I pulled the card 4 Swords for November, let’s see what the message that this card gives us . In 4 Swords card, we see a model knight lying in tombs in a church.The sword of the knight is buried along with him. His hands are clasped in a position of prayer. This card indicates the end of a conflict.The person put aside thoughts concerning material matters and enter a spiritual life. This is what the person does in an atmosphere of calm, rest and isolation, which creates by himself, free from the stress and grief . Swords on the wall symbolize the thought, action and conquest, while the sword of the knight shows his soul.

The model of the Knight shows that the body contains the spirit, which freed from his insistence for logic, can derive calmly. Intellectual freedom is therefore another aspect of the interpretation of this card.The 4 Swords seem to be out of place and time.. This is because the sword is primarily concerned with negativity and aggression by using the inherent power of the symbol of the sword, while the No 4 is the only card that deals with the positive aspects of peace and spiritual happiness. Four Swords suggests a period of rest and recovery after a provocative period, with the promise that, once recovered, will return to the challenge. Meanwhile, the Four Sword provides a tough new challenge the challenge to remain silent.Think of the great stories of our time, and you will see that after each crisis – and before each new test – there is always a moment of relaxation.

Consider what happens now in our time, and you will see that after each crisis – and before each new test – there is always a moment of relaxation. The constant tension will break even the most hardest hero, but short rest periods allow to study the next challenge and defeat successive opponents. These pauses should be used wisely to heal the body and prepare the mind for the next test. The Power of the Sword can be used to heal and to cleanse your mind of confusion and doubt. Slide away from your problems for a while because they will still be there when you return.

The Four of Swords seems to be a sign that you can stop worrying, put down your hands and lower your defense. At present there is a truce, you can catch your breath, without attacking again. But always we must keep in mind that the truce and peace is not the same thing. The Four of Swords is a guarantee that the risk will return to us as soon as to be ready to face it. So make the most of the quiet stillness you will win, but never lose sight of the fact that the battle is not yet over and that there will still much work to be done before the storm passed.The eye of the storm is an appropriate symbol for the Four Sword, since it shows a period of tranquility and peace amid the middle of a major disaster and anger. The eye of the storm passes over us, and while you know that it will wind and rain will return soon, while the worst is yet to street. But you can also reassure yourself while you have already reached halfway a great test. If you already have done this so far, you can certainly stay there until the end. Enjoy your power and peace that you find within yourself, but nevertheless be ready to fight storm when will arrive and we open the door.