The New Moon will occur in the zodiac sign of Aquarius,at the zero degree of Aquarius on January 20, 2015 at 3:13:39 pm and this lunar phenomenon will participate Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, Mercury and Venus. This influence will give the opportunity to rebuild our forces and settle outstanding issues but it also means a new beginning, where a lunar phenomenon of utmost meaning.The signs that will be affected are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, of the fixed Cross.
This New Moon is being characterized mostly productive, dynamic at least on a personal level and has positive energy which will further help to organize our life in financial terms but in a sense it will freeze situations that have led to problems and upheavals in the past, so that will reduce the clutter to scrape together some things or situations that might have crossed the limits.However,this New Moon will help to realize more what is happening around us.The New Moon has the importance of a dynamic restart and is important for Greece,but also other countries belong to the sign of Aquarius,such as Iran, Russia, Sweden, Syria, Ethiopia, so energy can benefit and to coordinate better and to clarify our desires and whatever else is troubling us long time now. Aquarius is one sign which is identical with the future extends beyond the ordinary, is unconventional, abhors boredom, bans and restrictions but also brings rapid developments on a political level.

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Aquarius is associated with the dawn of a new era, where they sought the unity in diversity and disparate invites us to realize that each of us is unique. Aquarius depicted as water carrier, the container that holds symbolizing global ideas and the baptism of humanity in collective consciousness.The ruler planet of Aquarius is Uranus identified with freedom, leadership and progress.

His unpredictability therefore is inherent in all systems, creates fissures producing huge changes subsequently. The New Moon in Aquarius occurs to 0 degrees, and we have brought up before that the 0 degree the qualities of a sign is being displayed here unfiltered, in the 8th house of the solar horoscope, where it forms also a conjunction to the Sun at 0 degree of Aquarius, where the sun will be also located at the beginning of Aquarius, where this paves the way for large ruptures however, also means the start of important events that will bring a cleanup and will bear big changes.The 8th house is linked to the funds of the state, the saving system, the upper cabinet, the State Council, mortality, suicide in a state , the pension system, the insurance institutions. It’s still the stock, debts of the state to other states, the court case, the house of the Renaissance, the bankrupts, and incomes of other states

The conjunction of the Sun / Moon means that obviously issues concerning this house him will be strengthen and there will be a new beginning, but we are called to use our talents and our intuition but also to adapt ourselves. Something is moving forward, and will restore equilibrium, the whole energy is certainly gone into these matters and additionally indicates the need for a substantial change.So there will be renewal in these matters, a new beginning, a new start.On the contrary the conjunction could possibly mean self-sufficiency and indeed, it forms a sextile with Saturn in the 6th house linked with the bureaucracy, the health sector but also trade unions, military service, farmers, administrators but very importantly the is the army.However, because this aspect is related to the house of finances in Aquarius, which means that there there will be something unexpected, changes and ruptures in these sectors.

Uranus from the 10th house forms a conjunct to the South Node of the Moon in the 12th degrees of Aries, where is the degree of heavy responsibility and luck, and simultaneously shows that after great effort, efforts and sacrifices there will be rewards, while forming also a square between the Nodes of the moon and Pluto.But of course we should not forget that we are crossing now the sixth of the seven squares between Uranus / Pluto until the cycle will be closed permanently after many years in this spring, which will be extremely strong the last square and and there we will see how that will close and what will happen. The above formulation is very rare and the last time this happened was in 1847.1772, between AriesCapricornTaurus. Also the aspects of Uranus, South Node and Pluto will happen again in 2,600 years and we understand how important this rare formation is.

Uranus also forms an opposition to the North Node, between 4 / 10th house, and also this is an important indicator of variations and twists in social and political level.It also shows sudden meetings and separations,or summits. Meetings also contacts with people who have rigid character and behavior.The North Node in a square to Pluto between 4 / 7th house shows strong changes in relations and co-operations. Difficulties in the exchange of views but also lack of confidence. Compulsive reactions. Jealousy. Intense experiences.

Well we carve a new path, we say goodbye to old status, habits, friends, but also generally anything belongs to the past.We are opening a way for a new path in life, there will be sudden changes regarding our living conditions, new political data.The opposition between UranusSouth Node almost 180 degrees is being formed shows unexpected incidents in community or family life unsettling experiences with others, mourning, harsh living conditions that are usually followed by change, risk or disaster, crisis (suicidal thinking) but also in policy is linked to the government, the country’s president, the ruling party, the position but also the force of the state in international diplomacy. Sure as you can see this New Moon in Aquarius is ahead of national elections in Greece on Sunday 25 January 2015. These aspects will have a major change in public perceptions of the country.

The New Moon in Aquarius also will form a square with the solar eclipse that took place on 24 of October 2014, at the zero degree of Scorpio. So if you refer back to the events that happened then you will see what happened then.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_2014

Also on 21 January starts the retrograde motion of Mercury also in Aquarius, in the 9th house will bring Greece,as also has her natal Mercury in the same sign, and this is linked to movements, our beliefs, whenever we are asked to review and correct mistakes but certainly there will be significant delays if not consolidation of some issues.Someone may think that this is really great then but when Mercury will start to move forward again,he will release huge energy in that airy sign.Mercury here is at the 16th degree of Aquarius, and means passiveness.However, during that period of time we will hear a lot and there will be an upheaval but also tensions and intense competition where everyone will express their opinion .The fact that our country will be in headlines again, with the eyes nailed from abroad down here, this is nothing new of course.On the other hand the aspects are being formed as also the eclipses phenomena,the closing of the Seven Squares,in spring time are pointing to a dangerous collision with the opposite country perhaps at the Aegean Sea,as also the situation will be terrible in Balkans area and all around in Europe.Probably second elections may occur in Greece again within the year.I have to mention that whoever will be elected now,will not stay and I am not talking about  3 years or 2 in government but within this year.

The opposition Mercury / Jupiter speaks to our promises that we will be not be able to fulfill and promise things that we will be not able to perform. Perhaps some will be exposed for this reason, the opposition is being formed between the 3-9th house, which is related to the media,abroad, justice, international diplomacy, higher educational institutions, religion, science, traveling.Certainly, here there will be episodic situations and difficulties.And while our country will already be a few hours before the national elections imagine what will happen, prevailing an unprecedented situation, there will be many resignations, scandals and other curiosities , there will be reversals, with Uranus and the Nodes of the Moon in the 10th house and this of course will be squared by Pluto in the 7th house linked with partnerships, the apparent enemies of the country, its allies and the reaction of the people.All that will begin to occur three days before the New Moon in Aquarius and after.Uranus will conjunct the South Node and an opposition to the North Node, and generally what will happen will be fatal.

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However, you need to think more carefully when it comes to career moves decisions that affect the direction of your life or issues of our/your country. Do not spend much time on thoughts that have nothing to do with the real world (midpoints MoonNeptune) . Venus at the midpoint of UranusPluto points out creative power, longing for the new but something new also in the field of art. The position of Mars in Pisces shows hidden enemies, imprisonment, and misfortune and what is being hidden from the world, near the zenith, but also by Zeus from the 3rd house at the midpoint of MercuryVenus shows hits for archaeological discoveries, archaeological treasures of great value, works art.

Mercury in an unfavorable aspect with Saturn brings suspension, disbelief, depressed mood, difficult working conditions, egoism. Slightly poor health, headaches.Something very important here is that Neptune will square with Saturn in 9th house, which means collapse of structures.

Something immersed here, something collapses.Its last 3 aspects in the past was in 1917.1953 and 1989. This cycle is linked with socialism.The Ascendant of New Moon is at first degree of Cancer, in mutable sign and suggests that what will start will not last for long time.Critical situations and instability, of course that forms a trine to Mercury and Mars shows attachment to the country and traditions or old habits and situations.The descendant in the 1st degree of Capricorn shows change.The MC is located at the 10th degree of Virgo / Pisces that is the the degree of utility / freedom.This axis is linked with service and sacrifice.The New Moon in Aquarius will affect the zenith of Greece, connecting with the president of democracy, the government, the image of the state, and that is referring to one of the most significant houses .The 11th house also is affecting the Parliament, aviation, and friendly relations with the other countries. Saturn in Sagittarius (power, oppression, restrictions) from the 6th house (Living, Army, Security Forces, employees, health ) will affect the 7th house of the country concerned by the apparent enemies of a state, trade, international conditions.The New Moon in Aquarius will affect the other side of the Atlantic, the Middle East and our country.

Since I will not write so often,I would like to mention that what you see is happening right now in France,and those who have read my articles last year,I had mentioned how the whole situation would be overthrow in Europe,America and the rest of the world.What you see are the first steps of Saturn in Sagittarius,just think when he will be established permanently there for the next 3 year till 2017.Religion wars and revolts,limited freedom and borders,coups, are his main characteristics.However,this New Moon is shouting for emergency situations that will place place in the world.Hope soon to have the chance to write again!