The New Moon of November will be held in Sagittarius at 2:32 in the afternoon on 22 November 2014 and will affect the signs of Mutable Cross, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. But will also affect many Scorpios and Taurus born at the last ten days. Into this phenomenon, Neptune, Mercury and Saturn are involved.The New Moon is warning us to be cautious concerning communication but also beware of risks on a financial level .This Lunar phenomenon will affect the internal administration of a country, the exercise of power, trade and exchanges.There will be problems to the international political space that will be increased while the discussions to resolve them will not help much as the decisions that will be taken must be weighed enough.

In this lunar phenomenon on 22-11 we see the Sun, the Moon, to be located in the sign of Sagittarius but also Venus and Demeter (Ceres) to form a conjunction between them, to the 8th house of the solar horoscope giving the message that we should be expand our horizons as well as our consciousness and the way we understand the world, the life cycles and the metaphysical side of this world.What kind of energy exists between two human beings? why surely the events seem to synchronize? What happens in the afterlife? Why are we here and where are we going? All these questions arising from Sagittarius, and the position of the Moon to the 8th house. We are going to be sensitive emotionally to undercurrents in many cases and we will want to further investigate the issue , even if it means exploring the worlds of occultism.

new moon 22 nove SFPage

The Moon in Sagittarius gives intense need for adventure, concern, and freedom and independence but, under conditions of continuous stress and anxiety and many risks.The 8th house just to remind you, regards to the funds of the State, the debts, savings, insurance, pensions and other income of the State.

Venus at the 7th degrees of Sagittarius, shows successful exploitation and meekness in terms of attracting external funds but Ceres and 10th degrees of Sagittarius indicate strategies, strength and cunning. However things seem to be at risk that will be taken and create density.The Sun, near Moon if forms negative aspects, and this will be written on the next few lines below, it may mean something sudden, violent or something happens prematurely. In contrast to positive aspects can show heroism, success. This position for the Sun is quite risky and may have a fatal outcome, as the same applies to the Moon. Venus in this house if forms negative aspects shows laziness, lack of discipline, frustration and abuse.

The MC is located at 2 degrees of CapricornCancer and the Ascendant of New Moon is at the 5th AriesLibra axis.On the other hand,Neptune , has already ended his retrograde motion on 16 November, and if you remember, he started to retrograde on 9 June.The message now turning in his right path is that, together, we can cooperate because it is imperative and that determines tour survival.

This New Moon along with Venus and Demeter form a square with Neptune in the sign of Pisces, and this may indicate discomfort or a loss.Also debunks what we we have climbed to the pedestal and now denies us the antidote or disappoint us.Certainly this is creativity and spirituality. The Sun will be squaring Neptune on 26 November and then Chiron at 5 December, which shows fanaticism and arrogance.The New Moon will bring to light many truths and change a lot in our lives .

If we will compare the chart of the New Moon, the chart of Greece, is influencing the 7th house, which means the relations with other countries, trade, diplomacy, alliances, contracts. Saturn is also there located at the 26th degree of Scorpio, indicating risk, determination and bravery.Jupiter at the 22nd degree of Leo affects the 4th of organization and disagreements, Pluto in Capricorn at the 11th degree at the 8th house and have the meaning of renewal together,with Mars at the 20th degree of Capricorn in the 9th house ,Neptune at the 4th degree and Chiron at the13th, at the 11th house,Uranus in Aries,at the the 12th degree and house too.Perhaps that is being connected to memorandum and means that we can succeed something better in relation to the terms we have set.Even though,Memorandums chart,is pointing that is hard to change and we could really make better terms later in summer of 2015.

Greece,seems to try hard to get out of this emergency situation.Memorandum signed on 23 April 2010, and is Taurus and what happens to this sign is lasting for long time and is not changing easily.Also it has the Moon in Leo and that makes situation worst.But from 25/12/2014 till 17/6/2015 there is a suspect of withdrawing or change.A kind of memorandums death, seems really to happen during summer of 2015 till September 2015.But also it will be not easy because Saturn moves into Virgo in August.What Greece may achieve better we do not know…a better agreement,lighter terms?a small opening to the market?we will see what they are going to do with it.But certainly let us not forget that the cycle of seven squares between Uranus/Pluto is closing down in spring of 2015.

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The Mercury sextile from the 6th house and Mars from the 9th house signifies determination, honesty, practical solutions, and job progress. The half-square between Mars-Neptune, between the 10-12th house, shows frustration, compound situations that require strength and sensitivity. Competitive actions which are secret or hidden. Conflicts of beliefs and ideologies, disappointments. The tendency to escape away. The leaks. Physical weakness, lack of energy. This whole situation in general shows another obstacle needs to be overtaken .

On the other hand, the square of Uranus-Pluto shows a probability for an earthquake or a kind of  a strong blow as also associated to terrorism but also it has to do with some of a loss at this level.To Moon-Jupiter shows an extreme situation and problems to the the 8th house. The conjunction of MoonSaturn shows control of impulses and emotions. Resistance. Tolerance. Conservative responses. This correct (ritual) behavior. Hexagonal MarsMercury, mechanical solutions to problems. Impulse and action. Decisiveness. Good and quick response. Fast paced. Successful business interaction with others.

As you will see from the charts below the Moon and the Sun affect the left side of Europe, while Mars through Iraq to Russia and Georgia, Mercury through Russia and Turkey. The line of Cancer in Albania-border Greece is protectiveness but also refers to national issues. Ceres and Vesta through Europe. Pluto over the Black Sea, St. Petersburg, Ankara, Cyprus and Egypt. At the other side of the Atlantic, Neptune will affect situations enough and may incur Diplomatic success – Significant gains or income or gains or for the future; insufficient freedom – Many losses – Increase of sacrifice or loss relating to independence.Mars gives insecurity or uncertainty or volatility associated with sex identity – Errors – Actions contributing to losses – Risks associated with infections – diseases or dysfunctions. Uranus is more significant, seems to affect more of Germany, Sweden, Central Europe and the American continent in general.