Public immobilization
Water shortages – flood damage
Criminal Police – cheating on official measures – Extremely vulgar activities or actions – Great meanness

**** Coup – high intensity outside world – dictatorships (something that had come out and the eclipse)
Official conflicts – Wars-off accidents
Strategy of government – Substantial changes concerning police actions
Government work orders – actions of Police – Important mandatory action or activity; Destruction

Air Force – Navy – Great uncertainty or instability – Losses related professions – mistakes – Frustration on the official measures – unemployment and the state – battles – Sudden twists

Turbulent situations – Sudden fires – Unexpected shots
Accidents related to the financial markets – reports on injuries, damages or injuries
Unexpected obstacles – Anxiety – Panic – Sudden coldness – Obstacles on freedom – fear or depression associated with unforeseen events
Problematic reforms – Continuous intensity – related disorders delays –
Momentary delay on reforms – Problems with increasing intensity – Increasing difficulties
Trucking – Machinery -ELECTRICITY – lightning – Sudden fires –
Surprises on weapons
Very unexpected absurdity or hatred

Political events – Major electricity – Sudden extraordinary power – stimuli relating to extraordinary measures – Unexpectedly official measures – Great intensity on formal issues – Storms

The New Moon in Aries will affect mainly the American continent, the United States and other Asia.

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