The second eclipse of the year is a Full Moon and placed on April 4, 2014, at 3:05:31 noon with Athens coordinates on the axis Aries / Libra.The Lunar eclipse will take place on 14th degree of Libra ( a very unfortunate degree and that has a violent character) and into this phenomenon will participate Pluto in Capricorn from the 5th house (15th degree, violent deaths, fall), Uranus (16th degree of Aries, degree of Attachment) and Mercury (8th Aries degree, fate arrogance, immorality) from the 9th house. The lunar eclipse, the “Red Blood Moon”, foretells an episodic period of time, particularly for signs of the Cardinal cross, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. Unpleasant events and contradictions this eclipse is going to bring on the surface that will mark our personal and professional lives, and we should avoid challenges mainly on a political level.This phenomenon will strongly affect the psychology of the masses, weather conditions our mood, our emotional relationships and complicate situations even more on the international political scene. Through this phenomenon will express a new reality where many will not be ready to cope.There will be major problems in partnerships and relationships and is likely to take risks for erroneous decisions. Our impulsive decisions later will be revoked and suspicion will get into our lives and in general there will be instability.


The eclipse is expected to bring everything upside down, which will be at the the 14th degree of the axis Aries / Libra, conjunct Uranus and square to Pluto, will remind us but simultaneously and will trigger events that had been occurred back in October 2014 with much greater intensity sweeping away whatever is left standing so far. This phenomenon takes place at the axis of 3rd / 9th, which is the communication axis, and the atmosphere will be highly charged where one word will be really enough o destroy everything at once, in all directions.What is very important to mention is that the Red Blood Moon, will take place on 4 April, 2015, at the midpoint of cardinal signs for once more in the heart of the square Uranus / Pluto where it will begin to show  revolutionary signs. This moon foretells is an archetypal symbolically an era of Resurrection, which will happen on the day of the resurrection of Lazarus, before Easter. The awakening Uranus will move between Pluto and Eris, in Aries, traveling through intensity and materialism to a trip of complete liberty. The seventh square of Uranus / Pluto will mark an existential shock at all levels.

The ruler of this eclipse is planet Mars (violent incidents, accidents, army), the 9th house (international diplomacy, religion, agreements and contracts abroad, law, philosophy, and concepts, visions and intuition) on the second degree (the degree of scenario and strategy, important degree at the horoscopes of major generals f,but also degree of self-sufficiency) of Taurus,but which is considered a weak position for him, also on the absolute exaltation of the Moon which rules over the 12th house, which means that on a politicalsocial level at least the media will try to conceal or misrepresent facts that will take place during this period and will be quite significant. This of course means even blows behind the back and intense background or the secret operations.

path-760Let’s start the analysis to decode the Blood Moon. The Ascendant of the lunar eclipse is the 17th degree, at the axis of LeoAquarius. The 17th degree,is being connected to the air but it is also a  bright degree, which gives the ability to invent solutions.The 17th of Aquarius however connected with isolation, misanthropy and abandonment. The axis of TaurusScorpio of the economy is at the 9th degrees which is quite critical. If not everyone will not demonstrate the appropriate tact and diplomacy everything will blow up literally.The Sun will be at the ninth house, which is larger part of energy will be applied to foreign affairs, higher education institutions, long trips and the promotion of our social situation. Basically, it is the understanding and selfexpansion. The desire to study religion, philosophy and mysticism also emphasized because the internal impulse is to discover the meaning of life and everything that happens.The world has started to wake up and realize what’s going on around. The dreams that maybe seeing some of us will be monitored and studied. In this placement is likely to lose contact, at times, with daily affairs. There will be keen interest in foreign policy and the world’s attention will turn towards it.

Impulsiveness, will be quite high in the second decan of Aries potential. The Moon will form an opposition to the Sun / Mercury / Uranus / South Node / Eris and it is an indicator of division in an intense world’s need for development and progress.This period will be quite powerful and will have to make compromises, putting two opposite directions to work together and this will be the difficulty. This configuration creates terrorist groups actions but also the reality which we have to accept, together with the square Uranus / Pluto which will be activated.The sun will conjunct Mercury and Uranus in Aries, Eris and South Node and that has unconventional character with a strong desire for independence, for the different and original. It is the alignment against the new world order.

We hate the chore, but others must remain open to any options. During this period we find ourselves moving forward against that traditional, and rebel in social and political level.The Sun at the midpoint of SunUranus brings independence and revolutionary spirit that can take us far enough. The Red Blood Moon will influence too much America, the ascendant and Uranus which is at the sign of Gemini but also Canada too and the places is shadowing.The full moon on the 3rd house of the solar horoscope will influence the media, but also our close environment which there will be instability. Pay Attention to movements and travel during Easter. The Red Blood Moon will be at the sign of Libra associated with politics and diplomacy, law, justice, relationships, agreements, peace.

Moon in an opposition to the Sun predicts that ideassolutions will be hard to be supported, there will be conflicts, disputes and disturbances. The opposition to Uranus means that the autonomy and anticomformistic attitude tends to ignore others and the support in international diplomacy will be minimal and limited.The Moon at SunUranus midpoint demonstrates emotional irritability, impulsiveness and recklessness. Perhaps be scored many crimes by females because it shows depression, nervousness and troubled nerves of a woman? Gynecological problems, increased female hormones.Mercury will be at the 9th house, in Aries, and shows off that people make the leap before they see what they have in front of them overlooking the reality, there will be vacillation and recklessness. Mercury will square Pluto and that will bring unrest, conflicts and tensions but also an intense background activity.The conjunction of Yed Prior -Mercury, however showing that we can do everything well enough, in matters concerning the 9th house, if we will demonstrate intelligence and proper handling. (concerning matters of the international diplomacy, contracts with foreign law, academia and the administration of justice, clergy) . But the opposition is being formed between Mercury / Moon demonstrates ill humor, unwillingness to cooperate, irritability. Differences with women. Retreats, gossip, lies.

Venus at the 10th house,at the 21st degree semi-sextiles Uranus,in a trine with Pluto, in a semi-sextile to Mercury and in  a conjunction to the zenith, it shows that something is exceeded, shows originality and new trends, optimism and success but it certainly hides simultaneously risks if reckless moves will be demonstrated and of course Greece will end up being the “brat” of the party. This also means that the debt will grow more and more, where it is connected with the exploitation of our country’s economic level and if I put and other astrological factors, it signifies many pitfalls for the government, although the session shows that definitely lights publicity will be on us.This also means that the debt will grow more and more, which is connected with the exploitation of our country’s on the economic front and if I put and the rest astrological factors, it signifies many pitfalls for the current Greek government, although the conjunction is showing that definitely lights of publicity will be on us.On the other hand Mars in Taurus (conjunction of VenusMars in Taurus), in a square to Jupiter brings eruptions, the sextile with Neptune invites all to be united together despite our differences because the denominator is the same for everyone on this planet. The idealism of the higher order. Religious issues.

The trine to Pluto indicates frictions in politics. Mars at the midpoint of SunVenus is showing creativity, but the midpoint of Venus- Uranus presents strong excitability in love. Creative activity, sudden acceleration, procreation, birth. The square Uranus / Pluto certainly indicates violence and terrorist attacks concerning matters that will affect the economy, tourism, stock, and the expression of art and youth.

Jupiter from the 12th House and the positive aspects are formed with Mercury, Moon, Sun, Uranus and Nodes of the Moon shows that we can do what we want reality. It tells us that have to bring into the light our personality to consolidate our position.The trine of Jupiter-Saturn, reflected in huge structural social reforms inaugurating a new era of hope and growth simultaneously. New ideas are introduced that build the future. Some ideas concerning banking, financial issues, buildings and construction, teaching and training, internal and external policy, all will be made, will grow but these will also experience difficulties that will have effects during the different phases of this aspect.Jupiter represents the vision for the future, justice, the law, while Saturn is the executive power, tradition and the structure of society, but of course the interaction of these two planets is causing disturbances and arrangements at every level, the past collides with the future. (new visions, new religions, new lifestyles).

Saturn from the 4th House, from Sagittarius position,is emphasizing that the nations will face serious trouble with internal security issues,real estate, hidden treasures, mining, taxation, property, land rights and state borders will be discussed intensely.Although Saturn will trine Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars that presents problems, and limitation of freedom and independence, and difficulties to issues are related to the 4th house as it will affect the opposition political parties.And of course the square SaturnNeptune (collapse of structures) persists and is here showing that mistakes are made which will be crucial for the future. Crashing of the opposition parties. There will be difficulties with the environment “environmental challenges“, distress, problems, secret hatreds, deceit, grief and loss, blockage.But remember that all that picture sticks with the energy vibes of Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

Uranus at the midpoint of SunUranus is showing a break, dissolving of a partnership or an alliance. Sudden urge or compulsion to change, critical impact of crisis and upheaval through the influence of males.The conjunction of Antares- Uranus, at the Heart of Scorpio indicates strong spirit of adventure, obstinacy, injuries, some honors, sudden loss, violence.
The position of Neptune in the 7th house is showing strange facts, secrets, confusion or mystery regarding partnerships and coalliances unions or a scandal associated with partnerships, unreliability and deception.The Ascendant over the midpoint of SunSaturn is also pointing difficulties, threats, misunderstandings and separation. The disharmonious aspect of Sun / Pluto / Mercury indicates great exposure to risk. The basic message of this phenomenon is to maintain the necessary equilibrium on communicative level and that will be quite difficult to do.

Aspects which are formed between Sun / Uranus and South Node are carrying intensity and unpredictability, concerning matters that everything is likely to occur within this atmosphere of tension that will be created. The revolt, rebellion and sudden ruptures included in it, will make negotiation difficult in any level, either personally, professionally or politically and socially.The scales balance sometimes up or down or in a straight line will be difficult to maintain the necessary equilibrium however when something is based on equality and is healthy then it is maintained. We live in times of rapid developments and changes and it is important to use our intuition to make the right choices.

What is important is that the Moon Eclipse is under the relentless pressure of the square Uranus / Pluto where Uranus and the degree where it is are not at all accidental because they are directly related to the horoscope of Hellenic Independence of 1830 and the chart of Metapolitefsi regime.At the first horoscope of Independence of 1830, the Sun is at the 15th degree, of Aquarius where forms a sextile and also a trine respectively with the Sun and the Moon eclipse, and that means that they could provide solutions which is quite a supporting element but nevertheless the Ascendant of Metapolitefsi chart at the 16th degree (tests, particularly in the economic level, which if not met, then changes dramatically the level and quality of lifeany times we talk about bankruptcy, poverty and difficulties) of Cancer complicates things further.In the horoscope of Greece the Sun with Mars in of the 12th house speaks clearly about blows behind the back and an intense background activity but of course on the other hand the square of Uranus / Pluto means that they will obliviously try aneconomic drowning” of Greece through threats and blackmail.Let us not forget that the total solar eclipse in Pisces in March had the ascendant at the 5th degree of Cancer. The next lunar eclipse in September in cardinal signs, the 5th degree, of Aries / Libra historically associated with mismanagement of finances of Greece.

April will be determinant as I had mentioned and a lot will be played behind the scenes but of course by October everything that have been done will be revealed so there will be new developments then.The Moon Eclipse will bring more financial instability and turbulence particularly in the stock market,so if someone is playing with it,it will be better to avoid that sport. It is also important to mention that Merkel has little time.On the other hand , the Ascendant of the eclipse is in a very good place opposite the Sun of the country and Jupiter, although in a retrograde motion,reinforces the scenario again of the Greek economic drowning, but this time, in a much more sneaky and methodical way.What the Greek government should do is to move unexpectedly and unpredictably through lobbying so maybe then there will have to some chances ,without waiting certainly big rewards,of course.Also the trine of Jupiter will activate Mars of Greece in the 7th house and this highlights the enemies that surround us and we have to play the game of diplomacy in a more aggressive manner. Somehow through strong alliances will eventually the influence of Pluto,positively channeled,in order to escape the worst.

ffffThe lunar eclipse on April 4, 2015 at the 14 degrees of Libra will have dramatic effects in personal relationships and the world at large. The lunar eclipse receives additional extremely difficult influences from a negative fixed star and Uranus. However,the positive aspect to Jupiter allows us to focus on the positives of Uranus, despite the negative emotions of the Moon. I’m not so optimistic about the effect of this lunar eclipse of course, and the world in general. The April Red Blood Moon should lead to an explosion, and complete instability in the Middle East with unforeseen consequences.

This eclipse will remain active until the September 2015 and as the cycle of the eclipse will unravel the planetary aspects which are formed on this degree, concerning matters of her nature, will mark critical hours for humanity, when events associated with the eclipse is probably will unfold in a sizable percentage. There are no planetary conjunctions in this phase of the eclipse.However, we can expect culmination of emotional development and bliss with Jupiter forming a sextile with lunar eclipse on 13 May 2015. The peak of the intensity should coincide with the transit of Pluto that will square the lunar eclipse on June 30, 2015. Another very significant period is when the conjunction of MercuryMars will form an exact square aspect with the lunar eclipse on July 15, 2015.Additionally, a very dangerous period of time is when Saturn will come closer to Earth in May 23rd,in Gemini and will oppose Saturn in Sagittarius.

What is obvious on the chart is that the lunar eclipse is opposite Uranus. The fixed stars are important because of their adverse effects. The lunar eclipse falls into a very tough star, while the conjunction of Sun- Uranus falls in a very more favorable star. The Moon in Algorab is sufficient to turn our attention to conscious Sun and not the subconscious that dictates the Moon.The fortunate star of Alpheratz fixed in 13 ° 30 ‘of Aries show more positive results when we act rationally.However, my point of view on world politics is not at all positive and optimistic. Unfortunately, the Red Blood Moon is directly linked to the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces which gave extreme misery and catastrophic events for humanity. The highlight of the last square in this lunar phase emphasizes the social and political turmoil that we saw in recent years through this cycle. Starting with the Arab Spring , the Uranus/ Pluto square has transformed a lot in politics, bringing the terror of ISIS,keep in mind all we had mentioned in the Solar Eclipse.

I never had the chance, really to use astrology to predict war, but inevitably I fear that the Blood lunar eclipse in Algorab is the main reason for this. If you go back in history,this star is directly linked to terrorism or armed military attacks but it is connected directly to the current conflicts in the Islamic world. The lunar eclipse across Uranus will worsen the quite revolutionary and explosive nature of Algorab, and that definitely will escalate war in the Middle East.

At international level, by the end of March already I write now and in April that there will be a snowball to start the liquidation of the Islamic state in the Middle East. Everything will enter the final stretch that resulted from the change of attitude of America towards Syria and Assad regime.Critical battles will be given to the territories of Iraq but also at borders of Turkey / Syria, as it seems astrocartographically while Admetos running through Iraq and the Black Moon through Iran. The square of Uranus / Pluto and admission of Mars in the last decan of Aries will trigger the horoscopes of Syria, Iraq and but ISIS too.The natal Moon at the horoscope of Turkey has already begun to affect by the eclipse of March in Pisces as well as Erdoğan, while he will see his plans to blow up and crash. At worst case he may start a long war that will cost him an important part of its territorial integrity.The natal Moon at the horoscope of Turkey has already begun to affect by the eclipse of March in Pisces as well as Erdoğan, while he will see his plans to blow up and crash. At worst case he may start a long war that will cost him an important part of its territorial integrity. Mars however astrocartographically passes, if you look on the chart from the center of Europe and the worst aspects which are formed influencing America and particularly the square Uranus / Pluto.

So April despite that begins with the best astrological omen, the square of Uranus / Pluto brings instability and severe turbulences while we should maintain relative equilibrium, but will bring more corruption and scandals on the the surface There will be problems in the EU and the euro currency will be shaken once again but does not seem to fall apart yet.Attention should be in legal entanglements and legal affairs. The Lunar eclipse will be visible but will also affect most of North America, South America, Asia and a part of Australia. The Moon will disappear completely (total) for about 5 minutes From beginning to end, it will take 3 hours and 29 minutes This is the third eclipse, the third quartet of the Blood Moon of 2014-2015.

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Lets see what Uranian quotations give for the Red Blood Moon

 serious or critical concerns – outspokenness on-topic justice relations – good luck – Profits – Benefits associated with contacts-family ties – Family meetings – Social relationships – Organizational alliances or mergers-healthy rate – Beneficial discussions – Talk about money – Thinking about with good luck – cheerful dialogues – creative ideas – Favorable trade – discussions on legal issues – optimism – positive thoughts – Discussions about family – reports on organizations – Discussion groups – Joint ideas – social dialogue – narration – Songwriting – Artists-holiday-related work – separations or departures – Problems at work – lack of determination
 Spontaneous actions – Actions contributing to adventures – Implement reforms -sudden action – actions related to tension or unrest – desire to achieve things quickly -unthoughtful- – leadership – requests and commands -efforts – Application instructions – pressure – Actions associated with fire, weapons, or Machinery- notable success – Secret or covert operations – Power outages – mistakes – Intense frustration-Events or understanding relating to self-reliance
Start partnerships – Start joint activities -mobility- Demonstrations – activities with partners – collaborative efforts-Future on location – uncertainty or instability – Sacrifices on partnerships – sloppy – secretive partners – ambiguity – frustration with partners – losses related collaborations – Rejection of partners insecurity
Recall some – Motherland – Resistance – ruptures -Isolation-Environmental changes – Days or chronic changes – transitions or changes or transformations -Ores development capabilities – adjustments, restructuring, or resolutions – Amendments relating to schedules – substantial changes in the location – Moodiness or unreliability with women-Flight detachment-Problems related organizations-Snooze-departure other-alienation-Grief-Initiative on partnerships – Tasks -meeting with weapons or fire or ignition

Stop harmony -destruction- Cooperative Work – Pursue work with partners – Activity – Art activities in the locality – Actions contributing to unity- Group manipulation- Dissemination harmony in the environment – Good luck on freedom – Experience with environmental economics – Successful lawyer – Legal issues concerning local wealth – open spaces

departures on formal issues – Slow but gradual rise – Departures on the rise – Couple and respected persons – endings related jobs – Major environmental problems – problems with partners – Significant delays – problems related to official matters
Sudden stagnation – turbulence – Unexpected opposition from others – constant tension – surprise – disorders -tremendous local demonstrations- Refusal or revocation in terms of partners – – exposure to deception – Corruption or degeneration
Principles relating to the continuation of a partner – Specialized teamwork – New obstacles in -Actions related to others about limitations – Retaliation – Liabilities – Homelands – limits or obstacles to cooperation – Alienation on partners – Coldness in relationships – excessive burden or overwhelming situations
The Vulcanus indicates a Huge Success – large profits privileged people – lucrative activities behavior according to law Advocacy for women’s rights – Successful athletes – Financial job Days of great success

Advocacy for truth – transparency– Bright shiny object above
strong women – to stand for the truth – Implementation of ideas – Ethical attitudes related to populations or nations – putting forward events with big impact – Ideological struggles and conflicts
Vigor in secret missions – Discussions about disabled or disadvantaged – announcements about the loss of influence or power – ineffectiveness related communication – conversations about great deprivation – News for evil deeds – Losses associated with strong words – Bold offensive speech – Compulsory or forced immobility-errors associated with attractions – Actions related to the loss of popularity
Influence or large impact in the background – big mistakes – futile actions relating to power – Significant losses – infections – Acts intense cheating – Strong annihilations
Work towards economic stability and security – Environment of economic borders – To guard one’s possessions – Stock investment activity – Work involving treasure land – Sneak in some laws – Substantial expenditure – Obstacles related to legal action – success on with strong disaster

Experience with liquid or non-physical force – Application of metaphysical knowledge – Invisible or enigmatic power – Dissemination of strong waves – Acts relating to widespread frustration or deception – fruitless exercise power or influence – widespread power outages – Nuclear power – Severe Hyperinflation – Dissemination of hurricanes
Principles associated with strong alliances – Activities related to sports teams – big business – Modern artwork – Important secret work – Extraordinary influence relating to deficiencies – Actions related to major damage or injuries – Official impotence – Actions about official losses
Educational work – Intensive study – meditation – Resistance or obstacles related to the ideological conflicts in terms of power, coercion or control – Dangerous sedation associated with ideas or opinions – Facts about the destruction

Mars / America, Ukraine, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Timor, Philippines, Holland, Korea, Japan, Italy, Iceland, Egypt, Germany, Croatia, Brazil

Deaths out in the world- Deaths affect others-Create turmoil – Special mission – the importance of the project – Jobs for the state – Actions related to the management – Exceptional athletes -Official measures at the right time – uncertainty or instability for economic activities or legal actions-weakening lung – Unfortunate decisions or actions – Unjustified acts – actions contributing to economic losses – Illegal activities – Fraud – abortions – incapability- disorders associated with damage, loss or injury – damage associated with breakage or burglary -Staging effects associated with breakdowns or -disorders- injuries in Motor -mean action function associated with fire, explosion, or weapons – Deliberate damage – Damage to the war effort

Success with obscure technology – Future economic uncertainty or instability – surprise over counterfeit money – sudden or unexpected financial losses – economic dilemmas – disorders associated with ambiguous legal situations; Environment of economic borders – To guard the possessions of someone – Work involving a the treasures of the Earth -endings on successful activities – a significant restraint on income – Obstacles related to legal action – success on strong disaster

Saturn-America, Turkey, Papua, Oman, Iran, Mexico, Australia, Afghanistan
Meet the problems out into the world-Meeting hard conditions- Hard way life; problematic conditions -Problems with the law – financial irresponsibility-Lasting psychological weakness – long illness-related problems-freedom Reductions on talkativeness – restriction of freedom-Unexpectedly medical problems – Sudden infections – Unconsciousness or refusal or withdrawal of ongoing tensions – Sudden insecurity or instability related problems-Snow – Frustration about historical changes-Extensive government problems
Persistent hard work – Intense restraint in dealing with problems – repeated handling on monitoring or surveillance – destruction Material – twists with strong impact

Uranus-Vietnam, Venezuela, USA, Peru, Italy, Indonesia, Haiti, Germany, Croatia, Congo, Colombia, Chile, China, Argentina, Algeria, Canada
Unexpected activities outside world – Surprise actions all around – Revolutions – Rebellions – impulsive acts – Losses in public areas – Accident-events-Sudden events surrounding demarcations-Unexpected obstacles but problems disruptive – constant tension-Sudden goal-directing units – Surprise creativity or ingenuity -Operations causing burning-Technical – Reformers – lightning – Actions contributing to stress -Explosions-
Awakening – tensions -PUBLIC unrest – troubled peoples or nations-announcements about the technology or the future – motivated to understand the unreal-Sudden loss of consciousness – Unexpected disappointment with ideas – uncertainty about what to do Continuous flow of events-Growing tensions – Increased stress – disrupting rehabilitation, restructuring, or resolutions-Unexpected action – Sudden power – Surprises related actions – Implementation of reforms – Sudden compulsion – Machinery – Trucking – Electricity – lightning – Sudden fires – Surprises involving guns insecurity or instability on official reforms – dark uprising-Failures linked to significant losses-unexpected absurdity or hate-Games for medical reform-related disorders powerful explosions – Sudden primitive operations – Sudden woes – Surprises associated with high risk – Unexpected disaster-Application unforeseen substantial changes

Sudden rehabilitation, restructuring, or resolutions-unpredictable changes-reconstruction- Significant changes or modifications – feeding problems or transitions – Forced environmental changes-circulation of rumors -Powerful Storms– Stagnation – Phasing-trapping Surprise deep radical restructuring – – Long-term or continuous technique -New rehabilitation materials for the future – Staged endings on reforms – Volume – Faults associated with constraints – Destruction – Rapid deterioration – Increases related to malicious activities – Substantive changes associated with violence

Zeus-Flamethrower – war-updates- weapons under pressure – forced to do things-scientific experiments – Experience with fire, explosion, or weapons-related others – Extensive fires – Advanced war-Inhibitory effects –Secret plans – Fugitive Communications – incorrect assessment of actions – discussions regarding secret or ambiguous conflicts – to succumb to the proposal – Actions contributing to losses related to communications-armed forces – armed intervention – games related to love-Initiation of public resistance -Volcanic explosions – annihilations- Reversals privacy

information or news about technology – Dynamic speech outside world – telephone calls – Shipping -New -Communication – tense dialogues – disorders related to public opinion – Challenges-Review thinking- to think back on loss-Negative thinking -unfruitful talks – immature behavior-Communications between officials – Dialogues with regard to official matters-News on coercion-discussion on the conversion situations measures from the past announcements about changes -Develop secretiveness or cunning plans – Further development of misunderstandings and paranoia- vulgar speech

Kronos- America, Switzerland, Nigeria, Italy, France, Cuba, Canada
Extraordinary times – Important people – politicians – Presidents — Coup – Great intensity outside world – dictatorships-Official conflicts – Wars
delays – major dilemmas – Problems
-Large Significant Cities – quarantine restrictions outskirts – Great durability – Meeting extremely rigid persons – Refusal on formal issues – Falls from above -official measures – measures policing-Government buildings – strictly financial – Official lack of money – Exceptional legal problems – significant financial difficulties-Constant sadness or grief

Hades-Vulgarity on public attractions – Despair – mutual awareness of damage or injury – Lies- Deficiencies concerning intellectual contact – Confusion in relationships – Bowing wrong – Cultural decay- losses or gains or income from swag – losses – on martial proceedings Actions malicious secret – Anarchy- Truths about important critical problems – great civilizations of the past – lack of clarity about the rise or ownership – Facts relating to important issues – ideological arrogance – deficiencies concerning intellectual independence – lack important ideas -crisis

Poseidon-risk analysis on fraud – Concerns or worries about the future of the world – unrecognized hazards or damage to the world – hidden motives – Abuse – Application of cheating-stormy weather – Increases associated with air or water pollution – lack of freedom – Extended diffusion or energy losses – Many gas explosions
Very commotion outside world – tension
Terrorism – Shocking events – Power – anxiety in the world – Sudden drastic or coercive measures-stormy developments in Settings- Stagnation – Commercial obstruction or obstacles to public

Admetus- America, Iran, Russia, Canada, Australia, Arab Emirates
large vibrations in public areas – Destruction
barriers related to professional activities – suppression or repression-Restrictions on freedom – endings on expansive Deaths by external partners passivity – Rejection – obstacles – overwhelmed – Dead bodies Continuous nervous tension – News concerning oppression – Disasters
Chemicals – Obscure deep waters – Future karma – Deep Mysteries – – instability of damage – damage, injury or damage associated with unknown obstacles or opposition – Obscure chronic medical problems – Continuous or constant discomfort – Diseases associated with cold and moisture – Death on the deprivation – Hazards and risks associated with freezing