Mercury will change zodiac sign and he will enter Sagittarius on 28 November 2014 in the 11th house of the solar horoscope and will remain there until 17 December.

The people who have Mercury in Sagittarius have a very strong mind but fly in clouds often in .Their insights are very advanced and their imagination is unlimited .These people speak a lot and constantly expresses their ideas of which support fiercely, most of the times. Individuals with Mercury in Sagittarius, have the disadvantage to jump from one topic to another, making it very difficult for their interlocutors to attend and come to any concrete conclusions. Easily forget what they have said in the past and changed as easy as again support them again with fanaticism.However are very charming, so can be compared to small children who intrigued with everything new, who want to learn and share it with their environment .It is hard for someone to dislike a person with Mercury in Sagittarius.If you have Mercury there you you must learn to be concentrated in your subject .You should try not to alter your views from one moment to another. Use this ability to see the overall picture of a matter, to accurately describe the issue or your feelings. Think that others around you do not have the charisma to form picture for something quickly, so do not assume that many things are being favored.

Mercury in Sagittarius is in a weak position, in his house of Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, Mercury has turned its attention to journeys, philosophy, and politics and metaphysics.You are quiet spirits and vigorous and tirelessly study and acquire knowledge in your areas of interest but also skilled in writing .Your ideas hallmark of originality, and when something makes you impression, do not hesitate to express yourselves with courage.You are faithful to your ideologies ,while the way you communicate you have the ability to be adaptable in the sense that you know when to get serious and when you can make a joke.

With negative aspects, Jupiter as we have said is the planet of expansion.So, the presence of Mercury in your house extends the properties of Mercury ( which position is weak ). Thus, in your speech you often mumble, unnecessarily babble and do not know an issue well.Also, sometimes the exaggeration and frivolity of Jupiter affect your way of thinking ,prevents your concentration while those may carry you away into being ridiculous and become a spectacle.Although your ideas are original you often find it difficult to identify them with verbally or express them with a perfunctory manner.

When Mercury passes by the 11th house it is necessary to review in your goals if necessary, and introspect them.You are being called to decide whether the projects that you have done are correct or not and move in the right direction. Discussions and contacts with friends become almost with a daily frequency.It is likely to meet with someone who will impress you with their views and the way that discusses and become good friends.

So at 29-11 miscommunication is being formed under the influence of the square between Moon and Mercury and there is a difficulty in expression and general you should be more coherent.At the 1-12 Mercury will form a square, also with Neptune and it is possible others make false promises we say things we do not believe and are unreliable. The exaggeration and drama are the characteristics of this transit and it is unacceptable for professional appointments and deals in financial terms. Attention at excesses in consumption of alcohol and drugs.At 6-12 the opposition with Moon and Mercury will bear frustration at relationships and friendships ,instability and indecision. On 8-12, the Sun will conjunct Mercury and we will be able to contact others, to discuss everything, to reach a level of spiritual depth and we are absolutely understood.At 12-12 will be formed a trine with Mercury and Jupiter, discussions will be at any level personal, friendly or professional and will be very constructive and as also will help us and make correct decisions.

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