a0bda30a7bbf879377a36466eda58d64October is a very tough and challenging month for both Greece and for the whole planet. On October 8, as everyone knows we have the second of four to be held, lunar eclipse called «Blood Red Moon» at the axis of balance in Libra – Aries but that has already been activated by the September New Moon at the same axis. Do not forget also that at the same axis our planet Earth belongs too.

This eclipse is a total lunar eclipse visible from Denver (Colorado’s capital). On October 23 the solar eclipse takes place in the sign of Scorpio at 0 degrees and 25 minutes.
Greece is going to pass through great political upheavals facing elections issue as we had already predicted months now. Density will prevail, Syriza party comes first and winning the elections but not completely as also the party of the Golden Dawn will more. Most small parties have been created lately within the country will disappear from the political map.
Alexis Tsipras will probably climb the stairs of Maximu building, but not self-reliant. It is very possible to co-rule with the Democratic Party but that depends also from the date of the elections. For example, rumors said that 9th November is a possible date, but if you look at it the Moon and the aspects of that day support more of Mr. Samaras natal horoscope, in Gemini. So, all depends from the astrological factors of the day, as we always do for better results and more precise. The name of the key in the following developments is Karamanlis.

The astrological events help and favor the return and enforce persons who had played an important role in the past, as Karamanlis but also other people appeared on the political scene of the country and not only but globally.

In economic terms, the situations will lead to a new stalemate and a new dip will lead in turn to new political tensions. The Key in social bouts will be the settings for the auctions of first residences but that said that was cancelled for 2015, and if we will include Mercury retrogression in a few days that probably will delay again some settlements too.
But what happens globally, Greece will be affected, but the country will be better off than others around. Greece is in the middle of the Mediterranean and Balkans will be in flames. Apart from the Middle East, with Gaza and jihadists of the Islamic State, where the setting we see today is only the beginning, there will be tectonic upheavals in Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the European Union, Britain, Norway and USA.

Turkey will be shaken by a political assassination that would be attempted the murder of Erdogan and there will be probably a kind of new Arab Spring.
Bulgaria, will become like Ukraine, as there will be division, difference of opinions that will dominate within the country. France will be shaken by major upheavals because of the Muslims in the south, while Britain and Norway will experience terrorist attacks.
President Barack Obama will also difficult hours under the influence of Jupiter Saturn conjunction with a fatal way. The winners will be Putin and China. But in Russia also there is increased terrorist attack in Moscow and there is a potential of assassination attempt on land.The European Union will be in the throes of upheaval with developments and changes. After all astrocartographically Uranus is passing vertically from these countries.Germany and England will accept big blows while the dissolution of euro seems more likely than ever before thus closing a circle, as a reported in my previous article ”Mars in Capricorn” by the end of October after the solar eclipse.Major uprisings will be in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy and the entire South seems to be in flames too.In fact,in this case,Mars is pushing to limits Pluto from Capricorn who is responsible for the economical mess.

The astrological events of this autumn signal a global economic crash which will start from Wall Street, with the crash of 1922 look like a breeze in front of the upcoming storm.
Extreme weather events will become a trademark and a great earthquake will disrupt America focus on New York, Los Angeles, California, Mexico. The Blood Moons always changing planet radically. They have brought dictatorships, births of great leaders and wars. Corresponding characteristic time is 1492, 1493, 1949, and 1967. Note that the astrological phenomena of this autumn be significant and therefore our lives and throughout 2015. Only after the March 2016 the world seem to breathe with positive events and hope to gradually rebuilt and that if not Uranus in Aries exit till 2017 will not bring a third world war.Of coursemkeep in mind that Pluto in Capricorn includes a nuclear war.Till then ,keep your faith strong,think positive and believe in yourselfs!