Mars will pass the sign of Aquarius for the last time on 5 December for the year 2014, that will be located on the 1st house of the solar horoscope at 1:57 am Fortunately, transits formed within December are not significant except one square of medium intensity, an opposition and two sextiles. On 21 December during the 4th Quarter, is formed a sextile between Mars and Uranus between 1-3 houses in the 12th degree, that on a personal level can be presented an unexpected opportunity and worth exploiting it where it may appear, the which is the degree of reward following after stubborn efforts. Mars will be in Aquarius until 12 January 2015 after which it will surrender his place in the sign of Pisces.

Mars will be hosted in the home of Uranus, wants to change the world and is used for this objective, all his energy and strength. For them the freedom, independence and humanity are the ultimate authorities. Anything traditional, which belongs to the sphere of the establishment, is being casted under strict questioning. They like dealing with advanced technology and creative inventions. They have strong mental abilities people with Mars in Aquarius, great love for philosophy and pioneering scientific spirit, evidence of highly efficient and creative when combined and properly recovered.

With negative aspects Mars here though impregnated by rebelliousness of Uranus, and might be tricked into extremities, ending up to be a rebel without target, substance and vision. Despite the fact that they love the freedom and independence, sometimes they do not recognize those rights to another, thereby converted into your tyrants.Your need for autonomy and independence may create problems in your relationships. Particularly, in romantic relationships you are quite erratic and eccentric, without knowing many times exactly what satisfies you. Mars while receiving negative effects, you should avoid risks arising from eclecticism, fire, airplanes and guns..Be cautious of in nervous tension.

The transit of Mars from the 12th to the 1st house is important although.Mars here has great strength and durability. Although with positive aspect forming, the 12-the degree of murder can be very risky and give dramatic and unexpected events even via a sextile..

These aspects increase mental energy, originality of thought and method.Maybe not afraid of the opinion of others, and maintain an open-minded, liberal, decisive, independent and resourceful mind and way of thinking.Even though in an hexagon there are obstacles to be overcome this aspect seems to be quite dangerous enough.. Responds to situations and prefers the unpredictability than the routine.

These natal aspects increase mental energy, originality of thought and method. The man, unafraid to opinions of others, you may become a reviewer of outdated systems. He is open-minded, liberal, decisive, independent and resourceful. It can be a bit risky, but thanks to the boldness surpasses obstacles. Responds to situations and prefers the unpredictability of the routine. Thanksgiving in physical activities that require quick reflexes and a good sense of time. Has enough nervous energy and hardly follows the advice of others because he feels the need to try everything alone. It offers personal magnetism and insight. In economics, the benefits can come through inventions, through electrical engineering, engineering, construction, transport, industrial research, psychology or employment in government positions.

With this influence but generally, feel irresistible, claimed with dynamism our rights. We feel that nothing is adequate to prevent us, for this reason we can withstand the hard work in order to pursue our goals. Feel free to do what we want and anyone who will stand in our projects and our desires will definitely pay for it.. With the passage of Mars in the 1st house new beginnings are being favored..At the beginning of 2015, Mars also forms an opposition to Jupiter at the axis of economy. This may signal a general ignition and difficulties.