Venus will enter the sign of Sagittarius on 16 November 2014, at 9:04 in the evening on the 11th house of solar horoscope and shall remain in that position until the 10 December 2014 where it will deliver its position of the zodiac sign of Capricorn, in the 12th house.What it means the position of Venus in Sagittarius?

That means you are people that your ideology leads you to have plenty of requirements from your relations .When you feel that a relationship is not covering you,you flee to the next one, without making a special effort to meet the limits of the first. Thus, your relationships have not stability. Marriage for you is not necessary element for your happiness .Probably, is a responsibility you would prefer not to take, since your liberal spirit and your volatility are not offered many guarantees that you will attempt to maintain your relationship .However, you tend to do more weddings than one. You have to be careful because your impulsive decisions are very fast and enthusiasm will not allow you to consider any data of the situation.In matters of marriage try to be wise to avoid such mistakes.

Venus exists within such an optimistic and expansive home of Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. Although love may excite us to and send us to heaven , you as defenders of independence and freedom, you certainly want your room and your time. Indeed, seeking the independence and carefree no matter how old you are . Limitation puts you off and so you avoid the wedding. You love art, the handling of animals, and travel during which you can fall in love or have financial rewards. Also you interested in politics, philosophy and sport.

With negative aspects, however, the need for freedom does not mean that you look, with half of the eye love, relationships or marriage. But, as a rule,you begin a relationship without thinking about the obligations and commitments which you are entitled. Although you may feel that you are independent, by your loved one you require dedication and faith..Generally, you face with recklessness your relations while your feelings, although enthusiastic in the beginning, prove transient. Characteristically,speaking it is being said that this Venus is the butterfly of zodiac cycle.Nevertheless, brief, romances have been more interesting for you despite a stable relationship.

The transit of Venus from the 11th house favors friendly relations and teamwork .The people that surround you love you and confirm, that want to be near you but also yourselves with them. Your partner with this effect take special care of you and accompany you to any social activity.Your friends want to stand by your presence at parties and gatherings. Love favors and is likely to create a relationship with a person you knew from your friendly environment or some friendship developed into romantic relationships.

From the 16 November Venus will form some of its aspects to see which ones .On 18-11 will form a sextile with the Moon our disposition will be very good, the atmosphere will be beautiful, you will want to decorate your home take care of appearance and wardrobe .Optimism and wellness will prevail.

On 20 November will be formed an important square between Venus and Neptune, among Sagittarius and Pisces.This transit prompts us to demand excessive things from others, particularly from our companion.We ask unrealistic things that exist only in fairy tales and romantic poetry and the natural consequence is others can not respond, which generally causes a heartache and grievances in relationships.It is about very fragile planetary influences and is being characterized by misunderstandings. With this transit perhaps we tend also to conceal the truth and we lie even if our intentions are good but this way leads to isolation.The transit is also sensitive to changes moods are critical and suspicion can damage a relationship unless you‘re take the right measures to protect.Try to be honest.Do what is possible to strengthen the bond, look for the beautiful side of life where you don’t need to lie to make it more beautiful.

 On 23 November, the Moon will conjunct Venus a beautiful transit that gives sociability, awakens eroticism show our tenderness to others but we must be careful with economic waste.On 27-11 the sextile of Venus recurs as I mentioned above. However on the same day a beautiful trine is being formed between Venus and Uranus where surprises and unexpected events are always pleasant with this transit. We can make acquaintances with interesting people probably someone may appear from your past or even receive yet an important proposal for cooperation that can be unexpected or whatever that will make us feel pleasant.
Everything is possible to happen and all have their charm.This aspect will be formed between the 3rd and the 11th house at the 12th degree so the impact to the opposite sex will be significant,s also the way you communicate to impress others.The square of the Moon and Venus at the 30-11 perhaps somewhat spoil your mood, it is not so positive for romantic relationships, limit your nerves and do not make decisions in cold. Promises not kept and partnerships are all fragile and can be dissolved abruptly and suddenly. This aspect may be exhausting for you.Certainly in December at 2-12 the Moon will form a positive trine with Venus and we will want to have fun and have a great time in general.

On 4-12 Venus will form a trine with favorable Jupiter between the 12th and 8th house and this aspect will make things more easily and favorable in psychological terms but also mainly in our relationships. Our affairs will be balanced without difficulties and everyone will treat us well-intentioned and will be willing to help us.

On 7-12 the opposition between the Moon and Venus will lead us into consumption and excess regarding to our finances and there will be not zeal for work as well as we will want to avoid pressure and have fun. Also pay attention to excesses regarding health particularly our diet.

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