January 2015 is beginning with in a parallel line with Mars course and Venus but also with Mercury being at the zodiac sign of Aquarius at the dawn of the New Year. This conjunction in the air sign of Aquarius will continue to exist while the planets will pass from the one zodiac to another almost till the end of this year. Venus and Mars will be close to one another all though the year, then in Pisces, in Aries, in Taurus etc. till the end of December of 2015.This long lasting and close approach of both planets, by modelling a conjunction, will change the style, the structure and the atmosphere in the human relationships and will rearrange many times relationships emotions in relation to self- centeredness that is characterizing us.
This phenomenon begins this month and also pre-announces the forming of new affairs, of social but also of physical nature. Mars is expressing permeation and Venus receptivity. The first is symbolizing projection and the second one the union between two people. Mars is about initiatives and Venus is about co-operation, Mars represents love impulse and Venus emotions is accepting.
These two symbols, love and power, are depending from each other and affecting each other. So, this phenomenon, the co-existence of these two celestial bodies means that this year arousing and emotions will work together, sometimes might co-operate and other times will be turned against each other, but this will be the most basic factor concerning the developments in human affairs.
January begins with Mercury entering Aquarius during the full moon in Cancer and Venus but also Mars being in this sign and that conjunction will act intensely and unpredictably. On the other hand this conjunction before the Sun will enter Aquarius later this month confirm that time will run too fast and events will also run too fast, the one after the other.

The only problem perhaps is Saturn at the beginning of Sagittarius with Neptune at the beginning of Neptune. This negative aspect between those two planets will possibly affect in a negative way human behavior and peoples psychological state. People that will not find a way to function, if will not collide with the social reality, will dangerously flirt with depression, sadness and fraudulent misrepresentation. Another option of this aspect, is to come on the front all the lost time and work all those that have been misled on a personal and professional level, the last ten years. In many case, the above options is possible to hit the family environment, to bring greater distance into the creative and practical world and that will result in greater use of drugs or alcohol but also into their therapy too.
But we must not lose courage and hope, because at the same time, a new ear is coming up that water (Neptune) with the form of floods, strong rains and melt of the ice will definitely threaten nations, regimes and administration systems in many parts of the planet Earth.

2015 will be a very important year for our relationships whether they be professional or family, especially sexual or social. Pluto will continue to be in the sign of Capricorn, Neptune of course in Pisces and Uranus in the sign of Aries. From December 23 Saturn as you know, has already left behind the sign of Scorpio for a while, until summer in order to travel the latest of his degrees, and has entered the sign of Sagittarius, where after permanently will be settled there until 2017.
Jupiter will be in the sign of Leo until mid-August and later will enter the sign of Virgo for the rest of the year. These planets and their aspects are being included show what is flying around this year. The most important aspect is Neptune-Saturn square to be formed between 3rd and the 5th house, one on 15 February, 9 April, 3,12 and 21 November 2015 and there may occur irreparable mistakes, but also it would be difficult to start something new, as also it will be hard to distinguish easily and judge properly some situations.

This aspect is implying the collapse of structures, where experienced very strongly politically principally as collapse of outdated government structures. The automatic cycle associated with socialism and the latter conjunctions became in the past 1917.1953 1989.This aspect has brought great changes in Russia for example. When there is a large crack in the ship of state, then it sinks under the influence of this aspect. This aspect causes to the collective spirit the need to take concrete action to improve the situation for those who suffer.
Let us not forget of course that Νeptune rules the wide open seas, the left parties, what is related to gases and drugs. He rules the machinations, intrigues, forgeries, fraud, treachery, that secrets and what is illegal. Even social and feminist movements too. Saturn states elderly people. Individuals who are worthy of respect, people who over time have been recognized and with effort and honesty have earned respect, strict people, the judges and those skilled in their field, the landowners.

Saturn is the buildings built of stone, soil, products of the land, subsoil, mining, coal and earthquakes are present. Also states preservatives and authoritarian parties. Saturn brings obstacles, delays and difficulties while Neptune brings chaos.

Saturn, from the position of Sagittarius (a fiery sign) also will form positive aspects with Jupiter (from Leo also a fire sign) and Uranus (the sign of Aries, also fire sign). When Jupiter enters Virgo (earth sign) in August will form an opposition with Neptune (from Pisces, on 31 August, 3 and 5 September, since Virgo will be in an opposition axis with Pisces) and then form a square with Saturn (the sign of Sagittarius forms a square with Virgo in classical astrology).

Pluto from the position of Capricorn, earth sign, will form a negative aspect to Uranus but after spring onwards will relax enough thereby closing the circle of seven squares. These aspects are generally talking about mistakes to be made and other illusions and release from past mistakes. If this happens at least foreseen the future to be more lighthearted.

The tension will continue on a global scale, will not miss the lobbying, the violent events, while war outbreaks will be maintained throughout the planet, but at the same time there will be progress in science, but also losses, extreme weather phenomena, intense geological upheavals as well as increased mortality on the planet as well as industry and agriculture will be limited. But of course the aspects which are formed in 2015, give hope like also the trine between Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus from the signs of fire, where would particularly highlight idealism leadership, originality, and regeneration mainly in art and technology.
From the most significant astrological events of 2015 is the close approach between Mars / Venus, as I mentioned above and I would like to mention more on that, and this means that both planets will stand shoulder to shoulder closely through their journeys in the zodiac. This meeting will be very important for the psychological and erotic synastry and the meeting of these two energies associated with human sexuality but how they are expressed to both sexes in human relations. This conjunction is associated with passion and sexual chemistry. With this phenomenon, people do not care to search others any deeper.
Mars represents the impetus energy and initiative, its position in the horoscope shows the area in which we are called to defend and assert our will. It is not easy planet, traditionally is an evildoer, creator of struggles and conflicts. Meanwhile, his actions represent our instinctive need to survive and conquer starting from our apathy when we accept assault and causing us to take action.

It signals the body and muscles, the body movements and activity, energy, initiative, enthusiasm, strength, war and weapons, aggression, anger, violence, brutality or cruelty, hostilities, the soldier, accidents, competitiveness and athletes. As he rules the body, dominates and do anything with it, from sports to the simple physical effort and professions which have as primary element using the body.

While Venus implies sexuality in terms of pleasure, Mars symbolizes the sex drive. Where Venus is gentle and slow Mars is sharp and fast as his nature is to attack, to pierce, cut or injure. In psychological terms the planet relates to anger and the way we get angry. If it is well positioned shares many of the positive characteristics of Aries, showing a human in dashing enough and not afraid to start a fight, either for himself or for others.
In good circumstances anger can turn into motivation for action rather than devastating. Because destructiveness exists -in greater or lesser extent in all people, from early in history was institutionalized in the form of the army, the purpose of which is the direction of personal aggression in defense of the group.

The close meeting between those two planets does not happen often enough. Venus is associated with harmony while Mars is expressed more directly and aggressively. This meeting will affect several of our personal relationships and bring to the surface positive and negative traits. Because of this, there will be plenty of conflicts, increased competition, there will be sudden loves, sudden separations, and will mark explosive situations as will particularly emphasize the aggressive behavior in human beings and so this phenomenon will change a lot in human relationships at all levels.

Negatively this aspect brings confusion, frustration, reaction and exists constantly an emotional and mental distress. Venus tries to accept a situation for the sake of harmony and peace while Mars is trying to impose by pressing, aggressively. This conjunction will play a big role in all sectors in relations between states within social groups, professional and personal general as well as friendly relations too .This conjunction in love astrology, is very important for the synastry and the meeting of these two energies female/ male associated with sexuality, passion and sexual chemistry but also the expression of both sexes in a relationship.

This aspect will cause a lot of passions, tensions, conflicts and other power games depending on the zodiac constellations is passing through. By this phenomenon, we overlook what we really want in a relationship, but the only interest is the sexual act.
So we must pay attention very well on our choices and often this aspect is easy to lead to marriage and after the bed, all of a sudden we realize our mistakes, because to this aspect of what begins spontaneously then quickly ends .This aspect of course offers pleasure, tension but does not create meaningful relationships and stable. The feeling of jealousy is strong, the love at first sight affairs created easily, but also conception can be fatal and we may experience unwanted pregnancies.
This conjunction may be positive for those who do not easily express their feelings or for those who do not dare to make a new beginning, so now this energy will push you more in order to express what you feel more easily in order to create something that was impossible before. However this conjunction itself, may exceed the limits and see more perversion and madness in the world. Venus is associated with the economy, so through the conjunction we will see serious mistakes being made under intense pressure causing losses and scandals. Also be careful with regard to our health because Mars causes injuries, headaches, sharp pains, burns, scars, rashes, infections, and febrile conditions.