The first full moon of the New Year 2015 will be held at the 14th degree of Cancer, in the 7th house of the solar horoscope, on 5 January, at 6:53:13 pm. Into this phenomenon there will be a strong involvement of Pluto, Uranus, Mercury as well the planet will transit in Aquarius at 3:38 in the morning, and also Venus will be involved by forming disharmonious aspects.

This Full Moon marks a very important period and quite difficult influencing signs of the cardinal cross, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.


The events that will happen will require many to deviate and to make important decisions about their lives, notably to their personal relationships and professional collaborations, where it will become a kind of cleanup but this phase will prove tough enough for the economy. This Full Moon is also called wolf Moon and its main characteristic is strong emotions that may become a cry. The wolf howls when separated from its herd expressing his longing for it, hence the connection with the zodiac sign of Cancer and feelings with family ties as also close relationships. Wolves are nocturnal, whenever you connect directly to the Moon. This Full Moon is reminding us or will teach us that every time we try to control our emotions, we lose, unlike if shared with others then we have to earn more. So we learn that the expression of feelings is not a sign weakness. I win more when identifying others and their capacity to manage themselves and their lives without being interfered. But I cannot control others but others may control themselves.
The full moon in Cancer is making us more sensitive and we get hurt easily, we are deeply touched and are quite intense. We want more comfort, intimacy, we want to be closer to family and home and what we love. We may also see a situation ending or culmination. Regarding matters of real estate or territorial issues will be triggered in different countries. This Full Moon in Cancer is squared by Uranus in Aries, and forms an opposition with Pluto, which means that we fight against those who want to hold us back and want to bound us, so we raise our ground against those who trying to limit us.

This Full Moon will bear political turmoil, will make us rebel against the authorities, and those who want to get of our house, and property. If you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Cancer sign is very likely to feel strongly this influence. The 14th degree of this full moon is considered lucky, which means unexpected rise and success. The 7th house, where it takes place, refers to the diplomatic relations of the state, the alliances, their obvious enemies and popular reaction to the decisions of a government. This house also refers to international treaties and the opponent country in time of war. The moon is associated with the people, the masses, and psychological distress.
This full moon is squaring Uranus from the sign of Aries, also forms a tight square with the Nodes of the Moon in Libra Aries axis-The combination Aries-Cancer points out that love does not mean dependence, control others, to be overprotective and to make others suffocate but to let others adequate space to breathe so they can function properly in a relationship or partnership.

Uranus from Aries, allows adventure, freedom, independence, data that enable them to maintain the enthusiasm in life but the trend of dependence that cancer has, and his obsession with the past, this for Uranus is a dilemma. The conjunction of Sun-Pluto during the full moon emphasizes self-knowledge and the opportunity to get rid of what is entraps us. Thus through this full moon we being called to find our equilibrium through companionship and cooperation that will allow us go after our dreams .The image of the first full moon of 2015 gives a general impression of a whole year.


The MC on the axis Aries-Libra, which shows difficulties in the 23rd degree and the Ascendant in Capricorn 1st fate (change) -Cancer shows adhesion and close ties with the home and our country. We must pay attention to issues in challenging terrains, archaeological discoveries that will thrill and sights or statements that will leave an unpleasant impression. Hazards arising from landslides, mud, flooding and problems such settlements or even entire regions. All sorts of events, attacks and possible economic or ethical scandals relating to persons of the opposition parties.

The Full Moon (notably the Moon) will conjunct the fixed star of Sirius which according to Ptolemy is naturally Mars -Jupiter. It gives ethics and glory and is actually influencing Greece once more that will be probably on the headlines. Mars conjuncts Sadalsuud showing tremendous difficulties and the North Node conjuncts the fixed star Algorab which brings problems from improper performance of duties.

Τhe full Moon in Cancer will affect mostly USA,Asia the part of China,Canada,South America,the Southern part of Africa,Italy,Sweden,France,England.A brief look into the Uranian we see that picture,as I love to intrigue my audience,you may read and get your own conclusions.

  • Great powers – Powerful influence – Ascent or mastery – Superior strength – Major public sensations – The mother’s work – Official public work – Power on large scale – Actions relating to respected populations or nations – High-level officials – Government departments – Political power – Executive leaders – Politicians — Domination– Artistic concepts relating to human emotions and perceptions – Public ideological or intellectual associations – Ideological communities with the public- Excitement among the public – Demands involving the public — Public compulsions – Nations and their battles – Public unrest – Fires – Shootings, driving, or sports-Others’ desire for peace and cooperation – Freeing of/by partners – Scientific experimentation – Experience with fire, ignition, or weapons relating to others — Extensive fires – Extensive warfare -Momentary financial battles- Uncertainty or instability of or about technical assignments – Losses relating to transportation vehicles – Disruptions in connection with alcohol – Thunderstorms – Explosions relating to flammable gases – Scalding.
  • Increase of sacrifices relating to efforts – Flowing water – Rivers – Wind currents — Uncertainty, insecurity, or instability relating to work development of potential – Denial or withdrawal relating to interchanges at work – Momentary mistakes – Increase of losses relating to energies – Increase of desire involving alcohol – Secret rearmament

uncertainty or instability – Gradual financial losses – Unprofitable interchanges – Substantial changes relating to illusions and success – Increase of excitement – Restructuring, conversions, or transitions relating to reforms – Technical innovations or development of potential – Future or futuristic development of potential – Current events — Growing tensions – Increase of stress – Upsetting readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions .

New materials for the future – Gradual endings relating to reforms – Increases related to resistance to tension — Disruptions relating to technical continuity or limitations – Destruction

New developments in theoretical, metaphysical, or spiritual sciences – Facts relating to substantial scientific or academic changes – Readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions relating to updated facts.