I mentioned the last time I wrote about Facebook activity however  since I quit from that, I started receive likes almost every day.Anyway,the page is open for you anytime you want to visit or follow us.I had a lot of work to do as the events running in Greece,on a political level,with elections and so on.I had no time to write on this blog.February Lunar Phenomena,and particularly the New Moon at the 29th degree of Aquarius,which is the zodiac sign of this country,close to her birthday ατ 3-2-2015,a classical Aquarius, all the astrological events  since December,lead to elections and will lead to elections again for once more.First of all,I am going to say a few things about these elections,where the astrological phenomena of 2014,the Autumn eclipses of 2014 brought important events,such as the weakness of the Parliament to elect the President, under the influence of Capricorn, lead to the fall of Samaras government and then into National elections.

Greece,substantially, is at a serious crossroad,I published in papers,two months ago,but this is the last year of recession for this country and then after the second term of of 2015,when Jupiter will enter Virgo,development will start to be accelerated particularly in 2016 and after, economy for Greece will be stabilized.However,this is a year that significant and tremendous events will take place not only in Greece but globally too.Also,two months ago I had mentioned in public,my results about Greek elections.This government actually was elected and take an oath under the worst astrological indications and omen.

I had write, that elections will not be smooth and not easy at all,there will be problems such as abstinence, extreme weather phenomena that would prevent voters from reaching the ballot box, Mercury retrograded in the sign of Aquarius ( which is the natal Mercury of Greece in this sign, as much concerning the movements,Mercury was the 1st house that day, in 15 degrees of Aquarius,which is  a critical one,but additionally this is an indication of altering election results.In fact,Mercury rules this country in the sign of Aquarius), we had also the form of a large Tsquare, the eclipses and Red Blood Moon that have preceded since Autumn of 2014.By Mercury retrogression and all the rest, any government that would be elected till the period of March/April would not survive,Mercury retrogression also is showing that this government would be short-lived.I mentioned the fact,that Mercury retrogression brings lots of mistakes,delays,breaking of promises,unable to stabilize co-operations between teams,unacceptable for signing contracts and making deals and so many other important things.

Of course,the conjunction of Mars/Neptune were squaring the Neptune of Greece, and that means that the results of the elections would have been altered or the results will be really strange or create much surprise.This square also speaks for sly movements, sometimes treacherous and risky actions that may lead the government to errors.Moon in Aries on that day in conjunction with Uranus brought also unpredictable events,since Greek Pluto is in Aries,it was certain who would rise in power,however the Greek vote was hiding ,anger, expressed dynamically, even though there was great abstention,so this government cannot really speak about “popular mandate” with only the 30% voting and the rest of the population sit at home or even unable to travel.Elections occurred the next day after the New Moon in Aquarius,at the 29th degree.The Moon also formed an opposition with the North Node that show fatal changes, twists, sudden meetings and separations but also intense discussions and concerns with rigid characters.Of course,developments will be very important since this government will have to meet the 7th last square between Uranus/Pluto,the solar eclipse in Pisces and the Red Blood Moons.

The whole general astrological picture that had been formed since December 2014 in the 10th house of the country was extremely pressing by Mars at the MC and will continue to be quite pushy and tough until this spring,that provides an indicator of instability and overthrow. I mentioned last Autumn,that will come now,during this period of time will not stay.In these elections there will be not self-reliance as it happened already ,the astrology results was pointing at a double result.Elections occurred at the 23rd degree of Capricorn,which is a very difficult zodiac sign.The axis Taurus/Scorpio was showing failure to elect Prime Minister, difficulty for self-reliance,spoke about chimeric, ambition for vain things, fatigue and extreme risks.

In any case,it will be hard for PM to rule.If someone would go back in history of the country,before the World War Two,would observe what had happened with elections,in January periods again,and what sort of results we got by such elections.If someone would only history,would have already understand too much.Mentioned also that Tsipras seems to ascend the stairs of  Parliament….which means not totally…but not alone too.I had mentioned the destruction of the two great political parties in Greece, and the rise of the Golden Dawn,on the second place alter this summer.Golden dawn also could be the next government in any case,answering to someones questions.There will be problems in this government to co-operate and that Tsipras was in great danger to fail by the inner of his political party,as already happens.The promises that this government will give will not be achieved.I has also warned,that the new elected PM should count his words and not say big things.There will be vital changes this year and it will be not  a surprise if Greece would exit the Eurozone .I also had mentioned that it is extremely possible to go in elections again in spring or this autumn again .

Concerning Greece/Russia future,Tsipras,on the day of elections I wrote,that Alexis Tsipras Jupiter falls over Russia.Mr Antonis Samaras however, should not hope to win the next elections,after all he will have to face up many problems with his health and Saturn in Sagittarius would worsen his position later this summertime.On the other hand I am expecting Mr.karamanlis total return, in politics,in some strange way, when Jupiter will enter Virgo and after,but it seems that he will be called urgently to undertake and rule a “burned country”. However,we will see in future what that means.

100 b. $ for the new economic giant BRICS adopted by the Russian Duma as the first act to activate the new development bank of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa in return IMF based in the US. From this bank can receive funding and Greece if he wishes and therefore this very important development in the global financial sector.
In Russia progressed chart appears that the period 2016-2018 Greece,will make a turn of 180o to Russia, both through Jupiter (material and moral support) and through Pluto (obsession) will meet Pluto and the Moon of Greece. Transiting Saturn and Neptune respectively will go through the US Uranus (8th and 55 ‘Gemini) who sees sharp cleavage and parallel lies in the midpoint of Poseidon / Kronos of Greece that is pointing diplomatic secession, and recede.

As reported by Russian media, the bank is going to begin operations in late 2015. It will be the first time in the financial year by the end of WW II and after a development bank that does not belong to the Western sphere of influence can finance developing countries and not only that otherwise would fall on the economic domination of the IMF and therefore the West. After this decision is typically the legal framework for the immediate start lending in Greece as in other countries.

From astrological point of view, the expansionary trend of Russia seen from the entrance of transiting Uranus (reversals) in the 8th house (loans, money through others) in Russia’s horoscope and ιτσ involvement in the birth midpoint of Apollo / Vulcan marking the beginning of an economic progress new era with tremendous pace.Regarding, V.Putin, if everything will go well, apparently his horoscope shows to win the next elections and stay in power of Russia for many years more and this is something that can explained through the analysis of the two horoscopes,I wrote about two years,if you search on this website.

Now I am going to a write a few things about the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces.On 20 March 2015, Friday, will be the first total solar eclipse with the Sun in the sign of Pisces, at the 29th degree, at 11:36:08 am. with Athens coordinates. In this very important phenomenon the participating planets will be Uranus from Aries, Pluto from Capricorn, Mars from the position of Aries and Venus from the position of Taurus. The signs that will be influenced are those of the of Cardinal Cross, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and the sign of Gemini,those are born during the first days and those with ascendant or planets in the ultimate degree of cardinal signs.eclipse

The solar eclipses as you know are two every year, and this phenomenon will influence the world for many months and years where we will see the results,till 2017. The Solar and Lunar eclipses consist one of the most tremendous events in astrology  because those bring devastating impact on societies at the sign that will take place. Astronomically speaking,we know that an eclipse is at the time where the Earth, the Sun and Moon are aligned with the Nodes of the Moon. Participation of the Nodes are absolutely necessary since without them we simply have just another new moon or a full moon.

In 2015,there will be four eclipses. Two solar and two lunar ones ( Red Blood Moons), which will be completed in February of 2017. However ,the important event for this year’s eclipses is that those are being moved now at the axis of Virgo / Pisces, which is related to health, work, supply and service. In this solar eclipse will be observed much sputtering of energy, zoom in of the difficulties and there will be losses. The solar eclipse will take place together with the input of the Spring Equinox and this is a very important signal of danger concerning the safety of societies and humanity in general. Any errors in politics, and in our lives, will take place will have unpleasant and long-termed consequences globally and it would be good to avoid conflicts. In general, there will be expected unrest among peoplesocieties and states.

This eclipse will make us generally somewhat moody, hypersensitive and through some internal processes some will change their way of thinking and there will be many sweeping changes in your life as the eclipse will affect issues related to the 10 / 4th house of the solar horoscope.Because the two houses will keep us busy throughout the text just remind that the 4th house indicates what is related to buildings and land, crop lands, agriculture, subsoil, mines, earthquakes and weather phenomena. It is also connected to public buildings and foundations. It is the political opposition party ( while the 10th is the government in power). This house also is being connected to our roots, our first impressions about the meaning of family and home. It is very important house and these are called angle houses (10th -4th -7th -1st house).

Traditionally associated with the mother since is receiving influences from the sign of Cancer. It is the ability we have to maintain ties with family or our country, our upbringing, relationships with our parents and our country. This is one of the most metaphysical houses. Our real estate .The Father, fields, gardens, houses, real estate, real estate agents, lost and hold objects in the house. Hidden treasures in the ground. Municipalities, towns, mines, Graves, The end of all things.

The 10th house is very important, shows the head of state, the President, Prime Minister, public figures, high society. For countries that have reign shows the king. Generally, is the highest authority and persons who have a strong position in one state. Dominates and the honor and reputation of the country. It is our position in society. It is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn and this determines our capacity for social recognition and development. It is the culmination of the person after release from the influences of the 4th house. The sense of duty,the relationship with senior people. Acceptance or non-hierarchical. Our potential to become known in a wider context. The kingdoms, power, heads of State, nobles, the titled. The price of the product. Mother. Managers. Popularity.

So we will have to deal with issues associated with these agencies, as well as issues are linked to the zodiac sign of Pisces. It will also employ your alternative therapies, psychoanalysis or metaphysical issues. We will disclose information you did not know about your personality or actions of some people in personal or professional level.Professional or emotional cycles will be closed and you have to reformat your life with new data. There will be mental shifts concerning your mood and if necessary you can ask for the support of people who understand you.Pisces symbolizing oceans, sacrifice, mysticism, art, contemplation of the divine, the underworld, the occult sciences. Planet of Pisces is Neptune that rules utopia, imagination, inspiration, idealism but also emotionality and visualization are their main characteristics.By forming negative aspects leading to confusion and abuse, is linked to fraud, illusion, instability, wandering and fleeing.By the way,in public,I had mentioned in previous lunar phenomena,that on the planet there will be serious trouble and lack of water,while Neptune will form a negative aspect with Saturn for long time.

SE2015Mar20TThe solar eclipse will have a magnitude of 1.045. The longest duration of totality will be 2 minutes 47 seconds off the coast of the Faroe Islands. It is the last total solar eclipse visible in Europe until the eclipse of August 12, 2026.At the end of its path, the shadow of the Moon rises from Earth’s surface to space at the north pole. As March 20 is the Northward equinox, the eclipse occurs as the Sun rises at the north pole for the first time in six months.The only populated places where the totality can be seen, reachable by public travel, are the Faroe Islands and Svalbard.

The European Union has about 90 Gigawatts of solar power and production may temporarily decrease by up to 34 GW of that if the sky is clear. This is the first time that an eclipse has a significant impact on the power system, and the electricity sector is taking measures to mitigate the impact. The power gradient (change in power) may be −400 MW/minute and +700 MW/minute. Places in Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark may be 80% obscured. Temperature may decrease by 3°C, and wind power may decrease as winds are reduced by 0.7 m/s.It is the last total eclipse will be visible in Europe until the next eclipse of 12 August 2026.

It is part of Saros cycle 120, which repeat every 18 years, 11 days, and contains 71 events. The series began with a partial solar eclipse on May 27, 933 AD, and reached an annular eclipse on August 11, 1059. It was a hybrid event for three dates: May 8, 1510, May 29, 1546, and for total eclipses June 8, 1564, until March 30, 2033. The series ends in member 71 as a partial eclipse on July 7, 2195. The longest duration of totality was 2 minutes, 16 seconds on August 12, 1654. eclipse March will cover 90% of our country and Europe and South 40%.

There was the same eclipse in Pisces,at the 29th degree,If you go very back in time and take a look at the most important events of the 16th century you will see the movement of the Protestant Reformation in Europe where the consequences affected all aspects of life of people of that time and focus on  religious wars, the Catholic Reformation, changes in taxation and the courts, the reform of family law, the promotion of individualism, in opposition to the authoritarian power in breaking the unity of Europe and to strengthen entrepreneurship.The 16th century marks the beginning of what we now call “early modern period”. However, it was the century of great discoveries and overseas expansion of Europe, starting to cross the oceans in search of gold and spices and leading to the creation of a network of colonies.The Ottoman Empire controlled a significant portion of the seas, particularly in the Indian Ocean and the eastern Mediterranean. For this reason there was an immediate need to loosen the Ottoman domination of the sea. Even though there was the ideologicalreligious background of ChristianityIslam confrontation should be invented” in order to justify the controversy that followed and marked by fierce battles.

path720Back to eclipse now, it is important to mention the regions / nations that will be visible and will be affected on the upcoming months and this is Iceland, all nations across Europe, particularly France,England,all countries of the North,also North Africa, North Asia, North Atlantic and the Faroe Islands and concepts will be visible and of course will influence Greece.

The special feature of this eclipse, although is not forming any particular aspects, is being performed at the 29th degree of the mutables, which is anaretic. This means that something ends to start something new if we consider that the eclipse occurs at the 10th house of the chart, what will be changed will be on social and political level, particularly since the 10th house in cosmic astrology symbolizes both the Prime Minister and the government of a country.So this period what until now we were accustomed to know and see on a political level, finally comes to an end.The 29th degree certainly explained as follows: “Beware of Danae and bearing gifts.” This degree gives a sharp mind to someone,probably connected to rule and often shows a bland look that just is not that appears. This degree has the gift of prophecy and the ability of deception, and the latter is quite important with all the things we see happening.A planet in the 29th degree, almost enters a new sign, a new location or environment and may indicate a perilous event which will appear before the situation get solved. It’s a climactic moment. A planet in the 29th degree shows that a person is about creating a definite change.” This may show also desperation, rush, misfortune and isolation. Usually this degree in this sign indicates that appearances are deceptive.”

The eclipse is significant and also quite strong not only because is total but because the 29th of Pisces carries the full weight of the zodiac, since Pisces is the last sign, but is close to the very malicious fixed star SHEAT, which is associated with all forms of shipwrecks, moreover on the vernal equinox where we will have the total rising of the sun.

What you should notice is that this first emerges as eclipse phenomenon because in the past was simply just a new moon. Those who are watching the lunar events, we recently had two new moons in the sign of Aquarius, one in January in the 0 degrees and the second one in the 29th degree in February,and these brought rapid changes on political scene of Greece. Nineteen years ago, we should have an eclipse in the same position of the zodiac but we had a new moon in the same position and in the same sign before 38 years. Such an eclipse first emerged as also the eclipse at the 9th degree of Leo in 2008, opening thus the Pandora‘s box with Liman Brothers and brought the global financial crisis. Let’s do a little historical research that such new moons were associated with very significant facts in the history of Greece and worldwide.You may read here one by one.





So it seems at first sight that the activation of this degree will bring major changes in our country’s political life and the world at the places we mentioned above since the total eclipse will be visible and that definitely will erase old political forces and promote new ones in a background of confusion, moreover we are under the influence of Pisces.

Pisces is important to mention that it is a water sign, water is important accounting for 70.9% of our planet is the 55-78% of the human body but do not forget the water present in the form of ice. It is essential to all known forms of life on our planet. Humans and animals have in their body 55-78% water (by weight), and reaches up to 90% of that cell.More specifically, 96.5% of the Earth’s water is ocean (and seas), 1.7% in the remaining surface water (lakes, rivers, marshes, etc.), 1.7% in Ice cap and on the icy caves of Antarctica and Greenland, 0.001% just humidity and clouds.Much of the water in the universe is produced as a byproduct of star formation and most importantly, according to the latest research the water has consciousness and memory and so is the case with water signs and scans everything.So,think of the problems that may rise in our bodies and the planet.

199Let’s say a few things about SHEAT, mythology says Scheat is connected with misery, water and air. I will focus only on events related to storms,water and air (especially airplanes, but not spacecrafts, but if that happens in any case we will see). Also connected with conflicts in industry, imprisonments, murders, suicides, drownings, and extreme misery but also to break with conventional thinking or philosophy.

Water and storms The last time Uranus was in Scheat, the deadliest hurricane in history hit America. On September 18, 1926 the Great Miami Hurricane killed more than 370 people and left 50,000 homeless. Uranus was conjunct Scheat 45 . The last time Saturn was in Scheat, a ship sunk by Haiti on April 1, 1996, killing over 200 people. On 08 June 1996 an F5 tornado killed 16 people and caused $ 100 million in damages in the Topeka, Kansas.

Air Accidents – The last time Uranus was in Scheat: The Bessie Coleman died after falling 2,000 feet from the airplane on 30 April 1926. On May 10, 1926 two pilots parachuted safe after having their planes collided in the air in Langley Feild, Virginia. The last time Saturn was in the Scheat: 3 Απρίλη, 1996, a USAF CT-43 crashed in Croatia, killing 35 people on board, including the Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown US. On June 8, 1996, an XB-70 Valkyrie and an F-104 Starfighter collided in the air killing two pilots in Barstow, California. On July 28, 1996, the US announced that a Lockheed U-2 spy had disappeared over Cuba. On August 6, 1996, the Braniff Airlines Flight 250 crashed in Fall City, Nebraska, killing all 42 on board.

Strikes – The last time Uranus was in Scheat: May 3, 1926, launched the British general strike in support of the miners. Over 1.5 million workers left who led the government to declare martial law. On February 19, 1927, another general strike, this time in Shanghai, protesting the presence of British troops. The last time Saturn was in the Scheat 17 June 1996, the employees of Air France went on strike. On June 29, 1996, we had the strike seafarers in the UK.

So we conclude at least so far that Scheat directly is associated with the element of air and water but also with massive mobilizations,possibly because of such events.Fixed stars evolve through time. Like us and our planet, the basic nature remains the same, but are constantly changing. As we evolve, the energy of the fixed stars, and even planets find new ways of expression.

Scheat was not involved in aircraft dropping two centuries ago, neither spacecraft during the early last century. But as technology advances, so does our consciousness. We certainly have a lot to observe even as much as regards the manner manifested the most dreaded fixed stars, including Scheat and Algol.Another star we will come across during the total solar eclipse is BATEN KAITOS, linked to isolation, depression, accidents, immigration, shipwrecks.(negotiations on political and social level also may “shipwrecked” too and finally fail).

There are also a few other hard aspects formed as the last 7th and strongest square between Uranus / Pluto will be formed between the 10th and 7th house (the house referred to the diplomatic relations of the state, alliances, the obvious enemies and popular reaction to the decisions of a government, international treaties, trade with foreign countries, partnerships.), the conjunction of Mars / Uranus / South Node / Vulkan and Eris in Aries,at the 10th house is pointing that the atmosphere will be particularly charged, electrifying and stressful between leaders -states.

Ruler of the eclipse is Neptune in Pisces, from the 9th house conjunct Mercury in the same sign. The chart shows a leap that is vital for the future and should be done. A cycle comes to an end with the closure of the square, illustrating from the conjunction of Mercury / Neptune, and Neptune as we said ruler of the eclipse and Mercury ruler of the 4th and the 12th house (the 12th is the limited spaces, exile, migration, crowding,prisons,institutions .It is also the crime, murder, criminals but also charitable organizations). The Ascendant of the eclipse is at the the 4th degree of Cancer, degree of betrayal, disappointment,is pointing risk by water, weakness, separation and loss in mesh with Saturn at the 4th degree of Sagittarius from the 6th house.Neptune, rules the wide open seas, the left-wing parties, that is related to gases and drugs, plots, intrigues, forgeries, fraud, treachery, that secret and illegal. Even social and feminist movements.

Let’s go and see what we find at the chart of the eclipse. The Moon will abstain 0-12 from the Sun, and this means that the eclipse will be crucial, where the main feature is the sudden, unexpected and will put the world on adventures, there will be impatience and will not listen to what others say and what they think will be a period that everything will come everything upside down.The Sun at the midpoint of Sun / Moon shows reaffirmation of the desire of some to create partnerships and is not excluded the possibility of breakthroughs and the revelations but also the midpoint of Mars / Neptune shows new projects are illuminated, there will be several changes or perhaps some plots will come to light. Lack of willpower, dissatisfaction, weakness, some funk. The risk of infection is particularly increased.


solar eclipse asia

solar eclipse europeThe square of Moon / Pluto between the 10 / 7th house shows explosive situations and a constant tension but also reduced support for the work is carried out. The midpoint of Mars / Neptune on affairs abroad is talking about crooks, for a fragile situation, indecisiveness, off course and diseases.The whole conjunction in Aries at the top of the horoscope of the eclipse indicates threat and complete overthrow of governments and regimes decline or fall but at the same time there will be new achievements, innovative projects and a new beginning.(I also wanted to mention that in previous lunar events,I had mentioned in public, that the trine of Fire, predicts the arrival of a new technology for humanity, that is not necessarily or totally positive, since that combined with microchips technology,RFID,in my country. Observing the facts,when RFID passed on Sweden population last year for the first time,I had predicted that the new Greek government would brought that delayed  stuff in Greece,next year,as immediately happened after the elections)The trine of Jupiter / Uranus on signs of fire contribute to the advancement of technology and a sense of independence and is also preserving the hope alive,protecting us from something worst at least at the moment.

The North Node shows limitations there will be obstacles and in a conjunction with Castor, sudden loss, discrimination, acid spirit prevails, violence and disruption. In the midpoint of Sun / Mars and Moon / Mars there will be desire for teamwork, new partnerships, there will be some women that will play an important role, on a personal level, social / professional and political. Zeus with Procyon shows violence, sudden success then disaster, politics, an abduction or escape, paralysis and dissolution of the 4th house (opposition). Pallas with Seginus is pointing at deception but perhaps loss through friends. The conjunction with Sharatan – Isis shows accidents, loss, danger, violence, defeat. The conjunction with Facies – Beishizhang is pointing a violent death, leadership, war, coldness, large earthquakes.

The Conjunction of Scheat -with Arabic Arab point of Friends,is pointing imprisonment, murder, suicide, drowning, extreme misery. Again we find the the conjunction of Mars / Uranus, we saw last year (associated with drops of airplanes) is showing increasing concern,nervousness, stubbornness, brutality, intolerance, risk of accidents, injury, or separation, damage through machinery, fires, explosions, tumultuous changes in people’s lives, Coercion, errors due to rush.If possible, avoid air-traveling! This transit concerns mainly air travel accidents and falling cases of them. There will be increase of suicides, crises and disasters and sudden events will be triggered but there will be dramatic climate upheavals, transformation of the earth environment and the climate generally.

Neptune transit in an unfavorable aspect with Mercury reveals Incorrect thinking, poor judgment, confusion of ideas, hypersensitivity, overactive imagination, dishonesty, lies and hypocrisy, uncontrolled emotional life, nervous disorders, undermines reputation, defamation, fraud and serious risks.Pay attention to contracts and documents and this applies at all levels. Attention to legal issues, courts, judges, this house is also concerning the clergy, religion, morality, science, and higher education. It is the religious attitude of the people. Is also shipping (not war), relations, trade and transactions of the state with distant countries.

Conjunction of Pluto (R) (0,0 ° C) -The symbol of the Phoenix means complete combustion and rebirth or transformation. The Nodes of the Moon in an unfavorable aspect with Uranus. (175,2 °) indicates sudden incidents, disruption, conflict.Uranus is at the midpoint of Moon / Venus and turns the attention to unwanted pregnancies. At the final precise square between the two planets Uranus / Pluto we will have the participation of Mars where the total eclipse will be in conjunction with Uranus.This is clearly a fairly violent aspect to separatist tendencies and crises influence that will shake the world structures and specifically European continent enough.Under these astrological circumstances Europe will break that is reinforced by Eclipse, and because of the previous lunar phenomena in anaretic degree.The alignment (stellium) of planets also in Pisces (Chiron, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune,) is showing what the solar eclipse will bring to the world.

The fixed star of Sheat and the general picture shows that the planet will be totally shaken by the total solar eclipse, literally, from all kinds of shipwrecks ( Sheat was also there when the Titanic sank), tsunamis, disasters, huge and strong earthquakes and there will generally be an undue risk to water, the economy will be shaken that will bring a total collapse of the Dow Jones but also tremendous ups and downs of the markets ,there will be extreme weather phenomena (perhaps the least I can say floods), there will generally misfortune and overthrow of governments and regimes, leaders and there will be coups together with Saturn in Sagittarius.

We will see tremendous upheavals on political level, dissolved political parties and increased armed attacks, terrorist attacks that Europe will accept from Islam.I have to say that the president of France,Francois Hollande,will be at high risk ,probably also will quit because of the alarmed situation, as also Erdogan of Turkey and many others.The planet scenery is connected with revolutions, a second Arab Spring and European Spring uprisings that we will mourn many victims, and is also a bad indicator for stock market / economy that shows extreme volatility and swings within this total chaos that will exist .I warn the people to avoid crowds and underground mainly places and transportation as well.

Also there will be ideological conflict between the Church, the Justice and state worldwide. The opposition of Mars / Zeus on a critical degree (21st degrees) marks major volcanic eruptions, fascist regimes, tyrannies, and deadly storms and also earthquakes too,perhaps USA will be hit by land,which means probably a major earthquake may take place,something that I have write since last year, as the square will affect the country particularly,creating a chaotic situation that will be hard to be controlled.The truth is that humanity will experience momentous changes especially with the square Saturn / Neptune until 2016, and that is an aspect that will bring rebirth through death, there will be significant changes, delusions, new ideas at all levels.

The eclipse is in two dangerous axis, Cancer / Capricorn at the 4th degree and the axis of Aries / Libra at the 18th degree, and that is quite dangerous ,the degree of administration and occupation.Zeus at the 7th degree of Cancer indicates abandonment, affects also the economic axis indicating a risk being caught up in dangerous situations, constant ups and downs and changes, and we must be prudent. Large gatherings and discussions will take place at political level.The 4th house indicates isolation and madness, irritability and tension but also vigilance.

Saturn at the 4th degree of Sagittarius, from the 6th house (daily living, workers, public health.Is also the army forces ,Army, Navy, law enforcement) shows destruction, sorrow and separation pending of issues associated with it. The 5th house shows difficulties to complete their plans concerning perhaps matters such as (gambling, speculation, entertainment, creativity, luck, gambling, casinos, are the ambassadors and representatives in other places.)The 8th house (capital of the state, the saving system. It is the highest cabinet, the State Council. It is the mortality and suicide in a State, as pensions, insurance system, insurance institutions. It is still the stock market, the debts of the state to the other states and the revenues of other states) will chaos, instability and decay, collapse, at parliamentary level in the 11th house (parliaments, laws, relations with friendly countries). The whole picture is pointing again a chaotic situation concerning these houses.

Uranian equations describes these days, as Days or years of ultimatums or tyranny

solar eclipse south asia

solar eclipse usa

solar eclipseMars shows * covert activities – exploring the unknown – – ambiguities and uncertainties – Secret Aid – Anonymous acts – Infections – errors – Damage – uncertainty or instability on the job – strikes – manipulation – cheating – Extermination. Fanaticism / despotism. Electrical storms – related disorders drastic action – accidents / Assassination of a significant person (or some leaders may be in danger, perhaps from Europe) / Violent deaths- discussions about power – Hot arguments – Bullying – Threats – Blackmail. Lightning – Sudden fires – Surprises on weapons. Unrest outside world – tension everywhere. Anxiety about reforms – life rhythm disorders. Religious events-major accidents / Suddenly deadlocks – Riot on obstacles or resistance – sudden deaths / high risk / unexpected disaster -Large fires. Reversals outside world. Develop secret or evil plans – Religious transformations or conversions.

Planning of Government Substantial changes concerning actions of policeKey nations at warlegally binding measures – measures Justice rulings Coup – Great intensity outside world dictatorships (this includes US countries, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland , Nigeria, Cuba)

Dirty tricks Manipulationpersonal risks or risks relating to liquids – damages or injuries in relation to water; Underground leadersdeprivation affecting reputable people or nations or lack of dignity Important discomfort – Risks from above (air) – Operation rude acts – viceSignificant financial shortages – Important injustices – Important bad luck- Anarchydiscussions about faith – News about religious problems and religionssecret or covert operation -say goodbye to partnersChaos

Chronic insomnia – bad dreams – Hours moments of danger or damage to impoverished peoples or nations – Air pollution – water shortages – losses though floods- Medical problems undermine income – Increase damage related to freedom – hurricanes or severe storms-Mutual problems associated with freedom-Suffixes related cooperative efforts -Snow – instability – Frustration about the past or historical changes – Extensive government problems -Material disaster – high strength twists

SFPageConcerning Greece, the activation of 29 degree of Pisces will bring major changes, by deleting old political forces and promote new ones. The conjunction of the Sun / Moon in Pisces on the 29th from the 10th house affects the 11th house of  the country  by bringing major changes at parliamentary level, that it is over the death axis, of Mars / Saturn by forming hard aspects with the Sun and Saturn of Greece.

Bear in mind also there that a full moon on the same axis 3 years ago was linked to the murder of Paul Fyssas and the persecution of the Golden Dawn. The specific astrological combination reveals a kind of a loss that will bring perhaps a chain of events in respect of these mentioned .(However,concerning the Full Moon in Virgo earlier this month I mentioned that an important person is in prison would reveal socking truths and will come to the front ).This causes inhibitions and aloofness of course this eclipse will affect worldwide and will bring major changes on religious level but also the death of a leader (including of a religious leader?perhaps..but think that the eclipse will last for long time)

The MC at the 14th of Pisces square to Mars of Greece is evidence of sweeping changes on leadership level but also display of quarrels, squabbles, and is generally an indication of mobility but also naivety too. Mars of course is very strong in degrees related to shipwrecks, weakness and instability and on the fixed star BATEN KAITOS in a square with Neptune of Greece declares failure due to lack of planning, programming, operation, damages, injuries, lack of determination, hesitation something is in progress.

Mercury of the eclipse in Pisces from the 11th degree (degree of the decline and cutting), from the 9th house conjunct with Neptune (fraud, treason etc.), on the MC is in weak position and is pointing delusion, confusion and agitation, one which deceives and has mistaken discrimination.Venus at the 3rd degree of Taurus although very positive that means robustness however Saturn limits its positive energy, but also Demeter in a square from the axis of finances means an abnormal landing to reality, difficulties in cooperation and is not the best indication for finances and other issues relating to 11th and 12/10th house. (However,in previous weeks, through Uranian,I had predicted that a sudden economical blockage would be possible in the country,something like Cyprus events).

uranus pluto square2The square of Uranus / Pluto associated with explosive and radical changes, collapse of old ideas, fanaticism, violence and destruction means that something new will be born through disruption and subversive changes as has been done after the Second World War, certainly preparing something new in the future but of course with some cost.The square of Uranus/Pluto just remind is linked to natural disasters, bankruptcies and economic deadlock and has violent character. Uranus here is ruling the 10th and 9th house and Pluto in the 7th, 10th and 6th house.I would like also to mention that probably a major earthquake may take place also in the area of Mediterranean.

Jupiter at the 13th degree (without purpose,) from the 2nd house, that rule over the chart of the eclipse in the 10th / 9th house affects the 4th house of Greece and activates the opposition of Sun / Saturn of Greece reinforcing a lucky separation, a consensual kind of divorce.Mention here that in the Full Moon of Virgo earlier ,we had already predict elections for the country but also a possible goodby when the full moon fall on the axis of Saturn/Pluto,which is the absolute zero time.

The Nodes of the Moon at the 9th Aries / Libra activate the Part of fortune but also with the Black Moon and in connection with the fixed star Vendimiatrix, is linked to orphanage and widowhood, falsehood, madness, shame, theft, depression the witch hunt, mysticism and the occult.In previous years we saw that the squares resulted ιn many conflicts between communities and the power and highlighted unreliability of policies that of course there will be many terrorist attacks.The solar eclipse on the borderline of Aries / Pisces on the 20th of March,coincides with the Spring equinox promises no favorable start-ups but the total solar eclipse, will continue to create problems and will affect UK, USA, Russia,but also all the countries that will totally see the solar phenomenon, that terrorist attacks will affect tourism.

Finally, while Europe will have significant problems to deal with and the world will be shaken from terrorist attacks, being in the spiral of the solar eclipse,that there will be uprisings, earthquakes, volcanic explosions, assassinations, coups, plane crashes, floods, tsunami, wrecks and government leaders at high risk,particularly in London, Italy, France and Central Europe but also through Greece we will see the Hypothetical Kronos and Hades pass over ,astrochartografically,but also Mercury as seen on the chart.

Hypothetical Kronos is connected through Uranian equations with Settings High technology – Coup – high intensity outside world – dictatorships-Change management affecting the world -Significant public fires – Forcing on superiors – Official conflict – Wars-intensity on principles – Huge tension – Stress-Management Changes – – adjustment, restructuring, or resolutions – conversions, or transitions-Official Measures – Working for the state – Official conflict – compulsion on authorities – large fires-off events – official events – populations Reforms or nations – Technology between the elite – great inner turmoil – Extraordinary intensity – Nervousness about their superiors-Public pressure or coercion on formal issues – big nations at war-Tension concerning the public money-off problems in groups – Official socially problems – Understanding related to official restrictions – Modest clearly on the rise or ownership – limited events affecting the self-reliance and independence-Great sadness frustration-ideological battles-Fear and anxiety everywhere– Long serious or critical concerns – Deep sadness – alienation – serious illnesses-Sadness or depression – Distributions, damages or injuries related to fraud – Losses on risk-risk or risks relating to liquids – damages or injuries in the water. Physical exhaustion or depletion – Days encountered problems or losses.

Sacrifices – Public damages, losses or injuries – the need for correction or compensation – unsanitary conditions -sadness and depression – losses to the public – the poor people or nations – Heavy-hours Bad news – announcements concerning a complaint or disgust-Unexpected lack of harmony – Sudden denials concerning agreements danger than snow-frozen capital – Beneficial endings – Limited luck – Increases associated with sadness or depression – Restricted assets – Reductions related to money or income-depth perception – Truth or events related to the past or causal factors – Serious meditation – spiritual profundity – Clarity on obstacles or resistance – ideological distinctions or demarcations.

Endings related associates or partners Resistance on departures or detachment from others – Interactions in confined spaces or individual settings faults associated with relationship problems Continuous departures or detachment from the place or partners Repeated or persistent problems outskirts Heavy childbirth or trapping.

Instability – restrictive environments – Changes in lifestyle – concealing inferiority or depressive feelings – faults related partnerships – Obstacles Continuous frustration about their partners – Undermining partnerships – drug problems

Minimizing physical movement – Awareness of restrictions – Restrictions on youth – days or years minimization activity – Block thoughts – Obstacles opposition related discussions, especially with men – faults concerning communications – related deaths youth.
Influence associated with land and real estate – Establishment of physical barriers – Days minimize work – Reductions related to power – Significant physical barriers – strong or violent obstruction – brute force – violent deaths
Communications on “resistance or opposition – debates on public demarcations – Heavy vehicles – blocking communications Limited mobility among the crowd – depressive thoughts-Sudden ruptures associated with Contact – disturbances over mutual restraint – Constant intensities Revolutionary or disruptive events

Severe turbulence in our personal relationships.Collective resistance from groups of people.Continuous beneficial discussions – endings related to financial transactions – philosophical dialogues – Restrictions concerning business profits – reducing Enterprises – financial insolvency – Commercial stagnation – News related to the breaking of laws

Resist malicious actions – struggles against poverty – demanding working conditions – gaps – reducing labor – Continued unemployment – Actions related to the allowances and coldness – Cooling – Mistreatment related deaths
Continuous profitable work – Work towards economic stability and security – Environment of economic borders – stewardship – Securities investment activity – Lucky escape from fatal setbacks – Work involving the treasures of the earth – objections to certain laws – Significant expenditure – endings associated with profitable occupations – major limitation on income – Obstacles related to legal action – annihilation of good fortune

endings on occasional delays – self-reliance despite continued reductions – Important issues relating to the history or over obstacles – Significance associated with continued opposition – Problems up and down – Flight detachment associated with falls – continuous problems related to power.
Dissolution of ongoing losses or injuries – Chemicals – Obscure deep waters – Deep Mysteries – Dissolution ongoing shortages – endings associated with misfortune – Uncertainty, insecurity, instability -damages, injuries or damages associated with unknown obstacles or opposition – chronic medical problems – constant discomfort – Diseases associated with cold and damp – Death on deprivation – Risks associated with freezing
success in education – Deepening extensive knowledge – Extensive studies – Enlargement of expertise – Satisfaction over the educational stance – great understanding about the past – Study on old cultures – a little freedom for divergent views-Difficult rise.
Concentration; Compression – Consolidation – Concentrated material – Past – Restriction – Isolation – Departures or distancing – endings – Abiogenesis – Land or Land – Raw materials – Old age – Resistance – Suspension – Shrink – Obstacle – Rifts – immobilization.